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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 14, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight president trump's national security adviser out. general mike flynn resigns after admitting he misled the vice president about those calls to the russian ambassador. the administration warned by the jig will justice department three weeks ago that flynn may have been vulnerable to blackmail by moscow. the turmoil in the white house as they move quickly to replace one of the president's most trusted advisers. high alert. crews desperately working to fix the nation's tallest dam and helicopters dropping large bags of rocks into the massive holes racing against the clock. nearly 200,000 people rushing to evacuate. >> our phones starting going off. and we just immediately loaded up the kids and took off. >> forced out of their homes for up to two weeks. now, a new set of storms moving in. ♪
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>> the celebration has begun. >> and the uconn women making history overnight with their 100th consecutive victory. they haven't lost since 2014. now coach geno auriemma revealing his secret to success. can anyone stop the huskies? another late night in storrs, connecticut. 100 consecutive wins. can you imagine? >> unbelievable. great having him on the show yesterday also, geno, and let's take a look at what happened after they won the game. see all that stuff that's falling from the ceiling. fake $100 bills to celebrate the 100th victory. >> jesse will have a lot more on that coming up. we begin with that breaking news overnight. the president's national advisor, michael flynn, forced to resign three weeks after the white house was told by the justice department that he could be vulnerable to russian blackmail for not telling the truth about his contacts with the russian ambassador.
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abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl has all the latest and, jon, this is extraordinary. the white house was warned that the president's national security adviser could be a national security threat. >> reporter: unbelievable, george. and flynn really had no choice but to resign. he had misled the white house and the president had clearly lost confidence in him. general flynn was front and center as president trump met with the canadian prime minister, but he had already fallen out of favor. the president refusing to even answer whether he had confidence in him. >> do you have confidence in michael flynn, mr. president? >> reporter: in his letter of resignation flynn made it clear he was leaving because he had misled vice president pence and other senior officials about his conversations with the russian ambassador. quote, i inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian ambassador. vice president pence took that inaccurate information and repeated it on national
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television. >> what i can confirm having spoken to him about is that those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> reporter: but that was not true. the justice department became aware of flynn's lie through routine surveillance of the russian ambassador and notified the white house weeks ago. but it wasn't until friday that flynn personally apologized to the vice president. the shake-up comes at a critical time for president trump. a missile test over the weekend by north korea. rising tensions with iran and a key visit wednesday by israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu to the white house. for the moment, retired lieutenant general keith kellogg who had been flynn's chief of staff will serve as acting
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national security advisor. also under consideration as a permanent replacement retired general david petraeus and retired navy s.e.a.l. vice admiral robert harward. the search for a replacement a permanent replacement for flynn begins right now. i am told general petraeus will be here at the white house today. but the front-runner here seems to be vice admiral bob harward. he is somebody who also happens to have a very close relationship with general mattis over at the pentagon. >> there had been a lot of questions about the overall running of the national security council. jon karl, stand by, we'll come back to you in a minute. >> pierre thomas for more on what the white house and justice department knew and when. good morning, pierre. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, robin. a key moment in this drama came when then acting attorney general sally yates began seeing top trump transition officials saying that flynn did not discuss obama's sanctions on russian hacking with that country's ambassador. yates, a source tells me, knew that fbi agents had captured a phone call between flynn and the russian ambassador discussing those very sanctions.
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she became increasingly alarmed when then vice president-elect pence said on national tv that flynn told him he did not discuss the sanctions. on january 23rd after the inauguration, white house press secretary sean spicer repeated the same false claim. shortly afterward yates apparently decided she had no choice but to inform the white house that they had been misled and she and other officials were concerned about the potential of the russians blackmailing flynn. >> pierre, are there any legal implications here? >> reporter: it doesn't appear that any charges are imminent, but officials are concerned that flynn was having these conversations, robin. they want to know how many did he have and what precisely were they talking about? >> again, when, that three-week period. all right, pierre, thank you. >> so many questions and let's bring jon karl back as well as matthew dowd our chief political analyst and cecilia vega here and, jon, let's begin with the three-week gap. as we said it's kind of extraordinary. around january 23rd sally yates tells the white house counsel
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we believe, don mcgahn, that flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail, yet nothing happens. that's going to be the big question for the white house. why? >> reporter: the big question is did the president know about it three weeks ago. i asked that directly of senior officials. the only answer i've gotten is that the evaluation of flynn that ultimately led to his ouster began weeks ago so what officials insist is they knew about this and started to evaluate and look into it weeks ago. we don't know about the president himself. the president was asked about the initial "washington post" story breaking this news on friday on air force one and told reporters that he hadn't seen the reports yet. but we don't know anything of the concern. >> so just to underscore that we don't know yet or the white house isn't telling us yet whether the president or the vice president who had been misled were told about this phone call from sally yates at the justice department. >> reporter: i have asked that question directly of multiple officials and have not gotten an answer to that, george. >> matthew dowd, kind of unbelievable. >> the whole story, i mean every time we think this is unprecedented, it gets more unprecedented.
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this is the beginning of the saint valentine's day massacre in "from russia with love." i think we have to look at this in three ways. first, this is a contagion and a virus. the whole operation that's going on at the white house right now, it's not just you throw out the guy with the fever, michael flynn. there will be an investigation and as of today, we've learned that it's not okay to mislead the president and vice president but it is still okay to mislead the public who's been misled in this whole thing, is the question. and finally as a president governs by his legal and moral authority and both are in question this morning. >> a lot to talk about and cecilia vega, one of the points that matthew makes is we know there is an fbi investigation going on now about the russian contacts, intelligence investigation. calls in the intelligence committee to look into this in the senate and house as well but this is going to intensify calls for an independent investigation as well. >> reporter: and it already is, george. democrats especially on capitol hill smell blood in this political water and they are not backing off as you can imagine. but just take a look at this one tweet that's out from former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul.
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he tweeted, as flynn steps down, i have even more questions about the russian role in our elections. we need to investigate. this is not going to end right now, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is also saying that investigations need to continue. not surprisingly perhaps, george, the group that is quiet this morning, republicans on capitol hill. they're not really getting into this mess yet. >> matthew dowd, only 3 1/2 weeks in to this administration, not even coming up on the month-long mark. how do they reboot? >> i think they're in total disarray in the moment of this and will have to replace a national security adviser and the staff as we've always talked about, the staff at the white house is actually more important than cabinet officials, and they've spent more time on cabinet officials and less time with staff. george, i remember we talked within days of the election and talked about one of the main things that might dog president trump was his -- the connections with russia, and we've learned, one, michael flynn had connections with russia. he resigned. paulg manafort had connections with russia. he resigned.
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carter page had connections with russia. he resigned. the whole russian situation is wide open. >> raises real questions, jon karl, about credibility. matthew suggested that and the white house had this information for three weeks yet didn't correct the record. >> reporter: absolutely and, george, also questions about dysfunction at the national security council. i have talked to -- i talked to a senior official in the national security council who basically threw his hands up yesterday saying that he couldn't get answers or decisions made on key things. this is the incredibly busy time. the president is pursuing changes, big changes in u.s. foreign policy. foreign leader visits and you have this dysfunction at the top and as you mentioned, lack of, you know, a question of the record of what's told to the public, you can't really, it seems, trust what you're being told. >> let me bring pierre thomas from the justice department back as well. pierre, initially when this information first came to sally yates when president obama was still in office, she questioned
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whether or not to bring this to the trump administration. apparently at that time james comey, the fbi director, resisted because his investigation is ongoing, and that investigation continues. >> reporter: the investigation continues, again, as i said earlier. the key question is how many contacts are we talking about? and what precisely was general flynn talking about with his russian ambassador. that's the key question. they need to know that and so now the question becomes, were there contacts prior to trump being elected? were there contacts during the campaign? these are questions that the fbi and justice department and the national security committee wants to know the answers to. >> a long way to go. thank you all very much. michael? >> thank you, george. to flooding fears in california and people still racing to shore up the dam, dropping rocks from helicopters before a new storm moves in, and abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene, good morning, kayna. >> reporter: michael, good morning. that are releasing water from the oroville dam and it's
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rushing to the feather arriving, swelling over its banks. you can see behind me how fast it's moving and how high the water is. evacuation orders are still in place despite the fact that officials say water levels are actually dropping at the dam. the key is they're trying to get it down 50 feet because we have more weather in the future. overnight, efforts to make repairs to the oroville dam under way. large bags of rocks dropped into the massive holes of both the primary and emergency spillways by helicopter. no more water rushing over the emergency spillway but the main spillway which was damaged a week ago is still in use. i'm seven miles downstream from the dam and this is the feather river. it is raging in places where it's normally dry. so if that spillway were to fail the sheer amount of water released into this river would be devastating. nearly 200,000 forced to flee their homes. >> i'm scared because i've never been in anything like this before. >> reporter: authorities fearing the worst.
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>> what we're looking at is approximately a 30-foot wall of water that would be coming out of the lake. not the blake lake draining but a 30-foot wall of water. >> reporter: given just an hour of notice, some leaving food on their plates at denny's. a mad rush to escape and sitting in traffic, gas stations running out of fuel. >> our phone started going off and we immediately loaded up the kids and took off. >> reporter: this morning officials say water levels in the lake dropping but evacuation orders remain in place. >> we're doing everything we can to get this dam in shape so that they can return and they can live safely without fear. >> reporter: many now wondering when they'll get back home. >> i want to go home but, of course, you want to be safe. >> reporter: overnight we learned that three environmental companies warned state officials about a problem with that emergency spillway, and they did it back in 2005. i read through the paperwork last night and they said that that emergency spillway should
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have been paved or as they call it, armored, because the spillway should never be designed so that it might erode. michael? now we go from the storm to the battle for your phone bill. verizon announced it will now offer an unlimited data plan and rebecca jarvis is here. rebecca, already companies are responding to their move. >> this is the new battleground. i spoke it t-mobile's ceo and say this is a wireless war. the more we binge-watch on our mobile devices and use them for just about everything, the more data we use. and verizon was forced into this, consumers, many leaving for the competition which offers unlimited plans. verizon's new unlimited plan is $80 a month for one line or $180 for four lines. t mobile responding overnight by upping the ante, the ceo tweeting that his company is now offering two unlimited lines for $100 a month. these unlimited plans really make sense for the heavy smartphone users. if you're using your phone to stream music and video or as a mobile hot spot for your wi-fi,
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they will save you hundreds of dollars in overages a year. a lot of people, you get those surprise overages. with these unlimited plans you don't get that surprise. >> i'm a verizon customer with my kids on a plan. >> there you go. >> how easy is it for me to switch now because it sounds like it makes sense. >> it is simple to switch. if you want the advertised rates, you have to sign up for auto pay and paperless billing. that's how you got the advertised rates. >> are you taking those numbers? >> i'm willing. >> give them a call. >> amy has the morning headlines. that's right. and there was a growing scandal at the tsa. six current and former tsa workers have been charged in a cocaine smuggling ring. authorities say the agents helped move 20 tons of that drug through puerto rico with the help of airport security screeners and a baggage handler. the son of the man at the center of the penn state child sex abuse scandal is now under arrest this morning. jeffrey sandusky is being held on $200,000 bail on charges in a
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child assault case. his father jerry is serving up to 60 years in prison. investigators at disneyland do not suspect foul play after a fire inside the mickey and friends parking garage. seven workers suffered minor injuries. at least four cars destroyed. damage estimated at nearly $180,000. dramatic video from peru showing a minivan being swept away there in a flooded river. 16 people were inside that van. some escaped through a window. others helped by rescuers who formed a human chain around used hopes to stabilize the van. flooding has displayed thousands of people. on wall street, apple stock has hit an all-time high. investors are looking forward to the tenth anniversary iphone. apple's market value is about $700 billion. that is more than exxon and jpmorgan combined. finally on this valentine's day, burger king wants you to forget a happy meal and choose an adult meal instead.
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they're offering what they call the adults meal complete with a toy, which includes a satin mask a feather duster or a scalp massager. unfortunately, burger kings in israel are the only ones selling this. you have to be over 18 to purchase it and it's only available after 6:00 p.m., guys. date night. >> i know. i love how you lowered your voice as you talked about it. >> the adults. >> thank you. >> i can't believe you went there. >> why not. if i'm going to say it, sell it. >> that's right. i'll tell you what, it was another late night watching a game and the huskies did it becoming the first college team ever to win 100 basketball games in a row. and, jesse, you have more on last night's historic win. >> that's right. what a game. the lady huskies soaring to victory over south carolina keeping their winning streak since 2014 alive. when you think greatest sports dynasties of all time, you might think yankees. >> world champions for the 27th time.
7:17 am
>> reporter: or the patriots. >> nobody has ever won more super bowls. nobody's ever been better. >> reporter: it's the scrappy women from storrs, connecticut who have become the most dominant sports team in the history of america. >> the celebration has begun. >> reporter: with their 100th consecutive win over south carolina they have more consecutive wins than any other team in sport including john wooden's ucla bruins who won 88 in a row in the 1970s. >> nobody got a medal tonight for winning anything. that comes in march. >> reporter: just how dominant are the huskies? this season they have beat their opponents by an average of almost 40 points a game. they are gearing up for their 12th national championship and even beat their own record to gain the most consecutive wins between 2008 and 2010 they won 90 consecutive games. can you guys believe that heading into this year they actually lost three senior stars so weren't even ranked number one heading into the season. >> eight of the ten on the roster have never lost an ncaa game. >> wow.
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>> thanks a lot, jesse. let's go to ginger now. severe weather down south from texas to florida, ginger? >> that's right. dense pockets of lightning and see it in this from san antonio, texas. check out that, right on the highway there, the lightning striking pretty rapidly. lightning strikes not your only threat. we have a brand-new tornado watch including victoria and houston so it's late morning hours through the early afternoon. that's when we look for the severe weather to break out. we time it out here in just a moment. first this is the area in yellow. see that pocket, new orleans right over into the panhandle of florida, that's for later tonight so there are two times we have to watch out for. i'd say after 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. look at 45 in houston. just at the lunch hour then right into the evening and overnight hours for new orleans. let's go ahead and get to tuesday trivia.
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i'm abc 7 news drew toomey with your accuweather forecast on this valentine's day. lots of sunshine, temperatures mild into the 60s. if you have evening plans, leave the umbrella at home. a light jacket. you see temperatures holding in the 50s by 8:00 tonight. accuweather seven-day forecast, it's bright and beautiful. wednesday a lot of cloud cover, then thursday the storm door opens with morning rain, and then showers in the forecast through monday. and coming up here new security concerns about mar-a-lago. trump calls it the winter white house. these photos showing he responding to no north korea
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good morning, to you, at 7: 7:23. crews are racing to repair the oroville dam's emergency spillway. they're making progress on lowering the dam's water level. it's down 10 and a half feet. evacuation orders remain in effect for 188,000 people. do you have a look at our morning commute? >> sure do. we have a beautiful sunrise this morning, and starting to just break out into full sunshine at this point. probably going to want those shades with you in the vehicle this morning. bay bridge toll plaza is congested. we have heavy drive times. 680, you're okay at 23 minutes. one hour 28 minutes to santa
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rosa to san francisco. highway
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good morning, time now 7:26 a.m. live doppler 7 tracking dense fog around petaluma. traveling 101 in that region will be slow. out there right now, it's a mixed bag of 40s and low 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you we warm up nicely today. into the 60s. lots of sunshine, you see the thursday morning, the storm door opens with shower chances through monday. >> coming up, new details inside lance armstrong's latest court battle. why he's facing a $100 million lawsuit. another update in about 30
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right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next bachelorette rachel lindsay. rachel. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma," everybody. that's a little valentine's day surprise, the brand-new bachelorette revealed overnight on "jimmy kimmel live." rachel lindsay becoming the first african-american ever bachelorette ever. now she's flying all night. she's here. i saw her upstairs right around in the hallways and she's joined us live. >> but isn't she still on -- >> now i know she didn't win. >> spoiler. >> spoiler alert. >> we're in the middle of watching it and we're a little behind and now i know. >> okay. >> we were big rachel fans in our house. >> well, you're behind no more. >> now i know. also right now the search is on for a new national security adviser, as we've been telling
7:31 am
you, after general mike flynn resigned overnight following that revelation he was vulnerable to russian blackmail and misled the vice-president about a conversation with the russian ambassador. general david petraeus is one of the people being considered as a replacement, expected to visit the white house today. this is still a very fluid situation. >> yeah, we're going to get to the white house in a minute. there are security concerns as well tied to mar-a-lago, what president trump calls the winter white house, raised by these photos. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is here with the details. the big question did this open meeting have the potential to compromise national security? >> reporter: the white house is saying this morning no, but president trump is facing growing criticism over what some top democrats described as a situation room al fresco. president trump and japan's prime minister abe dining in public at mar-a-lago this weekend, learning north korea just launched a ballistic
7:32 am
missile into the sea of japan. the two appearing to handle the preliminary response right there in front of other diners. mar-a-lago member richard deagazio posting the play-by-play on his facebook page, writing, "the president receiving the news about the missile incident," and this, "holy moley, it was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner. wow. the center of the action." >> donald trump talks about making america secure. security begins at home. >> reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi also outraged, tweeting, "there's no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater." the white house says the president and abe were only discussing logistics of a news conference at the table, not classified information, and that president trump had been briefed in a secure location prior to dinner. but in the photos on social media, you can see aides, including stephen bannon, huddled around the president and others, using cell phone lights
7:33 am
to illuminate documents for the leaders. >> it's a sign that there's a lack of security, maturity and seriousness among the president and his team and i would expect that to change. >> reporter: the mar-a-lago images, a stark contrast to this image posted by president obama's photographer who said outside of the white house, all national security briefings and head of state phone calls were held inside a secure location. some now questioning if mar-a-lago is not private enough for the president. security is ramped up when president trump is visiting but members can come and go. membership isn't cheap. initiation fees just went up from $100,000 to $200,000, along with $14,000 in yearly dues. but the price may be worth it for some who apparently get to watch the west wing work right out on the patio. just ask that member who posted these photos from dinner. he also had this one posing with
7:34 am
a military aid, writing, "this is rick. he carries the football. the nuclear football. rick is the man." now, we also want to mention as that volatile situation in asia was unfolding the president also found time to stop by a wedding happening at mar-a-lago. a guest telling us that he gave a toast to the newlyweds and took this photo, thumbs up with the bridal party. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. just moments ago i spoke with the president's senior counselor, kellyanne conway, on today's big story, general michael flynn. kellyanne conway, thank you for joining us this morning. of course the big story today, michael flynn. the white house was told by the justice department last month that flynn is vulnerable -- was vulnerable to russian blackmail, yet he stayed in the job for 17 days after the warning from the justice department. why? >> george, general flynn continued on the national security team and kept doing the presidential briefings being on the leader calls. we are aware of the justice
7:35 am
department opinion, but the fact is that not until yesterday general flynn continued in his job and it became increasingly unsustainable for him. >> i understand that but that's my question. the question is why? the white house counsel was told by sally yates of the justice department that general flynn was vulnerable to russian blackmail. did the white house counsel tell president trump that? >> i don't know the answer to that and president trump has asked me to join you today to say that he accepted the resignation of general flynn and really the key here in that resignation is very simple. it's that the vice president, mike pence, was misled by general flynn or general flynn could not completely recall what his conversations had been. >> but you knew that -- but, kellyanne, the white house knew that almost three weeks ago. they knew that after the justice department told the white house counsel don mcgahn almost three weeks ago that general flynn had not told the truth about those phone calls and was vulnerable to russian blackmail. >> these are what are in printed reports. the fact is i can't reveal what
7:36 am
the white house knew or didn't know and who in the white house knew or didn't know. all i can tell you is that general flynn as the national security adviser to the president continued in that role and the president also is -- wants me to refer everyone to the comments of charles krauthammer on a different network last night wherein he makes the point that it's not this contact or this incident necessarily. it's the misleading of the vice-president or the incomplete information. it's either -- it's being dishonest or forgetful and i'd like to say general flynn had a 30-plus-year honorable career in the military. he's one of the chief intelligence officers, key intelligence officers of a generation. we're sorry for this situation but the president accepted his resignation and moving on. >> i understand what you're saying there, kellyanne, but this is exactly the point. three weeks ago the justice department told the white house that general flynn was misleading the vice president, was misleading the public about his contacts with the russians. you had that information. the white house had that information, chose to keep
7:37 am
general flynn in his job, chose not to correct the record, chose not to tell the public what they knew about general flynn's phone calls. how could that be? >> but, george, again, i'm not here to say who knew what when. because, first of all, that would be divulging information that is highly sensitive, and secondly, i don't know all the details. i haven't spoken to everyone that you're talking about. it was obviously very fluid into the night. we were here very late last night. the upshot of it is general flynn did have a conversation with vice president pence, apart from what you're saying in printed reports. and general flynn assured vice president pence of something that turned out to not be true and that's really the key here. i think that general flynn in the end decided he was a lightning rod and did not want to be a distraction and he tendered his resignation last night because, because what he had provided the vice president either was a product of misleading information or forgetfulness and neither one was sustainable long term.
7:38 am
>> kellyanne, i got to get to the bottom of this here. you asked to come on this morning at the president's request. the president wants you to come out and speak for the white house this morning. do you know if the president was told three weeks ago when sally yates told the white house counsel that general flynn had been compromised, do you know if the president was told that? >> i do not know that, george. >> do you know if the vice president was told that? >> i do not know that. >> do you know why the white house chose not to correct the record for those three weeks? >> well, again, you're presuming that all the information you have there is completely factual and who knew what when and this is very fluid. i mean, the bottom line is that as time wore on, as everybody continued in their roles, it became increasingly apparent, particularly over the weekend when general flynn clarified his own earlier statement, george, a statement that he had provided to the vice president and that other members of the administration, frankly, went out and publicly repeated, which is that he had not
7:39 am
discussed a certain topic in his conversations with the russian ambassador. and so, when general flynn clarified his comments that it's possible and he could not recall, that accelerated matters in a way that was different and that's where we are today. >> it is a fact that the justice department did tell the white house counsel don mcgahn information almost three weeks ago. final question. you said late yesterday afternoon the president had full confidence in general flynn. how could that be true? >> the president is very loyal. it became unsustainable and the president late last night accepted the resignation of general flynn. today he is moving on. it just became clear we'll need to have acting national security adviser general keith kellogg in the role. he's been working very closely with the president for a number of months and then, of course, we've been talking about a former navy s.e.a.l. and vice admiral robert harward and general david petraeus as possible permanent replacements. >> kellyanne conway, thanks very
7:40 am
much. >> thanks, george. >> it's pretty clear that these questions for the white house just beginning. >> why can't these questions be answered? >> that is one of the biggest questions. why does the president have kellyanne conway -- ask to have kellyanne conway come on our program today if she can't answer the simple yes or no questions about what happened with general flynn. >> all right. coming up in two minutes, new trouble for lance armstrong as well. the court case that could cost him $100 million. come on back. the court case that could cost him $100 million. come on back. our powerful relief now in pill form.
7:41 am
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7:42 am
we are back with new trouble for lance armstrong, the disgraced cycling champion set to face a jury over a $100 million lawsuit from the government resulting from his years on the tour de france. abc's neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: this morning lance armstrong, the one-time sporting icon who has mostly disappeared from public view now hosting his own eclectic podcast from the wine cellar of his home, is now facing a new judge.
7:43 am
a federal judge ruling the u.s. government's massive $100 million case against armstrong will move forward. a development the disgraced former tour de france champion had fought hard to avoid. >> this is a devastating turn of events for a man who used to be an american hero and now is just seeing one bad thing after another happen in his life. >> reporter: the case stems from this. ♪ the united states postal service sponsored armstrong's team. we now know armstrong was on a lot more than just his bike. despite years of denials, even lying under oath. >> i've never taken performance-enhancing drugs. how many times do i have to say it? >> reporter: the u.s. government claims the postal service wouldn't have paid more than $32 million to sponsor armstrong's team if it knew he was cheating.
7:44 am
but armst them far more value during the years of good publicity, asking the judge to throw the case out. the judge disagreed, ruling, damages must therefore be left to a jury. i had spoken to armstrong about the case and says his lawyers won't let him comment but he is clearly frustrated. this case could cost him everything. the trial could cost him everything. a trial date has not yet been set. robin. >> all right, neal, thank you. now michael is going to tell us what's coming up on the big board. >> we'll have the star stealing the westminster dog show. why mia, the beagle, is this year's fan favorite and the major upset that happened overnight. we'll come back in two minutes. night. we'll come back in two minutes. overnight. we'll come back in two minutes. to lose weight? d contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost
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7:47 am
the phone. that could be a thing of the past because the department f transportation is considering a proposal that would permit wi-fi calls in flight. david kerley, our man, joins us from l.a.x. so what's the latest on all this, david? >> reporter: so robin, you can't use the cellular service on your phone right now but there's no rule about wi-fi when you're in flight. you can stream or make a call on skype or one of the other systems, right? so the transportation department said should we require airlines to let you know you could make a wi-fi call and took comments. the comment period ends today and, robin, i got to tell you overwhelmingly people said, no, don't do this. nearly 8,000 responses. here are just a couple of what folks said to the department of transportation, no, no, no, please, no, texting, sure, phone calls, no. another one said a closed cabin, 35,000 feet is no capital letters place for people to be
7:48 am
allowed to carry on inane conversations, usually at ridiculous volume levels. >> that's true. >> reporter: the comment period coming to an end and the transportation department saying, please, don't allow this to happen. >> but the thing is, david, whenever you get on a plane they can't tell you enough to turn your phone off. are there real safety concerns on the plane when it comes to your phone? >> reporter: so, the fcc has concerns about the cellular signals and radios. a lot of folks say it's not really a big problem. the wi-fi, we all use it watching programs on the plane. the question really is do you want it to happen? is it polite? should it happen? >> no! can we just say -- i'll make a comment right now, no. no, no, no, please. >> i like the plane peace and quiet. nothing like it. put on your headphones. >> yeah. >> t.j. has no opinion. >> no, i'm saying this dude is eating an egg sandwich. i'm in the middle seat. he's getting drunk, kid kicking my seat. what's one more annoyance. why not?
7:49 am
>> hey, thank you, david. t.j., we'll talk about why you're here. you are here to talk about the super bowl for dog lovers. >> yes. >> the 141st westminster kennel club dog show taking place in manhattan and taking manhattan by storm. nearly 3,000 dogs from 202 breeds competing and tonight a new dog will be crowned the best in show. what are the big story lines? big upset, right? >> huge upset. think buster douglas over mike tyson. the crowd favorite, preston the pood poodle, this dog was the talk of the show. this is the one you put your money on for sure. well, he's not even going to get a chance to compete for best in show, got beat in his group last night by a german shepherd. that beauty right there finished runner-up last year. impressive dog but the favorite is out. this is huge. >> yeah. >> equal time now. cats are allowed -- i mean they're not competing but they can be there. >> everybody went crazy.
7:50 am
cats will be in the dog show, people think prancing around with a cat on a leash. no. they let them in -- yes, there was an event the weekend before called meet the breeds and they had cats come in. they thought it was end of days. cats and dogs hanging out. that wasn't the case. >> there are more cat owners than dog owners in this country. >> really? i had no idea. >> this is my story. why are you one upping me on facts, robin. >> where is dan harris when you need him? >> up there. >> hey, thanks, t.j. thank you, david. coming up the ultimate snowball after those major winter storms in the northeast. ginger has that next. storms. ginger has that next. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler
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7:54 am
in maine with the latest storm you just go ahead and cannonball into the snow. we'll watch it from the beginning because i think this is great. yep, one, two, three and jump. that's some powder. it wasn't all good. some of the cars there completely covered. jonesboro, maine, had 36 inches of snow just with the latest and there is another storm that's on the way. that's why we have winter storm watches for new hampshire, vermont and maine. even lake effect snow for parts of western new york. ev
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kay jewelers. for 100 years, every kiss begins with kay.
7:56 am
7:56. good morning to you. meteorologist drew tuma has your valentine's forecast. >> a quarter of mile viability still at this hour in petaluma. across the region, 40s and 50s. 51 in oakland. seven-day forecast, enjoy the 60s today. rain returns, starting thursday morning. all right. taking a look at the roads we've got a lot of red on our traffic floes. several incidents to talk about. one of the bigger ones is south bay 880. we've got a crash involving a motorcycle. two left lanes are blocked. that backup stretched north of 92 as you head through hayward. >> coming up, do you really need to buy the expensive chocolates
7:57 am
to get the best chocolates? our valentine's day taste test results are coming up next. another news up date coming up in 30. join us for abc 7 mornings
7:58 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. valentine's surprise of the a new bachelorette revealed overnight and it's rachel. >> i'm ready to find love, find a husband. >> the show's creator calling historic. chris harrison dishing to us why she's the right choice. rachel lindsay flying all night to join us here live. health alert. new guidelines for battling back pain. should you ditch the drugs? new ways to find relief ♪ until we feel all right chocolate taste test. our "gma" consumer lab just in time for valentine's day. what is the best value when it comes to chocolate from cost to taste. we'll reveal the ones on top. ♪ beauty and the beast
8:01 am
only right here this valentine's day, a brand-new sneak peek of "beauty and the beast." luke evans here live but get ready for the bachelorette and she's here saying -- >> good morning, america. >> and good morning, america. welcome to all of you. happy valentine's day, everyone. people are really celebrating in the crowd today. >> we're seeing a lot of red. the hearts. did we put that on your head or did you all come with it? nice shot. >> well done. >> and, you know, we are excited to have the brand-new bachelorette with us here, rachel lindsay. [ applause ] >> there she is. >> looks nice over there. >> getting some advice and she's over there with anthony anderson's mom.
8:02 am
yes. >> don't do it. >> mama doris. >> mama doris, she gives some great advice. >> yeah, she does. she does not play. she's dishing out love advice answering all your questions. if you got them, bring it on. mama doris has something to say. >> yes, she does. >> she does, so, we got a whole lot coming up and news, amy has the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning the shake-up at the white house. national security adviser michael flynn has resigned. he admits misleading the vice president when he briefed him about his calls with the russian ambassador and now there is word that the justice department warned the trump team about this last month. chief white house correspondent jon karl has the very latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the white house says that flynn resigned because he misled the vice president, he misled the white house and by extension he misled the public. but as you point out, the justice department informed the white house counsel's office
8:03 am
nearly three weeks ago that flynn had not been telling the truth and, in fact, during those conversations with the russian ambassador, he did talk about the sanctions that had just been imposed on russia. we have been trying to get an answer about whether or not the president himself knew about this. here's george trying to get an answer to that question. >> so, the white house was told by the justice department last month that flynn is vulnerable, was vulnerable to russian blackmail yet he stayed in the job for, what, 17 days after the warning from the justice department. why? >> we are aware of the justice department opinion but the fact is that not until yesterday general flynn continued in his job and it became increasingly unsustainable for him. >> reporter: now the acting national security adviser is retired lieutenant general keith kellogg. i am told he one candidate and others include retired general david petraeus at the white house later today and retired
8:04 am
vice admiral bob hardwood, a former navy s.e.a.l. >> the top immigration enforcement officer meeting with hispanic members of congress answering questions about a series of deportation raids in recent days, hundreds of immigrants have been arrested but officials are calling those raids routine. and in california, workers trying to repair an emergency spillway protecting the oroville dam are bracing for more heavy rain tomorrow. helicopters have been dropping rocks to fill a hole in that spillway. water levels have fallen but nearly 200,000 residents could remain evacuated for up to two weeks. in health news new guidelines for those suffering with back pain, the american college of physicians says you should avoid painkillers as the first treatment option. instead the group says yoga, tai chi and other fors of exercise are better and reduce the prospect of surgery. and finally talk about an occupational hazard. take a look at this dentist in the uk who had to work on the teeth of this tiger.
8:05 am
he's a real pro. didn't hesitate when the zoo came calling. was just were told that the sedative didn't wear off. each fang is five inches long and this dentist was news fighting against enamel cruelty. >> enamel? >> one could say. >> let the record state that amy robach said it. hey, thank you, amy, so much. how about a little news that goes pop. >> absolutely. we're going to begin with some wonderful love news. hannah and derek jeter are ready to hit parenthood out of the park. the yankee slugger and "sports illustrated" swimsuit girl are pregnant with their first child and roll the picture. it's a girl. there's the picture.
8:06 am
derek jeter posted it along with hannah holding a giant bunch of pink balloons looking a little flustered if you look closely. it was in "the player's tribune" and in a heartfelt know," hannah talks about how they met and how she thought he was a pitcher at first, i love that, and that the big softy already has a name picked out for his little girl. she says he's set on it and she says we'll see. [ laughter ] we'll see who gets the name. we don't know what that name is. >> couldn't happen to nicer people. >> absolutely. >> class, sweet, really gentle, congratulations to both of them. and i talked to him yesterday and the name is michelle. >> really? >> no, i'm joking. [ applause ] >> it's already on twitter. it's too late. >> i'm giving him an idea if he changes his mind, michelle. >> i think she's going to change his mind. all right, thank you, michael.
8:07 am
also in "pop news" this morning, if you thought you were bad ordering your half caf mochaccino. how about the mystery customer who put a poor barista through the ringer ordering a drink with 27 very specific modifications to what should have been a vanilla bean frappuccino, that is, until he needed stevia, monk fruit, foam, a third of a shot of almond milk and a smidge of coconut milk in a venti cup served at exactly 34 degrees and, guys, i'm just giving you the "reader's digest" version. >> i saw greek yogurt. >> there's more. i was trying to spare you all the pain the barista felt and somebody posted it on reddit with thousands of comments. one reddit user who says for some people being high maintenance must be a badge of honor. >> wow. >> i wonder how it tastes. >> better taste really, really good. >> too much in it. >> the monk -- i don't know. finally cardiologists from st. luke's hospital in kansas city
8:08 am
are using this valentine's day to get their heart healthy message 5 with with memes. that's the one that's cute. you got a broken heart, i'll fix you up. this is dr. allen, date night is you and me and a moderate amount of red wine and dark chocolate. >> this is fantastic. dr. austin says let's slip into something lacy, only thing is she's holding sneakers. she wants you to get out and move. the whole goal is to get that heart pumping and keep it that way. happy valentine's day, everybody. [ applause ] >> thank you for that. and speaking of happy valentine's day, we have a special valentine's day. the brand-new bachelorette rachel lindsay is here live. plus, we have the ultimate valentine's day taste test. do you need to spend a lot of money to get good chocolate? we're going to have our results coming up next. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast,
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8:13 am
♪ this is my heartbeat song we are back now with that bachelorette bombshell. current bachelor star and high-powered attorney rachel lindsay will be the next and first african-american bachelorette. we're going to hear from her in a moment but first take a look at her journey. >> hi. >> how are you? right now she stands out to me. >> she stands out to me. >> reporter: giving her the first impression rose and two romantic one-on-one dates. >> i'm already breaking rules here but i'm super into you. >> reporter: 31-year-old attorney rachel lindsay from dallas, texas, winning over the rest of bachelor nation with her confidence and poise. >> i'm 31. i want a man in my life. i want a companion and i
8:14 am
want a big family. i love kids. i'm ready for that stage of my life. >> please welcome our next bachelorette, rachel lindsay. >> reporter: she may be ready for love, but in the bombshell announcement monday night, rachel revealing to jimmy kimmel that she doesn't find it with nick but her relationship with the show is just beginning. >> this is a bit of a spoiler because you're still on the show. >> yes, it is but we're a couple weeks out from filming. we're ready to get this started and i'm ready to find love. >> she has this charisma and charm that you just want to be around her. >> reporter: bringing brains and beauty to the table, rachel will also be the first bachelorette of color in franchise history, something many fans have been waiting for. >> it's not the fact that she is the first african-american bachelorette. it's that she should be the bachelorette, period, and that's what i like. >> and it is great to have the new bachelorette rachel lindsay here. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me.
8:15 am
>> and congratulations to you. and you couldn't say anything about this until last night. so, what has the reaction been since you've gotten it out there? >> you know, i haven't been on social media, so i haven't seen that much yet but the cast members that i was on the season with have been great. giving me great, you know, congrats and family and friends have been wonderful too so it's -- i'm just glad i don't have to keep it a secret anymore. >> yeah, that's got to be a pretty hard thing to do. >> you're on the current season which makes it -- now they'll go -- but it's still going. a little spoiler alert for most people but when you were first asked to be the bachelorette, were there any hesitations on your part? >> no, i'm a skeptical person so i was definitely -- i was excited that they asked me to do it, but i was also equally nervous. but then when i started to weigh out the pros and the cons, i decided that this is too good an opportunity to turn away. >> and you're making history. you're the first african-american and how does that make you feel?
8:16 am
does that add pressure, do you think? >> i don't feel added pressure. i'm honored to have this opportunity and to represent myself as an african-american woman and i just hope that people rally behind me like they did in nick's season the same way that they -- or hope they will in my season and just realize my journey is, you know, i'm just trying to find love. even though i'm an african-american woman, it's no different than any other bachelorette. >> i'm just a woman trying to find a man. >> just trying to find a man. >> that's it. >> you did it. you understand it. >> i love that. and on that hometown visit episode coming up with nick, i got a little sneak peek at that and in that your mother asks him how he feels about being in an interracial relationship. now, did you know that conversation was coming? >> i know my mom. so, i am not shocked that my mom asked that. you know, my sister is married to a white guy, and so it's nothing new for our family. and she just wanted to make sure nick was comfortable with it.
8:17 am
>> and one more thing, what is your -- and i'm pretty sure a lot of people -- what is your favorite and least favorite part about "the bachelor"? a lot have misconceptions about the show and think it's fancy trips and dinners. what is your favorite and least favorite part? >> least favorite was living in a house full of women. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah, sharing a room with that many women, i mean, i was in a sorority, i haven't done that in years, so that was definitely my least favorite part. my favorite part were the surprises. you know, the friends that i made on the show, the relationship that i had with nick. i didn't think that we would click the way that we did, and i really enjoyed the process that we had making our relationship grow. >> and now we know the track record of the show. how are you going to avoid some of the past pitfalls? >> you know, i said this on the show all the time. i just like to keep it 100 and keep it real, so i just figure if i stay true to myself, then it'll be a successful show. [ applause ] >> more so than that,
8:18 am
stay true to yourself and you'll find the right man. that's how you do it. there we go. rachel lindsay, congratulations to you. very, very happy. >> thank you very much. >> rachel makes her bachelorette debut when season 13 premieres on may 22nd. and coming up, it's valentine's day, everybody. a day of love. we're going to have a taste test. we'll find out if you have to spend a lot of money to get great chocolate. we'll be right back.
8:19 am
( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪
8:20 am
♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ ♪the top notch team of stain experts haslove ♪ performed over ten thousand stain evaluations to prove persil delivers a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that ten thousand and one. persil proclean. with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean.
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no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. we'rebut maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen
8:22 am
when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new. welcome back to "gma" on a valentine's day morning. i found caroline right here. you're from where? >> wisconsin. >> you're out of school. do you want to wish a valentine's day to anybody? >> all my friends and family. >> ah. so cute. so we're not giving away the boy's stuff yet. nebraska forecast and some of the other cities before we get a check of your local weather. caroline, you could have. i'm abc 7 news drew toomey with your accuweather forecast on this valentine's day. lots of sunshine, temperatures mild into the 60s. if you have evening plans, leave the umbrella at home. a light jacket. you see temperatures holding in the 50s by 8:00 tonight. accuweather seven-day forecast, it's bright and beautiful. wednesday a lot of cloud cover,
8:23 am
then thursday the storm door opens with morning rain, and then showers in the forecast through monday. it is time now for a special valentine's day edition of our new series ""gma's" frugal foodie." americans are expected -- are you ready for this -- to spend $18 billion this valentine's day. yeah, 18 billion and chocolate is one of the most popular gifts so do you need to spend a lot to get good quality chocolate? that's why becky worley is here. >> you know me. >> welcome. >> thank you. i'm frugal. >> i know. >> i'm so frugal. so, what is the sweet spot to buy a bar of chocolate? >> hmm. let's find out. ♪ >> reporter: walls of bars, shiny wrappers, chocolate has gone artisanal. at dandelion in san francisco, they take it from bean to bar. it does not smell like chocolate. >> not yet.
8:24 am
>> reporter: this is a full chocolate production facility hence laverne and shirley hair nets. >> these are the grinders that looks like chocolate and it smells like chocolate. >> yeah. >> i'm driving the chocolate. >> you are. >> stop. go. oh, my gosh. i think if a chocolate bar costs 2 bucks, maybe a high-end one 7 bucks. >> no, you can go as high as 20. >> 20? >> reporter: you may think high costs correlate with the percentages correlated on the wrapper. but chocolatier pam williams says don't be fooled. >> the percentage only tells you how sweet it is. it does not tell you quality at all. >> reporter: for example, 70% means 70% of the bar is cacao or cocoa beans, the rest mostly sugar, so a 90% cacao bar is bitter. 70%, sweeter. >> you can make a 70% bar from really not so good-tasting beans. >> reporter: so we've devised the world's greatest blind taste test. >> love chocolate.
8:25 am
>> reporter: three bars all about 70% cacao costing $3, $7 and $11. to taste, nine testers. >> liked how sweet number one was. >> number two my favorite. >> i'm a chocolate guy. i want the whole thing. >> 3 was very good. cut above the rest. >> surprise. that's the $3 bar while lou liked it, most didn't. it got the fewest votes. our $11 came in second place and our midrange $7 bar won the day. >> a good chocolate is think of wine. it's the one you love. >> so it's very personal. >> it's very personal. >> mm-mm. for buying a good bar of chocolate is very specific. look at it. it should be shiny and not have any imperfections. secondly, smell it. what does it smell like to you? >> it smells like chocolate. smells good. >> nutty, raspberry, earthy. then, listen. >> oh. >> it should snap. so that's how you find a good
8:26 am
bar of dark chocolate. >> how much did you love doing this piece? >> i ate so much chocolate, oh, my god. >> whoa. coming out my pores. >> there's a science to it. >> and there's a code for these samplers you get so hershey and russell stover sent us some. let's start with hershey. if you have a square chocolate in the box, we want to make sure you get what you like. square is caramel. >> okay. >> or do you say caramel, caramel or caramel? >> either way. it's good. >> words. >> you got 20 seconds. >> next one up, all right. what do we have here? russell stover, if it's round and pillowy, it's marshmallow. if it's rectangular and high, it's nougat. i can't even say the word. i can't eat that and finally toffee is rectangular and flat. >> and we're gone. and toffee is rectangular and flat. >> and we're gone.
8:27 am
good morning, to you, i'm natasha zouves. we have a look at our traffic conditions. >> we have bright sunshine out there this morning and have quite a bit of heavy traffic here too. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can expect a slow down. let's see if our drive times will cooperate. we have major delays on northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains, about an
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning, time now 8:29 a.m. live doppler 7 showing improvement with the fog in the north bay. petalu petaluma, visibility is rising up to two and a half miles. good news there. your afternoon/evening forecast we're good to go. 4:00, we're in the 60s. enjoy. the accuweather seven-day forecast is going to show you the rain is going to return thursday morning. >> we appreciate the sunshine today. thank you so much, drew. we have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. stay tuned for abc 7 news. there's a special report on sean spicer's white house briefing.
8:30 am
we'll also stream it live on our app. the news con ♪ love shack is a little ole place where we can get together ♪ >> i love it. you feel the love. you feel the love here with this beautiful audience. welcome back here to "gma" on this valentine's day. a lot of people are celebrating their birthday today in the audience and so is my sister sally-ann. >> happy birthday, sally-ann. >> very nice. i got something special for valentine's day this morning. you know, for anyone who has trouble figuring out exactly the right words to say to their loved ones, this is a great one from the story of cyrano, help me, shakespeare. here's what it does. if you type something into the app, message you're thinking of sending to your loved one, it
8:31 am
will give a response, and if it's not good enough it will actually write a shakespearean sonnet for you. here's an example. ariel had a simple one. will you be mine? okay. help me, shakespeare says, oof, ariel. i have net otters with better penmanship. may i recommend a sonnet of my own and it wrotea 20-line sonnet right there. mine eye, some in their bodies for why love is thou which -- >> you get 20 lines out of one line. >> but you can also if you write a good one get some praise. here's what ellen said, you are the moon and sun and stars. we are on a rocket ship of love. i was surprised that shakespeare loved it that much. well done, ellen, you cherub. that was quite a message. it appears you need me not.
8:32 am
>> wow. you must feel pretty good. >> if it's good it tells you you're good. if you're bad, it tells you you're bad. >> but then it writes you a good one. >> the person you're dating is going to say, you didn't write this. oh, my sonnet of love. great idea, you know. >> it's ingenius how they can figure that out. >> good for one day of the year. >> exactly. >> who would do that? who would have shakespeare translate your love message? you would? [ laughter ] all right. >> one over there. >> the best of luck. >> i already know what to say. >> no, i agree. i think keep it simple. >> will you be mine? how can you go wrong with that one? >> we all will. >> and if you are mine, just always be mine. >> there you go. >> oh, that was good. oh. [ applause ] >> i'll type that into the app. >> good job. >> speaking of love, nothing is better than, you know, man's
8:33 am
best friend, the love of a dog and it always good to give someone a hug, but since it's valentine's day, we have a special guest with us here in times square. her name is louboutina, and she's new york city's famous hugging dog racking up almost 82,000 followers on instagram. and she is here with her owner, cesar, and louboutina, come on up here with cesar. hey. [ applause ] >> hey, and louboutina is quite popular. and this all started with gerard butler. >> yes, he saw us one day holding hands and said come on, this is not for real. and that's when i posted a picture on facebook and then i got a lot of calls and text messages from my girlfriend saying like i cannot believe that loubi was licking gerard butler. then she suggested i should
8:34 am
start an instagram and that's when the story started, and she was already 3 years old when that happened. >> 82,000 followers on instagram. how did she learn how to hug? >> it's her. it's her personality. i never train her to do that and one day she just wrapped my legs and a few months after just hugging all the people. >> are you going to get a hug, michael? >> now, how does she handle all this recognition and fame? >> she love -- i mean she love the attention. she love having all these friends waiting for her now where we live in chelsea and she's just a happy puppy and, you know, she's been gaining -- we were coming out for a walk and there was in one corner eight girls waiting for her last night and she hugged all of them. >> give me this dog. [ applause ] >> hi, baby. >> so, but if every time you walk out and there's so many
8:35 am
people waiting, how long does it take for walks? >> our walks are very short in distance, but very long in time, you know. now that it's cold, i'm trying to like do maybe like an hour max but i'm freezing. i had to layer up, but in the spring and summertime, we're spending a lot of time outside. >> is there any way i can get a hug? >> let's see. she's very excited with the audience. i think she wants to go with robin now. >> probably smells lucas. >> are you wearing louboutins? >> give me a hug. you don't want to hug me? [ laughter ] >> she already has a date. a dachshund. >> and she's named after christian louboutin shoes, by the way, to all of those who wondered.
8:36 am
>> thank you. >> happy valentine's, everyone. happy valentine's. >> great dog. >> bye, baby. >> no hug from louboutina, but we do have another very special guest on this valentine's morning all getting ready for the new tale as old as time and you can hear ariana grande and john legend singing that from "beauty and the beast," and that means we have one of the stars from the film. everybody, welcome luke evans. ♪ song as old as time ♪ then somebody bends unexpectedly ♪ >> hi. hello. how are you? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. [ applause ] >> mwah. >> i didn't get a hug from louboutina. there we go. >> you got your hug. there you go. >> i got my hug right there. >> from luke evans. >> michael is my body double on "beauty and the beast." >> i would be so lucky, my friend. >> congratulations on the film and how was it to play gaston?
8:37 am
>> it's one of those jobs you just love going in to work to play. i didn't want it to finish. he's a total idiot. >> isn't he just the best? >> just so much fun. he's the lovable rogue of the village. he tries to get belle. makes a complete idiot of himself, and you see this man, this -- become a complete monster throughout the film, so it was great, and we were surrounded by amazing people. josh gad plays lefou who we love. a very funny man. makes me look funny although i'm not. >> the cast is unbelievable. i want to rattle it off because everybody, if you haven't heard about it yet, it's quite remarkable. emma watson, dan stevens from "downton abbey," also sir ian mckellen. what was that like? >> i didn't work with him on that but know him from playing gandolf in "the hobbit." so it was nice to go back and do another job although he was just a clock.
8:38 am
the clock is a very, very shakespearean place. >> we're seeing a lot of pictures from behind the scenes. everybody said you had great chemistry as friends. >> gad was telling me, you don't know your lines, luke. >> but you also -- you and josh gave us a little taste of another disney classic on the set. can we roll it, everybody, before we see the clip? this is behind the scenes. ♪ i can show you the world shining shimmering splendor ♪ ♪ tell me, princess, now when did you -- >> i like they're holding their ears. you have to do -- ♪ a whole new world don't you dare close your eyes ♪ [ applause ] >> that's good. >> that's the one behind the scenes, but with the 25th anniversary of "beauty and the beast," take a look at this clip from the new version. it's pretty great.
8:39 am
♪ who makes like gaston makes eyes like gaston ♪ ♪ he's much more than the sum of his parts gaston and yes i'm intimidating ♪ ♪ what a guy like gaston >> yeah. [ applause ] >> exciting. >> you've been in a lot of movies, "the fast and the furious," the hobbit." where does this rank? >> very near the top if not the top. it's disney, you know, you bring an animated character that people have known for so long to life and it's an honor but it's so much fun. so much fun. i couldn't go far enough with the character. you know, it was just brilliant. >> i was reading your history. i had no idea, a lot of musical theater. you were in "rent." >> and chris in "miss saigon." and i was even in "avenue q." one of the puppets. >> done it all.
8:40 am
>> done it all, yeah, so singing was my first love and i wanted to bring it back and it was nice to be able to merge the film career with the musical theater career, and this was it. this was the role, and we've been waiting almost 18 months to be able to talk to you guys about it. >> wow. >> you know, finally we have two weeks -- >> i know. >> so, no hesitation. you get this call and say play a cartoon character, i can't wait? >> almost. almost. the funny story is when they came to me with the role and we want to see as gaston, and i was like, yeah, but the beast is the best character. why didn't i get asked to play the beast. i watched it with my godchildren because i hasn't seen it for ages. and i thought, my god, this character is huge. i can do something great with this and, so, yeah, it was actually the animation, rewatching the animation that sold it to me actually watching him look at himself in the mirror and how beautiful he was to his himself. this is going to be fun. >> we can't wait to see it.
8:41 am
>> we can't wait. the anticipation is just -- you are lovely, just a lovely soul. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> it's nice to be here. >> happy valentine's. >> happy valentine, yes. >> and you can see "beauty and the beast" in theaters march 17th. we cannot wait. coming up, you guys said mama doris is here dishing out love advice. don't go anywhere. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:44 am
we are cuddling and staying warm out here on a valentine's day but we also have some exciting news. free form's "baby daddy" returning this spring with its 100th episode so to celebrate the cast got matching tattoos. yeah, you can see -- that's kind of crazy. there's derek in the foreground there. you can see season six of "baby i'm abc 7 news drew toomey with your accuweather forecast. in the afternoon, it's mild lots of sunshine into the 60s. we're dry today, rain returns thursday morning. >> so, guys, i guess that means that we have to get tattoos. we're way past the 100th episode. "gma" tattoo right there, bicep. >> oh, yeah. >> we're in. okay.
8:45 am
y'all need to buckle up. we are here now with mama doris. she is the mother of "black-ish" star anthony anderson. [ applause ] >> she's got answers this valentine's day. >> she'll answer your dating questions but first a look at mama doris, the love expert. >> yeah. >> reporter: mama knows best and she's taking over hollywood with her zingers when it comes to living life and taking her advice. >> as always, mama doris. >> reporter: meet mama doris. she's anthony anderson's real-life mom. >> i was about to say i love you. >> okay. >> ah. >> all right. >> that's a lie. >> see. see. >> reporter: you've seen them ribbing each other on "to tell the truth." >> i think she's the star. you're the co-host. you are a scorekeeper. >> are you behaving like a star? >> yes. >> reporter: and it's not just anthony who she's keeping in line. she has love advice for everyone on everything. even the bachelor. and she's willing to bet on it. >> if you're wrong, you owe me breakfast.
8:46 am
>> hell, i'll cook you dinner too. >> oh. >> so move over, cupid. mama is here to dish on love and how to find it, and you can ask her anything. [ applause ] >> and you can see, mama doris, mama doris does not hold back. it's wonderful to have you here with us. we know you're busy and you work at a senior center. how did you get off. what did you tell your boss? >> he's a great boss. i work at a senior center in bellflower. i just told him i'm coming to "good morning america" and flying to new york and i'm bringing one of your tenants, mary jane. >> oh, that's nice. >> and he told us to have a safe trip. and have fun. >> smart man. smart man and you're about to make your big debut on "black-ish," your son's show. i thought you were already on by now. >> me too. me too. >> anthony. >> call him. >> how did this feel for you when you see yourself sharing a tv screen with your son? >> oh, it's wonderful because i
8:47 am
get a check. hey! i get a check. honey. >> you like that. >> i get a check. i love it! i love it. i love my job. >> and we love you. we love having you here. so, let's get to some advice. are you ready? because we polled the audience and their number one question they want to ask mama doris. are you comfortable? >> i feel comfortable, girl. >> here it is. do you have to get your partner a valentine's day gift? 57% said yes. 40% -- well, it's changing constantly. what do you say, mama doris? >> yes, because i want one too. yes, get them a gift. [ applause ] don't you think so? >> any suggestion on the type of gift? >> whatever you want. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. get him something he needs. he always needs drawers and t-shirts, you know. >> underwear and t-shirts? >> yeah. >> nothing says love like underwear and t-shirts. >> thank you.
8:48 am
depends on what kind. >> oh, depends on what kind. i like the way you're going. i like the way you're going. >> uh-huh. >> all right, so we have a viewer video question. let's roll 'em. >> hi, mama doris, my name is maryanne, and i will like to ask you how long i should wait before texting a guy after the first date? should i text him first, or should i wait for him to text me first? >> ooh. >> don't be texting no man. girl, is she crazy? let the man call you. [ applause ] no, back in my day we didn't even have no text. you gave him a phone number. he didn't call, hey, that's his loss. [ laughter ] that's it. >> mama, is that you? that's exactly what my mom would say. >> yes. >> no texting. okay. we've got a question from our studio audience couple, ben and gretchen from new jersey. where are you, ben and gretchen? >> oh. >> there we go. >> okay.
8:49 am
>> go ahead. what's your question? >> we've been married one year. >> ah. >> congratulations. >> i want to know how we can keep the honeymoon lasting forever. >> oh, okay, girl. when he in there cooking breakfast, give him a little pinch on the butt. lots of hugs. lots of hugs. just spontaneous kissing. you know what i mean? >> keep it spicy. >> and he's going to say what's that for? just because. >> just because. >> you know. a lot of hugs. a lot of hugs. [ applause ] >> you could do that. >> i'm just imagining you gave him a little pinch. i'm just imagining. [ laughter ] >> see. there you go. >> all right, now don't go anywhere. we've got more with mama doris next so you just get comfortable. we got more. >> okay, girl. let me put my leg up. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ we are back with mama doris and she's got some more love advice, doesn't she? uh-huh. >> and i have a question for you, mama. >> is there from you? >> who knows? you know. >> okay. >> i know you're single and ready to mingle, i heard. >> that's right. >> right. >> anthony told me to go young. >> anthony told you to go young. what are you looking for in a man? >> six feet. your height. [ applause ] hey, and you got your own job and your own apartment or house. you got your own money because i ain't giving you a dime. hey, and you are no couch potato. i like to travel and look at me, i love to eat. and we got to go out and you got to like one of my sports like playing cards. dominos. that's my sport. dominos, honey. going to the casino in vegas. >> check, check, check.
8:53 am
>> anthony is going to kill me. that's all i know. >> all right. >> hey, he told me. >> we want to help one more viewer. okay, this is rachel, and it's about first dates. will you take a look? >> okay. >> mama doris, my name is rachel and my question is, should the person who asked the other person out on a first date always pay? >> oh, that's kind of tricky here nowadays. now, a man should always pay, but if a lady asks a man to pay, be expected to pay. but if he's a gentleman, he's going to pay. [ applause ] >> that's right. >> yes. yes. >> you got to reach for the -- >> the alligator arm. the alligator. >> you do the reach. nothing worse than not doing it. okay, mama doris, thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
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♪ i'm just a love machine "good morning america" is brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experience adults only unlimited luxury where everything is included. ♪ a hug and kiss machine >> mama doris is a love machine. nothing but a love machine. have a happy valentine's day. entine's day. ♪ ♪
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good morning, to you i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist drew tuma is in with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, we're quickly warming up. right now oakland approaching 60. 52 san francisco, 53 san jose and 44 in vallejo. afternoon and evening planners, sunny and mild, temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. the seven-day forecast shows you rain will return thursday morning. >> we have heavy volumes on the roads this morning. a quick check of the drive times. richmond, san rufell, you're in the green. 27 minutes westbound across the dunbarton bridge. >> i'll be back at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
remember, join us f >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from "orange is the new black" and "doubt," laverne cox. and one of the stars of the new series "big little lies," adam scott. plus, stage and screen actors john leguizamo will join kelly for the hour. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and john leguizamo! [cheers and applause] ♪


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