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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, it's not over yet. live doppler 7 is tracking showers. but president trump is telling us in his own words what he plans to do next after a court refused to reinstate his travel ban. >> president trump responded right after that ruling with what else? a tweet. >> he said quote see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. lisa. >> reporter: the department of justice could file papers at anytime asking the supreme court to take up the case. the three-judge panel refused to reinstate president trump's travel ban. the executive order signed in the name of national security stopped travellers from seven
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predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. a federal judge in washington state had issued a temporary stay, allowing travel to resume again. this woman just arrived from syria. >> thank you very much for the federal judge. i took the first airplane just to make it. >> reporter: he continues to vow the battle. >> it's a decision that we'll win, in my opinion very easily.. >> we have seen him in court twice and we're two for two. >> reporter: as for what's next, the case could continue in washington state, possibly a hearing on the merits of the temporary restraining order or it could go to the supreme court which leakal experts admit is unlikely just dwret because as it stands, the executive order is just too broad. >> his own secretary of homeland security has said it's over broad and it has this hint of religious discrimination which
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the president himself has supported by tweeting about quote the muslim ban. >> and there is a chance this case could come right back here to the ninth circuit court if yet another appeal is needed to be heard. and if it goes to washington state, they don't like the outcome of the hearing there. >> lisa, thanks. the court's ruling is 29 pages long. we've made it accessible through our abc 7 news app so you can read for yourself. meantime president trump had had his first conversation with china's president right after he got elected, he spoke to taiwan's leader and that set off alarms in bejing. but he says the president has agreed to acknowledge china and taiwan are both inalienable parts of a single china. we're on storm watch tonight. heres rar live look outside of the abc 7 route.
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more showers after a strong storm drenched the bay area today. meteorologist is tracking the rain with live doppler 7. >> the strongest of the winds, the worst of the rain gone but we're still seeing showers on live doppler 7 so let me show you where it's still wet. we'll go down to the south bay first where we're seeing light to moderate showers. monterey road and east of there lighter showers in sanltau clara, anchor road and we take you in around the altamont. we have a flood warning for the russian river, flooding has been reported that will continue. look lat the storm reports around the bay area today. wind gusts topped 50/60 miles per hour. debris flows, two dozen reports and we are tracking more moisture off the coast here so
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we're not quite done with the showers. i'll be back to tell you where it torm ranks on our storm impact scale and how long they're going to last. coming up, dan. thank you. well, the rush to clear a mud slide on a mountain road is on hold, sadly, after a deadly dump truck accident on highway 17 in scots valley. tonight the victim has been identified as 54-year-old robert gill. abc 7 news reporter live at the scene of this tragedy with what we're learning about him. >> reporter: dan, granite rock tells me eerv within called him bobby. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. he'd been with the company more than 15 1/2 years. he was working to clear the mud slide on 17 when he was killed, as you said. that work is now on hold, it's suspended and we don't know for how long. >> as a company, we're mourning. >> reporter: he was hit and killed by dump truck while
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working for granite rock construction in the northbound lanes of highway 17. >> he was a well loved and respected member of our construction team and we're completely devastated by his loss. >> reporter: a second employee was also hit but his injuries are also critical. >> luckily chp was right on scene, medic got up here quickly. we expedited fire and ambulance to get the gentleman trapped out quickly and over to valley med. >> reporter: a statement reads in part "our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the fall squn injured granite rock construction employees. this is a reminder of the dangers highway workers face." they say work to clear the slide has been suspended and won't be cleared until the inhad spegz is complete. both directions of traffic are
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sharing the southbound lanes are little more than a mile. they had said the highway would reopen monday at the latest but that estimate has likely changed since the deadly accident. abc 7 news was in arindau tonight where there was a small mud slide on knickerbocker lain. a volkswagen got stuck in about six inches of mud. crews had to turn off the water at two homes. the fire department and pg&e are on the scene. also in arinda, a home was red tagged after a slide ran directly into the house. this bore the brunt of 80 thousand cubic inch of debris. he heard a sea of mud crashing into the back of his home. >> i was up in the bathroom behind those glass rocks and i came out and said maybe it's hail and i saw the wall of the
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office starting to come in at me and ran down stairs. >> reporter: mud also seep under to a backyard. after today's rain, it could get worse. fl well, today's storm slammed into the north bay, causing everything from downed trees to power outages and dangerous mud slides. abc 7 news reporter is in nevada tonight. what a mess. >> that is for sure, dan and it's all blamed tonight on this toppled tree in nuvaudo. 15 homes still without power because of it. crews working over time to remove it and you might be surprised to learn who owns this tree. >> it was like a big bowl. >> that boom was the sound of this huge tree crashing down, blocking the street. romeo shaw was the first to call 911. >> make sure everyone is okay, see if my neighbors were okay. >> in75-foot tree leaving the
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whole neighborhood in the dark. >> a very large monterey pine came down in my front yard. >> reporter: you heard right, it belongs to navodo fire captain who was on duty not far from home. >> heard my address come over the radio. >> reporter: what was that like? >> interesting. my kids are at home so i was worried about him the. but they're fine, they're safe. >> reporter: parts of this hill came oozing down on to highway one. cal tran worked quickly but it took time. traffic was held for more than an hour in both directions. a frustrating commute after a wet, stormy week. >> i can't control nature but it would be nice if there weren't mud slides and trees falling. it's always flooding out here. this is the first time i actually seen a mud slide. >> it was hauled away and traffic was moving once again. abc 7 news.
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in the past hour, flooding on highway 37 caused a new closure, the south nuvaudo boulevard is closed. now stay on top of the stormy weather anytime with the abc 7 news app. download for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. the plea deal reached just days before the salacious case was set to go to trial. >> and getting a seat on the bart train is about to get a whole lot more difficult, but tonight they say this is a good thing for pasmpgers. >> i'm wade freedsman. girl scout cookies are an american institution, 100 years old. and armed robbery is an american institution as well. how girl scouts became a target next. sad. well, first a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live.
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>> thanks. here's a preview of tonight show specifically for you. who is the more realistic character? olivia pope
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all seems beautiful to me.
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at the end of the night, michael shared this video and you can see black smoke coming off the train and passengers being let out and no one was hurt. the agency used the incident to ask the transportation secretary for more funding for trains. the tweet says sort of urgent. a sex scandal case came to
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an abrupt end today. an attorney telless abc 7 news i team that they -- black pleaded no contest to prostitution, lewd conduct and providing alcohol to minor charges and after 15 months every count will be dismissed with no criminal record. jasmine is now suing several police departments. some bart riders are about to lose their seats. they voted to remove seven seats per car. it's to create more room for people to stand during early commute hours. a federal grant will pay for the 1 $1/2 million project. it will take two years to take out all the seats. >> we have new details on an outrages crime in the east bay. it involves a girl scout tradition and a man with a gun. a story from union city tonight.
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>> reporter: usually be tough conditions for selling, tough to sell anywhere, anything. >> would you like to buy some girl scout cookies. yes, especially in union city. >> are you -- it happened outside the safeway store, the armed robbery of a girl scout girl and had her mother and all the cash they collected. >> if it's in the right state of mind. >> reporter: they are looking for a juvenile between 5'4" and 5'9" in a black hood. he approached the stand, pretended to be a buyer and made off with the cash. >> we see all sorts of horrible things but this is terrible. >> reporter: we asked to speak with the actual motherer and daughter victims, they referred us to girl scout headquarters. >> they're emotional. they're very concerned about the
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safety of other girls doing this. >> reporter: in the 100 years girl scouts have been selling cookies, this is the first time someone can remember an armed robbery. there is one bright side of the story. you see all these empty boxes of girl scout cookies, that did not happen by accident. after the robbery, they came in and bought out the rest of the girl scout stock and they collected money of their own. $600 gave it all to the girls. >> at that time it was just what do we do? okay. we can do this and make it luchbing and compassionate and healing. >> reporter: from an active ugliness, to one of kindness. let's hope the girls remember the latter. abc 7. now your accuweather forecast. >> hi there everyone. you will notice that it is still a little slick on the roadways across highway 101, san martin,
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light to moderate showers there. a lot lighter around the south bay from san jose to allen rock in the east bay. so we're still tracking some moisture and also resulting in some fog. visibility six miles in half moon bay. so do look out in the morning commute. despite the fact the heaviest rain is gone and we're not expecting a rerun, moderate flooding has been reported. it's expected to remain above flood stage until midnight saturday. it is expected to crest almost 36 feet 11:00 a.m. friday. keep an eye on it, especially if you live near that area. 24-hour rainfall totals, just about everybody in the half an inch to an inch category and there were some places higher than that. red wood city, almost an inch there. oakland, half an inch. you'll notice santa rosa, 1.74 and san jose, 5300. take a look at the time lapse.
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it was nice to see the rain today but i'm getting a lot of comments that they're happy to see the sun. people want to see the sun. they're sick of this rain but some people are enjoying it. snow in the mountains. it is still raining in tahoe but sierra and the high r elevations are requiring chains. we have time lapse from our lake tahoe camera of the high elevation snow. this was earlier this evening when it was coming down. they're going to be measuring the snow in feet above 8,000 feet. i want to warn you about a couple of advisories. until 10:00 tomorrow, whiteout condition with gusty winds and it is a winter storm warning until 1:00 a.m. saturday. will make for treacherous driving conditions. hold off if you can until after that. here's a live look from our explore torrium camera and you
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see a murky view. so that's what you're go having to to contend with tomorrow morning. storms return the middle of next week. the three we had had today down graded to a one. it's a light system for tonight and tomorrow. scattered showers, less than 1/3 of an inch but the flooding concerns remain. so at midnight we see the showers. 4:00 a.m. commute time starts in the east bay, the peninsula, the south bay. you're still getting the wet roadways so take it easy. 7:00 a.m., still showers around 9:00 a.m. and around noon plenty of sun. along with occasional showers and it's a hit or miss situation around 5:00 p.m. into the evening hours before it winds down and you get that break. additional rain, a couple hundreds of an inch and that's about it. tomorrow morning temperatures will begin in the 50s. you'll still need the wipers in spots but not everywhere.
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temperatures, 50s/60s. you can keep track of all the changes coming and there are big changes this weekend. so the showers, it's sunshine, bright conditions over the weekend going right on through early next week. cold mornings sunday and monday. near freezing conditions and the middle of next week wednesday into thursday, here we go again. we have three storms beginning of next week into
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well, the world will soon welcome two new clooneys. several reports say they're about to have twins. both members of the hollywood power cuperal first time parents. he's sgoic55, she's 39. rumors about amal's pregnancy
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came up when she was spot would a baby bump last month. she's due in june. we're not going to be able to keep that a secret for long. exciting news. coming up, kyle shanahan met the local media today for the first time as 49ers head coach and
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the 49ers are putting their faith in new head coach kyle shanahan, although neither has any experience as a head coach or gm. both have been given six year contracts. spoke to both of them today in
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santa clara. >> his atlanta falcons blew 25-point lead and then turns around. after the next 48 hours, i'll it will probably never go away and to be a part of the 99ers. after going through what i went through, definitely need organization. we understand there are civics out there and rightly so. the team we're going to put out there and the things we're going to emphasize. i think the faithful will be proud. >> of course today's entire press conference. mike shoeman, abc 7 sports.
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>> the sharks continued their road trip in snowy boston playing their first game under new head coach bruce cassidy. just 52 seconds in, daved backs makes it 1-0. and thorten ties it up. just his fourth goal of the season. boston answers with two more goals. david pastor nack scores on the power play. as the bruins beat san jose 6-3. it's the sharks third straight loss. college hoops at santa clara. the dons dominated the first half. frankie furor a eor ary with th three. but santa clara rallies. cuts the lead to just one with just over a minute left. the dons will answer. chase foster with a clutch fade away. puts his team back up by three with five seconds left. the broncos can tie it up with a three-pointer but his shot is no good. usf holds on to win, and st.
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mary's beat portland, 51-41. >> and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. thanks very much. appreciate it. >> and abc 7 news continues online, on twitter and all your mobile devices
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are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. live doppler 7 still tracking showers, primarily in the south bay and the east bay. mike niko will be here taking you down to street level and tracking the rest of those showers for your friday. >> that is our report. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thank you
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for joining us. jimmy kimmel live, carry washington. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kerry washington. alicia keys. and "this week in unnecessary censorship." ♪ and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, welcome to the show. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks to all of you for coming. that's very nice. i'm glad you're here. how many of you in our studio audience tonight are visiting us from the east coast? this is a good time for me to tell your families, these people are never coming back. 73


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