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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 7, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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and -- ♪ a ukrainian x factor singer wows with a tune about his broken heart. >> parents didn't think he was up to standards. >> see the twist after his ex sees his rise to stardom. >> never going to amount to anything. >> the internet is full of all kinds of little gifts, little entertaining videos that we love to look at, like this one if you love kayaking and carnage, we've got it. from dane jackson in mexico, down the chute he goes, and poof, goes dark. followed by his buddy rafa ortiz, and, yeah, you see dane's kayak upsidedown going through the very narrow passage. he's trying to right himself, and then -- >> boom! >> this is what it must feel like to be a pair of socks in the washing machine. there he is. he is not happy. got a bit of a gift from this
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kayaking trip. >> oh! >> that is a size of a softball. >> i'm not sure what caused that goose egg on his head, but you'll notice dane had a big old helmet on. he's still got that knot on his head. thankfully, that seemed to be the extent of his injuries and he was still smiling after this incredible footage. >> ahhh! >> we got him. >> why did i choose this bacteria-filled hell hole to talk to you? because it may just be the perfect representation ofour face. acne, people, i'm talking about acne. lots of people have had that feeling when it comes to their skin. myself included. i've been there, done that. >> acne. >> weird, you feel like you should have gotten to a certain age and it should stop.
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>> no, you just get different kinds of acne. >> just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you nearly second degree murdered your boyfriend. >> good morning, my beautiful -- >> he survived. the relationship didn't. >> this is a pretty funny sketch about acne, but it's also probably one of the most clever ads for an acne product i've ever seen. >> hey, evelyn. this is evelyn. she's the founder of the company changing the face of acne treatment. literally, it's changing your face. do you get it? >> they do show us exactly how this product works. >> evelyn is going to sacrifice her face in the name of science and wear this terribly unattracted camera head gear for nine days, put acne bacteria on her face. on day six she'll arm her bacteria and effectively kill the bad bacteria.
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>> because she does wear that ugly helmet with the camera right in front of her face as she goes about life for nine days, showing us the before and after. >> wow, all right. she put her body where her product is. >> yeah. >> so how did it turn out? >> pretty good. day nine, perfectly clear skin, look at that cluster clear, cluster clear, cluster clear. part of driving is skill and part of it is situational awareness, because sometimes the people around you aren't paying attention, like here. see the kids on scooters in a parking lot. this car is like, wait, somebody is behind me, stop, slow down, i'll pull forward. car with the dash cam says, okay, everything's clear. >> it's a parking lot, not a playground. >> exactly. and the person with the dash cam sent this video to idiot drivers northern ireland's facebook page. even in a parking lot you have
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to be careful. people started saying the driver is terrible and kids need to know when you're in the parking lot with your scooter, you could run into somebody, which is what the little girl did. obviously, she was okay. after she bumped into the car she got back up and moved on.
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>> look at the heart on this kid, man. loses footing and lands right in front of the red line, gets himself back up and tries to get away from it, but manages to get himself up. he's just not giving up. >> he's doing his job. he's the anchor. >> just the tiniest between his foot and the red line. runs to the front now i'm more useful right here and just starts pulling. basically, five minutes right at the end you see, bang, as they crash to the ground for the first time in the history of this show, they had a tie. >> what? >> basically, it was just got to the point where the children, i think, could not stand anymore, but it's just blowing up on social media in russia and now the whole world are really
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jumping onboard this story. >> bethany does not like surprises. >> so much so that she told her boyfriend shaun, when you propose, don't surprise me. >> but see her man get the surprise of his life. >> that's really cute. and when pranking coworkers -- >> there's a line that should not be crossed. >> this guy clearly didn't get that memo. >> oh, no.lida are coming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do. hey iron man can you run up for the lights? you got it. oh, hey. what do you think? tall enough? definitely taller. it's starting to click guys. woo-hoo. yes. [ instrumental music ] we're gonna make this... [ barks ] yeah, spectacular. [ music continues ] come intofor our never now ending pasta bowl starting at $9.99!
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closed captioning provided by -- i need to kick acid with rolaids® advanced. it goes to work instantly on your worst heartburn, bloating, and gas. that's better. kick acid and gas with rolaids® advanced. bethany does not like surprises. so much so that she told her boyfriend shaun, when you propose, don't surprise me, but she's got one in store. she's wearing a wedding dress. he's about to find out. >> to pray. >> he's telling us he's right up to this red line, stops and realizes that's odd, because somebody he knows is waiting in the row. >> i was kind of told to come here and give you this little card here. >> i've fallen in love with you again and again, and i still can't believe that today i get to marry my best friend. >> he's finding out that he's
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about to marry bethany. she doesn't like surprises, but she's surprising him with a wedding. so he puts on a shirt and pair of pants somebody has prepared for him and he starts walking down the road, or the aisle, and there she is waiting on that exact spot where he proposed. >> that's really cute. >> it is really cute. he gets the surprise of his life and y'all, he ain't mad. >> the feelings i felt walking down the hill towards you can hardly be described. it was the most joy and love i've ever felt in my life. >> the people that are closest to them, their closest, most intimate family members are there to celebrate this with them. >> you made it. >> and it's so funny because you guys, really, this marriage started with a lie. >> thank you all for coming. >> thank you all for helping me lie.
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a lot. it was worth it. >> so i think they'll live happily ever after, because this guy got a good one. she's like, hey, just go hunting, we'll figure it out later. she surprises him with a wedding. all he has to do, change his shirt and pants, boom, they are done. first day home. there's a line that should not be crossed when it comes to pranking coworkers. >> oh, you should know. a firm line, you've crossed it.
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>> so have they! >> no. just you. you don't play with a person's food. in this viral video uk clip, you see a man, he's kicking this crate around, positioning it, because he was about to sit down and enjoy. sits down. oh, oh, oh! oh, no! >> and the crate breaks, his lunch just hits the floor. >> what's the prank here, is that his favorite crate to sit on and they rigged it so it would crumble? >> yeah, they definitely prepped the crate as he was prepping his lunch, and now he can't eat it. >> what the heck did he just do? put that to his nose? >> he does it repeatedly. takes a rat trap, puts it on his face. >> this makes no sense.
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look, you've seen those things. they can do some serious damage. just thrown it on to his nose. please tell me at least $50 can be won from his buddies. >> please tell me they are going to buy him something. >> something to validate this ridiculously. >> he has a youtube channel and people want to see it. time to cheer up. >> we've got mac dreidel from ebaum's world to wake you up. >> getting it started with a rock and a nail. >> rock is hot enough to melt. >> then a clever message at cutting watermelons. and he's been challenged. is it real or is it fake? you be the judge. ebaum's world is next. plus, don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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>> i'm calling fake. >> i have the user's vote on this one, it was split right down the middle. sleuth work found out this nail was actually made of the 31st element, so it's a real metal, but the trick about this metal is it melts at 85 degrees. >> oh! >> that's why he needed the glove for the hand or else it would have melted in his hand. almost real, but wasn't a real nail. >> that's cool. >> pretty cool, but fake. >> second video. >> all right, this here is one of the main videos, get around. all you got to do -- >> no. >> we've seen this on the show before. we actually know exactly how he pulled this off. >> the give away really is the way he cut the knife on the other side. >> a bit funny, going for the comedy in this one. >> this will work on the
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granddaughtgrand kids. >> you're saying this is real, right? >> no! >> this one is definitely fake. it was precut. >> third video -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> oh! spoiler. >> wow! why would you do that, homey? >> oh, my god. >> right now i'll say it's real if he's australian, definitely real. >> he's a guy, so i'm going to say real. y'all would do anything just to accept a challenge. >> people do that all the time. i'm going with real. >> you know he turns the wood around, don't exactly see the spider, don't see it in his mouth. it could easily be fake. >> i don't think it is. i think it's real. >> i don't like it, mac. >> there's a lot of this video that seems real, right? they are on a job site. i have a lot of friends in construction. i could see them pulling a video like this off. this is definitely real. >> yeah, of course.
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>> it was fake. >> definitely fake. >> guys, i have some news. turns out this election this whole time, all of it, candidates, they were nothing more than the work of a makeup artist. >> oh! >> it turns out that italian makeup artist have been behind the two faces, the two names on our election tickets. >> wow. look at that. >> best makeup artist i've seen. >> tremendous talent, tremendous. huge! >> huge. does she do hillary? >> yeah, she does hillary. >> this is crazy. you see people do transformations using makeup with other artists and celebrities, but this one takes the cake, especially with her wig. >> it's really good. she does manage to get the
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smirk. >> all the details are there. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. this chick is good. >> that's stunning. scary, but stunning. honestly, if i have that time, i'd be like -- >> i think she's really able to become two very different people. which one do you like best? it's that time. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter each every day. >> now it's time for monday's buzz word. it's election. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter monday's buzz word, election. >> and later this week we'll have a bonus give away. that means somebody's going to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody.
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he took the stage on x factor and shocked the world. >> this video has the ladies swooning. >> hear the story of the specific woman he's speaking to
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easily. dead ones tip right over. >> also applies to humans. with over half a million views on youtube, this video has ladies swooning. he appeared on the ukrainian version of x factor. he's a 24-year-old singer from russia and he's about to take the stage. he has a beautiful voice, but he's not just a singer. he's a song writer and composer, as well. >> speaks to me. >> the judges and the fans are absolutely amazed at his voice. they are rocking and just
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enjoying themselves. at one point he even receives a standing ovation. ♪ apparently, he wrote this song for his ex-girlfriend. the parents thought he couldn't support her because he was a singer, but it looks like he has what it takes, because the fans are absolutely loving it and he actually ends up advancing to the next round. >> kind of ironic he's on the x factor and it's the ex factor that kind of got him. >> that's how all the great artists get started. heart broken equals stardom. >> sitting at home in ukraine, there's that family with that young girl and that mom and dad are getting some serious side eye from that young lady. never going to amount to anything. >> well, side eye and circumstances aside, that performance has brought them back together and looks like they are on the mend. >> no more ex factor. >> no more. that's a look at today's top
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videos. for more great content, check out we'll see you on the
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after months of campaigning election day is almost here, and today hillary clinton and donald trump are on the road trying to cover as much ground as possible. good afternoon. >> today it is a sprint to that finish line. we have team coverage. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler but let's begin with lauren. >> reporter: the candidates have been crisscrossing with nine stops between them. both campaigns are urging them to go vote. >> reporter: the final sprint to election day with hillary clinton and donald trump both


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