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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, it's coming. soaking rain, gusting winds and possible flooding. all is calm right now. we look at the abc 7 roof camera. tracking two storms set to hit the bay area this week. >> it's the calm wbefore the storm, as they say. live team coverage of the incoming storms. >> let's look at live doppler 7. >> one of the strongest storms we've seen arriving. ahead of it, a weak eer storm. live doppler 7 is showing the stronger of the two storms in the pacific, gaining energy at this hour. when the on
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thursday, it's a 2. soaking gains and fwgusty wins. and an inch and a half is possible in our urban areas. wind gusts shows you near or over 30-mile-per-hour winds. some of the concerns, flooded roadways. rising small streams and the possible of power outages. we'll show you when the downpours move through your neighborhood. let's continue our team coverage now in mill valley tonight with the preparations ahead of the storms. lillian? >> reporter: we're at the parking lot off of highway 101. one of many flood-prone areas that could pose problems later this week. sandbag stations are ready to go. come thursday, they may be handy. roads may get flooded, too. residents are well aware how bad
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it can be, when heavy rain combines with king tide. it will be the same situation later this week. >> that will be closed. and the traffic will be difficult. it will be very, very tough to get in and out of mill valley. >> reporter: marin county's office of emergency services has sent out alerts. residents are urged to text their zip goes to 888777. >> the other is strong winds on thursday. and with winds sometimes come trees down into power lines. there's safety hazards involved there. >> reporter: not to mention the inconvenience of power outages. marin county residents have gone without power for days. sometimes a full week following a storm. >> that's the problem. all of the trees, the oaks that are dying from bugs. that's the thing for me, not having power. >> reporter: outages, flooding, all part of living in the north
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bay. on the peninsula, work is continuing to repair a portion of a seawall in pacifica, that washed away. sky 7 shows the extent of the repair work. and the daunting problem that crews are facing. concrete is being poured to shore up the base of the wall again. and crews will refill that walkway with sand. two workers repelled down the side of the hill to see how much of the base had washed out. one resident was concerned for their safety. >> you don't go down anywhere involving yourself and the ocean and a section of land that just slid 50, 60 feet. >> a reminder to track the incoming storms, you download the abc 7 news app. it's free. and get push alerts to get breaking news updates as soon as they happen. now, to the tragedy in oakland. the trauma from the warehouse fire didn't just affect families and friends of the 36 people
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that lost their lives. first responders have been impacted. as leslie brinkley explains, tonight, they finally have the opportunity to pay their respects. ♪ >> reporter: a bagpiper at sunset. following for two blocks from the fruitvale firestation to the ghost ship wear house, were these firefighters, coroners, police officers and deputies. these folks share a common bond. a common emotion because they worked here on-site. somehow, in some capacity, during the ghost ship tragedy. >> our hearts have been heavy, as well. we gather to remember in our own way, as a first responder community. the oakland fire bell tolled 36 times in memory of the lives
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lost here. >> it helps in the healing process. it was demanding on the first responders. >> i won't be able to process it all in one night. none of us will. it happens over time. and a night like this brings a little of a closure. but it changes your trajectory and how you move on. >> images of the deadly fire is something that the community and the first responders say they will never forget. ♪ in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc news 7. you're looking at the location where a man died when his car slammed into a tree. witnesses said his toyota veered into the median along the expressway a about 2:20 this afternoon. the investigators are trying to determine if he suffered a medical energy just before today's crash. in the south bay, san jose
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police are hoping that surveillance video will lead to the arrest of a man who is armed and dangerous. they say he attacked a disable ed man walking along the sidewalk. >> reporter: the video really is pretty hard to watch. the victim is so vulnerable. and police say the suspect has likely robbed before and will again. if he hasn't already. the first thing you see is a man on a bike, slamming into a disabled pedestrian, knocking him to the ground. it gets worse after that. the man on the bike circles back. but when the victim who has limited speech, takes out a cell phone, the man steals his phone. in the process, a handgun falls from his clothes. he picks it up and aims it at the vic to im. the vic to immakes a daring attempt to take back his phone. but the suspect kicks him and
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gets away. san jose police say it's an outrageous crime. >> for someone to take advantage of the handicapped individual, and it's very evident that the victim is handicapped, you wonder what he is willing to do to someone else. >> reporter: it happened after 5:00 p.m. the police are releasing the video and the sketch of the suspect to try to generate new leads. >> we really need the public's help. i hope that the public gets as fired up as we are. >> reporter: the victim walks there all the time. and he is a very nice man. police and neighbors hope his attacker is brought to justice. daily city police hope you can recognize this man captured on surveillance video, really clear surveillance video. the man is considered a suspect in a break-in at a home last monday. you can get a closer look at the suspected burglar in this image. he was wearing a cleveland indians baseball cap. and hi drove a 2009 or newer
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acura tsx. that car has paper plates from a dealer. the search is on for two luggage thieves in petaluma. you can see images of the suspects taken from surveillance video. a struggle took place when a store employee tried to stop the man and recover the luggage. witnesses say they drove away in an suv with yellow paper license plates around 12:45 this afternoon. new at 11:00, palo alto's police chief is retiring after spending 35 years with the force. dennis burns will turn in his badge in a few weeks. he joined the department in 1982. he was named the chief in 2008. burns announced his decision to retire today, saying, simply, it was time. police captain ron watson will serve as the interim chief. coming up. donald trump makes his pick for secondary of state. who is set to be nominated as
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the nation's top diplomat? and hack attack. the new cyber breach putting medical customers at risk tonight. and couldn't wait all day in long for the hottest ticket in town? "hamilton" tickets are still available. but they will cost you dearly. first, a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel. >> we have a very festive show tonight. we're all angry at what chris pratt has done on instagram. >> bring it in. >> what are ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ peace on earth goodwill to men ♪
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new at 11:00, a powerful vigil was held in orlando, florida, on the six-month anniversary of the shooting of the pulse nightclub. hundreds gathered to honor the people killed in that massacre. people shared a moment of silence to remember those lost. >> you must find a way to defeat evil. to find a way to make sure that for generations to come, no one will forget what happened here. >> 53 others were wounded. the shooter, omar mateen was killed after a standoff with s.w.a.t. teams. he pledged allegiance to islamic state group before the attack. tonight, the president-elect has chosen common mobil ceo rex tillerson as his secretary of state. mr. trump sent out this tweet. tonight, several news organizations says tillerson has
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been chosen to lead the state department. there's been concerns about this choice because of tillerson's close relationship with russian president vladimir putin. the president-elect called mitt romney tonight to let him know he would not be getting the job. romney said, i have very high hopes the new administration will lead the nation to greater strength, prosperity and peace. hackers have exposed data for 34,000 people, following a breach of a medical testing company. quest diagnostic, got date of birth, lab results and telephone numbers. quest operates several bay area locations. tickets went on sale in san francisco for the hit broadway musical "hamilton." and check out the line. sky 7 was over as it stretched and seemed to go forever down market street. >> it will be in town for five
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months. it's a pretty long run. there's been a rush on tickets like never seen before. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: in a line of hundreds of people, that snaked down and around san francisco's orpheum theater, we found two friends from sacramento near the box office. veronica and janet arrived yesterday. >> we slept in chairs on market street. >> reporter: it's "hamilton" the musical mania. tickets on sale, online, over the phone and in person. and no one here with their chairs and sleeping bags wanted to miss their shot. ♪ you walk in and my heart went boom ♪ >> reporter: the soundtrack is what first grabbed this woman's attention. others told us "hamilton" game a must-see, after a recent challenge by the broadway cast to v.p.-elect, mike pence,
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asking him to work for all americans. >> that got me going. that's great. >> reporter: the tickets are going from $100 to $524 at the box office, into the thousands on the secondary market. "hamilton" is the story of alexander hamilton, one of the nation's founding fathers. it's told through hip-hop music with diverse actors. this critic says that multiculturalism is what's made this a phenomenon. >> you finally see a musical, which is the most american of american art forms, that reflects that world on stage. that's something really powerful. >> reporter: "hamilton" premiers in san francisco in march. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. we checked. there are "hamilton" tickets available. they're going to cost you about
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$524 for seats in the orchestra section. now, you have -- kristen bought a ticket. >> one ticket. >> it will go to the weather person who treats her nicest in the next few weeks. >> the person who got forecasts. you need your sturdy umbrella on thursday. with the downforce, the wind will be whipping all day thursday. the weak umbrellas not going to do so well. live doppler 7, a little bit of action on the screen. what you're seeing, this is moisture several thousand feet in the atmosphere. not reaching the ground. but it's prepping our atmosphere for the soaking that's coming on thursday. out there right now, it's not all that chilly. 51 currently in oakland. 52 in san francisco. 51 san jose. 47 at fremont and fair field. on your tuesday, most spots will hold into the 50s. a couple of spots like palo alto in the 60s. sprinkles are possible as a weak
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system enters our region. on the storm impact scale, it lingers. this is a north bay storm. this will bring a quarter to half an inch in the north bay, outside of the north bay, just an isolated sprinkle. future weather, as we go hour-by-hour. watch the front just sit in the north bay and bring the unsettled conditions outside of the north bay. it's a lot of cloud cover. but this storm system really gets its act tot on thursday. and it will be strengthening as it crosses the bay area. the next storm system gets upgraded to a 2. widespread soaking rain. gusty winds from three-fourths to an inch and a half of rain. higher along the coast. hour-by-hour we go, on a thursday. here comes the cold front. first in the north bay. the pops of yellow are the heavier downpours. likely moving through the heart of the bay area around the lunchtime hour. we'll see the winds over 30 miles per hour at times. so, the threat is there for isolated power outages and tree
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limbs to come down. the downpours coming to the south bay by 2:00 in the afternoon. and the storm system will wrap up at night on thursday in a north-to-south fashion. total rainfall when you look through thursday, a really good soaking, area-wide. a lot of spots will see an inch of rain. if the showers and downpours come down hard enough, we will see ponding and flooding on the roadway. it's a good idea to use the news app. and you can track the downpours. a light shower in the north bay. it gets a 1. the south bay is dry. on thursday, a moderate storm. rainy and windy across the area. friday morning, a lingering shower. we
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police went to a san francisco school today, not to investigate a crime. they were there to deliver some holiday cheer. abc 7 news was at gordon lowell elementary. they give away more than 350 toys to kids from kindergarten to second grade. >> there's so many people to pitch in and help out with the event and the toy giveaway this time of year. you see a lot of folks stepping up to the plate and doing wonderful work in community. >> place were able to raise $3,000 from different groups. more holiday giveaways are planned in the coming days. >> nice. >> look at the smiles. in sports, it's been three months. three months. >> no smiles there. >> since the 49ers won a game. who is going to pay the price for this utter collapse? tom brady makes everybody pay. the
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abc 7 sports. >> from jim harbaugh, to jim tomsula. the 49ers have run out of scapegoats. chip kelly and trent baalke and jed york may be in the firing line. jed's parents, john and denise, may put an experienced football person in charge of the team to lift the niners out from the depths of their titanic-like step. that's replacing jed. the name mike shanahan has come
11:29 pm
up. who can fix this mess? how many years is it going to take? it will be a while. the raiders in better shape. but their loss to k.c. means they're going to need some help to leapfrog the chiefs. derek carr said he was stick to his stomach after struggling in the k.c. loss. finished with 117 yards passing. it was cold. but receivers couldn't hang on to the ball. the raiders' final three games at san diego, home against indy and at the broncos. brad pinkie and all, jack del rio has faith in his quarterback. >> he'll bounce back. i'm not worried about derek. for us, i would have liked to see us play a little more big boy ball in that game. you know, with the weather. he was having an off night. we have a big line. i would have liked to see us hand it off a few more times. the raider loss gave new england the top seed in the afc.
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tom brady and the patriots trying to stay there on "monday night football." and brady, fired up in foxboro. let's go. 16-3 in the third. martellus bennett 19-yard touchdown. patriots up by 230. game over, right? not quite. joe flacco to a wide-open kenneth dixon. brady threw for 406 yards. 3 touchdowns. chris hogan, a man the niners once cut on a 79-yard touchdown. patriots, 30-23. the kings taking on the lakers. luke walton didn't see much of it. ejected. one of seven technicals called in this contest. and he missed a heck of a performance by demarcus cousins. boogie with a driving layup. you can't teach tall or shooting from way out. boogie with 31. the kings win, 116-92.
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abc 7 sports. and the warriors have the night off. they finish up an their road trip tomorrow. >> we dressed up fornothing. the warriors colors, right? >> that's standard issue. abc 7 continues online, twitter and facebook a
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give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now find the lowest payments ever on all beds. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. on the storm impact scale, we're focusing on thursday. two moderate storms. and we'll have an update on the system tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> all right. we're ready. >> yes. >> that's our report for now.
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thanks for watching, everybody. from homd, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jennifer lawrence and music from phantogram. and now, and furthermore -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm very glad you're here. welcome to hollywood.


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