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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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now one man is arrested because of it. but it's still unclear what charges will be filed. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. that confrontation between a man and a nanny who had two young children with her is just one of many reported incidents of harassment or intimidation following the election. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: kristen and dan, this was called in as a hate crime, but police have not yet charged the person they believe is responsible because they are getting his mental health checked out. the nanny, she did suffer some scratches on her arms burks she's okay. she was watching two young children underneath the palm trees at fortt mason when she was attacked. a woman first reported the encounter on the social network site next door. she wrote her nanny was attacked while caring for her two children. part of it said a man in all black came from behind, pulled her hair and neck and told her no latinos here in spanish. this happened at one of san francisco's most popular and
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picturesque parks, grade meadow park at ft. mason. >> the woman suffered some scratches, i understand, and was certainly shaken by the experience. >> nathan sergeant with the national park service says a jogger helped the nanny and called police. officers did detain a man who fit the suspect description. >> this is an individual with some mental health issues. he was transported so sf general, and he's there now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> reporter: this is just one of several reported hate crimes across the country many feel have been fueled by the presidential election. at uc berkeley, a couple of men allegedly threatened and taunted a muslim student and in san jose a student told abc 7 news someone pulled off her head scarf last week. san francisco mayor ed lee says he's taking all threats seriously, including the attack on the nanny. >> it gives me great grief to hear that that's happening just like any of the incidences that reflect a higher level of
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discrimination or bigotry. >> reporter: the mayor is working with police and the city attorney urging calmness in the city. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> a second woman has stepped forward accusing a uc berkeley student of rape. 25-year-old sardor khan is already accused of raping a cal student. yesterday charges were amended to indicate a second rape charge. the attacks happened in early september. khan says he's innocent. an architecture professor at uc berkeley is being investigated for claims sexual harassment. tonight the graduate student who lodged that complaint is speaking out. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is here with more. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. the professor at the center of all of this is categorically denying the claims. he sent an e-mail to the grad students who are supporting this e-mail. that e-mail in part says i believe the campus' hyper
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climate has encouraged the filing of exaggerated complaints. tonight that professor is not speak on camera, but the woman who filed this complaint, her supporters and the professor's attorney are talking. more than 70 uc berkeley grad students made sure their voices were heard today here to support phd candidate eva hagberg fischer. >> i feel like everyone standing with me is standing wisht uthat is bigger than me, and i feel so protected and valued. >> reporter: she says from 2010 to 2014 her adviser professor nazar al said sexually harassed here. >> what happened to me was four years of escalating intimidation and as the report shows a hostile working environment which then turned into sexual harassment. >> reporter: an investigative report by uc berkeley found most of her claims were sustained.
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>> i feel validated. >> the professor alsayyad strongly denies he was involved in any sexual harassment. he's concerned that people are rushing to judgment based on the release of a report that was supposedly confidential. >> an e-mail statement from uc berkeley says while the professor is not scheduled to teach next semester, the university does not pre-judge any ongoing process or impose punitive sanctions prior to completion of applicable procedures. students who support hagberg fischer say that's not enough. >> we want his immediate suspension from teaching while the investigation is ongoing, and if he's found guilty we want him -- we want his tenure to be removed. >> there was a big campus effort last year to address sexual harassment on campus, and this is something that is an ongoing problem. >> reporter: the professor's attorney says he will have a hearing. in berkeley, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. twitter is taking action to
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try to curb cyber bullying. the san francisco-based company says it's expanding its mute function. starting now, users will be able to mute key words, phrases and conversations they don't want to see. twitter also says it's making it easier to report hateful conduct and will also retrain its support teams about its policies. stanford students held a march on campus today. they walked out of class just before noon. this photo was taken of the real. he says the group was demanding unity and acceptance of all people. a separate protest took place today in downtown palo alto where about 200 people gathered, mostly students from local high schools. >> and three san mateo high schools today, hundreds of students left class to protest the results of the presidential election. it is the fifth day bay area students have taken to the streets to make their voices heard. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at central park where he talked with those students. vic. >> well, dan, the students said their message was one of respect
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and understanding despite the harsh, divisive rhetoric of the elections. now the school superintendent declined our request for an interview, but a press release said that skipping classes today would be an unexcused absence, but that did not seem to deter students from coming here. >> reporter: largest group came from san mateo high. about 300 left their classrooms. many others in the school of 1,700 did not join. >> they are just walking, just go with everybody else and be followers, and that's what i think people are doing it today. >> the election is already over, and all of these rallies really are kind of pointless to me. >> reporter: as they march towards central park in downtown san mateo, those along the way expressed their support. jessica milan is an alum from san mateo high. >> seeing these kids, you know, support something they truly believe in just makes me really proud. >> reporter: at the park, the young demonstrators from san
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mateo high were joined by those from aragon and hillsdale high schools. the crowd grew to about 1,000 students. >> united, we will not be div e divided. >> reporter: justin is a student leader from aragon and wanted to clarify a misconception. >> pro acceptance, pro understanding, it's not anti-trump. >> reporter: student after student reiterated that theme. >> while this whole election divided so many people, we will still stay united. >> we should come together as one even if we have different beliefs or backgrounds. >> no hate. just love. >> reporter: for the students, voicing their beliefs was democracy in action. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> an oakland man is headed to prison for the murder of his wife. a judge sentenced 56-year-old joseph b ho ntempo to 50 years in prison for second-degree murder. he he admitted he killed his wife inside their montclair
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district home in july of to 14. he initially told investigators his wife had fallen down the stairs. alameda county prosecutors will seek the death penalty against a 61-year-old woman accused of murdering three people in oakland last friday. authorities today charged dana rivers of san jose with three counts of murder with special circumstances for killing two women and a man at a home on dunbar drive. police say rivers admitted to stabbing and shooting the victims when they arrived on the scene. she's also been charged with arson for allegedly setting that house on fire. >> this gun you see here under a car seat is now evidence in a case against three men accused an attempted robbery in berkeley. it happened last night when man called police saying two men were chasing him near piedmont avenue and dwight way. police caught up with the man nearby and nount gun in the car and made three arrests. the three are not connected to a rash of robberies in that area. two people suspected of stealing mass in los altos and cupertino were arrested.
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they were spotted sunday night in a parked vehicle on torewood lane in los altos. police found mail on them that belonged to at least nine victims. they were arrested on suspicion of mail theft. stanfield also faces a drug paraphernalia charge. >> still ahead tonight, protests in san francisco. why the city is standing in solidarity with a community more than 1,500 miles away. colin kaepernick answers his critics. why he says the fact that he didn't vote doesn't make him a hypocrite. >> a sexual assault survivor attacked by a former stanford student writes another moving letter. what she said next. >>
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happening right now in alba albany. a protest to stop the dakota access pipeline. demonstrators are gathered in
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front of a citi bank branch city of albany because they are a financial supporter of the pipeline. abc 1 news reporter lieian melendez is live now from the site of the protest. >> reporter: hey, dan, the standing rock tribe asked people around the country to join them in this day of action. there's been a number of demonstrations like this one around the bay area which started in san francisco this morning. today's demonstration on market street was meant as a sign of support for the standing rock sioux tribe which continues to oppose the construction of the north dakota access pipeline. yesterday the army corps of engineers temporarily halted the project. >> i wanted to just be one drop in the ocean of people the way this movement is going to be required to stop this pipeline. >> reporter: north dakota access pipeline would ran from north dakota toil know, transferring crude oil. it's 80% complete except for a section that would run under the missouri river. that site is near the standing rock indian reservation.
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>> which is the water source not just for the tribes, though that should be enough, but it's for millions of people all along that watershed. >> reporter: maria cole lives in missouri and came with a friend to protest. >> it's going to run downhill and affect the mid well. i'm from the midwest. it's coming through those states and we are all going to suffer when the water is polluted. >> reporter: yesterday the army corps of engineers stopped the project saying additional discussion with the standing rock sioux tribe and analysis are warranted. energy transfer partners which is behind the pipeline criticized the army corps saying this action is motivated purely by politics at the expense of a company that has done nothing but play by the rules it was given. energy transfer based in texas is asking a federal district judge in washington assert their legal right-of-way to build. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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>> now to a developing story and new video just into the abc 7 newsroom from downtown san francisco. take a look. police are looking for a man who set a police car on fire, that one. it happened here on market street right in front of the westfield shopping center. investigators believe he threw something into the open window of that car. the fire is out now, and no one was hurt. her face and name remain a mystery, but millions know her story of survival. now the woman attacked by former stanford swimmer brock turner is using her experience to strengthen others. she released a new statement saying, quote, the past year has been hard but through the worst times i've discovered i'm indestructible. i was slow to learn, but now i can't forget. the woman known only as emily doe released a letter last night while she was honored during the glamour women of the year awards. celebrities also read a letter she wrote to brock turner. in it she addresses girls everywhere. >> on night when you feel alone, i am with you.
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when people doubt you or dismiss you, i am with you. i fought every day for you. never stop fighting. i believe you. >> turner served three months of a six-month sentence. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is defensing his decision not to vote in the presidential election. kaepernick has never voted in a presidential election or even registered to vote. kaepernick says he feels disconnected from the system. >> i thought a lot of different things about the process and what i could and couldn't do, but, you know, once again, the system of oppression is what i have an issue with. there's more than one way to create change. >> the 49ers quarterback has drawn criticism for refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest police brutality. all right. turning now to consumer news. it may be time to replace your smoke alarm. very important. >> 7 on your side's michael
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finney is here with more on this very important safety issue. >> this time of year. you always report on it this time of year when we're supposed to change the batteries in our smoke alarms, but what if the smoke alarm itself needs to be changed? "consumer reports" reveals why older smoke alarms might not give your family the best protection in a fire. often the difference between life and death and a fire is a working smoke alarm. >> the detector in a home is pretty much useless. >> reporter: twice a year fire prevention officer j.t. camp and his team remind people to pay extra attention to their home's smoke alarms but here's what you might not know. if your smoke alarm is more than ten years old, it's time for a new one as the sensors inside can lose sensitivity. >> the biggest thing we push is change your clocks, change your batteries. >> reporter: "consumer reports" test smoke detectors by creating two types of common household fires. >> smouldering fires and a fast fire so we have two different
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conditions. >> reporter: photoelectric alarms are best at detecting slow building fires and ionization are best at detecting fast flaming fires so which is better for your home? >> the sensors aren't better than the other. they are complementary and that's why we always recommend you get an alarm that has both types of sensors. >> reporter: "consumer reports" says the best type of alarms have a duel sensor and can be interconnected. these two $30 models from kita and first alert are top rated. >> when they are interconnected, if one alarm goes off, every alarm in your house is going to go off and that will protect you from those distant fires and get you more time to get out of the house. >> some newer smoke alarms are made with lithium ion batteries that last as long as the unit, that's about ten years and these batteries are not replacement. "consumer reports" and i both suggest that a good idea is to note in america on the back. alarm when you get the alarm and when you should replace, it and by the way, if it's way, way up there on some of the high
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ceilings, put it on the front. >> that's a good idea. >> that way you can keep track of it. >> good evening, everyone. will you take a look at this picture from our emeriville camera, a stunning shot right now. we do have quite a bit of clouds, but definitely enjoying the sun as it is setting. live doppler 7 showing you the cloud cover around the bay area, and as we zoom in a little closer near the radar site we do have a few returns around beginville and light shower or sprinkle activity. i want to show you the wider picture here. some of this is turning to snow in the mountains of northern california and blue canyon area. it's range, but it will eventually switch to snow. giving you an idea as to how cold this system is. it has brought us a few showers and a little bit of showers. petaluma, .04 and .03 in fremont and trace amounts in san francisco, oakland, san jose. not measuring in livermore but a few sprijs and a live look from our mt. tam cam right now seeing the peaks of sun.
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59 in san jose. another stunning shot from our east bay hills camera. a sliver of the sun as it is setting right now. it is getting cool out there. low 60s napa, livermore and one other live picture from our kgo roof camera. we're pretty much winding down with drizzle and light showers. chilly the next two mornings and cool and breezy tomorrow afternoon and our next possibility of rain is this upcoming weekend, so when you get going tomorrow mornings you know the scarves and the gloves, you're going to need those thunderstorm. look at these temperatures. low 40s for our coldest inland valleys to the low 50s. fog will be limited. just patchy at best. i'm going to show you the overnight temperatures the next few days taking santa rosa's average low of 40 degrees. a little above normal and heading into thursday temperatures tank mid-30s so you're going to be real hovering a few degrees above freezing, and then we're back to the usual scene of 40s, 50s for your morning temperatures so get ready to turn up.
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heat. hour by hour forecast, clouds will be around and tomorrow morning they pretty much peel away and a few patches of fog for your morning commute and still a possibility of an isolated sprinkle or two around 9:00 a.m. wednesday but most of you will be seeing the sun for your afternoon. here are your highs on the cool side. it is going to be breezy. upper 50s to the low of 0s for most of you. a few mid-60s showing up. now we bring in the storm impact scale for the weekend. a light system, saturday, sunday. if it materializes light to moderate rain. early estimates pretty good. half an inch to an inch half and breezy at times. i wouldn't change up your plans just yet. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. early in the morning saturday, north bay by evening and across the entire bay area. sunday morning light to moderate rain and as we head into early monday morning, keeping in a small chance. you can always download the abc 7 news app to track our rain chances. early estimates putting you at about an niche and a half in the north and .6 in the south bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll go with bright sunshine
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tomorrow. chilly morning, breezy afternoon. colder thursday morning, and then it's mild for friday afternoon and then we bring in the 1 on our storm impact scale for your weekend. at least a chance of seeing some wet weather around here this weekend. >> nice. >> temperatures, yeah, will be up and down. friday is your warmest day. >> ran into a guy in the elev e elevator and was so excited about the rain. >> you'll sure he was. we were, too, but the later computer models are splitting the energy a little bit, so we'll see. >> thanks, saida-na. >> up nex-- thanks, sandhya. >> and riding on the bright side, lyft changes its look. >> your ballot has been counted so what happens now? >> an
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the company behind snapchat has filed for an initial public offering. they filed the paperwork with
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the security and exchange commission before the presidential election. the information was made public today. the ipo is expected to value snap at between $20 billion and $25 billion. it will be one. highest profile debuts in recent years. intel is investing $250 million in autonomous driving. the ceo of the santa clara company made the announcement at the los angeles auto show this morning with the company-produced video. the automotive industry needs to be prepared for cars to generate four terabytes of data every day. lyft riders say good-bye to the iconic pink mustache. this video shows the new light-up beacons that will go on the dash boards of the cars. using bluetooth technology they light up a specific color once your driver is near. you'll see the new beakons starting january 1st. pretty slick. skype andfiestime have new
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competiti competition. what's app will open a chat and click the call icon and then select video cam. the new future should be available to everyone in the next few days. >> are you ready to start the holiday shopping? >> a san jose software company has released the survey of the best times to buy stuff online. >> adobe analyzed two years of shopping data to expect when people can expect to find the biggest discounts for certain discs. the company suggests buying clothes on november 22nd, the tuesday before thanksgiving. >> electronics on thinking day and adobe expects discounts of about 18% at that time. >> yes, and toys on cyber monday and that is the monday after thanksgiving. i always knew that shopping was a science. there you have it. >> i guess it's complicated. a lot to remember. >> yeah. >> the importance of family. coming up next, how "finding dory" is finding a new way to
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swim into people's hearts. >> but first thanks to our abc 7 news viewer resh for this instagram picture of the tunnel in san francisco. never seen it like that before. really cool. >> follow abc 7 news bay area on instagram and share your pictures with us on social media use the
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a pill that could make you more alert and maybe even smarter. the bay area is now ground zero for a new type of supplement. how they work and the potential risks. that's tonight on "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> now ama daetz is here for what's coming up tonight at 6:00. ama? >> kristen, dan, she's been a washington power broker for years, but at 6:00 why nancy pelosi's position as the top democrat in the house may be in jeopardy. also, tools, not toys. the future of drones and their potential use in everything from law enforcement to wildlife study to the food we eat. and the bay area woman's
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historic swim across the dead sea. it's never been done before but that isn't the only reason why she and a group of others did it today. that's all coming up in just half an hour on "abc 7 news at 6:00." kristen and dan. >> see you then. >> finally tonight, "finding dory" now hitting the screen at home. >> abc 7 news was inside pixar in emeriville today as the animated feature went on sale in dvd version. >> yeah. the film has been a huge hit for pixar, and pixar is still getting letters from kids who are so inspired by the story they actually write to dory. >> some of them are addressed to dory, care of pixar so we deliver those. we're just really thankful that she has kind of delivered a message of feeling okay with yourself. >> and we got a look at the dory mural inside pixar today. >> wow. >> pretty amazing, right, and, of course, pixar like abc 7 is part of the walt disney company. >> great movie. >> they brought the character to
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life when kids are actually writing letters to it. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. i'm kristen sze. >> and tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security, abruptly resigns. and who asked for national security clearance for the trump children? reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this hour, passengers stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all counts.


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