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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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our news camera is at breaking news as s.w.a.t teams take the inmate who escaped from the santa clara county jail into custody. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. the search ended just before 9:00 in san jose. gee he is the man on the left with the eye tattoo. >> dan: campbell was taken into custody yesterday. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live with the late-breaking details. >> reporter: we learned details from sheriff lori smith. she stood right here under the actual window from which the inmates escaped from the main jail here. look at this video we shot. this was about 8:30 when
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chavez was taken from a condo near coy and segrid in san jose. the capture is seven and a half hours of a sheriff deputies attempted a probation search of a known associate of chavez. we watched as teargas was fired into the condo more than once. they took their time in order to be cautious. she also tells us a woman, carla hen -- hernandez was arrested as an accessory to chavez, and a gun was found in the condo. >> they requested the assistance of the s.w.a.t team to respond after they discovered signs that someone was concealing themselves in the attic of the residence. s.w.a.t team members responded taking him into custody of a conducting an extensive search of the apartment. chavez was under the effects of narcotics. >> reporter: he is back at the jail after being released from the hospital.
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ultimately he was taken out of a room of the condo. campbell was captured in antioch last night and he actually fell out of the active where he was hiding. the sheriff let us know there could be more arrests in this if they find more people who have aided or abetted the inmates during the escape. sources tells the eye team that more hacksaw blades were found in the jail today. i asked sheriff smith about that and she could not confirm it. abc7 news. >> thanks etch have. thanks very much. be the first to know when breaking news happens. download the news app and enable the push alerts to get updates on breaking news as it happens. >> ama: there was commute chaos as a shooting shutdown a major interstate for more than an hour and a half. sky 7 shows you the scene. tonight oakland police have a message to are anyone stuck in
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the miles of back ups on 580 from fruit veil on the way home from work. >> check your vehicle. see if you were a victim of one of the rounds hitting your vehicle. >> somebody fired multiple shots on 580. oakland police say the shooter or shooters were in another car. a man and woman were hit as they were driving by. a short time later the chb closed the entire eastbound part of the highway. the massive back up that began forming and officers brief he even allowed cars make u-turns and exit in the wrong direction. at one point the cars were in gridlock for 9 miles. authorities reopened the highway just before 5:30. tonight oak ped that police say -- oakland mess say their priority is keeping people safe. >> we have officers on extended shifts. we brought every unit in. >> the two victims are are in stable condition and once
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again oak ped la -- oakland police are are urging anyone who was on the highway and saw anything to come forward. >> dan: a department of public works employee was shot in broad daylight painting over graffiti. tonight they are looking for suspects and a motive. he was a father of two and part of a city program designed to keep kids away from gangs. he was shot at 25th and vermont street at 7:30 a.m. he died a short time later at sf general hospital. friends and family are stunned and devastated. >> somebody to roll up and shoot a person in the back that is working they are a coward. >> dan: police have not made any arrests. we have new details on the investigation into assaultal huh gageses involving napa -- assault allegations involving napa high school football players. they say it could is happened over several seasons. katie is live from napa with
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more on the story. katie? >> reporter: dan, police say it may booy -- may be hazing as opposed to the initial assault allegation, but hazing can still be considered a crime. police are taking it seriously. what started as an assault investigation into the napa high school football team may have actually uncovered several hazing incidents related to the school's rivalry game. this is video of this year's big game. >> if you look an assault, if i were to batter you or engaged in a hazing ritual the intent is different. that's the angle that the investigation is starting to go. >> reporter: it surfaced on november 19th. >> the district staff became aware of it and other police which is what our standard protocol is. >> reporter: of a interviewing players some 140 students are in the program. hazing took place during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. >> what we are looking at is a
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couple weeks prior to big game. >> reporter: big game is a crosstown rivalry. police are releasing few details siting the need to have a small group of people involved. the district is simultaneously investigating and september -- and september home a letter -- and sent home a letter. >> we are asking to let the investigation happen and to keep speculation and rumors and the information sharing to a minimum. >> detectives are asking anyone with information to come forward. in napa, abc7 news. >> ama: tonight the father of a student said his daughter was raped after a high school football game. >> definitely rape. i would hate to see it happen to anyone else's kids. >> the student's dad said she was at a november 18th plaoff game at de that salle -- de la salle high
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school. administrators addressed the incident with students and september notices home to parents. >> even in my own awareness i didn't realize something like this would happen how many girls are living this life. we have a full interview with the teenage girl's father on >> new at 11:00, san francisco is poised to spend a million dollars to fix what city officials call an imminent threat at sfo. >> ama: lilian kim joins us with a rush to fix this problem. lilian? >> reporter: dan and ama, the issue is not an eroding sea wall. with winter rains around the corner time is critical. the section in question is near 19 right and 19 left. still photos give an up close look. engineering consult at the presentents say it is in critical condition. she is on the committee of
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budget and finance that approved sfo's emergency declaration today. it is the first step toward getting the repair work on the fast track. >> i believe that is for the safety of anyone flying in and out of sfo. >> san rafael-based group is hired to do the repairs and could start as early as next month. it is a million and a half dollar job, one done exclusively from the water. the crews will be using barges and boats and cranes to shore up the sea wall. >> the flights will go on as usual. we are going to only work during certain times of the day. we obviously will work very closely with the control tower. >> in the meantime airport officials will work on a plan to see that inspections are done regularly. >> hopefully we won't go through emergency declarations in the future. it can be built into whatever routine maintenance practices they have so we can i'd tabi issues later -- identify issues later on. >> reporter: it is expected to take two to three months.
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lilian kim, abc7 news. >> dan: coming up next on abc7 news, a story you well see only on abc7 news. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her waist and a bag over her head. >> dan: for the first time the husband of the kidnapped redding mother reveals horrible details of his wife's ordeal. >> >> sandhya: signs of winter in the forecast. i'll explain coming up. >> ama: and it is the hottest broadway show in the country and coming to san francisco. when "hamilton" tickets will finally go on sale. >> dan: and the event bringing this who's who list of
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only on abc7 news. the husband of a redding mother who was held hostage is sharing his story your the first time with abc's "20/20". here are the details of this new crime. >> just days after his wife's relief from captivity, he is sitting down for an exclusive interview with "20/20" describing in graphic detail of his wife's account of how she was let go. >> her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. they opened the door. she does president -- she doesn't know because she had a bag over her head. they cut her restraint and then kind of pushed her out. >> reporter: after two days of interviews with major crime detectives they say 34-year-old sherry revealed more about the suspects involved.
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previously described simply as two hispanic women if a dark suv armed with a gun. the only clue of who snatched her while she was jogging. releasing her about 150 miles from home on thanksgiving day. >> suspect number one had long, curly hair and a thick accent. she had pierced ears. suspect number two had straight back -- black hair with some graying color. >> both spoke spanish the majority of the time and concealed their faces and at times her head was covered. police artists are working on a composite sketch. they don't have a motive or know if she was specifically targeted. they continue to ask for the public's help for any information. abc news, los angeles. >> dan: you can watch the full interview on "20/20 this friday at 10:00 p.m. followed of course by abc news at
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11:00. >> ama: new details about what triggered a deadly triple shooting. police released pictures of the ply people charge -- three people charged with murder outside a texas road house. authorities say they opened fire after a pre-arranged drug deal went wrong. they killed a 21-year-old fremont man and injured two others. >> ama: a vow of defiance. the university would not cooperate to enforce tougher immigration laws. they said they would scrap the federal program that would protect thousands of young immigrants. >> what is sure to be the hottest ticket in town goes on sale for the fortunate few. the musical "hamilton" will come on march 14th through august 5th. tickets will go on sale on monday and to everyone else a week later.
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the hip hop adeptation of the life of alexander hamilton that there is a lottery for tickets and they will do that here as well. >> dan: a celebration for those who embody the innovative spirit. 10 new inductees made it into the california hall of fame. among them secretary of defense and stanford professor and maria shriver who founded the california hall of fame and harrison ford and george decay. he talked about his grandparents em -- imigrating to sacramento. >> they farmed an area known as floren. my roots go down in this soil. >> dan: the california museum hosts the hall of fame and artifacts from the honorees. >> now your accu w forecast with -- accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> sandhya: in the 40s and 50s tonight.
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tomorrow you will need the heavy coats and the wool coats and scarfs. we aring looing at midto upper -- we are looking at midto upper 30s. i think the cloud cover will hang around a little longer and that will keep you insulated. not as cold as this morning, but still chilly. if you are driving this will be patchy fog so low visibility. be careful. light chop if you are doing a ferry ride. if you are walking to work or taking the kids to school it will be chilly. make sure they have a jacket or sweater. cloud cover is lingering your most of you. speaking of the cloud cover we had the spotty showers today. it was absolutely gorgeous. you can see all of the different layers of the clouds passing through. we really got less than a 10th of an inch where it did rain. it was nice to have moisture coming through. another gorgeous view and we are looking at san francisco and visibility is not an issue. milder days on friday and saturday.
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we have a winter-like chill early next week. the clouds will clear out as we head into tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. except for a few patches in the south bay you are looking at sunshine returning and so it is going to look different than it is today. it is going to be crisp out there. hang on to the extra layer. the breeze is picking up. mid50s to the low 60s. here is a look at the hour by hour forecast. the wind and near 30 miles an hour along the coast tomorrow afternoon. that's why it will feel chillier. of it continues into friday evening. you notice a northeasterly wind as we head to midnight. that's the wind that will turn things around. you will see milder daytime highs for your friday afternoon. here is a look at the forecast heading into early next week. this is a sign of winter. these are afternoon highs. low to mid50s. we will be well below average. even upper 40 near clear lake. tuesday look for pea low average conditions -- below average conditions again. here is the seven-day
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forecast. we will go with a cold start tomorrow morning. afternoon highs mid50s to low 60s. a little above average with mid60s showing up. then the temperatures start to fall. you feel the drop monday through wednesday. afternoon highs will be chilly. it will definitely be a chilly pattern. you can download our news app to track the changes. there is a slight chance on monday, dan and ama.
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michael finney will be at the fountain at walnut creek to meet you. be sure to bring your questions and you may be able to ask one live on abc7. you can ask those questions on
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social media. post them with the # ask finney. >> ama: a 2500 square foot home has just been estimated at $650,000. but it is not actually for sale and the commute from the bay area is a little long. this is santa's house. zillow just added the home to its database. they use comparable homes to come up with the value. if you want a similar house ville low has one -- house zillow has one for 2.4 million. >> dan: especially because santa hasn't lived there. that's what you want. >> martin must wake up every day thankful that he came back for another year at cal. the bears' big man with a
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the raiders host the bills. derrick carr will play with mangled finger and all. it is not good when your pinky is facing north, south, east and west at the same time. carr was able to overcome the pain of a double dishoe location to lead the -- dislocation. carr was asked repeatedly about his pinky and he was polite as can be saying nothing. >> how does the finger feel? >> it is great, thank you your asking. >> does it alter your grip? >> it is great. how is yours? >> not dislocated. >> no limitations. thank you. it is doing great. thank you very much. sweet. that's great.
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>> how does derrick's finger look at practice? >> looked pretty good. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> derrick is so polite, thank you very much for asking. of a winning in overtime the sharks flew down to l.a. to play the kings. it is always interesting when the goalie faces his former team because the kings cannot solve him. no score in the first. that's about to change. the one timer. he puts it in and scores twice. 2-0, thats. 30 seconds later and ryan carpenter and his first goal. look at the smile on his face. he's pumped. and martin jones against the kings, he is money. it is 5-1-1 against his old club and the, thats are -- and the sharks are vector -- victorious. look out! you got the high kick. 12th ranked saint maries
11:30 pm
who have never been as high as 12. all gails in the second half. 31-30 saint mary's. look at the ball movement. this is great coaching by randy bennett. he started raining 3's. he was knocking them down all nightlong. he finishes with a career 25 points. saint mary's wins it 66-51. the cal band is pumping up the crowd. 25 points and you call it two the hard way here. staying with it,ing staying with it, and rebound and put back. he gets the ball out to the freshman charlie moore who knocks down a three. ful what a freshman find he has been. cal lead by two with 192nds left. the spin move and the score to tie it up and we go to over time.
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cal down 59-58. a huge three and he knocks it down. cal goes on to win it 68-59 and they are now 5-1. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. how funny was derrick carr? i'm fine. how is your pinky? is your pinky okay? and yours and yours? it is fine. >> sounds like it is great. >> it is wonderful. >> thanks, larry. >> abc news continues on-line, on facebook and twitter and our
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fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. >> dan: that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz.
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thank you for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live," bono. >> see you tomorrow. have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, dj ka legal, neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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