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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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since i last saw you, this has become a more active scene. officers are speaking with someone out there. not sure if that is someone with the million examiner's office or the homicide unit out here. they're checking out vehicles and they're checking out this vehicle in particular that crashed into another vehicle and pushed it up on to the sidewalk, crashing into a tree as well. a person was found dead inside a personhat vehicle.ead inside air bags went off. they were deployed. the officers are also dealing with people coming down and getting their vehicles out from within the taped off scene so they're having to deal with the residents of this area coming out and trying to leave for work this morning. this happened at about 2:15 this morning. they arrived and found that person in the vehicle. that person died from head trauma. they are trying to figure out exactly what happened here that led to what happened here on the sidewalk. the officers say they do not have a time line for how long they're going to be out here investigating but the homicide detail is here. the medical examiner's office is here as well. they're going to continue their
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investigation. eddy street is blocked off here at van ness. i'm going to continue to get more details and bring you the latest. now we turn to the weather. >> abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma in for mike nicco this morning. there is rain in the forecast. >> luckily not today. one final dry day today. we have a live look at sfo just checked, we have no delays at our area airports. the weather cooperating this morning. you'll notice, though, a fair amount of cloud cover in the sky this afternoon compared to yesterday. but despite that, we're going to be mild in the afternoon and mid to upper 60s. that's weather. let's get a check of traffic. somebody got the pg&e bill paid and we have the lights back on for the bay bridge this morning. it was totally dark this morning for about an hour and a half. it was actually an electrical issue that caltrans solved there. quick check of drive times. westbound 80, ab17 across the
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bay bridge and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo you are in the green at 17 minutes. take a look at some lingering weather-related closures coming up. happening today, a warning going out from the coast guard about the sheer amount of debris making its way into our water. and this is a direct result from our recent storms. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live with the issues that debris is causing. >> reporter: hi, reggie. they're putting out this warning because they want to protect boaters and their boats. some in the berkeley marina that have already been damaged, also a big ferry, a bay ferry had to return to its terminal in vallejo because its propellor was damaged but this warning is a two-way street. the coast guard wants something from you as well. here is what's happening. these boats are running into big masses of trash. the coast guard says it's all because of the rains that we've been having. it's coming down from the san pablo bay. really coming down from the delta, the sacramento delta,
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through the san pablo bay and then ending up here in our san francisco bay. boaters saying they're running into trash, but that's not all. >> well, there's a lot of plant matter right now. it's some sort of a reed like from the wetlands or something, big wraps of it but it's all sort of a thin, kind of small. >> reporter: you can even see masses of debris from afar. look at that dark blob visible from the richmond-san rafael bridge. now, a big cluster like that gives boaters a chance to maybe steer around it and that's why the coast guard wants to put that warning out today so you can keep an eye out for that but they want something from you as well. if you see floating hazards in the bay, they're hoping you will report it so they can try and get all this cleared out and keep everyone safe. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. on to developing news. evacuees are returning home after two long days out of their homes. the work is continuing on the
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oroville dam. new video from chp shows crews dropping 1200 tons of rocks at the lip of emergency spillway. they're hoping to get it shored up ahead of several storms that are headed our way. meantime, some of the people evacuated are starting to come back. this is a live look downtown in oroville this morning. we're used to seeing this area look like a ghost town but cars on the road, some businesses have their lights on today. mandatory evacuation orders were lifted yesterday, but officials are asking everyone to remain vigilant. >> i'm concerned. i mean, i'm okay with going home, however i'm concerned with them not being as truthful as they should be. i think they're lifting it, you know, just so people aren't freaking out and getting upset. >> fema approved governor brown's request for federal assistance yesterday. the water level is down more than 18 feet since sunday. the goal, though, remains to have it down 50 feet by the end of the weekend by using just the main spillway.
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the oroville dam emergency raising questions now about california's aging infrastructure. the last report from the american society of civil engineers estimates it would cost the state $65 billion per year to fix and maintain dams, bridges, and old roads. this is all blamed on years of neglect. in its 2013 report card, the group said the state needs to spend nearly $3 billion per year for a decade to protect state residents from floods. the group releases its report card every four years and the next one is coming out next month. san leandro police are looking for the gunman or gunmen who shot and killed a father right in front of his own family. this past sunday, wardell taliaferro, his wife, their baby and a 5-year-old were driving along marina boulevard when another driver shot taliaferro in the head. police say it appears to be a case of road rage. his wife jumped in the driver's seat and drove him to the near
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hospital. >> as for a husband and a provider and family, brother, he was definiterily et. he loved everybody. >> police say they don't have many leads. if anyone has information, you're asked to contact san leandro police. i am still tracking major developments into our live desk in the death of the half brother of south korean leader kim jong un. north korean leaders paying respects in malaysia. just this morning, police in malaysia arrested a woman in his assassination believed to be a secret agent. she was using vietnamese travel documents and reportedly wearing a shirt with "lol" on the front. yesterday, kim jong-nam, died after he was injected with a poisonous substance at the malaysian airport. happening today, president trump is hosting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at
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the white house. both men have declared their mutual support and outlined similar views on the israeli/palestinian conflict. both israelis and palestinians claim jerusalem or at least parts of it as their capital. later this morning, abc news is going to have a special report. that starts at 9:00 a.m. right here on abc7. we're also going to stream it for you live on our abc7 news app and on our website. the small group of protesters gathered outside the federal detention center in tacoma, washington, last night and they're demanding the release of a 23-year-old named daniel ramirez medina. he has filed a lawsuit claiming that he is proekted from deportation. documents say he came from mexico when he was 7 years old. as he got older, he qualified for the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca.
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immigration officials say ramirez is a self-admitted gang member and a risk to public safety. . some oracle employees say they were forced to pay back salaries after the money was already in their bank accounts. what they now want from the redwood city-based tech giant. plus new video showing a self-driving car navigating bay area roads in the rain. area roads in the rain. why this dri
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good morning. time now 6:11 a.m. want to take you to the peninsula where we have temperature temperatures good morning foster city. the wider picture show you it's not quite chilly out there in terms of february numbers. 50 right now, 53 oak, 51 san jose. and napa, currently 53 degrees so today you'll notice a lot of cloud cover. it will be a mild day and it will be a dry day. 64 san francisco, 65 behind oakland, 68, san jose, 64 the high in vallejo. rain returns tomorrow morning. we'll detail that in about six minutes but first let's check on the roadways. >> not looking forward to that rain in several areas, including state route 37. that is skill closed right now due to flooding. chp providing traffic control
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once again today but already starting to see those delays build on the westbound side and approaching atherton as well. southbound 680, walnut creek to dublin, wide open, 14 minutes, just slight delays, southbound 101, santa rosa to san francisco but check this one out. northbound 17 between highway 1 and los gatos, 1 hour, 33 minutes, that's of course all due to the slide at vine hill. traffic getting by one direction in each -- one lane each direction, i should say. we'll check drive times coming up next. a health alert for anyone with extra pounds, the best and worst places where your body stores fat. stores fat. plus three men when did mixing food, stores fat. plus three men with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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6:15. take a look at this incredible video. three men helping to rescue a teenage girl after she fell into a freezing cold lake in maine. officials say the 16-year-old was on the back of a snow mobile when it ran into open water and she was thrown off. the driver of the snow mobile dove into it flijd water twice but he couldn't reach her. three good samaritans rushed in to help. the york county sheriff's office commended the men for their heroic actions. oracle accused of cheating workers out of millions of dollars. according to the sf gate. lawyers for a former sales person say they cheated the workers by retroactively cutting
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the sales commission rates and deducting them. oracle is now being sued for $150 million on behalf of more than 1,000 employees. an oracle spokesperson says the company denies the allegations and will defend against them. self-driving cars have been on the streets of the bay area for quite some time but we're getting our first look at how these cars do in the rain. autonomous driving start-up released this. it shows one of the cars navigating the streets of mountain view during a recent storm. the driver isn't touching the wheel but the windshield wipers did go on. says this video is significant because it is very hard to teach self-driving cars to master difficult weather conditions. the california public utilities commission will host a public workshop in san francisco on friday about criminal background checks for uber and lyft drivers. city officials have said third party background checks used by uber and lyft do not do enough
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because they only look at names and social security numbers, compared to taxi cabs that use the fingerprints and the department of justice's database. friday's workshop will be held on van ness avenue at 10:00 a.m. despite all they've been through, a couple is now happily married after fellow evacuees and the community threw them a wedding. their marriage had been ten years in the making. >> this is not their marriage video. this is just video -- file video it have why don't you come back out to me and i can tell you theped to get valentine's day. there we go. the oroville dam crisis put quite a stop to their plans. they were forced out of their home on sunday. so they put everything on hold, not for long because people heard their stories, evacuees became their wedding planners, officials at the shelter where they were staying did the rest. they put out a call to the community and donations started pouring in and the happy couple finally said "i do." >> i know we had our ups and
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downs too and i will always love you. >> henry, you may kiss your bride. >> and everything you see there, the music, and flowers, the wedding dress, the tux, all donated by members of the community. the love, very much theirs, though. >> you know, it's nice to see something good come out of something that was really so horrible. >> we've seen birthday parties, this, people really banding together. >> that's my favorite story of the day. i love that. >> now you're going to tell us more rain is coming. i'm just the messenger but today we're tracking at least bun dry day but we have storms until the forecast after today. live doppler 7 showing you we are dry overhead and you're thinking, why is he saying we're dry? there's rain. i know it looks close and we do have this storm but this is thursday's storm that we are tracking. the rain off the coast, a lot of it's going to evaporate before it moves over. it's got to kind to prep the atmosphere. moisten it back up before we
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start to see any of these showers move there. peeks of sunshine in the south bay. your day planner show you the cloud increase throughout the day, ahead of the storm system tomorrow. it's a mild day. look at this. sunshine but still in the mid to up e upper 60s today so you'll feel that. storm impact scale for tomorrow's storm is a 1. it's a light system. it's really just the timing of this storming coming right in the thursday morning rush so expect showers, brief heavy rain, it's going to be a slow go tomorrow. accuweather 7 day forecast going to show you, enjoy the mild day today. it's dry. the rain returns tomorrow morning and there you go. on and off showers at least through next tuesday. that's weather. let's check in with alexis. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had those metering lights on since 5:25 this morning. just got a report of a minor crash within the backup there. i did just see chp escort someone off into the parking lot there on the right so i think that cleared fairly quickly but yes, you are definitely slow
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through the maze and slow on southbound 680 through the walnut creek stretch too. you can see a lot of brake lights starting to fill in but no blocking incidents for you. if you were with us at 4:30 this morning and into much of the next hour, we had an issue on the bay bridge, the lights totally off, some type of electrical issue, that is no longer the case. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 30 minutes, southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, that is still in the green at just nine minutes. so far, mass transit looking pretty good this morning. one major issue, though. we'll talk about that coming up next. looks better with the lights on. next, it's time to ask finney. if you're an entrepreneur, what you happened to watch out for. the ads that we see on facebook are about to get a lot facebook are about to get a lot more
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let us know what you think about this next story. if you ever sneak on to facebook at work, you may not be able to get away it for much longer and this is why. you know how videos on your feed out play right now and they're silent? starting today, they're going to autoplay with sound. facebook says the sound will fade in and fade out as you
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scroll through your feed and eeliminate the silent movie effect you're currently getting. if you don't want sound, if your phone or computer have the audio turned off, facebook will not override the mute setting on your computer or phone. >> nope. >> not here for that. >> no. tame know to ask finney. jillian from concord has a question about marketing. >> she spoke to us at our event in walnut creek. "7 on your side's" michael finney has her answer. >> my question is if you have any tips for marketing a small business that is new. >> hey, jillian, that is a toughest part of starting a new business. the internet, you know, it's filled with marketing gurus who want to teach you how to market for a price. i don't want you to fall for those high-dollar come ones. instead, hit networking events at your local chamber of commerce and online. social media is part of any marketing plan nowadays. you know that. but make sure you're giving information when you're on social media that's actually useful and not just a constant
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selling all the time. be careful with discounts and promotions. they often only bring in bargain hunters who won't stay with you in the long-term. and the next time you get to ask a question on tv, make sure you sneak in the name of your business. jillian, good luck, and thanks for your question. >> come through, michael finney. >> that was just a little piece of advice from him to you. look at that. >> if you have a question for michael, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media using #askfinney or head to how many of us suffer from that belly fat? there is a new study that suggests the genes responsible for belly fat are also linked to heart disease and diabetes. if you are brokprone to extra l handles, you may be prone to other less visible conditions. >> people who tend to carry their fat as belly fat right in here and that fat, we think, is a little riskier. there are other people who tend
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to carry more of their fat down here on their legs. >> absolutely. >> that's subcutaneous fat or fat under the skin. it's less likely to be hoernlly active. it's less likely than the belly fat to put you at risk. >> he is pinpointing a few things you can do to lower your risk. he's going to break it all down for us on "good morning america" at 7:00. it's a boy. american girl is set to release its first male doll tomorrow. and check out his name. logan everett. how 2017 is that? american girl says the boy character has been a top request for decades from fans. it's taken them a long time to get this. logan plays drums for another doll trying to make it big in nashville. of course he does. besides the doll, you also get a variety of clothing to make sure logan always looks sharp. the 18-inch figures will sell for $115. >> i mean, american girl dolls are -- american boy dolls are
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always very expensive. >> i mean, i wanted a mu buddy doll as a kid but i never said it out loud until now. next, a race against time in the santa cruz mountains. what crews are doing right now to prevent another landslide. plus elon musk now responding to reports of poor working conditions at tesla's fremont plant. what he is promising employees. and there are cars on the road and in the drive-through. i'm jonathan bloom with the evacuees returning to oroville. ahead on the abc7 morning news. and here at the live desk, i keep looking into that new keep looking into that new repo
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one person is dead after a car crash just a few blocks from san francisco's city hall and homicide investigators are on the scene. >> abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us live now near eddy and van ness. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. since i last saw you, it appears that there are more detectives here on the scene, more crime scene investigators as well. they are placing evidence markers on the ground and i was told that they're also appear to be swabbing for some type of evidence near the vehicle and of course this is where the focus is around that vehicle, that crashed into another car around 2:15 this morning. i want to show you a closer look at what happened. this video was actually really close. a lot closer than we are right
6:31 am
now. you can see the suv with both air bags deployed. this was the beginning of the investigation. and they ended up moving the cameras back and expanding the crime scene and then the angle from the other side, the franklin street side, you can see the driver side window appears to be shattered. officers found a person with head trauma. that person died. more than four hours later, homicide investigators still out here. no word on if they have a suspect or anyone in custody. eddy street is blocked off between van ness and trang lin. no word on h they're going to open this street and wrap up this investigation. here's drew tuma with the forecast. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. we are off to a mild start. temperatures in the 50s this morning. outside we got a live look from our rooftop camera here at studios along the embarcadero. a cloudier day today but a dry day. by 4:00, despite the limited sunshine, mild once again.
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temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. that's the weather. one of our bigger issues this morning was an electrical issue with the bay bridge. we actually had a dark span here into san francisco, started in the east bay and all the way in, it was kind of an eerie drive but they did get that resolved and obviously those lights are back on. so no major issues there. ace rail not running again today. on top of that, reduced capacity routes there for the san francisco bay ferry. so i'll talk more about that coming up. this morning, some of the 180,000 people evacuated because of the oroville dam crisis are back in their beds at home again. >> more rain is on the way and a lot of them are on edge. jonathan bloom is live in downtown oroville. >> reporter: well, 24 hours ago, this was all dark and silent. now the sounds of traffic and the smells of breakfast as businesses turn on their open signs and life continues to resume back to normal. an hour ago, we found the first
6:33 am
employee opening up a coffee shop, and the -- that coffee shop now has a huge line in its drive-through. a bunch of people waiting to get a hot fresh cup of normal after two days of stress and uncertainty. many left their homes on sunday and are just getting back but one had to stay here the whole time to work at a local hospital. >> kind of scary but we kept calm. we have plenty of staff there. you know, to help with the patients. our main concern was keeping our pashs safe and keeping them calm. >> we stayed at a hotel the first night and stayed with some friends the second night and came back as soon as they said we could. >> reporter: how are you feeling now about the weather forecast? >> i'm a little nervous. just a little bit nervous. but we'll just wait it out and go back to our friend's house if we have to. >> reporter: the forecast is for rain around midnight tonight. crews are still working to shore up the oroville dam's crumbling emergency spillway, that dirt
6:34 am
hillside, while also sending water out the concrete main spillway, which also has a hole in it. the lake is down about 22 feet, nearly halfway to the goal of 50 feet. and some good news, california will be getting federal disaster funds to help with the permanent fix for those spillways. live in oroville, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. california lawmakers and the white house say the oroville crisis is highlighting the danger posed by the nation's aging infrastructure. congressman john garamendi displayed photos on the house floor and he spoke about the risk of a catastrophic failure. he asked congress to choose wisely between hot button projects and infrastructure spending. >> choices about building a $30 billion wall rather than repairing the bridges, we know that dams are in jeopardy. we should never delay these infrastructure investments. >> there are estimates that fixing and maintaining the infrastructure in california alone could cost $65 billion. we sent out a breaking news
6:35 am
alert when the evacuation order was lifted for people near oroville. i got it on my phone yesterday and you can too if you download our abc7 news app and enable push alerts it's free for both apple and android devices. work is underway this morning on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. heavy equipment returned to continue clearing a mudslide that's blocking the northbound lanes near scotts valley. caltrans is hoping to keep the problem from getting worse during this week's storms. the southbound lanes have been converted to two-way traffic. the work began last monday but it was put on hold after a deadly accident on thursday. 54-year-old robert gill died when a dump truck backed over him. another worker was also hurt. a new report out this morning says more than 55,000 u.s. bridges are deficient. >> jessica going through the new report at the live desk. some of the bridges right here in the bay area. >> that's right, four of california's worst bridges are here in the bay area and here they are. we have 680 over monument boulevard in contra costa county, 880 alameda at san
6:36 am
leandro creek, 280 at lawrence expressway in santa clara and expressway in santa clara and highway 101 and san mateo at cordilleras creek. i've been looking through it. a whopping 18% of bridges statewide are structurally obsolete. they do not meet current building codes. they say california needs $12 billion to fix the state's bridge problem. new details in an effort to unionize workers at tesla's fremont plant. elon musk says that he's investigating claims of difficult work conditions and low pay. in a series of direct messages through twitter, musk told the tech website gizmodo that he's been working to improve management at the plant for about a year. he plans to release the results of that investigation later this week. two robbery suspects apparently gave police in the east bay the slip despite an intense man hunt.
6:37 am
it started with an attempted robbery in berkeley at piedmont avenue and russell street and then turned into a police pursuit into oakland. the suspects hit another car about a block from rock ridge b.a.r.t. station. they crashed and ran off into the neighborhood. police stopped barlt service for about 20 minutes while they searched but eventually called it off. san francisco police are looking for three young men accused of beating an 18-year-old with his own skateboard. this happened near the eastern entrance to golden gate park saturday afternoon. it's not clear what provoked this attack. but we do know the teenager is in critical condition. people who live and work in that area say that intersection has long been a hot bed for violence. >> that particular entrance to the park is a place where people hang out who sell drugs and who are violent. so, it doesn't surprise me that something happened there and it's tragic. >> in june, a homeless couple was charged with torturing a man whose body was found in the
6:38 am
park's alvert lake and there have been several stabbings and hootings in the area over the past few years. police in concord need your help finding a missing man. this is dante marshall. he was last seen last night after he was walking away from his care home. no word if the 37-year-old suffers from a medical condition but police can are asking the public to keep an eye out. he wears glasses. he was last seen wearing a light blue sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. police in malaysia have a woman under arrest for assassination o. half brother of north korean leader kim jong un. the 29-year-old woman was using vietnamese travel documents. jessica mentioned this earlier. now they're saying that she was wearing a shirt that said "lol" on the front of it. kim jong-nam was poisoned while getting on a flight to macau yesterday. kim was once rumored to be the regime's heir apparent. good morning. time now 6:38 a.m. waking up to temperatures mainly
6:39 am
in the 50s so a mild start and live doppler 7 is tracking the return of our stormy weather. this system you see off the coast right now, this is going to affect us on thursday. today, we're going to be dry. but you will notice a lot of cloud cover in the sky compared to yesterday so partly sunny skies and mild. 64 san francisco today, 68 san jose, 65 in napa. on the storm impact scale, we'll track that system really affecting us thursday morning. it's a 1. it's a light system but prepare for the morning commute tomorrow to be slow go with showers and on and off heavy downpours. that's weather. let's get a check of a traffic. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights on since about 5:5 this morning and you can see flashing lights if you look office in the distance there. minor collision reported. i know they cleared one of those. perhaps we have a second problem in the same area so that is approaching the toll plaza. looks like we probably have one lane blocked as they try to clear that secondary issue. that could possibly slow you
6:40 am
down there through the maze than it is normally this time of day. wanted to take up to state route 37. both directions, they are trying to elevate that roadway, rise it up there so it's not so prone to flooding but with more rain moving in tomorrow, not sure they're going to be able to do much in time and we are seeing that backup on westbound 37. chp is there providing traffic control. alameda, oakland, san francisco, the bay ferry route expect delays, 7:45 and 8:50 alameda, will be serviced on a smaller vessel today. so you'll want to get there early. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. "the new york times" reporting president trump's campaign had repeated contact with russian intelligence for up to a year before the election. the fbi is now going through call logs and intercepted communications. according to the times, intelligence agencies discovered the contacts about the time they were uncovering evidence russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election. officials say that so far, they
6:41 am
have not seen evidence of collusion. the chief executive of san francisco-based clothing maker gap will be meeting with president trump today. ceo art peck and executives from seven other lark outlets are expected to make the case against a proop to tax all imports. they claim it will raise prices and hurt their business. the ceos of these companies will all be on hand at today's meeting. despite all the effort to stop the spread of hiv, new data shows infection rates are still on the rise for one group of young people. also, debris danger on the bay. bay. the warning going out
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
it is 6:44. quik action by a texas police officer averted what could have been a disaster. look at this. the deputy uses his patrol car to ram a burning truck out of the drive through at a jack in the box so he pushes this truck far enough away so the flames couldn't spread to the building. as a result, no one get hurt and the officer, typical response, right? all in a day's work, ma'am. all in a day's work. happening today, the coast guard sending out a warning about the amount of debris that's making its way into euro water. >> all of this being caused by recent storms. amy hollyfield is live at the berkeley marina with more on the potential dangerous issue.
6:45 am
>> reporter: nice-matin, i just heard from someone, a boater on twitter. he says it is bad out there right now. a huge threat for boats like these, some that have already been damage. he tells me there are big groupings just big blobs of debris, branches and logs, he says the big patches of floating debris are easy to steer around but it's the rogue logs that are scary. that's exactly what took out a bay ferry. it had to return to its vallejo terminal after hitting a submerged log. personal water craft have also been damaged. >> one of these boats lost most of its propellor when it hit something like a week ago. like all the blades got taken right off. it was just the hub left. >> reporter: look at that dark mass you can see from the richmond-san rafael bridge. i'm hearing the cove is about 70% clogged. this is all happening because of the rains and the high water levels is all pushing the debris from the sacramento delta through the san pablo bay to us,
6:46 am
the san francisco bay. today's warning is a two-way street. they want to help boaters. they want to make them aware. but they're also hoping boaters will call in and report any hazards, any floating hazards in the bay so they can try and warn people and get this cleared out. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. b.a.r.t. is considering asking voters for another $1.5 billion. they want to buy more trains with the money. according to the "san francisco chronicle," b.a.r.t. and other transit agencies want to raise tolls on all bay area bridges except one. that would be the golden gate bridge. and they want to raise it by $1 to $3. remember, voters just approved a $3.5 billion bond measure for b.a.r.t. in november. so tonight, the contra costa transportation authority is going to hold a meeting to try to identify projects that would be funded by a bridge toll increase. the story just coming in. pope francis weighing in on the
6:47 am
dakota access pipeline controversy. he's actually contradicting the views of president trump. the pope said this morning indigenous groups must give prior consent to any economic activity affecting their lands and he made the remarks at a u.n. agricultural meeting. right now, the trump administration is pushing to build a $3.8 billion pipeline on land owned by the standing rock sioux tribe in the da ka tos. there have been widespread protests against the pipeline. san francisco city attorney wants to shut down a massage parlor that he says is a front for a brothel. the city has fired a lawsuit against the queens health center. the suit points to several citations over the last six years and evidence from an undercover investigation by police. not everyone is surprised by what the city attorney says was going ton inside of the center. >> listen, i'm not going to expose my friends but i have heard a few stories. yeah, some risky business going on up there.
6:48 am
>> investigators also found an elaborate warning system in the building in case there were any raids. the south county courthouse in morgan hill is going to reopen this morning after it was evacuated and closed because of a suspicious package. you see sky7 flying overhead yesterday as two bomb squad robots tore that package apart. deputies had become suspicious after spotting what they said looked like a dense metal object and wires. santa clara county sheriff's department says they didn't find anything dangerous inside the package. new data out on hiv shows while infections are dropping overall, the rate continues to climb for young gay and bi men. according to the cdc, the number of overall infections in the u.s. dropped 18% between 2008 and 2014. health officials say the decline is due to testing, anti-viral medications, the hiv prechbs pill prep and needle exchange programs. one group saw an increase. 25 to 34-year-old gay and bisexual men. diagnoses jumped up 35% over the
6:49 am
six-yeerd period. half of the infections were in southern states. humana is pulling out of the affordal care act market. they say they're leaving starting january 12 of next year. after looking at this year's enrollment numbers, the exchanges have attracted older and sicker members. president trump said humana's pullout was evidence of the law continuing to fail. a dog doing just fine this morning after a dramatic rescue from san francisco bay. a couple's small dog fell into the water at pier 27 last night. the couple was visibly shaken. sf fire quickly responded but could not see the pooch from land. so they launched their fire boat. firefighters spotted the dog, pulled it out and reunited it with its grateful owners. best in show at the 141st annual westminister kennel club dog show, the german shepherd. >> rumor has it. that's the name of the dog. rumor. a female german shepherd from
6:50 am
wisconsin taking the big title. she beat out a pack of well coiffed canines and look at the owner of rumor. just really going for it. rumor's owner now wants to find a husband for her with hopefully puppies in the future. if you're an award-winning dog like that, it can't be hard to find a man. >> that's what i think. hey, drew. good morning. good morning, guys. good for rumor. look at this shot behind me. gorgeous. a live look from our exploratorium camera atop pier 15. the sun's rays trying to peak through. a fair amount of cloud cover overhead early this morning so your day planner reflects that. those clouds will thicken throughout the day. despite the limited sunshine, look at the afternoon temperatures, mild for february and the mid to upper 60 sz. the clouds giving way to rain tomorrow morning. so on the storm impact scale, thursday morning, it's a 1, it's a light system. the timing very inveept. just as the morning rush is goating underway. so hour-by-hour we go on future
6:51 am
weather. thursday morning, 3:00 in the morning, heavy rain in the north bay first by 5:00, it's moving through the heart of the region and by 7:00, heavy showers in the south bay so prepare for tomorrow morning's commute to be wet and rather slow. accuweather 7 day forecast, once that rain arrives tomorrow morning, yeah, it's on and off showers at least through next tuesday. that's weather. let's look at traffic. look outside at the san mateo bridge, not looking too bad. westbound side of 92, little stop and go traffic and maybe a little hazy there as you head towards foster city. taking a look at our maps this morning, not too much red. westbound 580, before harrison street, new collision reported. that is blocking the left lane on the north end of lake merit and then typical delays on 580, 880, and 80. quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, you're at exactly 1 hour. westbound 4, 34 minutes in the
6:52 am
red, and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, still okay at 17 minutes. it is crawling out of the santa cruz mountain, though. we'll talk about that next. >> you know what cloud cover makes for? makes for? a beautiful
6:53 am
whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the seven things you need to know. number one, breaking news in san francisco where one person was found dead following a crash on eddy strt.
6:54 am
police are treating it as a homicide. eddy is now closed between van ness and franklin. number two, evacuees near the oroville dam are coming home after mandatory evacuations were lifted. businesses are starting to open again this morning. some are choosing not to return. they want to see what happens with the rain this week. and numbe three, dry today, the rain returns tomorrow morning, outside we go, a fair amount of cloud cover from our exploratorium camera, a beautiful sunrise picture. the clouds thicken throughout the day but it's mild. . and number four, it is another tough day getting out of the santa cruz mountains so northbound 17 that's where one lane getting by in either direction at vine hill, 3 miles per hour. basically that entire stretch and that is up to just about five miles. number five from the live desk, that backup is because work is underway again on highway 17. it's right near scotts valley. days after a worker's death. crews are hoping to shore up the hillside before the rain comes tomorrow. number six, today, the coast
6:55 am
guard is expected to issue a debris warning for the san francisco bay. you're looking at the reason why. these chunks of wood, mounds of debris from recent storms, they're all making their way into the bay and it's creating big hazards. number seven, new video shows self-driving cars successfully maneuvering heavy rain on the peninsula. this is from the start-up it says it's a pretty big challenge to teach autonomous vehicles to master difficult weather conditions like storms. pretty big challenge for us to drive during the storms and drew, we're bringing more of it. >> tomorrow morning our storms return and then again over the weekend into the morning hours, more rain on the way. >> i want to know how to get my wipers going that fast. did you see those? >> pretty impressive. >> there's going to be a special abc news report on the president's meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu so that starts at 9:00 a.m. right here on abc7. we'll also stream it for you
6:56 am
live on on our abc7 news app and online >> thank you so much for joining us today. we will continue coverage in about 25 minutes. "good morning america" is next and the cloud cover means that we have a beautiful sunrise today. >> snap a pic, put it on social media, #abc7now. >> our director scott coming through this morning. >> he does it every day. >> get out and enjoy it and we'll see you in a few minutes. >> bye.
6:57 am
gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things,
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and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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that's what's making news good morning, america. white house in crisis. the bombshell report breaking overnight raising new questions about trump's ties to russia. members of the president's campaign in regular contact with russian intelligence officials before the election and new fallout from general michael flynn's resignation. what did the president know about those phone calls with the russian ambassador? mystery assassination. the north korean leader's half brother killed at an airport poisoned by suspected secret agents covering his face with a liquid-laced cloth. is this the image of one of the assassins. the new arrest this morning. close call for harrison ford. sources saying he flew dangerously close to a packed american airlines jet passing right over the top while landing his plane just two years after that crash landing on a golf course. the


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