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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 4, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. 's glad. good morning, america. breaking overnight, order halted. a federal judge blocks the enforcement of president trump's controversial immigration restriction. what it means for those in legal limbo with visas revoked and banned from entering the country. and one attorney general's warning to trump. >> it's his obligation as our president to honor it, and i will make sure he does. >> the next move from the white house. new sanctions. president trump's tough stance against iran, targeting iran's ballistic missile program. >> they're not behaving. >> the pushback from tehran, and is the possibility of military action still on the table? attack at the louvre. what we're learning now about the suspect shot by soldiers. terrified tourists at the famed museum sent into lockdown. this morning, a much different scene.
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new details now on the suspect, who he is and how he allegedly got his two machetes. and super bowl kickoff. roger goodell and top players fielding tough questions ahead of the big game as our t.j. holmes tags along with some nfl players on a tour of nasa. >> i should have been an astronaut. >> that's out of this world. hey, good morning. let's get straight to the breaking news. this morning the new twist in president donald trump's controversial travel and immigration ban. >> can i say real quick, it's great to have you back. we all missed you. >> appreciate it. thank you. missed you too. back to the news, a federal judge has imposed a nationwide hold on trump's executive order. now, it will hart parts of the executive action which temporarily bars some immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries. we have seen worldwide protests since the president signed that order last week. overnight several airlines announced that citizens of the
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seven countries who have the appropriate paperwork will be allowed to travel to the u.s. but the trump administration is fighting back here. >> they certainly are. white house spokesman sean spicer releasing a statement calling the judge's order, quote, outrageous and vowing to take legal action to defend the president's executive order, so let's head straight to washington this morning, abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us. hi, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that federal judge in washington state freezing enforcement of president trump's order restricting some refugees from entering the u.s. last night the white house as you said was livid vowing that the justice department would take emergency action to challenge that judge. in the order issued last night, u.s. district judge james robart concluded that washington state's businesses, educational facilities and tax base could be damaged by trump's restrictions on refugees from some countries. >> the state has met its burden of demonstrating that it faces immediate and irreparable injury as a result of the signing and
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implementation of the executive order. >> reporter: in addition to claiming that trump's order would damage the state's economy, washington officials argue that the executive order is discriminatory against muslims, but they suspect that the ruling in their favor is only round one. >> i'm certain the president will not like this decision, but it is his job, it is his responsibility, it is his obligation as our president to honor it, and i will make sure he does. >> reporter: the order is effective nationwide and impacts roughly 60,000 foreign nationals who had their visas revoked due to trump's order. it's unclear this morning whether those banned from entering the u.s. will be allowed to do so any time soon but how this affects thousands of immigrants and refugees in the country already. at least four overseas airlines are allowing people from the affected countries on flights to the u.s. the court fight is clearly just beginning with the justice department making the case that congress has given the president broad authority to oversee immigration and to protect national security. >> it's the president that gets to make the determinations and
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the court doesn't have authority to look behind those determinations. >> reporter: it was a confusing day. there are multiple lawsuits challenging the executive order across the country. in a separate case in boston, a federal judge said while there were compelling arguments on both sides, he does not believe that those challenging trump's executive order are likely to succeed. some legal scholars believe there is a strong likelihood that at least one of these cases will make its way to the supreme court. this fight appears far from over. >> much more to come on this but, pierre, let's get back to this case in washington state. some people might be surprised to learn that the judge in question here is not a liberal. >> reporter: dan, here's what we know, the judge was nominated by president george w. bush and confirmed by the senate in a vote of 99-0. >> all right. >> pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent. paula, sorry for interrupting you. >> no worries. thank you, dan. thanks, pierre. meantime, president trump taking a tough stance against iran imposing new sanctions for what the administration is calling, quote, provocative behavior after iran recently
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launched those ballistic missiles. the president is spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago resort and that's where we find david wright this morning. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, paula. this is president trump's first trip since the inauguration down to the place that he's now calling the winter white house. a phrase that hasn't been heard so much here in florida, not since the days when president nixon used to come to key biscayne, but because of that judge's ruling in washington state, it's shaping up to be anything but a relaxing weekend. hours after president trump touched down here in palm beach the white house blasted back at the court's authority. noting the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the president. this morning trump tweeted the opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned. the white house is taking particular aim at one of the
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seven countries targeted by the travel ban, iran. >> they're not behaving. >> reporter: adopting new sanctions targeting iran's ballistic missile program. that tough talk is drawing praise from house speaker paul ryan. >> think what this administration is doing, which i agree with, is saying we have a new administration and we're going to hold you, iran, to account. >> reporter: others are urging caution. democratic senator chris murphy called the trump administration's actions towards iran reckless. tehran is pushing back threatening to kick out u.s. passport holders it deems to be tied to terrorism noting that the names of the banned american people and entities would be announced later. the speaker of the iranian parliament went so far as to call trump's behavior immature. but the white house signaled the possible sanctions are serious and may even carry a military threat. >> should americans be ready for the possibility of military action with iran?
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is that on the table? >> look, i've said this before, the president has been very clear he doesn't take options off the table, but he understands the impact of something like that. >> reporter: here at mar-a-lago president trump is not going to escape the protesters. demonstrators pro and con plan to descend on this place. tonight the american red cross is holding its annual white-tie gala here and the president plans to attend. dan, paula. >> david wright in palm beach, david, thank you. let's talk about all of this and there's a lot to discuss with bill kristol, editor of "the weekly standard." and an abc news contributor. bill, good morning to you, and in washington, abc news political analyst, kristen soltis-anderson. kristen, good morning. >> good morning. >> bill, thank you. let's start here with the big headline this morning, this judge in washington issuing this temporary blocking of the controversial executive order on immigration. democrats are excited about this. but it's definitely not over. what happens next? >> the judicial system works, you know, president obama had some of his executive orders challenged, some were sustained. some were overturned.
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this should reassure people that think that donald trump will impose authoritarian rule on america, and i'm a pretty big critic of donald trump but the system seems to be working, right. there are appeals. the judge issues an order. the justice department is obeying the order. trump, they're appealing it which is their right. my main question for you, though, is why are we here and not in mar-a-lago? could you talk to the big shots at abc and why is david wright down there? could we go -- >> maybe kristen can answer that question. >> can't we do the show from mar-a-lago? i mean, it's cold up here in new york. >> you're a brilliant television person, bill. let it not be said otherwise. kristen, you're a pollster. is the public on trump's side on this? >> the polling is pretty divided on this question about the immigration ban itself. you have about half of the people in america who think it's a good idea, about half who think that it's a bad idea. generally you find that with anything that donald trump does, about four out of ten americans just really don't like it. they strongly disapprove of him. they want to see him impeached according to data that i saw this week, but you have the rest of america that either loves him or at least is looking
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cautiously at this, and i think given that it's just been the first two weeks, there are some folks that are nervous. they'll see things like the rollout of this immigration ban and they'll wonder is this the strong leadership that we were really looking for? is this the competent management that donald trump said he would bring to the white house? but overall because it's only been two weeks, i think there are some folks that are going to give him at least a little bit of leeway to make a few little mistakes here and there as long as he gets back on track and is managing things effectively going forward. >> all right. i don't want to get too wonky here and talk about dodd/frank, but the other headline, president trump signed two executive actions which basically chip away at the financial regulations. is this good for main street or is this good for wall street? >> you know, i can't judge that i mean, i think a lot of serious people think dodd/frank was implemented at least in a way that's too broad that hurts lots of small banks as well as the big banks. but who passed dodd/frank, congress, who are dodd and frank, right, they're a senator and a congressman and reminds
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you these executive orders are pursuant to legislation action. congress gets a say here. that's what we missed. the first two weeks have been full of executive actions, which is fine. he's entitled to try that. but the big question for me is what does congress ultimately do in a host of areas, to dodd/frank, to tax policy and there i think kristen knows a lot about this, i think trump needs to get his approval ratings up some to have real clout with congress. just having 52 republican senators, they're not just going to go along automatically when donald trump says i want to do x, y and z. >> a lot of people are saying that, you know, chipping away at these financial regulations will be good for small businesses but, kristen, i do want to ask you one more thing. what do you make of the feud heating up seemingly between chelsea clinton and kellyanne conway? of course, chelsea slammed kellyanne conway on twitter for making up that massacre during an interview, and kellyanne acknowledged she misspoke, meant to say terrorists, not massacre, but kellyanne added a jab that hillary clinton lied about landing during sniper fire in bosnia. so, what do you make of this seeming feud here? >> well, there are a lot of
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times where republicans sort of feel like they're treated unfairly like if somebody on the democratic side does something, they don't get as criticized for it where on the republican side you keep taking hits. last weekend you heard folks from the white house go out and say, the wounds are still open here, that even though they've won the white house, they still feel like america is not giving them enough credit or specifically the media is not giving them enough credit for that win, so i think that's part of why you saw that response from kellyanne to what chelsea clinton had to say. >> kristen soltis-anderson and bill kristol, thank you very much for your programming suggestions and analysis this morning. we really appreciate it. >> see you next week at mar-a-lago. >> that's right, baby. >> you heard it here first. we'll try to approve that with our executives. thanks. and turning our attention now to paris where authorities are learning new details about the suspect accused of trying to attack soldiers with machetes outside the famed louvre museum and abc's alex marquardt is in paris with the very latest for us this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the louvre museum is back open this morning. you can see long lines of people
7:12 am
here waiting to get in. after the museum was shut down and evacuated yesterday following the attack, that attack happening just a short distance from here at the entrance to the underground mall that is underneath this museum. there were crowds of visitors inside at the time. they huddled together before being led out. the attacker had charged at a group of soldiers with two military-style machetes managing to lightly wound one of the soldiers. he was shot four times and this morning is in critical condition. french authorities have officially called this an act of terrorism. they are still looking into the identity of the attacker, any possible connections he may have had. we know from the paris prosecutor that he is a 29-year-old egyptian, who got a french tourist visa in dubai and he traveled here on january 26th renting an apartment in an upscale neighborhood. there has been stepped up security all across the city, really across the country in the wake of three major terror attacks in the past two years, french officials fearing that another one is inevitable, but
7:13 am
as you can see here this morning, the french who live here and the foreigners visiting trying to ignore that and enjoy this magnificent, if rainy, city. dan. >> alex, thank you. now to the day in court for the mexican drug lord known as elle asperger's chan especially. his lawyers complaining to the judge that his 23-hour lockdown in manhattan's high security metropolitan correctional center is too strict and abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this morning, a glimpse into drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman's life inside an american jail. guzman wearing a navy jumpsuit sat silent as his attorney spoke in court friday. public defenders for the world's most notorious drug boss complaining that the restrictions don't even allow guzman to get a glass of water. >> the restrictions are excessive. >> reporter: el chapo is on lockdown 23 hours a day given one hour as an exercise break and only allowed a select team of defense attorneys as visitors. >> he needs to be able to meet with his family or at least speak to his family and confer with them. >> reporter: the judge's response, they're taking extra security measures.
7:14 am
i think we all know the reasons for that. the head of the sinaloa drug cartel escaping prison multiple times most recently tunneling out of a jail, eluding authorities using his expansive network to hide out and stay on the run before his most recent capture in january 2016. >> because he is so powerful and wealthy, any additional communications could potentially set up an escape. >> reporter: the narco king facing 17 charges for allegedly exporting more drugs to the u.s. than anyone else. guzman pleading not guilty to all 17 charges. and el chapo could be facing life in prison if convicted. he is expected back in court in may. dan and paula. >> all right, eva pilgrim reporting from manhattan this morning, thank you. we want to send things over to ron claiborne. what's a saturday morning without ron. i say it's no saturday at all. >> wow. thank you. >> how about that? >> and good morning to you, paula and dan.
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>> we missed you as well last week. >> thank you. rob, diane. good morning, everyone. we begin in north dakota where demonstrators protesting against the dakota access pipeline have been given an ultimatum leave by the end of the month or you will be removed. the u.s. army corps of engineers announcing that it will close the federal property where the protests have been taking place. they're citing safety reasons. there's a concern that the snowfall expected in the region will lead to flooding later and that refuse and debris from the demonstrators could cause environmental problems. the navy ship "uss cole" has been sent back to yemen following monday's attack on a saudi warship and last weekend's raid targeting al qaeda there. in 2000, 17 sailors on "the cole" were killed. and the guided missile destroyer severely damaged in a terrorist bombing attack. and the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives announcing on friday that it will increase its presence in chicago sending in extra agents to help combat gun violence in that city. more than 750 people were murdered in chicago in 2016. that's more than a 50% increase
7:16 am
from the previous year. and in new jersey, an appeals court judge has ruled a seventh grade girl who was expelled from a private school after suing the school for a chance trying to get a chance to play on the boy's basketball team, she must be allowed back in that school. 12-year-old sydney phillips and her younger sister, they were blocked from entering st. theresa's catholic school on thursday. administrators barring them citing that they were saying that they were trespassing. the girls' father says the girls will be back on monday. and we're getting our first glimpse of former president george h.w. bush since he left a houston hospital earlier this week. you see him here with his nephew, denver broncos president joe ellis. the former president is expected to take part in the coin toss at the super bowl on sunday. and finally who do you call if you need to catch a runaway steer? >> rob marciano. >> rob marciano. >> ron claiborne. >> or a cowboy. >> giddyap. >> or cowboy rob marciano. that's what police in weatherford, texas, did when
7:17 am
they couldn't catch this cattle. this cow that jumped off a truck on its way to the butcher. >> look at him go. >> it took him about 90 minutes but the cowboy lassoed the wayward bull finally. the 800-pound steer was returned to the ranch where they had a great steak dinner. >> oh, no. >> no. >> returned to the ranch, not the butcher. >> they let the cow live. >> they did? >> yes, they did. >> good. >> that's the moral of the story. >> the moral of the story is escape and save your life, i guess. >> i thought the moral of the story was that rob is a cowboy. ♪ i'm a cowboy >> the hidden story. >> on a steel horse you ride. >> don't let me break into bon jo jovi. they had trouble riding horses, motorcycles, trucks. look at this. this is just a nightmare in portland yesterday. one of many ice storms this year. a 50-car pileup across interstate 5. just horrible, horrible stuff. they're melting today at least for now, but look at this shot. you got a tractor trailer that spun off the road. that's the columbia river there, and then this car flipped over
7:18 am
the top of a cliff in the hills of portland there, so it's been a rough, rough winter, and they may get another shot of snow come sunday night and monday. this is kind of a complicated system but very low confidence at this point, but san francisco, you're going to get another round of rain as well ♪ wanted >> dead or alive. ♪ dead or alive
7:19 am
another forecast coming up including the super bowl forecast. >> dogs throughout the neighborhood are howling. ♪ wanted >> jon bon jovi not performing at the super bowl. >> no. >> i wish he would. thank you for that impression, rob. and the wait is almost over, super bowl sunday is tomorrow. as part of the festivities, the league commissioner was taking questions from fans and, wow, they did not hold back. >> and abc's t.j. holmes is in houston where it will all go down tomorrow. t.j., good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan, it's finally here, right? enough with the celebrities and the parties and buildup and these press conferences. it's finally super bowl eve. let's get to the game, can we please, and we're finally at super bowl eve here. it will finally go down tomorrow and you can still, guys, believe it or not, get a ticket, bad news is cheap seats are going for 2,700 bucks. if you don't want to do that. you have another option, just ask nicely. on friday the nfl commissioner and three players, eli manning, larry fitzgerald and greg olsen, came face-to-face with their fans to give them the inside scoop. >> i want to congratulate all y'all. >> reporter: some were curious
7:20 am
about the secrets to super bowl success from the only quarterback in the league to bead tom brady and the patriots, not once, but twice. >> what advice would you give tom brady? >> i don't think tom or matt need any advice from me. i think both of those guys got it figured out and both of them are mvp candidates this year. >> reporter: commissioner roger goodell fielded more serious topics like drug use. >> what's the league's position on allowing players to use marijuana without being penalized? >> medical advisers have not recommended that we change our policy. >> reporter: but before the fans started to head to houston's nrg stadium, we sat down with falcons owner arthur blank about the high-tech features of atlanta's new mercedes-benz stadium. >> no other sports complex has that. >> reporter: and what about that dance? will we get to see it again with a falcons victory? >> i'd have to work at that and have the right kind of music and have my wife with me to stir me on. >> reporter: i'm pulling for the falcons so i can see the dance. a real family man and he's bringing his entire
7:21 am
family to houston for the big game and by entire he means all the members of the falcons organization and a plus one. how many employees do you have with the falcons organization? >> probably close to 500. they're all going on this trip. >> all of them. >> yeah. >> reporter: and on friday, goodell got into the giving spirit too. >> would you happen to have two extra seats in your suite? >> okay, you see me afterwards. we'll see what we got. >> okay. >> reporter: get this, guys. local affiliate is reporting that the woman you just saw there asking that question to roger goodell about tickets, well, within an hour of her asking that question, she had two tickets to a suite waiting for her at a downtown houston hotel. yes, he made good. so like momma say, guys, sometimes it just never hurts to ask and sometimes it works out. >> sorry, my mom never said that. she was always like, don't ask anymore. >> ask and you shall receive. t.j., thank you. see you in a little bit. coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, new questions about the murder of a denver transit security guard after a mosque says it warned the government about the suspect in this case.
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plus, t.j.'s not going anywhere. houston gets ready for the super bowl. some nfl players are taking advantage of space city and t.j. holmes takes you on their nasa adventure. i think it's going to be out of this world just like this show. >> that was a good pun. >> right? it was bad. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by cat's pride fresh & light ultimate care lightweight litter. look for the green jug. litter. look for the green jug. mi'm evenarts win the kitchen. i need my blood sugar
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7:28 am
seven predominantly muslim countries into the u.s. this is a video of last week's protests. the demonstrators plan to gather at 3:00 at the civic center. tracking wet weather, hello, lisa. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. a few reports of light rain all the way down to the santa cruz mountains. we'll look for a break later on today, and then heavier rain tomorrow night. lisa, thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, president trump's controversy travel ban blocked. a federal judge putting the president's immigration restrictions on hold. the ruling now in effect nationwide. this morning the white house saying it will fight back and file for an emergency stay. also right now, a business setback for ivanka trump. nordstrom's saying that it is dropping her fashion line because of declining sales. the retail store saying it usually cuts about 10% of its brands every season to make room for new stock and neiman-marcus also pulling the first daughter's jewelry line from their store citing lack of productivity. and pro football hall of fame, the pro football hall of fame, rather, will be announcing its class of 2017 tonight. this year's star-studded list
7:31 am
inclu includes ladainian tomlinson, terrell owens, kurt warner and dallas cowboys owner jerry jones. those selected will be enshrined in canton, ohio, where they will join one of our beloved teammates, michael strahan. are you guys pulling for l.t.? kurt warner? >> kurt warner is an all-star, hall of fame? >> what do you think, hall of famer? >> if you take his career when he started as a bag boy -- >> we'll see. >> -- and you include that. he's deserving. >> you think so? >> i hope no kurt warner family or friends or fans are watching this morning. for ron claiborne, i apologize. coming up speaking of football, t.j. holmes teams up with some players in houston for a trip to nasa and a gravity-defying experience. that looks fun, slightly dangerous. first, a denver transit guard is dead and the accused killer is making his first appearance in court. >> before the incident homeland security was allegedly alerted by a mosque that this suspect was believed to have radicalized views, and questions are being raised about how that alert was handled. abc's clayton sandell has the
7:32 am
story. >> reporter: this morning joshua cummings is in jail accused of first degree murder. >> we have an officer down. rtd is the victim. >> reporter: police say just before midnight tuesday, cummings shot and killed 56-year-old transit security guard scott van lanken in cold blood. >> we have, you know, a uniform public servant doing his job in downtown denver where there were people around. >> reporter: thanks to all the security cameras here in downtown denver, police were able to track the suspect as he ran. 20 minutes later he was in custody. cummings is an army vet and a muslim convert. >> i testify that there's only one god worthy of worship and that muhammad is his prophet. >> reporter: even before the shooting cummings was on law enforcement radar thanks to a denver mosque he visited in december. mosque leaders say his views seemed so extreme, they alerted the department of homeland security in this e-mail saying he seems pretty advanced in his path of radicalization and he is not listening to reason. >> said things that were absolutely incompatible with the values of that local mosque. >> reporter: it's not clear what
7:33 am
action the fbi or dhs took after that warning. in a statement, dhs only says it was immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for review. >> we do have concerns that was the victim a target because of the uniform that he was wearing? >> reporter: cummings has not entered a plea. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton sandell. let's check the weather once again and get it back over to rob. hey, man. >> hey, guys, that february now and usually lake-effect snow are winding down because the lakes are frozen. but it's been so mild, we're still getting big-time lake-effect snow. this is boylston, new york, yeah, that's a house, and the snow is almost over the roof. check out this time lapse of redfield, new york, where they got five feet of snow in about three days and this just popped up pretty much in the last two so that fence which is six feet high pretty much covered as well. we still have some lake-effect snow bands that are coming off lake ontario right now north of syracuse between syracuse and watertown and we have an alberta clipper that will come across
7:34 am
the great lakes. this will maybe reinvigorate some of the lake-effect snows but drop between 1 and 3 inches of snow over the next 24 to 36 hours. a new storm coming through the pacific northwest dropping out of the rockies monday, tuesday, wednesday, it will have a big wind field and it's really going to pump up rain on the east side but also some heat. we'll see temperatures 20, 30 degrees above average and tuesday we might see severe weather because of this but look at the swings in temperatures in dallas up into the 80s, nashville, 60s and dropping down into the 40s in indianapolis back below freezing by wednesday. that's a quick check on the weather >> this weather report is brought to you by kay jewelers and in a sports programming note, nba saturday prime time continues tonight. tune in to see the cleveland
7:35 am
cavaliers face off against our new york knicks at 8:30 eastern time here on abc. and on a sports weather note, they have a roof if they want it in houston, so it's not a big deal what happens for the super bowl come sunday. >> a roof or a roof, depending on what part of the country you're from. >> but i think lady gaga is planning on top of it so it might matter to her. >> that is going to be awesome. >> that will be pretty incredible. >> unlike lady gaga, we thank . you, rob, for not singing. coming up here on "gma," spacing out in houston. nfl superstars pay a visit to nasa. what happens when football players attempt to be astronauts. and from "star wars" to the super bowl, adam driver ready to make history in a candy commercial. diane is going to have the details ahead in "pop news." in "pop news." . and the reason the tough times are easier. because she's your best friend... and your true love. the ever us two-stone diamond collection.
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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. super bowl excitement with a galactic overtone. the international space station commander shane kimbrough and nasa flight engineer peggy whitson tossing around a football. the anti-gravity environment sending the pigskin flying at almost 9,000 yards a second. >> almost as fast as tom brady can throw the ball, right? on the flip side some nfl superstars in houston for the big game got a chance to space out with a trip to nasa and back to t.j. who's got more on that.
7:40 am
hi, t.j. >> reporter: hello again, guys. super bowl week is kind of a family reunion for a lot of current and former players and they come into town and go to event, they go to dinner, they hang out, and, yes, they even go on field trips and yesterday they went on a field trip to the johnson space center. and all you need to know is i got to drive a space truck. ♪ we are in the space vehicle mock-up facility here at nasa in houston. and, man, they got some cool toys in here. my crewmates today, the bengals' eric winston, carolina panther ryan wendall and free agent shaun suisham. >> what happens to a football in space? >> i don't know. we'll have to find out. >> reporter: when they tell you to put a helmet on, it's serious. nasa gives us our first task. learn to fix a spacecraft in near zero gravity. i should have been an astronaut, man. all right. not exactly george clooney in "gravity" on this one.
7:41 am
>> thank you, houston. >> reporter: but maybe we'll do better in matt damon's shoes from "the martian." >> like that's a good thing. >> reporter: behind the wheel of this beauty, the next generation space exploration vehicle designed for interplanetary off-roading. ♪ >> you did pretty well driving. >> i think so. >> reporter: i do have to confess here, guys, we actually hit something in that truck as we were trying to park it. now, i wasn't driving, one of the players was driving. don't want to call him out but he was the biggest guy among us. they had to hit the emergency remote stop to stop the vehicle so we wouldn't wreck it further. i'm sure we'll get a bill in the mail. >> i'm sure the bill was small, something like $10 billion along those lines. >> probably an astronomical bill. >> another pun. >> another bad pun. >> thank you, t.j., and to america i apologize on behalf of paula faris this time.
7:42 am
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. welcome back. and attentive viewers may have noticed dan wasn't here last week. we missed you. i was crying. >> i was going to say paula -- >> the entire show. i did. it's not the same. it's not the same when you're not here. >> thank you. for better or worse it's not the same. >> it's better. i love you, dan. >> i was in my defense off on this gonzo road trip across america talking to all sorts of people about how meditation changed their lives. it was crazy, it was awesome and here are some highlights. >> reporter: this is ridiculous. the idea was ambitious, get a rock star tour bus and travel across america talking about
7:46 am
meditation. >> for at least five years may also lower the -- >> reporter: a practice i discovered after having a panic attack live right here on "gma." >> that does it for news. >> reporter: i wrote a book about it called "10% happier" then built an app to teach people how to do it. first stop on the cross-country trip, right here at home with my weekend "gma" co-anchors. >> when i'm feeling a distraction like i can feel my stomach hanging over or i just heard ron's stomach growl. ♪ you raise me up >> reporter: next we hung out with the singer and aspiring meditator, josh groban. >> you know, anxiety and expectation have played a huge part in my, you know, existence. >> reporter: from new york we traveled to boston, washington, d.c., then virginia where we meditated with cadets at virginia military institute. >> stress can really just tear your body apart, right? it can really just tear your mind apart. teaching that at a young age how
7:47 am
to control your stress, how to control your life, i think that's a huge thing. >> reporter: then off to nashville and new orleans where meditation teacher jeff warren and i gave free lessons. >> that might be a lot of fun. >> are you up for it? >> absolutely. >> let's do it. >> reporter: we traveled through texas, new mexico and arizona. >> put it into your tool bag for when you need it. >> reporter: where officers in the tempe police department told us how meditation is upping their game. >> i'm 5'2". i'm about 110 pounds. i'm very tiny, so when i show up to scenes, it's essential i'm calm. >> reporter: after 11 days and 18 states, we ended up in l.a. where we saw the pacific ocean, did a quick chant with the musician moby and called it a day. it's a wrap. i have to say i've been in a lot of meditation sessions and never have i seen anybody like paula actually interrupt the teacher to ask while she's in the middle -- >> wait. >> i thought you said it was a
7:48 am
safe space, it was the circle of trust. >> it was all of those things. >> if they're teaching you can ask questions. >> yes, you can ask questions. usually you wait until the meditation is over. but that's cool. that's cool. it's paula faris. >> you didn't lay those ground rules. >> no, we weren't clear enough. >> you didn't tell me i couldn't ask questions. >> throwing ron under the bus. >> eat before you go. >> projecting. >> it was a safe place for everybody but ron. by the way, if you want to see more of the road trip and learn how to meditate for free you can download the 10% happier app in the apple app store or at 10% >> basically i just never stop talking ever. >> it's one of the things we love about you. >> filibuster faris. >> thank you very much, ron. coming up in "pop news" with diane, america's favorite girl scout cookies. which flavors top the list ahead in "pop news." are there new flavors? >> no, we have an official vote. >> no, we have an official vote. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids
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7:53 am
time now for "pop news." it's diane macedo. what's happening? >> we're going to start off with a super bowl themed "pop news" segment. starting with snickers trying to do something new for the big game this year airing a live commercial. it'll feature adam driver who played kylo ren in "the force awakens" but his co-star may actually be stealing the spotlight after this sneak peek. >> okay, live super bowl commercial with adam driver, 112 million people watching. show us how you'd deal with that kind of pressure. >> okay. nice. okay. live super bowl commercial with adam driver -- >> so, driver is looking a little stiff, a little nervous. the horse, though, seems very relaxed, and he says that the whole thing is a risk, going in live, having animals, especially he says hiring him. we are sure he's going to do just fine but we all appreciate some good self-deprecating humor. >> love it. >> going into it all in the right spirit.
7:54 am
>> speaking of self-deprecating humor jimmy kimmel paid tribute to the big game with a special edition of mean tweets allowing rob gronkowski, russell wilson and von mill story read some harsh but let's face it hilarious criticism. take a look. >> rob gronkowski is one of the dumbest people in the world. i have no problem with tweeting this because he probably can't read it. >> i'm tired of people saying russell wilson is too short to play quarterback. he's ugly too. >> von miller looks like an 80-year-old man from 1974. >> wow. >> nfl fans pretty passionate people. and in the interest of immersive journalism, i thought i'd read one on myself. this is from judy. judy says to me, have you ever taken a look at your knees? if so, you might want to consider covering them. >> oh. >> wow. >> judy, that's why they put the desk here. it's just for that reason alone because they read that tweet. >> i'm judy. sorry. i was joking. i thought it was a direct message. >> rob, you couldn't find any? nothing?
7:55 am
>> i pay somebody full time to filter that stuff and make sure it never gets posted on my time line. >> i see, i see. >> it costs a lot of money. girl scouts, you might notice we have girl scout cookies here. the girl scouts usa is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their first cookie sale, and we are honoring this milestone with the four most popular flavors. thin mints, samoas, peanut butter patties and do-si-dos, but which one is america's favorite? well, influenster conducted an online poll with over 5,000 influenster members across the 50 states and while everyone made a strong showing, you're right, paula, thin mints came out on top. >> you know it. >> they won the vote from 24 states. this was an electoral college style voting. >> it wasn't the popular -- >> the popular vote was samoas. >> thin mints -- >> i'm going mix a thin mint with a samoa and a peanut butter. whatever it is. >> that's hefty. that's solid. ron didn't even know what a samoa is. >> dan, i think you should read some of your mean tweets.
7:56 am
>> here's some that were sent a couple years ago. make dan go away, please. don, you have a hair out of place and it's making you look like alfalfa. ? that's my favorite because they called me don. >> don? >> yeah, they called me don. >> hey, america, for don and i, we want to say thank you for joining us. thin mints rock. thank you, diane. >> thank you. >> thanks, don. on. i'm cornell bernard. happening in the south bay, more than a thousand bay area educators will meet at the california teachers association conference to vote a no-vote on are president trump's secretary of education nominee. much labor unions fiercely oppose her, saying she's trying
7:57 am
to take apart public education. confirmation vote in the u.s. senate for devos is monday. consumers tried to enroll for health insurance by the january 31st deadline have until today to complete their enrollment. you can finish the process with the help of a certified insurance agent. coverage starts on march 1st. the final frontier has arrived at the science center. the exhibit "star trek," 50 years, opened last night. the original tv series, of course, launched in 1966. the exhibit has been on tour since last year. it features creations of artists from around the world. the art exhibition runs through february 19th. meteorologist lisa argen has your forecast. hey, lisa. >> hey, cornell, good morning to
7:58 am
you. sunshine in the south bay. scattered showers in the east bay. as we go in closer, you can see a little bit heavier rain, highway 24, out to arinda, oakland 580. this should be moving to the north and east. we'll detail the rest of the weekend for you in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you soon. up next, president trump's reaction this morning on twitter after a federal judge blocks his travel ban. federal age
7:59 am
8:00 am
the showers continue in the bay area this weekend. this is what it looked like earlier this morning. how long will the rain last and how much should we expect? good morning, everybody, it's saturday, february 4th. i'm cornell bernard in for chris nguyen. a wet one out there. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> we've been watching the showers scattered about this morning. we'll take you around the east bay at street level. this is around piedmont, 580. pinehurst road and up to highway 24 in lafayette. further to the north bay, it's raining east of windsor and on the peninsula. 280 just a little bit wet there and into the santa cruz mountains. as we put this into motion, you'll not


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