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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight, new executive order. president donald trump weighing his options this morning after that new setback in court over his controversial travel ban. >> we'll win that battle. but we also have a lot of other options including just filing a brand-new order. and as the president focuses on diplomacy this morning, the calls for national security adviser michael flynn to be suspended over a phone call. what did he tell a russian diplomat? immigration ring. the roundups across the country targeting certain undocumented immigrants. abc's jim avila has an exclusive interview with the new homeland security secretary. >> men and women of i.c.e. and homeland security in general are doing this completely legally. plus, the underground tour into the winding tunnels reportedly used by drug smugglers on the u.s. border.
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earthquake hitting the philippines in the middle of the night. buildings crumbling. people killed or trapped by falling debris. bridges broken and runways ripped open hampering the rescue efforts. and caught on camera, a school bus filled with high school students slams into a van then flips on its side. >> seemed like everything was in slow motion. >> the latest on the injured this morning. hey, good morning. happy saturday. let's take a look at mar-a-lago, president trump's private resort in palm beach, florida. he's waking up there this morning with some powerful guests in residence. the prime minister of japan and his wife. >> looks so peaceful and beautiful, and there's trump and prime minister abe in the white house on friday engaging in a very long handshake right here. they got a whole lot of people talking on social media. this morning, in florida they will be golfing together at mar-a-lago.
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>> but the press does have some pressing domestic concerns including big questions about how to proceed after repeated setbacks in court over that travel ban. could the president simply draft a new executive order here? >> that seems to be a likely option. meantime, questions about a key white house figure, national security adviser michael flynn. were his contacts with the russian ambassador illegal? we have team coverage this morning, and we kick it off with abc's david wright who is outside mar-a-lago. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, paula. hi, dan. on the way down here, president trump hinted that a do-over of the travel ban is a strong possibility after those setbacks in court. the white house is regrouping here this weekend over rounds of diplomacy and golf. as air force one touched down here in palm beach, president trump insisted he's not deterred by his losses in court over the travel ban. >> we'll win that battle. but we also have a lot of other options including just filing a brand-new order on monday. >> is that your plan?
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>> could very well be but i'd like to keep you -- you know, i'd like to surprise you. >> reporter: the white house says any new word would likely have a much narrower scope by suspending new visas from the seven countries on trump's list. anyone already cleared would be allowed to keep their visas. but the administration is still plotting its court strategy too. one senior official tells us all options are on the table. among them, the possibility of an en banc review by the ninth circuit. an 11-judge panel reconsidering the unanimous ruling by the three-judge panel of the appeals court this week. meanwhile, the president is focusing on diplomacy. >> on behalf of the american people, i welcome you to the very famous white house. >> reporter: talking trade and defense with japanese prime minister shinzo abe and sharing such a long handshake, the prime minister flinched. >> strong hands.
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>> reporter: earlier in the day, trump flipped in his showdown with china over taiwan. in a phone call with his chinese counterpart, trump reassured the chinese finally that the u.s. will honor the one china policy. thereby averting confrontation but according to many appearing weak. >> let me pick up on that, david. this morning "the new york times," as we know, a favorite punching bag for the president are reporting that analysts are saying trump handed china a victory and sullied his reputation with its leader as a tough negotiator who ought to be feared. is trump perhaps seeing that the world is more complicated when you're in the oval office than it is when you're out on the campaign trail? >> reporter: maybe so. the chinese will certainly see this as a victory. here the two leaders squared off over an issue of crucial importance to china. their man stood his ground, trump blinked, and according to one expert, he'll come off looking to china like a paper tiger. dan, paula. >> more to come on this. david, thank you. as we said, the trump
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administration is facing another simmering story. right now the national security adviser michael flynn is under fire over a conversation he had with a russian diplomat before the inauguration. did they discuss u.s. sanctions and was that against the law? abc's gloria rivera has the latest from our d.c. bureau. gloria, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. this is the latest in what has been a strained relationship between the u.s. and russia. it all started after former president obama imposed sanctions on russia for meddling in the u.s. election. now the national security adviser is under fire for his interactions with russia after that. this morning, top democrats on the house intelligence committee are calling for national security adviser michael flynn to be investigated. some suggesting he may not be fit to serve. president trump claiming to be unaware flynn is under renewed scrutiny for a pair of december phone conversations with a russian diplomat. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> reporter: trump now saying he
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too will examine allegations surrounding flynn's december 29th call to ambassador sergey kislyak. "the washington post" first reporting the two discussed sanctions imposed by former president obama that same day. >> it sort of sets up this idea of was there a quid pro quo offered even before president trump had been inaugurated. >> reporter: officials confirming to abc news the issue was discussed in the context that the incoming administration might review the sanctions imposed over russian interference in the presidential election. as recently as wednesday, flynn denying the sanctions came up at all. now saying he doesn't recall the topic coming up but isn't completely certain. >> i have talked to general flynn. none of that came up. >> reporter: others in the trump administration had also repeatedly denied any talk of sanctions during the calls. >> there's been one call to talk about a conference in syria on isis and setting up a call between president putin and president trump. >> reporter: on friday flynn reportedly making another call
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that was private to smooth things over with vice president mike pence who had vocally defended him against the accusations. >> what i can confirm having spoken to him about it is that those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> reporter: all right, so, gloria, mike flynn who was part of the incoming administration at the time in december, so he has discussions with the russian ambassador. some may be wondering why is this potentially a big deal? it was part of the transition of power. >> reporter: well, pence has yet to comment on flynn's reversal. both men were at the white house for the visit from the japanese prime minister. but why is it important? well, two reasons stand out. first, there is a law that prohibits civilians from engaging with government officials to influence policy. flynn was not part of the government before the inauguration but i'm also told observers find it odd because flynn as the former director of the defense intelligence agency would have known his
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conversations, his texts, were being monitored. so, why then flip-flop on what was said? paula. >> certainly a lot of questions remain, gloria. thank you. and we want to move now to an abc exclusive. the new homeland security secretary, john kelly, paying a visit to the mexican border. our jim avila joined him for a look at the underground tunnels in california that reportedly are used by drug smugglers. all of this as federal agents hold immigration raids across the country. >> reporter: is this the deportation force candidate donald trump spoke of in his campaign for president? across the u.s. and several major american cities, i.c.e. agents are conducting what they call a surge, picking up and deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records including mothers and fathers who have raised children here. >> they called me in at 7:00 a.m. telling me that my father was being deported and he got captured. >> reporter: immigration groups claim the criminal records
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include nonviolent felonies such as fake social security cards and duis where no one was injured, but the new homeland security secretary, general john kelly, who accompanied i.c.e. agents on raids friday in san diego before touring a border tunnel told me everyone deported deserved it. are those the bad ombres that the president and you feel need to be returned to mexico? >> well, after being picked up and deported, they're the right people. the men and women of i.c.e. and homeland security in general are doing it completely legally. >> reporter: he also defends the price of the border wall now estimated between $20 billion to $25 billion in an internal homeland security document seen by reuters. are you convinced that it's still of value, taxpayers will get their money's worth with a wall? >> i don't know what the alternative is. the drugs alone are costing americans $250 billion a year. >> reporter: worth it, kelly says, even though a wall will not deter the tunnels dug beneath. this tunnel is about 90 feet
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deep and about four football fields long. now, i'm six feet tall and i can nearly stand up straight in it. >> no single wall, physical barrier will stop everything. it's got to be backed up by people. >> reporter: the trump administration delivering on its promise to crack down on illegal immigration even if it's expensive and even if it splits families living here for years. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, along the border in southern california. >> fascinating, jim, thank you. we're going to move on now to the breaking news this morning. a powerful earthquake hitting the philippines in the middle of the night. there are deaths and injuries and frantic rescue efforts happening as we speak, and abc's bob woodruff is in the region. bob. >> reporter: well, good morning, dan. yeah, this morning, these rescuers are now combing through the rubble from friday's devastating earthquake. a 6.5 in magnitude, the quake just struck in the surigao del
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norte province which is about 430 miles southeast of manila striking in the middle of the night and centered near densely populated urban areas. the powerful quake just tore through the homes, leveled commercial buildings and gas stations and sent chunks of concrete from apartments just crashing down onto cars below. much of the city is still without power and response teams from the national government are rushing more than 8,000 emergency food packs to families in the harder to reach areas. now, survivors from the city are now making their way back to damaged homes and businesses. now, experts are saying that the quake was likely triggered by the philippines fault, part of that highly active zone known as the ring of fire, which makes seismic activity a somewhat routine part of life for countries along its edges. this morning with visibly shattered roadways and massive cracks running through the airport runways, engineers are assessing in several major port cities the damage and preparing for possible aftershocks. paula.
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>> so much damage there. all right. bob woodruff, thanks for reporting. and back at home, a terrifying accident all caught on camera involving a school bus. that bus loaded with high school basketball players and cheerleaders, look at this, on its way to a game in illinois. it slams into a van and then flips over on its side. abc's adrienne bankert has more from a school bus depot in new york for us this morning. hi, adrienne. >> reporter: hello to you, paula. yes, this is video from illinois from just this weekend that as a mom or dad leaves you breathless. crashes like these getting the attention of legislators and this is one of just two close calls this month caught on camera. a near tragedy caught on camera. a school bus flipping onto its side with 31 high schoolers on board. watch as the driver of this vehicle allegedly under the influence pulls out in front of the bus, the bus smashing into the van flipping on its side skidding across the roadway before finally coming to a stop hundreds of feet later.
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>> it seemed like everything was in slow motion. i was thinking, you know, please don't tip over and you could tell that that's what was going to happen. everybody ended up on one side of the bus. >> reporter: five students rushed to the hospital are later released. >> you know, we're very fortunate to have walked away. >> reporter: this crash not even the first caught on camera this month. last thursday in ohio, video captures the moment these students were tossed out of their seats when their bus crashed. while none of the students were seriously hurt, according to the national highway traffic safety administration, there are 135 fatal bus crashes every year. only six states require all school buses to be equipped with seat belts, but some regulators and industry groups say buses are extremely safe and the cost of $2,000 to $5,000 to equip each bus with belts would mean millions of dollars for school districts.
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and it's important to note of those 135 fatalities we mentioned, most of them are occupants in other vehicles, not students on board school buses. but 17 states have considered legislation that would require buses to have seat belts just this year, and just this week, utah rejected a measure requiring those seat belts all because of the cost. dan and paula. >> yeah, state legislation but so many people wondering why there isn't a federal mandate for this. adrienne, thank you for this reporting. and this is a question that so many people have and a topic that's not going away any time soon. even one death is one death too many. >> and this is a topic that you have looked into extensively. adrienne, thanks again. a lot of other news and for that, as always, it's over to dr. ron claiborne. >> i knew that was coming. >> good morning, sir. yeah, it was one of those mornings. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. diane and robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in south carolina where lawyers for convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof want a new trial for him and are asking a
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judge to throw out the death penalty that was imposed on roof. the lawyers filing a motion in federal court friday questioning whether the case qualified for a federal trial and whether roof's crimes are punishable by death. roof was convicted and sentenced last month for killing nine african-american churchgoers in 2015. and in washington, d.c., a rough start for the new education secretary betsy devos. protesters physically blocking her as she tried to enter a d.c. public school on friday. she did eventually make it in. devos was confirmed this past week by the u.s. senate but only because vice president mike pence cast the tiebreaking vote. the first time that has happened. and a chicago police officer who fatally shot a baseball bat wielding 19-year-old african-american man and his neighbor in 2015, he will not face criminal charges, prosecutors saying there was insufficient evidence to show that officer robert rialmo was not acting in self-defense when he shot quintonio legrier. rialmo opened fire when legrier allegedly charged on a staircase
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swinging a bat at him. neighbor bettie jones also killed in the gunfire. mike ilitch, founder of little caesars pizza and the detroit tigers has died. the businessman who most called mr. i was credited with keeping those pro teams in detroit and with playing a key role in restriving detroit's downtown. ilitch was 87 years of age. and in florida a daring rescue in titusville. police pull a man out of his car just seconds before the vehicle is engulfed in flames. and then as you see there explodes. police say the man was riding at a high speed when he crashed into a concrete barrier at the end of the road. the driver was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. finally, it was prom night for thousands of people with special needs all thanks to the evening's host, former nfl quarterback turned minor league baseball player tim tebow. the tim tebow foundation hosting more than 350 proms across the country. tebow attending his night to shine event in his own hometown of jacksonville, florida, escorting some ladies down the red carpet and taking selfies
7:17 am
throughout the night. very nice of him. >> good guy. >> such a good dude. >> good luck with his baseball career. >> a great guy and i think every mom out there wants their daughter to marry him. >> only one can. >> only one can. >> at a time. >> at a time, right. >> all right. before we talk about the legalese of that topic, let's -- >> wise move. wise move. >> mineral, washington, this is an area that's no stranger to mudslides, had one last night or yesterday and highway 7 was shut down. a lot of rain out west, california getting its share of it as well. mariposa county seeing a lot of flooding in that region and also a mudslide along i-80 between sacramento and truckee shutting down this roadway, so there you go, and we're looking for the rains to start to dry out. let's take a look at that. thankfully some drier air moving in but some mountain snow and some rain across southern california moving in as this system begins to push inland and we're looking for drier weather which is going to be good. for the northeast a little pulse of snow last night, 1 to 3, 4 inches in spots and this is going to kind of
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good saturda meteorologist lisa argen, check out the view from mt. tam, partly cloudy skies this morning, look for lots of sunshine this weekend, mild temperatures, rain returns next thursday. so, looking at numbers ranging from the upper 50s at the coast, 62 in san jose, palo alto, and livermore, with 64 in concord. chinese new year parade, 60 degrees, 3:00 in the city dropping through the upper 50s, then mid 50 it was a full moon last night. a comet. more snow is coming. so much to come up in 15 minutes. >> you're our resident basketball promoter, so this next story is for you. >> let's hear it. >> a marquee match-up in the nba to talk about. kevin durant making his first return to oklahoma city since leaving them for golden state. and joining us now to talk about this and other happenings in the league is espn's stephen a. smith.
7:19 am
good morning, stephen. thanks for getting up early with us. >> good morning. >> so, first and foremost, durant returning to oklahoma city for the first time. do you expect there to be emotions on both sides? >> well, without question. they're going to boo him. you're going to have some people that are going to cheer him because he's such a great player and, more importantly, he was so charitable to the community here no doubt, but at the same time because of that greatness, it just hurts that much that he leaves, particularly when you consider the fact that he had just got this team to within one game of an nba finals berth and last year then he departed for the team that actually beat them. >> he's got to win a title with golden state, otherwise it's all for naught. okay, got to ask you, the other major story right now, charles oakley who spent ten seasons with the new york knicks and a fan favorite was arrested, handcuffed and escorted out of msg this weekend. it was a stunning scene. now, the team owner is saying he has been banned from returning to madison square garden until he gets help. oakley now tweeting he's going to be holding a press conference next week.
7:20 am
how messy is this situation? >> well, it's always messy because we're talking about the knicks here who are as dysfunctional as they come. but in the end, what it comes down to is "a," charles oakley should not have handled himself the way that he did in terms of the physicality that he was exerting, but, "b," you would like to think that the new york knicks as an organization considering the fact that this is a guy attached to some of the glory days from the past would be treated better, would be treated with more respect than they have shown him so it's incredibly unfortunate that it's regressed to this point but it's hardly surprising when you are talking about the new york knicks and in particular james dolan. >> yeah, they're not doing so great this year. but you spoke quickly with oakley this week. what are his sentiments? >> well, he's disgusted with it. he doesn't understand why the new york knicks are taking these measures. he believes they supports the franchise. he's always supported the franchise. just because he spoke out against them a couple of times because of their inept play, he thinks that they're holding something against him and,
7:21 am
again, that's unfortunate, and a lot of players feel that way about the manner in which he's been treated. >> all right. stephen a., thanks for joining us. make sure you tune in to see the golden state warriors battle oklahoma city thunder tonight at 8:30 eastern on abc. coming up, a murder mystery involving a student at ohio state university. what happened after she left work? "good morning america" is brought to you by king's hawaiian foods. irresistible since 1950. irresistible since 1950. nice, this stuff disappears in our house. check this out. ♪ whoa ♪ check this out... ...there's always king's hawaiian rolls inside. whoa irresistible kings hawaiian foods. coming this spring, barbeque sauce. (sfx: 2 kids scream) when aachoo!calls... ...answer it.
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good morning, developing news, police are investigating a possible shooting death that happened at the alara apartment complex. a caller reported a crash, a man got out of a car with weapons and ran into the complex. officers arrived to hear gun
7:28 am
fire and saw a car speed out of the parking structure. the driver crashed and was taken into custody. police found a dead body in that parking structure. we have your forecast, it's a good one? >> you see it behind you. all that sun we have a few clouds in san francisco. temperatures are in the 40s. 60s here in santa cruz. we're going to keep it sunny dry with 60s tomorrow as well. >> all right. thanks, enjoy the day. the
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be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. and welcome back t and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, new vote. we got word overnight that president trump's travel ban halted by a federal court's ruling may be reconsidered in a vote by a larger panel of judges at the same court. this as the president says he's reconsidering or rather considering sending a brand-new order or making changes to the existing one that would address some of the legal questions. also right now, back home. jamie lynn spears' daughter maddie released from a new orleans hospital almost a week after a serious atv accident. spears revealing the news via instagram with this homeward bound photo. the hospital saying that the 8-year-old is breathing well and she is on her way to a full recovery. that is great news. and a frantic fight to protect america's tallest dam, the oroville dam in california, look at that, a giant hole
7:31 am
eroding through the concrete on the spillway used to release water and keep the lake from topping its banks. officials saying that there is no danger to the public but they are closely monitoring the dam. just to give you some perspective, the reservoir is now at 96% capacity. typically during the drought it's at 36%. so it's right there. >> they need to deal with it quickly. >> they do. we're going to start here this half hour with the murder mystery involving a college student. >> reagan tokes was looking ahead to her graduation from the ohio state university. she went missing after leaving work the other night. now her body has been found and abc's eva pilgrim has more on how police are trying to track down her killer. >> reporter: overnight friends and loved ones gathering to honor reagan tokes, a 21-year-old student at the ohio state university. >> faculty will remember her and talk about her as being a very -- had a great personality. >> reporter: this morning police hunting for her killer identifying tokes after her body was discovered thursday afternoon in a park outside columbus.
7:32 am
>> yeah, i think there's a body out here at slate. >> reporter: investigators say tokes was spotted by a passing car ten miles from where she was last seen leaving work the night before. the murder prompting a safety alert on campus. the university warning students to look out for one another, be aware of surroundings, look assertive and walk with a friend or co-worker. >> it could have been somebody that this occurred someplace else and she was dumped here. >> reporter: the coroner's office confirming tokes died from an apparent gunshot wound. her car, a silver 1999 acura found just outside the park. not discovered at the scene, according to investigators, any sign of bullet casings or the murder weapon. now, the tokes family is making their way from florida to ohio to grieve for the psychology major who just earlier this month was excitedly preparing for her may graduation tweeting, "today my dad e-mailed me diploma frames and told me to pick one out and i'd be lying if i said i didn't tear up." >> our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.
7:33 am
>> reporter: this morning her family in shock, her sister tweeting, i keep thinking they will say it's not you. i keep thinking you'll return our calls. and the university releasing a statement sending its condolences to her family and offering counseling for those students in need as they all wait to find out who is responsible. >> so sad for her family and for that academic community, eva, thank you. let's check the forecast once again. get it back over to rob. hey, man. >> show you a picture of the snow moon, full moon. last night there was also a bit of an eclipse and a comet that you could see with the naked eye so a beautiful one if you got to see that last night. meanwhile, a snow moon, now more snow coming to the northeast. winter storm watches have been posted and expanded including boston, hartford and even a blizzard watch for parts of maine and winter weather advisories just north of new york city as our next winter storm makes its way here during the day tomorrow. it will be a wintry mix in some of the more populated areas, snow piling up from albany along i-90 and i-91 as well and
7:34 am
blizzard conditions across parts of maine by monday morning. this will probably explode. looking at 6 to 12, maybe a foot and a half in spots and record heat across parts of the central u.s. so enjoy that if you got it. that is a quick good saturday morning. partly cloudy here around mount tam. we did have a few passing showers that you missed and slept through. today, temperatures are warming up. upper 50s to mid 60s. cool tototototototototototo >> this weather report brought to you by state farm. it was 80 degrees in denver. that's the warmest temperature on record in the month of february. so, that's short sleeves kind of stuff. >> for sure. >> does that mean we're about to get a snowstorm? because that's what happens. >> yeah, in the 50s today. >> all right, robert, thank you. your days of waiting in line at the store may soon be over. >> thank god. the world's largest company walmart is opening a store in houston with no more waiting in line to check out. this sounds so scandalous, doesn't it? our consumer and technology guru becky worley joins us. becky, this seems to be a trend.
7:35 am
amazon announcing they had plans to make a shopping experience without checkouts too, so what's the goal here? >> yeah, paula, there's a bit of anything amazon does, we can do too. and in both cases the companies say it does benefit the customers and presumably their bottom line, so in this new houston walmart store, you can use your own phone to scan products as you shop. then you click checkout as you leave. i mean, think about it. i usually wait five minutes in the checkout line. you multiple that by 80 trips to the store each year. i did the math, seven hours of my life gone, poof. upside for the consumer, no waiting for a cashier. upside for walmart, not as many cashiers needed. >> yeah, so what about the employees? there's no upside for them, is there? >> well, at this walmart it's a prototype of how they envision future stores. there will still be cashiers. but if lots of people use the scan and go payment, there will be fewer of them. you still have your stock clerks, customer service reps. this store has a care clinic so
7:36 am
nurse practitioners, and get this, this is a shocker, no pizza place, no burger stores, a chobani cafe. yes, chobani, the yogurt company, uh-huh. they'll be serving mediterranean themed meals, so you'll have fast food -- instead of fast food, guys, you'll have prep cooks and real humans making those meals. this is the future. >> i think i will -- it'll take some getting used to, hard time leaving the store without checking out looking over my shoulder thinking i'll get tackled by somebody like i'm doing something wrong innately. all right, becky, thank you. >> thank you, becky. coming up on "gma," head into valentine's day with the perfect online profile. a dating guru weighs in. and the people who make oreos, they are hiring for the sweetest job ever. it's straight ahead in "pop news" with diane who is the sweetest ever as well. >> ah. >> except for dan. wasn't only there nsurance compy when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision.
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there are also plenty of ways to make those sea swim away if we post the wrong photo or comment when dating online, so we convinced a very expensive expert to give us a few tips free of charge. >> great, good smile. >> reporter: 46-year-old carolyn is single. >> hi. >> reporter: and ready to mingle. >> i've been on match. i've been on tinder, e-harmony. >> reporter: according to there are over 100 million bachelors and bachelorettes looking for love online. >> if you join an online dating app, the chances are that you're four times more likely to go on a date than if you didn't. >> reporter: to increase her chances of finding mr. right, carolyn enlisted the expertise of bela gandhi, founder of smart dating academy. >> we are date coaches and consultants like personal trainers for your love lives. >> reporter: they met up at the four seasons in chicago to sketch out what bela calls a marriage road map. first she says focus only on one or two sites or apps at a time and it's all about first impressions. >> 90% of anybody's success in
7:42 am
online dating is going to be based on the quality of your photos. don't wear sunglasses. don't have other people in your photos. don't blank out people from your photos. >> reporter: also keep your profile positive and list qualities of your best friend to find your perfect partner. bela's one-on-one consultations range from $500 to 20 grand but her clients say it's worth it including marilyn, a divorced mother of two now in a committed relationship. >> i'm blissfully happy in love. thanks to her. and most importantly, bela says practice the three ps, be patient, perseverant and stay positive. but i'm an even bigger fan of what i'm coining her backup plan. she says use google voice to disguise your real phone number when you start the dating process. this way if it doesn't work out and they don't leave you alone you ditch the google voice number. >> that's really smart. the three ps. we're all going to remember that if we're ever single again. >> the three ps and hide your real number. >> ron. >> ron, you are single.
7:43 am
>> yeah. >> put your tinder account down. >> he didn't take one note. >> he was swiping left the whole time. coming up on "gma," even if you've already got a date, you're not out of the woods. how to buy your valentine flowers without getting soaked. advice from our abc news fixer coming up. and what's head for jane and michael banks in the new "mary poppins" sequel ahead in "pop news." >> the fixer. ahead in "pop news." >> the fixer. news." >> the fixer. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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a lot of us will be buying flowers for valentine's day but how do you make sure you're getting something nice without getting ripped off? let's bring in the abc news fixer who as i like to point out actually has a name. it's stephanie zimmermann. you've heard a lot of floral horror stories over the years. what kind of complaints do you hear? >> yeah, mainly that the flowers were not what the people expected. that they didn't look like the photos in those online advertisements.
7:47 am
either different flowers or they weren't as plentiful so disappointment there. >> i mean, i ordered daisies and look what showed up here. it's a mess. so, why is that? why is it that you order something and you don't get what you order? >> many times you think you're dealing with a local florist but it's really one of these order gatherers. that's what they call them. they take orders over the phone or online then they collect a fee and then they farm out the job but the local shop that gets it might not have that type of flower or that color of flower or the fees were so great that they didn't have enough money to make a nice bouquet so they end up substituting. >> so, how do you make sure you're dealing with a local shop and not an order gatherer? >> yeah, well, it's really tricky because these order gatherers sometimes use many different names. if you do an online search for a city and a florist, you can find a company that's based in another city or even based in another country. so, it can be tricky. >> what's your advice then? >> well, you have to do your research and find a real bricks and mortar local florist and check the reviews, make sure they're reputable and then just call them directly and eliminate the middleman.
7:48 am
ask them what's in stock and give them your price range, they can make a really nice arrangement and you'll get more flowers because you won't be spending $10 to $25 on fees. >> might be a little extra work but less money and worth your time. stephanie, thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with "pop news." keep it here.
7:49 am
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by progressive. drivers who switch to progressive can save an average of $620. so, this warning is designed both for the viewers and for diane macedo. paula has the giggles. so, i don't know how this is going to go but, you know, do your best with "pop news." >> i think it's going to be great. >> i'll laugh at anything you say. >> we'll start with a riddle then. what do justin timberlake, lin-manuel miranda, sting and john legend all have in common? >> they're famous and they're all talented. >> all performing for the oscars, we've just learned singing all five of this year's nominees for best original song. legend will take the stage to perform "la la land's" two
7:53 am
nominated songs, "audition" and "city of stars" and miranda will perform his "moana" score along with auli'i cravalho and timberlake will sing "can't stop the feeling" from "trolls" and sting is playing "the empty chair" from "jim, the james foley story." new plot details on the new sequel to "mary poppins." our parent company, disney, reveals in "mary poppins returns" will find the children from the original jane and michael all grown up. after michael suffers a personal loss, mary poppins played by emily blunt re-enters the banks household to bring joy back into their lives with her eccentric brand of magic and introduce them two new characters, topsy played by meryl streep and jack the street lamplighter played by lin-manuel miranda. he is everywhere. >> yeah. >> clearly. >> and you can expect the release of that movie this christmas. >> he's really psyched that he got two mentions in "pop news" this morning. >> let me tell you ever since working on that story, i had the
7:54 am
old "mary poppins" tunes just running through my head on complete repeat. >> and you can sing them for us right now. ♪ um diddle um diddle um diddle ay ♪ >> oh. >> can you fly with an umbrella though? >> i'm working on that and i like the coat rack in the purse trick. and "mary poppins" isn't the only one making a return. very similar movie, a new version of "scarface" is coming to the big screen and the coen brothers who are behind films like "fargo" and "the big lebowski" put the finishings touches on a script for the remake and you'll remember al pacino gave his powerhouse performance as drug kingpin tony montana in 1983. well, "variety" reports "rogue one" star diego luna is considered. >> i was very skeptical when i heard this morning that they were going to remake "scarface" but if the ceo n brothers are doing it -- >> you know it's going to be good. >> this isn't the work time they reworked a well-known script either. so i hope it's good. look forward to it. and how is this for the best help wanted ad ever, the maker of oreos is on the lookout for a
7:55 am
professional chocolate taster. so i thought it only fitting we have our own little audition. i brought you guys some oreos so you can show off your own tasting skills. >> the smell of these is -- >> you, by the way, do not need to have any formal taste testing experience. you do, however, need a passion for confectionery and taste buds for detection and also have to live in england. that part is a little complicated. but they have a three-day vetting process. >> you buried that lead. we have to live in england? >> i don't want to focus too much on that. they're going to stop accepting applications though once they receive enough interest. so get your taste testing applications in soon. >> how do you guys eat oreos? >> with milk. >> double stuf even when it's not double stuf. >> want me to share? >> i'm not even going to start because once i start, it's like the whole sleeve is gone. >> downhill. >> you're not going to apply for the job, is that what you're saying? >> no, it would be very dangerous. >> they also make chips ahoy and other sweet, so it's not just oreos. >> follow your passion. if that's the job for you, go for it. >> i might apply. >> where did you get the milk? >> yeah. how about some milk over here? >> i know people.
7:56 am
>> are we still on the air, by the way? are we still on? yes, we are. >> i want to know more about "scarface" but we'll talk about that tomorrow. great job. >> say hello to my little friend. >> there it is. >> there we go. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. good morning, expect 15-20 delays on b.a.r.t. today if you're taking the baypoint line between concord and pleasant hill. right now, crews are removing a tree next to the tracks. the train speed is restricted for worker safety. that work should be completed and speed restrictions lifted by about 3:00 p.m.
7:57 am
happening today, san francisco giants fans get a chance to celebrate their love for the team. put on your orange and black, head to at&t park. the free event offers fans exclusive access oo tto the fie and tours of the team's club house. attending fans will get first dibs on this year's single tickets. get to the park early. it begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. it's the year of the rooster, which means get to san francisco early if you want a good spot to watch the chinese new year parade. it's the largest celebration of asia culture outside of asia with more than 100 groups showing off costumes, drums, dragons and floats. the parade starts at second and market streets at 5:15 p.m. should be a great time. meteorologist lisa argen has an amazing forecast. >> 57 at 5:00 here in san francisco. highs today will be mainly in
7:58 am
the 60s. here's a live look outside from our east bay hills camera where it's in the upper 40s. san jose, 45 in gill roy. a little bit of a breeze above 2000 feet. from mount tam, some patchy clouds. overall it will be a sunny day today. and this morning, we are cooler, due to the clear sky. we'll talk about highs in the 60s, how long they're going to last coming up next. thank you, up next, developing news out of the south bay, police discover a dead body after a suspect is seen running from a car crash. we
7:59 am
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good morning, happy weekend. it is saturday. february 11th, i'm cornell barna barnard, let's start with lisa argen. >> live doppler 7 searching for precip and there isn't any. we're starting out with mostly clear conditions but flood advisories. the russian river at guerneville is above flood stage and will continue to recede and in the springs, another flood warner fog another half hour and for the russian river through 2:00 this afternoon. clear lake, near 10 inches, it is about 9.8 around lake port there, so we are looking for that to also recede underneath the sunny skies today. temperatures will be ranging into the mid and upper 50s by


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