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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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orms we're tracking. let's get you to live doppler 7. we've got downpours moving. in we go around san francisco. daly city. berkeley, oakland, the yellows is the heavy rain that is pushing through at this hour. the south bay right now more in the way of light greens. that's some lighter rain from sunnyvale to san jose. light rain in and around concord. showers heavy around berkeley will be moving through in the next hour. right now light rain in the north bay. on the storm impact scale, this will be a light system tonight through monday. but look what is waiting in the wings. a stronger storm arrives on tuesday. we'll detail that, go hour by hour, show you what you can expect where you live returning in the full accuweather forecast. >> you can keep track of the storm with live doppler 7 on the abc7 news app. enable push alerts and you'll get advisories sent straight to your phone or tablet. chp is looking for a driver who hit a man who was changing
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his tire along i-280 in san jose and kept going. the victim had major injuries. officers are looking for a red toyota corolla with damage to the front bumper and lights. and we have new details about a hit-and-run in novato. the chp announced it tracked down a silver nissanver sa involved in the collision. investigators believe the driver hit an elderly man on 101 early thursday morning. they have not announced any arrests or said where that vehicle was found. a transient is in custody accused of setting a vehicle on fire in oakland today. this picture from the chp shows it burning near fruitvale and east 7th this morning. a witness helped investigators track down the suspect. officers are working to track down the owner of the vehicle and figure out why it was set on fire. we could soon find out if the president's travel ban involving seven mostly muslim nations will return. it's been put on hold through the court and the restraining order is now being challenged. as you can imagine, this has been a confusing process for americans oversea who's are just
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trying to get home. but for now, they're feeling temporary relief. cornell bernard is live with more on this. cornell. >> reporter: eric, despite the super stormy weather out here, abe lot of happy travelers here at sfo tonight now that the president's travel ban has been lifted. there is also a lot of apprehension as well. many don't know how long that stay will last. >> she says, yes, very much. >> reporter: this man what's nt sure when he'd see his wife again. she has a green card and just returned from iran 48 hours after president trump's travel ban was put on hold by a washington judge. >> we are very anxious that she could come back. we were quite uncertain. >> reporter: overnight san francisco bay's ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals denied the request to reinstate the travel ban from seven primarily muslim countries.
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rory little believes the case is headed to the supreme court, which could rule the order discriminates. >> the trump administration is making one argument that says people overseas don't have any rights under the first amendment. so we can discriminate on the basis of religion. that's a scary argument, and there's not a lot of precedent for that. >> reporter: immigration attorneys are not leaving sfo, offering free legal advice to travelers. they say there's still a lot of confusion. >> the law is allowing people that have these, even if they were provisionally revoked, they are now reinstated. so now is the time to travel. >> reporter: not everyone thinks they should. assembly chairman leo la cayo supports the president's travel ban. >> our country needs to be safe and anything we do, we have the right to do it. it's called self-defense and self-preservation. >> we still don't know what's going to happen. we got to see what he's going to do. >> reporter: for now, an uncertain future for many travelers and their families. at sfo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a young girl from yemen who was trapped overseas just arrived at sfo.
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abc7 news reporter kate larsen is live with reaction. kate? >> reporter: eric, this is a 12-year-old girl who has been separated from her family for six, seven years. she has been in yemen while her family has been living in los ba nose. take a look at this video, 30, 40 minutes ago, she walked out of customs with her father, who flew to the middle east to jordan to meet her. they got off a flight that started in frankfurt today, and this all started on january 26th. she finally got a visa to come here to california, to los banos to join her family. that was the day before president trump signed his executive order. so after trump signed that order, she was stuck in djibouti, in africa for a week. then when the seattle judge on friday made a ruling that put a stop on president trump's ban, she was able to finally get on a flight and travel here to the u.s. she was met by her older sister,
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who was extremely emotional. she hadn't seen her little sister in four years and her mother and other little sister are waiting for her at home. a very emotional reunion, and we're going to have all of that for you at 11:00. reporting live at sfo, kate larsen, abc7 news. today, the president said he instructed homeland security to be very thorough in checking people coming into the country. he also attacked the court system. president trump tweeted, just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and court system. people pouring in, bad. and he's not the only one on the attack. reporter david daniel as a closer look at the fight over the travel ban. >> we'll accomplish the stay, and we'll win the case on the merits. >> reporter: vice president mike pence seems adamant that the president's travel ban will resume despite a federal appeals court denying the administration's request for an emergency reinstatement. on friday, u.s. district court judge james robart of washington state issued a temporary
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restraining order on the immigration ban effective nationwide. saturday, while president trump took to twitter criticizing the judge's decision, demonstrators were protesting the ban right outside the white house. but just after midnight sunday, the justice department filed an appeal to pause robart's temporary halt, stating his decision harms the public and second guesses the president's national security judgment. hours later, the ninth circuit of appeals denied the emergency request, saying that it needed more time to consider the case. even still, pence is hopeful. >> we're very confident the president's operating within his authority as president both under the constitution and under clear statutory law. >> reporter: trump's executive order suspended immigration from seven muslim majority countries for 90 days, suspended all refugee entry to the u.s. for 120 days, and indefinitely halted syrian refugees from entering the u.s. within days of the order going into effect, hundreds of travelers were detained or
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prevented from boarding their flights. both sides have until monday to file legal briefs before the court makes its final decision. david daniel, abc7 news. president trump also took aim at california and the possibility of our state becoming a sanctuary state. >> as you know, i'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities. they breed crime. there's a lot of problems. if we have to, we'll defund. we give tremendous amounts of money to california. >> so you're going to defund -- >> california in many ways is out of control as you know. obviously the voters agree. otherwise they wouldn't have voted for me. >> the president threatened to take away federal funding from current sanctuary cities in california and from the entire state if california becomes a sanctuary state. other news. police in san jose arrested a man accused of waving a gun from his car. abc7 news was in walnut grove where a short police chase ended. the suspect ran away. after a brief search, officers found him and the handgun. he's now in jail. in san francisco, bart is running again after police shut
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down all train service at the montgomery station. the closure lasted about an hour. just after 4:00 this afternoon, officers were looking for two armed robbery suspects. police arrested the suspects, and the station reopened just after 5:00. google is forced to hand over some user e-mails. this comes just months after a similar case ruling that microsoft didn't have to. what the judge said was different this time. plus when you pay those taxes, be sure to watch for scammers. the new trend to look out for. and incredible video captured from a tour boat that may have gotten a little too close to a volcano. check it out when we come back.
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geologists in hawaii are keeping a close eye on the kilauea volcano. check out this video taken from a tour boat on thursday showing part of a cliff collapsing into the ocean. the collapse stopped a heavy stream of lava known as the fire hose flow. another part of the cliff could break off at any time. a federal judge is ordering google to turn over some of its user e-mails stored overseas. the ruling against the mountain view company is part of a domestic fraud probe. the judge said they do not qualify as a seizure because there's no meaningful interference with the account holder's possessions. seven months ago, a judge in new york ruled that microsoft did
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not have to turn over e-mails stored in ireland that u.s. investigators wanted for a narcotics case. google plans to appeal the decision saying the case breaks from precedent. for the second year in a row, you'll have three extra days to pay your taxes. tax day falls on april 18th because of a federal holiday. still the state tax board wants you to get a jump on taxes and file early. they warn you to keep an eye on your mailbox daily for important documents as tax refund scams are a growing trend. >> scammers are becoming more and more brazen. what they're doing is stealing personal identification, personal information, and they're using it to file fraudulent tax returns in an effort to steal refunds. >> he says if a red flag goes up with a return, the irs will reach out to the taxpayer. being zen is about going inside. so what happens when you draw it out? you end up with some amazing creations. we'll take you into this one-time exhibit. and how long should we keep those umbrellas ready?
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meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. steph kerr talks ejection. from last night's loss in sacramento and the cal bears led by freshman charlie mo
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a one time exhibit at san francisco's asian art museum drew on science, art, and meditation to create a unique experience. abc7 news was just outside the museum where creators of all ages helped build a technicolor zen garden. it featured five unique activities including a collaborative photo mural, rake garden and a tea lounge. an artist tells us part of the idea was inspired by the idea of japanese zen gardens. in accuweather, we are right in the middle of our first of three storms that will move through in the next five days. live doppler 7 tracks all of the wet weather right now. i want to show you where the heaviest rain is falling. right down to street level where you see the yellow, specifically over emeryville, berkeley, alameda, even parts of san francisco. this is where the heavy rain is at this moment. it's updating live on tv right now. live doppler 7 shifting to the east ever so slightly around san
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leandro, hayward, union city. the downpours are back. and in the south bay right now, you notice a little bit less in the way of the yellows but still we have some light showers falling around san jose, santa clara, and campbell at this hour. i do want to time out this line of some heavier showers that are beginning to push through the east bay and inland. so heavy down tours working through pleasanton, around 6:22 p.m. around livermore. antioch, 6:48 p.m. what you do notice along with the rain, there's a quick burst of wind as this front moves through. current wind gusts, you can see 43 miles per hour at sfo. 37, oakland. 26 right now at san carlos. the good news, this breeze will not last all that long. the next hour or so as this system moves through. so storm impacts go right now. this is going to be a light system tonight, and it will linger for the better part of our monday. scattered showers, isolated
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downpours moving east right now, and it will be breezy at times. but the winds are not going to be a major factor. future weather, 11:00 when we're back on air for abc7 news, you notice we're tracking stcattere showers. meteorologist mike nicco will be tracking showers tomorrow morning. into the afternoon, you notice the light rain is still with us before an even stronger storm approaches tuesday morning. on the storm impact scale, this will get an upgrade on tuesday morning. a two, a moderate system. the big difference with this one on tuesday compared to the one right now, the winds will last much longer, gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour at times. so the threat is higher tuesday morning for downed trees and power outages. future tracker wind gusts, we'll show you as we go into tuesday morning, 10:00 in the morning, those winds will be sustained anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. that will coincide with some heavy rain. so tuesday morning, the commute does look wet.
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future weather, 6:00, some light showers that will intensify as that gusty wind moves through as well. by 9:00 tuesday morning, there you go. those pops of yellow on your screen, those are the downpours that will move through. so future rainfall, at least through tuesday evening, a healthy amount. about 3/4 to 1 1/2 around the region. a little bit less in the south bay. right in the midst of our first storm of three. tomorrow, it's showers to rain in the afternoon. tuesday, our next storm moves in with that rain and the wind. then our final storm moves in thursday night into friday morning, eric. good news? the weekend looking dry. >> good news. all we got to do is get through the week to get there. thank you very much, drew. >> announcer: new abc7 sports with mike schuman. >> the warriors have a three day break to stew over their loss to the kings last night. before that, late third quarter, looney called for a pair of loose ball fouls 18 seconds apart. after the first throw, draymond
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complained and got teed up. get a reason, he got teed up and was ejected. never seen kerr so upset, but afterwards he was more frustrated with his team than his ejection. >> i'm mad about a lot of things but i got what i deserved. i -- you know, i deserved to be ejected, so i was. we got what we deserved before i was tossed and after. it's one of the worst games we played all season. we had no purpose. the ball didn't move. i didn't even recognize our team out there. celtics and clippers. only played five minutes and was put in with 20 seconds remaining, receiving a standing ovation and got his only points of the game by draining that three. what a way to end his career in boston. however, the celtics won 107-102. college hoops. cal hosting colorado. buffaloes going for a bay area sweep. they're 0-12 all time against
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cal. charlie moore spin around and misses. ivan rabb for the put back. first half. cal up 15 at the half. colorado opens the second on a 17-2 run. buffalo is closing in. george came with a monster putback. colorado got to within four. however, they couldn't overcome 11 cal threes. cal hangs on to win 77-66, improving to 17-6. final round of the waste management phoenix open. webb simpson with a final round 7 under 64. he's in the clubhouse at 17 under. now, matsuyama, 566, had this birdie on 18 for the win. he needed one more rotation. matsuyama finally ends it with this birdie on 17 for his fourth pga tour win. >> hideki is a great player. i knew he was going to be tough
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in the playoff, and it's disappointing. you know, just the way i finished, finishing birdie, birdie, to not come out on top. but it's been a while since i've been in contention. my hat's off to him. he's a great player, and, yeah, i'm excited to get back at it next week. after super bowl li, the niners will finally say kyle shanahan as their new head coach. he hand picked his new g.m., and he's lacking forward to the new working relationship. >> you never want to make decisions by yourselfment you want to make decisions with a group. no one has the time or energy to know everything. people have certain areas of expertise. you're looking for guys who work all year-round, finding players and stuff just like we work all year-round looking at xs and os. you got to depend on those guys, and it's always a work in progress. there's got to be a lot of dialogue. got to work with a lot of people together but always trying to get to the same goal. john, anybody who has met him,
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he's as impressive a human being as there is. just reading and seeing everything, i get it's new to him, but if i'm going to bet on someone, i'm going to bet on john lynch. he's going to have to learn some stuff as he goes just like we all do. but i mean you're going for the person, and john lynch has succeeded in everything. >> he could fire up the troops if he comes back with a super bowl ring. super bowl highlights coming up at 11:00. one of the great horror franchises of this generation is back in theaters. the first two "ring" movies earned $400 million worldwide, but do americans want a good scare right at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, over on coffee tv 20, california woman nancy pelosi thinks president trump may be being blackmailed. the investigation she wants blanche ch launched. what happens next in court after the president's executive order on immigration was halted by a judge. history on a miniature scale is on display right now in ant i don't know. the antioch historical society sent us these photos from this year's world of miniatures kpbl. the pieces were created by people across the east bay. this free exhibit is open on wednesday and saturday afternoons through february
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18th. we're months away from halloween, but horror movies are in demand right now, leading the box office. m. night sham lan's split continues to shock moviegoers and analysts alike. it's rare for a low budget horror movie to win three weeks in a row. split earned $14.6 million. rings is followed by a dog's purpose, hidden figures and la-la land. resident evil, the final chapter just missed the top five. by the way, you can watch the oscars live only on abc7 three weeks from today. jimmy kimmel hosting the oscars for the first time. we invite you to check out the abc7 news app for a complete list of nominees. we're not saying all those horror movies are going to make the oscars. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 6:00. wee we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we visit a full-service butcher bringing new meaning to "farm to table." >> the idea is you can come here, shop for your meat, go home, and cook up an awesome meal. or forget about it, and we'll take care of you at the restaurant. >> then, a french pastry chef gives us a lesson on preparing authentic macaroons. >> it has that crispy and then the chewy and the creamy. >> are you kidding me?! and aubrey visits her two old friends who started a business honoring their culture and cuisine. >> we're adding our own personal twist in being able to share not only a part of our culture, part of our family, and a part of some of the things that we love. >> plus, we head downtown for some home cookin'. >> now, these chicken legs we have roasted in our charcoal oven. so you probably don't have a


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