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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 15, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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roadblocks are down, we saw lights on in the restaurant across the parking lot. of course the return to normal started yesterday afternoon when people were told that they were allowed to return home. some 200,000 people had been ordered to leave on sunday. now that mandatory evacuation order lifted, they're starting to trickle back into town. many of them have been staying in temporary shelters or hotels more than an hour away. some of them said they are worried they could have to leave again. >> we're not sure if we're going to keep our vehicles packed up and ready to go or go ahead and completely unpack, you know? just not quite sure about that one yet. >> i'm still a little wary on it because i don't know with the rain coming in if we're going to go back into evacuation. so we've got everything still packed up. >> reporter: meanwhile, work continues to shore up the oroville dam's crumbling emergency spillway ahead to have the rain expected late tonight.
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40 trucks per hour carrying big rocks, sandbags, and concrete down the damaged emergency spillway, that dirt hillside, while water continues cascading down the concrete main spillway. water managers said they had just enough of a chance to inspect that main spillway and they're confident it will hold as they empty water out of the lake to prevent the emergency spillway from being needed again. the lake level down about 22 feet from its highest point on sunday, halfway to the state water department's goal of 50 feet. of course the permanent fix will be a long and expensive one and so we learned late yesterday that the federal government has approved governor brown's request for emergency disaster assistance in speeding up that process. live in oroville, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. california lawmakers in the white house say the oroville crisis is highlighting the danger posed by the nation's aging infrastructure. congressman displayed photos on
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the house floor as he spoke about the risk of a catastrophic failure. he asked congress to choose wisely between hot-button projects and infrastructure spending. >> choices about building a $30 billion wall rather than repairing bridges. we know that dams are in jeopardy. we should never delay these infrastructure investments. >> there are estimates that fixing and maintaining the infrastructure in california alone could cost $65 billion. we sent out a breaking news alert when the evacuation order was lifted for people near oroville. you could be the first to know news as it happens by downloading our free abc7 news app. make sure you enable push alerts and you can get that for both apple and android devices. work is underway again this morning on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. heavy equipment returned to continue clearing a mudslide that's blocking the northbound lanes near scotts valley. caltrans is hoping to keep the problem from getting worse. the southbound lanes have been converted to two-way traffic.
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it was put on old after a deadly accident. 54-year-old robert gill died when a dump truck backed over him. another worker was also injured. abc7 news has learned the coast guard is going to issue a warning today, telling people to watch out for debris. the coast guard says debris is floating down through san pablo bay from the sacramento delta after big storms and high water and it's creating some pretty big hazards. check out what washed up at pier 3 in san francisco. a giant floating blob of debris. it's all over the berkeley marina too. reeds at -- not really sure what that is. according to the marin ij, a bay ferry recently damaged its propellor. two robbery suspects apparently gave police the slip. look at this. sky7 over the search last night. it started with an attempted robbery in berkeley. it turned into a police pursuit
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into oakland. the suspects hit another car about a block from rock ridge b.a.r.t. station. they crashed and ran off into the neighborhood. police stopped b.a.r.t. service for about 20 minutes while they searched and eventually called it off around 11:00 last night. san francisco police are looking for three young men accused of beating an 18-year-old with his own skateboard. it's not clear right now what provoked this attack. that teenager is in critical condition. people who live and work in the area say that intersection has long been a hot bed for violence. >> that particular entrance to the park is a place where people hang out who sell drugs and who are violent. so, it doesn't surprise me that something happened there, and it's tragic. >> in june, a homeless couple was charged with torturing a man whose body was found in the park's lake and there have been several stabbings and shootings in the area over the past few years. this morning, police in concord need your help finding a
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missing man. this is dante marshall. he was seen last night after he walked away from his care home. no word if the 37-year-old suffers from a medical condition but the police are asking the public to keep an eye out. he wears glasses. he was last seen wearing a light blue sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. president trump is going to meet with prime minister netanyahu at the white house. abc's stephanie ramos reports from washington. >> reporter: details are still emerging from the resignation of general michael flynn. >> the evolving and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation and a series of other questionable instances is what led the president to ask for general flynn's resignation. >> reporter: we've now learned president trump knew about flynn's conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. for nearly three weeks and also knew that flynn deceived the vice president and the public about those calls.
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intelligence agents had them listening in on the ambassador's calls and discovered that sanctions were discussed. the justice department told the white house that flynn wasn't telling the truth and believed russia could blackmail flynn by threatening to expose his lie. it wasn't until friday that flynn changed his story and apologized to the vice president for misleading him. on air force one that night, the president was asked about it. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> reporter: by monday night, flynn's resignation letter was received. and it wasn't just general flynn talking to russian officials. sources tell abc news u.s. authorities were concerned about contact between several trump associates and suspected russian intelligence officials. stephanie ramos, abc news washington. the chief executive of san francisco bay's clothing maker gap will be meeting with president trump today. ceo art pack and executives from seven over large outlets are expected to make a case against
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the proposal to tax imports. they claim it will raise prices and hurt their businesses. the ceos of autozone, best buy, target, walgreens, jcpenney will all be last fall, smart officials had tried to prevent 80 tankers containing 2 million gallons of liquefied petroleum gas from being stored on tracks. officials called them a major public health threat. a tentative agreement was reached as long as certain terms and conditions are met. marin county supervisors have unanimously approved a resolution that imposes new overnight parking restrictions, that's according to the marin ij. the ordinance is a crackdown on people living in their vehicles parked on the street. the new restrictions affect portions of the lameda park
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neighborhood. the ordinance takes effect after february 23. violators could be fined $100 for every violation. the highway patrol is warning that snow could close roads in the sierra. the chp tweeted this photo showed plowed snow along highway 89. look how high that is piled up. they warn the road could close as another storm moves in tomorrow. and in accuweather, in fact, a winter storm watch in effect for the sierra, up to 1 foot is expected in the next 24 hours. the rain not returning today. it's tomorrow morning. so, one final day of dry weather. 51 in san jose, good morning, it's mild out there. 54 in san francisco, same in alameda, good mrning calistoga, you're at 51 degrees. no issues in terms of weather for your wednesday morning commute. today, it will be mild. you'll notice, though, fair amount of cloud cover compared
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to yesterday. then tomorrow and into friday, the rain returns and cooler temperatures arrive. in fact, our rain chances the next seven days, you're good today. you're dry. the rain gear returns tomorrow and you're going to need it at least through tuesday. on the storm impact scale, tomorrow is 1, but prepare for the thursday morning commute tomorrow to be slow as showers and brief heavy rain moves through. so the storm door gets opened again tomorrow. how's the roads looking right now? we are looking really dark on the bay bridge this morning. in fact, i'm kind of floating in the middle of this camera. we'll take a look at this. we do have a little bit more information. we talked to chp just a couple moments ago. they said they have been in touch with caltrans. it is some type of an electrical issue here on the bridge so there are no street lamps. sounds like it stretches beyond treasure island as you head east so they're on the scene, they are investigating it. not sure how long the lights are going to be off for the bay
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bridge commute. taking a look at the big picture here for traffic maps, we are dry this morning so certainly enjoying that while it lasts. it will not be the case tomorrow or friday and of course that raises concerns for state route 37. we are still closed both directions here between atherton and 101 due to flooding and they're doing that emergency road repair too, trying to elevate that roadway a bit so they can avoid all the flooding here as the rain continues to push into the area so definitely closed this morning. chp will be on the scene helping to provide traffic control. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. a couple goes for a walk with their dog along the san francisco bay when disaster happens. the all-out efrlt to rescue their pet from the freezing water. it's an average-looking office building on the outside but looks are deceiving. what police say was really going what police say was really going
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major developments into the live desk in the death of the half brother of south korean leader kim jong un. police in malaysia announced they have arrested a woman in his assassination believed to be some sort of secret agent. the 29-year-old was using vietnamese travel documents and reportedly wearing a shirt with "lol" on the front. yesterday, kim jong-nam, once rumored to be the regime's heir
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apparent, was poisoned while boarding a flight to macau to visit family and right now i'm checking on reports of a police news conference this morning. we're hoping to get more information then as well as when autopsy results will be released. strange details, thank you, jessica. well, thank goodness a dog is doing just fine this morning after a dramatic rescue from san francisco bay. a couple's tiny dog fell into the water of the pier 27 last night. the couple was visibly shaken as a fire quickly responded but they could not see the pooch from land so they launched a fire boat. firefighters spotted the dog, pulled it out, and reunited it with its grateful owners. the south county courthouse in morgan hill will reopen this morning after it was evacuated because of a suspicious package. sky7 overhead yesterday afternoon as two bomb squad robots tore the package apart. deputies were suspicious after spotting what they said looked like a dense metal object with wires. the santa clara sheriff's department says they found nothing dangerous inside.
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some new news about hiv this morning. according to the cdc, the number of overall infections in the u.s. dropped 18% between 2008 and 2014. more than half were among people who were iv drug users. the decline is due in part to efforts to increase awareness and effective treatment. one group saw an increase. 25 to 34-year-old gay and bisexual men. infection rates actually jumped 35% over the six-year san francisco city attorney wants to shut down a massage parlor that he says is really just a front for a brothel. the city has filed a lawsuit. the suit points to several citations over the past six years and evidence from an undercover investigation by police. not everyone is surprised by what the city attorney says was going on inside of that center. >> i'm not going to expose my friends but i have heard a few stories. some risky business going on in there. >> i didn't expect
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>> investigators always fouso f elaborate warning system in the building in case there were raids. moving on. a big mess in san francisco is all cleaned up this morning after the annual valentine's day pillow fight. >> wayne freedman takes us into the middle of all that madness. >> reporter: in the rush to get home, a bell tolls for st. valentine's night in san francisco. lovers bearing flowers, happy couples strolling hand in hand and in some cases, bold intimations of future pillow talk. >> pillow talk is sharing your feelings. >> reporter: so what kind of pillow talk is this? in justen herman plaza, who said what? how did it go so horribly wrong? >> are you a surgeon? >> no. >> reporter: time again for the most distressing of san francisco traditions, the valentine's night spontaneous
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pillow fight. >> so sad. >> reporter: the people who have to resort to this. >> the feeling of just being with everyone and hitting. >> this is my husband. >> reporter: and you're fighting each other? >> yes. >> reporter: self-counseling, it appears. >> i can take out all the years of aggression right now. >> reporter: should someone separate them? you weren't an arranged marriage, were you? >> yes. it's arranged marriage. >> reporter: and this is what came of it. >> it's the best way to go. >> reporter: maybe it's best to just leave them alone. even the authorities kept their distance. be a private matter. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: you sure? >> yeah. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> still a lot of feathers on that ground. >> what just happened? so, married couples can go there? i didn't know that. >> i thought it was for the single lonely hearts. we should have gone.
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>> hi, alexis. the lights are out and somebody's home. yeah, that is kind of what's going on right now. here's a look at the bay bridge on the western side as you head into san francisco and we are trying to really get to the bottom of this. it sounds like nobody really kno knows at this point. we've got an electrical issue that is causing the lights to be out on the bay bridge. it started off on the western span and it's extended beyond the treasure landsliisland tunn. past the metering lights, those lights are still on, unfortunately, you are still going to get caught there once those turn on but once you make it to the tower and towards the incline, they are off. just use caution. i definitely am keeping a close eye on that. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, just 36 minutes ffr for you, not bad there, southbound 680, that was a rough commute yesterday, dublin to mission boulevard, only 15 minutes and northbound 85, you're still in the green as well. let's check in with drew tuma with a look at the forecast and
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the r word, the rain is coming back. i think everyone is just done with the wet weather but the storm door is going to open once again tomorrow. live doppler 7 along with satellite changes already headed our way. you'll notice a little bit more cloud cover in the sky. the rain, though, that you see in northern california, going to hold off until tomorrow morning. so outside we go. day planner, we'll see clouds thicken throughout the day. however, it will be a mild afternoon once again. nice south wind bumping us into the 60s. storm impact scale comes back tomorrow, it's a 1, a light system thursday morning with showers, brief, heavy rain. we will see minor issues with flooding possible. hour-by-hour, 3:00 in the morning, starting in the north bay with the heavy rain. by 5:00, alexis is going to be busy tomorrow tracking the delays as the heavy rain coming down reaching the south bay. the good news, though, it's a pretty quick moving system. by 9:00, we tracking the tail end of those showers so bring the rain gear tomorrow morning.
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thank you for the warning. vta is trying to make a love connection. the misplaced love letter that the transit agency hopes it can reunite with the person who wrote it. also a close call for actor harrison ford not on a movie set, in real life. why he's now under investigation by the faa. and larry beil heading to new orleans for the nba all-star game. warriors stars steph curry, kevin durant, klay thompson and draymond green are all part of the team. now this morning's "tech bytes." >> facebook is looking to go head to head with youtube. >> the social media giant is planning to release a stand alone tv app. the app will allow users to watch videos from their friends. >> for the rich and impatient, check out the world's first commercial flying car. >> the car complies with all air and road safety regulations around the world but you'll need a pilot's license and nearly
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$400,000. deliveries will start at the end of next year. >> that might be worth it to pass up the traffic jams. >> and from nokia, what some are calling the biggest tech comeback of all time, the return of the nokia 3310, also affectionately called the brick. it was almost indestructible. it was almost indestructible. >> it will sell for abo
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a live look at san francisco international airport this morning where the second longest runway is going to be repaved. the airport is warning the work will cause some delays, joy, for us the traveler. repaving will begin at the end of march. crews will also upgrade the runway lights, add a new taxiway and improve an existing one. runway 28l is mostly used for arriving flights. the faa investigating a plane incident involving harrison ford. it happened monday at john wayne airport in orange county. officials say the actor flew his single engine plane over and too close to a loaded passenger jet before landing on a tack cyway instead of a runway. no one was hurt. authorities say ford may have violated federal flight regulations and this isn't the first time the 74-year-old has had a landing incident. two years ago, ford crash landed a plane and broke his leg. in 2000, he scraped a runway and in 1999, ford crash landed a helicopter. okay.
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i don't think i'm going to be jumping in any aircraft with him any time soon. taking a look at the bay bridge here. here's a look at really kind of a strange sight. this is where we've got the lights out. we've got some type of a power issue. it's in san francisco and then it stretches all the way back to the east bay so it is not impacting the metering lights. those lights are still on. but once you make it past that t to the tower, that's where they are dark, not heavy volumes at this point. but if that is going to be a long-term issue, it could impact us as we get a little bit further into the morning. also a reminder, no ace rail service again today. that's due to the poor condition of the tracks so washouts, rain, rapid snow melt, that all has been a major challenge. you're going to have to seek alternate transportation today. should be back with normal service tomorrow. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. good morning. good morning, alexis. and we're tracking one final completely dry day today before we track rain in the seven ay forecast. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a fair amount of high cloud cover
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overhead and you notice a little bit of green on the screen. it will not fall and hit the ground today. what it's doing, prepping our atmosphere for the rain that will arrive tomorrow morning. it's mild out there with the cloud cover, a lot of spots in the 50s so your day planner will focus on a lot of cloud recovery throughout the day. however, it's another mild day out there. going into the 60s once again in the afternoon. you don't need the umbrella today. you need it tomorrow. accuweather 7 day forecast, we're tracking morning rain on thursday, again on friday in the morning with our next storm and the weekend right now looks to be saturday morning and sunday night with the rain. so good stretch of dry weather this just in the middle of the weekend, guys. best in show at the 141st annual west minister kennel club dog show, the german shepherd. >> rumor has it at the west minister dog show. that's the name of the dog. rumor, a female german shepherd from wisconsin won best in show last night. she beat out a pack of polish,
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well coiffed canines. they are looking forward to puppies in the future. >> do they get married? >> i hope so. here's a sweet story. it's about a valentine in search of a recipient. thank you for coming into my life. that is how this handwritten love letter starts. it was left on a train a few days ago and it's addressed to my babe. no name there. the transit agency posted this letter on facebook and twitter yesterday. vta hopes to find the writer and get the letter delivered to its intended recipient and i guess a very public love letter now. >> maybe it was from rumor because she's looking for a man. next at 5:00, lawmakers are looking to pass a bill. one couple caught our attention among the 188,000 vehicles. look at this. plus at the live desk, i continue looking into this big crash here in san francisco on eddie and van ness. we're getting more information
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from the news room. i'll let you know what police are saying this morning. amazon at it again. they just filed a new patent for this. this. it's supposed to help
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it is 5:00 a.m. people impacted by the oroville dam crisis waking up in their own beds again this morning after mandatory evacuation orders were lifted. you're looking at a live picture from downtown oroville as that community tries to are return to normalcy. now the attention is on three different storms headed right their way. >> not over yet. the messy weather we've had now impacting the bay right here. the coast guard plans on issuing a warning about it today. we


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