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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 3, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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i'm spencer christian with a live storm watch update. a steady soaking of rain continues to fall across the bay area as you can see on live doppler 7. steady rain but lighter falls through the central area of the bay area into the east bay where livermore appears to get some downpours right now. we have an area of very heavy rain looking just offshore that moving generally toward the peninsula coastline. now, this storm, today and tonight's storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. moderate intensity producing moderate to heavy rainfall through the overnight hours. it will be accompanied by strong, gusty wind. a possibility of minor flooding and a wind advisory is in effect until 1:00 tomorrow morning for
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the entire bay area with winds exceeding 45 miles an hour at times. animation taking us through the afternoon hours and into the evening commute. you can see it will be a steady downpour with pockets of very heavy rain here and there and that won't let up until late tonight and not until after midnight. an update on this storm and the remainder of this wet week on abc 7 news at 4:00 in about one hour. at car hit some bushes and rolled over and landed on its roof. >> he overcorrected, you know what i mean? it was completely sideways. >> you're exactly right, olie. you can see the green ford falcon coming up much too quickly. >> almost like the throttle was stuck or something. >> he was not looking until the last second. >> according to witnesses, three
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men climbed out of that car. they took off. police went looking for them. nobody was found. but it's unclear if any of the three were hurt. >> not only did they survive, they were okay enough to run after that? >> yeah, and why would you run after a car accident? >> you don't want people asking questions why you crashed. >>. that green ford falcon is not going to cost you as much as this lamborghini. how much does something like this cost? >> i believe they start around $400,000. >> that's more than my house. which would probably take this hit better. the whole crowd just collectively went -- oh! >> diddy was like, eww. whose fault was it? >> you do see one light, but it's hard to see what angle the light is in. >> either way, that's a pretty pricey repair bill. >> that hurts. >> doesn't hurt me.
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the folks at unlimited got a call about a cab. a dairy farmer was separated from its mother and left it on the side of the road. >> poor thing. >> the farmers are trying to preserve the cow's milk. this particular calf had not received a drop of its mother's milk. >> that is just crazy! >> and look at that -- how could you put that face on the side of the road? >> yeah, it's a newborn. it still has afterbirth on it. they approach it to let it know it's going to be okay. >> i understand the dairy farmer is protecting the bottom line, but there's got to be a better approach than just dumping a newborn calf on the side of the street. >> yeah, it feels rather cruel. so they wrap a blanket around it and take it to the animal aid shelter. as time goes on, you see the calf starts to grow and gains strength. actually, it's really cute. especially with that jacket. they decided to name it -- >> hamburger? >> they decided to name the calf
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diehl, which means heart. the next video comes to us from wildlife aid. someone got a call about a swan out in the middle of the road. it is dark, so the swan is not amused. >> swans in general are not amused about anything ever. >> beautiful, beautiful, but unapproachable. >> and it's snippy. >> come on. >> strap on the straight jacket and take it to the shelter. and look at this, she's flying over here. not happy about it. they give it some food and water. the next morning they go in, the swan is still unamused. >> if they put you in a straight jacket and take you some place you can't leave -- they strap the young signet back up and take it back to where it belongs. there's a lot of fun to be had on the family days out, especially in these videos. this family in
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dad is using his elder son as a blocker. dad reaches out to this box, places it on the floor, while his entire family blocks the view of everyone. he places the charity box inside the backpack and once he's done, they are off. this second video is them again. in this case, they sit closer to the front of the bus engaging the driver in some conversation. you see dad reaching down behind the driver. he's pulling a bag around. you can see the daughter helping him take it over. this is where the family stands up. see how they are moving as a team. the wife stands right there sort of asking some questions of the driver so dad can go through the bag and eventually they separate and sit in their various chairs. these videos have been caught on social media. everyone is saying keep an eye out for this family because they
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are pulling this stuff left, right and center. this video is from germany, picked up 21 million views so far. you can see this guy at the atm, reaching around, slips a wad in his pocket. >> that takes whamo. >> he's looking around and spots the camera. looks at the camera -- >> no way. >> throws the wallet down on the ground. give me a break, i didn't mean it. eventually they catch the man, you dropped your wallet. thanks, bro! thanks. >> that looks fake to me. >> this is too perfect. >> and it's also shot for shot copying the indian viral video that was a short film. people thought it was tv, exactly the same situation. this is one of the vcr filters you can download and put on your smartphone. and it's posted to the facebook page of a known youtube prankster. so many people have fallen victim to this video because people believe what they see
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without questioning it. ooh, aah. how cool is it when you can fly over the fly geyser in nevada right outside the desert where they hold burning man each year. aerial photography captured this video and all the different hues of the fly geyser. it's about 10 to 12 feet tall. and it's manmade. >> that's how it is all those interesting colors. at yellowstone they have the geysers, it's the minerals that give you the different colors. here they put all the colors in for the lights. >> it's manmade. a geothermal company was drilling to try to make energy out of the activity below ground. they realized there's hot water there but not hot enough. so they capped the well, but apparently not well enough. because it sprung a leak and over the next 40 to 50 years, this is what happened. >> this is cool. you see the drone is perfect for
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this because they always say, it's like leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and this is a beautiful way of sort of exploring and showing everything without having to trample and trapse everywhere. this furry fellow finds something very funny. >> oh, it's so happy. >> find out what type of animal has this infectious laugh. plus, a mere midair collision is caught on camera. see what led to this close call in the sky.
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heather rooney is starting the year off right being featured on the january 2017 color of "pennsylvania magazine." >> do they let artists draw their own cover photos? >> you can't complain about. that's what she's done. she starts with an outline of herself and starts to color herself in. of course, she's using colored pencils. look how crystal clear her eyes are, her eyebrows look real. >> there was a shininess to her teeth looking like enamel. >> everything is perfect. the lips and teeth alone are really well done. >> she starts to shade in her hair around her shoulders and shirt. once all that is done, she starts to color in the background. >> look at that. okay see why they picked her for the cover. >> holy cow. >> as it comes together, it definitely looks like an actual photograph of her. >> look at the hair. how natural -- i mean, come on. >> everything is picture perfect. and here's the final cover of the magazine. >> yikes. >> wow.
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>> i say she's starting 2017 off right. lots of people inspired to get their accelerated free certification. they are going to be a skydiver. that's what this person is doing, the instructor pulls the parachute, this happens on someone's first solo flight. >> sometimes they go out to stabilize them in the air, right? >> exactly. >> so far this friday freakout video, everything is going smoothly until the instructor pulls the chute and continues to freefall himself. do you see that? in a split second, another driver already with a parachute deployed right next to him in what turns out to be a close call. >> i can see that is an issue. >> had they been that much closer, it would have been lights out. >> they show it from a different angle. and here you see the instructor
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pull the chute, that student takes off and the instructor continues on the freefall. but look -- >> that shows it even closer. that's when you really get a better look at what was going on. >> and listen to the shock and relief of the instructor immediately after. >> everybody is going to learn something here. >> you can never be too careful up in the sky when your diving. in this case, we're with a wing suit pilot. now it's time to pull the chute, but when this one does, you realize the lines are twisted and now this pilot has to figure out how to untwist. fortunately, this is something that they are actually really good at. and without much struggle is able to untwist the line and land safely. >> it's easier because he was wearing a wing suit. to untwist, usually you see when parachuting they have to use their weight. but if you can use the wind friction, you can untangle yourself.
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>> you have an airline or rudder built into yourself. waking up to this could probably start your day off pretty swell. >> this is my every morning greeting. >> this video was shot at the fox hollow sanctuary. >> is that a fox or a chicken? >> no, that's a fox. >> aww, it's so happy. >> look at that tail wagging. that is a beautiful fox. but the laugh is just contagious. >> it sounds like a duck. >> that fox clearly wakes up on the right side of the bed. look at these two. >> come on, cats are awesome. >> that is their world. they let us occupy it. >> this person's two cats playing in the cat playground and then they notice the camera. >> this person knows they are trying to capture something on video. >> they are recording us. don't do that cool thing they
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are trying to capture. act like a cat. >> this is a video of cats being cats. >> pretty much. but the last one takes the cake because cocoa really wanted to take the cake. what's so funny is the dog barking in the background is hershey. but cocoa thinks that german chocolate cake has his name on it. >> a chocolate family. >> they had a chocolate person over because i was at my friend's house when i shot this video. >> wait a minute, you were an accomplice to this crime. you were letting this ppen. yeah, you are promoting bad doggy behavior. >> how many times on this show we said, just keep shooting when something is happening right in front of them. a couple's big announcement song is actually a prank. >> i don't like it. it's awesome. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a crossfit champ wants to get things in order after the holidays. >> so she decided to get her
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>> after the holiday weekend, most people's houses look like -- >> just stuff everywhere. and the house up the block is no different, but as a crossfit champion, she decided to get her family on board and they are going to clean this house top to bottom. you ready? >> ready. >> have a sip of redbull, put ten minutes on the clock and start. heading to the kitchen, each box is on the counter. one plate after the other, that's an efficient way of doing it. heading into the main room, 1:41 left. time for dead lifts. mom or somebody is getting in. nice form. keep your back straight. now it's time to start heading outside. teamwork! jumps onto her shoulders and does back squats at the same time taking down the holiday lights. >> teamwork makes the dream work. >> keep an eye on things getting
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more dynamic in this case as they go inside. but if you think of it, she's just getting started, you'd be right. to get back inside the house, boing! >> now you're showing off. >> head inside, quick stop -- time for a quick kiss and now we'll make a smoothie. >> if i can get a nice body by working out two minutes a day, i would be totally down for that. >> and with that smoothie pouring into the cup, just in time for two, one, bing! awesome workout. what do you do when somebody is coming out of wisdom teeth surgery and they are hopped up on the magic beans they give you at the dentist office? >> roll the camera! >> exactly. and -- she messed with her a little bit. >> what is your favorite place to eat? >> what-a-burger.
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>> they closed what-a-burger. if. >> no, they didn't. >> she's devastated. >> can we get you something to eat from somewhere else? >> no. i wanted what-a-burger shakes. >> what about dairy queen? >> all this poor girl wanted was a little what-a-burger. >> you can't just offer something else. >> hey, you know what? they just told me they opened. >> mom couldn't let the prank go on too long and break her daughter's heart too much. what-a-burger is open so we get to go today. >> seriously? >> yeah. seriously. >> oh, mom. >> that's genius. >> bless this food i'm about to receive. >> yeah. once these drugs wear off,
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she'll be a little more coherent, but probably still not able to eat
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happiness. >> as you can see, we have the captain here. and he's got his girlfriend sitting right next to him doing a selfie. >> look out the window. i'm picking you up in a plane. enjoy it. >> sle starts looking out the window but she is stiff. maybe there's a fear of flying, 4 >> yeah, youá feel everythingomd hear everything because you can hear the:+ engines goingn8
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>> she's texting on her phone. >> don't panic. she's like, okay, baby. you can see the people in the backseat are in on this because they start to break out the cameras. then he gives her a check list to read out loud. number one, check your air speed. about number three, is your captain still alive? do you want to say anything to your parents? ring! >> wow. if you say yes, we'll land. if you say no, i'll crash the plane. wow! >> yes/no! yes/no! yes/no! >> marry me! >> she's very happy. she does this, i can't believe this is finally the moment.
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>> she says yes. >> have a great day, it's an all new show today "right this minute." >> why teasing the killer beast makes for one great exhibit. >> now we've got a show. plus, a young man walks into a grocery store -- >> oh, my. >> the surprise her eyes can't believe. >> aww. surfer andrew cotton is about to ride an enormous wave. >> and he's owning it. >> see what happens as the white water catches up to him. and he made his wife's dream come true. >> and there before her is a brand new shiny electric blue mercedes benz. >> but see why her fantasy comes crashing down quick status.2a-!q
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>> really? >> really? let's head over to thailand where you have a crocodile trainer entertaining a crowd putting his hand into the mouth of a corocodile putting on a show. and the crocodile isn't biting him -- yet. oh! >> now we've got a show. now we've got something to watch! >> it has its jaws shut on the hand. but the trainer rolls the same way as the croc. as soon as it opens its mouth, he lets it go. >> it's like a mouse trap. as soon as the sweat rolls off the hand -- >> as you can see, he walks away with his hand. i guess that the win -- >> i love how the crocodile is like, the show must go on. >> that's right. >> come on!


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