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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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vice president mike pence is defending his boss. >> i think the early days of this administration are going to be described in the history books as days of action. >> reporter: the president is spending the weekend at his florida resort, at an interview with fox's bill o'reilly is raising eyebrows. in it, he admits he admires russian president vladimir putin. >> putin's a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. do you think our country is so innocent? >> reporter: that did not sit well with fellow republicans. >> there is no more equivalency between the united states, the in the world and the thugs in
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defense of putin's cronyism. here in the bay area, there's relief for many travelers, but no one is making bets on how long the appeals court lifting the ban will last. >> reporter: i just spoke with officials here at sfo. custom agents are complying with that judge's order allowing people traveling from seven predominantly muslim countries to enter the u.s. right now a family entering from yemen has just cleared customs. a lot of people, though, not clear for the future how long that judge's stay will last. >> we are happy that she's here. >> reporter: there's big relief for this man after he welcomed his wife back home after she visited iran. she has a green card, but there was no guarantee she would be allowed back into the u.s. >> we were quite uncertain.
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>> reporter: overnight, the san francisco bay's ninth circuit of appeals denied the trump administration's request to reinstate the travel ban from seven primarily muslim countries. you see rory little believes the case is headed to the top. >> if the circuit leaves in place the stay, i i think it's almost certain it will go up to justice kennedy. >> reporter: one reason why immigrations are not leaving sfo, offering free legal advice. lisa whitesman washrd says thers still a lot of confusion. >> even if they were provisionally revoked now they're reinstated. and now's the time to travel. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks they should. one supports the president's
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travel ban. >> it's called self-defense and self-preservation. >> reporter: for now it's an uncertain future for travelers. we are live at the airport where groups opposed to the travel ban have gathered to welcome middle eastern travelers to the u.s. and the celebration celebrates the judge's restraining order. it was supported by groups such as the san jose center for just and peace center. president trump has anoungsed today that he will launch a voter fraud investigation. >> you take a look at the registration, you have dead people, illegals, this, it's a really a bad situation. really bad. >> mr. trump told fox news channel's bill o'reilly that he'll put mike pence in charge of the voter registration investigation. download our app for free and
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enable push alerts for updates as they happen. we're getting ready for days of rain. a live look from our camera. it's already foggy, gusty and wet e and wet, and it's making its way across the bay area. drew tuma is tracking it. >> the next storm is onmoro onshore. santa rosa, pops of red and orange. light showers over san francisco, pushing into oakland and concord. into the south bay, scattered sprinkles at this bay. on the storm impact scale, ranks a one, a light scale system. it will be breezy at times. the future weather shows you at 8:00 later on tonight, the rain does intensify.
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we would encourage you to download the news app to track the rain and the next storm moving in on the heels of this one. we'll detail all the weather in the next accuweather forecast. a driver drove away after hitting a person who was changing a flat tire along interstate 280 in san jose. paramedics worked to assist that man just after 4:00 this morning. >> initial units responded and found that it was actual lay motorist changing a tire that was struck by a vehicle. >> the victim suffered major injuries to his legs. chp believes he was hit by a red 2006 to 2013 corolla. violence broke out in vacaville. police posted pictures on facebook. officers got calls about fights, then reports of gun shots outside the sun rise banquet
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hall and event center at around 1:00 a.m. police contained the crowd. they did not find anyone injured. they were hosting an after part for a dance competition involving a number of students from universities. a warning was issued to students following an armed robbery, about two blocks from campus. just before midnight friday, two people held up a group of students, one was injured but was okay. the robbers took off in possibly a gray dodge charger. a rally in the central valley. tensions running so high, a california congressman needed a police export. up next, what he's saying about the angry protests. up next, keep clear. what led to bart delays for much of the day.
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abc 7 news was along bart's tracks near the san francisco daily border when trees were trimmed. tracks were forced to be closed
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and commuter ts faced delays. they hope pruning the trees will prevent future delays. a california congressman is defending himself after ending a town hall meeting early. protesters greeted republican tom mcclintock with boos when police escorted him away from a theater. he supports many of president trump's policies, that includes rolling back many environmental issues and repealing the affordable care act. he says ending the meeting early wasn't his idea. >> we were told the situation was deteriorating, becoming dangerous, and they wanted me out. the fire marshal determined the theater was at capacity. that was their call. >> there was an anarkist, at the meeting. nancy pelosi is calling on the fbi to investigate trump's ties to russia. she called for an investigation
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of mr. trump's financial and personal ties to russia to determine whether he's being possibly blackmailed by leaders in that country, on "meet the press", pelosi said she wants to see the president's tax returns to get to the truth in a relationship between russian president vladimir putin and mr. trump. people enjoyed a moment in the heart of the city. check out a garden in san francisco. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. our next storm is moving in, one of three we are tracking and the strongest storm coming in in the next couple days. i'll detail the full forecast coming up. here's a look at what's ahead on world news at 5:30. >> the appeal to restore the travel ban denied. president trump lashing out at the drudjudge. and babysitter to the rescue. the incredible gift to
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abc 7 news with a look at the civic center. a zen garden is built, and part of the idea was inspired by japanese zen gardens. >> what we're doing is we have a number of interacttive exercises, based on mindfulness research. >> the garden featured five unique activities, including a collaborative photomural and a tea lounge. our approaching storm will mean snow for tahoe. here's a look south of lake tau hoy. you c you can see that the roads are wet.
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a winter storm warning begins at 7:00 tonight with up to 3 feet of snow expected at higher elevations. now your accuweather forecast. >> the rain has returned. live doppler 7. the rain is back on the screen. a couple spots over san francisco, richmond, vallejo, approaching concord, light showers, some of the heaviest rain where you see the yellow and orange, santa rosa, and to the south bay we go, scattered showers, milpitas. and a couple sprinkles around palo alto. but what i want to next ofocus u see all this yellow, that's the heavier rain that will be moving onshore in the next couple
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hours. focus on san francisco around 5:30, about 6:14, expect do downpours in fremont and livermore. this is going to be a light system on the impact scale. it's a quick-moving system. it will bring scattered showers, this isolated downpour. and the wind's not really a big issue with this storm system. you notice we are tracking showers, isolated downpours. we're back on air for abc 7 news at 11:00, the widespread rain will be moving out, showers are going to linger, and ludone doneler 7. the light showers return and not even a chance on monday night. so tomorrow night, on and off
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showers. you're going to need the rain gear. it's going to be a cool winter day, most spots holding in the 50s. a couple spots may touch 60 tee dprees tomorrow afternoon. but the next storm system arriving early tuesday morning, stronger, a moderate storm tuesday morning, and the big difference with this storm system, it's going to turn windy. those winds will be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind gusts, we're jumping ahead into tuesday morning, 10:00 tuesday morning, and we're likely going to see freak wind gusts over 30 miles per hour with this next system and it does coincide with more heavy downpours, tuesday morning it's going to be a slow tuesday morning commute. by 9:00 tuesday morning, look at this, with that wind gusting over 30 miles per hour, we'll see downpours moving through the region. so tuesday will likely have issues with downed trees and possible power outages. potential rainfall through tuesday night, about .75 of an
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inch. could see as much as three inches in some areas. there's that stronger system, morning rain and wind, wednesday morning and thursday night, some showers, probably get a little dry weather in midday, but otherwise, the weekend looking nice and sunny. >> oh, is that all? >> we're going to get through five days of rain, though. >> thank you very much. well, we like to see a little emotion. >> not a lot going on today. >> really? >> the warriors licking their wupsd from last night's loss in sacramento. and a serious fine for an outburst. next in sports. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> a rare steph curry miss on a layup. but before that, late third quarter, looney was called for a pair of loose balls. draymond complained and got teed up. while steve was trying to get a reason, he got teed up. and i've never seen concern so upset. aft afterwards he was more upset with his team than being ejected. >> i got what i deserved.
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i deserved to be ejected. we got what we deserved. before i was tossed and after. one of the worst games we've played all season. no purpose. i didn't oeven recognize our tem out there. >> charlie moore, spins around, misses. moore helped cal go on a run with five threes to finish with 17 points. colorado opened the second on a 17-2 run, derek white leading the way. buffaloes closing in. a monster put back. colorado got within four, however, they could not overcome 11 cal threes. cal hangs on, 77-66. improving to 17-6. webb simpson with a final
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round. 18 to get in the clubhouse at 17 under. meanwhile, this birdie on the 18 for the win. and it would go to a playoff and they'd end up playing four extra holes. it's his fourth pga tour tie. super bowl li. the niners will sign shanahan as their new head coach. and they look forward to a new working relationship. >> you want to make decisions with the crew. no one has the time or energy to know everything. people have certain areas of expertise. you're looking for guys who have been at work all year round. just like we work all year round, looking at xs and os. you've got to depend on those guys. it's always a work in progress. there's got to be a lot of dialog. you're always trying to get the
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same goal. >> john, anybody who's met him, he's as impressive as anybody is. seeing everything, i get it, it's new to him, but i'm going to bet on john lynch. he's going to have to learn some things as he ifs ligoes like we do. >> it would be nice for kyle to come to the bay area with a super bowl ring. falcons up 21-3 at halftime. video proof that real
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on abc 7 news at 6:00, google is forced to hand over some user e-mails, this coming after a ruling that microsoft didn't have to, what was different this time. plus, you can file taxes early and possibly save money. there's a good chance we'll never see anything like this again. cowboys coming to a rescue when a steer escaped through the streets of ft. worth, texas. two cow boys came in out of nowhere and got the job done. isn't that what they do? the steer escaped the butcher and will now live the rest of its life on a ranch. see, there are still cowboys out there, and not just at oklahoma state university.
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for drew and shu, thanks for inviting us into your homes, welcome to "world news , tonight." president trump stopped again. the white house's emergency appeal to restore the travel ban, denied. mr. trump lashing out at the judge who blocked his executive order, suggesting he's putting the country in danger. and the president's stunning comments about the actions of russia's vladimir putin. breaking news, the jogger murder arrest. the suspect accused of killing that young woman jogging near her home. the evidence police say helped them crack the case. mountain emergency. one hiker killed, four others hurt. the wrong move that led to a 300-foot fall. stolen refund. the urgent warning about a growing scam targeting your w-2. and, beer boycott?


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