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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 13, 2017 2:30am-4:01am PST

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good monday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm eva pilgrim. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." all eyes in california are on st oroville dam, one of the nation's largest. the emergency spillway was already damaged by erosion. tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated. full coverage ahead. >> senate expected to vote later today whether to confirm treasury secretary. steve mnuchen. he comes under fire by democrats who charged him with aggressive foreclosures of homes. jury selection likely to begin tomorrow in boston in yet another murder trial for former nfl star, aaron hernandez, for
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the fatal shooting of two men outside a nightclub. he's already serving a life sentence for the killing of odin lloyd. at the grammys, adele makes it a three-peat, beating beyonce to win album, record, and song of the year. she pays tribute, breaking her grammy to give beyonce. those are some of the top stories on this monday, february 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we begin this half hour with the latest on the ovoville dam. >> close to overflowing, in danger of collapse, and officials say the situation right now at this hour is stable with no more water coming over the emergency spillway. the main spillway is, again, used to release water even though it was damaged last week by emotion of heavy rain.
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there are fears massive fleeding could be released if the spillway fails. >> 188,000 residents ordered to evacuate on short notice jamming roads, emergency shelters, and hotels. they jammed all roads out of the area. many shelters are full as well as hotels in the area. on the other side of the country, another snowstorm is threatening another morning commute. this began yesterday with heavy wet snow followed by rain, but overnight, more snow is on the way. this time, accompanied by very strong winds. >> the storm extends from upper new york state into new england. schools have already cancelled classes for today. the speed limit has been slashed on massachusetts turnpike. abc's richard cantu has more. >> we couldn't believe it was going to snow again. >> reporter: still reeling from a major nor'easter days ago, 50 million people in the northeast are bracing for another blast of winter. snowplows already overworked and fear many are facing snow
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fatigue. >> there's no time for it to melt and no time for it to clear up. >> reporter: driving is already treacherous. in massachusetts, they are getting a jump on the new storm by pretreating the roads. >> five hour trip to get home, halfway home and the roads are awful. >> reporter: the fierce weather taking a deadly hole. in new hampshire, three snow mobilers plunged into ice over a lake. only one survived. >> snow mobile disappeared. in the water for a while. >> reporter: also in new hampshire, 15-year-old boy missing after falling through the ice on another lake. >> reporter: terrifying moments for five people aboard a small plane in massachusetts. takeoff almost turned to tragedy when they slid off the end of a runway. no one was hurt. air travel, as always, a casualty, more than 1400 flights delayed and more than 800 cancelled. by monday morning, snowing and
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drifting snow with gusts up to 50 miles per hour in some areas. snowfall forecasting ranges as high as four feet. abc news, new york. >> you've got to be kidding me, two feet of snow? talk about where the storm is hitting the hardest. >> cam tran has the forecast. good morning, cam. >> good morning. looking at a travel nightmare across new england today thanks to the powerful nor'easter. winter-like conditions in northern new england, and southern new i think lan, 6-12 inches of snowfall, bangor, up to it two feet of snowfall on top of that. it's going to be blustery out there from new england down to the state. we have a separate storm system moving through bringing rain in the lone star state as well as winter mix in new mexico, and out west, high pressure it in control. quiet conditions out here and
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dry weather as well. eva and kendis, back to you. >> thanks, cam. overseas and the first test for president trump, the country announced they successfully test fired a new type of ballistic missile. the north korea military said the missile reach 340 miles flying about 310 miles towards japan before falling into the sea of japan. the japanese called the launch intolerable. they assured them u.s. has japan's back 100%. today, donald trump welcomes another world leader, justin trudeau, for a roundtable discussion about women in the workplace. organized by his daughter, the round table is focusing on recruiting and retaining women in the workplace as well as talking about female entrepreneurs. the white house is regrouping after last week's legal blow to president trump's travel ban. chief policy adviser, steven miller, who helped draft the order, made the rounds on the
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sunday talk shows saying all options remain on the table including the supreme court appeal. >> this is an ideological disagreement between those who believe we should have borders and should have control and those who believe there should be no borders and no controls. that's the essence of this debate, and bottom line is the president's powers, in this hour, represent apex of executive authority. >> miller says the white house will pursue every action to keep our country safe from terrorism and criticized courts for grabbing power that belongs in the hands of the president. a fishing boat, freezing conditions in the water offer the coast of alaska. six people on the vessel, the boat is own by a company base in seattle. it's not been seen since saturday morning near the island of st. george in the bering strait. the located device was
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recovered. two young girls in chicago in critical condition this morning both shot in the head 30 minutes apart. the victims have been identified as a 12-year-old and 11-year-old. shot saturday night while playing basketball at the playground, and tekia was shot as she was in the car with her relatives. her grandmother hoping for the best. >> they are treating her best they can with all kinds of aggressive measures that the hospital can do for her, but it's grim. we want prayers to go up for her. we want whoever saw what happened to tell the police. >> that said, there are suspects who are in custody in both shootings, and police say neither girl was the intended target. gas prices are heading down again. do your happy dance. average price nationally for a gallon of self-serve regular is $2.28, 8 cents less than a month ago. crude oil prices are up slightly, but so are inventories and demand is down. the gas station survey finds
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highest prices in l.a. the lowest? in cleveland. starting this morning, verizon is offering an unlimited data plan. the biggest u.s. wireless provider has an $80 a month line plan for a single user, and it seems as an acknowledgement that lower priced competitors cut into its business. verizon last offered this map five years ago. unless you never changed your plan from five years ago. >> which i changed my many times, and then now i'm paying out the wazoo. department of education twitter account had a rough start with the new secretary betsy devos. >> the agency's tribute to w.e.b. debois, which is the last name is misspelled. the commentator added that w.e.b. is not pronounced web. just making sure so all the people knew. baldwin's impersonation of the
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president is so convincing he fooled a newspaper. the dominican used an apology after using that picture of baldwin instead of trump himself. that's not trump. >> okay. >> sure he loved that. friday story about the israeli settlement, the president said baldwin's portrayal of him, quote, stinks. >> really is benjamin netanyahu on the right. >> that is. >> all right. moving on. maybe if music thing doesn't work out for justin timberlake, he can find another career on the links. >> yes. j.t. at the pebble beach pro-am hours before winning the tenth grammy on sunday. watch, lines it up. nearly gets a hole-in-one. >> so close.
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>> oh. >> oh. just a bad bounce. when asked how, timberlake said, i just closed my eyes. the man owns a golf course, though. >> doesn't mean you're good. tiger woods -- >> he's good. >> well, that's true. i mean, if you're going to buy one, obviously, you play, right? >> yeah. >> so, we'll see. grammy awards top music moments. and a teenager telling his terrifying story after a shark latched on to his hand while he was swimming. plus, a runner robbed of a victory because of a freak accident involve ago pole vault bar. "world news now" weather brought to you by omega red advance four-in-one. red advance four-in-one.
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check this out. angus was lied leading in this race in ireland and headed to the finish line when a freak accident occurred, part of a pole vault pole snapped off and a cord was wrapped around his neck then legs. as you imagine, that slowed him down a little bit, and he only finished second, officials allowed him to compete in the finals, though, anyways. >> oh. a surfer in the meantime lives to tell a scary story about the encounter with a shark. daniel rice recovers after a shark sank its teeth into his hand over the weekend. it happened after the 18-year-old had fallen off his surf board in florida. >> wiped out by a wave, and when i fried paddling back out, stuck my hand in the water, and i felt it. teeth of the a shark in my hand. >> rice says he was scared when he saw the depth of the wound, and this will make him think
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twice about going back in the water, but he does plan to surf yet again. a woman held captive inside a chamber of horrors by a suspected serial killer in south carolina. >> she's speaking out now. >> reporter: the woman who escaped a suspected south carolina seerlt killer speaks out, sharing details of her captivity. >> he left me bound and a chain around my neck. >> in the container, you were chained into a corner, could not move? >> my neck in one corner, ankle in the other corner. >> saying she saw her boyfriend shot and killed, and she survived chained up like a dog, repeatedly assaulted in app interview set to air monday and interview set to air monday and tuesda interview set to air monday and tuesday. brown, missing for two months, found in november inside this shipping container. the detective heard calls for
2:46 am
help. >> shocked, amazed when he heard. >> brown, trapped inside that container that sat on this property belonging to todd kohlhepp, a seemingly successful realtor. he's facing charges for murdered seven people including brown's boyfriend. >> always there, couldn't be fooled. >> brown telling dr. phil he did not break me. i won. >> and brown says kohlhepp said he hoped one day she would fall in love with him. he's due in court in march. the details are very -- >> a weird case there. lucky police did that lucky knock there. >> uh-huh. she was thankful. the police officers that we interviewed were very shaken up by the whole situation, upsetting for them. >> fascinating to watch that interview. we'll be right back. interview. we'll be right back. flr a-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints
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this just in, adele is good. she was the big winner of last night's grammy awards taking home five trophies. >> and sang twice on a night packed with high energy performances and emotional tributes. here are some highlights from the big show. ♪ hello it's me ♪ ♪ i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet ♪ >> my idol is queen b, and i adore you, and i am -- you move my soul. ♪ that i couldn't stay baby every promise to work out that way ♪ ♪ you and me can make it rain now ♪
2:50 am
♪ only one night can hold all these stars do you think that you're ready ♪ ♪ >> stop, stop, stop it! i said stop! ♪ ♪ i feel it calling me ♪ ♪ wish we could turn back time >> josh, come over to my rental house and watch the grammys. we noticed we were all in our underwear, and said, if we ever go to the grammys or win one, receive it just like this. >> thank you, adele.
2:51 am
♪ let's not talk too much ♪ grab on my waist and put that body on me ♪ ♪ follow my lead ♪ ♪ touching you ♪ sweet caroline >> singing now? >> blue ivy won that moment. and did it seem like jason
2:52 am
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take years off of your skin age. who needs dna when you have olay? new total effects. ♪ >> didn't realize that was out, all those movies. a 911 call that started with a labor emergency ended up transforming a family. >> abc's john donvan on an amazing firefighter and special delivery. >> reporter: the long and the short of how a 5-year-old girl named gracie came to belong to a family named hadden. >> where were you born, do you remember? >> in an ambulance. >> who delivered you? >> daddy. >> the longer version? it's been on the hadden's facebook page for almost five years. but in the last few weeks, the story is suddenly going viral.
2:56 am
the story of a firefighter named mark, one day, racing a woman in labor to the hospital. >> once we got into the ambulance, we learned that we were going to be probably delivering a baby. >> when the baby girl came, it was mark she was handed to. >> i helped her take her first breath. >> reporter: at the hospital? >> i heard the doctors say that the baby's going to be put up for adoption. >> reporter: the haddens had two sons already but were having a girl and were having difficulties conceiving. so the decision became easy, especially after beth spoke to the mother. >> she looked over to me and said, i want you to have my baby. >> reporter: five years on, they hoped something comes out of this unexpected moment in their limelight. >> if even one child is placed in a family that's as loving and supportive as ours is, that's our message. >> reporter: and that's the short and the long of this one good choice. john donvan, abc news. >> so cute. >> absolutely cute.
2:57 am
you see the smile on that young girl's face after all she's gone through and realize what a difference it did make. >> he was there from the beginning. >> absolutely incredible. >> well, that's the news this half hour. follow us on facebook at, and, of course, on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> all kinds of fun stuff on there. >> yes, there is ds of fun stuff on there. .> yes, there is.
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this morning on "world news now" breaking right now, major evacuations underway in northern california. >> hundreds of thousands of people urge to leave after the tallest dam was damaged, what it means for communities in the area. bracing for more snow. parts of the northeast getting hit with another winter storm. more than a foot expected in some areas, we're tracking it all. then a new foreign policy test for president trump. overnight, north korea firing another ballistic missile as the president wraps up a visit with the prime minister of japan. and then it's music's big night, the grammy awards filled with powerful performances and plenty of tributes. the big winners and the red carpet glitz and glamour on this monday, february 13th.
3:01 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you, everybody, on this monday morning. what an amazing show it was at the grammys. so many wonderful -- >> captivated. >> wonderful performances. this is live tv, and i don't mean to mess up again, can we start over? >> are you pulling an adele? >> can we do it from the top, guys? >> so you can sing on key? from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we did it all over again. we'll get to the performances and mishaps. >> and everything everyone's talking about. >> yes. top story is breaking news, mandatory evacuations below the nation's tallest dam. >> more than 130,000 people have been ordered from their homes below the oroville dam. officials fear the emergency spillway could collapse any moment now. it could release uncontrolled flood waters on towns below the dam. >> so the state emergency operation center is keeping a
3:02 am
close watch on that situation right now as residents jam the roads, fleeing the area, shelters filling up as well as hotel rooms as far as 60 miles south. in southern california, three people rescued by vehicles swept away. there was a ladder used to rescue a man and daughter from one of the cars and used a ladder for the other rescue. both drivers had try to cross a road with a strong current. there were no serious injuries. meanwhile, new england, again, hit with blizzard-like conditions. more than a foot of snow is forecasted from northern massachusetts to maine. the winter storm is strengthening off the coast, strong winds kicking in overnight for the entire eastern seaboard. >> yes. >> from virginia north. >> yeah. more snow is expected to arrive overnight, and you can see why. this is a scene there above new england making for another miserable commute. schools in boston and other communities announced they are
3:03 am
closed for business, and you can see the storm over upstate new york and new england as well. >> reporter: that new winter blast slamming the northeast. 50 million in the path of a growing storm. some in new england bracing for more blizzard conditions. plows working overtime. snow covered streets making travel treacherous. already, schools cancelled in boston. the mayor there telling residents to prep for up to a foot of snow, pleading with drivers to stay off the roads. >> there's more snow coming, take this one serious. >> reporter: airports snarled, too. 1400 flights delayed and 800 more cancel. >> waiting on the tarmac for two hours to get deice. you can see the sleet and freezing rain accumulating here. >> reporter: in new hampshire, search for a 15-year-old boy missing after ice on a lake gave way as he was snow mobiling with
3:04 am
his father who is now in the hospital. >> snow mobile disappeared. >> reporter: heavy snow on so many still digging out from a barrage of snowstorms. >> i was ready two weeks ago to never see a snow flake again. >> reporter: the snow as the storm winds audiotape off the coast intensifying during the day monday. precipitation will end, but the wind is the story. blizzard conditions in maine and high winds all the way down through washington, d.c. could see damaging wind gusts there. snow totals? potentially two feet across maine and over a foot across massachusetts and new england that already had a foot with the last storm, and this storm is a heavy wet snow, so with the winds, you can bet there's going to be power out amgs during the day. rob marciano, abc news, massachusetts. >> should mention winds have caused a lot of power outages in the washington, d.c. area and people spent the night in the dark. let's get the latest forecast now from cam tran. >> good morning, it's going to
3:05 am
be a travel nightmare today across new england thanks to a storm system off the coastline bringing blizzard-like conditions in northern new england and blowing snow. we're talking about 6 to 12 inches of snowfall in the boston area today. up in northern new england, we're talking about 2 feet of snow in portland and bangor. on top of that, you've got blustery winds stretching all the way down into the d.c. area. in the south, a separate storm system bringing rain in texas and a wintery mix in new mexico today, and out west from the pacific northwest down into san diego, we're looking at plenty of sunshine and dry conditions today. kendis, eva, back to you. >> all right, thanks, cam. overseas, north korea announced it successfully test fired a new type of media to long range ballistic missile, a violation of resolutions. >> the test was a day after president trump held a meeting with the japanese prime minister abe describing the test as absolutely intolerable. president trump read a statement
3:06 am
of just 23 words that pledged support for tokyo. president trump meantime found common ground with canada's prime minister justin trudeau, women in the workplace. they are participating in a white house round table discussion organized by the president's daughter focusing on bolstering the number of women in the workplace and addressing barriers facing female entrepreneurs. today, the senate is expected to vote on two more potential members of president trump's cabinet. senators will decide whether to confirm banker steve mnuchen to lead the treasury department and david shulkin to lead the department of veterans affairs. mnuchen faced an uphill battle with democrats charging him with foreclosing some 50,000 homes while he headed one west bank. another trump adviser is
3:07 am
facing new scrutiny after repeating claims of voter fraud in new hampshire, but offering no proof. >> it's slowing fresh fuel on a firestorm of controversy feeding into the larger issue of illegal immigration. >> reporter: the trump team doubling down on more unproven claims of massive voter fraud. >> voter fraud is a serious problem in the country. >> reporter: steven miller telling george on this week that trump narrowly lost in new hampshire due to illegal voters. >> i can tell you this issue of bussing voters into new hampshire is widely known for anyone working in new hampshire politics. it's real, it's serious. >> you claimed again there was illegal voting in new hampshire. do you have evidence? >> george, go to new hampshire, talk to anyone working politics there for a long time, everybody's aware of the problem in new hampshire. >> miller, repeatedly pressed for evidence, offered none. >> do you have any evidence?
3:08 am
>> if it's an issue that interests you, we can talk about it more in the future. >> reporter: after that exchange, a gop operative who worked for senator john mccain fired at miller on twitter, tweeting, i know new hampshire as well as anyone, no voter fraud, buses easy to track. force them to prove it, they can't. and miller makes false #magicbus claim, offers no proof. delusional. >> miller repeating other claims the trump team made before. >> you have millions of people registered in two states, who are registered to vote. >> reporter: in fact, trump's family registered to vote on election day, incoming chief strategist steve bannon and daughter, tiffany. to the immigration battle playing out in the nation's capital. immigrant communities across the country are on the edge in the meantime asle from agents conduct a series of raids aimed at rounding up people who are in this country illegally.
3:09 am
hundreds of imgrants rounded up across seven states, but immigration officials insist they are routine and targeted arrested under president obama. south of the border, 20,000 people marched to demand respect for their country and my grants here in the united states. the marchers protested plans for a wall and increased deportation of immigrants. calm returned to greece's second largest city after the discovery of a 70-year-old unexploded bomb under a gas station. the american-made device forced more than 70,000 people to evacuate yesterday. it was defused and moving to a firing range. the bomb was dropped by allied forces in the nazi occupation of greece in world war ii. the university of connecticut women's basketball team. >> the 11-time ncaa champs go for the 100th straight win hosting south carolina. number 99 came saturday in a
3:10 am
42-point win over smu. the mustangs were victims last month with a 91st straight victory. tonight's game is on espn2, and happy my gamecocks serve purpose, be the team if they lose to u-conn. coming up, the man suing uber accusing the hail riding service of outing his affair. the grammy awards, beyonce, or should we call her the goddess? performing with her baby bump. adele's technical difficulties, and other performances people are talking about today. plus, bad romance, a scam aimed at people who do online dating. >> find us on facebook,, and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." twitte twitter @abcwnn.
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♪ you missed kendis breathing. >> it was panting. >> that's bruno mars and good time with a funky tribute to prince at last night's grammys. >> they did prince right. >> so good. >> very, very good. there was also another emotional tribute, and the one very golden moment that have many people
3:15 am
talking this morning. >> the 2017 grammys had us at -- ♪ hello it's me ♪ >> reporter: adel and beyonce ruling the stage. opening with "hello." ♪ hello from the outside before she won one of the night's big awards, song of the year, but it was the emotional tribute to george michael bringing her to tears, literally a showstopper, like, she stopped the show and restarted it again. >> i know it's live tv, i'm sorry. i can't do it again like last year. i'm sorry for swearing and i'm sorry for starting again. i'm sorry. can we please start it again. i'm sorry, i can't mess this up for him.
3:16 am
♪ looking for some education >> reporter: the crowd behind her the entire moment. adele later apologizing again. but now to the night's golden goddess, all hail beyonce, glittering in a crowd while performing sand castles. ♪ you cry >> reporter: all of us holding our breath as a very pregnant beyonce performed this the on-stage stunt. daughter blue ivy, looking on. by the way, queen bee ditched the crown for a golden veil, of course, but it was a party night with major performances by bruno mars. alecia keys. ♪ and katie perry. ♪ chance the rapper winning best new artist and best rap album
3:17 am
thanking mom and dad for that. the night ending like it started with adele winning two categories that sound like the same thing. album of the year for "25" and record of the year for "hello," beating beyonce for both awards. >> bowing down to queen b and i adore you. you move my soul every single day and you have for 17 years. i adore you and i want you to be my mommy, all right? >> we all want her to be our mommy. >> like, we all do that, but to see someone like her do it, priceless. >> somebody who won five grammys on the night. what an amazing moment and great show. favorite moment? >> the bruno mars prince tribute. >> definitely saved the show. who didn't get the award last night? the audio technician. >> he screwed up. >> audio problems during the lady gaga performance, and so many problems throughout.
3:18 am
coming up in our next half hour, the grammys weren't the only big award show this weekend. the big winners at the baftas. first, one woman's warning after nearly tricked into giving away thousands in an online dating scam. you're watching "world news now." but many probiotics do not survive your stomach's harsh environment. digestive advantage is different. its natural protein shell is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it surivies a hundred times better than the leading probiotic, to get where you need it most. get the digestive advantage, and enjoy living well.
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valentine's day is a day away. i have shopping to do. a warning this morning, online scams of the romantic nature costing americans hundreds of thousands of dollars last year. >> a woman who lost her heart and nearly everything else she owned. >> reporter: a warning for those seeking love online. >> baby, i can't wait to come and be with you and we're going to get married right away. >> reporter: judy befriended a man on facebook who claimed to be an army major serving in iraq. soon, her online romeo asked her to pay for what he called an honorable discharge fee of $3400. that was her red flag. her sweet heart was a scammer. foreign criminals use images of real soldiers serving overseas and create a false
3:21 am
identity with fake social media accounts. >> for the men that would fight for our country and use them like this, i think it's a horrible act. >> reporter: the fbi says scams like this cost victims an average of $15,000 to $20,000. pay attention to e-mail addresses. military members have addresses ending in .mil. pay attention if they can't write letters or third parties and never respond to requests for money. criminals cheated victims in scams just like these. abc news, new york. >> don't give anyone money. >> too late. i've always given to those nigerian princes that e-mail me in the middle of the night. oh, you lost your fortune? >> no. >> no? that's not what you do? >> no, especially over matters of the heart. just lot of someone for loving them, come on.
3:22 am
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to help protect your home lysol that. cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! some cough medicines
3:25 am
only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. monday mix. >> oh, yeah. we're talking blueberries. $100,000 worth of blueberries. someone stole these blueberries, i don't know how, and the hamilton police are asking for them back. it happened on sunday three 3:00 p.m. and 11:30. they took a commercial truck and trailer and drove off. found the truck, no trailer or blueberries. if you have seen the blueberries -- >> if you see anyone with blue fingers. footage has emerged of a
3:26 am
person doing some shoveling. take a look. this is what was posted of herself attempting to shovel snow in the recent storm. >> it's consist to do, goes outside, and mother nature and wind rares its ugly head. it's tough to do in a t-rex costume. >> oh, it looks like he's dying. >> it does. so great. who needed fancy animation when you walk outside in the wind like that. that's great. >> i wonder how much shoveling got done. this story, come on, cheating frenchman blaming uber for tipping his wife off that he was cheating. he once logged on from his wife's phone, logged off, but the app sent messages about ride locations and that tipped her off. this newspaper, all you cheaters out there, heads up, don't do this. they carried out the experiment,
3:27 am
logged on one phone and logged off, but the app sends notifications. you have to get the new update fixing it for the iphone. >> if you're going to cheat, at least get the new update. >> update so you don't tattle on yourself. >> don't use somebody else's phone if you're going to run the game. all right. so i want to show you video of perhaps the world's most spoiled mop key. this is angel. java monkey. has become accustomed to a certain standard of living. when they stop combing, like, my hair now. >> i know.
3:28 am
that's how we get to sleep. >> it's rubbing his belly. oh, look at him. oh, look at him. hday song
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning o this morning on "world news now," president trump is back in washington after spending the weekend in florida with the prime minister of japan. a hostile act by north korea overshadowing the meeting. breaking overnight, more than 100,000 people forced to evacuate in northern california. authorities say a failure of the country's tallest dam is imminent. plus, rescues on the west with coast as heavy rains trigger flash floods. new this half hour, a mass evacuation in one country's second largest city. >> the discovery of a world war ii weapon forcing people to take cover, board busses, and leave town. what was found, and where did it come from? also, the grammys. >> five years ago -- >> sweeping the night, adele there, beyonce's performance with her bump, what? the weird, the whacky on the red
3:31 am
carpet. it is monday, february 13th. ♪ from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin with president trump back at the white house after spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. >> it was the second trip to the vacation home in as many weeks. the president returning to base andrews overnight on air force 1, of course. >> after a weekend of hosting japanese prime minister abe reaffirming america's commitment to japan's defense. >> both leaders responded with a swift joint statement in response to north korea testing ballistic missile into the sea of japan. abc's david wright with what we are learning. >> shoulder to shoulder, the
3:32 am
president and the prime minister, the bond between them sealed by a north korean ballistic missile. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. >> reporter: pyongyang's first missile test since president trump took office launched in the sea of japan just as trump sat down to dinner with his japanese counter part. the missile posed no threat to the u.s., but it was a crucial test of trump's commitment to the u.s.-japan security alliance. a post ward war ii treaty trump rail against on the campaign trail. >> you have the maniac in north korea, if he acts badly towards japan, we end up in a world war. >> reporter: back then, candidate trump accused japan of taking advantage of the u.s. protection while stealing american jobs. >> they are not paying us. how stupid are we? >> reporter: not anymore. here at home, the administration
3:33 am
is now turning attention back to the targeted travel ban intent on rescuing the policy one way or another, even if it means writing a new, more limited order. >> we'll perhaps do that, we'll see. monday or tuesday. >> reporter: the administration doesn't want the courts to have the last word. >> we can pursue further executive actions, all options are on the table. we have equal branchs of government in this country. the judiciary is not supreme. >> reporter: steven miller, senior aide most responsible for the initial policy made the rounds on sunday shows and made no secret of the impatience with the judges who blocked the executive order. >> this is judicial usurpation of power, violation of judges' proper roles in litigating disputes. >> reporter: the president praised miller's performance, congratulations on representing my, he tweeted, great job.
3:34 am
>> he's asking for broad, unchecked power. will he get it? these are the defendants. 9th circuit court said, not in our house. >> reporter: "saturday night live" taking to the "people's court." >> you understand this is tv court, right? >> it's okay, i'm a tv president. >> reporter: melissa mccarthy was press secretary sean spicer honking the products from the briefing room podium. >> and it's $39.99. >> reporter: the prime minister of canada set to visit washington. justin trudeau has been pretty pointed about the fact that canada takes a much more welcoming approach to immigrants and refugees. lasht this month, you've got the prime minister of israel coming. benjamin netanyahu's visit sure to put a big focus on middle east policy. david wright, abc news, palm beach. busy week in washington and
3:35 am
overnight also for some people in northern california. more than 100,000 residents are out of their homes because of a problem with the major dam. >> the oroville dam is now failing and may gave way. that would unleash a huge amount of water. the main spillway was damaged by heavy rains, but officials are using it anyway to release some water. in southern california, flash flooding, los angeles firefighters sprang into action. >> cars swept away while crossing a road. abc's marci gonzalez with the details. >> reporter: terrifying moments for the father and child trapped inside this car. >> vehicle trapped in water with the driver inside. >> reporter: two driving down the street swept away by flash flooding. >> a male and small child. >> reporter: the powerful rushing water pushing the car into a wall and pulling downstream. >> we heard the girl scream,
3:36 am
help me, help me. >> reporter: the car coming to a stop and with muddy water rising around them, the driver and child make their way to the roof. emergency responders hand life vests before leading them across the ladder to safety. >> they looked traumatized. >> reporter: harrowing experience for this 81-year-old swept away in six feet deep fast moving flood water near sacramento hanging on to a branch until the california national guard rushes in. this rescuer lowered into the water, struggling to keep head above the surface as he's secured and gives a signal. the two holding on tight as they are lifted into the helicopter above. >> if we were not there within a matter of minutes, the worst could have happened. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> first responders are also likely to be busy in the northeast today, particularly
3:37 am
new england. the snow started in the afternoon, but overnight, expect strong winds and another blast of snow. >> boston and other new england school districts cancelled classes for the day. cam tran has the detailed look at the national forecast. cam? >> reporter: good morning, eva, kendis. it's a travel nightmare in new england thanks to the powerful nor'easter. we have blizzard-like conditions in northern new england and gusts over 50 miles per hour. heavy snowfall as well, and places will see 6-12 inches of snowfall in northern new england, portland to bangor, 2 feet of snowfall. in the south, there's rainfall in the lone star state. back to you. >> thanks, cam. the ffa is looking into whether snow played a role in a plane sliding off the runway in boston. the jet ended up in the grassy area yesterday. five people on board are okay. investigators say the pilot aborted takeoff before the
3:38 am
incident. the plane was to fly to new jersey. a efw hours later in boston, evacuation caused by a snow melting machine. passengers were removed out abundance of caution and allow back in the terminal within 30 minutes. switching gears to a special mom from utah who dressed in drag just to make sure her little boy did not miss out on a special school event. >> whitney catrell, a single mom, dressed as a dad for her 5-year-old son lucas. dad and donuts day. she shared this on facebook, already, as you can understand, which has already racked up thousands of comments and tens of thousands of likes. it's great. >> so many single moms out there relating to her in that situation. coming up in "the skinny," the big moments from last night's grammys. and an entire city evacuated after a world war ii bomb was discovered. where it was found and the delicate operation to remove it.
3:39 am
plus, a wildfire quickly grows, destroying buildings. the race to get it under control. "world news now" weather brought to you by crest white strips.
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3:42 am
this big plume of black sm this big plume of black smoke is from a boat fire. the flames broke out over the weekend in french harbor honduras. listen to that. witnesses say it was a fishing boat that caught fire. no one was injured. in oklahoma, crews used helicopters to put out a grass fire. about 1,000 acres have been burned in southeast oklahoma city.
3:43 am
two buildings and a few vehicles damaged, but no injuries reported. some residents were evacuated yesterday afternoon but have been allowed to return to their homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation. overseas and to northern greece, the scare for more than 70,000 residents of a city. >> ordering emergency evacuation after a massive bomb from the world war i, was discovered buried under a gas station. abc's jennifer eccleston has the story. >> reporter: the mass evacuation starting at 7:00 a.m. officials warning tens of thousands to leave immediately. families loaded on busses, taking refuge in shelters. the threat? this 275-pound bomb from world war ii. unearthed during excavation work, discovered with its detonator still active. the u.s.-made bomb dropped decades ago just before noon, bomb disposal teams are on the scene doing delicate work of dismantling it in just 30 minutes. for hours, greece's second
3:44 am
largest city, a ghost town. the largest evacuation in greece since the end of the war. this 86-year-old resident, that day in september 1944, he says, one of his friends killed in the bombing. the allies showered this part of southern greece during nazi occupation. officials hailing it a total success. the city is safe, and residents can return home. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. well, when we come back, the grammy moment that brought beyonce to tears. >> who had a flask with them at the big show? more than one person. the skinny and a bonus round next. round next. your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪
3:47 am
so, of course, it's a grammy's heavy skinny because there was so much to get into. >> a lot. >> the show went on for a good -- >> it was a three hours. >> half because adele wanted to redo it, so let's begin the recap, bow down, ladies and gentlemen. the queen is here. so all of america held their breath at this moment. >> she's pregnant with twins, let's not forget this. >> yes. our twins. it was the trust fall seen around the world. beyonce there doing this stunt with the chair going back. and then she's back. she performed two songs from "lemonade", and they were very low key. understandably. >> yeah. right. she can't exactly dance around.
3:48 am
she's carrying two children. >> makes you wonder two months when she makes it to coachella, is she strapped to the bed while performing for that weekend? people were mixed emotions about the beyonce performance. >> yeah. i think it scared people, not because it was not great. it was fabulous, look at the picture. like, they are all terrified. >> jason there, john legend, saying good-bye, the queen has spoken, bow down. this was probably the person that won the night. blue ivy there. >> oh. >> all excited. >> there's nothing like it. >> she's so cute. so little -- beyonce accepting an award there looking out saying, hi, baby. >> her excitement for her mom is precious. she's getting big, she's, like, growing so fast. >> yeah, absolutely. she was in the ruffled shirt, a tribute to prince, blue ivy there, but she won the night. speaking of tributes --
3:49 am
>> the tribute that stopped the show. >> yeah. literally. ♪ i know it's live tv, i'm sorry, i can't do it. >> start it over. >> i'm sorry for swearing and starting again. i'm sorry. i can't mess this up for him. i'm sorry. i can't. >> she stopped the show. decided to rewind. started from the beginning all over again. >> you may remember last year, her performance was a little off key blaming, like, a hearing aid problem, but she sounded the same when she restarted it over again. >> i think there was one sour note the first time. that was the only half as bad the second time. i feel like you sing the bad
3:50 am
note and fix it the next time, but, you know, people said try, try, try again, get it right if you're going to do it. mixed reactions. >> she won album of the yard, record of the year, and beyonce should have won for at least one of those, people say, "hello", record of the year, giving one of the awards and the lady gaga performance with metalica. there was issues. he was not happy about it. this was something. there's some people hoping the audience did not work for the entire session. >> you couldn't hear him. >> yes. >> it's supposed to be a duet, and you can't hear the actual guy in the band. >> yes. he threw down his guitar afterwards. >> rihanna was my favorite person of the night. i'm going with her. while she looked absolutely amazing there on the red carpet, she came equipped for a long night. seemed as if she was doing a drinking game every time she'd lose, break out the flask. let's do it.
3:51 am
wonder what's in the flask. >> i can't imagine she's the only person -- oh, she's passing the flask. she's sharing. >> sharing is caring. >> yes. >> i bet. then there was some unusual outfits. did you see ceelo green? >> i didn't realize it was him. >> i didn't either. >> he looks like something out of the willie wonka or star wars. he's always dressed crazy, right? >> yeah. interesting outfit. then there was also this person who walked the red carpet in a make america great trump dress there. jennifer lopez looking amazing in pink. >> i don't know how i feel about that a bow. >> it's got to itch. >> but she looks flawless as always. >> in absolutely everything. there was so much that took place at the grammys, we have a bonus round. >> what? >> your first bonus round. >> never seen one. >> wait until you see it.
3:52 am
it's just like the original except more next. 's just like the original except more next.
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and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ bonus time. grammys were not the only big award show. in london, they have the baftas, as big as the oscars. >> prince william and duchess kate, in mcqueen. >> of course. it's an early coronation for lala land. it took best picture. they are seen of an indicator who wins at hollywood academy awards two weeks from now here on abc hosted by jimmy kimmel. >> teasing the network? >> yeah, uh-huh.
3:56 am
>> if you missed this weekend, you were super lucky, surprise concert shocked the shoppers at the mall of america. >> yes. recognize these fellas? boyz ii men kicking off the celebration. adoring fans were there treated to the hits like mo-town philly and i'll make love to you. >> is that appropriate for a mall? >> it's valentine's day. give out roses. >> oh. >> mall of america opened in august 1992, and, of course, boyz ii men rose that same year with a hit. >> middle school dance, i remember. >> end of the road -- >> first slow dance to end of the road. >> thank god it was not the
3:57 am
other song. >> they would not play that. >> let's hope not. on the fifth anniversary of whitney houston's death -- >> this video begins in her kitchen where she cranks it up with houston's i'm every woman. >> listen in. >> not a bad impersonation, even her son and her husband, rustle westbrook, of course. good moves. >> surprised how much she's moving. i can't move that well and i'm not pregnant. >> but, yeah, she has quite a few moves. >> this is how she got pregnant. moves like that. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades
3:58 am
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good monday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm eva pilgrim. making news in america this morning, breaking news, the nation's tallest dam on the brink, damaged after too much snow and rain in northern california. a massive evacuation expanding overnight. all those people have no idea when they'll be allowed to return home. president trump back in washington after a weekend in florida and facing a new challenge following a north korean missile test. and expect tough questions today as a top aide doubles down on claims of voter fraud. new this morning, parents speaking out for the first time about how their day at a water park turned into their worst nightmare. and beyonce stuns as adele dominates music's biggest night. her history making win at the grammys and the


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