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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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crescent avenue in sausalito. >> some progress has been made. there are two tow trucks on the scene. you can see there is one attached to the front of the truck and another on the cement portion of the truck now. this afternoon, the truck here. the ground gave way and the truck flipped. now, the owners tell me snot been a good year. the owners are home in santa barbara. the order is for them to get
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this detached to one tow truck and open the street and move it out of here. it's been a long day here and this situation creating such a mess but no one was hurt. >> now to a somber story that reminds how quickly life can change. we're seeing a foreboding video from a father killed inside of a target store on christmas eve. the 36-year-old tire on-griffin junior was stabbed to death on wind chill yep road while shopping with his family. >> reporter: his family told us he made a trip to pick up a last minute gift for one of his four children. the trip ended in tragedy, just
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a month after making a video telling his family life could end. >> we have many reasons to give grace. and count our blessings. >> reporter: it's a message to his family on thanksgiving. as it turns out, just weeks before he was stabbed to death on christmas eve. >> count every day as a blessing. ef moment. every hour. you never know when your life is going to be taken from you. >> he was very strong willed. he loved people. he loved making people laugh. >> his mother yolanda lindsay told us he was killed during a last minute trip to target with his girlfriend. >> we went to get jade another toy and wrapping paper and bows. >> his girlfriend told us griffin encountered two men in
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the toy department. >> he was trying to talk to them about the cursed music they were playing and the toy aisle of target while the children were shopping at christmas time. >> police arrested the suspects in their 20s. their names have not been released. police say both are hayward residents. lindsay told us her son spent time in prison but had been committed to his children and to improving his own life. >> he wanted to get out and get into the working atmosphere and become a productive person of this world and give back. >> reporter: lindsay plans to set up a go fund me page and the two suspects are expected in court on wednesday. a judge moved to block
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certain control holds. a lawsuit was filed december 20th seeking to block the city from implementing the policy. the union alleged the city engaged in unfair labor practices by refusing to bargain further on the policy. city attorneys argue the policy was a man gear yil decision not subject to union tweeting the commission will continue to work towards reform. a former marine lost his life in what is usually a quiet neighborhood in oakland. he was shot to death around brookdale and 35th avenues. eric? >> the victim was just 23 years old and police say he was
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visiting friends in a neighborhood where he was killed. also tonight, police are asking for your help in finding the killers. >> it's just quiet. >> that is usually true but not last night. last night this was the scene of a flurry of gunfire. this neighbor doesn't want his face shown. >> four shots, evenly spaced. pause. >> loud noise. bam. bam. >> the 23-year-old lay dying on the street. he was a former marine who lived in oakland. his sister created this page that says killin enrolled in
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college but had to drop out when his father was diagnosed with cancer. people who live near the scene are shaken but still believe the neighborhood is safe. >> keep my eyes open more as i go in and out of the house. those things happen. >> at this time there were 93 homicides. a new menorah is on its way to a new neighborhood. the story caught attention of an east coast man >> people are strong, they're
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taking it in stride. i thought if i can help and find something that will turn a negative to positive it would be an ideal thing to do. >> detectives are reviewing surveillance video. san francisco could use help counting the number of homeless. the department of homelessness needs volunteers to participate in the homeless census january 26th. >> we're less than a week into winter. it's frosty this morning as a thin layer of ice greeted those in ignacio
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and we're looking at calm conditions and partly cloudy skies from this live >> let me show you why in just a moment. temperatures in the 0s and 50s so it's comfortable. it was icy cold this morning and freezing and below freezing from fairfield to temperatures coming up into friday. live doppler 7 showing you cloud cover helping to insulate us
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tonight. what you can expect as you ring in the new year and welcome 2017. dan? >> thank you. >> in yosemite there is snow on the banks of the merced river. so please do the same. that is a stunning victory. >> we lost a legend and advocate. carrie fisher was known as princess leia. >> tonight hear from the people who knew her as more than just that. >> i'm grateful you don't find things like that every day. new gadget could be a gateway into a new world of tech support. the geek squad is ahead on abc7 news.
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last week we told you about a piece of american history that turned up in the baggage claim of the sonoma county airport. talking about a purple today, we have answers. >> paper work. paper work. >> with it, the end of a mystery. a daughter and father symbolically reunited. >> you never met him? >> no. never. >> today, she held to the purple heart with her father's name on
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it. the staff has been trying to find her. a social media campaign generated 100,000 hits on facebook. >> we rehomed ipods, computer lap tops, daytimers. all kinds of stuff. >> but never a purple heart. she explained how she carried it with others. >> she was stressed out. i knew i had confidence to find it. this belonged to her father. the day he died is the day she was born.
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>> i have have this with me. where i go, it goes with >> federal lauments are scrutinizing the delta tunnel plan. officials say the goal is a sustainable source of water for 25 million californians but a congressman and father says costs are bound to skyrocket. >> this is about updating that so we can protect against earthquakes and plan for the future so we have a source of clean water. >> $50 billion opening bid? who is going to pay for
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>> palo alto company emerged just last month. today, announcing it will partner to manufacture solar cells that will be used to make panels and develop production at the plant in >> the dow is flirting with 20,000 milestone today. and s and p gained
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amazon shipped items during the holidays. >> high tech holiday presents can kill you with joy or frustration. >> presents come into the store in hopes that geek squad can bring them to live. from this speaker to the drone >> the number one thing that shows up is new pcs.
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>> with creating a outlook. >> be smart with your approach. >> the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force posted a video. >> most can be restricted to better protect the user. >> and and figuring out how to make the darned thing work. >> hey, camera? take a good picture.
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>> >> it's going to be chilly, not as cold as we have temperatures into low 50s now so comfortable. looking from our sutro tower, visibility is good. it's 46 in santa rosa. fairfield, low it's not going to be as wide
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spread. there is a chance of showers, so starting out clear there will be patchy fog and temperatures low to mid-30s. you'll need to address in layers. nice day, sunshine, low 50s to mid-60s and thursday afternoon, we'll see milder conditions of 50s, 60s and maybe mid 06s in the south bay. saturday, new year's eve, during the day it's going to be cooler, temperatures in the 50s. we bring in a possibility of showers saturday afternoon. by the time new year's eve begins into sunday you'll have dry conditions. so let's check out this storm impact scale. there is a better possibility of rain into next week.
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some highest peaks could be coated in a light dusting of snow. this is a great opportunity to down load to help you track them. so things track. if you don't have the day off, keep your rain gear with you. it's a cold start, a sunny end and friday, it's going to be more cloud cover. staying dry, slight chance of
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showers saturday. saturday evening, starting off with dry conditions sunday afternoon going into monday. possibility of rain. temperatures are dropping. >> we're hearing good reports from people coming back. >> there is a snow chance on the way. >> good. >> coming up next who is giv
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warriors star steph curry spent the day serving up deserving from the warriors community fund. >> saturday, cal train will stop charging fares for passengers and adding four additional southbound trains that will leave san francisco station starting at 12:45 a.m. new year's day after the fire works
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show. muni will offer rides and buses and cable cars and extra buses are scheduled. january 1, muni prices will go up. the adult cash fare will cost $0.25. and riders using clipper card or muni mobile will not see changes. that is a good-sized jump. another change, the age to qualify as youth has gone up. riders can get tickets until they turn 19. >> michael finney has been watching a case of identity
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theft for months. >> joining us with the suspect and how she pulled off the crime. >> karrie fisher's brother mourning the sudden loss of the hollywood icon tonight. >> the technology tonight
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. i should have expected to find you holding the leash. >> best known for her role as princess leia, but celebrated for so much more, carrie fisher passed away. >> she died at the age of 60. her brother todd fisher says her family is together now, supporting
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>> fans are struggling with the loss. >> fans gathered at the lucas film campus to remember carrie fisher. >> she's an icon. >> just hearing about it today i was devastated she's just an amazing individual. outside of her work. >> these are items fans left at the yoda fountain. flowers, candle and a note that says rip my princess. >> she's part of my childhood. just a sad day. >> i work in the entertainment industry. it hits home that
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too soon fisher was a successful author, writing about hollywood and her struggle was mental illness. the berkeley repertory theater shared pictures from her stage show "wishful drinking". the artistic director wrote it's a great loss. i've never met anyone that can craft a comic line better than she could. >> and the world is mourning the loss of pop star george michael. michael died on christmas day in his home.
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he was 53 years old. tonight there is a full hour dedicated to both carrie fisher and george michael. two greats. it starts here on abc7 at 10:00 p.m. >> a teen finds himself in the spotlight after learning cpr in junior >> lewis learned the process from a program aimed to teach cpr to every 7th grader in sonoma county. >> thank goodness they got to my boy. >> i do think it's brought us
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closer. >> hundreds are scrambling to put finishing touches on 44 floats to be featured. the traditional event takes place on monday. aids health care foundation dedicated the float to the 49 people killed in orlando's pulse nightclub. the city of los angeles is celebrating the bid for the 2024 olympic and para-olympic games. you can watch the rose parade here on abc7. >> new at 6:00 a look at new technology that can save the lives of
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>> developed by a research team at nasa's pet propulsion team, it's technology may solve a problem for firefighters. how to track them inside of steal six firefighters dispatched were unable to find an exit before running out of oxygen. >> most are signal dependent. and in a concrete building they don't work. >> he says having a device like this one would be an important tool for firefighters. right now, if a fellow firefighter became lost or trapped they're bound to using technology around for decades.
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and this >> there is interest, the technology being developed further. doing so could take a few years. the battalion chief says once ready, his department would not turn it down. >> i'm encouraged by something like this. >> some of us woke up to freezing temperatures this morning. good news is that there is warmer weather on the way. >> the flip side there is a storm on the way. sandhya patel will be back on an
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update with the forecast. >> a woman watches on her bank
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a big development in an identity theft case. a bay area mom found out a woman was using her money. >> this got such a >> police arrested a woman they believe is that thief. >> it was a feeling of sheer helplessness from mimi murphy. >> just a thief taking your >> began when the debit card didn't work. she checked the bank app. someone in fresno just withdrew $3500 from her savings account set up for heir little girl, peyton. she called bank of america. >> i was on hold for 43 minutes, i believe. >> all the while, she watched on
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her phone as the thief wiped out her savings and checking accounts. >> there goes another $500 and $32. >> finally, the bank picked up the call. how, how can i help you? freeze my account. >> bank of america refunded the money from her savings but not checking account saying this surveillance video could be mimi and only she can know her pin. >> thankfully, your team resolved. >> the thief used a fake id and changed the pin number. b of a agreed and a break in this case. >> we found a driver's license with your name and address. >> police found 27 fake ids in a local apartment and they included this phony license with mimi's name and address next to
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a photo of the suspected thief. >> my jaw dropped. i said this is the woman. with my name on it. it was so violating. >> they found several fraudulent credit cards. the woman pleaded not guilty to four want to hear from you. 7 on your side hot line is open from 10:00 a.m. to
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>> with four days left in the year we're taking time to look back before looking forward. >> three words t afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the year in politics can be summed up with three words, president-elect trump. >> abc's karen travers looks back. >> this is the night for donald trump. he's now going to be the 45th president of the united states. >> a stunning election hillary clinton unable to shatter the glass ceiling. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or worked hard
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trump's rival struggling to knock him down. >> he's going to make america orange. >> trump locked it up. hillary clinton had a tough primary slog, battling bernie sanders for months. but in season of bomb shells. >> check not find a case bringing criminal charges. >> clinton was ahead in most national polls and in battle ground
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friday stands out. the washington post reporting this video. >> just kissing them. do anything. >> wikileaks published a batch of e-mails from the then, this. trump seemed to head into the
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final stretch but the team so confident they were pumping champagne. then, november 8th, trump pulled off with someone his team didn't think was possible. busting through the blue wall, winning pennsylvania, and michigan to win the white house. democrats were stunned. >> this loss hurts. fighting for what is right is worth it. >> clinton spent the rest of 2016 laying low. trump went on a victory tour. and next month, he'll become the nation's 45th president. >> what a year, fascinating. >> it's been interesting weather wise as well. >>
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afternoon, a milder wednesday with sunshine and looking at sunshine up and down the state. if you're traveling tomorrow is a good day to do it. there forecasts showing it's going to stay dry and chilly. here is the accu-weather forecast. monday is our best chance. >> thank you. >> a lot to talk about.
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>> everything is fine. coming up, we'll hear from raiders as they prepare for life without derek carr and kevin durant on a ruling that he was
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raiders can be derek carr did under go surgery. he said the operation could not have gone any better, still, he'll be out six weeks. so starting job goes to matt mcloin. a tough competitor who plays with a chip on his shoulder. if the raiders can win, they'll earn a first round bye. >> we want the ball challenged. >> going to give receivers a chance to make a play. i have confidence in
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after being in the rose bowl three of four years, stanford playing north carolina in the sun bowl friday. the cardinal arrived in el paso yesterday. stanford will be without christian mccaffrey who decided to skip the game to prepare for the draft. >> good thing for us
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same thought process. we're able to tailor for brice. >> talking about brice love. >> kevin durant had harsh words for the nba's last two-minute report. the nba said jefferson have been awarded >> just move on. you look at a player in
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>> tomorrow, warriors play host to toronto. >> kind of a classy move. >> yes. it was. >> and diplomatic, too. it is a long season. right? >> and might be more friendly next time. who knows. >> police want to know what the echo knows. >> and versace's code. an employee accusing the luxury fashion house of discriminating against certain customers. >> and at 8:00 a special edition of 2020 dedicated to carrie fisher and george michael.
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>> that is going to be powerful. >> you can look at abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a content manager from dorchester, massachusetts... an operations and logistics manager from new orleans, louisiana... and our returning champion, a stay-at-home parent from toledo, ohio... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. $13,201 -- a modest win for our returning champion stephanie
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on yesterday's program, but a win, even though she was in a distant third spot going into double jeopardy! so "jeopardy!" continues to prove the old adage that it's not how you start. it's how you finish. colin and hallie, good luck. here we go. let's take a look at the categories... hmm. followed by... you'll deal with the... and finally... each correct response will begin with the letter "r." stephanie, where do we begin? the musical "r"tist, $200. colin. who is rihanna? yes. "r"tist, $400, please. hallie. who are the rolling stones? right. musical "r"tist, $600. stephanie.


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