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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 22, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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dog. she sniffs something in the air. grilled chicken. who wouldn't want some grilled chicken? that looks tasty. this is in bangkok, thailand. the person who fed this dog said this is the second time she came over looking for food. they noticed very quickly the dog didn't eat it right away. the dog would carry it away. the second time she came along, they followed her through a businebusy area. this is a commercial type area. she has a definite path she's taking. this guy is able to follow her. it's like she looks and says, okay, i know you're following me, keep coming. >> i thought she was looking back like, you ain't getting it back. >> she thathas a mission for th chicken on a stick. once she gets behind this house, she stops and looks. does she finally want to shake this person? no, she's a very special dog. she comes up to the person with the camera, gives them a little, okay, here's my story. all is quickly revealed.
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>> oh. >> puppies run out. one runs directly to the person filming this. i wish we knew the rest of the story, but i have a feeling that as healthy as the puppies look and the fact that mom was able to get food like that, i think they're all doing pretty well. honestly, there are some things where it feels like there aren't any good samaritans out there. there's a car on the right-hand side. there's an elderly lady inside, 72 years old. this guy comes up. he's pointing to the front of the car, saying, you've got a problem. something's leaking. that's when she gets out. she's like, well, thank you very much. he sort of gets back inside like he's going to help out. you're thinking maybe there aren't any good samaritans in the world. it's because it turns out maybe there aren't. he's starting the engine. she tries to block it with herself. he doesn't care. he starts moving her out of the way. then boom, he's gone. not just with her car, with her handbag, her house keys, her money, her credit card. took a bang to the knee as the
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car went by as well. this scum bag just robbed this woman of basically everything. the car itself was recovered about five days later. sussex police are hoping anybody out there that could maybe spot something from this video and help find this scum bag. in this second video, you can not be criticized for making the conclusion that there are some serious problems with atms in the uk. they're just blowing up. >> who's exploding them? >> yeah, in fact, this is all evidence from a month's long spree from a team of people who went around blowing up atms in the hopes of getting the money out from them. they were able to make off with $150,000 worth of cash from these atms. >> does anybody wonder why you'd blow something up at a gas station? >> it's just crazy. but the metropolitan police released this video with more
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information, which is that people that were responsible for this spree have been jailed for a combined 43 years. >> wow. >> i hope it was worth it. >> you're going to need a whole lot more than $150,000. walk around the streets of the world, you can see some pretty interesting street performers, including this guy. at a prk in china, he has figured out a way to dance with the birds. >> that's really cool. >> some kite skill right there. >> that's not a kite. that's an actual bird. >> many people did at first believe that this was a bird. i'm not sure how you could confuse it. truly when the video went viral on the chinese equivalent of twitter, lots of people were like, wow, look at this retiree dancing with a bird. more keen eyed people realized, yes, it is, in fact, a kite. over the last several years, he's perfected his performance, dancing with his kite bird.
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>> it's actually pretty good exercise. >> but his spirit, right, it's going to keep him active and keep him happy. >> staying alive, staying active. you're right, very important, even for this cockatoo. just having a ball with a blank sheet of paper. >> it's like he's got writer's block. >> who knows what's going through this bird brain. but it's fun to watch. you remember when you were a kid and you were about to take a family trip to the doctor or the dentist? dad's like, all right, everybody, in the car. >> wait, the doctor and the dentist is a family trip? >> sometimes it is. >> oh, man, my family trips sucked. >> they're looking like, great. can't get much past this little one. >> he's videotaping us! >> that kid is sharper than 99% of the people we see on this
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show. >> now, gabrielle spots a gift. she's like, it's for work, just get in. >> mom. >> it's for you guys. >> why do you have to tell them that? >> they're going to the dentist. let them open it. >> maybe it is for them. >> then you guys are going to have less under the tree. >> mom, can i? >> is it okay? >> all right. >> yay! >> love that mom and dad, good cop/bad cop going on. >> it's clothes. >> boo. >> that's my early christmas present? clothes? come on! >> could have waited until christmas day, right. >> let her read it. >> hurry up and get -- >> one of them reads quicker. >> i like how she doesn't say anything. >> 'tis the season for a family vacation! we're going to disney! >> before she could even finish it, they both just start screaming. >> what's in the back of the trunk? the suitcases are in there. [ screaming ] >> that look.
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the realization. so sweet. >> we're not going to the dentist. we're going to the airport right now. >> the little one was like, oh, but i wanted to see santa. >> now the screaming and exuberance turns into a cry. >> are you crying? >> i don't know what's happening. i'm just overcome with emotion. >> i feel that way at work every day. there's something strange on the ground. what is that? >> that's -- >> a tail? >> a twig? >> time to poke it and find out. and it's the north pole express. >> got to have a ticket. there's a guy on board checking. >> tom hanks? >> see who it is and find out what happens next. can make this...rom a e feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®,
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closed captioning provided by -- we hear it often, but this is a good reminder not to wear ear buds and headphones while you're walking, especially kids if their on their way home from school. you can't hear anything. here we are. this young lady is walking down this icy road, and she starts to cross the street. >> come on!
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oh! >> and the car just couldn't stop. >> she didn't hear it. the driver didn't have enough time to stop. >> that car looked like it was going a little quick for those conditions, especially if you see a pedestrian. >> you're taking one of your senses away. would you cross the street with your eyes closed? you have to think about it and keep your situational awareness on. >> a lot consider said on both sides. here's a look at his windshield. >> that's the shape of her head. >> she was treated for her injuries. just glad ultimately she'll be okay. this next video is a close call. >> did you see that? >> did he duck because he saw it coming or because he dropped his cell phone? >> just in the nick of time. that truck pulled up into that port. the door swings open. the driver of the other truck happened to be outside of his truck, saw this door swing open. at the last second ducked. the person driving that truck does admit the lock on his door doesn't work. so that's what you get.
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this last video takes place in indonesia. during a 6.5-magnitude earthquake. check it out. >> are we sure that's an earthquake? or does he have company in the truck? >> no, it's an earthquake. so far no casualties have been reported. >> holy [ bleep ]. this year there's a big hit netflix show called "stranger things." if you haven't seen it, i suggest you check it out. if you don't have netflix, maybe just go to your backyard. you might see some strange things. >> especially if you have my neighbors. >> especially in nick's backyard. >> what is that? >> exactly. what is that? >> a tail? >> a twig? >> that's what the person behind the camera thought at first. a stick, a piece of wood. it's just kind of sticking straight out of the ground. it caught the attention of this person with the camera. so since we don't know what it is, we should poke it. >> that's the human sort of
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testing mechanism for just about anything. what is it? poke it with a stick. poke it with your finger. >> okay, let's poke it. >> dude. is that like a frozen worm or something? what is going on? >> it's an inch worm. in fact, in the description, the person said it appeared to be a worm about an inch long. >> thank you. >> i'm going to call this an inch worm. the one thing you see a lot of times in the summer, they usually have two or four little legs in the front, two or four in the back. they move like this. >> really? >> just kind of inching along. >> that was just weird. >> poke him with a stick. train's pulling out of the station. but it's not any train. the north pole express, ladies and gentlemen. >> i want to go. >> filling up with families and kids and christmas decorations. >> you want to ride the north pole express, you've got to have a ticket.
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>> there's a guy on board checking. >> tom hanks? >> not tom hanks but a very familiar face. >> oh, oh, oh, look at him. >> yeah, look at him. do you have a ticket? do you have a ticket? >> you lost your ticket? >> yeah, i was on a sleigh ride. >> you lost your ticket on a sleigh ride? ♪ dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ over the fields we go laughing all the way ♪ >> guy is there, singing along, but he's not alone. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ oh what fun it is -- >> if it seems like their vocals are on point, that is for a very good reason. it's brigham young university's vocal point. everybody is getting caught up. is this really happening right now? >> okay. he can stay without a ticket. >> yeah, i guess i suppose it's
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like he's putting on a show, so he's earning his way. >> there's so many of them. did anybody buy a ticket? >> the dude in the hat is like, oh, another one. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ >> just a little bit of a christmas miracle. stewart edge and the guys from vocal point. [ cheers and applause ] he's hitting top speeds on his snow mobile. >> wow. what was he trying to do? >> great question. >> see if you can figure it out. plus, this man has a big mouth, and he's putting it to good use. >> holy cow. >> he looks like pac man. >> find out which guinness world record he wants to secure. >> you can see the back of his head. you can see his soul.
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whensoften up with gold bond softening lotion.y. now with 2x the shea butter. skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. snow changes the dynamics of movement. a lot less friction for stopping, turning. if you're on a snowmobile, you have to keep that in mind. oh, yeah, open up that engine. slow down, slow down. nope. >> watch out for that pile of something burning. >> wow. i mean, what was he trying to do? >> great question. i'm not sure. there are people standing around watching this person ride the snowmobi snowmobile. i'm not suref it's their first time, if they're an amateur. >> it was right around here he realized there were no brakes on that snowmobile.
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>> you said it. wow, that was a surprise. who thought it would end that way? >> he seems to be okay. he kind of went back over. he jumped right back up. >> i think he'll be just fine. skiing is another area where you have to plan for the stopping procedure. you have to keep in mind people around you in trees and all the other factors that play into skiing. >> like who just ran into him. >> this is the thing. people don't travel in straight lines. they all do this. everybody is just like a drunk driver or something out there, which is why everyone subpoena hitting each other. >> but you've got a white surface. you cannot miss somebody. ♪ these twins have taken the internet by storm. this video is their christmas edition where they're talking santa. >> are you ready to tell santa claus what you want for christmas? >> yes. >> no! >> i thought twins were always on the same page.
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>> they're not on the same page about most things. they have their own minds filled with thoughts and emotions, and they express them quite frequently. >> they don't have to say anything. they can just sit there and look cute. >> well, they do for a few minutes. then they start screaming. >> music to your ears. >> now they're on the same page. >> so what about other people? are they going to get christmas presents too? >> yes. >> no! >> no? why not? >> yes! >> no, yes, yes, no, yes, no. >> if everybody was nice to each other, don't you think everybody would be so much happier? >> yes. >> and that's what we want, for everybody to be happy, right?
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>> if you're not nice, you don't get any presents. 'tis the season to be nice. >> why are you looking at me? ♪ it man has a big mouth and he's proud of it. >> holy cow. >> he looks like pac man. >> a living pac man. who knew he was german. a funny thing happened on the way to being the man with the world's widest gape. his son got ahold of a guinness world record book and brought it to his dad. >> the record holder in the book, an american. 3.4 inches. he's like, let me check mine out. >> so from the bottom of the top teeth to the top of the bottom teeth. >> yes. >> you can see the back of his
3:52 pm
head. you can see his soul. >> he beat the american by 0.15 inches. >> he could eat a burger in a couple seconds. >> so useful. >> that is weird. >> yeah, look at that. he sent the picture to guinness. they had to verify. >> i'm the new record holder for the largest gape in the world. >> it's like he's got a hinge at the back of his head. >> so he now has the largest gape in the world. >> what a cool record to have. a hilarious game that will entertain you for a while. >> there's a present on the table. basically, you have to try and open it. but before you can open that present, you have to put on the oven mitts and the santa hat. >> why this one is taking the
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i have to be honest, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is just playing games. everybody gets together. so many laughs. got a couple for you. >> all right. let's go. >> this first one, just a family having fun. this has 39 million views on facebook so far. i have a feeling this is going to be played across the country. it's the santa's hat game. >> let's go, let's go. >> you see there's a present on the table. basically, you have to try and open it. before you can open that present, you have to put on the oven mitts and the santa hat. now, once you've done that, the person to your left has dice. they're rolling and rolling and rolling until they get a double. once they get a double, it gets passed to them. half the time, people haven't finished putting on the oven mitts and the hat. >> so do you win by opening the gift before somebody rolls a double? >> right. that's exactly how it works. >> as you can see in this video, it's a lot harder than you think. >> so we've done something
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similar to this. instead of a wrapped present, we had a bunch of small little presented wrapped in plastic wrap. you had to find the end of the plastic wrap and unravel it with an oven mitt. it was hysterical. it was the hit of the night. >> it's so funny you should say that, nick. our next video is exactly that. the way it works, i could tell you, but nick already knows. you just pull off a bit of plastic wrap, wrap some money around it, then you get some candy, you can get some other christmas toys, or adult themed if you were having a fun party. just put another layer of plastic wrap around it. you end up with this big ball. >> ours was a mix of both. candy, preparation h. you got a gag gift or you could get a piece of candy or something good. >> what did you get? >> a condom. >> it took a while to make, and it took a while to unwrap it. so fun. >> there you go. so there's some pretty fun christmas party games you could be playing right now with your family. get to it. thanks for watching.
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catch us on the next brand new episode of "right this minute."
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i went up to her and started giving her a hard time and told her that her father was ruining the country. >> a couple is kicked off a jetblue flight accused of harassing soon to be daughter ivanka trump. >> and passengers were delayed for more than an hour this morning on a jetblue flight from jfk to sfo. our reporter is at sfo where the flight landed an hour and a half ago. sergio? >> reporter: larry, one of the interesting things about this is ivanka trump and her family and secret service detail was flying in coach on jetblue and that's one of the reasons w


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