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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> where you live, this abc7 news. >> a community in mourning, finds strength in each other. thousands gathered to remember the lives lost in the ghost ship warehouse fire. i am natasha zouves. >> it is tuesday, december 6. i am reggie aqui. more victims are identified in the oakland fire and it will be another tough day ahead for the workers. all the man who ran the ghost ship collective showed up to the site. and our reporter just spoke with him and what is he saying? >> derick ion almena is here moments ago. we have video of him surrounded by a few men, here to support him when he made a few statements saying that he created the artist collective to let young people do what they needed to do, that it was not
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about profit. this have been questions of the people would were living here, paying rent, but they were not legally given power for the electricity in the building. there have been questions about safety inside the building. >> i did not do anything ever in my life to get to this moment. [ inaudible ] i would rather get on the floor i would rather get on the floor and be trample by the sorry. >> there is still heavy equipment out here being used in the recovery of the and the power is still out here. they turned it off in case the crane they brought in being
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used, to hit the a power line and was a threat to the authorities. they turned off all the power and we expect it to be on at 8:00 this morning the number of fatalities here in the fire is 36. the coroner's van was brought in overnight arriving at 1:00 a.m. and we are expecting a briefing that is scheduled for 6:00 this morning. >> we are seeing more of the names and the fays and we want to honor 10 victims identified last night. >> we will start with jennifer kiyomi taouye, a 31-year-old oakland resident who worked and her brother said that three believes she was painting people's nails, a bobby. 21-year-old jennifer morris lived in foster city, a student at uc berkeley. >> 20-year-old michela gregory lived in south san francisco, her boyfriend, also watt at party and he remains missing.
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>> 35-year-old alex ghassan a father of two a filmmaker originally from brooklyn. micah danemayer of oakland was a sound and video art it. his girlfriend, is still missing. >> edmund lapine, an artist from utah, was a musician who loved to spin vinyl. >> other victims include em bohika from oakland. 33-year-old chelsea dolan of san francisco. francisco. and 29-year-old ferrell >> this is bringing a lot of the community together over the 36 who have lost their lives, even strangers wanting to help and offer comfort. >> it is just really desperately tragic. actually someone also had the seen and i was like, i really want to offer hugs because it feels like the best way to share the empathy of the grief we're
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all experiencing. >> some people add this vigil showed up with what appears to be ghost ships with pictures of the victims on the mast including "they were young people what just want dead listen to music." the community is finding strength in prayer, a small group of people gathered at the cathedral of christ the light along the western shore of lake merritt to remember the victims. the church opened its doors last night to reflect on the lies lost. >> there are also vigils and rememberans being held cross the state. >> we will get to jessica with a look at those. jessica? >> similar vigil was held in the state capitol? sacramento. police where names of the victims on a board in a makeshift memorial. a lot of the mourners knew the victims and many traveled to the bay area for events and say it could have been one of them. >> at the university of southern
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california, friends held a candlelight vigil footler year old who graduated from the usc film school called talented and the guy always there for a friend. he was mixing lights and video projections at the party. >> we are hearing from the parents of 32 yield only donna kellogg, a victim. her mother said she was a very unique woman and was strong and courageous. >> she was a musician. unfortunately, she died doing something she enjoyed doing. donna kellogg was working at high wire coffee roasters in berkeley. >> a mother is hoping her daughter is safe, originally from nebraska butlied in the bay area. friends who grew up with her say she lived and breathed the arts. >> many artists worry what happened at the ghost ship could
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start a crackdown on other artist spaces. all the mayor is there to help and matt keller is in oakland this morning. matt? >> morning, a lot of people are expressing their grief on this fence that is right around the corner from the ghost ship building, you can see they have candles on the ground and they have names written on the purple pieces of paper and tied to the fence, and here is a poster board and a penn where people can write messages and i found this interesting piece of after the work here, a picture of a ship, with flames and r.i.p. with the fire devastate for the art community, and they are moneying the victims, and they are concerned this could an citywide crackdown on other artist collectives with the high rents the mayor schaaf is scheduled to announce a major grant to address the displacement of arts organizations in oakland we specific with people who say the artists follow safety codes. >> all of them, the space
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owners, landlords, property, ifs, that i know, they all do a really good job. gentrification is happening it and is like a tidal wave through oakland. >> some of the areas are tur to condos but help is on way with mayor schaaf's announcement scheduled for 11:00 this morning. >> hours after the fire this weekend the i-team reported about a history of complaints against the warehouse and dangerous conditions. >> there are new questions of the action the city took or did not take that could have saved lives. six complaints were filed against the ghost ship warehouse site in the past two years. these are photos but inspectors everyone not allowed. pictures show >> all the different art and
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debris and random wishing. dan noyes spoke with a former nanny who ran ghost ship, derick ion almena. >> eight was more like, this place is dangerous over all, it wasn't -- the amount of "constitute," in there and where it was placed. there were nailed coming out of the ground, the stare case, a lot of people are hearing about, that was a real thing. the makeshift staircase. >> and now, more on the staircase. this is a photo of it, many of the victims became trapped because they could not get up or down the stair case. down the stair case. the it team has complaint continue. >> there are two campaigns gathering money. one has shattered to goals, now sure spaing their $10,000 goal
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to $300,000. they are working with the mayor and the american red cross. another fund benefits matching dough in additions from the a's and radar pledges up to $30 the in matches. the warriors will donate $50,000 and so far, this has raised $303,000. >> you can share a badge on facebook on our. >> officials are holding another news conference in an hour at 6:00 and you can watch it right here, and we will central it for you on our news app and on-line on our witness at >> now your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> switching gears we will talk about went, 39 in orinda and cass tremendous valley, and in the east bay, heading down to the lower elevations a lot of low-to-mid 40s, 42 to 45, a warm spot in alameda at 45 and oakland and berkeley at 44. we have low 40s in pacifica is
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42 and 32 freezing cold right now in santa rosa. now a look at what happens this afternoon, high clouds come in, and temperatures are about the same, to a degree or two cooler than yesterday. dress for mid-50s for the afternoon. now, the clouds roll in tomorrow and we. get a lot of rain that will evaporate and it will cool the air like it cools your skin. we are in the low-to-mid 50s tomorrow, and the heavier rain comes in on thursday, and for heavy rain to fall it has to be warmer, and mid-to-upper 50s and milder then. now, a look at our first storm tomorrow evening, light rain, starting during the afternoon hours in the north bay and in the evening, it is stronger, for thursday, into friday and we push it up to a "t" moderate-to-heavy rain and minor urban flood, with a the love looks at the drains, clean them
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out. hour-by-hour forecast. coming up. alxis? >> the bay bridge, yesterday at this time we are socked in. you could not see anything, even the bridge on the camera. visibility is better but we have fog creeping in to the central and tri-valley. we had a disabled vehicle westbound 80 at treasure island. they are pushing that off. it is not going to turn and a your blocking issue with in significant delay from that situation. we could have a situation developing westbound 580 beyond the altamont pass we have a report of a three car crash blocking the left lane and they have called a tow truck but it is quickly filling in with backup from tracy. westbound 580 tracy to dublin to 46 minutes. in problems westbound 4 antioch to concord 16, southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> back on the road, president-elect donald trump's mission today as he continues the victory tour. >> the impact of the oakland fire extends well beyond the
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warehouse with an economic impact in the neighborhood at a impact in the neighborhood at a teen when it matters
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>> flags at city half are at half staff, at alameda county facilities. >> the fire has an impact on
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businesses around the warehouse that burned down. authorities have closed off several blocks of international boulevard leaving many businesses off limits, including a wendy's used as a command center. employees at other stores remain escorted to retrieve personal items. the closure shut down a health clinic and it is hurting stores counting on year end sales. >> a it is holiday season. it is bad. this is when we get business and clients. >> have to cancel points. >> international boulevard could reopen tomorrow but it depends on the progress of the recovery operation. >> our coverage of the oakland fire conditions on we will send alerts through our news app when new information is rehazied. >> the walnut creek city council took up an appeal from a popular sports bar that argued it doesn't need to close early despite police recommendations.
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the bar should stop serving booze at midnight and close half an hour later rather than 2:00 a.m. police say they called 700 times over two years to crogan's. >> a man is in death for the death after 2-year-old who died a week ago at a peninsula hospital. the 24-year-old man was the live-in boyfriend and the 2-year-old delegate was ruled "suspicious," after an autopsy found she died because of now play the live-in boyfriend was responsible. he is not the father of the child. >> the first look, a mistrial is declared in the case after former south carolina police officer who shot and killed an on remain ad african american man. all the judge's decision is after several dramatic days of deliberations. he are the details.
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>> the court must declare a mistrillion in this case. >> in the "first look," the mistrial in the racially divisive case means the former believe will wake up in his own bed but still under house arrest with a g.p.s. device. >> until my family sees justice >> until my family sees justice this is in forgive >> it is not over. you harry reid? it is not over. >>. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we weigh in, live, with the "first >> new to meteorologist mike nicco and a look at the weather. it is cold.
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mike? >> it is. the cold of the nights are still ahead of us. we are talking about freezing temperatures that are possible as we head toward tomorrow morning, and there are a few out there, in the north bay valleys but the high clouds, that will be the fly in the ointment and how thick are they going to be? will they blanket us enough to weapon us from freezing? there will be enough sunshine working through the clouds and you need the sunglasses tomorrow and it will be thicker. heaviest rain on thursday and friday and another storm is coming in on sunday and monday. here is a look at what is going on tomorrow. santa rosa and cloverdale for sure, and most of our inland neighborhood in the east bay, around freezing and our reporting stations are warmer than the neighborhoods. 38 in san jose tomorrow, and low-to-mid 40s in richmond and oakland and san mateo and software the coast in san francisco. foam morning you can see the high clouds. we we will have a few sprinkles in the day but 5:00 when the sun sets the air will be moist and
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it will reach the ground and through 7:00 on thursday morning, we are beginning to have pushes of light-to-moderate rain and moderate-to-heavy rain all day thursday. waves of it. that will start to taper as we head to thursday night. we will have another slight push of light rain on friday into saturday. our first rainfall amounts until 11:00 on thursday, 1.25" in san jose and 2.5" in santa rosa. we will see dry weather, saturday and into sunday and more wet weather on monday. alexis? >> active days on the roads, and today with are dry and you could have fog, you are seeing that on the visibility layer on top of traffic map. biggest spot is westbound 580 before you get to green sill road, before vasco road, through the central valley, and the tri-valley, we do have a three car collision and we confirmed it and problemming the left lane, and it is merging with the
5:20 am
delays from tracy down to 11 miles per hour approach the altamont pass, and 25 membership on 205 of you get to the 580 merge. a question oat start in san jose, northbound 101 at 880, no issues. a check of mass transit, bart has in problem, 39 trains in service with a reporting issue on the east rail website. caltrain has in issues reported there, either. we will look at the drive time for the central valley next. >> president-elect donald trump back on the road today for the next part of the thank you tour, and will be in north carolina to 10 lout his supporters. the president-elect later will hol rallies in iowa and michigan. last week in ohio he had crowds shouting "build the wall." he surprised even his aides when he announced he was appointing james mattis as secretary defense. >> a new deal with major league baseball and under arm more providing players with jerseys
5:21 am
for the league and outfit players with fitness technology. the new partnership is set to start in 2020. under armour is the official shoe provider and sponsors 400 athletes in the majors and minors. steph curry was an early spokesperson. >> san francisco vs. los angeles the deadline in the battle to be home to the "star wars" museum.
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@ and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. these are the seven things you need to know before you go. derick ion almena is the man who ran the ghost ship collective made a quick appearance at site of the oakland warehouse fire this morning. emotional saying, again and again he was sorry.
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>> from the live desk thousands turned out for a vigil to on the fire victims. last night at lake merritt the names of ten more victims were publicly released, we have a slide show on all of the victims on >> three, today oakland mayor schaaf is announcing a major investment for artists. many died in the warehouse fire. a group of public and private partners teamed up with the investment to announce today at 11:00. >> i am tracking chilly temperatures this morning, but even colder weather tomorrow morning, and fog is now starting to develop around napa and in the san ramon valley and we will keep an cry on that during the morning commute. >> our biggest issue on the roads is westbound 580 tracy to dublin under an hour now and it is day to a three car crash before you get to greenville road the left lane is blocked with emergency crews on the scene and they are calling for a tow truck. >> undercover officers and extra security are traveling on the
5:25 am
metro subway line in los angeles, the f.b.i. received a threat that a terrorist attack would occur at the universal city transit station. the credibility of the threat is questionable. >> the presidential election recount conditions today in michigan and wisconsin. jill stein asked for the recount suggesting with no evidence that votes may have been tampered with. the recounts are not expected to overturn the november result. >> jimmy kimmel will host academy award. he is used to award shows hosting the emmys include this year and american music awards. jimmy kimmel tweeting gentleman i am hosting, it is not a prank and if it is my revenge will be terrible and sweet. can you watch the oscars february 26 right here. >> san francisco is gearing up for the final push for the new george lucas museum according to san francisco types until january to submit a final offer
5:26 am
for $1 billion project, with a republican addition of 2630,000 square feet treasure would look like. los angeles also is in the running. >> at 5:30 our coverage of the tragedy in oakland often more on derick ion almena and his appearance at the scene early this morning. and aim has what he said and the new details emerging on the investigation as we prepare for authorities to hold another morning news conference. >> we are lending about victims identified. >> the embarcadero you can look at the traffic cameras and i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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we will thrive. we now know the identities of 15 more victims from oakland
5:29 am
waehouse fire and the number of those killed could be climbing again. we saw a coroner's van arrive at warehouse overnight. good morning, it is tuesday, december 6. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we will get to the latest on the oakland warehouse fire but, first, traffic and weather. >> the cold weather last week, good morning, it is here. it is because we have clear conditions out there and bone dry air. look at it from sutro tower, temperatures from freezing cold inland valleys to 40s through 7:00, and low-to-mid 50s at noon, and low 50s at 4:00, and increasing high clouds and get ready for 40s at 7:00, and colder nights ahead of us with that next. >> looking at our traffic maps, this morning, we have one blocking issue right now, and that is going to be for the altamont pass drivers, so westbound, 580, as you get beyond the altamont pass road before vasco road we have a crash mcing the last lane, and three vehicles involved using our distance measuring tool, this is just having a ripple
5:30 am
effect back into tracy, 11 miles in the red. we will see how slow that is next. >> firefighters have been working all night long and continue to do so combing through the remaining 25% of the warehouse not searched. this is an emotional and difficult job. can you see them last note, cutting away at a wall that started leaning but suring it up to make sure it was safe for workers. crews stopped work for nine hours yesterday over fears that the building could collapse. they recovered 36 bodies and they publicly released the names of 189. >> a for the investigation, alameda d.a. said if they pursue charges, it could range from involuntary manslaughter to murder. >> our reporter is at the scene. >> what can you tell us? yes, the man who ran the artist collective was just out here this morning, and he said he was just trying to create a
5:31 am
beautiful place for young people to bring them together. derick ion almena said he is incredibly sorry this happens, there have been questions of the safety of the artist collective he was running. if the place was illegally getting power. in the conditions remain unsanitary and dangerous. the district attorney has launched a criminal investigation and said murder charges are a possibility. ial man said it was not a horror place. >> you have to hold my soul accountable. [ inaudible ] >> it took me three years to >> it took me three years to build this every day. >> the core -- coroner's van is here brought in overnight.
5:32 am
the death tom stood yesterday at 36, and this could be an indication of another victim. officials are updating us at 6:00 this morning. we will also ask about the power outage, pg&e saying they are going to turn the power back on at 8:00, and it is shut down now at the fire department's request because the crews are using heavy equipment and they want their firefighters to be protected if they accidentally hit a power line. we will be getting a briefing on all of the issues in 30 >> we will get to that when it happens. work continues at site we are lending more of victims. >> we can share continue names released publicly by the coroner, subcommittees ask? we have pictures of some and nays of others. jennifer kiyomi taouye, right here, was from oakland and worked and her brother said she
5:33 am
was painting people's nails. john federal morris lived in foster city a student at uc berkeley. m grand juriry lived in south -- michela gregory lived in south san francisco. her boyfriend is missing. a ghassan of oakland, father of two and filmmaker from brooklyn. 28-year-old micah danemayer of oakland a sound and video artist. his girlfriend, elaina kane is missing. >> edmund lapine from utah, a musician. other victims include em bohika from oakland, chelsea dolan of san francisco, and ferel pines of berkeley and benjamin runnels from oakland, 32. more on the victims at and our news app. >> some of the families who are
5:34 am
being notified live outside of the united states and we know that authorities are getting in contact with people from finland, korea and guatamala. the sheriff said it doesn't expect the death toll to dramatically jump again. >> at this time we cannot locates any other deceased victims but we are prepared to remove them in the first department and a.t.f. locate them but at this time we do not anticipate huge numbers. all the sheriff has additional autopsy scheduled as they work to identify the remaining victims. >> thousands gathered in lake merritt for a vigil to remember the 36 people who lost their leaves. you can see how large the crowd was last night, those closest to the victim spoke during the two hour vigil and people were holding cab democrats, flashlights, glow sticks, the tragedy is forcing a real discussion on serious issues. >> we are collecting money to
5:35 am
bury our trends. and we have friends who don't have a place to sheep tonight. those are some truths that some of us who have safe homes don't everyone think about. >> this was the largest of several vigils cross the bay area. >> another vigil in san francisco last night, dozens met at harvey milk plaza for a candlelight vigil to honors fire victims. leaders of the bay area transgender community organized the tribute and it appears part of the community has been directly affected by the warehouse fire and they are concerned there could be more victims part of the community inside >> the d.a. said investigators are look at two things right now, whether there is jim fall liability for the fire and if so, who would be liable. the d.a. said it is already interviewed key people associated with the ghost ship fire and could be help liable for not enforcing building and safety codes. all the range of charges could be murder, all the way to
5:36 am
involuntary manslaughter and until we know what the evidence shows, there could be other charges if the evidence presents that. >> the d.a. is vowing to work diligently and use any resources necessary to bring justice for the families and the victims. all the investigation will include individuals like the man we just saw who show up at the fire, derick ion almena, who ran the artist collective. >> i assure you there is information we will be providing but we are just on a day-by-day basis responding to the changing nature of this very complex and devastating event. >> as the criminal investigation continues, the mayor said she and other city leaders will update as much as they can through the week. >> homegrown oakland business is pledging to help the arrest advertise ice community following the fire. a store will set aside $5,000 in grants to benefit oakland's
5:37 am
creative community. local artists and musicians can apply for the grants until john -- january 15. >> two campaigns are bringing in money to help families. >> one of the is the first to be posted after the fire and it is already blond through two goals, $500,000 goal at $357,000, work close closely with the mayor and the american red cross. the a's and warriors and raiders will pinch in with $50,000 and $30,000 matching eve. so far the combined total is more than $300,000. >> investigators are expected to have another update on the fire this morning at can a.m. you can watch it right here and we will central it on the news app and the witness.
5:38 am
>> now the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. outside, temperatures are up to 11 degrees cooler this morning. 34 at danville close to forecasty conditions 36 in san ramon, and dublin at 37, and pleasanton hill and lafayette at 38, and brentwood and pleasanton at 39 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s. low-to-mid 40s at the bay shore, and 45 in san carlos and san jose and 32 in santa rosa and 31 in napa. watch out for frost. here is a look at san rafael, no fog looking south on 101 with some back to napa. out and about, cold to cool on the water, sightly breezy and if you are commuting watch out for the patchy thick fog. 101 and 80 in shows, a few clouds so we will call it cloudy and temperatures are running in the low-to-mid 40s. we are in the low-to-mid 50s
5:39 am
this afternoon with increasing high clouds and mainly cloudy during the day tomorrow and low-to-mid 50s, cooler than today, and warmer, though, with the rain coming in on thursday interest friday. i will show you how much to expect and when to expect it next. when i can expect to get to work? >> despends where you are. i have a couple of issues, one is new and westbound 80 before you get to the 80 merge, we are hearing we have two overturned vehicles involved in a crash and one is in the slow rain and the -- slow rain and the right shoulder. emergency crews or on the way. the other has been there for a while, westbound 580 beyond altamont pass before you get to grandville road with the left lane blocked and it is causing heavy delays from the central valley up to an hour and seven minutes, on westbound 780 to
5:40 am
dublin. an update on the toll plaza filling in at 5:50. >> a stipulate from overseas, prompt -- a stipulate from overseas is prompting a terror warning with public transit officers on alert. and klay an amazing colleen loves helping the environment. ...and dale, well he loves colleen. they have their differences. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean it's the first bio-based detergent... with the cleaning power of tide. so you can actually clean your clothes and still... your part. new tide purclean. the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of tide. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
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>> businesses and community organizations in oakland's fruitvale district are doing what they can to help out as the city deals with the warehouse fair tragedy. many groups have walked up to first responders and offered to help. including this group. they are offering grief counselling. spanish speaking foundation is opening doors to the first responders working long hours. >> anyone who needs coffee, break, bathroom, sits an opportunity to say we're here and this is what community is. >> spanish speaking citizens foundation wants to make sure the tragedy is not reported and working on a flier to inform the residents of the first danger of illegal electrical hookups. >> the ghost ship is described hard to get into now and so difficult to escape. the maze of living spaces and
5:44 am
artist studios was filled with determine like wood, carpet, paint, that can produce thing and toxic smoke. >> smoke got to them and they lost their sense of where they were and they end up making a wrong turn in houses they have lived in for a long time. >> it is important to location where the exits are when you first arrive somewhere. we will not waste fresh seconds looking for them dug a fire on emergency. >> the tragedy is affecting so many. if you need help there are options, including 24/7 help line to provide immediate crisis counseling and john f. kennedy univerity is providing in person go to our website you can search "help," the first item that will pop up in the search. >> a live desk update. >> we continue following
5:45 am
developing news in los angeles, center security after the threat of a trust attack. we get new pictures on social media from colleagues in anxious los angeles. there is the los angeles county sheriff deputies at the universal city red line location where the f.b.i. said they received anonymous phone calls yesterday saying an attack would be happening today. we have the heightened security, but the mayor said he will be ridding the red line in a show of sport later today with undercover officers getting things ready, this morning, and the threat of credibility is assessed but not confirmed. >> now, what had to be a terrifying response for a man in vallejo, this is video of police and paramedics outside his home with the man they surrounded shot several times after he broke into a house. a 27-year-old would lives there called 9-1-1, grab add gun and
5:46 am
he heard the 17 kick in a door and walk upstairs. now they are face to face and the 27-year-old fires at the man and escaped out the window. the suspect died at the hospital. >> a suspected drunk driver charged with killing a public works employee is expected to enter a plea. 41-year-old gomez was arrested last in outside of city hall where the accident occurred. he admitted to abc7 that he drank six to eight beers in the hour before getting huge -- behind the wheel before he hit a man cross the street. gomez is charged withingly any delay and vehicular manslaughter. >> the battle over a private beach near half moon bay could take a new twist. the state lands commission will decide whether to use eminent domain to force the owner to sell the land needed for a public easement. surfers and beachgoers used the road for years until the silicon
5:47 am
valley billionaire blocked it with a gate in 2009. if the commission votes to use imminent domain members still need the money to by the land which is listed at $30 million! >> a spot good news, klay thompson had a game not aims original playing three quarters, continued the third option, a one man she. he scored career high he did it in only 29 minutes. that is the most points of by someone who played less than 3 minutes in a game. at half time the paceers hat 50 points and clay had 40. >> coach kerr has more to celebrate with the deadline for the new bargaining agreement is nine daze away and the likely shortening of the pre-season starting the regular season sooner. he has wanted this for a while saying pre-season is too long. hopefully that means less physical stress so there could
5:48 am
be fewer injuries and perhaps better best. >> yesterday, we had a lot of widespread fog. what do we have today? >> around napa, american canyon and fairfield down to quarter-mile and now down to seven. the visibility can change in a heartbeat. the golden gate bridge is quiet with a flag on the right side of the screen and not moving with hardly a breeze. how clouds are the main thing and sunshine. dry during the day tomorrow. but when the sun sets the rain will come in and be heavy rain on thursday and friday. that is when the heaviest falls. our range is 54 to 56 for temperatures. tonight, cooler, with high clouds keeping some of us from dropping down and a lot frost inland valleys and these reporting stations are warmer
5:49 am
than our neighborhoods and a lot of low-to-mid 30s inland and mid-30s to low 40s. tomorrow morning at 7:00, the clouds are increased and by 5:00, yellow, and just a lot of green, light rain and the green green, light rain and the green towns to cellule "2" on the storm-impact scale. that is next. and the chance, then, of how much rain you will get and the snow and the sierra. alexis? >> we have a traffic alert. we have had a crash blocking westbound 580 for an hour. this is through the altamont pass before you get to greenville road a left lane is blocked, and they are clearing, but, again, we have had one lane down for a full hour and you are look at 12 or 13 miles of backup because the merge is down to 11 and 5 miles per hour.
5:50 am
a slow track from the central valley. before the 680 emergency trying to clean up a wreck involving two overturns, the far right lane is blocked and emergency crews are on the scene backing uninto fairfield and the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are on and it is filling in. we look at drive times next. >> disappointments in the south by, the holiday tradition being canceled this season. >> losing an hour or two of sleep is a real danger you are posing on the road. there will be an update on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland scheduled to happen in ten machines. stay tuned. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation.
5:51 am
we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
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5:53 am
we back at 5:53. the holiday trolley has been cancel because of personnel issues, the trolly cannot be run as landed. they will still have the trolley on display and you can take pictures. we are waiting to hear where the pictures take place. >> are you miss a few hours of sleep? >> a few. >> right, a few. it could increase your risk of getting into a car crash. new research shows drivers would misogyny one to two hours of sleep in 24 hours double their risk for a crash. the centers for disease control found a third of american adults do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep. i expect that number to be higher. it is important to get enough sleep because drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. 200 volunteers are building a lay backgrounds in oakland and
5:54 am
located at the embarcadero and grant avenue. pg&e and the city are all teaming up. the design is based on children's own drawings created at special design event in socket. >> -- in october. >> san francisco's ferry is consider add top food hall in the country. researchers ranked the market place number two of the ten best food halls around the nation. the company said the ferry building including the familiar's market is the best examples of the modern food hall. there are 40 restaurants and specialty foodships, and beat out to other california food halls based in los angeles. >> we should be number one. did we have too much specialty cheese? our mushrooms? or organic figs? what don't they like? >> the lines. the lines. they are very long.
5:55 am
>> good food. go there. our rainfall text messages are a lot through thursday evening 1.25" in san jose and 2.5" in santa rosa. that is only the first storm. a few showers in lake tahoe and partly cloudy and 36, increasing sunshine and 62 around los angeles and mid-50s through the central valley and in lake tahoe, snow showers, freezing rain possible on thursday and rain on friday and winter mix on saturday and monday. >> we have our traffic alert in recovery mode but a major delay westbound 580. a lot rougher than new jersey am with a three car crash before greenville road for an hour in the left lane, all lanes are open and it messaged with the normal delays from the central valley. we still have the problem westbound 80 before 680 in cordelia area the far right lane
5:56 am
is blocked because of a crash with two flipped vehicles. >> happening today, san francisco city hall will be opening a brand new lack station station to help nursing mothers common in several airports including sfo but not in the public buildings. in city hall it is a private and comfortable moms where mothers can nurse and pump break milk. >> this is a big announcement, ikea is moving fahd for parental leave. they announce offering four months of paid parental leave to the 13,000 employees in the united states. the expansion gives employees a better feeling guard their workplace translating into better service. >> a business owner was getting hit by break-ins. everyone wants to particularize him, -- to burglarize him, and
5:57 am
hours after putting up the surveillance cameras he is broken into. madison police moved in and arrested the 21-year-old suspect. the owner said the burglar even played in gaming tournaments at the store. >> our coverage of the tragedy in oakland continues. we are standing by a news conference expected to begin in the next couple of minutes with a picture from oakland as they are ready to start. we expect an update on a recovery and how the fires have been doing. been doing. we have not heard from them f
5:58 am
wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs.
5:59 am
>> where you live, this is abc7 news. now at 6:00, we are moments away from an update on the tragedy in oakland. this is a picture from 31st and international. any moment now, officials will speak abut the recovery efforts. >> this is a job that is difficult and emotional. last night, crews were trying to
6:00 am
shore up one of wonderfuls to make it safe. work stopped for nine hours yesterday. there were fears it could collapse. 36 bodies have been recovered. the identities of 18 have been publicly released. >> alameda d.a. said governor they pursue charges they could range from involuntary manslaughter to murder. we will check the weather and traffic while we wait for the news conference. >> i want to show you the wind on mount tamalpais, around 22 to 32 this morning. those are working their way down interest our neighborhoods and it will be cooler today but it will be breezy. temperatures are starting off at 32 to 48. forecast. low-to-mid 50s from 4:00. alexis? >> this is typical delays. we have had the metering light on since 5:28. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is an hour and 23 americans. under half an hour on highway 4. southbound 101 at 18 minutes from the not guilty by. >>


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