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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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investigators get a better idea of where and how the fire started w10% yet to be searched, the recovery of the will end soon possibly today. it is quiet. we do not see a lot of activity going on, probably suggesting they wrapped up overnight. we help to get it confirmed. they brought in the number because when they are done searching they will board up the building and that will happen soon. they think they found the point where the fire started, and they are looking at the refrigerator calling it "potential smoking gun." they hope to finish the surf soon and are commits to the victims' families. >> we are close to being able to tell the families we have completely searched the warehouse and to let you know
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the fire department will be on the scene until we can look the family members in the eye and say, yes, we have completely searched the warehouse and tell you there are no more the state of emergency being declared could help the victims' families because it allows the city to lack for state and federal funding to help people impacted by the fire. we hear businesses will look to reopen today account power has been turned back on. unusual to see such a quiet scene. all the city of cloak released 32 page of documents and complaints last night against the ghost ship and the neighboring lot including these complaints against the warehouse. two in 2014 and one in 2005. they include constructing a housing structure inside of a warehouse without a permit. the city said there are seven
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complains against the adjacent lot. because there is no address posted on either of the properties, those who filed the complaint may have been confused. you can see all of the complain force yourself on our website at the fire marshal shark understaffed and oakland magazine reports the fire marshal and assistant fire mall shall positions were open for three of the last four years. fire chief assumed duties in 9 interim and the city filled the position last year. the magazine reports one inspector failed a state license exam and the city did not comment. >> now the people that we love. we are getting more information on the victims. billy dixon, a musician and resident, a native of the cleveland area. >> johnny igaz, an oakland resident deejaying at 9 chicago the night of the fire.
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>> ara jo, 29. an oughtist and musician survived by parents from south korea. 36-year-old amanda kerkhat a lover of dance music. griffin mad was 23, from berkeley, graduating from cal with degree in literature. >> 21-year-old vanessa plotkin from oakland was from los angeles county. >> hannah ruax, from finland, at ghost ship with her fiance, alex ghassan who died. nicole renae lived in oakland and worked at the theater. am leg vega was with his girlfriend, michela gregory who died. we on all of those who were
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lost. the survivors say he was nearly impossible to find an exit as the smoke flames engulf the warehouse on friday. one of the last people to get out said by the time he opened his door, the flames were right in front of him. >> i only saw one person, her confusion, she was lost and i tried to guide her out as best i could. >> he said he tried to get the fire extinguisher but there wasn't enough time. >> the oakland fire is prompting calls for building safety all around the country. >> jessica is tracking responses from the hisd in several major cities. >> we have her significant reaction by local leaders in three major cities, portland, baltimore and los angeles. in portland, one of the leaders there wants to require sprinklers before a building can host a party or special event. in baltimore, officials are responding more quickly to
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citizen complaints and this week someone complaints of an art space and officials found major violations and condemned it and kicked out the tenants quickly. >> in los angeles, a city council member is asking people to be vigilant and report problems to the city as they see them. los angeles has a lot warehouses and buildings offer ten used by parties and concerts. we are getting a better look inside of the ghost ship before the fire. take a look, shelly lived in the warehouse five months and shot this video, you can see crumbling walls, a lot of art and a last clutter. all of this was fuel for the fire. >> we are learning about his should be creator, derick ion almena, his issue with law enforcement and shows who rented from him. >> dan noyes has been digging into his background. >> i searched the court records and talking on-and-off the
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record about those who know derick ion almena. some praise him and others had violent confrontations. >> this performance is part of the "day of the dead," show from four years ago put on by derrick. the man said he was not a performer himself, but organizer of many events and a poet and photographer. after all of the people died in the warehouse he rented and ran the art collective the spotlight was on him for what he built and lilian kim was the first get derick ion almena to address what happened. >> they are my friends, my family, my loves, my future, what else do i have to say? >> some friends are revealing more of him and the ghost ship warehouse, one former tenant provided this video showing a bathroom with hot waterpowerred by a propane tank. temporary wiring flowing through the building and walls partly dismantled. >> if you are choosing to live in a space like that, you are not choosing it based on safety.
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you are choosing it based on the people, based on the community. >> fowl tenant said after the fire she contacted the sheriff and drew a map of the building lay out to help the recovery effort. people lived in trailers parked inside the first floor, and in small areas throughout the warehouse as many as 18 to 20 people at a time. >> 18 people living all together there will be not altercations but arguments. >> records show after an argument with the promoter and his friend in january of last year they filed four restraining orders against derrick saying they suffered injuries but they did not appear in court and the orders were denied. the same month, derick ion almena was arrested on possession of stolen property, the official landlord's travel trailer and on probation at time of the weekend fire. last december, he was arrested in los angeles and charged with petty theft. police pull him over for driving with an expired registration but
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found license plates from a stolen vehicle, the d.a. dropped the case. >> derick ion almena paid $4,57 to rent the warehouse and charged pennant $1,500 to saying he was not in it for the money. >> the sharks honor those impacted by the tragedy and they will hold a moment of silence before the game at s.a.p. center the on top of that half of the shark foundation 50/50 raffle tonight and saturday will be donated to the men red cross. fans will be able to make donateses at both games. >> foam nfl stars and oakland latives raising money for fire victims and their families, and began fares family foundation is accepting online donations with a link on you can also make dough making -- donations in
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broadway. coverage conditions on our website and we will continue to send alerts through the newsup when new information is released. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk temperatures, and start in san francisco where it is the same if not milder, remember this time yesterday, west portal and revideo were 35 and now they are in the my 40s with everyone else but for lake merritt at 42 and the financial district and ferry building at 48, and heading to downtown at 46, we have 37 in palo alto, and santa clara at 35, upper 30s in young city, and saratoga. we are 34 in walnut creek and pleasanton. freezing cold 31 right new in petaluma. walnut creek is at 34. we look south on 680, so the community is this evening -- the commute the problem is this evening you have to worry. if you have yesterday work hopefully you did it yesterday but check the drains around
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drive or if you have time check out your drains. make sure the newly fallen leaves are out of there. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s and it will be warmer where we will push into the 60s and that is because we have wet weather on the way. light-to-moderate rain and we will talk about the storm-impact scale ahead. >> enjoying the drive pavement and it is a few minutes to get the vehicle heated up, and you could have frost on the windshield. we are looking at a quiet start to the wednesday morning drive. 280 and 17 and san jose, extremely light volumes and i am starting off without any blocking incident. only slow spot is westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 31 minutes and slow from the central valley. southbound 101 out of marin county, it is chilly but moving fast at 17 minutes. you still in the grown in san francisco. guys? >> another tragedy unfolding in
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southeast asia, coming up the new images to the newsroom following a deadly earthquake in indodesian. >> thumb's up for a proposal to >> thumb's up for a proposal to build the raider as new home.
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breaking news from the live desk. >> we have international breaking news, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in indonesia and now the death toll has jumped dramatically to 97 deaths. several hundred others are hurt and hospitals in the area are overwhelmed. there are fears there could be still people trapped under buildings. 40 buildings have been flattened. this is the same region where more than 100,000 people died only two years ago when a big earthquake triggered a tsunami. >> the oakland city council is scheduled to discuss a plan to keep the raids in deck. the alameda board met in closed session yesterday with the oakland city pro football group headed by ronnie lott, giving his group control of the coliseum property to negotiate a stadium deal with the raiders. both the oakland city council and the alameda board of
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supervisors could vote on tuesday. all the first step is being taken to force a sell valley billionaire to sell the land needed to get to a popular beach in san mateo county. a road was used for years by surfers until it was blocked by the owner in 2009. they estimate that the land is word $360,000 and the attorney said it is worth $30 million. the bay area senator is introducing a bill the money to bit land. >> today is the 75p and of the day living forever, the japanese attack on pearl harbor that brought the united states into world war ii, the navy and national park service will conduct a ceremony on the shores of pearl harbor by the us arizona at the bottom of the harbor as an underwater tomb. a moment silence will mark the time at 9:55 and there will an ceremony honoring the victims of pearl harbor at 11:00 a.m.
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>> into the abc newsroom, "time" magazine has engaged the "person of interest" and as you can see it is president-elect donald trump. i will zoom in on whole picture the matt is tweeting that moments ago. he beat out hillary clinton along with facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and olympic gymnast and beyonce. >> president-elect donald trump wants to make nice with the loudest and met powerful critics, the leaders in silicon valley. he has summoned tech leaders to new york for a roundtable conference, during campaign silicon valley wanted of dire consequences should trump be elected. this weak the president-elect is on the road with another thank you tour. here is that report. >> joining donald trump on the victory lap, the choice do lead the pentagon, retired marine general james mattis. earlier on tuesday, he blasted american aircraft manufacturer boeing first on twitter boeing is building a brand new 747 air
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force one for future presidents. but costs out of control $4 billion. cancel order. >> later, at trump tower. >> it is ridiculous. boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> there is no $4 billion dole. but boeing has been tapped to produce two new planes to replace the aging aircraft. the pentagon projects the cot for the new planes could be up to $3 billion. is it too soon to take bout 2020? vice president biden getting a lot of questions after indicating he will consider a run for the white house. on the late show with stephen colbert he refused to rule identity a bid. he said he does not regret his decision. it was the right one for his family but he also said he thinks he's the one who is most prepared to lead the country right if you. talking about how cool it is this morning, and mike has been
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wanting us about this fore days. >> with rain? >> have the umbrella handy through friday. this morning, it is the chill. this is a warmest spot at 48 degrees near south beach in san francisco. frost to clouds and then rain and a chance of being wet through friday and another storm monday and tuesday. we will squeeze in a dry saturday and sunday. today the temperatures are 51 to 54, so cooler than yesterday. tonight, it will not be as cold, most of us in the 40s to even 50 in san jose. it is the warm air that is bringing in the extra moisture and you will see this a lot through the morning hours, radar returns but the high temperatures will be kept down because of that. from 11:00 to 5:00 rain will start in the north bay and spread into the heart of the bay during the evening commute. measurable rain around 2:30, you can see during the evening hours
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yellows and oranges and pushes of moderate rain and pockets will continue through 7:00 tomorrow morning, so, tomorrow morning, the commute will be wet for all of us with light showers through the day on thursday and tapering on thursday. as far as rain fall, about two-thirds of an inch in the south bay and 1.5" in the north bay, you can see saturday and sunday, mid-to-upper 50s and sunshine and another chance of rain monday and tuesday. >> i can confirm it is below freezing in the studio, as well. we will check on that. the golden gate bridge is showing the zip are trucks removed so there is no room on the southbound side but nothing major. mass transit is okay with ace one on time, from the stockton area. they still have the issue on the web site but austrian 3 is on
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time regardless of the website. the central valley is next. all the temperatures in the studio is supposed to keep us awake. >> at state is fining yam fining apple for hazardous waste right near their headquarters. >> while chase in los angeles and how it ended, but, first, the techbytes. >> samsung wins a round against apple. the supreme court has ruled an appeals court incorrectly calculated how much samsung owes apple for infringe on the smartphone patent which was $399 million. apple sued them over hardware and software demands. >> changes to instagram, they are going to look more like their patient company, facebook. users can "like," individual comments. drake is the king of streaming
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music topping the itunes mus list. >> rihanna was two and then adele and then frank ocean and justin bieber. ♪ is it too late ♪ is it too late ♪ to say sorry
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the storm-impact scale is a level "1" for light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safely. traffic the storm on the app. >> one of the more dangerous chases as a d.u.i. clipped the back of a bicycle. then he lost the wheel and continued on with sparks flying at 80 miles per hour. and the white truck, the driver turns into a neighborhood and the truck blocked in the suspect. the truck driver takes off letting police move in and arrest the suspect. >> truck driver... >> very bring. >> brave? >> stanford university is facing a lawsuit over l.a. responses to physical and sexual abuse by the same constitute put women's safety at risk. he victimized at least four when starting in 2011 and said the university failed to promptly
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investigate or discipline. one victim was initially discouraged from making a formal come lint. the university said they cannot comment on -- could not investigate another case because the victim would not come forward. the male was final bennetted from campus in 2014. >> california is doing a better job at saving water. formal say in october cities improve the water conservation by 20% compare with three years ago. that reversed months of back slide, since the state lifted mandatory conservation measures. california suffered through five straight years of drought but this year's rainy season has started promising. we will get more of the rain the next few days. >> we will start with the rainfall estimates. they are estimates. from steady rain to showers. we value from half an inch to 1.25" spread there the bay area neighborhoods. in the hills we get the moist. north of 80 where you need to worry. 1 to 4" of snow if you heading up toward crescent city.
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so for we are 52% average in the sierra. we need more snow. this is going to be a warm storm. we have rain in the valleys. we have snow in the mounts. it will be high thursday and friday. saturday is more snow. another chance of rain and snow on monday and tuesday. alexis? >> the bay bridge shows fog not an issue as it has been the last couple of days. year was not too bad. obviously traffic is moving along into san francisco. we have light volumes. westbound 205 to 580 filling in to the am pass at 22 to 23 american through the stretch. norhbound 680 in san ramon we have the two left lanes blocked for construction. it should be totally wrap up by 5:00 this morning. we will look at drive times at 5:00. >> the democrats are pushing for $1 billion in new spending from their own party are saying, not so fast. the governor brown and the
4:57 am
administration are urging caution. they say policies from the incoming president and republicans could devastate our state budget. the chair said that california should not horde cash because of unknown changes and the state can maintain robust savings. >> apple has to pay $450,000 for mishandling hazardous electronic waste. the e.p.a. in california claims apple operated an electronic waste sledding facility in cupertino without notifying anyone. they claimed that apple pass handled metal dust at the facility which processes a million pounds before it closed in 2013. apple said it was an oversight in paperwork that did not affect state health standards. >> there is progress in the search and recovery of the oakland warehouse fire. next at 5:00 a.m. the action that firefighters in the city are now ready to take. >> oakland releases three years of documents linked to the ghost
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>> this is abc7 news. >> a it is 5:00al on wednesday, december 7. >> i am natasha zouves. we have the team, jessica castro, alexis smith, and meteorologist mike nicco bringing the rain. >> yes, and really cold. i wondered how many woke up scraping ice off the windshield. live doppler hd is showing it is quiet. from sutro tower, absolutelying in going on. low 30s to low 40s at 7:00.


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