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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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damage really taking its toll. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. we're following breaking news in san francisco. president trump's travel ban. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals here in san francisco upheld a washington state judge's suspension of president trump's travel ban. the president ordered travel from predominantly muslim countries. the three judges announced their decision just before 3:30. >> the government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the united states. that's from the court. washington state's attorney general addressed the decision a short time ago. >> bottom line, this is a complete victory for the state of washington. the president does have a choice. he can continue to fight this or he can tear up his executive order and start over. i would strongly consider him to
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consider the latter. >> president trump tweeted, "see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake." >> and lisa amin gulezian has reaction to the ruling. >> reporter: dan, there were a few people out in front of the federal courthouse behind me. they had signs that they were very happy with the judges' decision but they went inside because of the rain. i want to tell you a woman i met from syria. she happened to be walking by. she received her visa back in december and had planned to come to the u.s. in march after getting things settled back at home and so forth. because of all of this back and forth and uncertainty of it all, she rushed to get a ticket and arrived two days ago. >> when they moved the ban and said it's tempb rarely moved, i had to move my job and take my
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son out of school. >> reporter: she does have a 7 1/2-year-old son who she pulled out of school. she planned to come here in march. she wanted to get him settled in school but right now she has her son and she's trying to start her new life here in san francisco. she has a lot to get sorted out but she says that she is very happy to be here and she's very happy with the court's decision. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> if you want to read the entire ruling, go to a storm may have been a factor in a fatal accident near scotts valley. a construction worker was hit and killed. david louie is live at the seen. david? >> reporter: kristen, it's raining hard as it is now when the dumptruck was backing up.
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they are trying to figure out if he knew there were workers behind him at the time. a dirt hauling truck was backing up after drumping its load. two employees of granite rock working as contractors for cal trans were run over. one was killed and the other trapped. the crews were working in bad weather to clear a slide blocking the northbound lanes. >> it had already been raining for about 30 minutes, downpour much like this, and, you know, they were going to work through the rain and we were flagged down by a passer-by. luckily, chp was there on the scene. we expedited fire and ambulance to get the gentleman that was trapped extricated quickly and get him over to valley med. >> reporter: the two workers were behind the truck as it was backing up. both men were wearing bright colored safety gear to make them visible. chp will investigate whether there was a rear facing camera
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or a beeping sound as it backed up. visibility may have been limited. granite rock is a well-known construction company charged with cleaning up an unstable hillside since last month when a mudslide slammed into an abc7 news van crushing the photographer in the van. granite rock told us they are devastated by the loss of one of its employees and added that it has not had an accident in many years. granite rock has identified the two employees involved this this accident. the man killed was 54-year-old bobby gill from los banos and the man injured is 33-year-old robert -- steven >> david, thank you.
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rain has been falling all day. let's go to sandhya patel. sandhya? >> the problems are far from over. we've had numerous reports of flooding. let me show you on live doppler 7 where it's raining. i'll take you to the street level radar. let's begin in the santa cruz mountains where we're seeing pops of yellows and oranges. boulder creek, pockets of moderate rain. santa clara, san jose, sunnyvale, also coming down. it's wet for the evening commute across 880 union city, fremont and as we head into livermore valley, it's wiper weather. lighter, spottier showers around highway 1 in the north bay. as i mentioned, problems are far from over. flash flood warnings remain in effect for parts of sonoma county. we have a flood warning in
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guerneville. it takes a while for the rivers to rise and we see those problems subsiding. napa river at st. helena both under warnings until tomorrow. flash flood watch for the north bay until 10:00 tonight. for parts of the peninsula coast until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. still gusty in the hills. it's a level 3, a strong storm still. the flooding risk remains high and it is still gusty over the hills. so don't let your guard down just yet and don't ditch those umbrellas. we're not done with the storm yet. i'll be back with the hour by hour look with how much rain to expect as we head into tomorrow. dan? >> we saw the first pictures of a wall of mud that slid down and pushed its way inside a home. really incredible images. imagine if this was your place. this happened at van tassel
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lane. laura anthony has the story. amazing pictures. >> reporter: dan, this is still happening. as we're standing here, it's starting to rain quite hard. the big concern is all of this mud debris is still moving. now this home has been red-tagged, things getting worse as we're standing here. >> it's amazing. it's just amazing. >> reporter: paul said he heard it first and then saw it coming a sea of mud and debris crashing through the back of his orinda house. >> i heard a loud noise and thought it might be thunder. then i came out and thought maybe it's hail. and then i saw the wall of the office starting to come in at me and ran downstairs. >> reporter: his house was hit by the bottom edge of a slide estimated to contain 180,000 cubic feet of material. as shown here from sky 7, the slide is a good 200 yards long. and while his home was initially yellow-tagged, it's now been red-tagged. >> the pressure that this hill
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slide is putting on this house is just -- it's phenomenal how much mother nature can push around things in its way. >> reporter: another slide covered the roadway across park lane. city crews are stopping by every hour to look for every sign of movement. residents are anxious. >> sure, it's my house. you can't help but be a little worried. >> it's beautiful but then stuff like this happens. >> reporter: and we're back live here on van tassel lane. the rain has picked up and so has all of the mud and water flowing off of this hillside. let's show you the side of the house. the man talked about pressure on the trustructure. the side of the home is bowing.
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the homeowner and his son were moving things out of the house. trying to get their valuables at this point. >> laura, sthank you. too much water is keeping the highway in novato closed. the closure may last several more days. whel, that's exactly what you don't want to this is south of big sur. cal trans shared this video with us. this is a collapsing hillside next to the two-lane highway.
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a eric thomas is least in palo alto for us. eric? >> reporter: dan, you might say the situation is fluid with the creek here. it is very high right now but officials are keeping an eye on it. they don't expect any major flooding of homes or anything like that. we have seen people stop by to look at it including the mayor of east palo alto. this is just one troubled spot among several on the peninsula. we caught up with menlo park firefighters using their specially equipped drone to monitor the creek threatening to choke off the flow and cause water to back up. >> worst case? water would start coming over this wall. >> that could trigger flooding and even nearby highway 101. that's why cal trans has heavy
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equipment on stand by to clear away the debris if things begin to back up. in redwood city, persistent rain has neighbors in the mobile home park nervously eyeing the creek behind their homes. during tuesday, there was more than a foot of water. they hope today is a different story. >> i see the creek rising. it may be flooding today unless this rain slows down. >> i think people here know that it floods and i think we're well-prepared. >> but nothing could have prepared the people who live in woodside for this slide that's closed highway 84, a mile west of skyline boulevard. work crews have to clear away half a dozen trees, remove the rocks and check the road for damage before it can reopen. eric thomas, abc7 news. spectacle at the spillway. the pounding water had hearts pounding in napa. we're there live with the rising water tonight. a girl scout cookie stand
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robbed at gunpoint, no less. what police are doing to help. and a woman and her lost dog are back together for the first time in years. and candy
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public works crews are responding to flooding in napa valley. melanie woodrow is there. >> reporter: take a look at what is happening here at the creek. you can see there is quite a bit of flooding. check out that park bench nearly disappearing here in the water. this is one of several places that we've seen people stopping today to take pictures. the concrete dam spillway off
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lake hennesse is all of the rage today. residents say the county needs. this picture was shared with us of a growing lake in their backyard. >> we're willing to endure that for all of the water we're getting that we need in this state. >> reporter: with the water comes mudslides like this one at redwood road. >> there's a massive landslide. power lines down and trees down. >> reporter: these employees seem outsized by the wall of mud and trees and debris. this flood gate is in place. >> it's nice to see all of our tax dollars working on a great project. >> reporter: a soggy day in napa county. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. you can track it all with the abc7 news app.
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as we look at the san mateo bridge there. you can get instant updates any time for the forecast in your neighborhood. this one really takes the cake. unbelievable. union city police are looking for a suspect in an outrageous girl scout cookie armed robbery. a young man approached a mother and her 12-year-old daughter on decoto road yesterday at the safe way. he asked a couple minutes and then returned with a gun and robbed them from an undisclosed amount of money from the cookie sale. can you believe somebody pulled a gun on the girl scouts? >> no. it's almost valentine's day. if you like candy but worry about the calories, there's a way to indulge without the guilt. >> that's right. 7 on your side michael finney is here with us. >> this made me feel pretty
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good. >> yeah. >> normally these things -- this one is pretty good. if you're really tempted to buy candy, how much can you buy before it's too much? consumer reports checked out what 100-calorie servings look like. it's nearly valentine's day and even if your sweetie doesn't buy you a sweet, there's still going to be a -- >> it's an easy way to keep track of how much you're consumer with 100 calories. >> reporter: if you have special feelings, oo-la-la. you can say be mine to 30 of these and that adds up to 100 calories. and if your sweet tooth leans towards sour, grab 16 sweettart hearts. and pace yourself with
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chocolate. 100 calories adds up fast. about three of these dark chocolate hearts from dove hit the mark. godiva truffle, one piece of boxed chocolate like whitman's assorted. guess what, consumer reports says it's okay to indulge your sweet tooth once in a while. >> it's okay to have a treat now and then. it can actually help you stick to a healthy eating pattern. >> it can pick up odors and flavors from other goods. if you develop a chocolate haze on the surface, send them -- no. just kidding. it's usually just a surface of it, not the flavor that's been affected so they are safe to eat. and tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00, i'll be inside the mall next to
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the food court. bring your questions and any paperwork you have and you'll have a chance to ask a question live on abc7. you can ask the same questions on social media any time. post it with #askfinney. >> and you'll do any taste testing for us here at work. >> absolutely. part of my job. a santa clara woman was reunited with a dog she spent 2 1/2 years looking for. the last time she saw her dog was september 2014 when she left her pet in the care of a neighbor. somehow auggie escaped. students in san jose found the dog just wandering the campus today. they took the dog to a local vet where they found a microchip with will's contact information. well, today, auggie and will were reunited at the school.
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good evening. we love happy endings. here's a live look at live doppler 7. we're seeing the rain in moderate pockets at this hour between east foothills as we take you into street level radars north of allen rock. pockets of rain in the south bay. you've only gotten .02 in san jose. park avenue across 82, story road and in the santa cruz mountains, still getting downpours in this area. yellows and oranges indicating the heavier rain. it's lighter on the peninsula from palo alto to redwood city and we're still concerned about a couple of our rivers. russian river at guerneville. it's expected to stay above flood stage. cresting at noon tomorrow at 38.7 feet. so moderate flooding expected on that river. if you live near that area, keep that in mind. napa river at st. helena, above flood stage until 11:00.
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we're looking at it to come up to 18.8 feet and moderate flooding is expected there as well. in the sierra, chains are required right now if you're heading up to the mountains. keep in mind, it's raining at tahoe and truckee. winter weather advisory for the west slope of the sierra, 10:00 tonight. gusty winds and whiteout conditions and for the tahoe area, in case you're making plans to head up there for the weekend, it's a winter storm warnings. ridge top gusts, 150 miles an hour. treacherous travel conditions. a live look from our emeryville camera, you can see the raindrops dotting our lens. sfo right now, you can see how gloomy it is. arrival delays of over three hours. mid-50s to low 60s. and a lovely view, you can see the snow coming down, about
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8,000 feet from our lake tahoe camera. just that fresh powder out there is great to see. rainy areas tonight and windy over the hills. scattered showers for your friday and you'll dry out. storm impact scale, a level 3. a strong storm. pockets of moderate to heavy rain. flooding risks remain high. trees toppling is not over the question. 6:00, hour by hour forecast, downpours in the santa cruz mountains. continuing around the time you're sitting down for dinner in the same areas and then by 9:00 p.m., we'll be able to down grade the storm to a level 1. right on through late night, it will be a one for tomorrow. a light system. scattered showers, moderate at times and the flooding concerns remain for some of those rivers. so at midnight on friday, a few showers. 5:00 a.m. commute time. damp spots around 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m., primarily east bay and peninsula and south bay and then we get into the noontime
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and you get a breather but it doesn't last as we head into friday night. another batch of showers comes through 9:00 p.m. and you notice the yellows. those are pockets of moderate rain going into the wee hours of saturday morning before the system winds down and you will get a break. it's coming. rainfall totals, additional rain in the santa cruz mountains, an inch and a half. another half an inch of rain and tomorrow morning, scattered showers, upper 40s to mid-50s. hang on to the umbrella. you'll need the shades. 50s, 60s. tomorrow, clearing skies for the weekend. cold start sunday morning and then milder days. almost springlike on tuesday. near 70 degrees. rainy pattern returns next thursday and continues through saturday. download the abc7 news app to help you keep track. by the way, places like kent field, more than 2 inches of rain so far, dan and kristen. >> thank you. from 49ers ball boy to head coach, a few facts about
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tonight, governor brown says california's ready to meet president trump's high-speed rail challenge. at a meeting today with airline executives, mr. trump says he does not want to compete with their business but pointed out the lack of a fast train in our country. california's own gop delegation, though, has urged the new secretary of transportation to block a $647 million grant to electrify california. in a rare case of agreement with the president, governor brown tweeted, "california is ready". the new regime ready to lead the 49ers back into greatness is in place. general manager john lynch and shanahan is the 20th head coach in 49ers franchise history. he replaces chip kelly after a dismal 2-14 season. lynch comes to the 9ers from the
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broadcast booth following a stellar playing career at stanford and nfl. we'll hear from them both tonight at 6:00. now from football to basketball, abc7 is your home for the warriors showdown with the oklahoma city thunder. coverage is at 5:00 on friday. >> and then after the game with larry beil with the warriors pre and post game analysis. that's saturday night right here on abc7. tune in. an incredible rescue in australia. >> that's right. a man survives after being
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00, an end to the rain is in sight but not before more damage is done. at 6:00, your updated weekend forecast and how some people made the most of the soggy situation. and locked into a contract they didn't even know they were in.
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the bay area couple who ended up with not one but two different home security systems. all coming up at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> thanks a lot. finally tonight, an australia man survived a near-death experience after spending two hours trapped in a muddy dam. >> that's right. daniel miller craned his neck above the water line to breathe. he was frantically screaming for help. >> look at that. the vehicle's tow bar pinned him beneath the water. he feared the worse but someone heard him and called rescuers. >> this is ridiculous, i thought. i could die here in this dam. it looks like a pond. >> whoo. >> he's got a good attitude about it. firefighters waded in and freed him. he's going to be okay. >> david muir is up next with "world news." we appreciate your time and
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hope to see you again in half an hour tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a major setback for the white house. federal appeals court has just issued its ruling tonight in the fight over whether to reinstate president trump's temporary immigration ban. our team standing by with what we have just learned. also breaking, the major system slamming the east coast. philadelphia, new york, up through boston, dumping more than a foot of snow. hundreds of accidents. tens of thousands without power tonight, and thousands of flights canceled coast to coast. the president's adviser, kellyanne conway, in hot water tonight. >> go buy ivanka's stuff. >> the white house confirming she has been counseled. after going on national tv and and urging viewers to buy


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