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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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sign then drive event. good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> as donald trump fights back against a transition in turmoil. now former secretary of state, henry kissinger, heading to trump tower and kellyanne conway here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. abc news exclusive. former fox news star and miss america, gretchen carlson,
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speaking out against sexual harassment. the unwanted advances she said she's experienced throughout her career. >> i remember thinking to myself this is happening again? >> leading to the blockbuster allegations that helped cost roger ailes his job. why she's coming forward and telling her story now only on "gma." a hero brother's split-second decision. the 9-year-old rushing in to save his baby brother from this terrifying fall. >> i just ran and i caught him but i can't even carry him so i don't know how that happened. >> the scary close call and what his mother is saying about that moment and her warning for all parents. ♪ and good morning, america. happy thursday to everyone. mike, i think we have a kid who has a future in pro football. he was so fast. >> i mean, that kid deserves the christmas present of all christmas presents, and any time
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his younger brother acts up when he gets older, say, let's go to the videotape. >> you're right about that. >> this morning all eyes on trump tower. seen all kinds of vips heading in. no one really knows what's going on behind those closed doors, though. donald trump keeping his own counsel. but take a look at this. boxer floyd meriwether with donald trump jr. and president-elect and we'll hear from kellyanne conway, trump's senior adviser in just a little bit. but first we want to begin with hillary clinton giving her first speech since conceding the election to donald trump. opening up about that defeat. her disappointment and determination to move forward. abc's david wright is here with details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. hillary clinton has often said when she gets knocked down, she gets right back up. well, here she was one week after this stunning upset. addressing an event for the children's defense fund, down-hearted, but unbroken. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> reporter: it was her first appearance after conceding that long, bitter race. >> there have been a few times
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this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: clinton lost the election, but won the popular vote more than a million votes ahead of donald trump. i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express. >> reporter: by the time all the votes have been counted, she may have well earned more raw votes than all but more than the men ever elected. the exception, barack obama. clinton urged her supporters not to be discouraged. >> stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you, your energy, your ambition, your talent. that's how we get through this. >> reporter: her primary opponent, bernie sanders, is doing just that. speaking last night at a separate event, he called trump's new chief strategist a racist. >> i call upon mr. trump to
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rescind the appointment that he made of mr. bannon. a president of the united states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> reporter: for her part, clinton steered clear of any direct attacks. instead, she spoke from the heart. >> i know that over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was, please listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. >> reporter: now clinton did not say what her own plans are moving forward. and had accepted this invitation to speak at the children's defense fund long before election day. probably hoping it would be a different sort of speech, george. >> that is an understatement. okay, david. thanks very much. let's get the latest on donald trump's transition. the president-elect focusing on national security meeting with henry kissinger and possible contenders for secretary of state amid new reports that his son-in-law may take a prominent position in the white house. martha raddatz is tracking that from washington. martha, let's begin with that
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report about his son-in-law, jared curb kushner, reporting in "the wall street journal" he may come into the white house in a formal position, but there will be real legal questions about that. >> reporter: as you know, he has been extremely influential and could take a white house job with sources telling abc news he's currently looking at options but it would clearly be in some sort of senior adviser role, and the trump team has asked that kushner get a security clearance during the transition, which makes complete sense because classified information could be discussed. now, there are federal nepotism rules for federal agencies, but that may not apply to the white house. either way, its would be very doubtful that kushner would take a salary, george. >> okay, martha. and a also on this national security front, there's talks about maybe having general michael flynn come in as national security adviser, the president-elect meeting with henry kissinger today, also nikki haley who is maybe coming on the list as secretary of state, as well, the governor of south carolina. >> reporter: exactly. he is meeting with governor nikki haley who was critical of
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trump during the campaign. you'll remember. she is under consideration for secretary of state. it is a big day for national security. he's announcing transition landing teams for defense and the nfc which will liase with teams, and he is meeting with henry kissinger like you said, who he talked to throughout the campaign. also a sit-down with the head of the national security agency and the first face-to-face with a foreign leader, prime minister shinzo abe of japan. recall that during the campaign, trump said he thought allies should pay their fair share when u.s. forces are protecting them. so that could be a lively discussion, george. >> certainly will, martha raddatz, thanks very much. all right, george. we have a lot to talk about --. with our political strategist and abc contributor kristen soltis anderson. she joins us now, good morning, kristen. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> kellyanne conway just showed up. all right. did you get stuck in traffic? was that it, kellyanne? we'll get to kellyanne in a moment. >> good morning.
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>> we'll talk to kristen first. let's go back to the remarks that hillary clinton made last night. what do you make of that and where does she go from here? >> well, she certainly is disheartened. of course, if you have been preparing your entire life to be the president of the united states, when it's finally kind of taken away from you, it has to be absolutely heartbreaking. there are a lot of folks in her party who have not come around to accepting the results of the election. there's a lot of healing to be done. i think she can play a really big role in getting some of these folks to realize the election is over but there's productive work they can still do moving forward. >> we'll talk to kellyanne about the transition going on with president-elect trump. chris christie and those associated with him have been phased out. what kind of message does that send, do you think? >> you know, i think right now a lot of folks within the republican party are excited to have control of the white house, but there are some who were critical of donald trump not necessarily big fans of his and are waiting for some signals about what the administration
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will mean. i think getting rid of lobbyists on the transition team and putting in place bans on having folks go and lobby after being in the administration is a signal that he is going to do the draining of the swamp that he said he would do, but by bringing in someone like nikki haley, that would be a signal to those who were skeptical of him that there's still room for them in a trump administration, too. >> it would appear that way. >> kellyanne conway here right now. we all feel your pain, hard time getting around manhattan these days. the secret service and donald trump but thank you for coming in. let's talk about the transition a little bit and reports this morning that jared kushner now considering taking a formal role in the white house. the ethics chiefs for both president george w. bush and president obama say that's illegal. >> well, i talked to jared kushner just this morning again, and he said he has not applied for any formal role or any national security brief clearance, but at the same time, he will continue to be important to his father-in-law who happens to be the next president. jared was incredibly important to our campaign effort and to the election, and he's a trusted
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adviser of his father-in-law. that won't change. all the adult children and in-laws. >> is he considering taking a formal job inside? >> he's not applied for that and he lives here and runs a pretty significant business here. there are three small children here so it's an important decision that many of us face, frankly, but he has not applied for anything formally. i think many of these press reports are false and inaccurate and i would just call on everybody to just give us a little bit of time to form our federal government. get those appointments in place and respect the election results and allow this man to do his job. >> but it's clear that the president-elect values him. does he want him to be in the white house? >> well, he wants him to be an adviser to him which he will continue to be. he's also his son-in-law so he's family and that's really what we should focus on. i know the bush sons were very involved in their father's administration. one became president of the united states. they both became governor, so we would harken back to that as well. it's a very special relationship and very few people in this
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country have the ability to serve as president, and of course, their family members, particularly adult children will be supportive of that. >> you mention your own situation. will you join the white house? >> i may. i don't -- i didn't see mother of four small children in any of the job descriptions that i checked out. i'm sure your viewers can relate but it's been such a privilege and an honor to be donald trump's campaign manager and to work with my old friend and client, mike pence, our new vice president, and i want to go and serve at my best and highest use, george. and we're discussing that. i'm not a priority today at 5:00 p.m., mr. trump and mr. pence will be meeting with prime minister abe from japan and we're being very respectful and differential to the fact that president obama is still the president. these meetings have to be a little bit less formal, and already have a commander in chief and he's on his last foreign trip and would like to show the respect to prime minister abe but show the respect to president obama at the same time. >> talking about working with the president-elect. chuck schumer, leader in the senate, elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders all saying if donald trump focuses on infrastructure, paid
7:11 am
maternity leave, reforming trade bills, they can build bipartisan coalitions. is that the direction he is going to move in? >> yes, we're thrilled to hear that. donald trump made very clear what his first 100-day plan will be. everybody can pull it up and see and i assume those senators have done that. it does include infrastructure and job creation and a different direction for health care for some americans and it certainly includes trying to reform our immigration system and to get a little bit more robust in defeating radical islamic terrorism around the world. i'm happy to hear that from the senators, and i think that spirit of cooperation where divided government has been an excuse for too long. i think that spirit of cooperation was reflected in what vice president biden said yesterday to vice president-elect pence which is we had a great productive conversation. the vice president said, quote, i'm confident that the government is in good hands with trump and pence and then he said that no administration is formed this early on. you have to give it time. we don't really want to rush through these decisions. it takes some time to get it
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right. >> kellyanne conway, thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. now, let's turn to ginger. it may not feel like winter here in new york, but it is coming. i'm looking at that picture and i think you're giving us a hint. >> a slight hint of what's to come. it is not just a flake of snow but 10 inches for snoqualmie, washington. take a look at this video out of salt lake city, utah, their first measurable snow of the season and, yes, if you're wondering that is a tad late. this is a whole region that has not yet seen their actual first freeze so it's all coming at once. you have got those winter weather advisories. a blizzard warning for parts of south dakota and minnesota. that means not only do you get the snow, but you get wind gusts of 40 to even 50 miles per hour, advising no travel in that region. most of that will fall north and west of minneapolis but we'll watching this, and a 50 to 60-degree temperature drop. let's head back over to you. isn't that exciting, guys. we'll do it real fast. like ripping the band-aid off. >> one way of looking at it. thank you there, ginger. we turn now to new charges in that deadly police shooting
7:13 am
in nan sparked nationwide protests. philando castile shot by an officer, his girlfriend live streaming the encounter on facebook. now that officer is being charged with manslaughter. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> i told him not to reach for it! i told him to get his hand open. >> reporter: this is the voice of officer jeronimo yanez broadcast live on facebook and this is the gun police now say he shouldn't have fired, killing philando castile in the suburbs of st. paul, minnesota. >> you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration. >> reporter: this morning he's charged with second degree manslaughter and two felony firearm charges for endangering the safety of both diamond reynolds who recorded the video july 6th, and her 4-year-old daughter in the backseat. >> no reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> reporter: you hear both castile and his girlfriend tell the officer he has a legally owned gun in his pocket. authorities now say the officer
7:14 am
started firing before castile even had a chance to remove the gun. >> i feel as though that murder to the highest extent of the law is what would be appropriate here. at the end of the day, none of that is going to bring my boyfriend back. >> reporter: the officer tells them he's pulling them over for a broken taillight, but take a look. pictures show the taillights were working. over the radio, you hear him share another reason. >> the two occupants just look like a -- people that were involved in a robbery. >> reporter: and you hear what even minnesota's governor says is racism. >> the driver looks more like one of our suspects just because of the wide-set nose. >> reporter: police say the officer will turn himself in. prosecutors say that castile and his girlfriend had nothing to do with that earlier robbery. this aumpbs ever officer will appear in court tomorrow, and is expected to plead not guilty.
7:15 am
robin. >> a lot of people watching. all right, steve. we are going to go to amy for the morning's other top stories starting with that major gas explosion. >> yeah, that's right. the story was breaking overnight, a deadly explosion in downtown canton, illinois. near peoria. a utility worker was killed and 11 people injured as crews were repairing a natural gas leak. a contractor apparently damaged the line and surveillance video from a nearby store shows look at that -- the power of the explosion. the area was evacuated as police checked for structural damage. and a gas leak is also expected of causing the explosion that levelled this home. look at that in central indiana. the house blown off its foundation, one person was killed. and overseas, a dramatic scene as a young girl was rescued from the rubble of an air strike in aleppo, syria. that destroyed the only children's hospital in that city. dozens of people have been killed in the latest wave of bombings. and there is new concern about air quality as the drought fuels wildfires in seven southern states. charlotte is the latest city to issue a code red warning with pollution levels ten times higher than normal. wildfire smoke is also blamed
7:16 am
for a deadly car crash in kentucky. and finally, a wild experience for a college runner in pennsylvania. he was in the back of the pack when he was blindsided. do you see that? by a deer running right through the course. he was knocked off his feet. he was sore. he was bruised but he got up with the help of a teammate and finished what was his last race and he wanted to make it through that country -- through that cross country finish line and the man who captured the video, he said, who knew cross country was a contact sport? >> who knew? >> it was incredible he was okay. >> very fortunate. >> thanks, amy. >> i'm not going to jog now. all right. legendary dodgers broadcaster vin scully, the man called 67 seasons of baseball for the dodgers, but one call he wasn't expecting came from the white house. scully has been awarded the presidential medal of freedom. our country's highest civilian honor, and listen to his reaction when the white house press secretary, josh earnest broke the news to him.
7:17 am
>> it's the highest civilian honor that any president can give, and president obama has given it out every year that he has been in office, and he gives it to just a handful of people, and this year, he is going to give it to you. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> yes. so you've had -- >> are you sure? i mean, i'm just an old baseball announcer. >> ah. >> well, obviously vin scully is more than that. >> absolutely. >> you know, so many big names are on the list this year. robert de niro, tom hanks, ellen degeneres and also another one, nba legend michael jordan is also on the list. the awards will be presented at the white house next week. >> what an honor. >> bruce springsteen in there too. >> diana ross, kareem abdul-jabbar. keeps on going. back to ginger. what do you got behind there? >> amy mentioned the code red. just to give you another value, the air quality index was actually 151 in cities like
7:18 am
atlanta, charlotte, and maybe that doesn't mean anything to you. what if i told you shanghai and hong kong both had values very near to that yesterday? that's how bad the air quality is. >> wow. people are going to the hospital, and have to be careful with outdoor activities. 37 large wildfires and the storm track stays north and unfortunately i do not have a lot of rain for a lot of us that really, really need it in the southeast so the drought will go on as will the fires. your local weather, 30 seconds away, first though the snowy cities brought to you by target. . hello, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings.
7:19 am
here are your accuweather highlights. chilly to mild and total sunshine today. not as breezy as yesterday. clear and frosty tonight and the weekend storm getting stronger. temperatures today about the same as yesterday but they feel warmer without the breezes. about 60 to 64 is the spread. tonight 30 in the valley, 40 around the bay and out to the coast. my accuweather seven-day forecast, moderate to heavy rain possible on saturday morning, lighter rain sunday afte so just to give you a little picture of this, the high in denver was 80. latest ever 80 in november, 22. flip-a-roo behind the cold front. >> jackets out of the wardrobe. >> coming fast. thank you, ginger. coming up, that abc news exclusive, former fox news star gretchen carlson at the center of that bombshell speaking out to amy about sexual harassment that she says she faced during her career. >> when situations like that happen to women, do you fear that it's going to be your fault? >> she's coming forward now only on "gma." and a manhattan murder mystery.
7:20 am
this 26-year-old missing after a party in the city. now police say they may have found his body miles away in new jersey. there's an investigation right now. and let's take one more look at that little boy who saved his brother. more of the video coming up. whoa! there it is. of the video coming up. whoa! there it is. america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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. welcome to thursday. it is 7:23, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. alexis smith has an update on the back-up in milpitas. >> that is the tow truck taking away one of the ten vehicles involved in the crash. check out how damaged that is. that is a lot of fire damage there as well. this is the espn earlier today. all lanes are moving now so we are in recovery mode and i'm pretty impressed with how it is delaying. and if you want to play it safe, 680, stop-and-go and stick to 880 at this point. >> we appreciate the information.
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frosty conditions for about another 34 minutes across the north bay valley, shaded in light blue to keep everything protected until then. 35 in santa rosa. novato 37 and the rest of us in the 40s. throughout the day, not as breezy so the temperature will feel like what the thermometer says, upper 50s to low 60s but grab the coat. at 7:00 in the low to mid-50s. on the way to 30s and 40s again tonight. the storm is stronger, a two on the storm impact scale and moderate to heavy rain on saturday and breezy conditions, reggie. >> thank you. you have warned up. >> coming up, gretchen carlson speaks out for the first time to describe the shocking sexual
7:27 am
harassment she's faced. and another update in about 30 minutes
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did you blame yourself? >> well, i think to a certain part, yeah, you think, i must have done something. >> there's gretchen carlson speaking out to amy in an exclusive interview about those sexual advances and harassment she felt she faced in her career and amy is right here right now and she is on real crusade now. >> she wants to speak up for all women and give women the courage that she had to muster, but this was three decades in the making, and she said she first began to be sexually harassed right after being crowned miss america, and it continued from there. and so she is speaking for herself, and for all women. >> i look forward to hearing -- this is part of what's on "20/20" tonight. we'll see a bit of it coming up
7:31 am
in just a moment. also right now, all eyes on trump tower and the meetings taking place there. president-elect donald trump is set to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger and also south carolina governor nikki haley today. >> yeah. surprised she's on the list for secretary of state. >> because she really kind of went after him. >> absolutely, in the beginning. >> and some fences. in music news frank ocean is making news saying he's not going to the grammys in protest. we're going to tell you why coming up. >> hmm. >> i want to know now. >> you have to wait, george. >> have to wait because amy is here with gretchen carlson and she really dug down deep i in t interview. >> she did. it was an emotional interview, and it's an emotional story for gretchen. she says it dates back to the beginning of her career in broadcasting. she told me that it began shortly after being crowned miss america. >> reporter: before she was a celebrated tv journalist gretchen carlson was a stanford grad and miss america 1989. >> it immediately changed what i thought i was going to do with the rest of my life. >> reporter: the crown propelling her into the national
7:32 am
spotlight. >> an honor to be miss america and carry on a tradition. >> reporter: but also she says leading to those first unwanted advances. when you were then seeking that tv job you thought, okay, let me go meet with people and see how i get into this business. you actually had your first real encounter with sexual harassment. tell me about that. >> i did. and it was a shocking experience because with this particular man, he spent most of the day helping me, and i thought, wow. this guy's being so nice. we went to dinner, and we were in the backseat of a car going to my college friend's apartment at the end of the evening, and before i knew it, he was on top of me, and his tongue was down my throat. i quickly got out of the car and i was flustered and started sobbing and i remember being inconsolable and thinking, well, i'll never speak to him again and i didn't. >> reporter: and it wouldn't be the only time. >> and unfortunately a couple of weeks later, the same thing happened to me again in los angeles with a very high-powered
7:33 am
p.r. executive, and again, we were in a car, and he took my head and my neck and he shoved my face into his crotch. so forcefully that i couldn't breathe. and i remember thinking to myself, this is happening again? >> did you blame yourself? >> well, i think to a certain part, yeah, you think, i must have done something. when situations like that happen to women, you fear that it's going to be your fault. you're not going to be believed. you're going to lose your job. >> reporter: carlson hoping her story will make it easier for others to come forward too. >> i don't think we should judge women if they have waited because look at how we react to women when they finally do come forward. they're accused of making it up. we have to make it a safer environment so that it's no longer he said/she said, but maybe just she said. >> reporter: carlson hopes her voice can help bring change to the work environments of so many women. her own teenage daughter telling
7:34 am
me she thinks her mom is a hero as do a lot of women and men out there and, george, in our "20/20" special we also talk about the men and the role they need to play in addressing the workplace situation. >> so critical. how is she going to build on this? >> she's taking it to congress and she has a lot of goals. she said, this is now her life's mission, and she wants to return to broadcasting and use that platform to spread her message and to create safer work environments for women everywhere. >> it's good of her to say that about not coming forward at first, you know, a lot of people say that right away, right away why -- >> why didn't you say it in the beginning? >> you see what happens when you do. >> women aren't treated as whistle-blowers but they are treated as troublemakers. >> a big difference there. looking forward to that. >> sparking a real discussion. you can see more of amy's interview with gretchen carlson this friday on "20/20" part of elizabeth vargas' special report on sexual harassment called crossing the lines: men and women at work." that's at 10:00 eastern only on
7:35 am
abc. can and coming up right now, we are turning to a murder mystery in a new york apartment building. police on the pulling evidence on wednesday after they believe they found a 26-year-old victim's body miles away. abc's linzie janis is outside the manhattan apartment with the latest on the investigation. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. what started out as a fun night in the city ended in tragedy for joey comunale. he was last seen entering this apartment building with a group of people he had just met at a manhattan club. now one of those people, a resident here, has been taken in for questioning. a newly discovered body in a shallow grave in new jersey is believed to be that of 26-year-old joey comunale. the hofstra university graduate and avid hockey player left his home in connecticut saturday night to go out with friends in new york city. he was last seen at this luxury manhattan apartment building at 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. authorities believe comunale was accompanied to the apartment
7:36 am
with two other men and three women. all of whom he had just met in a manhattan club. comunale's father reporting him missing monday morning in the hours after, investigators honing in on the apartment complex. police say they found the victim's blood-soaked clothing, as well as bloody sheets and towels in plastic bags tossed down the garbage chute. >> we focused then our investigation on the fourth floor and took into custody an individual who lived there. we're speaking with him now. >> reporter: the tenant is james rackover, the son of prominent new york city jeweler, jeffrey rackover. jeffrey has a prominent list of clients, including oprah and jennifer lopez. also melania trump. both father and son reside in this upscale building where apartments cost more than $2 million apiece. >> they had all the crime scene people in the white suits, crime scene unit down there investigating through all of our trash. >> reporter: this morning, comunale's family devastated and hoping for answers. >> it's a total loss. he touched everybody. everybody that came in contact with this kid loved him.
7:37 am
he was one of a kind. >> reporter: police say rackover is a suspect. they are holding him in custody on an unrelated charge. rackover reportedly asked staff at this apartment building for a luggage rack on sunday. he was later seen pushing it out of the building with two suitcases on it. robin. >> all right, linzie, our heart goes out to the family and hope they will get some answers. what's coming up on the big board, michael? >> coming up, the sleep apnea, did it lead to this deadly train crash? what you need to know about the dangerous disorder that's affecting millions. plus, frank ocean's grammy protest, why the singer is planning sit out one of music's biggest nights. we are going to talk about that when we come back in two minutes. ♪ s. back in two minutes. back in t. . . . . minutes. back in two minutes. b. . . . . minutes. because she's your best friend...
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7:39 am
wow. >> learn some music history over here. >> i wish people could be with us during the commercial breaks. don't you wish that, michael? time for our big board.
7:40 am
we're back breaking down the morning's top stories. lar larry hackett, our good friend is here. we'll get to your story in a moment. you can work on your hair. that's what you were doing during the commercial. first, we have information about that deadly new jersey train crash. officials now say the engineer driving the train suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. dr. richard besser is going to join us now to weigh in on this and the engineer, rich, told investigators that he has no memory whatsoever. so just explain to people about sleep apnea and how do you know you have it? >> yeah, so when we're sleeping at night, we all take brief pauses when we are not breathing. and that's normal. with sleep apnea, those pauses occur more frequently and last longer. sometimes as long as more than a minute and with obstructive sleep apnea, the problem is the tissues in the back of our neck, those muscles that are supposed to keep airways open don't do their job, so your chest could be moving, but there's no air flowing. they think that millions of people have this problem. and here are some of the symptoms. here's what to look for. what you may have at night,
7:41 am
snoring and snorting as you try to get air in. you could be restless, moving all over the bed as you're trying to open up that airway. during the day you're going to have problem with poor concentration and sleepiness, and may fall asleep doing regular activities because you didn't get a good night's sleep. >> well, you know, obviously, we can see it's very dangerous, and a lot of people want to know, how do you treat it? >> yeah, so it is really dangerous. most people aren't driving trains but cars. some are working heavy machinery and if you're falling asleep doing that, it can be very dangerous. when you have apnea, you're not getting oxygen in there and can set you up for heart attacks and strokes. most people who snore don't have this, but if you snore and are sleepy, see your doctor, and they will do something called a sleep study, and that's where they monitor you at night to see how the air is moving and see how oxygen is getting in your blood. if you have obstructive sleep apnea, there's a machine they can use for you. it's something called cpap which blows air into your mouth and
7:42 am
nose and that can keep your airways open, and that can take care of this problem. >> my daddy had to use that. >> mine too. mine too. >> life saver. >> gets better sleep now. it is life changing. thank you, rich. now to a college football scandal. wake forest is investigating a possible security breach after the team's game plan was discovered in louisville stadium following their loss to the cardinals on saturday. espn's stephen a. smith joins us live. >> uh-oh. >> and stephen, in your opinion, how big of a deal is this? >> oh, it can end up being a very, very big deal. michael, as you well know, we are talking about college football, a college football playoff system. you see the top four teams in the nation being alabama, michigan, ohio state, clemson, louisville is on the outside looking in. they've got the imminent heisman trophy winner in lamar jackson. everybody knows he's going to win it, and everybody wants to see them in that playoff system. if you find yourself associated with a cheating scandal, that's not something the college football committee is going to want to attach to a playoff
7:43 am
system. it could end up costing them a playoff berth. it could end up costing them millions upon millions because we all know the kind of money you know being in the playoff system ultimately generates for your institution, so it's a very, very big deal if there's any substance for credence to this whatsoever. >> exactly, because right now, it is only an investigation and louisville says -- has no idea of what is going on. no knowledge of this whatsoever but in the cases when we have seen definitive cheating, how far, stephen a. have teams gone to win? >> stealing playbooks, and stealing signals, and what have you. the most recent example everybody will point to is spygate. not so much deflategate. deflated footballs. we all know tom brady big time future hall of famer probably the greatest quarterback of this generation. the team had to pay a fine and bill belichick had to pay a fine and the nfl obviously felt that there were transgressions that took place in terms of stealing signals and what have you, and it was a black mark on the patriots' franchise, and stayed with them. as a matter of fact, it would
7:44 am
have been worse had michael strahan and his new york giants not knocked the patriots off going 16-0 and going through the playoffs. it would have been worse for them had they won. >> you made everybody in boston hate me a little more stephen a. >> i would never want to do that. >> since you bring that up, let me ask this hall of famer, you know, did you protect your playbook like all -- >> you had to turn your playbook in every monday or every sunday at the game and if you didn't turn it in, pretty much didn't get your check. >> ooh. >> yeah. but teams have gone -- i have heard stories of the coach saying, they will send a scout to act like a janitor as if he's cleaning the inside of the stadium, and he's actually watching the team practice and -- like there are so many ways people go about or used to to get an advantage. >> like stephen a. said, there is a lot of money on the line. stephen a., thank you very much. we'll turn to r&b star frank ocean in his first full interview in years. the reclusive singer telling
7:45 am
"the new york times" he plans to protest the 2017 grammy awards, calling it his colin kaepernick moment. larry hackett is here and, frank has even gone as far -- we were so eager to hear his new music. he said he won't put it up for consideration. not for the grammys. what do you make of this? >> he walks his own path. he doesn't give interviews and releases albums on his own. he released a video album and audio album. he does things a different kind of way not unlike prince. i have a feeling he was asked about what kanye said in october when he said, if he's not nominated i'm not going and frank said i'm not interested. i don't think the academy has done right by african-american artists over the years. there have only been two or three album of the year winners, and he said, i'm not going to submit it. and he decides, i'm going to protest. >> does he have an argument? >> i think he has an argument specifically about the album of the year category. i think it would be hard-pressed to say african-americans haven't been represented in the academy but i don't think it matters to his fans. those who love him love the fact he does things his own way and winning a grammy is not important to them. the beatles during their career did not have a grammy. >> you said that before we
7:46 am
started. the beatles don't have a grammy? you don't think it affects his career. it's not a bad career move or anything? >> absolutely not. if he was in the music industry, yes, but not now. i don't think people care. >> thank you. we care about you. >> thank you very much. coming up in two minutes, we're going to hear from this hero brother. we have been showing you the video. >> yep. look at that little kid. >> come on back. >> come on back. if you'try clarispray.emes to escape your nasal allergies... from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour,
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the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one 50% off. only on verizon. ♪ ♪ back now with that heart-stopping moment caught on camera. a baby falling off a changing table. his kid brother, wow, in the right place at the right time. a very happy ending, but a reminder of how a split second can change everything and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. i know, mara, you and i are both thinking, oh, my gosh. it could have happened to anybody. >> reporter: it could happen to anyone, and it's every parent's nightmare and happens so often. some 3,500 emergency department visits for injuries from falling off a changing table every year. but thankfully one florida infant who tumbled three feet is
7:49 am
completely unscathed, and it's all thanks to his brother. this morning, an amazing act of brotherly love, caught on camera. watch as 35-year-old mom of five, tila levi turns her back for just a moment, leaving 11-month-old etan on the changing table. first the baby dangles his leg over the edge. then tumbles over. but the 30-pound infant is miraculously caught by his older brother, joseph. watch again in a split second. the 9-year-old swooping in to make the save. >> i just ran and i caught him but i can't even carry him so i don't know how that happened. >> reporter: and it can happen anywhere. >> it was something that just happened in less than a second. >> reporter: and tila says to anyone. check out this quick-thinking home depot employee. a lightning fast airport security worker. and this las vegas dad catching his kid while half asleep.
7:50 am
>> joseph keeps saying that when he grows up, he is going to tell him, you know, i saved your life, but he saved his life. it's true. >> reporter: wow. well, that incident happened in september. but tila just recently posted the video on facebook because she said she wanted to share her family's miracle and also remind parents this could happen to anyone anywhere. what i love about her son. he wasn't even in the room. he was walking by the door and said that he felt like an angel pushed him. such a sweet kid. >> sweet. >> yeah. >> that is. boy, she has five kids. >> you can understand why she was distracted for just a second. >> that's all it takes. it can happen so fast. >> thanks for bringing that to us, mara. coming up, actor ryan phillippe opens up about how he and reese witherspoon co-parent during the holidays. "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving is brought to you by walmart. save money, live better. thanksgiving is brought to you by walmart. save money, live better. ve better.
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>> it was cooler this morning it was hard to stay in bed. >> about four more money in the the frost advisory ends at 8:00. temperatures still hanging around. look at this. the mid to upper 30s in a few neighborhoods and most of us in the 40s and 50s. a two on saturday, moderate to heavy rain minute morning. alexis. >> congested for this time of the day. but no major blocking issues. nothing compared to what we had this morning. taking a look at drive times. heavy on 680 highway 4 to walnut creek and slight delays out of
7:57 am
the central valley. >> we'll take slight delays. coming up, deals under $20. that is next on gma. we have another update on 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us every week day morning from 4:30 to 7:0 agine a world we instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hillary clinton's emotional speech overnight. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> her first public appearance since conceding the election urging her supporters to stay engaged on every level as donald trump faces new scrutiny over reports that his son-in-law may join the white house. ♪ safe and sound one week from thanksgiving. handling the holidays with your ex. ryan is revealing how and reese witherspoon trade off putting their kids first. our expert is here with the three tips that will get you and your kids through thanksgiving. ♪ best day of my life one wonderful wish. the football fanatic who dreamed of touchdowns. >> i never miss a raider game ever in my life.
8:01 am
>> the 12-year-old boy signed to the raiders, his own locker next to the captain and the moment he stepped onto the field with his team. ♪ welcome to our house and big deals and big dishes, sandra lee here live with yummy thanksgiving apps and tory johnson here with great holiday deals and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] happy friday eve. we've got sandra lee and we've got tory johnson here with us this morning, and one of our most popular "deals & steals" of the year. holiday gifts for $20 or less. >> all right. >> that's a great deal and last time we decorated ornaments, now the wreaths are ready. and we're going head-to-head in a make-off to see who can make the best -- >> a make-off? >> a make-off. >> not a make-out. >> it's a make-off. >> all right. >> plus, we've got great holiday tips for making your own, lara. >> all right, and i have lily belle.
8:02 am
by the way, she is 5 years old, a senior. a stupendous senior from the north shore animal league. five more dogs upstairs in our audience and as part of our "gma" pawdoption event all month we've been helping dogs of all ages find homes. i'll be showing you more on that tomorrow and the importance of considering an adult dog. >> lily belle is chill. >> she's super chill. that's one of the great things about getting an adult dog. this dog came from a home. she's totally trained. she has a fabulous smile too and, guys, i want to give you the update. we have found forever homes for 3,600 dogs for all of our participating shelters and counting. we're not stopping there. >> and hopefully the senior dogs. give the stat you gave us earlier. >> i was telling these guys off camera, that it's very, very alarming. once a dog turns 3 years old its chances of getting adopted go down by almost 70% because everybody wants a puppy. look what you can get. they don't need to be trained. already has commands down. and that just is so grateful to have a home.
8:03 am
>> just wants love. >> lily belle is available. maybe. >> i'm not sure. maybe not. >> not again. not again. >> lara, we want to give her another home. >> okay. i can't have them all. i have 3,600 dogs, america. >> she's not far off. >> not far. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. all right. we have breaking news overseas right now. a series of terrorism raids in eastern europe. authorities in kosovo say they have prevented simultaneous attacks by isis including one on the israeli national soccer team that played a world cup qualifier in neighboring albania. 18 suspects are under arrest. we're going to have more details for you as they become available, but first here, back in this country. the big story this morning, a day of marathon meetings at trump tower as the president-elect moves closer to selecting members of his cabinet. trump is sitting down today with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, as well as south
8:04 am
carolina governor, nikki haley, who is a possible contender for secretary of state. the president-elect will also meet with japan's prime minister. meanwhile, sources say the trump transition team has requested security clearance for trump's son-in-law jared kushner but earlier on "gma" former campaign manager kellyanne conway would not confirm that and denied that kushner has applied for a formal job in the white house referring to him only as a special adviser. >> it's a very special relationship. very few people in this country have the ability to serve as president and of course their family members, particularly adult children, would be very supportive of that. >> the trump team has also announced a five-year ban on lobbying for people appointed to government positions. hillary clinton has delivered her first public remarks since her emotional concession speech. clinton was honored by the children's defense fund where she worked after law school and she encouraged her supporters to stay engaged and to keep fighting. well, a new clue in the unsolved murder of a young woman jogging near her family's home in massachusetts. investigators now say they are looking for a dark-colored suv seen parked near the woods where vanessa marcotte's body was
8:05 am
found in august. and they believe she struggled with her attacker and may injured him. and this morning, at least 37 large wildfires are burning across the southeastern u.s. and the smoke is raising new concerns about air quality from tennessee to the carolinas and georgia where there has not been any measurable rain in 31 days. near boston a commuter train crashed into this car that was crossing the track splitting that car in two. seconds later you see two people walking away. police say they were fleeing the scene of another crash and drove around the crossing gates. not to be repeated there. and a new record in the art world this morning. this painting, take a look, by monet from his grain stack series just sold for $81.4 million in new york. that is the highest amount ever paid for a monet. and finally, a grandma described as vertically challenged has become an unlikely internet sensation.
8:06 am
you will see why in just a moment. at just five feet she needed a stepstool to put her grandson into his crib but then take a look as she -- oh. over she goes, right into the crib. grandma and baby are both fine except for that baby stayed awake after that. didn't sleep right after that, and she's given 34 million facebook users and me a very good laugh. >> how many? >> 34 million. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> everybody loves a good fall as long as you're safe. >> as long as you're safe. >> a safe landing. >> a soft landing. >> you made a new friend too. >> yeah. >> that's lily belle as we met earlier. and she's going to accompany us for "pop news," everybody. >> good. >> here we go. as there's an old saying, a penny saved is a penny earned. one of ben franklin's most famous. jon bon jovi decided to give some of his savings to honor the signer of the declaration of independence. the new jersey rocker donated $5,000 to help restore franklin's gravesite in philadelphia. the founding father's gravestone was cracked and the marble tablet had become pitted from people tossing pennies on to it for good luck in honor of that saying.
8:07 am
the goal is to have the stone fixed by april, which is the anniversary of franklin's death. thank you, jon bon jovi. he's terrific. he's so generous. >> very charitable. also in "pop news" this morning, one teen from phoenix, arizona, is getting into the thanksgiving spirit a little early this year thanks to a very welcoming grandmother. 17-year-old jamal hinton was looped into a group text unexpectedly from an unknown number claiming to be his grandmother with amanda and justin. those are not his actual family. jamal slightly confused and asked for a picture, and so after send a selfie of herself, jamal broke the news saying you're not my grandmother along the crying laughing emoji and added, can i still get a plate though to which wanda, the grandmother replied, of course, you can join. that's what grandmas do, feed everyone. and that is what thanksgiving is all about. and literally amanda and justin are -- have contacted jamal and they're all planning on having thanksgiving dinner.
8:08 am
>> can i get a plate though? smart guy. finally, we all know the 12 days of christmas song, five golden rings, four calling birds, three ugly christmas sweaters? stores? it started as one popup shop in dallas, but owner, jeremy turner, said his ugly christmas sweater business has been so successful the past four seasons that he has now opened two more texas locations and fear not, if you don't want to repeat the tacky sweater for one more party, you wear it every year and put it away, this year he's offering the option to rent, like rent the runway, you can rent an ugly sweater. the ugly sweater business booming. jeremy, if you are watching, give us a call. our ugly christmas sweater contest, just around the corner. >> ugly sweater business. >> yeah. i mean it's booming. there ginger has won it the past -- >> george is thinking about the economics but i don't know if that's sustainable. but people love an ugly sweater, george. >> now you can rent your ugly -- i don't know how any of that would work. i have no idea but we thought
8:09 am
that was interesting and wanted to share it. happy "pop news." everybody, please adopt lily belle. she has the greatest teeth. >> she has sat here the whole time and just so calm and nice. >> she's in the doghouse too. yes. but i have. it's like your blood pressure, everything, never been calmer on this set as i am right now. >> there are medical benefits and she's got quite a smile. >> yes, she does. thank you so much. coming up, co-parenting during the holidays. maybe you want to bring home a little doggie for the holidays. how reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe make it work. our parenting expert is here to talk about that. and tory johnson is also here. she's got great holiday "deals & steals." everything is 20 bucks or less. >> look at that. oh. that was invigorating!
8:10 am
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8:14 am
we welcome you back to "gma." there is reese witherspoon and her children. i cannot believe how they have grown. >> yes. wow. >> gorgeous young adults. >> yes, we know her ex-husband ryan phillippe. nearly a decade after their split, ryan is opening up about how the former couple, how they handle the holidays with their two kids. they do it beautifully. abc's paula faris has more on the lessons they've learned that could help a lot of couples. >> reporter: reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe might be divorced, but that doesn't stop these two doting hollywood parents from amicably co-parenting during the holidays. phillippe telling "entertainment tonight" as a divorced dad we trade off so last year my kids and i went to my parents in delaware. this year, they will be with their mom, and i am shooting a movie up in toronto. i'm going to fly down to philly, and just have a thanksgiving with my parents and the kids get to be with reese.
8:15 am
the couple are parents to 17-year-old ava and 12-year-old deacon, reese often posting pictures of her kids on instagram like this one where ava looks like the spitting image of her mom. >> bonjour, mademoiselle. >> reporter: reese and ryan met in the late '90s. their romance blossoming on the set of "cruel intentions." the couple was married for eight years before they decided to split in 2007. witherspoon saying on camera in 2011 that the kids are surrounded by love. >> and i always tell my kids, you're so lucky. because it's not just your mom and dad that love you. you have grandparents that love you and a stepdad. always such a great opportunity to have as many people in your life nurturing and carrying you and guiding you. >> reporter: through it all witherspoon and phillippe have managed to easily co-parent and phillippe also telling "e.t." you have to get to that point as a divorced parent where you're not putting yourself first.
8:16 am
for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we're going to bring in ericka souter, editor at it is apparent they've worked it out and other couples can learn from it. >> ryan and reese are a good example. they've been able to put their kids' needs above their own and co-parenting isn't easy and it requires a lot of communication, empathy and patience. but, you know, what we found, that, you know, we talked to couples, there are three things that tend to make it work. number one, they plan ahead and create a schedule. you don't want to wait on the holidays. they also set rules and boundaries, not just for the kids but for the adults. that means you don't cancel last minute and that the kids follow the same rules at both houses and lastly they stay positive. you don't want to complain or be angry in front of the kids and want the whole thing to feel comfortable for everyone if you can. >> i like number two how set rules not just for the kids but adults, as well. ericka, what about when there's extended families involved and how does that work out? >> grandparents, you want to set
8:17 am
time side ffrt kids to see the grandparents. but it's trickier when you talk about girlfriends or stepparents. you probably want to set up rules early. what role will they play? will they be able to discipline the child or do pickup? those are important so there's no surprises. >> we know thanksgiving is next week and the holidays right after that. it is a good time to be planning right now, bringing the family together. >> it is a very good time to plan right now and also want to -- we found a lot of families are wondering whether they should blend the holidays. and whether they should bring those extended families together and that can be a good idea. not necessarily at first. i mean, think about it, you're newly divorced and you're sitting across from your ex-husband and his new girlfriend, but if you can get to the point where you can do that, and you can have this extended family vacation or holiday together, it creates great memories for you and your kids that extend beyond and last a lifetime. and it's just a really important thing to do if you can. >> it certainly is and very
8:18 am
happy for ryan and reese, what a great example. >> very happy. they're wonderful. >> ericka, thank you so much. coming up, forget black friday we've got huge holiday "deals & steals" right now, and they're all $20 or less. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness,
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back here on a thursday
8:22 am
morning, a mild morning in times square, but not as warm as texas you were telling me. we are aware, but hey. do you guys want to get a little colder? because it's about to. check out this cold front and i mean chilly weather coming at you by this weekend. we're dipping into the 30s. so it's going to come. it's coming. it'll feel like the holidays. we're about to get holiday "deals & steals" but first we got to get a check of your local weather. . hello, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. here are your accuweather highlights. chilly to mild and total sunshine today. not as breezy as yesterday. clear and frosty tonight and the weekend storm getting stronger. temperatures today about the same as yesterday but they feel warmer without the breezes. about 60 to 64 is the spread. tonight 30 in the valley, 40 around the bay and out to the coast. my accuweather seven-day forecast, moderate to heavy rain possible on saturday morning, all right.turday morning, the time you've been waiting for. it's time for "deals & steals" with tory johnson. she's back with big savings on
8:23 am
holiday gifts, and they are all 20 f$20 or less. >> that's right, and what's important about that is $20 or less doesn't mean it's a stocking stuffer. all of these are substantial gifts on their own. so are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> we've partnered with all of these brands to bring you great savings. i love this first up from look at this. you helped me out with this and wrote a note to your son and did them for all of your kids. we then took a photograph of it, upload it and then it's printed on a little pouch so you can give somebody a truly personalized gift. i'll give away the price already up top, $14. $14 gift like that. we did photos of your family. george, look at softy george calls his daughter harper doodle so he made a little "i love you" pouch for doodle. how cute is that? >> this is awesome. >> you can make pouches, pillows, a variety of different sizes and patterns. you have to purchase a vouch er today, and you have three weeks to get it in time for christmas.
8:24 am
so it's time to think of the christmas notes you want to write. i love these, normally $40 to $75 and slashed that by at least 65%, $14 to 20 bucks for all of these. >> okay. >> a little bling-bling is good. danielle swaebe. these are gorgeous. all pave crystal pieces. leather bracelets with pave crystals. a variety of earrings. she was stunned at these prices too. you will be as well. yeah, very good. that's very good. >> ooh from the crowd and had to give extra. >> exactly. okay. normally, these range from $42 to $68 but we slashed them by 64 and more percent. $15 to 20 bucks for your assortment. you do love these. love at first light. let me give you a little cuticle treatment here, why don't we. take a little of the soy that's melted. put it on the other side. other side. right there. you rub that in a little bit and rub it on your hands and your cuticles. give you a pro tip. if you are planning to buy an artificial tree for the holidays, you must buy the oh, christmas tree scent because your whole home will smell like
8:25 am
the authentic pine. how good is that? >> i love these because you can use the wax on your skin. >> exactly. 100% soy. >> it keeps me soft and supple. >> soft and supple. if you can get soft and supple for this deal like him, buy it. $39 normally slashed by 51%, 19 bucks. can't beat that. okay. aqua hair towels. so anyone who wants to be good to her hair, these are fabulous. there's turbans and towels that are very lightweight, designed specifically for hair. helps your hair dry faster. prevents split ends. good things to are your hair as opposed to putting a big bulky towel on your head. these are really a fabulous deal. normally depending on the style you choose, $18 to $22 and we have slashed these by at least half. they're all 9 bucks. okay. cozy bling. so from our friends at cozy bling and we have some here. come on over, you guys. we asked them to model them. these are all faux fur.
8:26 am
hats, scarves, mix or match or do like they did, all one color. these are normally $32 to $44 but we've slashed them by 55%. 14 to 20 bucks. your choice. >> and i love these young ladies. they just show up and watch the show, and end up being models. that's what i love. i love it. >> lolo. so this is a huge assortment from lolo. this is the original, coolest collection of vinyl bags, a silhouette for every single person. you cannot go wrong with these. normally $24 to $85 and slashed them by 50%. 12 to 20 bucks and everybody is going home with jewelry from danielle swaebe. >> you are the best. thanks to all these companies. get these deals on our site on yahoo! coming up, sandra lee is here with great thanksgiving dishes. don't want to miss that. don't want to miss that.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's get a quick look at traffic before you head out of the door. alexis, how are things going. >> better than that morning. no major crashes. slow traffic in a lot of areas including westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch. and gorgeous sunshine and quick check of the drive times. san mateo bridge on the westbound side, a disabled vehicle clear so in the yellow at 38 minutes. dumbarton, stop-and-go and in the yellow at 20. >> thank you. meteorologist mike nicco joins us wit
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning, still a few 30s out there like san ram on at 36 and a few 50s around san francisco and san mateo. on the way to upper 50s for lunchtime. total sunshine this afternoon not as breezy. temperatures until the upper 50ss to low 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, moderate rain and now a two on the storm impact and lighter rain on sunday afternoon. >> we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and auld on the
8:30 am
news app and join us for abc 7 mornings ♪ [ applause ] ♪ good good good welcome back. what a wonderful audience up here. >> yes. >> free jewelry and everything. and -- >> i'm not usually tempted to take him home but we have taken home two but this one -- >> oh, ki see it in your eyes. >> yeah. this is a beautiful -- >> 3601. >> three at home. three! >> i have three. what's the differency they're meant to be in packs. >> beautiful. can you hold her? >> yes. >> thank you because what i'm bringing to the table. robin's favorite mottos, make your mess your -- >> absolutely. >> someone figured out how to make money on it. >> really. >> tom brady. >> very good. have you seen this commercial. rather deflategate, of course,
8:31 am
accused of tampering with the footballs. check out this ad. >> that's an unfortunate mind-set you got there. >> just because something is great doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't some things just be great. >> just a question. >> starts with questions and then questions turn into assumptions and then assumptions turn into vacations. so why would you punish the week of greatness for something that never even happened. >> how do you feel about that. >> some might think too soon. it's funny. >> it's very funny. his acting is on point. for somebody -- i personally know tom. and i got to say he is probably as far away from what people think. they think it's this pretty boy. this guy has worked extremely hard sixth round pick and then not only that at 39 years old when most quarterbacks are in serious decline he's playing his best because he works on his game -- takes it very seriously.
8:32 am
give respect to him. you have to laugh at yourself. >> i agree. >> especially in tough situations. >> pretty good. following a pattern. remember john travolta and idina menzel. >> please welcome the wickedly talented one and only adele dazeem. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage my very dear friend, glom gazinga. >> i deserve that. i deserve that but you, you, my darling. my beautiful, my wickedly talented idina menzel. >> you got it. >> yay. >> taking -- >> scared with the face grabbing, i was like please get it right. >> pulled it off. one more. martha stewart. martha stewart. >> let's get to the reason i'm here tonight which is to give justin bieber some tips to use when he inevitably ends up in prison.
8:33 am
i've been in lockup and you wouldn't last a week. >> like you bury remember martha stewart was in prison. >> that's true. [ applause ] >> but you got to laugh at yourself. >> you have to. >> why not. >> you have to laugh at yourself and get over it and i have a question for everybody here in the audience. how many of you told little white lies? [ applause ] >> never. >> oh, my goodness. i love how you three sat like we've never done it. oh, yes you. >> of course. >> there was a study and found this at "the daily mail." here's some of the top lies. >> parents tell their kids. >> i got one. >> okay. >> what is your, george? >> it's such an obvious one, we'll see and now they just call you on it. is that a real we'll see or a daddy we'll see and a no. >> my parents would always say we're almost there. we're almost -- we're like -- really? >> they surveyed your parent, by
8:34 am
the way. one of the ones that i use, i always know when you're lying. you ever done that one. it's not true. i've done this one too. we can come back and buy that toy next time. >> oh. you use that? >> of course. >> gorgeous little -- >> she didn't buy that one at all. >> no one is buying that one. >> some of these other ones. >> how about this, when the ice cream truck plays that music it runs out of ice cream. >> oh, that's terrible. [ applause ] that's cruel. >> that's so bad. that's bad. >> terrible. so if you hear the music there's no more ice cream. >> exactly. >> that is wrong. >> can we have a show of hands. have the parents here, have you used any of these or others? can we just see? have you? >> i have one. [ applause ] >> yes. >> i remember telling my kids they just we minded me i used to say if you don't brush your teeth the cavity monster will come and my daughter was called me out what is the cavity monitor look like of the i had
8:35 am
to draw a picture of what it looked like. >> that's a lot of work. >> green and one eye. >> you added levels to the white lie. >> very create sieve. >> what do you have. >> i have a good one. a new study that talks about what women find the most attractive in men and i think it might surprise you. we all know the obvious attributes but this is not about the physical that women are very, very attracted to storytellers. would you guys agree with that that a storyteller is an attractive thing? i'm getting a mixed response here. apparently -- >> some smiles. >> not for a fling but looking for a long-term relationship, somebody that can tell a story because it means that a man according to psychologists are willing to share emotions and willing to be vulnerable and willing to connect on a higher level. men on the other hand don't -- >> tell me a story, michael. >> robin, there was this one time -- >> ooh. >> i liked your barry white voice. >> when he at thes a story like
8:36 am
that. >> i married a storyteller so i can't be the storyteller in that's ali. in that's true. >> ali had said she looks to you for advice and talks to you. she really respects you. i think that is also one of these attributes. >> you're just making that up now. >> i am. interestingly, men are not interested at all in whether or not women are storytellers. >> what are we interested in? funny you should ask this. is on the study. i can't believe it women with long arms. is that attractive to you? i have particularly long arms. so i've always thought that i had sort of -- i was embarrassed of that. another -- wearing red. that's kind of obvious because most women do look good in red but big eyes. big eyes. i bet you didn't think i was going to say eyes. [ laughter ] >> right. lara.
8:37 am
thankfully i found number eight was independence and intelligence. thank you, matt. number eight. >> i was going to say confidence. >> thank you. >> i love that. is that number one? >> yeah. >> sense of humor i'm sure is up there. so anyway it's a cool study it comes out of the university of north carolina. >> lara, let the baby go. you've been wrestling with the little baby. >> i don't want to let it go. it'll fall right off the desk in you want to play? >> i'll pass. >> pass the puppy. >> i don't want to share the puppy. >> well, you know what you're not sharing the puppy -- >> we'll get another great story that ginger is going to share with us right now and you're outside, beginner. >> when i get out there i'm going to share the puppy too. we are celebrating macy's annual believe campaign. macy's will donate one dollar up to a million dollars to make-a-wish for every stamped letter to santa claus that you drop off at a believe box at
8:38 am
macy's or submit online. really easy to do. help everybody out and introduce you to a brave little boy who realized his football dream thanks to make-a-wish. >> he was born with si syndrome that means he was born with half a heart. >> reporter: after three surgeries the last when he was just 4 it was then little josiah got his first jersey and became a football fanatic. >> i never miss a raider game ever in my life. ♪ >> reporter: now 12 years old, thanks to make a. >> no, way. >> bo jackson. >> reporter: he is headed to oakland. >> no way! >> joining the raiders roster as a captain. >> welcome. oakland raiders. ♪ how you like me now >> that's your locker. >> aah! >> reporter: next to fellow captain derek carr. >> we are locker buddies. >> one, two, three. ♪ welcome to my house
8:39 am
>> reporter: the next day, game day and ready for a walk on to the 50 yard line for the coin toss. >> josiah is josiah. >> reporter: the raiders crushed the broncos 30-20 and for josiah a wish that will never leave his heart. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> thank you, macy's and make-a-wish. >> such a great story and now you can help grant a wonderful wish just like that. you just have to drop that letter off at your local macy's or submit one online. go to on yahoo! to find out more. i say we never use this, this prop here. the believe meter but i'm going to do it because coming up we to do it because coming up we have our wreath afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
8:40 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. agine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles.
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make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
8:42 am
welcome back to gramm. i'm in birthday corner. i can't name them all there's so many. any of y'all love "how to get away with murder"? uh-huh. we got a special announcement. make sure to watch "how to get away with murder." the winter finale tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc and you get to find out who is under the sheet. it's a secret. tomorrow good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. no threat of frost bite by 9:00.
8:43 am
temperatures in the upper 50s tor noon and upper 50s to lower 60s with sunshine and not as breezy as yesterday. a two on the and that weather brought to you by suave and, michael, i got to say she's a fan. >> bring her in. i'll give her a hug the second we're done here. and before that, though, it is time for our "gma" holiday make-off. that's right, make-off. all about the wreath. nicole farb, diy expert and partner with michael's. back here with more tips for how to make a wreath. give us a little something-something. very important to be creative officer the holidays. >> it is. look, we're all busy but it's important, mom of little twin, gives you a new way to connect. so i have a couple tips here. >> what are your tips. >> i like to start with a vision. your door decor. telling your neighbors who you
8:44 am
are. i'll be the candy cane lady today. next, oh -- >> you have other theme, as well. >> we do. you're like woodlands. i feel like amy is candy cane. what i love is shimmer down there. the white. >> i know. >> we set ginger up to win. >> radiance. >> we're having a little contest here. >> we are. >> and these two, they were down there already trying to swap out -- >> we were just -- >> tip number two, plan it out. you guys know what you're doing. >> i'm just planning ahead. >> look what -- you have already created your whole theme. >> i was laying them out strategically so i had a plan. >> you don't have to. anyone can make -- you'll be okay too. >> i'm fine. i'm not worry add all. >> tip number three, use the sticks. i like crafts that make them look good. these are a craft hack. >> available at michael's. >> you just kind of stick them in. >> they're like hair picks from the '80s, ang it and, look,
8:45 am
look, now i have a bird. >> i want the bird back. >> you know what, our winter -- i got to say you won the last time we did this with our ornaments. i'll give you credit for that. [ applause ] >> in the mid sfwll i'm not going to miss my shot. that's right. [ applause ] >> good luck. >> warming up. so it's the best door decor. they have 30 seconds so you guys will help us vote at the end. are you ready? pick up, ready, set, make. >> there we go. >> don't be nervous. >> i know. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah. >> snowman. >> amy, amy's got it. amy's got it. let's see. oh. ginger's is gorgeous. ginger's is gorgeous. three, two, one.
8:46 am
wreaths up. >> that's a good look. >> whoa! wow. >> you just won. you just won. >> ginger that's like a kitchen sink. >> more is more. >> fifth avenue called. they want ginger's wreath. that is pretty. >> okay. wreaths up. that is nice. >> you know what, mine is considered wearable art, okay. >> i like lara's. >> i was a little picky. let me make sure. i needed like another 30 seconds because i was -- >> 30 seconds look how easy this is. >> it was fun. >> so you know what, audience, help us vote. yell a name. yell a name. >> well, you know what -- >> i got to say. >> lara -- >> we are all winners here, everybody. we're all winners and, nicole,
8:47 am
thank you and thank michael's as well. coming up, sandra lee is here with her best thanksgiving lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
8:48 am
8:49 am
the person under the sheet will be live telling all on "gma." we are back now our countdown to thanksgiving, celebrity chef and friend and contributor to our beautiful show, sandra lee is here to talk turkey day, dishes and treats. always wonderful to have you here, sandra. okay, so first of all, i have -- you have always been committed to children and nutrition and better nutrition, about that and this position with unicef, position that you now have with unicef, special nutrition emissary. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> it comes around -- tell us about this position that you have now. >> i've been involved with unicef for about 17 years, in fact i'm one of three founding board members of the l.a. chapter and been part of the family for a long time and decided i wanted to get more involved and made some mission trips and i was just down in haiti which is an incredible place. you know, there's so much need, nutritional need with these children and the moms just don't know how to feed them even with what they have so i went down there and we did some cooking classes and i was with the children, with i is amazing and it's an honor. it's a privilege to serve. >> it's work. it's work for you. >> it's work for all of us. we are a global community. >> the program tonight on discover tlc. >> discovery family and tlc is called unichef. and so it's all about kind of giving back and recipes. >> we'll watch you tonight but we'll put you to work right now.
8:51 am
what do you have. >> this is sweet and spicy bacon. everybody loves this in the restaurants and it's so expensive normally and easy to make. lay bacon on a pan and combine pepper with pecans, very finally chopped into brown sugar. >> okay. >> that goes on to the bacon into the oven, 350 for 25 minutes and that's what you get. >> oh, my gosh, that looks so good. >> that for thanksgiving like put the turkey away. these are brownie truffles. favorite brownie mix, i like to use the one that has the pouch in it. the chocolate pouch. then you want to use a little bit of corn syrup and also in here you're going to put instead of the water chocolate milk then you stir it up, make your little truffle balls and put it into the refrigerator for one hour and then you can roll this in anything you'd like. you can see them right there. you can do coconut. you can do almonds. you can do anything you like. >> i love how you have it laid
8:52 am
out so everyone can nosh. >> this is the bomb. everybody is eating -- ? you see that. >> these are -- these are doughnut cupcakes. lara, only one. doughnut cupcakes so spice cake mix instead of water you put apple cider in there. >> those little things you do. sorry. then cream cheese with powdered sugar and pumpkin pie spice then all you do is you spread it around, right? on your cupcake. go big or go home. >> that's right. >> then what you do is take a store bought doughnut, put it in a little bit of sugar and put that on top. >> yeah, no. >> homemade. >> i love that. >> these are delicious. >> powder sugar. >> oh, no, look at the turkey. bacon. that is just cream cheese and goat cheese put together into a round. pecans all the way around and tortilla chips and pigs in a blanket. puff pastry and use the roll
8:53 am
dough. >> all the recipes are on our site. we'll be back. oh, my gosh. "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving is brought to you by walmart. life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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8:55 am
i got to say thank you to nicole farb and michael is hosting a special ornament making event in stores this
8:56 am
saturday and for every wreath michael's will donate $1 to the starlight foundation hoping to bring joy to sick children. if you get a chance please go by the event. everybody, thank you for watching. >> puppies are all available to adopt. get your rescue on. >> have a great thursday. such a funny little hero ♪ but till you came along ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ now you're here to stay ♪
8:57 am
♪ and nobody really knows... ♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's head over to meteorologist mike nicco for a quick look at our chill your forecast. >> we'll talk about temperatures, thanks. we're still in the 40s and 50s on the way to mainly 60s as we head into the afternoon hours. low to mid 60s at that. tomorrow is going to be warmer but we bump the scale up, two a moderate storm coming in with modderality to heavy rain on saturday. >> we have power outage on crowe canyon between 680 and we have dark lights. southbound 680 through walnut creek stop-and-go traffic and slow downs in the usual spots. >> thank you. now time for "live with kelly." we'll be back at 11:00 for the
9:00 am
midday news. our reporting continues now on the news ab and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, film and television star dennis quaid. and from "this is us," sterling k. brown. and, ryan seacrest returns or another day of cohosting. also, ryan's mom cooking up and oyster casserole. continuing our "live's homestyle thanksgiving week" ." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: hi! hello! >> ryan: hi, guys. good morning, darlin


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