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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 15, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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knowledgeable about the system what he expects out of you. did have a bitter start this year. have 24 games left before playoffs, got to keep our spolt spot to get home ice come playoff time. >> depending on what reports you believe, we'rek.either very close to floyd mayweather-conor mcgregor fight. they're talking about a pay-per-view worth hundreds of millions, it would be the biggest rip off because mcgregor would not lay a glove on floyd, this is just give me my money, easy night's work. >> totally in mayweather's territory. >> yeah if they're going to box. you saw manny pacquiao i'm still upset. i want my $100 back. >> i'm on record for $100 million i'll fight the guy.
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we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thank for joining us. it's an all new show today
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"right this minute." a little girl playing with her puppy suddenly grabs it -- >> by the front legs and starts swinging it around. >> the video leading to outrage on the internet. >> tell me they got this child some help. a driver turns a vw beetle into -- >> a full grown rally race car. >> what happens when they close a public road and open up the throttle? a koala gets help during australia's heat wave. >> and let's just say, cuteness unfolded. >> the kind gesture with a cooling pack that is doing the trick. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and guys getting the digits. >> it's good! >> how the challenge to get a girl's number turns into a true bro moment. >> she's like -- click, click, click. this cute dog here is ruby. ruby is styling. look at that cute little costume. >> dogs always look like that
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when we dress them up. not amused. >> little ruby here is quite the sport, going along with what her 10-year-old owner is putting her through. >> that dog is a hostage. >> she's a playmate. >> well, you have no idea, oli, because this video goes from cute to really sad really quickly. because as she's speaking to the camera, in taiwanese she's saying my dad doesn't think this is abuse. and then she picks up the dog by the front legs and starts swinging it around. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> poor dog. >> i have a feeling the kid probably doesn't know. she probably does this with her teddy bears and dolls and thought the dog was the same way. if she says her dog says it's okay, she probably learned it from him. >> it doesn't end there. she picks it up by the hind drags, it lifts her up and she swings it trying to catch it but it doesn't make it. >> oh, my goodness.
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oh, no, no, no, honey. >> she eventually swings it and catches the dog before coming back to the camera. and the video ends. the animal rights activists saw the video and are up in arms about it angered by what they see in the video. >> tell me they got this child to help. >> it looks like authorities may be involved even though she in that moment didn't think this was abuse. and if her dad didn't think it was abuse, they are going to be reeducated on this. because according to reports, this does fall within the limits of the taiwanese anti-animal abuse laws. >>. of course it does. >> hopefully she'll learn her lesson from this and hopefully other people that see this know that this isn't okay. the way the earth works is interesting, it is tilted this way. in alaska it's -- >> windy. >> and josh is savoring it on this glacier and invented a new sport. >> that is cool. he's turned himself into a sail.
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>> yes. >> just look at that. >> that's cool. >> that looks like fun. that also is probably extraordinarily cold. >> right? >> the windchill. >> yes. >> and also, he got there using the wind. how is he going to get back? >> he'll figure it out. because we do have video of somebody shooting this, so i'm hoping they went out and got him if they got stuck. >> that's cool. >> you have to close your hands to kind of cup the hands to steer. >> whereas the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun and the southern hemisphere it's a wee bit warm, like sydney, australia, where it got to 106 degrees last week. this koala is uncomfortable, so at the zoo one of the caretakers created a cold bottle of water, stuck it to the bushes that they climb on and cuteness unfolded. >> feels so good! feels so good! >> not only do they get water bottles, sometimes frozen fruit, frozen blocks of ice and love
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pats. who doesn't like a good love pat? time to get up. >> riley is currently sailing by himself from conga to new zealand. he's pretty tired. but it's work. >> the first thing i thought about when i walked out was -- >> oh, no. >> oh, yeah. >> i had more to apply last night than this morning. i am tired of pushing different combinations on the keypad. >> this is the main form of communication with the people that are waiting for him in new zealand. it's his main source of information when it comes to the weather. and he's decided to do what technology does, it stopped working when he needs it the
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most. >> the main form of communication is the short radio. >> from the little information he had, there was potentially inclement weather heading his way. >> great. >> does he know what he's doing, though? is he actually experienced enough to undertake this journey by himself? >> yeah, it's from lead channel. we have seen this before. you know how usually he's together with elena? she's waiting for him. he's kind of worried that people are going to stop worrying about him. but they realize there is something they can do if they think about it. >> because i have the ios, i might be able to track my location. >> that stands for the automatic identify system to give position, course speed and a whole range of things. you just have to type in the pin code that represents his vessel. but he doesn't know if anyone knows to look for it. but as he's thinking through this problem, you suddenly hear a conversation coming from the
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shortway radio. this is two of the vessels having a short-way radio conversation within range. he doesn't want to polite so he quietly waits his turn. >> operation, operation, citing vegabond. copy? >> they don't seem to be responding. they are just out of range it seems. i got dialed up and hope to catch them later on. >> as he got closer he managed to take contact. because of that contact, the people in the other vessel actually e-mailed elena on his behalf to let them know he's fine, don't worry, the phone is down but they were able to get him a weather update. >> likely 20 knots before we get there for sure. but it looks like they are pushing down into the territory with the weather group anyway. >> excellent. >> in the end, it was all good news. the weather is okay. there was a happy ending.
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you can see him and elena are finally reunited. kimberly bower who watches on abc 7 in new york city and ray hathaway who watches on 6 abc in philadelphia are the latest winners of the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. >> you can win, too. all you need is tuesday's buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" mini ipad give away. we all have our own sports heroes, a lot of sports heroes throw a ball, that kind of nonsense. some sports heroes have wheels between their hands! this is one of my favorite out there ever. give this guy a steering wheel or any wheel at all and tanner can drive the wheels right off. here he is in the rock star energy drink volkswagen beetle, which i always thought to be kind of like a girl's first car.
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>> first car. >> the second car was the '67 mustang fast pass. that's a girl's car. >> gayle, you are much cooler than the girls in this car. he's tossing it from side to side on the road. this is one of those roads that you look at and know, boy, if only they could close it, we could have a lot of fun. that's exactly what they did here for tanner. tanner is also one of the top gears of america. he's a master. look at this -- straighten it back out. >> he must have -- >> that is a fun look at what tanner, one of my heroes, does for work. i would love to learn from him. this is just a clip from a larger video they put together profiling tanner and all the different types of race cars that he drives, whether it be rally cars, drift cars,
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closed captioning provided by -- ack pain with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. parents have seen this look before. the child unamused. but oh the emotions that will unveil. somebody is picking up in a truck. momma is taping and daughter is like, oh, come on. >> i don't presume they are giving her a truck for her birthday. she's too young. >> she has not asked for a truck yet. she asked for something else and is about to get it. >> no way! >> oh, cute. >> that is a little lab they named lola. >> she cares not about that
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anymore. >> this puppy is 8 weeks. >> is it mine? oh my gosh! >> this family bred their dog with another dog. that dog had a bunch of puppies and she wanted the one chocolate female lab they had. but the agreement the owner had was, whenever we have the puppies, we are keeping the chocolate lab. but when the owner called, they said, yeah. >> i'm about to improve your mood here. five yorkie pups trying to walk. >> their eyes aren't fully open but they are still trying to climb around each other. >> that is incredible. they are the cutest little puppies. >> i just want to rub my face in them. >> that's when you say, i'll have them all. it's adorbs. daredevils are of a different breed.
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i will never understand them, but i will always watch their videos. and this viral video u.k. clip, you see this fellow in europe and he steps to the edge of the tower. >> he's above europe, let's be clear. >> i'll give you that pettigrew. put the arms out in front, let's go. >> whoa. >> wow! >> he somersaults through the air, pulls his chute. >> how do you even see to land after scrambling your brains like that? >> i don't know. but he spots his target and he nails it. >> tada! >> he clearly scouted out his landing and knew where he was going. >> as you're falling, you spot the landing. >> i see all of that down there. and i want to be a part of it. >> yeah, bro. no kidding. >> he takes a big sigh of relief
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and is like, ha ha ha. >> that face right there, right there, that's the rush. >> now you got to pack your chute. >> and change your underwear. if you've got a sweet tooth, we've got the perfect treat for you. the guys over at my virgin kitchen are going to take these to the opposite extreme. if that's fun-sized, then wait until you see what they go ahead and make. watch them take fun-size to super size. >> whoa! plus, don't change the channel, the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini is next. is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression.
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a stressful day deserves a restful night. some things in life are common sense, especially if you pay attention. pay attention to this video. tell me what you would do in this circumstance. >> go home. >> great idea. it's foggy, you can tell there's cars on the road. you can barely see the car in front of you. >> slow down. put on your fog lights and be very aware. oh, no! oh, wow! >> did he make it? >> that was a nice move. >> he did manage to suddenly hit a pile-up. every time it's like, oh, snap! look at that! there was another pile-up that was massive. according to reports 32 people were injured and 5 were taken on to the hospital with serious injuries. 76 vehicles were involved. and 100 police officers, 70
2:01 am
firefighters responded to this incident. can you imagine? >> where was this? >> this is in poland. >> a polish insurance company just went bankrupt. and from that video, we head over to this one from the dash cam owner from australia. we are riding with a driver of this big truck. as we get out of this tunnel, notice this truck right here. it's about to pick up a hitchhiker. it has a flat bed in the back. >> oh, i see it already. >> yep, yep. >> oh! >> it looks like he checked over his left and was looking at his right mirror for some reason. >> i can tell you where he wasn't looking and that is up ahead past the car in front of you. >> in an instant he's on his bike to completely loaded up in the back of that truck. >> at least he's okay. at least he has a tow. >> well, you'll be happy to know he was okay. i got a sweet tooth. and for years, i've been really
2:02 am
disappointed by how small everything has become. >> little snickers are delicious, too. >> the guys over at my virgin kitchen are going to take these to the opposite extreme. if that's fun-sized, then wait until you see what they go ahead and make. the boys first start with shopping for the proper mold. then they buy all the ingredients, chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts. it's a ton because they are going huge. first they start with the nougat. that looks delicious. i would will done and just happy with that. >> and a spoon. >> exactly. >> oh, many i gosh, these are guys are amazing. they are using the kitchen tools like prose. >> i like how they divided up the bin to keep the scale correct. >> yep. so they don't wind up with one hunk of nougat compared to one piece of caramel. >> my mouth is watering and i'm eating a piece of chocolate. >> that would be the hardest part, unwrapping all the
2:03 am
different chocolates. >> that's the hardest part, unwrapping the caramels. then it's time to pour the mold. the chocolate is first, then they layer everything else on top and let it sit overnight. this entire process took two days. and tada! that's a two-foot-long snickers they created at home. this is the largest ever. they cut it apart and how does it taste? >> sort of snickers. >> there you have it. it looks delicious and i want a bite. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> then over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. it's device. >> so get on over to, click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzz word, device. d-e-v-i-c-e.
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>> later this week we'll have bonus giveaways. one winner will receive an amazon echo. good luck, everybody. tune in. getting a girl's number not always easy. >> can i get your number? please? >> but watch happens when they score the digits. >> i got the number! [ screams ] >> whoo!
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hate to say it, but when i was younger, we would have this little game. we would have the game and i would play along and make them mad. they see who gets the most numbers for the night, right? on the whatever youtube channel, they are celebrating. he asks for her number, hands off his phone, as she's putting her number in the phone --
2:07 am
>> [ cheers ] >> that -- yes. well done. yes. >> and now she has his phone. how about getting it back? >> it's like the soccer team celebrating a goal. >> i'm upset with this, though. he didn't want her number, he was just making a good video. >> no, no, no, he just got the number. that's the icing on the cake when you do this. >> when you have a sense of humor, you gave him your number and he's got a sense of humor, it's a win-win. >> she sees that happening and is like, delete, delete. >> can i get your number? >> i'm around this weekend if you want to hang out maybe. >> new to the area, having a party, maybe week meet friends. >> maybe i can hav


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