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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> we begin with a deadly accident in san jose. one person was killed when a car crashed into a san jose credit unionsch the person who died was a painter working inside the building. >> abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington on the scene joining us live now with the latest. >> reporter: well, larry, ama, two cars involved in this deadly crash. a tow truck just pulled up, and it has to back into the billing because that's where one of the vehicles is. the driver crashed straight through the front doors of the credit unions. here's video from a little earlier taken just before noon. the alliance credit unions in san jose is closed for veterans day so there were no customers
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inside, but some painters were hired to do some work on the building. police say that two cars collided. one of them veered off the road and hit two painters. both men, who were work right at the front of the building. one of the men died. the other was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. we saw co-workers and credit unions employees comforting each other at the scene. >> my understanding is they worked together for a while so they all knew each other very well, and they are having a tough time. >> video from sky 7 shows investigators. police are still trying to determine exactly how this happened. they say one car was traveling westbound on kirtner avenue approaching little orchard street. the other driver was making a right from little orchard on to kirtner when they crashed. drivers are cooperating. nobody has been arrested, and they were not hurt. although i did see the driver of the prius, and he had a bandage on his arm as if he recently had blood drawn. westbound lanes of kirtner are
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closed between little orchard and communication hill boulevard, and i did speak with you be with of the employees here at the credit unions. he told me that their surveillance cameras did capture this crash and they have handed that video over to police. reporting live in san jose, elissa harrington. abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. we've learned the identity of the pedestrian who was killed in an accident outside san jose city hall which also sent two members of our abc 7 news team to the hospital. 61-year-old san jose public works department worker doug andreen drive after being hit by a drunk driver. police have charged 41-year-old carlos gomez with vehicular manslaughter and dui. an apologetic gomez told abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington said he drank six to eight beers
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in an hour before getting behind the wheel. >> if i can take anything back, i should have never drank. should have paid more attention. >> gomez says he has been arrested for dui before. >> a san jose woman is in police custody after two women and a man were found dead in a house in east oakland. the bodies were found at a home on dunbar drive that will also been set on fire this morning. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the details. >> reporter: observing land police roped off a few blocks. arcadia park neighborhood for the entire morning and brought in the fbi to help them and quietly searched a large area for clues in the deaths of three people, but as they worked the impact of what happened here wasn't lost on them. >> well, this is a death of a human, three human beings so it's going to be a very trying time for families and the neighborhood. this is a very quiet neighborhood in oakland and presti shocking to the
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neighborhood. >> police got the call that someone heard gunshots at 12:20 this morning. when they arrived on dunbar drive, they found one gunshot victim lying in the street and a fire burning in a garage. inside the burning home they found two other people who had been shot, a fourth person at the home was taken in for questioning. police say they are not looking for any other suspects and that the neighborhood is not in danger. that did little to ease the nerves here. >> concerned, a little surprised that it happened. >> i'm used to it because it's open but not this part of observing land, you know. >> oakland police say they brought in the fbi so they could use some of their investigative tools that police just don't have. at this point they are telling us that two women and a man were killed here. they don't want to say yet what they think the motive behind this was. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> a san francisco fire captain is facing discrimination for alleged racial bias and inappropriate contact with female firefighters. fire officials have removed
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captain jon del bino from service. he had been in charge of the department's elise rescue dive unit. he's accused of ordering a young black firefighter to dive to an unsafe death during training, and we're also told he routinely made disparaging remarks about african-american and female firefighters. >> and for much of the day today, a veil of hue clouds over the bay area, limited sunshine and a few sprinkles have arisen on live doppler 7. >> you can see right around 101, pretty much sandwiched between ukiah and cloverdale at this hour. this is a really weak front that's progressing to the north. you see a couple of light showers developing and much of this activity is going to stay well north of santa rosa. let's go hour by hour and future weather showing you tonight that we are dry and we have a lot of cloud cover and that front
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pretty much stalls and falls apart early tomorrow morning and by midnight, perhaps a sprinkle which santa rosa and watch as that system dies and fizzles and what it's left with across the region tomorrow morning is a lot of cloud cover. we're tracking a much stronger system that potentially could bring widespread rain to the region and accuweather forecast coming up. >> thanks, drew. 26 workers at a recycling center had to be treated this morning after a chemical release at pier 96 in san francisco. sky 7 was live above the scene around 8:30 and officials say fortunately this haz-mat situation was isolated to the pier and there was no danger to the public. the 26 workers were treated on scene for minor injuries. two had to go to a local hospital. >> protesters in oakland say they are going to hit the streets again for a fourth straight night to demonstrate against president-elect donald trump. protests turned into destruction and vandalism again last night. oakland police tell us they arrested 11 people and there were no injuries. demonstrators also briefly shut down traffic on interstate 580.
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in portland today, the organizer of that city's anti-trump protest says graffiti and shattered glass late last night had nothing to do with his group. police described the demonstrators as anarchists who largely ignored the calls of peaceful protesters to stop destroying property. police arrested more than two dozen people there. with two months until his inauguration, donald trump and his team are planning his transition to the presidency. this morning he tweeted busy day planned in new york. will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government. abc news reporter marci gonzalez with a look at what's ahead. >> behind closed doors here at trump tower in new york president-elect donald trump working on transition plans deciding who will fill hundred of jobs in his administration including key cabinet positions. >> the number one characteristic that donald trump is looking for is loyalty. it's something that we saw over and over in the campaign. >> reporter: the transition team now being led by vice
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president-elect mike pence replacing chris christie. the new jersey governor as well as former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be two of the transition team's vice chairs and both men's names are also circumstance late as potential attorney general candidates. >> what do you think you'll be. >> i have no expectation. just give advice. >> reporter: a list includes trump's son-in-law jared kushner, the former head of breitbart news steve bannon and rnc chairman who on "gma" said he's not talking about whether he's being transitioned. and trump trying to turn his campaign promises into reality while working to build unity in our country and with foreign allies. >> mexico's president says that he's eager to work with president-elect trump but no way they will pay for a wall, but i think the world is waiting to see exactly what mr. trump's foreign policy positions will
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be. >> reporter: trump also announced other members of his executive transition team which include three of his children. some are questioning whether their involvement while they run trump's businesses could be a conflict of interest. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> you think he would make it this far, honestly, had no political experience? >> i would be lying if i said that i gave him 100% chance to make it into the white house, no. i mean, i think we were all very surprised early on actually by the number of people that got behind him. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump will be the focus of abc's "20/20" tonight. you can watch "the making of a president" at 10:00 tonight followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> coming up at 4:00, honoring our veterans. >> we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect and we owe you our freedom. >> the celebrations from washington, d.c. to the bay
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area. i'm spencer christian in san jose where the abc 7 give where you live food drive continues today. in just a moment find out how we can help feed our friend and neighbors who might otherwise go hungry this holiday season. >> the and the facebook glitch that killed off some of your friends and perhaps you, too. we'll explain exactly what happened. >> and taking a live look at our traffic on this friday, it's not looking good on the skyway. oh, yeah. really slow. marginally bert on the right-hand side. that's your southbound traffic to the peninsula and beyond. left-hand side you're trying to get to that lower deck of the bay bridge and
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the annual veterans day parade which began with a ceremony at plaza decaesar chavez. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in petaluma where one of the largest parades in the bay area was held today. wayne. >> reporter: what a week, an concern and people marching in the streets and then on the friday that ends it all, we had petaluma on veterans day. hello, petaluma, time to sound off according to age. >> 91 next month. >> 91. >> i'm 93. >> i'll be 94 in january. >> i'm 100 years old. >> reporter: they are the guests of honor in a community that took to the streets this week and not in protest about tears in their eyes. >> because they sacrificed so much to help us have our freedom, and they are just never recognized enough. >> reporter: that is what brought julie to the petaluma veterans day parade this day. we are 38 miles north of san francisco, 42 miles north of oakland and after a week of
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angst about this nation's future petaluma honored those who served this country in the past. >> i like the old days. >> reporter: why? >> they were quieter and none of this going on that goes on now. >> reporter: but you didn't have the internet. >> i hope not. you got that right. i used to stand up on the hill and yodel. ♪ >> reporter: for the record, this is no small parade. petaluma bills it as the largest veterans day parade north of san francisco. >> young buck of 18. didn't know any bet sneer that's larry, sonoma county's last living pearl harbor survivor. his nephews greg and gary love and honor him has they would now passed father. larry doesn't talk much about the war, they told us. >> no, because he has too many
4:16 pm
bad memories. >> it's fresh in his mind, even though he's 93. >> reporter: here's a new fresh memory, larry. all these people taking the time today ever show grateful to make you feel special. from petaluma, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 news was also in the presiddio as former state senator quinton kopp laid a wreath at the korean war memorial. this is the first veterans day ceremony at the memorial since it opened this summer. memorial overlooks the golden gate bridge which was the last sight in the bay area for so many soldiers as they headed out to war. in the south bay, a unique ceremony in milipitas honors our war hirokos. as matt keller shows us, the city goes out of its way to honor veterans. ♪ oh, say can you see >> it's about the traditions in milipitas. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: every veterans day
4:17 pm
the city honors those who served with a ceremony at city hall. the day is full of patriotic music. ♪ >> reporter: speeches and reflection. the veterans appreciate the support from the community. >> they always talk about us in the korean war as being in the forgotten war. well, it's not forgotten by us, and as this shows it's not forgotten by a lot of the people. >> more than 25 boys and girl scout troops in san jose are serving those who served. mid town family services and opening doors foundation which helped veterans with houses and resources held a breakfast at the african-american community center. it wasn't just about feeding the stomach but also the role. >> i wrote thank you for your time in the military and what they did for us to protect us. >> reporter: and spiking of taking care of the veterans. today's event isn't the only one. milipitas is holding a veterans lunch orrin tomorrow. >> you can show your support for
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veterans by the abc 7 knut facebook page andified it on our fake page joirkts iconic "mrs. dousefire" house has a new owner. the victorian sold for $4.15 million this week. it went on the market for just under $4.5 million in september. the home featured in the hit 1994 movie has always attracted fans but has become a sideline of sorts honoring robin williams since his death in 2014. hollywood veteran robert vaughn passed away today. the actor was in movies "the magnificent 7, ""result" and shot in san francisco and "the young philadelphians" which earned him an oscar nomination but he's best known for his tv hit "the man from uncle." he was 83 years old. if your facebook page claimed you were dead this afternoon, well, the good news is you're watching us by a lot
4:19 pm
of you were not al lone. a lot -- the glitch even affected mark zuckerberg's facebook page. it was a glitch and nobody account was compromisesored and they apologized for a terrible error. >> let's check with the weather. >> nice with some rain coming. >> clouds, sunshine to finish and then we'll track a storm. live doppler 7 does look active but it has more bark than bite. this is a really weak system. you notice the showers over the past hour, the way they are moving, a lot of this activity is going to stay well north of santa rosa. for 99% of the view -- i'm showing you the seen that's aboutin for much of the day. a lot of high clouds which have
4:20 pm
helped to cut afternoon highs by some ten degrees compared to yesterday. right now it's more fall looifnlgt 62 in san francisco. 64 vallejo and antioch currently checking in with a number of 70 degrees. overnight, mid to upper 50s and it will be a mild night. we'll hang on to a lot of the cloud cover and that acts like had a blanket kind of preventing us from dropping to the cooler 40s and 50s and future weather is picking up on a few sprinkles. hour by hour 3:00 saturday morning. a couple of light drizzle pockets around santa rosa but this front just completely falls apart so by saturday morning from san francisco, antioch, oakland, san jose to redwood city you are dry, but you'll start off the day with a fair amount of cloud cover so highs on your saturday into the afternoon. call it a blend of sunshine and cloud cover. feels kind of fall-like xaird to the week we've had with mild temperatures. 66 in san francisco and a high of 72 in san jose and 71 is the high in cop cord and 61 in
4:21 pm
oakland the high for santa rosa. sunday the most brighter of the two days and by noon we have total sunshine and into the afternoon a few high clouds. a lot of spots holding in the upper 60s to lower 70s and we do expect a starry night on the way sunday night and then we'll bring back the storm impact scale. we continue to track a storm late tuesday into wednesday of next week. currently a 1 on the storm impact scale. starting in the north bay and spreading across the entire region. future weather as we go hour by hour. wednesday morning of next week and the green you see on your screen is that light rain overspreading the region of the right now the early call does look like wednesday morning will be a wet commute, something we'll track for you. accuweather seven-day forecast. we're dry for 99% of the area. sunday, bright skies. monday is a beautiful day and tuesday is a day of transition. start out with sunshine and we see showers at night. wednesday there's light rain across the region and by thursday and friday. look at that.
4:22 pm
a cool afternoon. temperatures well below normal for this time of the year. a couple of swings the next seven days and hopefully widespread rain on wednesday. >> drew is in for spencer and will check in with spencer who is on assignment in a couple minutes. >> a warning for holiday
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this is fantastic. 4,000 people attended helping to raise an incredible $1.3 million for the leukemia and lymphoma society. abc 7, of course, a proud sponsor and our team raised more than $16,000. abc 7 has partnered with bay area food banks the last 25 years to help feed our communities with our annual give where you live thanksgiving food drive. >> and spencer christian joining us live from san jose at second half vest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties. >> right, layer an amma. >> abc 7 is proud of its 25-year partnership with the feeding america food banks from santa rosa to san jose which is where we are right now and so on behalf of abc 7 and our parent company disney i'm happy to present this $15,000 check to kathy jackson who is the ceo of the second half vest food bank and i hope this goes a long way towards meeting the need. >> oh, my gosh, stepser, this is wonderful, thank you. it will allow us to provide more than 30,000 meals to people in
4:26 pm
need. >> the need is greater this year. >> here in silicon valley where it feels like it's booming we're providing food to 10,000 more people today than we were a year ago. >> wow. >> because of the high cost of living. >> this food bank has been delivering food to 250,000 people a month. >> yeah, 253,000 people, one out of every ten of our neighbors gets food from second half vest food bank, and if you want a visual on that, think of levi stadium, we could fill it three and a half times with the people we serve every month. >> unbelievable. doing a great job and the need is growing not only heer but around the bay area. >> you can help as well. a $10 doe nation will go a long way and make it by texting the word feed to the number 80077, amend i'll have more in the next half hour. larry and a.m.a?
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>> still to come at 4:00. the new effort under way from homeowners and the sinking sky scraper in san francisco and what they are reducing to play. >> and what
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here's what's make headlines hat 4 pock. a painter died when an suv slammed into a building in san jose today. two workers were painting the alliance credit unions on kirtner avenue when the suv and a car crashed sending that suv veering into the building. the other painter went to the hospital. today president-elect donald trump asked his running mate vice president-elect mike pence to head up his transition team. abc politics tweeted the announcement which has pence replacing new jersey governor chris christie in that role. vandals who split off from the peaceful protests in oakland against the election results did more damage last night. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted this picture from auto row on brood broadway. she will join us at 5:00 with how protest remembers planning to change their actions for this weekend. some residents of the sinking millennium tower in san francisco have decided to boycott paying property taxes because they say the city covered up problems with the high rise. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is
4:31 pm
here with a story you'll see only on 7. vic? >> ama, jerry and pat dodson became activists, if you will, when everyone learned that the tower was sinking at an unexpected rate. they did their research, jerry is a lawyer and they spoke at meetings and hearings and they haven't filed a lawsuit against the developer yet but they are taking action against the city and we're learning that other residents are following their lead. pat and jerry dodson live on the 42nd floor of the millennium tower, a luxury two-bedroom condo with killer views. last september the dodsons and some 50 other homeowners asked city assessor carmen chiu to lower their taxes because a high rise had unexpectedly sunk 16 inches and tilted 2 inches. it was the dodson's unit where we rolled this golf ball down the uneven floor towards the direction that the building is leaning. the dodsons paid $2.1 million for the condo three years ago.
4:32 pm
they told the assessor the value they believe is now around $400,000. >> some people put zeros and some put a dollar. if you're unable to sell something it's hard to believe it has any value at the time. >> reporter: they have yet to hear from the assessor's office. currently two homeowners lawsuits pending against the verl. the dodsons are now considering their own legal action against them. the supervisor aaron peskin has held hearings which also reveal the city's building inspection department knew about the unexpected settling problems even before units were sold but gave developers a green light anyway. because of that, the dodsons have decided to withhold paying their property taxes to the city. >> it's like being mugged. if two people mugged you, in this case it's the millennium partners and the city, i'm not sure the victim is supposed to pay the mugger. i think somebody has toss take a stand and hold the city responsible. >> the dodsons say they are more than happy to pay their property
4:33 pm
taxes once the city takes responsibility and the tower is repaired. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> just to give you the timeline here. cruise finished construction of a 58-story millennium tower in 2008, and at that point it was the tallest residential building west of the mississippi. the first residents moved in on april the 23rd of 2009 with penthouses reportedly selling for $12 million. imagine paying $12 million for a building that is now tilting. in july the first reports surfaced that the building was sinking and tilleding as well. there's concern today of a hung jury in the trial of a white former police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man in cincinnati. jurors the judge was told they don't reach a decision on murder or voluntary manslaughter charges. the judge told them to keep deliberating. tensing claims he feared for his life when he shot 43-year-old
4:34 pm
sam debows during a traffic some in july of 2015. the black lives matter movement is being sued. the father of one of five dallas police officers killed during a protest in july is seeking $550 million. he claims the movement incites violence against police officers. louis farrakhan and the reverend al sharpton are among defendants named. >> democrats are left wondering what do we do next? abc 7 news reporter norm eastern sees who is turning their name in the hat to help change the party around. >> changing direction could be next after the devastating blow. >> we have to rebuild from what's been a tragedy. >> reporter: former dnc chair howard dean expressing interest in again taking the reins and reaching out to young voters. >> they are going to be -- they
4:35 pm
already are the largest demographic group in the country and the group that voted most heavily for hillary clinton. >> reporter: former maryland governor and presidential candidate martin o'malley also throwing his name in the hat tweeting we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold progressive. bold progressive bernie sanders tweeting out the next dnc chair must understand the dire need to listen to working families and keith ellison is that person. >> this is a young muslim american from minnesota who represents a new generation of leaders in congress. >> a win for ellison could signal a significant shift for democrats. the party's left wing members feeling emboldened arguing their progressive candidate excited voters more than institutional political elites like hillary clinton. california representative maxine waters saying on msnbc that ellison stands a chance. >> i think that he offers a new direction for the democratic
4:36 pm
party. >> things could get worse for democrats before they get better. in about two years they will be defending nearly two dozen senate seats, a handful in deep red state that. has the potential of giving republicans a filibusterproof majority which could lead the way to pushing a conservative agenda. >> facebook founder mark zurk sieberg weighing in on the results of tuesday's election saying it's crazy to think that fake news stories on facebook influenced the outcome. both candidates had fake stories about them even more there were for more inaccuracies about hillary clinton. the site seemed to do little to filter out inaccurate content. >> still to come on "abc 7 news at 4:00" a warning for online shotters. >> i.d. theft and personal information being leaked and credit card theft where your number can be used once you've given it out. >> shopping apps hand why not all of them are what they appear
4:37 pm
to be. >> just post your questions to #askfinney and i'll be here in a little bit. >> and a live look outside showing you the high clouds that are there, but the rain is not today. we'll track a
4:38 pm
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sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus! now to a holiday shopping alert because more and more of us are using our phones to buy gifts. >> yeah, unfortunately though
4:40 pm
there are fake apps posing as stores that could steal money and personal information. abc news reporter becky worley takes a closer look. >> reporter: search the app store for some of your favorite brands and you might find this one from uggs but here's the problem. they don't have an app. this is a fake. dummy apps like this have security researchers hon notice. >> i.d. theft and personal information being leaked and credit card theft that your number can be used once you give it out and counterfeit items so if the sale goes through you may get an item that's not legitimate. >> reporter: some apps ask for permission to access other information on your phone so this gives the app permission to track me. >> essentially yes. >> branding brand, a building of retail apps looks for the imposters. >> we discovered over a few hundred apps that were counterfite. this is between the ios for apple and android store. >> reporter: apps pretending to be from dillard's, dollar tree
4:41 pm
and zappo's and new balance all fakes. >> consumers should be worried because that is game of whack a mole. new apps are arriving every day and others are being taken down and the trend seems to be that this will be a problem for the upcoming holiday season. >> reporter: we've set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps which we promptly investigate to ensure the app store is safe and secure. google says we take security seriously and google play automatically scans for potentially malicious apps as well as spammy accounts before they are published on the google play store. abc news, oakland, california. >> i've doppler 7 showing you a little bit of activity and future weather will show you this front as it moves onshore overnight. it's going to fall apart so a sprinkle likely from santa rosa north and the rest of the bay area. tomorrow morning it will be dry and you'll wake up with a fair amount of cloud cover to start our saturday. into the afternoon, a blend of
4:42 pm
sun and cloud. 69 oakland and 72 san jose and 71 that high in napa with afternoon sunshine. sunday definitely the brighter of the two days. take a look at this. we're good to go. bright skies by noon and temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s. want to show you our best chance for widespread rain the next seven days will come on wednesday. future weather showing you 9:00 wednesday morning and likely some light showers across the entire region. of course, we'll track that for you right here if any changes do occur. accuweather seven-day forecast. show you a bit of drizzle north of santa rosa and bright skies on sunday and monday beautiful and sun and showers on tuesday and light rain on wednesday and then it's cool and back to fall thursday and friday with those temperatures. >> all right. thank you so much, drew. >> thanks. >> still ahead at 4:00, the holidays, they are coming and that means it's time for our annual food drive. we'll tell you how you can help coming up. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. you have a cell phone plan but you're not getting what you were
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for 25 years the give where
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you live food drive is in full force right now. >> spencer christian is live in san jose with more on the importance of volunteering. spencer? >> it's so important. second half vest food bank of santa clara and sante mateo counties. volunteers from morgan stanley and wealth management who are sorting and packaging food and joining me is the director of volunteer services and i know this is an amazingest. how many thousands it of hours of football work? >> volunteers donate 310,000 hours a year. that would be the equivalent 1650 full-time employees. we absolutely could not do it without the support of the community >> you get support from other companies and other corporate volunteers as well, right? >> we get individuals, a lot of corporate groups, a lot of support from the corporate community for sure. >> i'm going to let you get back to their work while they get back to their work and i want to remind our viewers at home you can help this holiday season. people in the bay area who would otherwise could hungry. you can make a $10 contribution
4:47 pm
by text is the wood feed to the number 807077. that $10 donation goes a long, long way. larry and ama. >> thanks, spencer. time for ask finney and he's here answering questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. ama. >> yes. violet from fremont asked i signed up for a cell phone plan and it's a lot more money but now i'm not getting what i signed up to get. what do i do? >> i hear about this all the time. i don't know where a -- if it's a communication problem or some of the companies are hiding what's going on. here's what i tell people and it generally works. don't get into why you're unhappy and get all unhappy. this isn't what i asked for or what we agreed to. this is what i thought i was getting, how do we get to that point, if you're too far away and won't do anything for that go to the public utilities commission, california public utilities commission, i'll put a link online and you'll call up
4:48 pm
and this is how you get change and call my hotline that. telephone number will be online and we'll see what we can do to straighten things out. >> if a parent takes out a loan for their children to go to college, it's a private agency, is there a program where they may get it relieved. >> no. there's no one even talking about giving relief for the parents that have taken out student loans. there is some talk about how we were going to deal with this $1.2 trillion in student debt. i don't know if we'll hear about that anymore and nobody what is talking about helping out the parents and that's why that's really important that students take out their educational loans. remember this fact. this is the most important thing you're going to hear today, and that is they give out student loans. don't give our retirement loans so you've got to make sure the debt sticks with the person who is using it. that's really important. >> okay. if you want to cut the cord on cable will an hd-tv antenna allow you to watch regular
4:49 pm
programming without any problem. >> absolutely phenomenal. depends on where you r.down on the peninsula, absolutely stunning. new antennas are out and it's like watching satellite or cable, absolutely a beautiful picture, works very well. channel 7 all over the bay area, not everywhere, but throughout most of the bay area you can get us very well. same with the other stations. all depends if you're behind a hill or not. there's a lot of great information on the fcc federal communication site. i'll post that link, too, so you can go to it and figure out what kind of antenna you need for your area. you save a lot of money. i suggest do you it. >> thanks, michael. in today's wellness report the smart way to argue with a teenager. >> usually i resort to i'm your father and i said so and searches for birth control jump after trump wins. >> searches for birth control
4:50 pm
spiked and many women advised other women to get an intrauterine device or iud. the post began over concerns that trump and the republican house will repeal the affordable care act. coverage is mandated without any co-payment or co-insurance. spinning has been around for a while and spinning in front of a big screen is fairly new. spinning classes are popping up in imax theaters. what's shown on the big screen is video of nature timed out to the workout. participants say it just feels more natural. arguing with a teen may be one of the most difficult things for a parent between the ages of 10 and 13. cop flicks with parents surge according to experts who spoke with the "wall street journal." therapists say there are wayed to argue with a teen that will increase the chances that they actually listen. they recommend to first figure out what you're willing to
4:51 pm
compromise on and then be flexible on things that are temporary, like messy rooms or go goth makeup. from the nasdaq market site, i'm joy adays. here's to your health. an amazing site in monterrey bay. check out this video from the monterrey bay whale watch. we're told those are long beaked common dolphins, 600 of them just leaping through the water. the people on this trip also saw about 20 humpback whales. >> very goal. a mongoose going for the green in south africa. look at these guys. 206 these critters invaded the course during a european tour golf event in sun city. play had to be naturally halted while they played through. >> right. >> and the animals headed off the fairway there. that's a pretty funny scene. >> it is. >> abc 7 news at 4 continues. >> up next. >> we love you. we're here for you. >> you may need a little love to lift the emotional burden
4:52 pm
weighing you down after a contentious election. how you can find healing right here in the bay area. >> and right now dan is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> hey, thanks very much. coming up next, the confrontationon b.a.r.t. that has a lot of people talk. we'll show it to you and keys to the future. the life-changing moment for a san jose man. we'll explain, and the polar bear shuffle. find out what's happening w
4:53 pm
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primetime tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, "last man standing" followed by "dr. ken" sfold by "shark tank" and then "20/20,"" making of a president" and tonight at 11:00 why did the bay bridge metering light seem to be so out of sync with the morning traffic. >> a look at what is holding you up and big changes that are coming to help that bay bridge backup. that's tonight at 11:00.
4:56 pm
well, if you feel like you need some healing following the election on tuesday, there are some opportunities for that around the bay area. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow live outside brace cathedral where one of those opportunities is about to get under way at 6:00. >> there will be a healing walk here on the labyrinth inside grace cathedral around 6:00 tonight. from here in san francisco to redwood city people are inspiring one another to come together. we call it flower booming. >> peace signs made from petals line the sidewalk in redwood city. >> we really want to project positivity versus like anger or any frustration. >> reporter: they are hoping a little love will go a long way. >> it's our therapy. >> reporter: it seems to be working. >> this is what we need to see more of. >> reporter: from seeing to feeling. tara and jessica are hosting free yoga classes at jackson playground in san francisco and are accepting donations for groups like planned parenthood.
4:57 pm
>> to have a space where they felt they could have an exhale and do something that felt good and know that they weren't alone. >> you're also donating to a cause that might really need it right now. >> reporter: rebecca goldman thought some people could use a "the new york post" encouragement right now, too. >> i think it's more important than ever to make sure that we bring people together and that people know that their own communities love them and want them. >> reporter: goldman created the account notes of peace at if anyone would like to join her saturday as she spreads love to people in the mission. >> we love you and we're here for you and we're so glad you're part of our country and communities. >> reporter: while grace cathedral is hosting a work on its labyrinth tonight. >> to me that is symbol of being on one path together is so important right now. >> reporter: opportunities to heal post-election for anyone whose spirit might be feeling broken. in san francisco, mel know woodrow, abc 7 news. >> and thanks for joining us for >> and thanks for joining us for "abc 7 news at 4:00," c'mon in, pop pop!
4:58 pm
happy birthday! >> and thanks for joining us for "abc 7 news at 4:00," i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.
4:59 pm
harassment on b.a.r.t. a bay area woman involved in presidential confrontation catching fire on social media. >> wrong place at the wrong time. one person is dead after a car crashed into a credit unions in san jose. >> in oakland will demonstrators move from protests to action? what the mayor is saying after a third night after post-election vandalism. >> concession in a bay area assembly race. it looks like we have a winner two days after the election. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. more clouds now. slick slots for some of you to start off the weekend. accuweather forecasts coming up. >> this woman is a stalker from the middle east. middle eastern terrorist. >> this video has been posted on facebook and has now gone viral. it was a confrontation on
5:00 pm
b.a.r.t. that some say is a sign of our times. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm ama discriminates in for kristen sze. >> since presidential election there's been tense moments involving people who voted against president-elect donald trump and those who voted against him. >> a iranian woman was insulted while traveling on b.a.r.t. and lyanne melendez spoke to her. >> reporter: the young woman we're talking about arrived in the san francisco bay area about nine years ago. she is a u.s. citizen. last night she left san francisco on b.a.r.t. she was headed home when she was verbally attacked. afraid of being harassed again this young woman requested we not show her face. we'll refer to her only as yvette. >> i was terrified. when i was talking to her, i -- i tried to keep like be calm. >> reporter: yvette had been on the phone with her father and had asked him in asyrian, her native language toic


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