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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest travel day of the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as the president-elect reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on torture and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business dealings overseas this morning. fireball.
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the bright flash and blaze spotted overnight streaking through florida's skies. the big mystery this morning. calls pouring in. what lit up the night sky? and they did it. >> laurie and val. [ cheers and applause ] laurie and val taking home the mirror ball trophy in one of the closest finales yet. now the final four couples are flying all night joining us for our biggest after-party ever. we're starting your holiday weekend right, only on "gma." >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers ] and good morning, america. happy thanksgiving eve. happy birthday, robin. >> thank you for having a dance party in my honor. thank you, george. >> we are having a dance party. busy, busy day in times square. busy travel day for millions but
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there they are, the champs right there, laurie and val. >> and the final four traveled all night to get here and just landed moments ago. and here they are pulling in right now, literally that is right now, and we can't wait to hear from them when they come in. >> they're getting here. >> there they are. making their way here. >> that was them right now. off the plane. this is them right now in the minivan or whatever you want to call that. >> it's all good. it's all good, michael. >> traffic on your birthday. you bring up traveling. well, take a look. already overnight, a major -- okay. let's stay. >> there's the champs. you got to marinate this. just for a minute. >> right. >> we paid a lot of money to get them here. >> right now they're rolling in. >> there's laurie. >> it's wonderful because there's been a big crowd out here since the wee hours and get out of the van and get right out there and greet everybody, and it just tells you the kind of people that they are.
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wonderful, wonderful. >> absolutely. all right. but we have to talk about what happened. a major traffic jam in los angeles. millions of americans are about to hit the roads. this is a live look at airport lines across the country. it is the busiest day of the holiday season. two winter storms are moving in. ginger is here with the details. what do we have here, ginger? >> we've got, yeah, two winter storms and this, happening overnight. fresh accidents, new snow, and this is just in minneapolis. this is a large area of our nation that we'll be watching from chicago to detroit down to houston this morning. >> reporter: fresh slide-offs and spinouts in minnesota as a menacing winter storm marches from the rockies to the plains. crippling white knuckle driving and a major headache just in time for the busiest travel week of the year. >> it is going to be tough. tonight is traditionally the most difficult time.
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>> reporter: the most popular mode of transportation this thanksgiving, the road. an expected 43.5 million people will drive more than 50 miles to reach their destination, and we have already seen deadly accidents and major gridlock due to the extra cars and icy roads. the best time to venture out is before 11:00 a.m. this morning. if not you'll want to wait until after 7:00 p.m. tonight for better traffic. thanksgiving day and black friday will be two of the best days to hit the road, and the worst, sunday, any time between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., experts are expecting a 240% increase in traffic jams and a 100% increase in accidents throughout the day. so we have got those winter weathered a riseri weather advisories. also popping up in parts of the rockies, sierras, cascades and minnesota and wisconsin for the next 12 hours or so. along that cold front there are a couple of areas and roads i'd like you to be aware of. so any highway through chicago,
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also i-75, detroit and cincinnati, stopped at 7:00 p.m. if you're one of those people that will wait until after the rush, those are two pockets you will want to watch, and macy's looks dry, and to start, and then rain, snow in the upper elevations. guys, i have to mention, even though we've got the problems out west, if you're dry now and you're going to grandma's house and you have good weather, not going to be the case when you go back. i have the sunday forecast in just a couple of moments when everybody comes back from the holiday. >> the other end of the story, all right, ginger, thank you. and airport officials are warning fliers to arrive early. louisville, long lines after a power outage and in chicago, lines are growing there too. abc's alex perez is at o'hare airport in chicago with plenty of company there. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. that's right. we do have a lot of company with us already. take a look behind me here. you can see the crowds starting to grow here at terminal one already. the good news is they are moving pretty quickly so far. if it feels like the airports are more crowded and more busy, that's because they actually are. 27.3 million will fly.
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this thanksgiving holiday period, and that's about 2.5% more than last year. 2.5 million passengers at airports today alone. now, in fact, airlines are adding 74,000 seats each day just to keep up with demand. now, the tsa since the summer has added about 1,400 additional agents and has made many part-time agents full-time. but even with all of that they are, of course, insisting that you show up early, give yourself extra time and say you should even give yourself additional time just to get to the airport. robin. >> that's true. all right. thank you. we'll move onto the trump transition. just learned the president-elect trump has picked south carolina governor nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador. this news comes as the trump family settles in at their mar-a-lago estate to celebrate thanksgiving, and after that "the new york times" interview where he softened and even reversed major positions he took during the campaign, david wright has all the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning,
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george. that appointment of nikki haley as u.n. ambassador could well be a signal that trump is willing to work even with those who have opposed him in the past. and it comes as trump himself seems to be retreating from some of his biggest campaign pledges. the 44-year-old republican governor was a supporter of marco rubio in the primaries, but she has since come around. >> well, i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's biggest cheerleader. [ laughter ] i did vote for him, and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: haley is the daughter of indian immigrants who led the charge to remove the confederate flag from south carolina's capital, but it's not clear how much foreign policy experience she has. her appointment comes as the president-elect used a meeting with "the new york times" to backtrack on some of his biggest applause lines from the campaign trail. the crowd chanted "lock her up" at every trump rally in response to the candidate's vow to seek criminal charges against hillary clinton.
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>> if i win, i am going to ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to look into her crimes. >> reporter: the president-elect trump told "the times" he's now having second thoughts about following through on that threat. i think it would be very, very divisive for the country, he said. adding, i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly. >> well, so much for locking her up, i guess. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham told fox news that's not good enough. >> i do hope that all the things that donald trump said about how crooked she was, that we just don't let it go without some serious effort to see if the law was violated. >> reporter: on climate change, another issue candidate trump hit hard -- >> we will also cancel billions in global warming payments to the united nations. >> reporter: -- president-elect trump is now more noncommittal, he told "the times."
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i have an open mind to it. and on torturing potential terror suspects. >> i would bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. >> reporter: the president-elect indicated he'd changed his mind about that after his sit-down this weekend with retired general, james mattis, now a candidate for secretary of defense. he says mattis told him establishing trust was far more effective than torture. give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers, and i'll do better, he reportedly told trump. trump told "the times" he was impressed by that answer. he reversed himself on "the new york times" which throughout the campaign he lambasted as a failing paper, and now he admits he reads it every day, although he joked that he might live 20 years longer if he didn't. >> exactly. okay, david. thanks very much. >> you two in that "the new york times" interview donald trump was also pressed on possible conflicts of interest involving his business operations around the world. questions are also being raised about his foundation. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, is here with more on that. good morning, brian.
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>> reporter: well, good morning, robin. with the election safely behind him donald trump's foundation is admitting it was guilty of self-dealing. and he is defiantly maintaining that if he wanted to, he could run his business empire perfectly, and the country perfectly all at the same time. from his penthouse apartment over the last two weeks, trump has repeatedly used his new position to meet or talk with people would could help push his business interests overseas. some proudly posting pictures online, and now he tells "the new york times," the law is on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. >> i think that we're only at the beginning on the cusp of potential controversy involving conflicts of interest. >> reporter: during the campaign trump and his surrogates denounced an investigation into the trump charitable foundation as political. >> are you confident that the trump foundation has followed all charitable rules and laws? >> well, i hope so. i mean my lawyers do it. >> reporter: but in a new filing, the trump foundation now
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admits it was guilty of self-dealing, following reports by "the washington post," that trump used the charity to pay for a portrait of himself, to help settle lawsuits, even to buy a signed football helmet. and the new filing also reveals that the trump foundation last year, just like the clinton foundation, accepted a huge donation. $150,000 in trump's case from a ukrainian billionaire, victor pinchuk, the kind that led to allegations by trump that the clintons and their foundation were corrupt. >> clinton donors got favorable treatment. >> there needs to be a ban on contributions to the trump foundation, and i think that children in particular should not be getting paid speaking fees, particularly overseas, because again, this is a common method that foreign oligarchs will use to curry favor with political figures in the united states. >> reporter: and that's the man who wrote so critically about the clintons and their foundation. now a trump insider, peter
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schweitzer says he fears trump is already creating a climate in which people overseas will try to get to him through his foundation or his business or his children. george. >> okay, brian, thanks very much. more on that from dan abrams and jon karl. we'll come back to that in a minute. jon, let me begin with you and the appointment of nikki haley, the south carolina governor, had tough words for donald trump throughout the campaign. they appeared to patch it up. this is a real effort by the president-elect to reach out beyond his base. we also hear that ben carson has been offered hud secretary. >> absolutely. two people that trump sparred with mightily during the primaries, of course, he patched it up with ben carson quite some time ago, but i'm also told, george, there's very serious consideration given to mitt romney as secretary of state. an effort by trump to show that he will reach out, that he will show flexibility, both in terms of who he is putting in his cabinet and also in terms of the positions he is taking. >> but a real dogfight for secretary of state. you have mitt romney, and rudy giuliani, a loyalist there as well.
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some people saying senator bob corker could be in play, even general david petraeus. >> i'm told there are two schools of thought within the trump campaign. really almost warring factions on this issue. there are strong advocates for mitt romney for the symbol that would send to the wired republican party into the foreign policy establishment, but there are those like to newt gingrich who came out to say that mitt romney would be a big mistake. he'd be concerned mitt romney as secretary of state would be more about mitt romney than about donald trump. >> okay, jon. let's talk about these conflicts now with dan abrams. the president-elect really drew a hard line in that "the new york times" interview yesterday. saying the president can't have a conflict of interest. >> look. and as a legal matter, the federal statute that applies to conflicts of interest are federal employees doesn't apply to the president. he's right on that. there is another provision in the constitution which basically says that a foreign government can't give a gift. that one probably does apply to the president. but as a practical matter, the thing that i would be most worried about with regard to these conflicts, is the
7:14 am
possibility that if he stays involved in any way, he is then subject to lawsuits as well. and so that's the real concern i would have as a legal matter. >> the real questions what kind of fire wall he could set up if the kids are running the business, run every possible transaction by the white house counsel's office. >> in theory, yeah. and look, the ultimate thing would do would be to sell everything to the kids. that's also very unlikely to happen. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now to new developments in that school bus crash in tennessee. this morning investigators are trying to piece together what went wrong and the driver is facing multiple charges. abc's david kerley has the latest. >> reporter: two pictures this morning, the wreckage of the school bus and the wreckage of families. 9-year-old cordayja jones and zyaira mateen. among the five lost children. whose mother says she complained about the driver before the crash. >> i have been calling the school since the first day. >> reporter: we've learned the 24-year-old driver only received his commercial license in april, and just two months ago, had an
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accident in his bus hitting a car. these two boys survived the horrific crash. >> he started turing real fast around the corner. >> and it felt like the world was turning upside down. >> he hit a mailbox and garbage can and that's when the tree went through the bus. >> reporter: hundreds turned out to remember the young lives lost. the newest statistics, each year on average, five students are killed in school bus accidents, but in an instant, five were lost here in chattanooga, renewing the call for seat belts. while the industry argues busses are safe, and the cost of $2,000 to $5,000 per bus would mean millions of school districts federal safety officials say it is time. >> we got to quit identifying the barriers why it can't get done and talk about how we get a three-point seat belt on every school bus. >> reporter: only six states require seat belts on school busses, and robin, i have to tell you, this community is shaken. i talked to a first responder, a
7:16 am
veteran firefighter yesterday. he had to stop watching the coverage because of that horrific scene he to deal with just a couple of days ago. robin. >> can only imagine, thanks for being there for us. amy is back from there with the morning's other top stories, starting with a big headline about overtime pay. >> that's right. good morning, guys. 4 million americans will now not be getting that increase in overtime pay they may have been expecting. a federal judge has blocked a new obama administration rule set to take effect next week. it would have made overtime pay available to salaried workers, earning up to $47,000 a year. business groups challenged that rule, arguing the government is overstepping its authority. well, police say a person of interest is in custody after the shooting of a police officer at wayne state university in detroit. officer colin rose was shot in the head while investigating car break-ins. he is out of surgery, but is in critical condition. and in philadelphia, police are trying to figure out who placed an explosive device inside a package left at a man's
7:17 am
door. they say the man opened it thinking it was medication and was then seriously injured. investigators say it appears that victim was targeted and it is not a terror-related case. and new video of a fireball seen over the sky in florida there. look at that. that happened monday night. astronomers say this was likely a meteor the size of a baseball. that's it. wow. burning up as it entered the atmosphere. finally speaking of wow, a man who inherited a house from one of his relatives in france got the surprise of a lifetime when he went to visit to sell some of the furniture. take a look at what he found. >> oh, wow. >> 5,000 pieces of gold. they were hidden under chairs like screwed in boxes underneath chairs. in the bathroom, underneath linens, inside a whiskey bottle. in total, 220 pounds of gold worth $3.7 million. >> wow. >> that's a nice inheritance. >> that is. >> thank you very much. wow. >> that's incredible. >> lucky fella, i guess. all right. thank you, amy. now take a look at this.
7:18 am
it might be the worst mannequin challenge ever. it's done by some of the brightest and best stars. you can see lights flashing, people are blinking. they're all over the place but this happened on tuesday at president obama's medal of freedom ceremony. >> it's pretty good. >> george, if you really break it down -- if you really break it down, it's a little bit of movement going on there. >> wow. >> you're tough. >> i'm very tough. i got to -- i'll post mine later on. i'm really still, people. i'm not moving at all. but the sweetest moment right here, ellen degeneres was moved to tears when she received her medal. the president praised her, and praised her for her courage, in coming out 20 years ago, on her sitcom, and it was really amazing. really inspiring person. >> a lot of great moments. >> the stars were honored. >> that's it. >> ginger, what do you have? we have a lot of great moments coming up, but right now, we have to get to your local weather and the snowy
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cities brought to you by burlington. good morning. a shower chance is possible this afternoon between storms through at least thanksgiving. a heavier storm is coming in on friday night through at least saturday. today, upper 50s. half moon bay, santa rosa, low to mid-60s. look how cold it will get tonight. mid-30s to 40s around the bay. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, the storm is light on our storm impact scale.
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coming up, we have new clues about what led to kanye west's meltdown. we have the emergency call, what happened when paramedics got to the scene. and it's our huge "dancing with the stars" after-party. laurie and val are here. they took home the mirror ball trophy last night, and we're here with all the finalist us. our big celebration is coming up. come on back. ♪ they took home the mirror ball
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like barbie, paw patrol, and lego sets! in store only. toys"r"us ...awwwesome! good morning. we have been dealing with a major traffic alert? hayward. let's get over to alexis smith. >> this is from sky 7 from about 30 minutes ago. they started releasing some of these vehicles sitting on northbound 880 involving a pedestrian and they were there for over an hour. everybody else is still being forced off at whipple and we have major delays on both sides of 880. that extends for four miles. let's take a look at our traffic maps if we can flip over here quickly and you can take a look at this backup. you want to stick with 238 or possibly union city boulevard. they are a little closer to the water.
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hopefully they will get these lanes opened by 8:00 this
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good morning. thanks for sticking around. watching showers move through san francisco headed towards sausalito and another through oakland and alameda. one in alamo and dublin. we have a chance through 10:00 and then we'll see a transition to mostly sunny conditions by noon. temperatures in the upper 50s today. grab a coat if you're heading out this evening. into the 40s by 8:00. a storm friday night through saturday. it's one healthy rain, though. natasha. speaking out about the staph infection that almost took his leg. another update in 30 minutes and go to
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one diamond for your best friend... one for your true love. for the one woman, who's both. ever us. available at kay, jared and zales. welcome back to "gma." busiest travel day of the year. that is o'hare airport in chicago filling up right now. lines going across the country, also more than 27 million expected to fly this holiday. let's take a look at the roads as well. that's the new jersey turnpike. millions more on the road. as we said, busiest travel day of the year. things moving nicely now in new jersey. >> beautiful sky, though. >> yes. >> there's that silver lining. b -- also right now, two winter storms are moving across the country. there are alerts as ginger told us, from california to michigan, creating travel nightmares for the tens of millions hitting the roads. and a major announcement from trump's team. the president-elect has selected south carolina governor nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador. the announcement comes as he and his family celebrate thanksgiving at their home in florida. and what a finish on "dancing with the stars" last night.
7:31 am
laurie hernandez bringing home the gold. again t olympian and val winning the mirror ball trophy. you can see them celebrating and everybody else was cheering them on. getting off the bus. >> yeah, that's right. this he arrived moments ago. they're still celebrating. look at that. we have a huge celebration waiting for them, in fact, we take a look at the troupe dancing right now. all the finalists are here for our after-party. we have a lot of fun and guess what? we have a lot of dancing ahead. shocking, i know. >> it's pretty chilly this morning. >> that's right. we begin with the latest on kanye west. we're learning more about his breakdown. what was going on before he was hospitalized? west is now getting a psychiatric evaluation in los angeles. abc's diane macedo has all the new details. good morning, diane. >> reporter: george, good morning. west was being treated for sleep deprivation when his doctor reportedly called 911 saying he was psychotic. now a famous friend of kanye's is speaking out saying he saw warning signs. this morning, new details are emerging about kanye west's alleged mental state as he was rushed to the hospital.
7:32 am
heard on this fire department dispatch call obtained by tmz. >> rescue 41 psychiatric emergency laurel avenue. >> reporter: the 911 call came in 1:20 p.m. after he was acted erratically. paramedics and the fire department rushed to the hollywood home of his personal trainer where according to tmz officials spoke with him for 90 minutes before following protocol for a psychiatric patient, restraining him and taking him to ucla medical center for an evaluation. >> the doctor called 911 and said that kanye was suffering a temporary psychosis as a result of a lack of sleep and exhaustion. >> reporter: now fans wonder if the emergency caused his abrupt decision to cancel the remaining 21 appearances of his "saint pablo" tour. just 48 hours earlier, the entertainer arrived at his
7:33 am
sacramento concert over hand hour late and sang only two songs before this happened. >> stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: ranting for over 15 minutes on everything from the election to even beyonce and jay z. >> jay z ain't call me. you still ain't call me. >> that was uncharacteristic of him. but that aside, you know, to cancel a month and a half's worth of tours when a lot of money is on the line, something is pretty wrong here. >> reporter: longtime friend and collaborator, john legend, saw the warning signs and he was concerned by west's recent behavior. >> we were with kim and i was concerned by what i saw so hopefully he's getting some rest and some time to figure things out. >> reporter: in his last interview before being hospitalized, west tells "surface" magazine he's uncompromising as an artist. >> and i refuse to negotiate. i can collaborate, but, you know, i'm an artist, so as soon as you negotiate, you're being compromised. >> kim kardashian is said to be by her husband's side. so far, no comment from either of their camps. the e! network which airs her reality show also confirms they did not film the 911 call and
7:34 am
are not filming at the hospital, so it sounds like they are going through this in relative privacy, at least for them. >> of great concern. >> thank you. now to that football star's secret health scare. j.j. watt is one of the houston texans' top defensive players now revealing how close he came to losing his leg and his career. abc's ryan smith has more on this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. j.j. watt is arguably the top defensive force in the nfl, playing through pain time and again. when a staph infection hit him, if not for catching it in in time, his legendary career in the making could have come to an end. he's the three-time defensive player of the year. a force on the field. and off it, a perfect pitchman. a budding movie star to boot. >> damn. >> reporter: but while opposing offensive lines can't stop him, this morning, the houston texans' j.j. watt revealing what almost did for good. a staph infection nearly costing him his career.
7:35 am
the 6'5", 289-pound 27-year-old telling the "players tribune" he noticed bumps on his knee in october of 2015, telling a trainer who rushed him to the hospital. undergoing hours of antibiotics. watt says team doctors told me if our trainer hadn't recognized the problem so quickly, i could have lost my leg. >> staph infections are spread among teams very easily. they're spread through contact. they're also spread in the locker room whose surfaces people can sit on through razors, through sharing towels. >> reporter: and in football, there's growing concern. a staph outbreak in the tampa bay buccaneers' locker room sacked three players in 2013. >> in infection is just eating me up inside. it can kill you. >> reporter: and in 2015, new york giants' tight end, daniel tells almost had his foot amputated. but watt isn't letting the infection get him down. the four-time all pro saying of the game he loves, quote, the kid in me is back. am i done? hell no.
7:36 am
i'm just getting started. can i say that on tv? >> you just did. >> okay. >> you're just quoting. >> offenses are scared he's coming back. nobody likes to see that guy. hopefully heals up soon. we have a big board coming up and in our big board, before you jump into that black friday rush, there's a new warning about the counterfeit toys that may be online that you want to look out for. plus, are we about to see the return of the flip phone, if you guys remember that? >> you have one. >> yeah, apple's big clue. we're back in two minutes. >> wow. wow.
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we're talking about the razr. you had that one, too. it will all make sense in a moment. welcome back. it's time for our big board. we're breaking down more of this morning's top stories. gio is here at the table. did i see your husband over there? >> yep. he is over there. >> i saw family here. it's thanksgiving time. let's start with that urgent warning to holiday shoppers as millions gear up for those big black friday and cyber monday
7:39 am
deals authorities are cautions americans about recalled and counterfeit toys. becky is going to join us. becky worley is joining us with more. let's start with these recalled toys, because so many of them are still available online, and there's a new report out about this. tell us about it, becky. >> yeah. it found you really have to pay attention to the toys you're buying, robin, especially toys for toddlers. we're talking about anything that has small parts, magnets, anything with a battery. since january of 2015 there have been over 40 recalls of toys and children's products. 35 million units we're talking about, some of which are still for sale through third party online sellers. let's go through the examples. a truck from the dollar store with edges sharp enough to cut skin. toddler building sets that posed a choking hazard, and a remote control copter that has overheating problems.
7:40 am
all the players voluntarily recalled the products, but that doesn't mean they still aren't for sale out there, especially on the internet, robin. >> but, becky, more than discuss recalled toys but a lot of counterfeit toys out there, also. >> exactly right. we saw yesterday a big press conference. homeland security and immigration control talking about counterfeit items, the dangers they pose, especially with batteries. we've seen a lawsuit over a counterfeit hoverboard battery that burned a house to the ground. u.s. customs in georgia seizing $70,000 in counterfeit toys. listen, if you guys are buying electronics with batteries, you need to be sure you're buying from a reputable manufacturer. even if it's not electronics, toys need extra scrutiny. they could have high lead level, parts and pieces. they aren't tested so we don't know. if the price seems too good to be true and don't know the reseller, don't take the chance. >> all good things to keep in mind. >> a good deal is not always a good deal. >> that's true. >> that's right. >> thank you, becky. and up next, before you cook those thanksgiving birds, a growing number of people plan to deep fry their turkeys this year. a trend that is dangerous, and let's look at this clip from "modern family" to give you an idea.
7:41 am
>> all right now, boys. the key is you drop it nice and gentle like. oh, no! oh, god! >> not far off. >> we're laughing about this. it's very funny, of course, but there's a real serious concern when a lot of people are trying to deep fry turkeys. >> i've covered so many of these fires. they're terrible. we're talking about five deaths every year. 900 homes destroyed. so we've got tips from turkey fryer experts to put up here. you want to keep that fryer at least 10 feet away from your home on a stable surface. you want to monitor those fluid levels. you don't want it to overflow. you want to fully thaw that turkey. you don't want that frozen turkey to be going into the fryer, and you want to monitor the temperature. you want to avoid the oil smoke point. that's what gets very dangerous but you know what, we found a little video of another little tip. maybe we can show this. that's a drone dropping. if you could stay away from it.
7:42 am
>> going to the extreme here. >> that's a little turkey. that's, like, a -- that's a personal turkey right there. >> i think it's just a leg. i don't know what that is. >> have you ever had deep-fried turkey? it is delicious. >> i have it every year but i have somebody else make it. have somebody else cook it. then i take it. >> of course, you do. smart man. >> save >> this is surprising. the usda, 68% of people actually wash the turkey before they eat it before they cook it. the usda says don't wash it. just use it, just cook it raw and you will be fine because bacteria then won't spread all over the table. that's what you do. >> same thing with chicken. do not wash it. you feel like you're doing something good. thank you. now if you are nostalgic for that flip phone, you may be in luck because apple has been grabbed a new patent for a foldable device sparking speculation that the iphone 8
7:43 am
could be a flip phone. you're having fun with this, because we are having fun with this. what is old could be new again, nick? >> well, listen, there is clearly a bit of hipster retro chic action going on here but also these will great little phones. it's a great design. it's a little hard to figure out exactly what apple is up to because they are a very secret squirrel. they file these patent applications using engineers' names rather than saying apple corporation, but looking at the diagrams, i reckon it could be either just like a flip phone with a bendable screen, or maybe fold in three, also, could be kind of like two iphones sort of back-to-back so it is sort of like that so you got a bendy screen. only thing that could make it cooler in my book is if it had an eight-track player and a shag pile carpet. that's not going to happen. >> oh, behave. oh, behave. >> flip phones haven't been popular for years, so why do you think they want to bring them back now? it seems like they want to go in
7:44 am
another direction. >> well, listen, it's a great design and, you know, i'm thinking they could use it. you could have maybe one app going on one side, another app on the other side. a two-player game perhaps. you could use that as a stand so you can watch videos without holding your phone in your sweaty little hand. who knows? as i say, we don't really know where they are going with this. and will be -- listen, it might go nowhere. apple files a bunch of patents. >> they do. >> as they told us. not everything pans out. probably not going to be the 8, maybe the 9 or 10 but, people, please don't start standing in line. this may never happen. i hope it does. but it may never happen. >> let's check with our tech guru, becky, what say you? >> robin, it's 2006, it wants its design back. are you kidding me? i mean, i can't have a headphone jack and you're going to give me hinges? no. no. >> would you go for it? >> let me tell you something, i miss something. i miss doing when you're angry. >> why didn't you say that? >> just hang up. >> you brought back anger nostalgia. >> that's what i was thinking.
7:45 am
>> that's exactly what i was thinking. >> my friend artie stocks up on flip phones and that's all he uses. he does not use a smartphone at all. >> all right. well, nick, becky, gio, thank you very much. >> thank you guys very much. coming up in two minutes, why a high school football game is heading to court. >> what? plus, our huge "dancing" after-party. the finalists are all here and we're starting your holiday weekend right. put your dancing shoes on. come on back. ♪ perfect illusion ♪ on. come on back. ♪ perfect illusion ♪ america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions.
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life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. don't you wish life could be this mess-free? color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. ♪ always a good excuse to play this song. back now with that crazy high school football game that's heading to court today. so, t.j., tell us at's going on. >> robach, this team got an apology from the official athletic governing body saying yes t ref robbed you. you should have won this game, but oh, well. nothing we can do about it now. so the team huddled up with its attorneys, and they came up with
7:48 am
this new play called, take them to court with a trip to the state championship on the line. >> reporter: the referee's bad call cost an illinois high school a spot in the state championship. but the team is now asking a judge to throw the flag. fenwick high school filed a lawsuit claiming it's the rightful winner of this state semifinal game it lost saturday to plainfield north high in overtime, but here's the thing. the game should have never gone to overtime and all sides agree. >> they should have looked at the rulebook, made a call. or something. on the last play of the game? i mean, come on. >> it was such a travesty that the call was made incorrectly by the refs. >> reporter: what happened? leading 10-7 fenwick ran out the clock on what it thought would be the last play of the game. the ref rightly called a penalty on fenwick, but incorrectly awarded plainfield what's called an untimed down. an extra play. plainfield kicked a field goal to tie the game and ultimately won in overtime.
7:49 am
>> the rule states that they were not supposed to get another play at that point. >> reporter: the rules also clearly state the referees' decisions are final. the athletic association refused to overturn the outcome. even after acknowledging and apologizing for the error. plainfield district officials say they empathize with fenwick and that they should be proud, however, plainfield north is preparing for the state championship game on saturday. in other words, sucks for you. look, look here, the state athletic association said we can't do anything because the rules state we can't change it but now lawyers have found a case from 2009 where they did overturn a game, a soccer game, but similar situation, so it is possible. >> but is it timing? it has to happen before the game, saturday? >> yeah. the championship game is saturday afternoon. >> are they practicing leading up just in case? >> everybody is practicing just in case, but the game is on this saturday. >> did soccer have the same rules about the decisions are final by the refs? >> applies to all sports. it has to be final because then you could go back in the second
7:50 am
quarter and say this ref messed up this call. it changed the outcome. >> look how well -- >> i'm going back to my days and i'm complaining about a few things. >> i want to say t.j. did such a good job with all those follow-up questions. we peppered him. >> come on. what else you got? >> what do you do? right? now you have kids going to court over the end of a game. what kind of precedent does that set? but they were wrong. 100%. >> unusual call to give an extra play. >> i mean it usually does not happen. >> life is not fair. there's a lesson they learned. >> or we're litigious. >> i don't know. we got a lot of dancing coming up. [ laughter ] >> right to the point. "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. e what's possible. fall concert series presentedably carmax. drive what's possible. to do something nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, by carmax. drive what's possible.
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7:56 am
good morning to you. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco for a quick look at our forecast. >> a couple of showers producing rainbows, also, watch for that around hayward, sausalito and san francisco and heading towards oakland. this will hang around until 10:00 and then a lot of sunshine. temperatures around 60 to 62. 30s and 40s tonight but dry tomorrow. rain comes back friday night through saturday. alexis? >> still have that major alert. all 880 lanes are closed at industrial. you'll be forced off in whipple, south of there instead. northbound side with the closure, you're jammed south of the dunn-barton bridge. natasha? >> alexis, thank you.
7:57 am
the couple who won the mirror ball trophy is live on "gma." we'll be back in 30 minutes. look a the that golden light over the bay bridge right now. join us for abc 7
7:58 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. meet the new mirror ball champs, laurie and val. in the ballroom. >> good morning, america. >> we're coming for you. >> dominating on the dance floor in one of the closest showdowns ever. now the top four finalists and their partners flying all night on the "gma" express so get ready to dance. the busiest travel day of the year and it's already a mess. a new winter storm on the move severe weather from texas to the midwest. l.a. freeways jammed as tens of millions hit the roads and get ready to fly. ready, set, spend. what the real deal is on all those doorbusters? when to shop, where to shop and how to get the best black friday bargains. ♪ i want to make you feel good
8:01 am
all that and our big ballroom bash begins right now as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ ♪ tell the truth if it ain't love why does it feel so good why does it feel so good ♪ ♪ if it ain't love why dogs it feel so good ♪ ♪ why does it feel so good ♪ i confess tonight your body is a blessing ♪ ♪ i don't know what i do to deserve it ♪ ♪ if it ain't love why does it feel so good why does it feel so good ♪
8:02 am
♪ if it ain't love why does it why does it feel so good ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> you guys, good morning, america. >> wow. >> what a performance. our huge "dancing with the stars" after-party. our biggest one yet. [ cheers and applause ] >> these guys, so great to have all the finalists here. what a finale it was. last night. come on over here. >> ah. >> we'll get a chance to talk to all the couples that are here, including the mirror ball winners, laurie and val. >> yes. >> coming up in just a moment. >> congratulations to them. we also have -- i love telling you this, we have some surprises and a giant showdown. you guys are not done dancing
8:03 am
yet. >> we have just begun. val, we do have to do a little news. to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, the big story, all that weather impacting the holiday travel rush. two winter storms moving across the country. just as millions of americans hit the roads or head to the airport, and experts are predicting the most thanksgiving travellers since 2007. in fact, take a look at the traffic nightmare in los angeles last night. oh, my goodness, and ginger, unfortunately, the weather not helping in many parts of country. in fact, some of the places that are facing the worst delays. >> yes, a ground stop already this morning in houston because of that storm along that same cold front put on a couple of the airports you have to watch out for as the snow wraps up in minneapolis, chicago and detroit. all areas that we're watching, not just, of course, for the air, but the roads, so we put the highways on here, and stopped it just after 7:00 p.m.
8:04 am
when a lot of people are going to try to beat the rush so areas you want to watch out for rain in chicago and detroit, cincinnati could get some too. that's a look, and it starts to kind of dwindle by tomorrow morning, amy. >> thanks so much. also, breaking overnight, donald trump has tapped the first woman for a key position in his administration. south carolina governor nikki haley will be named the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. even though she had been critical of trump during the campaign, the president-elect and his family are in palm beach to spend thanksgiving, and the trip comes as trump changes course on some of his most controversial campaign promises. campaign promises. he is now backing away from a threat to prosecute hillary clinton saying it would be divisive for the country. trump says he no longer wants to bring back waterboarding and now says he is keeping an open mind about climate change which he had dismissed as a hoax. well, the most expensive navy destroyer ever built has broken down in the panama canal. the $4 billion "uss zumwalt" suffered what's being called an engineering problem just one month after it was commissioned.
8:05 am
repairs could take several days. the world's tallest waterslide is shutting down for good. three months after the death of a 10-year-old boy. caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury while riding the seven-story slide in kansas. it will be demolished once the investigation is completed. and on this day before thanksgiving, heinz is recalling gravy because of a possible health risk. the company is recalling thousands of jars of its pork gravy because they're mislabeled. they contain another flavor with milk and soy, which could trigger allergies in some people. the jars have a best buy date of december 2017. and tifinally, in addition travel woes, some of you might be worried about getting into some arguments at thanksgiving dinner this year because of politics. well, guess what, you're not alone. the #howtoavoidpoliticsatdinner has been trending. people are sharing their advice, talk about religion instead. another person suggests tell your family you have a
8:06 am
girlfriend and perhaps the best advice, just say, wrong in response to everything they say. how about that, guys? >> very good suggestions. >> that will work. >> all very good suggestions there, amy. thanks very much. a little news that goes "pop." >> happy birthday, my friend. [ cheers and applause ] a little "pop news" and do you guys remember we told you all about a story earlier this month involving bruce springsteen. you may recall this image of some motorcycle riding veterans, came to bruce's aid when he broke down on the side of a new jersey road. that motorcycle was built for the boss by billy joel, it turns out. who would have thunk. joel reportedly told the crowd at his concert monday night, new york's madison square garden bruce borrowed billy's custom, and this is a bike sacred for his cow, bobber, and loved that bobber so much, billy had one made for him. they have been dear friends for a long time. billy owns a motorcycle shop on
8:07 am
long island, i also did not know that. "pop news" is filled with little nuggets for you today. >> exactly. >> so when joel found out about the breakdown he called springsteen to say it wasn't the bobber, was it? yeah, it was the the bobber. bruce told him no worries, but as bully told the crowd, something my passionates have always said, no good deed goes unpunished. >> how many times did you hear that? >> oh, my gosh. >> two great story, veterans picking him up and helping him on veterans day and built by billy joel. >> and it was a clunker. >> no, it was not a clunker. had a moment as we all do. >> amen. >> my bobber is having a moment right now. >> let's move on to the next story. >> it's a bike. thank you. thank you. to the man in the back, drinks are on me. next up in "pop news," many people may sing a disney song or
8:08 am
lullaw lullaby. if you grew up in phil collins' household, he turns it into a disney song. lily collins revealed on harry connick's show a song we know and love, "you'll be in my heart" from "tarzan" in 1999 was written for her as a lullaby as a baby and went on, of course, to win an oscar and golden globe and, oh, a grammy for best soundtrack album. [ cheers and applause ] just got to say that is -- that's a lullaby. that is a good night song. very sweet. lots of little fun factoids. birthday nuggets for you. >> that's true. thank you. robin, in san francisco, get ready for some turkey that help you lose weight. >> what? >> take a look at this map. that is a running route through the city. >> oh, no. >> no joke. no joke. >> come on. >> the fourth annual turkey ride, complete with feathers, a beak and a thanksgiving hat, a
8:09 am
cyclist named point ret took on the challenge along with four friends, and said the hardest part was the turkey's wing. he tracked the route on his gps, that cool map you saw proves it. it even has the red thing which -- >> the bobber. >> no, it's -- what is it called? we looked it up? it's not a dangle participle. it is not. >> studio full of people. nobody knows what that's called. >> amy, where are you? we looked it up. does anybody know what the red gobbler? it's called a wottle. >> a beard? >> no, that could be one term. >> in west virginia it's called a beard. >> but according to my sources wikipedia, it is called a wottle, but it's not -- but it's spelled with ts, wottle, w-o-t-t-l-e. >> you know twitter is lighting up right now with the answers.
8:10 am
>> thank you, america. it is a beard. it is a wottle. whatever. happy thanksgiving. [ cheers and applause ] >> well done. >> well done, indeed. hey, you know, big, big black friday -- that didn't come out right. big black friday bargains. big black friday bargains. doorbuster deals to get at the stores and the ones you should get online. >> got to go off prompter. >> this is going to come out of the mouth of the big black man, it's our big "dancing" after-party. the finalists are here and we have a great showdown coming up, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors.
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8:15 am
much. >> all kinds of deals on black friday. shoppers have all kinds of options in the store and online. and becky worley is back with her guide on when and where to buy. hey, becky. >> hey, george, serious deal hunters ask the question this time of year the best deals online, in stores, mobile, what? the answer is, yes, all of them. but you have to know where to shop and most importantly, when to shop. ready, set, spend. deals peak tomorrow thanksgiving day. retailers still want you in the door shopping so they offer those crazy low in-store only doorbusters, like this 49-inch 4k tv from best buy, 250 bucks off at $199, and macy's has this waffle maker normally 29 bucks,
8:16 am
but it's free with their markdown and rebate. i love free and i love waffles but the good news there are insanely priced limited quantity online doorbusters too. like these tvs. kohl's has this 55-inch lg tv on sale for $499 plus buyers get $150 kohl's gift card and, this 60-inch vizio for $398. some say it's the lowest on a 60-inch tv ever. but if this is a must-have item, you have to check the time that the deal goes live. even though they are online, there are still doorbusters which means limited stock. if you don't want to hassle with standing in line or timing your online purchases perfectly, good news. many sites are still offering low prices on regular inventory. like target, they put the first version of the apple watch on sale for $198. that's 70 bucks off. need a phone? samsung phones and the iphone 7 are selling on contract with deals that net $250 gift cards
8:17 am
at walmart and target to maim just a few. best buy as well. guy, these deals are all picked by me just because they are good prices, no promotional consideration. so go forth and take advantage of these big black friday deals. george. >> becky worley. [ cheers and applause ] >> she said it right. >> seal of approval coming up, all the "dancing" finalists are here live. we have some surprises, too. coming up. got some surprises too. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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ah, back here on "good morning america," this is one of my favorite mornings of the year. that's right. our dancing party is here in times square doing salsa and we've got all the finalists here live and we'll hear from them in just a moment, but first, good morning. a shower chance is possible this
8:22 am
afternoon between storms through at least thanksgiving. a heavier storm is coming in on friday night through at least saturday. today, upper 50s. half moon bay, santa rosa, low to mid-60s. look how cold it will get tonight. mid-30s to 40s around the bay. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, the storm is light on our storm impact scale. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "dancing with the stars" after-party right here. >> the finalists have made it through 11 weeks, 114 dances and about a million and a half rhinestones so, audience, are you ready here? [ cheers and applause ] are you ready at home? here they are. hit it, guys. >> all right. >> jana and gleb. >> calvin and lindsay. >> james and sharna. [ cheers and applause ]
8:23 am
and your mirror ball champs, laurie and val. [ cheers and applause ] >> dance. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome. congratulations. >> thank you. >> youngest dancing champ ever. what did it feel like? >> it felt amazing. i mean, i had that same joy as i had at the olympics. it was exciting. >> cool. >> it's going to be kind of hard to top this year. i mean, the olympic medal, the mirror ball trophy. >> there was a lot that went on but i'm so grateful. >> that's what we love about you. we can tell how grateful you are and we're grateful for this friend right here, val. we're so happy for you. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> you took great care of our ginger last season, and we saw beginning then and continuing then with laurie, i get see a
8:24 am
little bit of a different side of you. a little more emotional. >> i'm getting older. >> what did laurie bring out in you? >> i think she brings out in me in what she brings out in millions, this youthful joy and, you know, a sense of gratitude to see that in a young person is very inspiring for anybody. >> we saw tears. >> i know. ugliest cry ever. the new michael jordan meme. but i meant it. you know, she's really special and i wanted to do a good job for her. [ applause ] >> something for you, calvin. they call you megatron. one of the best wide receivers in the history of football, but you never danced in the end zone. now you are a professional dancer. so what would your end zone dance look like now? >> come back so we can see it. >> show it off. >> what are you doing? >> hey. [ applause ]
8:25 am
>> look. look at all the fun you missed out on. you missed out on all that fun over the years. >> you know when you were here last time, your sister was giving you a little bit of a hard time saying she was the dancer. we have a message from her now. >> oh. >> calvin, well, i know i said you couldn't dance so i really take it back. i mean you really couldn't dance about a couple of months ago, but i don't know what lindsay did, but you came out, and we're so proud of you, and can't believe what you have done here, and look forward to what you do in the future. and we love you so much. [ applause ] >> the judges called you the miracle man of season 23. but was it hard to kind of go back to that crash? >> you know, in a lot of ways it was, but at the same time, there was some of this gap in my story as we talked about and i was so lucky that sharna was able to
8:26 am
create something for me that filled that void and almost completed the story, so for me, it was almost closure on the whole thing, and in a lot of ways, i come away -- it's a very rich experience for me to be honest. >> i'll bet it was. >> i'll bet it was and just brilliant. >> say this every time you all are here, love the stars the way you come out. but your partners, these professional dancers really -- [ cheers and applause ] >> before we go, let's put up a picture of jolie rae. what do you want to say to her this morning? >> i cannot wait to see her. i love you so much, baby girl. and never forget your worth. >> we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
8:27, good morning. let's go to lester smith on that traffic alert in hayward we've been watching for hours. >> yeah, we sure have. and we still have this situation in hayward. northbound 880, this is right at industrial parkway, all lanes have been closed for several hours now where they were hoping to get the lanes back open at 8:00. they haven't yet but the latest from chp is that they are getting really close to clearing out those lanes. this video is from about an hour ago where all of those cars are being forced off at whipple. we still have about a five-mile backup on the northbound side. going to take a while to recover. also, the on looker high on 880. stick with those alternates for at least the next hour.
8:28 am
reggie? >> thank you, alexis. mike nicco
8:29 am
good morning. tracking a few live showers from san francisco over towards oakland heading down towards san leandro, hayward, one around union city through the sunol grade. you can see pretty quiet weather for the rest of the day with sunshine and upper 50s. we have heavier rain coming in,
8:30 am
especially friday night through saturday. reggie? > mike, thanks so much. another abc 7 ♪ we are back now with our dancing after-party. so much fun. you see outside in times square. [ cheers and applause ] we have dancing outside. we got dancing inside. we have the four finalists, the champ, laurie and val. >> congratulations. >> congratulations again. [ cheers and applause ] val, you talk so much about your brother maks, how he was able to -- you said about 90% of your dance education came -- >> i lied. >> you may want to reconsider it because maks is right here with us this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> so what do you want to say to
8:31 am
your brother? >> what do we want to say to him? tatum and i talked about this right before. we're very proud. we're very proud. no, i'm very proud. i think, you know, this "dancing with the stars" has been my life for about a decade, you know, a lot of the pros, you all these guys throw a lot of amazing war stories our way and it seems like this show would not be possible without the four people leading the other four and it's been an amazing season. i think everybody was deserving of a win. i was a big fan of calvin, james, jana, i got to know a little later after that rain dance, we had to turn off the tv. >> let's talk about that. >> it's been amazing. it's been amazing but these two pulled it off. i got to work with laurie, an incredible young lady and the future for sure so -- >> we're all lucky. >> and all loved. i love her face right next to yours. >> you and val probably started
8:32 am
that young. >> we did, yeah, we had no choice, though, so -- [ laughter ] >> hey, you guys want to dance, sure, let's do it. >> it worked out for both of you pretty well. it really did and, jana, you're a country singer but also write a lot of your own songs so if you had to write one song about this season what would you call it? >> oh, my goodness. "too many emotions to handle." >> i like that. ♪ i cannot lie >> go, val. >> that was good. >> yeah, sorry. >> "glitter." >> talk to you about that tango maks alluded to, maybe the hottest dance of the season, maybe the hottest we've ever seen. we can't show all of it. but tell me a little about what that was like and did it feel as good as it looked? >> it felt cold.
8:33 am
if i could change one thing i would turn the heat in the water a little bit. i remember the first time we did it, it didn't work out and i thought to myself, it's not going to work. this is actually the first time we did it and it worked. yeah. really? >> see, sometimes my gullible nature is correct. >> blame it on the rain. >> james, you received one of the highest compliments ever from the judges. they said you were the best male dancer ever in the history ever. [ cheers and applause ] that's what the judges said and i think part of it is we knew that you didn't have any prior dance experience. you said you didn't even dance with your girlfriend before. >> i want to make it clear i
8:34 am
paid julianne a lot of money to say that but it speaks volumes for the coach and the teacher that i had because i came in with zero experience. i don't think i ever danced sober before i got on the show and to go from that to where we ended up and having a compliment like that from julianne speaks volumes for this woman sitting next to me and everything she does as a coach. >> sharna, you were injured, came back, all the way to second place, more dancing in the future i hope you'll stay. >> absolutely. i'm not going anywhere. incredible season for me and i love that i got to come back and be able to share those last two weeks with james. it was an amazing, amazing finale. >> fun to watch. >> absolutely. and calvin, you were at the top of your game. you know, pro football hall of famer soon in my opinion, but you gave it all up to spend more time with your 2-year-old son so we saw him on the show last night, man. he must be so -- he must be
8:35 am
proud of you. >> oh, man, he is. he loves watching the show. whenever he sees me dancing or sees any of us on tv jumping up and down with joy. a special moment. a tearjerker for me. >> you and lindsay magic out there on the dance floor and you had a lot of trust in him. he was throwing you over his head and everything like that. >> yeah, i don't know why i trusted him so much but i just did. i mean he always delivered so it was awesome. it was really cool for me and tried things i've never done before and trusted me and went for anything i asked. >> i think the trust was mutual. >> i hope so. >> yeah, it had to be with some of those throws you were doing. and, james, idina menzel said you should be on broadway. i want to give you three shows. which one, which show you think you could star in. "hamilton." >> right. >> "jersey boys" or "cats." >> well -- >> "cats." >> we know "cats" is calvin's show so i won't take that from
8:36 am
him and having met and, you know, got chat a little with mark ballas, maybe go with "jersey boys". >> we decided to put together a little on "dancing with the stars" yearbook. so i'm going to call out a description. you have to point to the person who fits it best. remember that part of the yearbook like most energetic. who would get most energetic in this group. >> i had a feeling. >> nugget. >> who would be the class of 2016 class clown? >> class clown. >> that works. >> biggest risk taker. i know these are all -- and finally what about the biggest trash talker? >> ooh. >> whoa. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> okay, maks, you must be so proud at this moment. >> jana is going, thank god they avoided me. >> yeah, jana, are you a trash talker? >> no, he is. >> i'm sarcastic. welcome for the comedy. it will never happen again. >> great sports and there's still more to come here because coming up our finalists are taking on our showstopper showdown inspired by "dancing with the stars" showstoppers night. that was really great. the guys will take on the ladies in a big broadway dance-off here. come on back.
8:38 am
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♪ back now. back now on "good morning america," the "dancing with the stars" showstoppers night. we love that. one of our favorite themes this season. we just gave the finalists a huge challenge. they have to create a broadway-style showstopping number in just two minutes. yeah, that's it. here they are practicing during the commercial break. we gave them two minutes good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. chance of a shower ends by 9:00. mostly sunny and upper 50s this afternoon. 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning but it will be dry for thanksgiving. a lot of rain coming in friday night through saturday.
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] this weather brought to you by prudential and are you ready? yes. we got the showdown coming up. i'll sit by my fellow judge, maks, michael and amy, let's kick this thing off. >> okay. we have two teams and they are ready to perform their original broadway dance. laurie and jana are going head-to-head with calvin and james. let's get this thing going. ready. >> that's right. they weren't even practicing while ginger was doing weather. team guy, you are first dancing to "friend like me." take it away. ♪ ♪ a friend like me ♪ you ain't never had never had a friend never had a friend ♪ ♪ ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪
8:42 am
♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> all that. >> hey, while you guys were dancing, they were over here plotting. they are serious and they are ready to go. okay. now team gals, it's your turn to show them hoi it's done. you're dancing to "ha koon ma matata." hit it. ♪ hakuna matata what a wonderful phrase ♪ ♪ hakuna matata ain't no dancing craze ♪ >> five, six, seven eight. ♪ you got to worries for the rest of your days ♪ ♪ it's our problem-free philosophy hakuna matata ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:43 am
>> oh, my god. >> you two didn't participate. >> all right. >> we have to have an official decision owe ginger and maks. >> judges' table. >> we're not judging like -- >> you can judge too. >> i gave a 9 for calvin and james. >> nice. thank you. >> all right. all right. >> i agree. >> and got to go for it. got to go 10. >> we also -- we also were not very biassed. >> no, not at all. a total fair table here. >> so, in other words, team gals. [ cheers and applause ] >> but you know what, in all fairness you all are winners. everybody is so inspiring because so many different backgrounds, no dancing experience and come in and you inspired so many people every week. it is always great to have you here and you professionals are
8:44 am
inspiring, as well. so thank, you thank you, thank you and hope everybody at home enjoyed that from our "dancing with the stars" stars. and stay right there. coming up, dnce is here performing live. [ cheers and applause ]
8:45 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ oh. the party, the party is on and it's back now with dnce. you don't know how close i came to wearing that right there. i came -- oh, that close to wearing that. they're kicking it off their tour at the top of the year and they're keeping our dance party going with their big hit "body moves," the lead single off their brand-new self-titled album out now, hit it, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ side by side walking home
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stumbling home getting curious ♪ ♪ what's on your mind 'cause what's on mine a dirty mind why so serious ♪ ♪ baby the stars above will light the way just take my hand and hear the words i say ♪ ♪ yeah when the morning comes i'll always stay you gotta know you gotta know that i'm feeling this ♪ ♪ come and roll with me we'll rock them body moves me and you body moves ♪ ♪ come on home with me oh baby let it loose ♪ ♪ me and you body moves ♪ i don't need it but you know how bad i want it and your touch has got me haunted but i like it ♪
8:48 am
♪ come and roll with me we'll rock them body moves ♪ ♪ me and you oh just a little bit ♪ ♪ body moves ♪ we've got all night show me more a little more it's getting scandalous ♪ ♪ yeah all my life yeah i'm waiting for the girl next door to get real dangerous real dangerous ♪ ♪ the stars above will light the way just take my hand and hear the words i say ♪ ♪ yeah when the morning comes i'll always stay ♪ ♪ you gotta know you gotta know that i'm feeling this ♪ ♪ come and roll with me we'll rock them body moves me and you oh just a little bit ♪ ♪ body moves
8:49 am
♪ come on home with me oh baby let it loose ♪ ♪ me and you oh body moves i don't need it but you know how bad i want it ♪ ♪ and your touch has got me haunted but i like it ♪ ♪ come and roll with me we'll rock them body moves ♪ ♪ me and you body moves yeah just a little bit oh ♪ ♪ we'll rock those body moves me and you body moves ♪ ♪ come and hang with me body moves ♪ ♪ i don't need it but you know how bad i want it
8:50 am
and your touch has got me haunted but i like it ♪ ♪ come and roll with me we'll rock them body moves ♪ ♪ me and you body moves yeah just a little bit oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible.
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it's officially that time of year is there this is such a wonderful tradition we have. >> for every letter you write to santa, macy's will donate $1 up to $1 million. >> all starts with a letter to santa claus. >> drop off a letter in a macy's believe box. >> make some amazing kids' wishes come true. ♪ such a fun morning and you can see all the pictures that are being taken and the dancers are all -- they're one way and they're all like this and the anchors taking pictures of us. we don't know how to do it but you, dnce, you guys got it going on and have the new album coming out, joe. everybody is talking about it. >> it is out now. >> everybody is talking about it. >> thank you. >> good reviews. tell us more about the music. >> we've just been working on it for a year. oh. we're just glad to get it out to the world and share our music.
8:54 am
>> and you hit the tour. >> we'll be on tour and all that. check it out on our dnce website. >> perfect to have you here. >> not only did you win but this is not the last you are bea to see of miss laurie. you are joining the whole tour. [ cheers and applause ] she was so good. she gets to keep on going. >> so good. >> congratulations. >> we have some more congratulations. special members of our family brandon and rita, brandon is the producer, rita in our green room coordinator, scarlett gisele, their new baby girl, doing good, such special people and we're so happy. >> they met and fell in love here at "gma." got married and had a little baby scarlett. i know, wow. >> scarlett gisele. one more look at that winning showstopper dance from our showdown. [ cheers and applause ]
8:55 am
>> have a great thanksgiving, everybody.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
it's 8:59. good morning. i'm reggie aq let's go to mike nicco. >> 30s and 40s and a lot of sunshine for thanksgiving and then the big storm comes in friday and saturday. sun through tuesday will be drier. alexis? >> i final have good news for folks in the hayward area. we had a really serious collision involving a pedestrian really for the entire morning, since 6:00 today. we finally got all lanes back open on northbound 880 at industrial parkway. southbound side, a lot of delay recovering quickly. still five miles of backup on the northbound side, reggie. >> i'm glad it's starting to clear up.
9:00 am
time for "live with kelly." of course, our reporting continues online at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, from "ncis: los angeles," chris o'donnell. and "mozart in the jungle" star bernadette peters. and singer and actor joe jonas is kelly's cohost for the day. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and joe jonas! [cheering and applauding] ♪


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