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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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live desk. the lanes are now clear. it caused a headache for drivers overnight. a witness said the jeep made an unsafe lane change and clipped the box truck causing it to flip. four people were hurt. all with minor injuries. they seem to be minor. >> if you are head out the door get in line. we will see the most holiday travelers in a decade. amy hollyfield is at sfo. amy? >> good morning. it looks great right now at sfo. we are at terminal one. i got a fun fact from the duty manager at the airport, it is not the busiest day anymore now it is friday. people take the whole week off. school is off all week they estimate 6,000 more people were here on friday than today. pat yourself on the back if you
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are headed to the airport. they open security checkpoints earlier today. it is going smooth. they hope people come prepared. we have a funny full scene. the t.s.a. put tips on their when. they got a cheeky with it. look at these: can your turkeyfully? yes, your turkey can fly. well, turkeys can'tfully but you can pack them in your carry on or checked bags. pilgrims? tips for pilgrims: large buckles, they can set off the metal detectors and your blunder must be packed. what is that? i will look it all. there are interesting tips. you cannot pack a pef, for example, all on the web site. we have a link. the boards are looking good, all
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on time, nothing canceled, with no weather. the duty manager said they are watching thunderstorms in houston. nothing major. a great travel day. great day to get to grandma's. >> we wondered what a blunder buss is. >> it is a short gun. >> probably do not need that. >> you are welcome. >> you will not need it. >> flying out of mineta san jose international airport to beat the crowds officials are expecting to serve 400,000 people during the thanksgiving professional period through next tuesday. that is 15% jump from last year. the busiest day at mineta san jose international airport is today. >> airport officials in san jose are ready for the extra crush of travelers. my gosh, what is that?
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robotic customer service agents, the first thanksgiving day. norma, amelia and piper are located at gate 11, 21 and 25 offering directions and help with dining and shopping options and take a selfie with you. volunteer ambassadors and therapy dugs are on hand to offer assistance and comfort travelers. i love everything about that. >> there is tough talk from the city of santa clara. they are demanding the 49ers turn over documents or they will take over management of the stadium. >> you can get the team is pushing back. matt keller is at levi stadium. matt? >> the team is pitting up a fight. it could be a battle they could end up losing. the citien whats them to turn over documents or else risk losing control of the stadium. last night, the meeting was standing room only with a lot of supporters of the city council and the mayor.
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the city council voted to issue a breach of agreement so the 49ers have 30 days to turn over financial documents starting today showing profits andlesses for non-nfl events at levi stadium including concerts or other avenues are pursued. >> it is in no one's best interest, the 49ers or the city of santa clara, not in the promoter whose book the building or in the acts that come here, it is not in the best interest of that information to be made public. >> once you do live up to your responsibilities then we can have a close working relationship. we have to set it straight, we have to set it right and we have certain rights unagreement and we are going to enforce it. >> the mayor said she has never seen a document in the two plus years the stadium has been open. 49ers team president said many documents have been delivered and others are available to be viewed at any time. we will continue to follow this story and find out what happens after the 30 days are up.
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>> a strange situation. developing news, abc has learned president-elect donald trump has pecked nikki haley as u.n. ambassador and will accept the position today. she has to be confirmed by the senate. trump is at his home in florida for the holiday. >> today as president-elect donald trump spends time with his family in florida for the thanksgiving holiday questions over the business ties, campaign pledges and open cabinet positions. dr. ben carson one of many visitors spotted leaving trump tower on tuesday last week said he had in interest in a trump cabinet position. but, now, he is back in the mix and up for housing and urban development secretary. jowl plane -- rudy giuliani is declining to talk about his desire to be part of the
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administration. issues he promised to tackle as president he is backing away from. now, softening the stand on prosecuting hillary clinton saying to the "new york times" my inclination is for whatever power i have on matter to go party r forward, it has been looked at for long. he is dealing with questions of his business ventures in 18 different countries around the world, begging the question, even from his advisories; there a conflict? democratic senator seems to think so. >> law is a clear conflict of interest between donald trump's personal business interests and his public duties. >> something else donald trump is not talking about, the wall. he promisessed to build a wall along the southern united states mexico border but now he is mentioning an executive action to "investigate the fence." alameda county is taking action on the wave of hate-related criminal activity
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after the election of crump. the alameda county district has established a new hotline to report hate crimes. 510-208-4824. we have the number on our website. >> parents and students and the school honored five victims of the terrible crash in ten with balloons and candles and gospel music marking the event in chattanooga. people wanted it show support and help those with a heavy heart close to the holidays. >> investigators are focusing on the driver's history and speed at the tomorrow of the bus crash. johnthony walker is facing numerous charges for killing five children and injuring two dozen other. personnel saying connecting the injured with parents was a long process because many were too young to know the name of their parents.
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>> police are look for a man accused of sexually assaulting a male student. police say the attack happened early in the morning off campus university housing. the victim met the suspect on the internet. >> santa rosa father acoupled of drowning his four year old daughter in the baptismal pool will return to court for competency. gerardo gordaz appeared in court yesterday. he was sobbing and shackled to a wheelchair. the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation. police say gordaz killed his daughter inside a car in healdsburg, the only witness was the girl's older brother and police have not reveal the possible motive. all the man is facing charges for threatening to detonate a bomb on a southwest airlines flight from oakland to baltimore yesterday afternoon. right after the plane took off from oakland. the pilot turned the plane back and sheriff deputies took the man into custody.
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bomb sniffing dogs went through the plane and found nothing. the the passengers were put back on the plane. >> rain is barely over and already there is fog in santa rosa at half mile visibility. airport boulevard to shiloh to 101, be careful the next couple of hours. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 40s inland east bay neighborhood up highway 4 around 50 degrees. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s around the bayshore to the south bay. in the hills of los gatos 43 and the north bay mid-40s including 45 in novato and for instance in napa and santa rosa. the golden gate is not raining but it is wet. the breeze is light. on the road, they will dry out over the next couple of hours, traveling on the water, light breezes if you are out and about exercising damp to dry. richmond is half an inch of rain, one of the bigger
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receivers there. temperatures today upper 50s to low 60s the same tomorrow and friday. but, friday evening, round two comes in with more on that in the next weather. here is alexis and the commute. >> i want to reiterate we have a lot of wet pavement this morning you can see the puddles on the richmond-san rafael bridge. we getting word of rollover crash on westbound highway 4, before you get to the avenue with the slow rain blocked. the vehicle flipped and facing sideways no delay but if it is blocking for long it will not be a good spot for that. 10 minute delay between hayward and south hayward in richmond direction because of traffic maintenance. i will stay on top of that. i promised to look at drive times and that is next. >> coming up a gunman opens fire in the east bay and a cat is the victim. the reason this time of crime is more common than you could think. >> a iphone warning.
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the video that could turn your smartphone into an expensive brick. >> thanksgiving that a thing? >> yes. >> there is our friend, charlotte the spider ready for stuffing. we keep track of your spiders and your weather forecast and traffic
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the search is on for the person who opened fire on a cat. as we reporter, this type of crime is actually more common than we would imagine. >> the cat is woos city on painkillers at the oakland pet hospital recovering after being shot by what vets believe was a high-powered air rifle. >> they can be using cats as target practice. >> she first noticed something was wrong when she fund the cat hide under the house. >> he was off, and, today, i was rubbing his stomach and noticed a hole. you could look into him on brook land and hanover. this type of injury is not unusual. >> he took an x-ray to may sure it did not hit bones or arteries, but it went through the shoulder and clean out the
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armpit. >> i'm scared because i like letting my cats outside. i like that they can sniff around the garden and walk around and now i can't let them out anymore because why want them to get shot. >> she plans to file a police report. >> the cat? >> he will do fine. just fine. >> obviously, that is mean and the next store is weird. we are lending about a gross mess someone made in san francisco at city hall. someone break into ciy hall and dumped further laser inside the assessor's office and smeared it on the walls and furniture. i think that is a good enough picture for you. employees found it and the office had to call in the pros to clean everything. authorities are still locking for the culprit. >> kayne west still in the hospital on 72 hour psychiatric hold taken to ucla medical
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center for evaluation on monday after the personal doctor called 9-1-1. the 39 year old is reportedly suffering from "temporary psychosis, exhaustion, stress and lack of sleep." his wife, kim kardashian has made no comment with no charges rolling. he has diagnosis played erratic behavior and canceled the rest the tour taking at least a $30 million hit from that. tmz learned he had an insurance poll that covered him in the event of illness. >> in a few hours, a thanksgiving tradition is underway in san francisco taking a lot of helping hands: 1,200 pounds of turkey need to be carved for the meal delivery program. the mayor, firefighters and police officers will help out at 8:30 this morning. salvation army will deliver 4,000 meals to seniors and homebound people in san francisco tomorrow. >> very nice.
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for the forecast we will get to the gay who knows. mike nicco? >> good morning, we will start with live doppler hd rate there closest to the raiders falling now from cloverdale and down to healdsburg, heading to windsor, and guerneville and possibly santa rosa and rohnert park sliding to the east and southeast. this chance of showers is going to hang around until 9:00 and will dissipate and see sunshine, clouds and call it mostly sunny day and temperatures are in cloverdale and santa rosa and lakeport, half moon bay in the upper 50s and the rest of us around 60 to 62. tonight is very chilly with in frost advisories and low-to-upper 40s at the bay and the coast. friday if you are shopping it will be great. dug day late. when the sun sets there will be drizzle and showers at midnight
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heaviest through saturday morning. we will see waves of shower through saturday, sunday, though, is the better day of the two. on the storm-impact scale they are a "1", light. rainfall amendments are half an inch to 1". >> and now, hog -- look at the maze we have a crash. all traffic was totally stopped until a few saids ago. the trooper is headed through the area and they have totally cleared it. i don't think it will be an issue. it looks like it is unwinding. the drive times, although we have had crashes they are all green, southbound 680 in the green. same on 24. if we had problems it would be westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 3 minutes. we will take a closer look at te rollover on highway 4 next. >> an update from abc7 mornings.
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>> brand new video after multiple bright lights were found on the skies above florida. the video shows bright light thought to be a fireball brighter than usual meteor and the video was taken by an officer's dashcam and more video from another lived will in florida you can see how bright the light is. the votes were taken near the gulf coast between tampa and ft. myers with no word on how were of the state could see the flashing lights. pretty cool video. >> petaluma police are trying to solve a mystery. it is not a crime. the war moment owes they want to return to the rightful owner. >> a plan to give millions of workers overte pay hit as roadblock. >> steph curry beats one of the biggest fans and why it meant so much. first, techbytes. >> black friday democrats from
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t-mobile offering free top line smartphones if you sign up for two years and trade in a fairly recent phone such as a 6s and get a 7 free or an iphone 6 and the new 7 only costs $100. >> apple is planning a one-day post thanksgiving day sale but no one knows what kind of price cuts are offered. this is a big deal because apple hasn't been big on black friday sales. last year it sat out the day altogether. >> there is speculation that a future iphone could be a blast from the past: a flip phone. it looks like a foldable phone. apple is not saying
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>> a federal judge blocked a rule backed by president obama that would have given roughly five million white collar workers overtime paid to take effect december 1. the injunction stopped the labor department from implementing the changes until it can be legally examined. it would have doubled the salary threshold for workers to qualify from $24,000 to $47,000 a year. 21 states sued to block it arresting it would hurt growth and possibly lead to layoffs. >> we have a warning of a rank that can cause your iphone or ipad to stop working a file
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that has a malicious virus. the video is a link to a video showing someone standing by a bed with "honey," displayed cross the korean. after laying it your phone or tablet will slow and freeze. you can fix it with a hard reset pressing volume down and power button on the iphone 7 or the home and power on older iphones. >> looking for a fun way to burn off extra carls consider local bicyclist mapped out a route. look at this, in the shape of a turkey. he said the turkey ride is also one of the most grueling work outs any person in san francisco could commit to covering 50 miles including punishing pacific heights hills, and the broadcast taxis you through the mount sutro award. >> excuse me? >> yes, i said that, but according to the bicycling app
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it will take four hours to complete. >> how many calories? >> not enough. >> not enough for my plans. >> and now i have ever i need. >> and we still have two hours remaining! >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at our live doppler hd from reno showing snow in the sierra. i will show you what will happen today. it will transition for snow showers and it is better at 9:00. even 70 in los angeles. today in sierra until noon you will be fine from 1:00 today through 4:00 on saturday morning. if you are trying to drive up saturday morning you will drive right into the next snowstorm. it promises to have more than the one that is dumping up there now. alexis? >> we have light volume but we have had our fair share of issues. including a rollover crash westbound highway 4.
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the vehicle has been now abandoned block the far right lane. there is no backup. we will watch this. we have a 10-minute delay for bart riders between hayward and south hayward because of maintenance in richmond direction. we will look at slowly increasing drive times in the central valley next. >> petaluma police are looking for the owner of a military campaign streamers left behind after the veteran's day parade, and a good samaritan found them in walnut creek where the parade started each representing a battle or campaign during war. they are kept at the petaluma police department uil the rightful owner returns. >> steph curry is showing how big his heart is. these foe foes of the visit with a young leukemia visit in indianapolis on monday are going viral. the seven-year-old is a big fan
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diagnosed with leukemia as a baby and was in remission but now developed another type of leukemia. the two spent an hour together and they got to know one another and steph curry gave him a signed jersey, t-shirt and a basketball and they exchanged bracelets. steph curry wore his during the win over the pacers on monday and the warriors invited brode to come out to a game at oracle arena when he is out of the hospital. >> i like that he wore the bracelet at the game. >> ready or not, time to go. we are at san francisco international airport with the last minute travel watch and the challenges. >> keeping passengers safe. what bart is doing to make sure commuters are not victims. >> someone hurt four boston police officers with much more on this story, next. >> a look outside at the bay bridge, keeping you in touch with weather and traffic during
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now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> it is thanksgiving eve. wednesday, november 23rd. i am reggie aqui. >> eating can start right now. >> absolutely. >> i am here with the whole team, including jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and alexis smith. mike is bringing rain? >> are you hiding food? >> i have this... >> i made a pie. >> what kind? >> pecan pie. getting into the food. >> i am sure i will enjoy it later. i am sure it is waiting for us. good morning, everyone. >> i am hungry! >> we are trying to have fun because the rain is


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