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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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bay. . slow to depart. . coming up. >> all right. thanks a lot. pge customers are in the dark because of rain and wind. we continue the storm watch coverage. lisa? >> reporter: it's been raining n nonstop for showers.
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no power outages. plenty of other problems. the waves are so high they've gone over the rock wall and even into the parking lot. pge crews are hard at work. and daly city on bell view avenue, this is one of many spots throughout the bay area where the storm brought down power lines. >> i saw wires swinging back and forth. when they hit the other cables, that's when the sparks came out. that's when i called 9-1-1. >> reporter: nearly 2000 homes and businesses lost power. not far away on southbound 280 at the onramp, a flooded roadway cause third down car to stall. others slowly inched by in a foot of standing water. heavy rain and clogged drains are blamed for many flooded streets tonight. the storm also made for dangerous driving conditions. before the rain came the wind, and the damage it brought.
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in san mateo this large tree fell on cable lines at el camino and bellevue. >> on treasure island, the music festival lost a lot of concert goers once the storm came. >> this is ridiculous. it's not fun. >> it's time to go. >> organizers shut down access to the pier because of high wind. medics rushed a woman to a hospital after a atm machine blew over and cut her leg. >> the water could reach the middle of the parking lot. the owners of the cars behind me have been asked to move back. abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. we were in the castro district tonight. you can see a large branch from a tree on a car. this happened across the street from sutter health. nobody was hurt.
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strong winds hit san francisco today bringing down lines. it blocked service along sacramento street. downed lines were a problem all over since thursday. pge reported more than 300,000 outages. at least 1900 people in the south bay, and 250 in san francisco are still without power. >> a mud slide caused a crash on highway 101 in merin alcantara today. nobody was seriously curt there either. matt shared this photo with us on twitter, what it looked like in santa rosa after the storm. a gorgeous shot. use the hash tag "abc 7 now" to share your pictures. in oregon hurricane winds crushed cars and homes and
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snapped power poles. tens of thousands of people lost power. this was near portland. you could see and hear the wind blowing in the west hills of portland. this is a popular park. look at how hard the trees are swaying in the strong winds. gusts of between 50 and 60 miles per hour. the gusts were stronger along the coasts. just yesterday a rare tornado caused a lot of damage. here you can see the metal roof damaged flapping like a piece of paper from today's new storm. deputies are searching for a gunman in sonoma county. it happened on highway 116. two of the victims are at the hospital. investigators are not released any details. they remained on the scene.
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>> we're learning about the moments that led up to the shooting of a san francisco police officer. he was shot in the head and survived. we are live at san francisco general hospital with the latest on the officer's condition. >> reporter: the san francisco's interim police chief says his officer's injury could have been fatal. a centimeter in the wrong direction and officer kevin downs could have been lost in the line of duty. officer kevin downs and his partner responded to a shopping center after security guards reported a man threatening customers. witnesses say there was a foot chase and then gunfire. >> a cop and the other guy was runs and we heard four or five shots and a scream like an officer down really loudly. >> reporter: the officer was shot. the bullet entered and exited his head. >> he underwent surgery to remove fragments from his brain, and he has partial paralysis on
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part of his body from the shot of the head. >> reporter: he's a two year veteran of the police force. a friend says he comes from a family dead tadicated to public service. his father is a refired policeman. >> his family has given so much. >> reporter: he even helped form a group called ranching vets. after he was shot the suspected gunman ran several blocks. police cornered him. >> there was a various number of pops and then we saw somebody running through the campus. and so we went into our lockdown protocol and got the kids in the stairways. >> reporter: the man tried to hold off police next to a playground. after gunfire he was injured and taken from custody. police have not released his name. he's recovering at the hospital
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along with the officer he's accused of shooting. police arrested a man who drove a pickup truck it happened this morning. police said the driver was speeding on the freeway above when he lost control. he was going so fast his truck flew over a stage where a band was performing and landed on a booth. four people were crushed. nine others including the drivers were injured. police believe the driver was drinking. a vehicle smashed through a t shirt shop on east 14th street. the fire department posted this picture to instagram. they said it started as a chase this afternoon. the vehicle went out of control and hit the building. no injuris here. crews were able to shore up the building so it should remain standing until it can be repaired. in less than three seconds a long-standing piece of bay area history disappeared today. cal tran's video shows the
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eastern span of the bay bridge. they used 8,000 pounds of explosives. a special bubble curtain in the water is supposed to minimize the impact on the environment. last fall a larger pier was blown up in the same way and implosions are planned for the rest of the remaining piers. the next one happens in two weeks. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. in the race for the white house donald trump is on the attack again as new poll shows the past week could be turning off the republican base. but their patients cannot afford that medicine. >> bernie sanders in the bay area weighing in on one of the many propositions that voters will decide on. and the radar showing you light showers around the south bay. this storm system will be slow to exit and bring us more wet weather for the
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donald trump is on the attack again this weekend. and wikileaks has released a new batch of e-mails from the clinton campaign. mary bruce has the latest from washington. ♪ >> reporter: with the third and final debate just around the corner, donald trump has a new recommendation for hillary clinton, and a bold accusation. >> we should take a drug test prior. i don't know what's going on with her. >> reporter: trump's also launching new attacks against the media at rallies in maine and new hampshire today, blaming the press after more women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> no witnesses. no no nothing. all big lies. >> you know what? somer, you're fired.
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>> reporter: new accusers come forward, one of them a former con tes tant on the apprentice. trump's campaign denies the claim and issued a statement from a man named john berry who say say is her first cousin. he says he's shocked and bewildering adding these had nothing to say but glowing things about mr. trump. tim kaine shows no mercy at a miami rally. >> when he says this is what men do, hold on a second. what you saw was the real donald trump. >> reporter: a released batch of wikileaks e-mails supposedly from the hacked account of jo podesta highlights concerns about bill clinton's sexual misconduct allegations.
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they say this is the work of russia to help trump. in the latest washington post poll hillary clinton continues to lead trump with 47% supporting her to just 43% for him. recent allegations against donald trump could affect the vote. less than a third registered voters say he has strong moral character. he's down six points from the spring. the enthusiasm of supporters is down to 79%. as for clinton, 83% of her reporters remain enthusiastic. bernie sanders made a campaign stop in san francisco today. abc7 was there as he spoke to supporters about proposition 61. it requires all prescription drugs bought by the state to be priced at or below the price paid by the department of veterans affairs. he says the skyrocketing cost is hitting older people especially
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hard. >> elderly people are cutting their pills in half because they cannot afford the medicine that they need. >> reporter: opponents of 61 include the california medical association and the veterans of foreign wars. they say it would increase prescription prices. we have a valuable tool to help you get ready for election day. click the icon for your voice your vote. enter your zip code and street address and get a resource that's personalized to your contact ballot. today at san francisco there was a celebration of girls and women. abc7 news was at fort mason for the first worldwide women festival. hundreds of young women came together for a day of empowerment and hands on learning direct from women working in many fields. worldwide women launched a resource for girls and women today. we have a link on our welcomes. take a look at this.
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this is not a picture of a dragon for lunar new year. this is the storm track for the national weather service a couple of hours back. let's find it what it looks like now with drew. that was amazing. >> that was amazing. really strong winds in the pacific northwest. we got the rain and wind. and tomorrow the storm system slow to depart on sunday. light showers primarily in the south bay. we'll show you a couple of light showers making their presence known. just to the east of fremont move and moving north to plezington and livermore. for the activity, that's about it. behind the storm system in napa, this is what you get, a beautiful rainbow. this sent in by brook. a lot of gorgeous sunsets in the north way as the storm system moved through. tomorrow once again dealing with wet weather. more rainbows are likely on the
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way. winds have calmed down. gusts over 40 miles per hour behind this front. winds generally less than 10 miles per hour. temperatures have been slow to drop. a lot of 50s and slow 60s on the board. and with more wet weather on the way tomorrow, numbers won't climb too far. a lot of 60s across the bay area. we are tracking more showers the next 24 hours. the storm impact scale, this will be a light storm, a one on the storm impact scale. no wind with it. the bay area generally less than about a third of an inch of rain. the caution we have, this cold front is going to stall over the santa cruz mountains. up to 4 inches could fall there. that could cause flooding. future weather hour by hour, here's the cold front stalling just north of gilroy. a lot of shower activity. around san jose light rain by 11:00 in the morning. the heaviest confined to gilroy
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and the san jose mountains. it's not until the evening hour, sunday 8:00, another storm system moves through with a chance of scattered showers late tomorrow night. it will kick that system out of here and clear out our skies for monday. total rainfall light amounts with the next storm. like i said, generally less than a third of an inch of rain. however in the santa cruz mountains up to 4 inches of additional rainfall. that's why the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch until tomorrow night, 11:00 at night where we could see the possibility of flooding and debris flows. something we'll be tracking closely. our forecast shows you an isolated shower tomorrow. it's a one on the storm impact scale. the best bet is in the evening after sunset. morning drizzle to sun shine on sunday. wednesday is fantastic.
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this fall day total sun shine. rising temperatures. saturday a warm weekend. lisa will track any showers starting tomorrow morning. >> yes, she will. thank you, drew. >> flying in still. a special first class shoe. it can connect to the internet - i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat.
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shows and clothing to impoverished communities. >> that show does more than me. i'll give you sports. stanford trying to avoid their three game losing streak. and had to do without m
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. stanford and notre dame always have great matchups. this year in south bend mccaffery in street clothes with an undisclosed lower body
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injury. kaiser underthrows his receiver. meeks with the pick, and here we go. he's going to go 50 yards to cut the irish lead to three points. later in the third stanford gets look. not andrew. 10-9 notre dame after three. fourth quarter bryce love 129 yards rushing. fumbles at the goal line. stanford led 17-10 after a two point con version. from the 14 kaiser doesn't throw the ball. stanford comes away with a big win. 17-10 your final. san jose hosting nevada. spartans up 7-3 midway through the fourth. under a minute to go. potter on the rollout. dives for the go ahead. takes a hit to the head. he's going. 14-10 spartans.
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a hail mary. it's way short. spartans hang on to the win. their second victory of the year. the sharks opened up wednesday night. they're on the road now starting a five game east coast trip. columbus against the blue jackets first. first period bodkerr scores his first goal. gets it over the shoulder of the goalie. about five minutes later brent burns, cross pass to ward. tapped in. sharks are now 2-0 with a 3-2 victory. nlcs, the cubs taking on the dodgers. a 3-0 lead. the cub's first post season steal of home since the 1907 series. top eight, two on two out.
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singles up the middle off of chapman. it's tied at three. the bottom of the eighth. montero, a grand slam. 7-3 cubs. they win 8-4 and lead the series 1 game to one. >> blue jays and indians, cleveland gets on the board early. second inning, santana with a home run over happen. josh donaldson don'ts to tear it up in the third. a double to right. the lead didn't last. bottom half of the inning. landor back up the middle. indians take a 2-0 series lead. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the warriors and lakers coming up. love that santana. can hit, run, and play the guitar. still ahead, multipl missiles
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>> live where you live, this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us. here are the headlines tonight. a storm is moving south through the bay tonight. rainfall expected with the santa cruz mountains seeing the most. winds could reach 50 miles per hour, possibly bringing down power lines and trees. a san francisco police officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head. doctors believe the bullet that
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hit the officer was a centimeter away from a major artery in his brain. while he will survive, officer downs has partial paralysis. the man accused of shooting him is being treated at the hospital. all u.s. passengers will hear a warning about the samsung galaxy note 7 phone. the f you're caught with one on board, you could be fined up to $180,000. for the third time in a week the u.s. navy is investigating a possible missile attack on its ships patrolling off the coast of yemen in the middle east. elizabeth hur has more about how it happened and has escalated. >> reporter: u.s. defense officials say a group of ships were in international waters and the uss mason fires defensive missiles as a countermeasure. no ships were hit. and all american warships are
11:37 pm
safe. the u.s. navy is now invest dpating. in the meantime, according to chief of naval operations this may be the second attack on the uss mason and the possible third attack over all in the past week. a u.s. warship fired tom hawk missiles into yemen to destroy three radar sites the pentagon believes may have played a role. houthi leaders denied the charge. a houthi delegation was returning to negotiate an end to yemen's civil war. video shows a chicago police officer being attacked while trying to arrest a suspect. the officer says she didn't shoot him because she fears
11:38 pm
community backlash. a warning. the video may be disturbing. you can see the officer struggling with the man police say was high on pcp. he grabs her hair and takes her to the ground. other officers eventually heired him. the female officer is in the hospital with head and neck injuries. the picture you saw was the suspect. a hotel clerk in michigan put his life in danger because he felt it was his duty. a woman is wearing a mask walking into a hotel to demand money. she had a gun. when she set it down the clerk grabbed it and jumped over the counter and tackled the woman. the gun went off. no one was hit. he managed to take off her mask so the cameras could see her face. >> i saved my community, my customers, my job. i think this is my job. i did not want any people being harmed or injured.
11:39 pm
>> police tracked the woman down and arrested her. he says he doesn't regret fighting back even though his wife is a little upset with him. a high school football coach in ohio could police action for his response to a student's national anthem protest. the student didn't stand just like kaepernick whose protest has inspired similar actions. he said the coach didn't like this gesture. >> he said you're not collin kaepernick, i'm like i'm not trying to be. and he's like well if you're going to disrespect our country and flag you can leave. >> the district released a statement supporting first amendment rights saying if players sit or kneel they will not face disciplinary action and may participate in the game. school officials to make the policy clear to all coaches. >> university is getting rid of homecoming king and queens. the court is now nongendered.
11:40 pm
staff says students will choose the royalty based on who will be the best representative of school values. >> we wanted all our students to feel welcome and included into our honor and ceremony, and so since not all of our students identify as being male or female, we want to make sure they know that they are definitely invited to participate. university officials say the change will also allow all school clubs to nominate any individual they would like. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, it looks and smells like a burger but does it taste like one? there's not an ounce of meat. >> and
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prop 64 makes marijuana legal in california for adults 21 and over. and here's what else it does: bans marijuana use in public.
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many people will tell you some sitting in this chair, that
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there's nothing like a good burger. today a new kind of burger was unveiled. this has no beef. but it can be made rare just like a real burger. abc7 found out about it. >> reporter: it looks like a hamburger, smells like one and tastes like a hamburger, but this burger revealed in san francisco was made in a lab out of plants. >> it's a hard thing to do, but tooable. >> reporter: the burger is a brain child of patrick brown. he created impossible foods which recently showed off the fruits of their labor. >> we didn't just slap together bits and pieces and call it a burger. we dyid the research to understand what makes a burger delicious. >> reporter: inside a food test kitchen they mixed together ingredients to make the meat patty. they picked apart a real beef
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burger studying the texture, smell and how it cooks to get it just right. the secret ingredient to making it red is heem. this blood like liquid is injected into yeast and that yeast is then fermented into heem. it allows the patty to look and cook like a real beef burger. >> it cooks just like meat. it gets a little crisper on the outside, but that's the only difference. >> reporter: there's more protein, less fat and less calories. it's more environmentally friendly. the environmental industry estimates that 90% of the environmental problems happens in the processing of the meat. >> diet can play a role. it's an opportunity for americans to make small changes in what they meat to have a big impact on the environment. >> reporter: this burger may be
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the answer some diners are looking for. >> i have a triingly sensation. it's cravable. >> want to try it yourself? you can find it on the menu in san francisco. right now you can take a taste of the weather. >> we're talking about showers coming back into the picture once again for our sunday. and the same storm system that brought us the wind and the rain today also brought really aggressive winds to the pacific northwest. it was a big storm. the doppler showing you the storm came ashore near seattle. with it, winds along the coast well over 60 miles per hour. it's still bringing a little bit of wet weather locally. down to street level in the bay. a little bit of wet weather around mountain view moving to livermore. around san jose. the action is focussed in the south bay. we have a stalled system right there. tomorrow it's unsettleable.
11:47 pm
it's a light storm on the storm impact scale. less than a third of an inch of rain. the problem is the cold front will be over the santa cruz mountains. hour by hour future weather tomorrow morning. the cold front position right around gilroy acting as a focal point for showers. i think south of san jose is the best chance of wet weather on sunday first thing. in the evening by 8:00 another quick moving front moving in. that will bring a chance for showers everywhere. the forecast showing you much of the day tomorrow. a lot of people are like it's cloudy. it's really in the evening hours. we're going to watch for that flooding in the santa cruz mountains. >> brightening up and warming up into next week. thanks a lot. warriors taking on a team whose coach knows everything about them. >> that's true.
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luke walton bringing his lakers to town. >> ohio state had their
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top ranked alabama trying to remain undefeated hosted by tennessee in their annual third saturday in october matchup. the volunteers have lost nine straight to the tide. hope to turn it around today. peyton manning in the house being honored before the game by tennessee. that was about all they had to cheer before. check out alabama. a reverse. 29 yards later, alabama is up. 7-0. later, dobbs wants this pass back. it's a pick six. 14-0, alabama.
11:52 pm
21-0 in the third. the keeper here. two yard touchdown. 28-7 alabama. 35-10 now in the fourth. punted to jackson. bad idea. 79 yard return for a touchdown. alabama rolls over the ninth ranked tennessee. 49 -10. road victory for the nation's top ranked team. top ten matchup, wisconsin hosting ohio state. buckeyes tie it up late. a 31 yard field goal. and in ot to brown for the score and catch. buckeyes up 30-23. barrett pumped. fourth and goal. nowhere to go. throw the ball up. sack. game over. ohio state celebrates a tough win. wisconsin fans going i can't believe it.
11:53 pm
ohio state's meyer can. >> these are the things we go through in the off season. the grinding out the two aday in august. they prepare us for moments like this. you have to bring it out. >> that was a ball game. halftime there was a lot of yelling. we didn't play great. a lot of people don't play great in this stadium on their own. north carolina state on homecoming week. 15 seconds left tied at three. watson 378 yards. 13 yards to williams. he has 146 receiving yards. clemson up at the half. wolf pack came in 4-1. weren't going away. 28 yard pick six. 10-10 game. two seconds left. tied at 17. a 43 yard field goal. this went into overtime.
11:54 pm
a ten yard strike to scott. 24 -17. a chance to tie. finley going for the end zone. looks good, until he's picked off by marcus ed monday and despite the third third in the country and avoiding the upset, clemson fans storm the field. 24-17 the final. arkansas hoping for a swine intervention against ole miss. kelly on the keeper. changes directions. 17 yards for the go ahead score. 2:20 to go. a six yard touchdown. gives arkansas the lead. 34-30. last chance for ole miss. fourth and 16. kelley scrambling. close to the fourth down. the ball rolls out of bounds. 34-30. hogs, arkansas's first win over a ranked team in four years.
11:55 pm
florida state hosting wake forest on homecoming weekend. travis rudolph was a favorite target today. 13 catches. 238 yards. 36 year to the deeken's 11 yard line. next, 11 yards to tate. back in the end zone. great catch. florida state wins it 17 -6 the final. two more preseason games until warriors open it up. tonight taking on the lakers in vegas. luke walton coaching up steph curry still. klay thompson came out on fire. in reverse under the basket. then the triple. thompson went 18 in the first. 24 on the night. late first quarter durant pulls up with a three. watch him. doesn't bother to watch it drop. durant had 17. curry in mid season form. a triple.
11:56 pm
warriors win 1 12-107. a safeway classic in napa. not everyone finished due to rain. mickelson is nine under. one shot back of the leader at 14 under. johnson wagner 3 under through 15 holds. 15ur7bd as the round is suspended. hopefully four will be completed tomorrow. this sports report brought to you by river rock, casino. too bad we got the rain when we did. the great tournament and they can't finish. >> i know this meteorologist, he said yesterday 3:00 the rain was going to move in and they wouldn't finish the round. that's happened. >> that's right. you owe him $5. >> put it on my dab. >> that's it for tonight. we continue tomorrow at 5:00. thank you for joining us.
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