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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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tasha and reggie. these mudslides are everywhere. 48 different incidents up here in the santa cruz mountains according to the public works department and this is one of them, bear creek road is closed. it's a major roadway off highway 17 and just up the road from us is black road. this happened at about 1:00 this morning, just south of gist road, another mudslide and a pickup truck with a trailer came up on it and couldn't turn around. the chp officers got out in the pouring rain, helped take it off and reattach it to the truck so the people inside could drive out. all of this while they were standing in a very dangerous area. >> well, it's a rather steep cliff full of mud and water and probably not too fun to go down there. >> reporter: yeah, they were able to get out of the area just fine but check out how much water was pouring off in that area. that's the problem up here in the mountains as we come back out here live, you can see all this water coming off right
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here, just check out how much is coming off the mountain right here. yeah, it's still very wet up here in the mountains so people are going to be dealing with these slides all morning long. many people are going to come across them for the first time this morning so when you're up here, please be careful. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, matt keller, abc7 news. this morning, chp looking for witnesses of a deadly dump truck accident in the santa cruz mountains. the victim has been identified as robert gill but everyone called him bobby. the 54-year-old was working for graniterock construction, cleaning up a mudslide when he was killed yesterday. a second employee was also hit but his injuries are not critical. "the mercury news" reports chp is tracking down witnesses and 911 callers to get accounts. caltrans says work to clear the slide has been suspended and will not resume until the investigation is complete. many of you posting moving messages to bobby gill and his family as well as heartfelt thanks to all the workers who keep our roads safe. you can join in on the
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conversation, head to abc7 news facebook page. you can leave your comments. in sonoma county, voluntary evacuations are underway along the russian river. the county opened the emergency operations center late last night. we just checked with mike. the river is 33.3 feet right now, it's expected to crest at nearly 36 feet around 1:00 this afternoon, we think, and remain at or above flood levels until early tomorrow morning. now to the east bay. mudslides continue to be a problem there. take a look at the damage to a car on knickerbockers lane. this volkswagen got stuck in about 6 inches of mud last night. crews had to turn off the water to two homes. city leaders in orinda are warning the mudslide could get worse. mud, trees, and debris two football fields long came crashing down. it was yellow tagged yesterday morning but red tagged by the end of the day because of all the rain.
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the city says the danger is not over yet. >> the pressure that this hillside is putting on this house is just -- it's phenomenal how much mother nature can push around things that are in its way. >> the homeowner told abc7 news reporter laura anthony he heard the slide first then saw it coming. neighbors have been warned to be ready to go at a moment's ♪ . laura shared her pictures and videos from inside the home on twitter and you can track what all our reporters and anchors are doing throughout the day by following us @abc7newsbayarea. you can enable push alerts on the abc7 news app to get breaking news updates as they happen. the battle over president trump's travel ban could end up at the nation's highest court. the justice department is considering filing an appeal with the u.s. supreme court after the appeals court here in san francisco refused to reinstate the ban. lisa amin gulezian tells us what will happen next. >> reporter: the three-judge panel refused to reinstate
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president trump's travel ban. the executive order signed in the name of national security stopped travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. a federal judge in washington state had issued a temporary stay on the ban saturday allowing for travel to resume once again. this woman just arrived from syria. >> thank you very much for the federal judge who remove it. i just took the first airplane and i came here just to take it. >> reporter: the president meantime vows to continue the legal battle to activate his ban again. >> it's a decision that we'll win, in my opinion, very easily. >> we have seen him in court twice. and we're two for two. >> reporter: as for what's next, the case could continue in washington state. possibly a hearing on the merits of the temporary restraining order. or it could go to the supreme court, which legal experts admit is unlikely just yet. because as it stands, the executive order is simply too
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broad. >> his own secretary of homeland security has said it's overbroad, and it has this hint of religious discrimination which the president himself has supported by tweeting about, quote, the muslim ban. georgia congressman tom price is going to be the nation's next secretary of health and human services. the senate confirmed his anonymous in a vote that democrats managed to delay until almost 11:00 p.m. democrats oppose price's support for revamping the medicare program. republicans say price will help overhaul obamacare. 4:35 and we're getting word right now about breaking news involving another terror plot. >> jessica's at the live desk. >> this is all unfolding in france right now. police have actually arrested four very young people in some sort of terror plot in the heart of paris. and one of those people was as young as 16 years old. they have arrested three men as well between the ages of 21 and 34 years old, all detained
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inside a home in paris. no word if they planned an attack or a specific site exactly when, but as you know, paris is already on high alert after an attack just last week at the louvre. just yesterday, french media announced new security barriers were going to be installed at the eiffel tower so they are at a heightened alert and this happened this morning. caltrain is using a small fire to ask the trump administration for more federal money. black smoke was seen coming from a train car as it pulled the san carlos station yesterday afternoon. abc7 news viewer michael shared this video. passengers were safely evacuated. the fire caused major delays in the evening commute. on its twitter account, the agency used the incident to ask the transportation secretary for more federal funding for new trains. the tweet says, sort of urgent. lawyers for ghost ship warehouse manager derek are
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blaming the number of deaths on oakland firefighters. the lawyers say they analyzed the same city documents that abc7 news reviewed on wednesday and combined with additional information they've gathered, they claim firefighters could have saved more people. the lawyers say firefighters made mistakes and had problems with leadership. the fire in december, just to remind you, killed 36 people. among their claims, firefighters didn't take immediate action after being informed there was smoke and people were trapped inside the wars. the lawyers say firefighters didn't use ladders to get to the second story windows. they also claim there was no attempt to rescue people before going to a defensive fire mode to put out that fire and the lawyers say a fire chief wasn't at their post and arrived more than an hour after the fire started. the documents abc7 reviewed show firefighters arrived by wars 79 seconds after the first alarm went off. we have reached out to the city of oakland and the lawyers for
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almena. no response so far. of course we'll stay on top of this. b.a.r.t. riders have mixed pnds about the transit agency's plan to remove seats from about half of its fleet. the board voted to take out seven seats from 380 cars to create more standing room. b.a.r.t. says taking away one seat makes room for three people to stand and for some riders, that's not sitting well. >> especially after a hard day at work, i like to sit down. >> when there's no seats available, it gets crowded and you have no option. >> a federal grant will pay for the project. the project. let us know your thoughts on b.a.r.t. add #dearbart. let's take a look at some of my concerns for the commute today, especially this morning, drizzle to light rain, which means everything is still wet. hydroplaning an issue. and even where it may not be
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raining you may have some water running down a hill and across your commute this morning. i ran into that several times on 24 and also on -- i think it was mainly on 24. here's a look at our temperatures. they are definitely cooler this morning by about 2 to 6 degrees so if you're stepping out, very mild. 54 to 56 in inland valleys. 56 to 58 just about everywhere else except for los gatos at 51, santa rosa at 52, 56 in san francisco, san jose 57, oakland 58, we'll top out temperatures just a little bit warmer in the low 60s. now for tonight, it's going to be significantly cooler when you wake up but it will also be significantly dryer. temperatures will be dropping into the low and mid 40s. look at that. saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday, four days of dry weather. we'll take a greater look at the rest of today's rain and wednesday and thursday when we come back with the accuweather 7 day forecast. housz the commute so far, alexis? so far, pretty friday light
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but we have some tough driving conditions, drizzle or light rain out there and pretty dense fog in a few areas, including golden gate bridge. dense fog advisory that was just issued by chp a few minutes ago. visibility around 200 feet so slow down and increase that following distance. moving to the traffic maps, a new slide happened after 2:00 this morning, state route 35 just north of the 84 interchange, we had a slide really close to here and they were hoping to reestablish one-way traffic control by tomorrow. full closure there is blocking northbound and southbound lanes. we'll take a look at drive times out of the central valley coming up. a girl scout is robbed at gunpoint while she was selling cookies. the community refuses to let the bad guys win. students around the bay area will be eating lunch together today. how that simple act could change some of their lives. it is 4:40 and eventually we
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promise the rain will stop. just not quite yet. there's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. the bay bridge toll plaza. we keep up information about
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welcome back, everyone. this explosion at a phillips 66 pipeline in louisiana, guess what, it is still burning right now. more than nine hours later, and
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there is still one person missing. we know two workers were also hurt and if i look at my notes here, we still have 60 homes evacuated at this hour so this thing is affecting an entire community. we just got this new video at the live desk. six workers were cleaning the pipeline when it exploded. they have shut the pipeline down, but because they haven't found that third worker, this is still a very big situation unfolding right now in the small town in louisiana that we are going to continue tracking. there is a twist in the case against a former livermore police officer involved in a bay area sex scandal. dan black is one of dozens of officers connected to jasmine. she is now suing several police departments. he faces charges of prostitution, lewd conduct and providing alcohol to a minor. an attorney for black says the officer has agreed to a plea deal. he agreed to a deferred entry of judgment and that essentially means he epleaded no contest.
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the charges against black will be dismissed if he stays out of trouble. police in union city are looking for the teenager who robbed a girl scout cookie stand. a 12-year-old girl and her mom were held up at gunpoint. wayne freedman tells us how the entire police department pitched in to help this troop. >> reporter: these would be tough conditions for selling on this wet night, tough to sell anywhere, anything. >> would you like to buy some girl scout cookies. >> reporter: yes, even girl scout cookies, even in union city. are you worried? >> a little bit, yes. >> reporter: the armed robbery of a girl scout, her mother and all the cash they collected. >> it's not what anyone could be doing if it's in right state of mind. >> reporter: the union city police are looking for a juvenile in a black hood. he approached the stand, pretended to be a buyer, pointed a gun at the mother and made off with the cash. >> i mean, we see all sorts of
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horrible things but this just -- this is terrible. this is bad. >> reporter: when we asked to speak with the actual mother and daughter victims, they referred us to girl scout headquarters. the organization spoke for them. >> they are emotional. they're very concerned about the safety of other girls doing this. >> reporter: in the 100 years that girl scouts have now been selling cookies, this is the first time anyone can remember an armed robbery. now, an active youthful innocence has become a risk. there is a bright side and you'll find it in the police department break room. you see all these empty boxes of girl scout cookies. that did not happen by accident. after the robbery, they came in and bought out the rest of the girl scout's stock and they collected money of their own, $600, gave it all to the girls. >> at that time, it was just, what do we do? okay. we can do this and we can make it loving and compassionate and it's healing. >> reporter: from an active ugliness, one of kindness, let's hope these girls remember the
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latter. from union city, wayne freedman, abc7 news. 4:46 now. happening today, more than 80 bay area schools will participate in no one eats alone day. it is a national event that encourages students to sit with classmates they don't know or those who may be socially isolated. no one eats alone day was launched by greenbrae based nonprofit beyond differences and the marin county. it's a problem affecting millions of kids. nearly 2,000 schools nationwide are expected to take part today. we are going to have a sunny weekend. i just keep saying that to myself, mike. is that true? >> yes, it is still true. we still have a little bit more rain to get through. good morning, everybody. i want to show you 101 and 880 in san jose where over the last five days, almost 1 1/2 inches of rain. walnut creek, five-day total, more than 5 inches of rain. little bit of
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rain. will become scattered showers this evening. our next storm will rain on thursday and friday. you can see from concord, if you're coming in 4, 242, 680 to 24, lafayette, all that area, alamo, danville, san ramon, across moraga into piedmont, oakland, berkeley, right up into the bay bridge toll plaza, all the way down to alameda, you can see some light rain and that stretches all the way across the san mateo bridge. today's storm, reduced. very much from yesterday's 3 to today's 1. that will keep things wet for the commute. here's the way it plays out. 7:00 this morning, you can see some scattered showers out there as we start to transition from the rain to scattered showers from 7:00 to 9:00, we'll get a little bit of a lull possible during noon, may even see a little sunshine, breaks in the cloud cover and then from 5:00 until 11:00, scattered showers, isolated showers that will taper by 8:00 tomorrow morning. we'll wake up with increasing sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. a few cold mornings are possible and then mid 60s in the
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afternoon hours. even near 70 by tuesday. we're not even going to talk about wednesday and thursday. nope, we are not ready to g there, mike. taking a look at our traffic cameras here. if you are going to be traveling the bay bridge commute, no high wind advisory today, a little bit of fog forming under the street lamps and we have wet pavement too so drive for conditions but as mike mentioned, much less severe than yesterday's commute, especially once we got into the midday hours. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, really not looking too bad out of the central valley, 32 minutes for you. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, about 15 minutes, and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, at about 15 minutes. more blocking in the santa cruz mountains, more on that later. wanted, a few thousand new workers. and doctors know that aspirin can help fight some types of cancer. and don't forget, abc7 news is your home for the warriors showdown tomorrow with the
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oklahoma city thunder. our coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. that will be followed by after the game with larry beil, mike shumann, and analyst carrie keating tomorrow night on abc7 news. and now here's this morning's "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes," a new major data breach. >> arby's says more than 350,000 credit and debit cards may have been compromised. the company is advising customers to keep a close eye on their statements. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is showing off a new way to interact with virtual reality. it is a glove that will work with the oculus rift headset. >> it will allow users to draw type on a virtual keyboard and he says you can even shoot webs like spider-man. >> how cool is that. and music from the late great prince will be available on several streaming services. >> they include classics like purple rain, little red corvette, and 1999. they will be available on they will be available on services like
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it that doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence, does it, especially when you are right next to the face of this cliff.
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caltrans shared this video with us of mud and rocks crumbling off the facade of a collapsing hillside. this dangerous scene has led to a 40-mile closure of the scenic highway from ragged point to just south of big sur. delta airlines plans to hire as many as 25,000 workers over the next five years. delta ceo announced the move after a meeting with president trump yesterday. ed bastion says that delta is expanding and upgrading its hubs at several airports. he adds that hiring could be contingent on support from washington. you're not going to believe this story. a santa clara woman is reunited with her dog that she has spent more than two and a half years looking for. the last time margo will saw her dog, oggie, was september 2014. when she left her pet in the care of a neighbor. somehow, oggie escaped. margo assumed that her dog was long gone but this week,
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students at presentation high school in san jose found the dog wandering their campus. a staff member took the dog to a vocal vet. that's where they found a microchip and got the owner's contact information and look at that. they were reunited at the school yesterday. we love to hear that. good news there, huh? i have some good news if you're tired of the rain but it comes tomorrow. in terms of today, everything's wet out there. your activity planner, still centered around wet weather, random showers if you're going to be out and about. the wettest part of the commute will be this morning. we'll have scattered showers this afternoon but everything is wet this morning. not everything's going to be wet during your evening commute. and if you're on the water, it's a little bit better than yesterday, not as breezy, and not as wet. let's talk abut the russian river real quick. moderate flooding. we're above flaj, we'll crest at 1:00 today, stay above flood stage until 4:00 tomorrow morning. snow pack came down a little bit because of all the rain that fell but it's still healthy.
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i was looking at those totals but they are down just a little bit from yesterday. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. we've got a little fog going, a little bit of drizzle too and just hearing about a new collision before you get to the hi high-rise, a vehicle spun out. not much of a backup yet but i will put that on a map for you. also want to take you down to highway 17 #, the northbound side still fully blocked. still just one lane getting by both directions there, sharing the southbound side of the road. big delays yesterday. today, not too bad. next traffic update at 5:00. there are a lot of studies that have found that aspirin may prevent cancer but now researchers know why. veterans affairs scientists in texas say it may have to do with aspirin's effects on platelets, small blood cells that form clots to stop bleeding. . platelets play a role but the same action can help tumors grow. it's that process that aspirin can interrupt. the researchers say it may be
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especially useful for colorectal cancer and possibly otherwiserd others. george and amal clonny are about to have twins. the couple's good friend matt damon confirmed the news. the clooneys will both be first time parents. he's 55, she's 39. they are expecting a boy and a girl due in june. coming up this morning, more on these celebrity baby trend of having kids after 50. how science and psychology are playing a role. that is at 7:00 a.m. some good genes. next at 5:00 a.m., a lot of talk about sanctuary cities, even sanctuary states. here in the bay area, how do you feel about sanctuary mass transit? and new this morning, the search is on for this suv. police say the driver tried luring a teenager into his car twice. at the live desk, i've learned about some more problems for the oroville dam. engineers could make an emergency move as early as the morning. it's a move we've never seen
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ouch! the word is out. get my new triple bacon buttery jack before it's gone. now at 5:00, what happens next. the focus this morning turns to president trump who is vowing to fight back after a court refuses to reinstate his travel ban. and b.a.r.t. is now stepping into this conversation about protecting undocumented immigrants. good morning to you on this friday, february 10. we have made it to the end of the week. the rain is still coming down. it will eventually stop. >> but sunshine promised over the weekend, mike. >> yes, we will get outside and we will soak up a whole lot of sunshine and


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