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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11:00, carrie fisher's heart attack. family and fans of the "star wars" actress are responding to the medical emergency on board a transatlantic flight. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> fisher was flying from london to los angeles when she suffered cart yack arres cardiac arrest. >> she is at ucla medical center and we are live with the developing details. >> much of the evening has been a wait and see situation. we understand her family including her mother, debbie reynolds and daughter have been with her at the hospital all nig night. carrie fisher's brother said she was stabilize and moved to the intensive care unit. she suffered a heart attack on
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the flight from london as they approached lax. >> we have passengers assisting the unresponsive passenger. >> passengers began tweeting what they saw. actress anna a konda was sitting nearby. >> carrie fisher stopped breathing on the flight home. hope she's gonna be okay. >> the pilot called for help for medical professionals on board. >> they called from the front of the plane and we saw it was them. >> carrie fisher is an author and best known as princess leia on "star wars." >> i recognized your foul stench. >> this was a shock for her fans. >> she is such a big part in the other movies and she could be in the eighth movie. >> it's very sad. she has been like the number one movie throughout this saga. it's very sad and i wish her
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very well. >> tweets of support flooded in from fans and fellow actors including mark hamill who wrote, as if 2016 couldn't get any worse. sending all our love to carrie fisher. abc 7 news. >> a reminder "star wars" is a lucas film owned by disney. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> let's focus on the weather. we are on form watch. here's a live look at scattered showers. we have live doppler 7. drew? >> it was coming down earlier and this storm is beginning its exit and tracking the stale end of moisture. showing moisture confined to the coast. we put at this time into motion the past hour or so and the showers left over are really running parallel to the coast. we are in the drying out process. we are seeing snow showers around lake tahoe and still
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coming down. winter storm warning in effect. along the western slopes. i-5 north to redding good to go. caution over the grape line. snow showers and caution in tahoe. wrapping up the click conditions. we will talk about cooler air for the holiday and the forecast. >> the snow that has been falling in the sierra is expected to turn into rain. look at the road conditions from the caltrans camera. snow is turning to slush and you will need chains on the tires. stay on top of the weather where you live with the news app. download the app for free to get breaking news updates. >> one person died when a caltrain landed into a pickup truck. they said no one on the train was hurt when they hit the pick up this evening.
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commuters faced delays on other trains. the county sheriffs deputies are investigating what happened. >> the first wrongful death lawsuit was filed today. they were two of the 36 people died when the warehouse caught fire in a party three weeks ago. the families filed suits naming the owner and landlord connected to get ship stating it was a death trap. >> we will never see them again. we just want justice. >> the attorney for the two filed claims against the city of oakland and al meeta county. they said they don't comment on pending litigation. the attorneys didn't respond to the request for comment. >> san francisco's interim police chief did not get the top job, but tony chaplain vows he will support the man who did. the mayor tapped the 26-year veteran as interim chief in may.
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the city leaders urged him to reduce the use of deadly force. the former chief retired after several high profile shootings. >> we saw the man in the police department do an incredible job of putting in actual practice what we have been preaching for so long about deescalation. >> the incoming chief will take over next month. he has been a deputy chief in los angeles police department. you can see the unedited interview on our website. go to abc 7 >> new details on the jail break that sparked a huge manhunt. inmates broke out of the santa clara county main jail and they were captured. the media partner, the bay area news group reports former police officer noah winchester tipped off jail guards about suspicious sown says he heard. he is in jail on unrelated sex
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changes. in a statement the chief didn't deny the guards were tipped off, but said there is no evidence anyone helped the inmates break out. she added internal affairs is investigating. if you haen't finished christmas shopping yet, what are you doing watching us? you have one day left. bay area malls were packed with people buying gifts. >> katie joins us live from oakland and san jose with the shoppers bringing the crowds and the benefits of procrastinating. hi, katie. >> reporter: yeah, it was hectic here in the parking lot and inside the mall, but i'm happy to report the shoppers i talked with had positive attitudes. they knew exactly what they were getting into. >> for the most part, it was smooth. you have a mission in mind what you want to do and get in and get out. >> edgar was taking a break and admits he left a lot of shopping until the last minute. >> i try not to, but you get
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busy with work and by the time you realize it, the day is upon us. >> westfield mall was packed. the crush started in the parking lot. alexis came to help her dad with his shopping. >> people want a lot of things and they policy and there is none left. i think he learned his lesson. >> the inventory may be picked over, but there can be benefits. >> i came out to get exercise, but you can see if they have good deals and last minute shopping. >> a psychologist we talked with said while some are bad planners, others care too much. >> they wanted to, but get freaked out about making mistakes and keep putting it off. being late is a better excuse than looking like you don't care, believe it or not. >> there is nothing wrong with a gift card or cash. >> you know it's going to be busy and there will get lines. you have to stay in a positive
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mind frame and everything goes better that way. >> a good attitude goes a long way. ac 7 news. >> the i team travels hundreds of miles to confront a military imposter. >> i might have done the wrong things, but my intentions were right to help out. >> see how his story unravelled and why the nfl is among the victims. >> a live look outside from the camera looking at the bay bridge. drew will be right back with your christmas weekend forecast. >> later are, it's not too late to make sure children wake up to a very ♪
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the nfl's choice is taking a big hit this holiday season because the program's organizer has been identified as a military imposter. >> he is apologizing to all he hurt. you will see it only on abc 7 news. >> art medina is from san jose and told me he has seen all the stories i have done. people who falsely claim to be war heroes. somehow he didn't think he would get caught for the lies he told to so many people. the nfl alumni toys for tots are bouncing back with the help of real marines. the man who organized the drive, art medina, had to resign after he got caught lying. he was the nfl's military liaison for years a ranging color guards and fund-raisers and left behind angry players and veterans. >> i can't imagine what they would do if they found him. it's too bad.
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he took us for a ride. he fooled a lot of people. >> i love the military. i'm sorry. >> medina agreed to meet me in southern california last week and claims he is there because of threats he received. >> i am a marine. >> you were briefly. >> i earn the title. >> you didn't earn the title. how did you earn the title? >> i finished boot camp. that's what i meant. >> they confirmed he made it through boot camp, but dropped out of the school of infantry and deserted, gone for almost ten years. before his arrest and a bad conduct discharge. >> is that accurate? >> yes, it's accurate. >> he convinced many people he was a staff sergeant who fought at the bloodiest battle of the iraq war. >> you trait the on the sacrifice of those people. what do you want to say to the
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families of the real marines? >> you learned your keep and i'm sorry. >> he used that story in san francisco where a documentary filmmaker interviewed him in front of the memorial to fallen warriors. he attended social events and met marines including donald trump's nominee for defense secretary. james mad dog mattis. the club even gave him a color guard send off for the fund-raising walk to camp pendleton in july. >> dog tags represent the fallen. we have taken a couple of tags and we speak on their behalf. >> they honored medina. >> i want to give this to art. >> they bought meals and paid for his lodging. he raised $6,000, money supposed to go to the marines memorial club event and cold star event. three months after the walk, medina hasn't given donations to
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the club. >> you raised money for them. are you going to give it to them? >> yes, i will give them money. >> how much? >> i can't say until the taxes and the shirts. >> nicholson is a real veteran who accompanied him on the 565 mile walk. >> did art walk the walk? >> he said he only walked a third of the way and his girlfriend would pick him up. >> he said he had a surgery and a fake heel and due to the injuries in iraq, so he couldn't do the whole thing. >> his star began to unravel after he met jonathan hancock. his cross-country trek to honor fellow marines is made into a documentary and hancock got suspicious and did research and blasted him on social media. >> art medina is a liar and
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%-p. the lies he has been telling caught up to him. in addition to the nfl and the marines memorial club, he talked his way into military parents's groups. >> art told us that he was suicidal. >> the air force mom allowed him and his friends to stay at her house on dozens of occasions and often spoke of fallujah and gave lorraine what was supposed to be ashes of his fallen brothers. now she knows it was all a lie. >> i can see the emotion gathering behind your eyes. why is that? >> i believe in god. to believe in god, you have to believe there is evil. medina is the pure essence of it. >> i'm not an evil person. i wanted to help out. >> he said he will let me know when he sends a check to the club. by the way, he started what he calls the field of honor foundation. the irs granted the nonprofit
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status this month after word came out he was a fraud. be careful where you donate money. for the i team, abc 7 news. >> put the rain gear away and grab the jacket, scarf, and the gloves. cold air is settling in. right now we have showers off the coast and they will mainly stay off the coast. the system is exiting and we will dry out overnight. out there now, a bit of the chill. 47 in hayward and 45 in san jose. we are currently at 39 degrees. 48 in san francisco and right now 40 is the current number in san ramon. 30s and 20s. 27 in bend. 36 in medford and we will get this air mass moving into the bay area and that will set the stage for cold mornings, especially on sunday. overnight here's the call.
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mixture of clouds. around the bay, a lot of low 40s. 42 in oakland and 42 in san jose. 43 in san francisco. future tracker shows saturday midday with sunshine and it will be a cool day. temperatures in the 40s around lunchtime. they won't budge far. the warmer spots getting to the low 50s to start off. highs on your saturday is a bright looking day. 52 san francisco and the same san jose. 52 the afternoon high in concord. traveling across the states, limited issues. we will have showers in the sierra. slick in the afternoon and even in so cal. we talked about i-5 over the grapevine with snow showers. looking good to go elsewhere. travel headaches will be limited on the saturday. good news there. future tracker temperature shows sunday widespread 30s. this is a cold christmas morning. a couple of 20s on the board.
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this is when the cold air settles in. the same in san francisco. 36 in san jose and the freezing mark to start off the holiday in concord. to break down the christmas day, a cold day in the morning. you notice the temperatures in the 30s and a lot of spots below the freezing mark. we go throughout the day and a lot of sunshine and a few clouds bubbling up throughout the afternoon. by 4:00, you see mid-to low 50s. a wind winter feel on the way. chilly to start off the holiday and cold on christmas. you need the heavy coat if you travel. it's a nice afternoon with chilly temperatures. by monday, repeat the forecast. a cold morning and sunny afternoon and we start to warm up. by sides, mild air works in and it's picture perfect on thursday. friday it is a sneak peek. we are dry and mild and a few clouds in the afternoon.
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>> not bad. thanks. >> give where you live this holiday. >> still ahead, we will tell you how to make sure
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the holiday spirit is alive and well at lefty o duals. outside the union square restaurant as they dropped off gifts for the toy drive. they unloaded 35 toys. last year they collected 15,000 toys. the drive will continue until 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. >> they are so great about that. warriors. >> larry has the scoop. >> continuing the road trip, they lost and did not want history repeating
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the warriors know how to finish. in detroit, they were setting up the game everyone wants to see here on abc 7. green missed last night's game to be in the bay area and back in detroit for this. leading to a dunk and behind the back to ghee. 15 points. he had eight assists. they were sloppy with 22
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turnovers. tobias harris and pistons up five. finished with 32 points. under a monday to go. warriors up by two. clay thompson step back and he sticks it. ices it with the three. 17 for clay thompson. warriors win the 7 go ahead in a row and they are 27 and 4. >> we know how to win. there is a lot of things we have to condition to get better at. i am turning the ball over. >> back to my grass shack in hawaii. the diamond head classic from illinois state. the throw down from madison williams. matt carthy had 11.
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the kid at 16 and charles with 17 on the reverse. usf is a surprise. they are 10-2 and face san diego state in the finals on sunday. the sharks and oilers took to the ice tied for first place. both with 41 points. it seemed fitting they would end up in overtime. the total commitment to christmas and the sharks with the hat and the lights and everything. fantastic. they are denying the milk man and tied at one. logan to kevin and he is open for the one-timer. david leading the league in points. he feeds patrick maroon. he are tied at two. the rookie. game over. drive home safely. the sharks win and take sole control of the pacific division lead. eastern michigan and old
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dominion. we love the sledge hammer entrance for subtlety. they make a statement and look at the quarterback. david washington's statement is 47 yards to zack for the touchdown. old dominion, splash, splash. they win the bahamas bowl and they are going to the beach. >> i would. abc 7 sports. merry christmas, everybody. >> thanks. >> abc 7 news continues on line and twitter, facebook
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. >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jennifer aniston. director tom ford. tom holland and the world premiere trailer. "this week in unnecessary censorship." music from friendship. and now get it together, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being with us. we are happy to have you.


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