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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that respect each other and played a whale of a game. >> the final throw in the end zone, picked off by jordan sterns and mason rudolph and the cowboys will have a happy ride back to still water, escaping with a 43-37 win. the 92 yards quick strike scoring drive proving to be the difference in the game. pressure was coming, had to get rid of it. wound up finding a crowd of people in the end zone. >> nobody with shake themselves free. just a three-man rush with an add on. the add on guy is the one that gets a shot on ertz as he tries to throw the ball. >> let's go to chris. >> how are you able to come up with a stop there at the end?
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>> the defense rallied. we gave up a few yards more than i wanted to. and fortunately, we played the pick play down there effectively and then they got the pass interference call. it was interesting. if it wasn't for that, the clock would have run out. so it worked to their favor just a little bit. but i could behind more proud of our guys. when you come on the road and turn the ball over three times, it's really hard to win. but we found a way so i was proud of our team. >> you talk about the turnovers. what does it say about the composure of mason rudolph, he was able to lead the drives. >> well, he e played pretty average. it's interesting, he play the better after that than he did before. so you have to love that about the kid. he's found a way to win a lot of football games. but over all, everybody played good. i thought our offensive and defensive coaches made really good adjustments. >> i appreciate the time.
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good job tonight. >> thank you. >> and the cowboys get a win in manhattan, kansas, they move t 7-2. tonight at 8:00 eastern, nebraska and ohio state here on abc. final score from little apple, oklahoma state, 43, kansas state, 37 in what turned into a thriller. so long from kansas state. in manhattan. so long from kansas state.
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who do we want? when do we want him? >> now. >> on abc 7 news, a show of support. donald trump backers take to the streets of a south bay city. and rough waves. a live look right now at santa cruz beach. the beach warning for tonight and why some are excited about it. and an unexpected start to the day in a north bay neighborhood. abc 7 news starts now.
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. people start running and you hear bullets and you're running and you don't know if someone's coming inside shooting. >> witnesses describe kayos when a gun battle in downtown okland leaves eight people wounded. hello. i'm eric thomas, and welcome to this early edition of abc 7 news due to college football. we begin with new details on that shooting. it happened just after midnight in downtown oakland and that's where abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard joins us. you talked to terrified witness. >> we did indeed, eric. all those shooting victims will survive. some are still in the hospital. two men in their 20s were arrest for the crime that happened here in downtown oakland near broadway. witnesses say they ran for their lives. >> we were sitting down listening to music and it was bullets like everywhere. >> reporter: angela galbraith was inside a bar and heard the gunshots coming from the street. she ran for cover. >> people that were downstairs
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ran upstairs and it stared everyone because then everyone else started running. so i ran and hid in the ladies' room until the shooting stopped. >> reporter: the gunfire was coming from 14th street. police say two men exchanged gunfire, wounding six people caught in the crossfire. >> by the time i came outside there was blood everywhere. >> reporter: victims were rushed to the hospital. two men also wounded were arrested. >> instances like this are just heartbreaking. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaf reacted to the crime. she said police are working to reduce gun violence. >> we are putting so much energy into reducing violence in every neighborhood in this city. we do not play favorites with neighborhoods. this is about human life. >> reporter: last year musician emiliano navarrez was killed by a stray bullet after leaving the golden bull bar also on 14th street in downtown oakland. owners of nearby vinyl nightclub say there's no way the two suspects were inside their establishment friday night because metal detectors for
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patrons were in use. in oakland cornell barnard, abc 7 news. this morning we'll use the abc 7 news app to let you know about arrests in the case. download the free abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. moving on now to your voice your vote. >> who do we want? >> abc 7 news was in san jose this afternoon where a vocal group of donald trump supporters rallied at the busy intersection of stevens creek and winchester boulevards ahead of election day on tuesday. the flash mob was organized by the santa clara county trump campaign and the group young millennials for trump. >> i support trump because i believe that he will go to the -- to washington and he will drain the swamp of the elitist people who think they know what's better for the american people and how they should live their lives. >> supporters said even in california there's a large contingent of trump supporters. abc 7 news was in san francisco today where house democratic leader nancy pelosi delivered an energetic message to phone bank
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volunteers at the hillary clinton campaign office. pelosi told them this is a crucial weekend, a final opportunity to encourage voters to get out and vote. >> come wednesday morning great victory, no regrets, and time to bring our country together, and we can, and hillary clinton will. you are empowering her to do that. >> pelosi says she's hoping the momentum for clinton in california will lead to other democratic victories throughout the state. this is the final push for both clinton and trump. they're out in full force this weekend, their surrogates are. both candidates crisscrossing the country but they're take very different approaches here's abc news reporter mary bruce. >> i know we've got work to do today. >> reporter: hillary clinton out early on the campaign trail, making her closing argument at event after event. even speaking in the pouring rain. >> you are a hardy bunch, standing out here in the rain! so let's get out! let's vote for the future!
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>> reporter: shooelg shee's pul all the stops and the star power. getting out the vote friday night with jay-z and special guest beyonce. ♪ okay the pop superstar performing in, what else, a pantsuit. >> i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. >> we don't need jay-z to fill up arenas, you know. >> reporter: donald trump is also barnstorming the battleground states. out with his wife in north carolina. >> i'm very excited to talk to you about my husband. >> reporter: the republican nominee plans to hit ten states in his final days. but the candidate's stump speech is getting new scrutiny. after trump repeated a false claim based on a bogus fox news story. >> the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations going on hillary clinton. >> reporter: fox news is now calling its report a mistake. >> that just wasn't inartful. it was a mistake. and for that i'm sorry. >> reporter: but trump still pushed the discredited story and repeated similar ideas saturday.
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>> they're also conducting a second criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption at the state department. >> reporter: clinton is spending much of the weekend reaching out to mrntd voters. her support among latinos could be crucial. >> if hillary clinton wins on election night, she will have won with the most diverse coalition of voters that any president has ever won with. >> reporter: just three more days to go. mary bruce, abc news, washington. a new report says donald trump's wife melnia worked ten modeling jobs in the u.s. before she was legally allowed to do so. the associated press reviewed documents from 1996 that show mrs. trump earned $20,000 in the u.s. before she had a work visa. she became a u.s. citizen in 2006. donald trump has taken a hard line on immigration laws and melnia has defended her husband, always maintaining she arrived in the country legally and never violated the terms of her immigration status. volunteers will be out monday and tuesday to make sure
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patients at hospital cans vote. they will be able to request an absentee ballot if they originally planned to vote in person on election day. more than a dozen volunteers will bring ballots to hospital rooms and then deliver them to the election office on tuesday. the program began during the 2004 election. a full set of voting resources is available at to help you get ready for election day. click on the icon "your voice your vote" voter's edge election guide then enit ter your address. you'll get a comprehensive resource with information on the candidates and measures on your local ballot. in the marin headlands firefighters rescued a dog and two people who fell off a cliff. the golden gate national park service tweeted a picture of the reece queue at rodeo bridge. the dog fell off the cliff first. its owner and a good samaritan went after it. all three needed to be rescued. everybody's doing okay. the rescue came just in time. the bay area is under a high surf advisory beginning at 8:00 tonight. and organizers of the titans
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of mavericks surfing competition are keeping a close eye on surf conditions. organizers today sent out this tweet alerting everyone about a potential swell. that means surf conditions are shaping up in favor of the competition. the call to competitors is made 48 hours before the event. and abc 7 neet rollogist drew tuma has a look at the latest conditions. >> we have a pretty active condition out there. the waves are building and they will peak later on tonight. you can see about ten feet right off the bay area coast but to the north off the coast of ukia those waves are as high as 18 feet right now. it's for that fact that the national weather service has issued a wave advisory. it will begin 8:00 tonight and expire early tomorrow morning. this rough surf it means we're going to have waves possibly as high as 15 feet, possible sneaker waves. it's just a really good idea to stay out of the water the next 12 to 18 hours.
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the storm system that is bringing these high waves will try to bring a few sprinkles to parts of the bay area. i'll detail where and when. >> drew, thank you. residents in one san raphael neighborhood awoke to some destruction caused by a downed tree this morning. the large tree fell across jewel street at 8:30. branches fell onto a parked car and closed the street for hours afterwards. tree crews responded to chop up the downed tree and remove it from the street. the city is investigating why that tree came down. samsung may be trying to annoy their customers into returning their note 7 recalled phones. up next, the software update that'll make sure phone owners don't forget about the recall. also -- >> it was disgusting. >> high school students say
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samsung's trying a new tactic to get those who still haven't turned their recalled note 7s in to finally do so. the company will be releasing a software update that will limit the phone's ability to charge beyond 60%. it will also issue a reminder pop-up notification every time somebody charges, reboots, or turns on the screen of their note 7 device. samsung said nearly 85% of all recalled galaxy note 7 devices had been replaced throughout the u.s. as of yesterday morning. well, let the crab fishing begin. recreational crab fishing season opened today. commercial crabbing begins on november 15th. fresh crab should be hitting local stores not long after
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that. last year a toxin delayed the opening of the season for several months. this year's cooler temperatures and steady rain are good news for crab fishermen. still, health officials warn against eating the crabs' internal organs, which are often considered a delicacy. that's because they can still contain concentrated levels of the potentially deadly toxin. the power of social media alerted parents to a health scare at their children's school cafeteria. this snapchat photo taken by students of the siquachee county high school serves the raw chicken served to at least five students. school officials say nobody got sick from the food. they explain they ran short on prepared chicken at lunchtime and workers quickly threw a batch into the deep fryer instead of the oven. >> a piece of raw chicken can really do some damage. >> each batch of meat that's cooked is checked for temperature. this was checked. obviously not every piece was checked. >> the health department looked
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into the issue and believes it was a one-time mistake. the school received a perfect inspection score back in september. in accuweather on this saturday afternoon we're starting off with sunshine that's turning into a mix of sun and clouds out there as a storm approaches the region. live doppler 7 right now showing you scannig the bay area and right now we're coming up empty-handed. outside we go. what we do have a lot of is cloud cover. a live look from the emeryville camera showing you that we are seeing a veil of clouds high above. and these are all streaming in from a storm system well to our north. so tonight the clouds will be thickening but it's keeping temperatures right now on the mild side. currently 64 in san francisco. 67 right now and partly cloudy skies in oakland. san jose a tick warmer at 68. a couple of 70s on the board around fairfield and antioch. napa currently checking in with a temperature of 69 degrees. light the night walk tonight in walnut creek's civic park. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings will be emceeing the
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event. really nice conditions for all the walkers out there. partly cloudy skies and temperature around 63 degrees dropping to 61. overnight tonight here's the call. we have the clouds thickening through the overnight hours and those clouds kind of act like a blanket. it means it's going to be a mild night overnight tonight with most spots you can see holding in the mid and upper 50s overnight. as we go to bed tonight do not forget turn your clocks back one hour. daylight saving time ends. good idea also this time of year to change your smoke detector batteries as we turn that clock back one hour. that means the sun sets tomorrow at 5:05 in the evening. live doppler 7 is tracking our next storm system. you do see a healthy amount of moisture in northern california. however, much of this moisture going to stay well north of the region. if you recall, we had a ranking on the storm system earlier in the week. it was going to be a 1. a light storm. but future weather showing you as it approaches the bay area it just falls apart. so we are taking away that 1 ranking and this thing is going to bring a couple of isolated showers to portions of the north
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bay for most areas you are going to see nothing out of this system the next 24 hours. really what to expect on your sunday, a lot of cloud cover for much of the region shaded in gray here. we do have that chance mainly in the north bay. this blue shading you see on your screen. there could be an isolated sprinkle. but anything we do see in the north bay is going to total less than a tenth of an inch of rain. a very weak system that is moving through the next 24 hours. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of crowd cover on your sunday. do not forget to turn back your clock one hour or else you're oing to be late or early -- early. you'll be early to a lot of things tomorrow. monday mostly sunny. tuesday the vote is for sunshine out there. it is beautiful and mild. plenty of sunshine on the way wednesday, thursday. it's really quiet pattern. we stay above average friday. we are mild out there for fall. and then saturday, eric, just some extra cloud cover out there. really just a light sprinkle in the north bay. not a huge issue. which you really will notice a lot of cloud cover overnight tonight and it will wake up first thing in the morning. >> i'll notice. thank you.
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he's so observant. we're going to talk a little sports action. stanford playing during the day. >> a rare day game. instead of 8:00 at night. looking for their second straight win. oregon state in time. stanfo
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proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. for tand i thank the people of california for putting it on pharmacepathe ballot.ry. e... it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. stanford hostin oregon state. quarterback keller chris getting his second straight career start. christian mccaffrey seems to be back in form after battling injuries the past few weeks. former stanford k5ur7b8d john elway on the sidelines for this game as broncos playing the raiders tomorrow. stanford ran the ball 58 times for 365 yards. first quarter bryce love on the carry. escapes the line. 56-yard touchdown.
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he had 89 on the day. 10-0 cardinal. christian mccaffrey 32 carries, 199 yards. 241 all purpose. game-high 51-yard run here. sets up conrad. four field goals. stanford led 13-7 at the half. defense picked off mccarrion twice in the third. stanford converts that into points. keller chris. look at him take off. 60 passing yards. mccaffrey would finish it off. his long touchdown of the game. stanford wins it 26-15. now bowl eligible at 6-3. meanwhile, cal hosting fifth-ranked washington tonight in berkeley. bears have won five straight at home but coming off a loss last thursday to usc trying to get back on the winning track. on marshawn lynch bobblehead night. washington out to prove the points wrong with text tx a&m number 4 with one loss. well, mississippi state took care of that as we knocked off thing aies. thanks to great individual
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effort by quarterback nick fitzgerald. bulldogs' first play from scrimmage he's going to go 74 yards. 182 rushing yards, two tds. 7-0 mississippi state. threw for 209 yards, two touchdowns. fred ross. airs it out 60 yards here. mississippi state the huge upset knocking texas a&m out of the playoff picture. 35-28 that final. lamar jackson has his first name etched onto the heisman trophy with today performance against boston college. seven more touchdowns. four through the air, three on the ground.
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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seventh-ranked louisville needed a statement game to jump back in the final four conversation. well, heisman favorite lamar jackson led the way today. seven touchdowns in their beatdown of boston college on the road. eagles were grounded from the start. third play of the game, action jackson keeps it and he's gone. barely touched. 69-yard score. 7-0 cardinals. still first quarter jackson through the air. 30 yards to james quick. 28-0 two plays into the second quarter. he had five touchdowns in the first half. finished it off with a 53-yard stamper. jackson accounts for seven touchdowns. third time this season he's done that. he has 45 total tds on the year. 52-7 louisville the final. still celebrating the world
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series. northwestern hosting number 8 wisconsin with a w flag. second quarter, badgers wide receiver jazz paefy on the end-around goes to his left. plenty of empty space and blockers. 46 yards. 10-0 wisconsin. clayton thorson. 13-yardedit pass to austin carr. 132 yards receiving. clement 136 yards on 32 carries and this two-yard touchdown and wisconsin goes on to win 21-7. navy and notre dame. the mideast 12 67 against the irish all-time. third quarter. notre dame takes a 24-21 lead. fourth quarter same score. irish kicked a field goal. cuts the lead to one. navy trying to ice it on fourth and one. worth to jammeer tillman for a
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50-yard gain. navy goes on to upset notre dame 28-27. only one play you have to see from texas and texas tech. the long horizon deent yay forman looks like he has a first down. texas tech stands him up. the pile heads toward the goal line. douglas coleman rips it away just before the ball crosses the plane and he goes 100 yards the other way. are you kidding me? but texas will hold on and win it 35-27. we'll have a lot more from today's college football action coming up in today's newscast. stick around. eric, back to you. >> where's the pursuit? kept going. i like jackson. he's gone. anyway, thank you. are you feeling a bit stressed about the election? if so you're not alone. >> i think that's why donald's going to get elected. >> no. >> yeah, it's causing family feuds and turning living rooms into bat matlegrounds. ahead, election anxiety.
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what happened when trump and clinton supporters were forced to sit in a room and reflect? and tesla's defense. what the company is saying now about that fiery crash that killed two people in indianapolis. also -- >> you all right? >> yeah. >> okay. >> yeah, i'm fine, honey. >> an elderly couple in the central valley
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. in south carolina new information revealed in the case of a rescued woman. she was held captive for months, chained inside a storage container. police returned to the scene yesterday and discovered human remains on the property. the suspect, a realtor, was in court. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has more on why authorities say this might not be the end of it% >> reporter: a grisly find in the south carolina woods. an unidentified body and the search for more victims. convicted sex offender todd koelhep appearing in court. >> charge i have before you today is kidnapping -- >> reporter: charged in the kidnapping of kayla brown held captive for two months, just rescued from a shipping container on his property. shoot charles david carver. >> reporter: brown telling police her boyfriend charles carver who disappeared with her in late august was killed at the hands of the suspect. police zeroed in on this rural area after tracing brown's last cell phone pings to a nearby tower. they heard desperate banging from a shipping container during
4:35 pm
a search of the property. brown was found inside a second metal crate chained by the neck and the ankle. the 30-year-old who recently cleaned homes for the local real estate agent is now recovering in the hospital. the suspect's mofrth telling abc news, just shoot me, that's all i can say. i'm so, so sorry. i can't believe this. >> reporter: kohlhepp has not entered a plea but the solicitor says he was convicted as a teenager of kidnapping and rape. investigators will be here searching through the weekend. eva pilgrim, abc news, woodruff, south carolina. the death of 21-year-old karla ramirez-segoviano of saab leandro may have been a personal matter according to investigators. her body was found in east oakland in a park. she had been beaten, stabbed, and burned. she was an alameda county sheriff's department explorer since high school. friends and family gathered at segoviano's home last night. a friend who used to work with her at a local fast food restaurant says he knows one of the suspects. >> you i know the girl actually.
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she used to work with us at kfc. and it kind of shocks me because how can a co-worker do that to another co-worker? >> the former co-worker is named laura rogers. the d.a. has not released the names of the suspects but abc 7 news has learned that someone by that name was booked into the alameda county jail on murder charges. palo alto-based tesla says they do not believe autopilot is to blame for a crash that killed two people in indianapolis this week. the car hit a tree early thursday morning, bursting into flames. witnesses say the car was speeding and police suspect the autopilot feature is to blame. tesla says the car was going too fast to be on autopilot. the feature limits the speed to five miles above the speed limit. last spring a tesla driver using autopilot died in florida. in that case the autopilot apparently failed to distinguish between a white truck and the bright sky. a rossmore man was taken to the hospital today after he was run over by a neighbor who was backing out of his garage. that neighbor did not see the victim, who had been kneeling down doing work on his driveway
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on avenida sevilla. the victim was taken to the hospital. he was conscious and speaking, telling paramedics he had a back injury. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. a close call for a group of bicyclists in mill valley. they were riding on northbound highway 1 when a vehicle ahead slowed to make a right turn. some of the cyclists weren't able to stop in time and crashed into each other. no one was seriously hurt. a man on the peninsula spent the night stuck in a ditch before rescue crews pulled him out safely. the coma police department posted these photos on social media. officers say the 37-year-old man fell about eight feet down into a ditch last night. they got him out just before 9:00 this morning. he was taken to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. in the central california city of madeira an elderly couple is doing well today after a fire destroyed their long-time home yesterday. gene and mildred atkins would
4:38 pm
not leave the burng houing hous without each other. two school safety officers ran into the house trying to save the husband and wife. they successfully rescued everyone before electrical wires fell onto the property. >> did you say you weren't going to leave without me? >> yes, i did. >> well, i was already out. they were taking me out. >> well, i didn't know that you was. >> they lost everything but all they could talk about or worry about was each other. they're older. they're in their 90s. and it's like i guess that's what true love is. >> neighbors have come together to help find the couple a new place to live. a rare polio-like illness has been confirmed in eight children rushed to the hospital this fall in washington state. reporter annie andrews has an update from seattle and some advice for parents. >> back when i first got sick i was the worst case that year. >> reporter: in 2014 hayden wardall went from an active 13-year-old to losing the ability to move from the neck down after contracting what doctors believe to be acute flaccid myelitis. >> there were so many of us back
4:39 pm
in 2014 and now there's even more this year. it's just going to get worse. >> reporter: that's the question scientists and doctors are trying it answer as eight washington children between the ages of 3 and 14 have been diagnosed with afm this week. >> so there's been no obvious commonalities among these eight. >> reporter: afm comes after an infection starts. scientists believe it's part of the body's reaction to something as common as a cold. >> these are children who develop significant weakness of an arm or a leg. oftentimes in association with common infectious symptoms. so fever, vomiting, diarrhea, a cold, things like that. >> reporter: symptoms that many children have right now in the midst of flu season. >> but it's not the cold. not the vomiting. not the diarrhea that's of concern. it's the sudden onset of weakness. >> reporter: that's the specific symptom doctors want you to look for. they say just because your child has flu-like symptoms doesn't mean they have afm.
4:40 pm
>> the symptoms of this are not subtle. this is not something you need to be extra vigilant to look for. >> reporter: the department of health is working with families to see if there's a common link between the children. whether it be diet, medication, or something else. right now all doctors can tell parents to do is prevent the start of infections in general. >> the most important thing to do to prevent it is usual excellent hygiene, washing your hands, covering your cough, those sorts of things. >> the children confirmed with afm are from five washington counties. it's not clear exactly what causes the disease and no medical treatment has proved effective. anxiety is increasing for some voters as the election approaches. ab news decided to run a risky experiment, putting a bunch of clinton and trump supporters in a room and gettin them to meditate together. abc news reporter dan harris has a look at what happened. >> reporter: this election leaving you with insomnia, heart palpitations, stomach problems? you might be suffering from election stress disorder. is it an actual disorder? >> i think it's a little tongue
4:41 pm
in cheek, but i think there's definitely stress that's impacting people around this election. >> reporter: in fact, according to one study, more than half of americans are feeling anxious or stressed over this election. >> they're catastropheizing. they're looking at worst case scenario possibilities if their candidate doesn't win. >> reporter: it's even turning some family living rooms into battlegrounds. >> having his finger that close to a nuclear weapon scares the hell out of me. >> i do not trust hillary at all. i think people are tired of the same old politics. and i think that's why donald's going to get elected. >> no. >> i'm a big believer in woman's rights. >> so why would you vote for donald? that's my whole point. >> reporter: they've been married for 25 years and they say this is the first time this has ever happened to them. what do you advise in a situation like that? >> don't talk about politics. >> reporter: but the experts also recommend turning off your tv. not right now, however. unplugging from social media. exercising. and then there's another method that i personally swear by.
4:42 pm
meditation. >> we're going to make america calm again. >> exactly. >> reporter: which is why we brought in a non-partisan ringer, meditation teacher jeff warren, who's from canada. >> are people here feeling stressed? >> i've had it. i'm tired of the social media. i'm tired of watching my friends, my family fight with each other. >> reporter: everyone, including us, seems to be surprised by what 15 minutes of meditation can do. >> we have to see each other as more than labels, as more than republicans, as more than just a trump supporter, hillary supporter. we have to see each other as people first. >> is it stressful at all to be in the same room with people who are supporting the other candidate? >> oh, no. i believe we're all entitled to our opinion. one of us is write and one us is wrong. i was just kidding. i was trying to be funny. >> that was dan harris reporting. researchers from the american psychological association found of 3,500 adults surveyed in august 59% of republicans and 55% of democrats say the election is a "very significant
4:43 pm
or somewhat significant source of stress." one of the things that might possibly help relieve that stress, a paid holiday. general motors, ford motor company, digital media company thrillist and patagonia are just some of the companies giving employees this tuesday off with pay. outdoor clothing company patagonia's even closing all its retail stores and its headquarters in vent rah, california. under california law employees can be given as much time off as they need in order to vote but only a maximum of two hours is paid. a woman in sacramento is trying to put politeness into politics. >> this is nice because it can be supported by everybody. >> she's not a politician but she does have a campaign slogan that's getting some national attention. her story is ahead on abc 7 news. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. sunshine earlier today giving way to a bit of cloud cover as you look outside. and those clouds are a storm system that's approaching the california coast. i'll let you know if we can see
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any sprinkles here locally in the bay area. coming up.
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a warning here for late-night drivers in the east bay where a busy freeway is going to be closed for construction work. interstate 80 in san pablo will shut down in both directions between san pablo avenue and san pablo dam road beginning at 11:00 tonight. the freeway will reopen at 7:00 tomorrow morning. there's a detour but caltrans is warning about potential delays. the construction work will improve the el portal drive on-ramp. also a new pedestrian overcrossing will open on monday. today four new electric trolleys hit the road in downtown walnut creek. this is video from county connection transit. the trolleys represent the latest technology to achieve the cleanest and most energy-efficient systems. the free ride trolles will run between the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station, downtown and broadway plaza and will continue to be free to the public. something stinks in sacramento. many people have noticed the strong odor in the downtown area. it's coming from mexican
4:47 pm
freetail bats. they like to live in small crevices about an inch wide between older buildings. a bat expert says the smell comes from -- well, you can guess where it's coming from. but it's also males trying to attract female bats. >> in the fall when the males are starting to think about the females for the winter that gets even a little stronger. so right now we might be noticing some of that in addition to their normal odors. >> experts say sacramento has a very large number of bats living under bridges as well. they say they're actually good to have around because they come out at night and eat all the mosquitos in the area. back now to your voice your vote. and a mother in sacramento came up with an idea she hopes will change the tone of this year's election. as reporter natalie burnell shows us her campaign to make american kind again is beginning to gain traction. >> reporter: election season may be coming to an end but a new campaign sign is sending a strong message. make america kind again. >> it's just been so much
4:48 pm
turmoil and so many feelings going back and forth that this is nice because it can be supported by everybody. >> reporter: stay-at-home mom amanda blunck designed the lawn sxienz now totes hoping to change the tone of the political conversation. >> you have so many people that will say i'm voting for so and so because it's the lesser two of evils. this message is just about dropping that and being nice to your neighbor. >> reporter: it may be a play on words on donald trump's now infamous slogan, but -- >> it's for everybody. it's been next to trump. it's been next to clinton. i just want to represent kindness. i don't care about the politicians. >> reporter: two weeks ago she started selling the signs on her etsy page and orders poured in from all over the country. >> washington, oregon, nevada, texas, michigan, florida -- >> reporter: she's already sold almost 300, and the totes are almost sold out. >> this has gained so much more traction than i anticipate to be honest. p>> reporter: this mom of two wo also judges online school, the small business has been a welcome boost to her family's income. >> my husband being the sole provider, it's nice to be able to help a little bit.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: and she hopes to help people remember this ahead of next tuesday. >> it's just about being america, coming together and believing in something. and if you have to believe in kindness over politics, then so be it. >> amanda block won't reveal the candidate she's voting for on tuesday. she first started her kindness movement when a friend asked if she could design the lawn sign. now joined by a really nice guy for a look at the weather forecast. >> wish we had a lot more of that earlier on. >> that would have helped a year ago. >> doppler 7 scanning the skies trying to find moisture. a sliver of rain in the corner of your screen approaching the coast. we'll talk about who has the best chance. a live look at the embarcadero from a rooftop camera at kgo. beautiful-looking afternoon. all is quiet. just a light breeze out there and really just some comfortable dngs conditions out there. 67 in oakland.
4:50 pm
68 in vallejo. 689 number in san jose and inland a little bit warmer. 73 in antioch and the same in concord. overnight tonight we'll drop into the 50s but we'll also set our clocks back one hour as daylight saving comes to an end. today's sunset at 6:06. tomorrow's sunset, yeah, 5:05 and the earliest sunset we will have in the bay area, that will come on december 1st at 4:50 in the evening. live doppler 7 along with satellite will show you the storm system approaching the coast. you'll notice a lot of the moisture is going north of the bay area. that's going to be the theme. if you recall, earlier in the week we attached a number to the storm. it was a 1. a light storm on the storm impact scale. but now the latest information coming in really brings the storm and falls apart. we are taking away that 1 from the storm impact scale and it is no longer a rated storm. here's the reason why. future weather hour by hour we go. it approaches the coast. and watch the moisture just fall apart as this front tries to make its presence known in the north bay. it's going to have a lot of
4:51 pm
cloud cover overnight and first thing tomorrow morning we'll wake up to overcast skies. this is what we're thinking. the best chance for a light sprinkle really going to be the north bay and i really think that could be right around santa rosa. elsewhere this gray shading you see on your screen sunday you're just going to have a lot of cloud cover and you will be dry. staking you in to levi's stadium cloud cover, going to be comfortable. peeks of sniefrn here and there. kickoff temperature right around 70 degrees. take a look at the bay area tomorrow. you'll see a fair amount of cloud cover. late day peeks of sunshine. 62 the high in san francisco. 70 in san jose. about 66 the high in oakland at 68 in napa. we'll take you into oakland as we take a look at the raiders forecast. yes, with the sun setting at 5:05 tomorrow this will be a night game from start to finish. cool by 8:30. temperature dropping to around 59 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed tonight. tomorrow get a nice extra hour's sleep. a lot of cloud cover throughout
4:52 pm
the day. perhaps a sprinkle in the north bay. otherwise mostly sunny on monday. tuesday looking perfect for election day. ens plenty of sunshine. thursday above average. mild. friday a couple of extra clouds on saturday. really the next seven days are very quiet around here and they are warmer. >> all right, sir, thank you very much. shu's back with a preview of sports. >> fighting harbaughs continue to dominate their opponents and move closer to a possible ncaa national title. they take care of maryland with 402 total yards in the first half. take a tour of today's action next in sports.
4:53 pm
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third-ranked michigan wolverines keep marching their way to the final four today taking care of maryland. ohio state will be the playoff before the playoffs. but the fighting harbaughs are getting stronger every game. michigan 402 of their 660 yards in the first quarter. speights 34-yard touchdown pass to darbo. 7-0 wolverines. nowhere to go here. going to keep it himself. 10-yard touchdown run. 14-0 michigan after a quarter. speight 19 of 24. 262 yards. two tds. avoids a sack. going to air it out, 33 yards to a wide open uchessen. michigan 9-0. 59-3 your final. number 2 clemson hosting
4:56 pm
syracuse. deshaun watson another heisman hopeful. 35 yards rushing. in one touchdown in the first. tigers up 10-0. he was 13 of 16. 169 yards in the air. two tds. dion kane goes 65 yards. kane was able. five receptions, 125 yards, two touchdowns. washington's day ends early. he'd leave the game with a bruised shoulder would not return p but no worries clemson rolls 54-0. number 17 baylor hosting tcu. where'd they go? oh. could say that for their on-field performance as well. tcu 31 straight points. kyle hicks nice spin move. 22-yard score. he had five tds on the day. baylor trying to do something. ranthony texada reeds the pass perfectly, 26 yards for the pick six. 31-7 at that point. but the hornfrogs roll 62-22. number 18 oklahoma state trailed by nine at kansas state.
4:57 pm
in the fourth chris carson's 17-yard touchdown run gives the cowboys the lead. 1:46 to play. they went for two and got it. so they're up 43-37. four seconds to go. last chance for k state. jesse ertz. uh-uh's right, eric. picked off by jordan sternz in the end zone. and the cowboys go on to win it 43-37 that final. on deck here on abc 7, ohio stae hosting nebraska. playoff ramifications. both one-loss teams. stick around for after the game with larry beil and yours truly as we break down the team in sports. a lot of talk about college football, niners and raiders both at home for the first time all season. >> that's right. >> it will be a lot of fun. and the warriors losing down to the lakers. beatdown last night in the staples center. >> got to incorporate everybody, right? all right, shu, thanks a lot. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm eric thomas. for drew and shu thanks for joining us. as shu mentioned, college who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday?
4:58 pm
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presentation of espn on abc. ♪ a flawless fall afternoon gives way to a frosty evening in the heart of ohio. welcome to ohio stadium in this crucial game between the buckeyes and the cornhuskers. espn saturday night football on abc presented by walmart. both nebraska and ohio state come in in contention, controlling their destiny


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