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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 10, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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breaking news right now in the santa cruz mountains concern over an unstable hillside where a man was killed just yesterday has now prompted a full closure of highway 17. >> and take a look at the slow crawl drivers are facing as a result. abc 7 news viewer just got stuck in this and tweeted the back-up as drivers figure out how to get through the mess. good morning, i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm kristen zse. let's get to alexis smith with the situation. >> we found out about this around 10:00. so about an hour now that we've had a full closure of highway 17. and it is all because of the original one that happened a
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couple of days ago at vine hill, not looking very stable. we had caltrans crews on the scene and not liking the looks of that and they decided for a safety measure they would do a full highway closure. at granite creek, about a four mile back-up through scotts valley and southbound you are forced off at summit road and that is the back-up we're seeing in the videos, the smaller more rural roads are jam packed with 17 eliminated. state route 9 closed. this is due to mud and flooding. that is not an alternate. between glenn glery and green con and no estimate when that will reopen. >> thank you. this involves the same hillside where a construction worker was hit and killed yesterday. 54-year-old robert bobby gill was struck by a dump truck while clearing the slide in scotts valley for granite rock construction. the los gatos man leaves behind a wife and two children. another worker, steven meyer was
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injured and they are tracking down 911 callers to get their accounts. they work to clear the slide is on holding in the investigation is complete. we are seeing an outpouring of support on a crowd funding page set up for the family. thousands of dollars have come in since yesterday. we have a link set up if you would like to donate, head to well this rain is making for dangerous conditions for drivers across the santa cruz mountains. and now the focus is shifting to lexington reservoir. matt keller is there live to explain. matt? >> reporter: natasha, so much water up here in the santa cruz mountains, lexington reservoir cannot handle it. it is at 104% of capacity and that is why it is spilling into the los gatos creek. the wet weather is causing problems up here. something beautiful is around every corner in the santa cruz mountains. in fact, we found waterfall after waterfall after waterfall, some runs in creeks and others
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creating creeks out of roads but with that beauty comes a lot of danger for drivers. santa cruz county public works reports 56 incidents in the mounts and forcing the closures, including on bear creek. and on glenwood we came across a sinkhole but it pails in comparison to what we saw south of the glenwood cut-off. >> i am standing at what used to be glenwood drive. i've never seen such a massive hole in a road before and a lot of people use this road to get to work in the morning. but it will be a long time before this is fixed. >> and more damage just around the corner. a mudslide created a slip-out. and the slip-out now covered up with a tarp. the good news, if you get in trouble, often times help is around the corner. the chp not only showed up overnight on block road and the officers got out in the pouring rain and helped take the trailer off and turn it around and reattach it to the truck so the people inside could drive out. all of this while they were standing in a very dangerous
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area. >> um, well, it is a rather steep cliff full of mud and water and probably not too fun to go down there. >> reporter: well lexington spill and many other reservoirs across santa clara county and five of the ten reservoirs are over the capacity with the possibility of more rain coming next week. live at lexington reservoir, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. meantime, power is still out to a berkeley neighborhood after a large tree fell on two vehicles and took down pg&e lines. daylight reveals the extent of the damage. look at that. this happened overnight at parkside drive and claremont avenue. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. amy? >> reporter: hi, kristen. pg&e still can't get in here to get the work on the power lines because the tree is still here. it is taking them that long to move this thing. it was so big. they worked on it all night long. still have 17 customers without power. huge impact and a lot of shock
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in this neighborhood. when a giant tree comes crashing down on your car, turns out it might shock you so much you don't even know what to say. >> it is owe outrageous. it is so ridiculous. there was not anything we could really -- i don't know. >> reporter: this woman and her husband were just cleaning up from dinner last night when it happened. the tree is across the street from their berkeley home. >> the tv went off and there was a big -- and i couldn't figure out what was happening. >> reporter: it didn't just take out their car, their neighbor's van was also totaled and he had just received a lot of expensive tlc. >> we just winterized it and got new tires for it and sent the smog cert off to dmv for renewal yesterday. >> and he's recovering from hip replacement surgery and not a good time to be down a car. >> of all times i need to be around in a car, it is now. so it is pretty funny.
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it is frustrating but funny. >> reporter: the death of this tree has people here on parkside drive taking a second look at the tall trees surrounding homes. wondering which ones need to be inspected or taken out. but overall the neighborhood seems to be keeping this in perspective. >> it is just a car. you realize it is totally trivial. >> reporter: we have had people focusing on the good news and that is that no one was hurt. they are hoping to have the power turned back on sometime early this afternoon. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. sonoma county is staying vigilant watching the russian river which is expected to crest this afternoon. volunteer evacuations are underway for people living along the banks. an emergency operation center is open. mike nicco is tracking river levels so let's get right to him. >> i have the latest data. flood stage is 32 feet. we're well above that.% and we're going to crest at 1:00
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at 34.4 and stay above flood stage until 2:00 in the morning and that means the flooding resort will continue. and we have lower mark west creek near mira bell heights and where the russian river is and that is going to continue flooding until 8:30 tomorrow morning. everything is looking quiet right now. but this system right there, there is coming our way. and all of sh sunshine, it is nice to see, it is adding energy to the atmosphere. so an isolated chance of a shower and some may contain thunder and lightning as we head throughout the next 12 hours. i'll have more details coming up next. >> thank you. crews in san mateo are working to clear five large trees that fell on skyline boulevard overnight. look at that downpour. firefighters tell us the trees took down power lines as they fell. this is the second slide in the area since last night and the third within just a half a mile this week. the situation surrounding the damage spillway at the
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oroville dam is getting worse. this is what it looked like on tuesday when the state first spotted a crater in the spillway and this is what it looked like yesterday. for the first time in the dam's history, the state is expected to use an emergency back-up spillway sometime in the next 24 hours. the storm water and snow melt combined are making the water in the reservoir rush faster than expected. officials think lake oroville could reach the brim by tomorrow. state officials say it is still not expected to flood any communities downstream. new this midday, a new state wide survey shows one in three californians think president trump is doing a good job. the public policy institute of california spoke to about 1700 people over the phone over the past few weeks and found a third of californians approve of the way the president is running the county. so here is what it looks like in context if you break it down with political affiliation. 72% of republicans, just 10% of democrats say that they approve
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of the president's job perform abc. happening now, president trump is meeting with shinzo abe at the white house. he is only the second world lead tore meet with the president in person since the inauguration. this morning the two leaders held talks, focusing on security agreement between these countries. >> we committed to the security of japan, and all areas under its administrative control and defer -- to further strengthening our very crucial alliance. >> this afternoon the prime minister and the president will travel together to trump's mar-a-largo club in florida and tomorrow they plan to play golf. >> we'll have that joint news conference and the president was asked about the federal appeal ruling that continues the hold on his travel ban. he said, quote, i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. >> in a new tweet this morning, mr. trump called it a disgraceful decision. he cited a legal blog called law fair. believing it supports his
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position, in fact, it does not. yesterday the u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals upheld a hold on the president's executive order to temporarily ban travel from 7 muslim majority countries. mr. trump is considering his next move. he insists his policy protects americans but the court ruling said the government has shown no evidence that people from the seven targeted countries have ever pulled off a terror attack in the u.s. new this morning, it is a tough day on the job for education secretary betsy devos. protesters physically blocked her from entering an elementary school in washington, d.c. a few hours ago. you can see they stood in her way of getting to the stairs, so her security team escorted her back to her car and drove off. the protesters are part of the washington teachers union which opposed her nomination. we're told she was eventually allowed into the school. this is her first visit to a public school since the senate approved her earlier this week. >> next on abc 7 news, the
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despite a huge financial setback, it looks like the raiders is still moving forward with plans to move to las vegas. abc 7's jessica castro joins us now with new details. >> the raiders are saying no money from one of sin city's biggest casino moguls, no
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problem. >> there was zero hesitation. >> financing will not be an issue. >> that is the word from the raiders just over a week after sheldon adelson and goldman sachs backed out of the deal to fund a new stadium for the team in las vegas. adelson, a casino billionaire pulled a whopping $650 million from the $1.9 billion project. that is more than a third. despite the big loss, the raiders present reassured the stadium authority they are making progress. >> we are very confident that we'll be able to have a financing plan in place well in time for the league vote. >> nfl owners could decide on the move in their league meeting next month. 24 of 32 nfl owners need to vote in favor of relocation for the raiders to move. >> it is not just about las vegas. it is an international opportunity potentially. the money can potentially be there, time will tell.
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>> but at this point, the raiders still have a lot of work to do. they still haven't purchased any land and they don't have a lease agreement and i should note, despite the day in saying the $650 million hold wouldn't be a problem, the raiders negotiated with adelson for nearly a year and still never reached a deal. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and next on abc 7 news, changes are coming for your weekend forecast. you know, it is gray in santa cruz but mike says that won't last for very long. and love is in the air. how to make the most of the weekend to get a
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we'll start with something uplifting. not only sunshine coming out this weekend but if you are a jiets f giants fan, tomorrow is fan fest and it started at 10:00 at at&t park. under mostly sunny and dry sky. dress for 51 and then up to 58. it will feel warmer than that standing in the sunshine. here is a look from emeryville back towards a few clouds hanging over san francisco on the coast side. on the bayside you could see sunshine breaking out. don't forget we have a chance of scattered showers. a slight chance of lightning, thunder and small hail out of these. a better chance in the central valley than here in the bay. mild highs today. cooler the next couple of nights. clouds and no more of the tropical moisture but there is moisture in the ground that will come out in the form of fog so watch out for that and then turning to sunshine and tracking the storm -- do i dare say -- for next thursday and friday, but it is aways away. it is cloudy but getting dryer on 101 and 880 and that is the trend through the afternoon hours as the main cold front is down to the south.
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we're still watching the chunk of energy and could you see the cooler air coming in behind that system. so for today, about 57 to 62 if you are out and about. storm impact scale still a one. and lightning and hail a possibility. you could see scattered and light showers developing around noon and everything is going to move from a northwest to southeast. by 5:00, just a random shower here and there. our best chance is out over the ocean. that is where the greatest instability is but it drifts over the bay area during the evening hours. early overnight, but waking up tomorrow morning,le unless you e in the fog, you will see sunshine. and back where we should be. 30s in the valleys to low to upper 40s elsewhere and colder sunday morning with a few frosty spots inland. let's talk about the snow pack. 180% of normal, 128% for the snow year. it is snowin up in tahoe right now and it is a moderate snow. but if you are going to go up
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there tomorrow and sunday, look at all of the sunshine and temperatures, albeit cold in the morning, upper 30s to 40s, but at least you have sunshine. back here at home, our coldest morning is sunday. you could see we've got mid-60s that afternoon. low 60s to upper 60s tuesday. that is our warmest day. increasing clouds on wednesday and then next thursday is our next chance of rain. enjoy the streak of warm sunshine while we have it. >> all right. the perfect weather for the weekend and we're going to tell you why. >> yes. absolutely. this is a big deal. san francisco gearing up for one of the biggest events of the year. >> the annual chinese new year parade kicks off at 5:15. it often rains. this is the first year it will go on without the power player rose pack who died last september. organizers say the parade will include a nod to her along with tributes to the year of the rooster. now if you can't make it to the parade and looking for some other fun events, and jessica castro has teamed up
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with hoodline to give you ideas. >> love is in the air and if you haven't noticed all of the pink and red adorning local stores, valentine's day is fast approaching. and you don't want to get caught giving your sweetheart a last-minute gift. try making your own chocolate instead of the store bought kind. on friday in the portola place neighborhood, it is a great date idea for this weekend but they also have a session on valentine's day night. the party continues celebrating the lunar new year. this weekend the spring festival and annual show case is happening at the chls cultural center of san francisco in chinatown and this year's theme is martial and displaying skills. it is on saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 and admission is free. and there is still plenty of time to check out the art inspired by japanese an imator, a show dedicated to his work is
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featured at the lower gallery spoke art sf. here is a taste of what you'll see but more than 40 artists, local and international are features. the tribute runs through february 25th. whimsey celebration and romance are off to a great start. we have many more events featured on the website at check out the hoodline page for ideas. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. and there is a parade on the peninsula. >> yes. redwood city, they have host a great lunar new year's celebration and courthouse square. check that out, too. >> and we made it to friday. >> and we have a
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tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. coming up at 4:00, for new moms, the pressure to give babies the best nutrition possible could be overwhelming but it is not easy. now other woman are teaming up to help each other in an old way with a modern twist. and pouring buckets of water and covering with cloth tonight at 5:00, the race to save hundreds of whales stranded in new zealand. tonight at 11:00, wild horse advocates are concerned about what the trump administration could do to mustangs that are protected under forward law.
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they say efforts to keep healthy herds are hurting the horses. dan noyes investigates the issue tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. sticking with the animals, what better way to kick off the weekend than with a perfect pet. >> mike is back to introduce us. >> good morning, it is our perfect pet segment and this week an adorable dog from the spca in san francisco, he needs a home, a for every home. chip is a 1-year-old male terrier-pit bull mix and he is 40 pounds and will get bigger. chip is known at shelter as a goofy sweetheart. he loves to go on walks and liber learn new tricks. he needs to have plenty of chances to play with other dogs and a lot of daily exercise. if would you like to make him a part of your family call the san francisco spca at 415-522-3500. >> he seems like a sweetheart with a ton of energy. >> good for a younger family.
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>> i see great opportunities to work out and lose weight if you are the owner of chip. >> he likes to run. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> we'll see you next at 4:00 p.m. have a good one.
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>> welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week. every day we're playing with some of your favorite people from my other shows, "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" and i can't wait to pop the question-- the one for a million dollars that is. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week on "who wants to be a millionaire." are you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] well, today's "bachelor" fan favorite is a true veteran, having won the hearts of our viewers and plenty of suitors on "the bachelor," "bachelor pad," and "bachelor in paradise." from encinitas, california, please welcome my friend tenley molzahn. [cheers and applause] >> oh. [laughs] [cheers and applause] >> good to see you. >> so good to see you, chris. [both laughing]


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