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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 7, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's december 7th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". a motorcycle wrecked on a busy freeway. then the rider notices the trail of fuel. >> why things only get worse after this. >> no! no! it's an underwater wonder. >> look at that. >> the rare footage that has people asking what is that? a schoolboy fights off a classroom full of bullies. >> when the school got ahold of the video they laid down the hammer. >> but the reason why is going to shock you. >> what? >> we got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing you the best on the web, including a toddler crying because somebody's in the box. >> it was the cat. >> see why he better watch his
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back after some serious kitty shut eye. chlk i will see you in your crib about 4:00 a.m. >> ain't nobody watching. >> commuting on a motorcycle can be more convenient, especially if you ride in california, where it's legal to lane split. but this guy's doing it on the 805 near san diego. now looks like he's going to move over to the right side and maybe begin to start his exiting process. over here, up ahead, wait -- i was just carrying way too much speed to be doing this stuff. >> we spoke to the rider and he says he was aiming to move left into that lane. that's where the vw started to move without an indicator light. that's where we have an issue here. i believe speed overall could have been a problem. this happened about 40 to 45 miles per hour. he goes down. bike starts sliding and gets worse. yep, nearly hits that truck and then -- >> oh, shoot! >> he notices this trail of
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fuel. the tank has split open somehow. oh! >> there it goes. >> somebody pulls over to help out. you hear a horn just beep, beep, beep, beep. why are you laying on the horn? >> oh, no. no! it appears to be the same volkswagon that the rider hit. the guy stops to help, got out and didn't set his emergency brake. the volkswagon rolled back and bump eed into a car. >> bad situation continues to get worse and worse. >> yeah, the good news is, though, he was okay. fire department showed up, put out the fire. but it was not -- it was a total loss. >> oh! >> no, it's just a charred, melled mess. >> you are about to see
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extremely rare footage of a cry noise. >> oh, cool. i have seen video of this. >> what? >> this is footage cut by a diver and there you can see it is beautiful. look at that. >> like the computer got confused and couldn't decide whether to make a bird or fish and decided to go in the middle somewhere. >> this is in the same one that's home to the sea urchin and star fish. what's interesting, this one is floating around. most of them do float around. some have stalks attached to the ground, but some as juvenile detach and start floating around. >> how have i never seen, heard, or known anything about this? you think that i would have seen pictures. it's incredible. >> well, this is rare footage of a feather star and they are not rare, but this does look
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bizarre. this one is rare. >> it's crazy. >> that is crazy. i'm pretty sure i've seen a hat that looks like that. >> when this video was uploaded to social media, it made people really concerned to a point where they called school officials for in-school violence. >> oh, come on. >> where's the teacher? where are the other kids? is this like a gang attack on one kid. got, like, weapons in their hands. >> blocking the window, as well. then you have the fifth person just rolling. >> this is straight up a beatdown of this kid. this isn't even a school fight. this is vicious. >> when the school got ahold of the video, they laid down the hammer, because this video is not real. this kid and his friends filmed this video because he says he thought it would make him popular. >> i want to kick his butt. what a stupid thing to do with all the sensitivity of school
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violence and bullying. >> all the kids that are being victimized daily in schools around the world, teaming up on him. >> it worked. now he is popular, not in the way he wanted to, but he's still popular. >> or notorious. >> that's the thing, he didn't think it would go viral. i guess he didn't realize once something goes on the internet, you no longer have control. >> isn't that the answer of every teenage dumb decision? i didn't realize, i didn't think about it. >> said the kid had problems around school before. his parents got involved and signed a contract that says if he does something like this again, he'd be expelled. police aren't filing charges, they'll leave it to the school to handle it internally. >> i used to think that sports fans were groomed to be fans of a specific sports team, but now i think with this video, it's proven. >> can i have the crosby jersey?
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you have to wear it now. okay, okay, okay. >> this little girl loves her pittsburgh penguins jersey. she has number 87, crosby's jersey. as soon as they tried taking it away from her, she starts crying. >> can i have it? okay. >> at least she's just crying, though. any time a hockey jersey is pulled off, it's followed by punches. >> does she have a sippy cup? >> that would be great. dad is so happy. >> not only did he share it with family and friends, he also tagged the penguins, who also retweeted it. people are loving this little girl. this next one is also just as precious. i don't know why dad has the thing they have to get in the box as the cat's getting comfortable, finding the perfect way to get in there. kid cries and it works.
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>> child's favorite toy. >> pretty much all the cat wants, too. >> this kid michael gets in the box. maybe he's having an identity crisis. >> everybody please look at the background. the cat is giving that -- >> i will kill you later. >> even the side eye as he goes back. >> yes. things get dramatic at the store when a man walks in and starts waving a handgun around. see why what happens next takes this would-be robber by surprise. >> boom. >> his own gun. >> and how to dad goes grocery shopping. >> what do we need? what do we need? >> see his hilarious skills on aisle 3. "right this minute" is brought to you by -- always infinity. great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough.
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gold bond diabetics' dry skin relief. 9 out of 10 saw noticeable improvement in one hour. gold bond really works. a busy neighborhood store in brazil captured this incident. watch. this guy's got looks like a six pack in his hand, walking towards the register. in comes this guy and starts waving a handgun around at everybody in the shop. telling them to get down, this is a robbery. so people start listening to the guy with the gun and start to get down on their hands and knees. >> so carelessly waving it about. that's why. you have to hit the ground. that gun could go off easy. >> his attention turns away from the man with the six pack. >> guy with the six pack? >> no, but something more resembling a six shooter instead. >> oh! >> his own gun, that's a police officer. now this robber turns around and is met face to face with the
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same amount of force that he came in the store with. appears the officer fired a few shots, reaches for the door, then comes back and discharges his weapon a few more times at near point blank range. there are no reports coming out from this incident whether the robber was hit, if he was injured, if he even survived. none of that information is being reported, but all credit is being given to this heads-up police officer for keeping everyone else in the store safe. >> his reaction, too, looks so smooth. he complied and then when he found his opportunity, that moment, he decided to take action and saved everyone in the store. >> watch it again the way he backs himself into the corner, already reaching for the guy, second he turned his back he drew on him. >> it's a simple idea, but it's an epic one. all he's doing right now is traveling around the country, if not the world, placing his camera in places and watching the transition in day to night. he calls it "light on," and it's
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all about showing how the world is very different at night, especially with all the buildings, especially with all the lights. how it does in a way have its own unique beauty. you can see shots from new york, l.a., as the sun goes down, or even up here with the mountains, sun goes down and you realize we're close to a metropolitan area. >> the lights are really a lot like the stars, because they are always there. once the sun goes down, you can see them. >> i love the color reflecting on the water. looks like a rainbow in the water. then you've got that skyline. it's gorgeous. really well done. >> each shot is a time lapsed video, but also seems to be some scanning or zooming. just that effect. think about what he was using, how much it was moving every minute or so in order to get that shot. a lot of work went into this, a lot of time went into this. >> he got to see some of the most beautiful places in the world. >> how many sandwiches do you think he ate while he waited?
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>> it's awesome. keep an eye out for it and give us more. there's nothing like knowledge from experience like how to dad who thinks he knows all the ins and outs of being a dad. >> instructional video of how to go grocery shopping with a baby. what do we need, what do we need? >> that was you? >> delayed. >> it's easier that way. just go back, get all your stuff, get out. >> i do that, too, i don't even have kids. >> will be right there. she'll be right. >> slide into something. >> the lazy dad. hurry up. come on. the panicked dad. out here. >> this guy's great. i love this. >> found it.
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chasing dad. dad forgot their shopping list dad. >> you have to call the missus, what was it that was on the list? >> stuff i said i didn't need to write down, i swear i'd remember. >> the embarrassed dad. i don't need -- put the -- up on aisle three. >> this is probably my favorite. >> wow. got a lot of cooperation from this market. >> that is part two of the she'll be right dad. >> all i can say is good luck to you, dad. >> sorry about that. go grocery shopping with a baby. their bucket list includes bull riding.
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>> maybe they are -- >> only eight seconds, what could go wrong? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, it's a shocking scene in the street. >> huge bright flashes of light. >> the story behind the blaze that put on quite the show. and he's got a bone to pick about his lady picking a place to eat. >> just give me your final answer. give me some kind of clue. >> why his rant makes a very funny and valid point. >> i said i don't know! >> i would like to stand up, but this one is unfortunately -- go go go! ♪ [ bark ] cut! cut, cut, cut, cut... good job everybody, but i feel like we're missing something... something special. what about a star? [ door knocking ] somebody looking for a star? [ laughs ] [ gasps ] dude! this was just sitting out front!
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close your eyes. want to try to guess as to what's going on? >> fireworks? >> yes, fireworks. >> no, have a look. it is a huge electrical fire caused by an overload in the system in istanbul, turkey. what you're hearing is bright flashes of light like lightning. but also sounds like fireworks. >> i see a person emerge out of nowhere. were they near the explosion? >> there are residents all around this area. of course, streaking out when they saw this happening. they did call the fire department, who did show up, but by the time they got there, the electrical fire sort of burned itself out. i'm sure the local power company
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cut power to the area, but not before a number of people got this incredible footage. >> that is wild. can you imagine being there not knowing what to do? although i do believe they managed to catch the one pedestrian not freaking out. all right, well, just another day. >> that's the thing you have to bear in mind when it comes to electrical systems around the world, inside your house, they need to do what they need to do, and when they do, it's dangerous. >> tragic as it was, nobody was hurt. it was spectacular. >> oli, have you come across a situation with your wife, what do you want to eat, babe? i don't know. what do you want to eat? i don't know. >> not that. not that. i don't feel like mexican. you just said you didn't care. no, never, nick. >> verbal ping-pong of deciding what to eat. >> just tell me what you want to eat. >> this has been going on since the beginning of our relationship, since the
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beginning of time. >> that is so unfair, because why can't you guys just pick a place? >> we do. >> instead of asking. don't ask, just pick. >> yeah. we know how that goes, don't we? >> eating as a couple is more depressing than mufasa's death. and that was bad, man. >> echo is from youtube. we've seen this couple from canada before. >> if i'm hungry and you're hungry, why do we have to sit here for two hours playing frick'n verbal ping-pong? >> annoying, but kind of funny. >> what do you want to eat? i said, i don't know! >> this, though, is apparently something that they have had some issue with. >> geez. talk about overreacting. >> if you females can just decide what you want to eat as quick as you decide what kind of makeup you want to buy, the world would be a better place. >> women have done months of research running up to that
3:22 pm
moment. >> wow, you're right, listen. >> the second you walk into sephora you pick up every product you see like you've been doing extensive research for the past month. >> the process of knowing what we want to eat is a day to day decision. >> it should not be an episode of are you smarter than a fifth grader. >> i told you to choose and you chose and i ate it, so shut up. >> give me your final answer. give me some kind of clue. >> what do you guys want to eat? >> the mannequin challenge is about to get twisted. see the amusing moments when it's time to stay still. >> you just keep on going straight.
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play time with the broom. ♪
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the mannequin challenge. it has gone viral, but some people are doing it a little different, like big dog tv. >> hey, man. do you know where the dorms are? >> they took it to the beautiful campus of arizona state university, go devils, and they turned the mannequin challenge into a prank. he goes up to people asking them questions, and then -- >> you know where the fcfc is? >> everybody freezes in place. but the reaction of the people, priceless. >> i got -- >> don't get lost. >> where's my remote? come on. play. >> i like how this girl looks around, she doesn't even say anything, and i like what she does here. she looks around and then joins in on the game. >> i like her, she's my favorite. >> she was my favorite, too.
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i like some people start talking to him, look away, keep explaining, and takes them a minute before they realize, wait a minute, my captive audience is frozine frozen. >> this girl is not having any of it. what the [ bleep ]? >> she just storms off. this girl, i have to give it to her, she is unbelievably polite. >> this is like instead of flash mob, it's the flash man. >> she sees they are frozen in place, but keeps talking. >> she recognizes crazy when she sees it. she just kind of moves her way out of it. >> i have to give it to the folks, even spanish language content on the internet, the mannequin challenge needs no translation. they made a ten-minuteman quin challenge. employees are having a party, so they did the mannequin challenge in the club. >> first guys did a right idea. take your time.
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we hope you enjoyed our show today. catch us on the next episod "right this minute." a stunning scene from searching the maya underworld shows an underwater emergency as a diver is -- >> really freaking out. >> what went horribly wrong in a cave for a dangerous catch-22. the chase is on for robbers who -- >> made off with this porsche. >> how a high end machine makes for one heck of a get away car. brave volunteers try to reach three young pups. >> in a big load of trouble. >> see the amazing rescue. and a little charmer with the best man speech. >> he's like, yeah, i know. got this.
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>> very beautiful today. >> see what comes next that's going to bring the house down. >> gopro really has done an amazing job at amassing adventure videos from around the world so we all can see. this is perhaps one of my favorites. it's called searching the maya underworld, quest for the earth's biggest cave. they are going in a huge cave in the yucatan peninsula. robbie and his team of expert divers have all been diving many, many years, but even though they have so much experience diving, anything can go wrong. >> one of our dives we surfaced into actually a fairly large air dome. these air domes can be absolutely beautiful in there, but they are most likely going to be oxygen deficient. >> down there with his camera crew, gina and brian her husband, and once t


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