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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. angry activists confront the sheriff after she orders the eviction of a 107-year-old woman. >> today's eviction follows a long legal woman, the woman said she had no warning that the eviction was going to take place. >> we are live at san francisco city hall with new details on this. >> reporter: well, the 100-year-old woman was not home during the eviction, in fact her family members have not even told her yet. they say she suffered a stroke and they are worried that this news could greatly impact her
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health. protesters confronted the sheriff outside her office in san francisco city hall demanding she resign, after deputies carried out a court order to evict a 100-year-old woman from her home. the battle over eiris canada's apartment, things soured when she stopped living there full time and she refused to sign a document to allow the building to be converted to condos, the threat of eviction sparked protests by tenant rights groups the eviction was approved and locks were changed. >> they locked out a 100-year-old woman, they locked her wheelchair in the apartment, the medication in the apartment. the woman is locked out. >> we don't want to evict anybody. especially someone 100 years old. >> reporter: the sheriff said she is following the court's order. >> throughout this, she has been
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offered services, including the adult protective agency. it's been my understanding from the beginning she did not need or want the services she is in the care of her niece. >> reporter: canada's niece named iris as well denies this. >> who's responsibility is she now? how does she get her medication. >> reporter: she insists that her aunt lived there since the 1940s and now is left on the streets. >> this is a life or death situation and you have handed her a death sentence of some sort. >> reporter: she said that the fight is not over. the attorney is filing an appeal. abc 7 news. >> all right, let me turn your attention to stormwatch coverage. first it was the rain now it's the fall-out. check it out. all across the bay area, clean up efforts are under way after a strong storm led to mudslides and flooding and sinkholes. can we expect more rain and damage? sandy? >> dan, no rain in the short-term but certainly in the
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long-term. as far as damage, still a possibility. take a look, you will notice no green on the screen here in the bay area. but flood warnings remain. the river has started to recede, and keep an eye on it, and a flood warning for sonoma county and take a look at live doppler 7 tracking some more storms. the question is, will the storms arrive in time for your weekend plans or hold off until after? i will have the answers. >> thank you, sandy. and tonight southbound lanes of highway 17 are open in the santa cruz mountains where the risk of dangerous falling debris has caused problems for weeks. northbound lanes are closed indefinitely, and the rain exposed another problem on a major roadway not far away. the earth opened up swallowing a chunk of the highway in santa
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clara county. the roadway is closed indefinitely in both directions until the county figures out how to fix it. engineers face a similar problem on highway 17 in santa cruz county. >> you could see a bit of movement. >> caltrans shut down the busy highway in both directions near vine hill road in the morning fearing another slide. >> there's so much saturated earth up top. they have been trying to remove it, remove it, but the danger is, if the top part comes down the slide, it could go in the southbound lane. >> the scientists were tracking the hill's movement and said it was safe to continue to clear the hill slide. each time we have been fortunate, i mean, there's been cars hit but the drivers have walked away. >> so fortunate, but today we received new pictures on of of a
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worker that was killed yesterday trying clear that slide. a truck ran over robert gill, a 54-year-old, he was working along side his son at the time. his employer granite rock set up a you caring page that raised more than $47,000 for his family. >> a busy road way will stay closed for two more weeks. sky 7 hd shows that it continually floods over near atherton avenue, we explain the problem. >> two privately owned levees gave way. they broke. and the water has been rushing through. that road goes down in to a depressed area and it's completely flooded out. at the deepest point, it's four feet deep. looks like a boat launch. we are pumping out as much water out as we can. >> short-term solutions is more pavement to bring the roadway up and install bigger pipes. caltrans wants to work on a long-term solution with the
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county. a warning if your trips this weekend is to lake tau oh. on the right, a slide to highway 50, just two hours ago, caltrans reopened i-80 at colfax, you see the long line of cars slowly getting through. westbound still closed at highway 20. highway 50 is remaining closed east of pollack pines it will not reopen until tomorrow. >> governor brown requested federal disaster assistance from president trump to recovery from storm damage. there's still highways shut down from flooding and mudslides from the january storms. a reminder stay on top of the weather and the damage from the recent storms from the news app. get breaking news updates as they happen. >> all right, new details on a story we brought you last night here at 11:00. the armed robbery of a girl scout cookie stand.
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union city police release this sketch of the suspect. he is between 16 and 19 years of age. on wednesday, he went up to a 12-year-old girl and her mother in front of the safeway on dakota road after asking about buying cookies, showed a gun, stole their cash and ran away. president trump made news on board air force one when he hinted about the next move about the travel ban. >> this is adding to the confusion now facing bay area families. >> but we have a lot of other options, including filing a brand new order on monday. >> reporter: president trump said that a new order could be filed monday. >> it's a good idea from a legal perspective. >> if he is truly afraid of immigrants from these countries then the thing to do is go back and recraft the executive order. >> reporter: the first order was
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too broad and she does not believe the immigrants and refuges that were affected by it are a threat to the united states. this man is caught in the middle of the confusion, he recently sponsored his mother-in-law's visa from yemen and has no idea what is happening with the case. >> all of a sudden, you get an order to stop. so what he would do with that file, he would put it back and start all over. >> reporter: now another twist, this one from the ninth circuit court of appeals, a judge asking if the entire court should review the three-judge decision? >> there could be differing view points saying we agree but for different reasoning. >> reporter: it's another level of uncertainty. in san jose, abc 7 news. all right, stay with us, only on abc 7 news, an i-team investigation involving helicopters and horses. >> coming up, wild horse
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advocates are worried that a donald trump presidency could bring a dangerous change for the symbols of the pioneer spirit. >> burning cars and thick black smoke, the you know solved mystery of the massive fire that was seen across the bay area. >> and a new bra battle, the big name retailer challenging anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies,
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only on abc 7 news, the white house is responding to an i-team investigation in to wild horses. they are protected under federal law as living symbols of the nation's pioneer spirit. but now advocates are worried about what the trump presidency could mean for the mustangs. we are back with the latest.
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dan? >> it's ban problem for decades. some ranchers have been able to ignore the law and the government's policy, buying wild horses and sending them to slaughter for food. month by month, year after year, this is how the federal government tries to maintain a healthy wild horse population. using helicopters to scare herds to stampede to capture what are excess mustangs. >> it's about establishing populations that the range land can support. but they kill or injury horses during the round up two months ago, the bureau of land management reports on the website, 18 horses died, but public records show a total of 48 died in the round up or in government corals after, broken necks or backs, leg or pelvis fractures, some listed as unknown causes of death or others pre-existing conditions. >> i have seen foles died because they ran their feet off
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literally. the campaign president and owns a sanctuary with 240 wild forces the blm allows more cattle and sheep to graze on public land compared to wild horses. >> the herd sizes are so small in someplaces they are not genetically viable, so we are at risk of losing these amazing iconic animals. >> the sites have criticized the government saying that the numbers are unsubstantiated estimates and that the evidence is uninformed by science and encouraged them to use contraceptives to reduce the growth weight. >> if they embrace birth control, they would be able to manage populations humanely. >> but the government spends less than 1% of the wild horse budget on fertility control. $50 million a year, about 65% of the budget goes to storing 44,000 wild horses.
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in facilities like this one, where they are up for adoption. they are fed every day, they are waste bull dozed away. a far different life than freedom of the range, where they run up to 30 miles a day. >> how high would the wild horses go up the mountain? >> up in the summer, up to the top of the mountain. >> wild horse advocates are worried that a dangerous change may come for the mustangs with a trump presidency. >> congressman ryan zinky is the president's nominee to head the interior department. overseeing the blm and the wild horse program. as a state lawmaker, he promoted a bill to kill horses for food. >> it's a slaughter house, for horses, that are either abandoned or old or broke from the live stock point of view. >> the i-team asked if he would now favor slaughtering wild
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horses, his office said that he would not comment to interior secretary. >> with the flick of a finger, another horse is headed to the meat packer. >> in countries like france where horse meat is popular. >> just last year, a blm advisory panel, they recommended a advise -- they say they have no plan to move forward with that, we are evaluating the best path forward for the health and well-being of the federal horse and burro herd and will follow the highest ethical standards consistent with ethical law. >> i don't want them to say, we made a mess of it and now we have to slaughter the horses in holding. >> we have been doing the same thing for decades. >> i don't have the answers there's a lot of people working on answers to the problem. >> you can adopt a horse for
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$125. but caring for one will cost more than that. adoptions have been down, so that makes the problem all the more pressing. there's a lot of personality to it and it's part of the nation's history. >> thank you, great story. >> and also making news, health inspectors have found several serious violations where more than 200 cars have been found. the county has found three new violations including an open hazardous waste container found underneath a crusher. the investigators do not believe the violations caused the fire. in fact the fire was so destructive they may never find the cause. >> good evening to all of you, we have a triple treat in the skies the snow moon. take a look at it rising. also, we have a comet that is going to pass close to earth as we head in to tomorrow morning and we have also got the partial
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lunar eclipse, that is basically the earth casting a shadow on part of the moon. so, really a rare treat if you get a chance to check it out, you may want to step out. live doppler seven showing you why, you can see it because we have no rain. our rainfall totals were impressive in some areas, over a foot. we have almost 11 inches in the santa cruz mountains. ground is saturated, now you know why we have had so many problems. oakland and san francisco, more than 2-1/2 inches of rain. february, off to a wet start, the first ten days had measurable rain. if you are looking ahead, you get a nice dry break from the 11th all the way through most of wednesday the 15th of february. before rainy patterns begin on the 16th and that will carry us right on through the following week. so we have three storms coming our way, the latest storm up in tahoe, depositing a fresh coat of snow. they have gotten from one to
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three feet up in the sierra nevada. a live look from the tower camera, visibility is good, that will change by morning. cool their in santa rosa and fairfield. and one other live picture from the east bay hills camera. it's a beautiful shot. chilly start, patchy fog. we are looking at dry sunny day this is weekend. you get a much needed break and the rain returns in the middle of the next week. if you have early plans. temperatures will start out in upper 30s and upper 40s. fits cool enough where you need to bundle up, watch out for patchy fog. upper 50s to the mid 60s. enjoy your saturday, get out and soak up the sun. if you are going to go to at&t for fan fest tomorrow, nice looking weather at 10:00 a.m., 54 degrees. you will need the sunscreen, 61 by the afternoon. if you are going to the chinese new year parade tomorrow night, you could not ask for better weather. it's the year of the rooster bringing luck, 3:00, sunshine,
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60 degrees. later in the evening, you may want to pack a light jacket. you will notice, it gets cool and it will be dry. on the storm impact scale, moderate rain, flooding potential there, strong southerly winds could cause power out acknowledges and trees down. we get the break that is important through most of wednesday. thursday, is a rainy day, and you will notice it continues afternoon as well and then we have more showers in the forecast. you can download the abc 7 news ap to help you keep track of the changes and the weekend will be bright and sunny. a great looking weekend to enjoy, monday, tuesday more cloud cover, and close to 70 in some spots on tuesday. chance of showers wednesday night. better opportunity foreseeing a stormy pattern beginning thursday, friday, continuing right on through the following week. so three storms, they are coming. >>
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forget victoria's secret, amazon is going to sell its own line of bra's. they plan to launch a line that is lower priced. the bras will go for listen to this, $10. they have their own brand
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make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. good evening, draymond green scored only 4 points tonight and was the first player in nba history with a rare triple-double, defensive
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draymond came to play. first quarter action. draymond with the steal, leading to a klay thompson three, and clay was on fire. catch and shoot jumpers, left and right, finished with 36 points. steph curry, gets fouled at the corner here. it's a four-point play. dubs up seven after one. curry, 18 on the evening. draymon, seven steals in the first. said, i will take that, marc gasol. the rip and the throw down. dubs by 13 at the break and this gives him ten take aways, draymond is the first player in history with a triple-double without the points. four points, 12 boards, ten assists, ten steals. and five blocks. now, it's off to okc for the return of kevin durant. nfl news, jack del rio had two years left on his deal after a 12-4 season and a return to the playoffs. the team has torn up his contract. and given him a new four year deal. on to golf, the pebble beach
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national pro am continuing in better weather, bill murray. a smooch for you. jordan spieth is playing spy glass. 7 under-65, minus 10 tied for first. not everyone finished round two, so they are starting bright and early tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. giants fan fest is etomorro. including, buster posey. the veteran, turns 30 at the end of march. the four-time all-star, looking to improve. a lot of it has to do with being aware of your peers and looking around the league and paying attention to the guys that do things well and figuring out how they do it and deciding if it's something that you can implement in your own game. >> and we are happy to announce the abc 7 news team has a new member. emerson pratt born friday afternoon, she is the daughter of our producer, casey pratt, congrats to casey, his wife
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danieal. and new baby emerson. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino, warriors and okc, 5:00 here tomorrow. back to you. >> thank, congratulations to casey, right? >> great for them, what a wonderful family. >> we continue now online, twitter, and facebook, and all of your mobile
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all right, that is our report this friday, we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much for joining us, right now, germajimmy kimme.
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>> enjoy the warriors on abc 7. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jamie dornan from "big little lies." dred scott. and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thanks for coming. so much to get to, starting with tonight's primetime episode of "the celebrity president."


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