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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. a stormy scene in an oakland courtroom as two brothers made their first court appearance in the stabbing death of tyrone griffin in a heyward target store on christmas eve. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in oakland with the story. laura? >> well, high, dan, the wife of the victim in this case, tyrone griffin jr. became emotional in court and started screaming at one of the defendants in the courtroom and she had to be removed by the bailiffs and in the meantime the father of the defendants told us there's another side to the story. >> they were attacked. >> this man did not want us to show his face, but he's the father of two brothers arrested for the murder of tyrone griffin jr. stabbed to death in a target store on christmas eve. >> they are portraying them as thugs or something going into the store and it's not even like that. you know, they are always home with their family. >> 22-year-old frankie archuleta and his 25-year-old brother were
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arrested saturday night near the target where police say an altercation led to griffin's death. >> and they ran nearby and they were hiding. >> he was trying to talk to them about the curse music they were playing. >> tommy davis was with griffin and his two youngest children at the target. she told us the men stabbed griffin after he told them to turn down their music. >> i don't want his death to be in vain. >> reporter: recently separated nicole simmons is married to griffin and is the mother of his four children. >> i want to see justice done. i want them to fry, if possible, for what they did. they were so heartless. >> reporter: but the archuleta skis ter who did not want to be identified told us her brothers claimed it was self-defense and griffin was stabbed only after he hit one of them in the head with a bottle. >> you know, i wish i could say sorry to them. sorry doesn't bring somebody back but it was just an altercation that went wrong, you know. my brothers felt threatened. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, griffin did grab a wine bottle off a shelf and hit one of the brothers with
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it, but then he was stabbed four times and later died. both brothers are charged with murder. their arraignment continues here in oakland tomorrow. live in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. concord police have arrested a man suspected of sexually assaulting and trying to rob an 80-year-old woman. 49-year-old concord resident steven minor is accused of committing the crimes after he followed the elderly woman to her home. the victim did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. he's also being held on elder abuse charges. and now to the checking video just released as part of a child custody battle involving former 49er ray mcdonald. elissa harrington is live in santa clara and we do need to warn our viewers this video is intense. >> reporter: yeah, ray mcdonald's ex-fiancee is the one who shot this video on her cell phone. i'm live outside levi stadium, although i should point out that mcdonald was cut from the team two years ago.
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i just heard from the victim's attorney who calls this video the most horrifying she's seen in her 46 years of practicing law enforcement cell phone video taken in may of 2015 shows ray mcdonald and the mother of his child kendra scott arguing in the wee hours of the morning. the woman tearfully begs mcdonald to leave her and their 2-month-old son amari alone. >> you're in here acting craze, like what are you doing? i was sleeping here with amari and you come in here and act like this. like this is crazy. >> the baby boy is in scott's arms. i have a baby. what are you doing? >> just move. >> why are you doing this? get away. >> move out of the way. >> she's got my son, dude. >> a man tries to calm mcdonald down and the video ends with the woman running screaming and locking herself in a bathroom. >> stop! stop! >> the disturbing video is now
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being release ed as part of the custody battle and scott hats been battling mcdonald in family court. her main concern is his dogs which her attorney argues are dangerous. she wants to limit visitation. they are also pursuing a criminal case for mcdonald violating a domestic violence restraining order. a grand jury never indicted him for the incident in the video. mcdonald's off-field behavior led to his removal from the 49ers in december 2014. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. the star of screen and stage deb enreynolds has been rushed to the hospital late today while planning funeral arrangements for her daughter carrie fisher. reynolds was at her son todd fisher's home in beverly hills when she started having breathing problems. she's listed between fair and serious condition. she told abc news she not okay. several media outlets said she may have had a stroke.
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she a hollywood legend having been nominated for several golden globes and her daughter carrie fisher died yesterday. the santa clara county medical examiner has identified the teenage boy killed in a suspected dui crash on christmas morning. the coroner tells abc 7 news 14-year-old andrew wynn of san jose was riding in a car that was hit by 25-year-old jessica zamora. it happened on capital expressway in san jose and zamora also died in the crash. san jose police say she already had a felony warrant out for dr ui when she caused the crash. a bartender told us zamora had two drinks at the el rancho sports bar that night. we are learning tonight that families who lost a lot in a fire then lost even more when targeted by thieves. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs is live in concord with the story. ? >> reporter: the fire displayed 22 people just ahead of crist place, and on top of that we're learning that thieves preyed on
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some of those fire victims and here tonight i'm going to tell you what you can do to help those people out. >> a fire at the condo complex in concord consumed nearly everything that jennifer ballard owns. things are things. they can be replaced but loved ones can't. >> her 5-year-old daughter suffered from smoke inhalation. >> my husband had to wrap my daughter and the puppy in a blanket and run through the flames. household belongings not destroyed by the fire also sat vulnerable and someone swiped jennifer's laptop. >> not did they just take it but then they got into it and used my account numbers and my visa online to make purchases of their own. >> the president of the homeowner's association says families like jennifer's need helps. stacks of clothing and toys have
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been donated. now a gofundme page is up and running. >> they have lost everything and they are trying to get on their feet and looking for housing and so the gofundme campaign is really about helping folks get what they need and get their composites and their rents together and be able to replace household goods. >> reporter: as jennifer shows us her daughter's charred dal hanging from the balcony and is reminded of what matters most. >> i think i've cried more because of the good things than the bad things. you know, you kind of see all this bad, bad, bad and then when you see all the good, it's like overwhelming. >> we've posted information about the gofundme page on our website, aches 7 in concord, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> authorities have arrested four people accused of operating a large chop shop in fairfield. solano county sheriff's deputies and chp detectives did probation compliance check in the 3400
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belong of ramsey road and found 11 stolen vehicles that were being stripped and all four were also arrested for unrelated warrants including the property's owner. napa police recovered $2,500 worth of stolen tools after their owners spotted them being sold online. the tools went missing over the weekend from a construction site on jefferson street. officers pretending to be buyers arranged a meeting with the sellers shown in this photo. 32-year-old william thomas of napa. he was arrested after arriving with the stolen saw. san francisco's muni transportation system has had a notoriously high rate of absenteeism, so high in fact the agency asked for an audit to find out why and then to make some changes. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live on market street with the story tonight. carolyn? >> well, you know, it is a chronic problem. we told you just last week how some bus routes had to be disrupted or cancelled because so many drivers were missing in
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action. now this audit gives us some reasons why. why did your regular bus driver not show up for work today? it's a serious issue that's costing the san francisco municipal transportation agency $42 million a year. eric williams is president of the union. >> what is the real issue here? you don't have enough people to put the service on the street. >> williams says when some workers put in for a vacation day for a doctor's appointment or family issue and are denied they might call in sick, but a newly released audit suggests something else is at the heart of the soaring absenteeism. >> just hiring more employees is not enough. >> tania conducted the audit for the city controller's office interviewing more than 100 muney employees and found the largest group, the thousands of transit operators, is the least satisfied and it basically comes down to respect. >> do we feel that we're valued?
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do we believe that we're being heard? when you have this type of environment employees do show up and absenteeism rate does go down. >> apparently some operators aren't feeling the love from their bosses or the riders. >> everything falls on the operator of what's not making the agency run correctly. >> reporter: the report has 27 recommendations, including improving the culture to foster meaningful collaboration and communication. sfmta says some of the changes are already in the works. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. here's a question. how do you keep 1 million people safe? coming up, what was once unprecedented has become the norm. what experts are doing to make sure everyone has a good time at the rose parade. >> plus, protecting firefighters, how new technology could track first responders like never before. >> a little advice from the coach. what raid efforts jack del rio says is the number one priority
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for playoff quarterback matt mcgloin. >> plus, the hottest toy of the season is now making kids cry. what's behind this serious sense of
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well, the rose parade is just five days away and the city of pass deepa and southern california is getting ready for big crowds. the grand stands are already in place. police say there will be enhanced security measures along 59.5-mile parade route. they say this year it will be the most secure the parade has ever been with federal, state and local law enforcement working together and including some working undercover. the police she have sought to ease any fears saying there's no known threats against the city or the events. >> we're well prepared and our efforts are well refined. this is not new ground for us. we're not amateurs. >> the parade will be on the same day as the game this year instead of on new year's day because pasadena doesn't allow
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parades on sundays, and you can watch the 2017 rose parade right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 a.m. on monday january 2nd live from pasadena. and if you're wondering why the parade is on january 2nd this year instead of new year's day, well, so are we. it's because of what the parade calls it's never on sunday tradition beginning in 1893. organizers wanted to avoid frightening horses that would be hitched outside churches since sunday was the day many people had their horses out in the 1800s. >> interesting. a group of scientists at nasa's jet propulsion lab in pasadena is working on a device that could save firefighter's lives and this contains a tracking system called pointer and it will find firefighters inside buildings where gps and radio contact are blocked. >> most of our safety features are signal dependant, and if we're in a concrete and steel building they simply don't work. >> the technology is being developed to slink the device
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stow can fit in a pocket or clip on to a belt buckle. researchers say it could be a few years before it becomes reality. a menorah has arrived in san francisco to replace the one that was stolen from north beach over the weekend. rabbi mcglynn and his family immediately set up about -- set up putting together this new menorah. it's a gift from an engineer from menorah to go on the east coast. when he heard about the missing icon he boxed up this kit and overnight it had from sharpe, massachusetts, to north beach. >> every day of hannukah is a big deal. we have events every single night, and i don't know. mr. bogert must be celebrating with his family and for him to stop whatever he's doing and get in menorah over to us, just a big thank you not just from us and our children but also from our community and from our city. >> the new menorah will be prout to washington square park for the final night of hannukah on saturday. a plan to install a member
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rall to recognize comfort women has cost san francisco a major piece of work of art. the memorial is set to be installed in st. mary's square at pine and kearney. it recognize asian women who were sexually enslaved by japanese soldiers during world war ii. now world renowned artist sarah z has withdrawn her sculpture after learning it will sit next to the memorial. the city and developer came up with the idea but reportedly did not mention it to the artist. >> well, one of the most sought after toys this holiday season turned out to be kind of a dud for some families. >> toy eggs called hatchimals are snowed to hatch but guess what, some parents are saying they don't. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with the company's response to all of this. >> you know, you cannot count your hatchimals before they hatch. parents felt lucky to get their hands on one and now many are feeling pretty disappointed. kids are supposed to rub and knock on the toy egg for about 30 minutes until a fuzzy animal
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pops out. however, many parents went on twitter to complain their eggs didn't hatch. the toy-maker spin master conceded in some cases high-tech toys don't perform as expected. the website has a tutorial showing how to coax the toy creature out of the shell, shaking and even peeling some of the shell. generally it said the toy just might need more tlc. if you still own a galaxy note 7 phone, samsung really, really wants you to stop using it. beginning today cell phone carriers are updating their software to prevent note 7 owners from channelling the batteries of their phone. several of those batteries have exploded or caught fire and we told you about that here on abc 7. samsung recalled the note 7 in august and some owners, as a matter of fact, many owners still have not traded in their devised. t-mobile started the upgrades so owners can't charge the phones and, of course, that means they
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will be useless. at&t and verizon and sprint will follow within the next few days. wells fargo bank is trying to stop a class action lawsuit over the fraudulent bank accounts it set up. the bank says their contracts have a clause forcing clause into arbitration and barring class action lawsuits and customers are fighting back. they are saying the contracts were fraudulent and the arbitration clauses cannot be enforced. wells fargo collected millions of fees for opening accounts without the customers' knowledge. the judge is deciding whether the customers can go ahead with the class action lawsuit or go one by one with arbitration and some consumer groups are saying out. you're holding them to a contract they didn't sign but you did. >> that's right. >> they acknowledge it was fraudulent and they are using that to get you, wow. >> doesn't seem fair. >> thanks, michael, very much. >> raiders quarterback matt mcgloin is excited and ready to start an important season finale
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in denver. mcgloin will be behind center sunday after derek carr went down with a broken leg. today mcgloin said he's mentally ready and is working with teammates to get physically in tune. >> need to get, you know, had a little more reps here and there and get our timing down with one another and those guys are on board and they have been great so far. >> what little bit i've said thus far is be yourself. >> we ask everybody to do their job, understand what your role is and get that done for us and no different for him. >> carr will be out for six to eight weeks after a successful surgery yesterday. >> hi there, everyone. let's check out live doppler 7. no rain here hand this is all going to change as we head into the weekend. let's take you down to the southern portion of california. a system off the coast here and that's going to be approaching and that will play in your forecast later on this week if you're traveling. a live look from our east bay hills camera and can you see a beautiful view and there is haze
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down below and that's why you're getting that colorful after glow. 53 in san francisco and mid-50s oakland san jose. certainly a jilly start this morning but a milder afternoon with most areas in the upper 50s to low 60s, and here's a lovely view from our emoryville camera. novato and fairfield, already in the 40s and many 50s elsewhere. one other live picture as we look from our santa cruz camera, achilier for your holiday weekend and there are chances of showers both start and monday. don't worry about new eve. i'll show that to you first thing tomorrow morning. starting out chilly with patchy fog and temperatures down in the freezing to below freezing range as you'll notice. once again when you get going for your youth or you're headed out to do something early in the day, bike ride or run. keep in mind you'll need to pack on the layers. for the afternoon, here's what it's going to look like. sunshine and 36 in san jose and 64 santa cruz and low 60s here
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also along the coastline and downtown san francisco 59 degrees and in the north bay you'll be seeing those temperatures around the low 60s for many of you have san rafael to santa rosa and bright sunny winter day and temperatures in the upper 50s to the low 60s. 59 in concord. here's a look at what's going to happen on friday. that system that i just showed you onlive doppler 7, that's going to send showers into southern california. could see a few drifting right around south morant eye and a few sprinkles in our viewing area. that system moves out and another storm is coming. that's not coming from the south but the north and it will bring cold canadian air with it. let's start out with your friday. still comfortable, 50s and 60s for your highs and cooler air mass on saturday as we get one of two cold storms coming through and then it's going to be a colt starred to your 2017, certainly chilly for the afternoon hours which leads me to our storm impact scale saturday and monday. light systems. both 1s.
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cold showers are expected, at least the possibility and snow level between 2,000 to 3,000 feet meaning snow flakes are possible over the peaks and less than a quarter inch combined for those two days and as far as impacts more if you have travel plans, you're fine if you're staying here in the bay area and you want to look at this hour-by-hour forecast. some showers appear here and computer models keep the showers going at 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. hand moving out of the bay-year and heading into the afternoon and evening and just in time-for-your new year's eve plans. it's going to be dry. noon time chance of showers and rest of the day, hour bihour forecast for new year's eve. it will be dry and you ring in the new year and it will be chilly. >> we're going to go with mild conditions the next couple of days, clouds increasing friday and 1 on our storm impact scale and saturday morning a chance of showers again on monday and also a 1, but we ring in the new year with dry conditions, and we are expecting cold winter weather tuesday and wednesday.
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you can always download the abc 7 news app to help us track all of this. dan and kristen? >> you're both pretty adventurous so would you pay to eat food offer an ipad? >> what's on that ipad? >> one bay area restaurant is banking ton. that's next. and we bank up
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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what might look like a potato has scientists buzzing. they have captured the best image yet of saturn's small moon called pandora. this is what it looks like from a distance of about 25,000 miles. that's the distance ever passed of this small moon. >> nasa astronaut tweeted this picture today of a rare cloud formation and says the atmosphere usually limits the vertical expense of clouds but not today. these look like a volcanic explosion in the air. >> a small plane battled windy conditions in england.
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you can see the plane quickly rising and that's not a visual truck and then the plane leans down as the nose is being pulled from below and then the worst of it comes. watch. the plane tilts to the side shaking as it fights the wind and tries to turn into the airport. it looks like a little toy and did land safely >> a program to make sure all the christmas trees don't end up in a landfill. abc 7 was at civic center plaza as workers chopped up discarded christmas trees. san francisco residents are asked to put their trees on the curb during the first two weeks of january. the trees will be ground up into wood pulp which will then be used for electricity. >> it's used to create heat and that heat heats up water and that turns the turbine which produces the electricity which goes on the grid. >> they don't go in the green
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bin. remember to take off the stand and all the decorations before placing the tree on the curb. fine dining is going high-tech. they are now serving food on ipads. yeah. check out the digital delicacy, if you will, and a local chef tweeted out this photo, a dog in search of gold. this is not the first restaurant to do this, believe it or not. chefs in the uk started serving food on ipads last year. >> i don't even like it when there's finger smudges on it. >> or water. you kind of worry about it soaking through. >> seems common sense can mean different things. >> up next, trying to squeeze more s
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coming up at 6:00, a five-month investigation pays off for alameda county sheriff's deputies and see how they put
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together an alleged murder for hire plot and a fire that shut down a snow resort all day and one woman's holiday party goes off without a hitch and gets her an $800 refund in the process. all of that is coming up in half an hour on "abc 7 news at 6:00." >> if you think a penny isn't worth very much don't say that to the u.s. mint. >> get this, the government spends $135 million a year to make $90 million worth of one-cent coins. >> because the rising cost of copper coating on the zinc coins. >> i round it up or down. high value, i round it down. >> we round things up but all money is good money so if i get pennies i don't complain. >> the white house has looked at doing away with the penny and the treasury is still reviewing the options but it hasn't found any cheaper metal compositions for the one-cent coin. >> kind of hate carrying them around. >> that's right. the practicality. that's to be debated.
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"world news tonight" is next. >> for all of us we appreciate your time and see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. the white house ready to retaliate against russia for interfering in the election. president obama firing back after those russian hacks. and tonight, the kremlin already promising to respond. bringing back jobs? president-elect trump announcing 5,000 jobs are coming back to the u.s. how it might happen. this, as he sends a mixed message about president obama. first, accusing him of setting up transition roadblocks, then, telling the cameras a different story. and the american ally caught in the middle. also breaking tonight, hollywood legend debbie reynolds rushed to the hospital with a medical emergency, just one day after daughter carrie fisher passed away. witness to murder? the hot new gadget in so many homes, now at the center of a criminal court case.


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