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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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jose. yep, if you're headed out soon, it's going to be a messy ride. >> and here's why. live doppler 7 showing you the storm that is pushing through and affecting much of the bay area. i know that when i came in this morning, it was raining hard. >> absolutely. we have wet roads out there, and there was some wind out there too, mike. >> yep, little bit of everything with this storm. the good thing is it's a fast mover. the damage is going to be minimal. let's take a look at live doppler 7. our heaviest radar return right now is over dublin and pleasanton and up towards san ramon right where 580 and 680 come together. valley avenue. and another one just moving out of milpitas, 6680 and 880, probably left a few puddles there. and you can see, yeah, the back line in the steady rain already starting to move into san francisco. the exploratorium showing some of that lingering showers. that will turn over to just mainly showers by 7:00. scattered at noon. isolated at 4:00 and just about gone by 7:00 but we have to deal with this morning's commute so let's talk to alexis. we already have a pretty serious sig alert here in the
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oakland area so this is northbound 880 at the 5th street off ramp. jackknifed semi, that is blocking the two right lanes right now. it does sound like there are injuries involved so emergency crews arriving on the scene. two left lanes are open and i'm just hearing about another crash, a vehicle lost control, hit the center divide there and then bounced back into the far left lane just north of this one. it is treacherous out there this morning. slow down and drive for conditions. we're looking at a nine-mile average. 580 looking good if you're not driving a big rig and we'll about that. plus a check on the central valley. we're tracking developing news in san francisco. want to bring you a live look right now. this is 1st and tehama street. crews are preparing to remove a 30-ton concrete pump from a platform on top of a high-rise under construction. the platform gave way yesterday and prompted concerns that the heavy pump could fall to the ground. officials say it doesn't pose any immediate danger. it's on the 35th floor of an apartment building called 33 tehama. part of that platform failed yesterday afternoon and it
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started to tip. you can see it there in this freeze frame from sky7. once it got stabilized, a crane is going to lower that pump to the ground. the pump was scheduled for removal even before yesterday's incident. happening today, several local businesses across the bay area will shut their doors as workers plan to boycott their jobs. >> this nationwide protest is called a day without immigrants and abc7 news reporter matt keller is live for us in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. we are at the chavez supermarket on blossom hill road and you will see this sign. closed thursday, today, february 16, in support of our staff and community. chavez supermarket will be closed today. we will reopen on friday. #daywithoutimmigrants. all nine southbound locations -- south bay locations of chavez supermarkets will be closed today and some customers are showing their support. >> i hope, you know, by everybody staying home, you
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know, it gets to his attention that it's not a good thing to do, because without the immigrants here, you know, this immigrants here, you know, this country would be >> reporter: president trump's travel restrictions and crackdown on illegal immigration, immigrants across the country including l.a., new york, chicago, and washington are expected to stay home from school and work to show how critical they are to the economy and way of life. thousands of people are expected to participate or show solidarity with the protesters. in oakland, the owners of this supermarket will close all five of their stores for the firsts time ever. they say some 20-other east bay businesses also agreed to close. rallies also taking place in san francisco at city hall today starting at 9:00 a.m. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. caltrans is postponing the reopening day for highway 37 as more rain is hitting the north bay as we speak. >> this is what it looked like for much of the winter. skooi 7 showing you that
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flooding from storms earlier this month. wayne freedman has a possible solution to this consistent problem. >> reporter: in the north bay, this is the runoff that looks so pretty at night. now causing so much consternation for some 40,000 commuters who use highway 37 every day or used to anyway. >> it's unfortunate. >> it's ludicrous. >> reporter: better than last week when heavy rains closed three miles of highway 37, a situation caltrans says will last until at least february 25. >> we have a lot of work to do out here. >> that would be an understatement from caltrans which has commissioned $8 million worth of work to get the road open and keep it that way. with last week's flood now, drain crews are installing a corrugated wall to keep the water out. do you think highway 37 will close again before the end of the winter? >> yes. >> reporter: that from a civil engineer and member of the flood control advisory board, all experts agree that
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rains backed up the water on this road. solutions? >> raise it. >> reporter: raise it? >> raise it. >> reporter: meantime, the alternate route has become a slow parade as what used to be four lanes of rush hour traffic now cram into two on atherton avenue. the chp is seeing signs of frustration. >> this morning, we wrote stop sign, speed, passing on the shoulder, cars going through the cone pattern. >> reporter: enough to pay for the work on the highway? >> i doubt that. >> reporter: but count on this along highway 37 or don't count on it, actually, for a while. in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. oroville dam's flood control manual hasn't been updated for half a century according to the sacramento b. the manual determines how much space should be left in the lake for flood control for rainy seasons. experts say there's no indication outdated information led to the current crisis since it stems from structural failures but it could point to larger operational issues since
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the manual doesn't account for advances in hydroology. the secretary of state expecting to take part in talks of syria. rex tillerson arrived in germany yesterday for the summit. tillerson is going to attend meetings today and tomorrow with 24 ministers, including one from russia. it's tillerson's first overseas trip as america's top diplomat. a russian spy ship is moving up the east coast of the united states. it's about 30 miles off the connecticut coast this morning. you can see here it's moving along the border between international and u.s. terr territory. this spy ship had similar patrols in 2014 and 2015. it typically only travels as far north as virginia, which it has already passed. early this week, an armed russian war plane carried out a mock attack against a u.s. ship. the navy says it's keeping a close eye on it. i.c.e. is dismissing reports that it's rounding up undocumented immigrants throughout the bay area. a spokesman tells our media
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partner, the bay area news group, the claims are based on only rumors. one of those rumors resulted in an urgent notification to parents on tuesday. i.c.e. says those clamsz are entirely false. agents never conducted enforcement activities on our near school grounds. similar rumors have circulated in richmond, oakland, and san pablo. just coming in, some big business news. snap, the parent company of snapchat, which is that social media app that makes you look like a dog, a trucker, anything you can imagine, it could be worth a lot on wall street. it has set its value this morning at $22 billion, and it's going public this morning. it's saying the ipo will likely be about $14 to $16 per share. when facebook went public, its ipo was $38 per share, so more than double. still, the anticipation around
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this is huge. it is said to be the largest ipo since china's alibaba went public three years ago with a whopping $68 per share. what are we going to snap this morning? think about something good. new this morning, the san mateo county sheriff's office is asking for your help in identifying a bank robber. surveillance photos show the man who brandished a small handgun at the chase bank on woodside road in woodside on tuesday afternoon. the bank robber took an undisclosed amount of cash, placed it inside a black plastic garbage bag before walking out of the bank. nobody got hurt. transportation officials have made a change to plans for the polk street bike lane. the sfmta says the northbound bike lane will be street level rather than raised. it will also have soft hip posts to deter vehicles from parking and loading in that lane. the bike lane is part of the sfmta's project to make the corridor safer for bicyclists and pedestrians while improving
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pran sit efficiency. tracking moderate rain morning. you can see the latest update right there. into highway 130 so some of the heaviest rain in san jose moving into the mountains. high ridge, union city, right on 238 down words niles boulevard some moderate rain. what's that going to do? leave some ponding behind for you so slow down a little bit. worried about oroville? look at this. light rain and it's just about to end. not enough to cause any additional issues up there. if you're heading out in the south bay, look at this. 50 in los gatos, that's the cool spot. san jose 56 along with sunnyvale, milpitas, 59 in san carlos, san francisco, 57 degrees. at our ocean, we're going to have issues with large breakers until about 9:00 this evening. could get up to 20 feet. right now, they're about half that size, about 10 to even 12 around bodega bay. sneaker waves are possible also.
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rain turning to snow today. heaviest tomorrow afternoon. rain and snow saturday and then just a light mix for sunday. our chances of wet weather just begin today and last all the way through wednesday. notice monday's now a 2. we'll talk more about that in an hour-by-hour look at the next 48 hours coming up next. here's alexis. i want to take you back to video that our crews got about an hour ago. it is westbound 580 near grant line road in the tracy area. crews have been doing overnight road work right around altamont pass as you probably know if you drive that route, the road is terrible shape so they're trying to prevent potholes and really patch things up. here's the result of that. we had a major backup there 205 to 580 in the overnight hours and dwe do have a crash at gran line road. want to take you down to our sig alert now. northbound 880 at 5th avenue, jackknifed semi is blocking the two right lanes. two left lanes are open. just a got a major update from
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chp. backup a little over two miles. they said big rigs are allowed to use 580 as an alternate, not often they let them do that so you can use east 12th street or you can head to 580. next traffic update coming up. a man puts himself and his tesla in danger to save the life of someone else. now elon musk is stepping in. nasa wants now to help them find undiscovered worlds in our solar system and you don't even need to leave your living room. stay on top of live doppler 7 and traffic by keeping tabs on your screen throughout the commercial break. yeah, you can see the rain out there this morning. there this morning. you're going to see
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. you just heard it's a level 1 on our storm impact scale but it is coming down pretty hard in some places. many of us driving in certainly felt it. this is just a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see, yeah, the roads are slick out there. much of the storm has passed in some areas. we are seeing the wet roads. closer look at your forecast and commute in just a few moments. no matter what happens at work today, it's not going to be this bad. two law enforcement officials go after each other at a kentucky jail. one deputy was turning over an inmate's property to the deputy
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jailer and for some reason, the jailer threw the items back at the deputy and then fight. the jailer was arrested and suspended with pay. he is going to be in court later this week. the deputy is still on the job. >> oh, my goodness. in today's gma first look, a desperate search underway for a killer in indiana. >> authorities say they found the bodies of two teenage girls along a rural trail where they went hiking. alex perez has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, mystery in a small town. indiana authorities on the hunt for a killer after the horrifying murders of 13-year-old abigail williams and 14-year-old liberty german. about 1:00 p.m. monday, a family member dropped the girls off for a hike along this nature trail. at 2:07 p.m., liberty snapchating this picture. a loved one went to pick up the girls about 3:30 p.m., but they never showed up. but by 12:15 p.m. tuesday, their
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worst fears confirmed. >> they were found deceased back here in the woods. >> reporter: overnight, authorities releasing this image of a man they'd like to speak with. investigators believe he was on the trail around the same time as the girls. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., former fbi special agent brad garrett weighs in on the case live. with your gma first look, i'm alex perez, abc news. take a look at these images of one of the men police say assaulted a woman in novato creek. officials believe this man and the second suspect went up to a woman and befriended her before the assault took place. these images are from a surveillance camera at lucky's supermarket at grand avenue. both men are still on the loosz. please call novato police if you have any information. happening today, neighbors in marin county will get to have their say over a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in san rafael. some parents worry the dispensary on san pablo avenue and north san pedro road would be too close to several schools
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in the area, including an elementary school. now, others argue the dispensary is needed to help patients who rely on medical cannabis. a public hearing set for tonight at 6:00 and taking place in the board of supervisors chambers in san rafael. san francisco supervisor mark ferrell has picked up a campaign. according to the san francisco examiner, ferrell is leading a group called san franciscoens for municipal fiber. ferrell says more than 100,000 city reez do not have internet access from home. he says he has secured funding for a contract from ctc technology and energy. this next story proves one good deed deserves another. >> it all started tuesday when a tesla owner spotted an unconscious man behind the wheel in germany. the tesla owner sped in front of the car, slowed down, let the car rear end him, and braked until they both stopped. this photo shows the aftermath
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of the scene. no one got hurt. the driver apparently had a stroke. the tesla sustained more than $10,000 in damage. now, when tesla founder elon musk heard about this, he congratulated the good samaritan on twitter and the most important part, offered to cover all of the repair costs. that's the right thing to do. >> what a great story. new nasa funded website allows you the chance to discover worlds that we may have never known before. >> this is called backyard worlds planet 9. the website plays brief movies made from images captured by nasa's wide field infrared survey explorer mission. people around the world can see how small patches of the sky change over the years. moving objects flagged by the public will be prioritized by the scienc team for follow-up observation. we posted a link on our ab okay, going to take you back to our major issue in the east bay. this is northbound 880 at the 5th avenue off ramp. that is fully blocked along with the two right lanes, the main line, the two left lanes are
5:19 am
getting by. looks like we have a little delay, onlooker delay building on the southbound side too so that is a jackknifed big rig and it sounds like that driver does have some injuries. initially he was reported as unconscious so they have been transporting him to hospital and obviously evaluating the situation for how to get this move but that is a sig alert, likely going to be blocking long-term. big rigs are actually able to use 580 for an alternate. if you want to use surface streets, you can see east 12th street. that's probably going to be the easiest way to get to the bay bridge if that's where you're heading but 580 is still wide open. i want to take you to the alamo area. southbound 680 just past stone valley, got a vehicle that hit the center divide and then flipped over. we haven't gotten confirmation on if we have any lanes blocked but definitely have tough driving conditions as mike and i have been saying. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet but we've got all that road spray kicking up and high winds too for most of our area bridges. westbond 580, tracy to dublin, you're up to 46 minutes, 20, westbound 4, and about 1
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southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco. not too bad from the north bay. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and it's going to be soggy for the next several days. yeah, absolutely. we have about seven days worth of rain in the forecast. we'll start with what's happening right now. open up the weather window on walnut creek, some of our east bay areas, seeing some of the heavie heaviest rain right now. you can see from pleasanton down through the sunol grade, coming out around mission boulevard and fremont, that's where some of the moderate rain is, so look for ponding on the roadways there. light steady rain possible in some of the normal areas like san rafael and kin field but it's really turned over to scattered showers as the cold front is quickly pushing the bulk of this wet weather away from us. down in the south bay, here at 101 and 180, look, it's enough to coat everything and to keep everything slick through the morning commute. my accuweather highlights, to showers, steady rain morning, just scattered showers this afternoon. we're dealing with the hardest part of the storm right now. drive periods between weekend
5:21 am
storms, not a washout and the president storm is trending the strongest. today i'm keeping it at a 1. the winds are going to be fasters this morning, large breakers until 9:00 this evening at our coast. moderate rain around. by 9:00, it's gone and as we head through noon, some scattered showers becoming isolated at 5:00 and then becoming almost nonexistent overnight and then look at that southerly surge and look at that wall of rain coming in just in time for tomorrow's morning commute. i think it's going to be even heavier and it's going to cause more issues tomorrow morning and what we're seeing this morning. saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon, dry and then sunday night into monday, that's when our strongest storm rolls in. when new owners bought the warriors seven years ago for a lot of people, it seemed absurd that they paid $450 million. not anymore. forbes came out with their nba franchise values and the warriors are third in the nba. check that out. worth $2.6 billion. >> yeah. >> are you recovering from that
5:22 am
number, natasha? they're only behind two other teams, the knicks and the lakers. the dubs are worth six times their original purchase price. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and the selfie stick basically took over the world. now the inventor is back with a new product. as we cautiously watch ow the oroville dam reacts to the the oroville dam reacts to the rain, we are
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with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. time now is 5:24. here are the seven things you need to know before you go and we already have a major traffic problem. number one, jackknifed semi, the two right lanes are blocked. the two left lanes are open but this is a sig alert. down to 4 miles an hour. 580 still wide open for an alternate. big rigs allowed to use 580 around this as well. number two, the moderate rain that's falling right now on most of our neighborhoods. my biggest concern is hydroplaning during the morning commute.
5:25 am
that could be a little higher as you head into the south bay and east bay right now where the heaviest rain is falling. everything else is going to be low but we still got six more days of wet weather. number three from the live desk today, crews plan to remove 30-ton concrete pump from a platform on top of a high-rise that's under construction. concerns are that the heavy pump could fall. it prompted some evacuations around the apartment building yesterday. right now, it poses no immediate danger. number four, federal and local officials are keeping a close eye on the water levels at lake oroville as the first of several storms rolls in. crews are shoring up the dam to prevent failure and pumping out water to reduce the lake's level by 50 feet. right now, they're down 30 feet. number five, many local businesses will shut their doors to today to participate in a nationwide protest. a day without immigrants. a protest is planned at san francisco city hall all to make the argument that the u.s. neetsds our immigrants. number six, we're getting an
5:26 am
upclose look at the damage a deer caused to an american airlines plane. the plane hit the deer while taking off from charlotte yesterday. the plane turned around and landed safely. number seven, a big heads up if you have yahoo e-mail. the company is sending warnings now to users that their accounts may have been accessed without a password. it's believed hackers used a forged cookie to gain access to your account. people have strong feelings about the selfie stick, okay? however, keep your mind open because the canadian inventor of the selfie stick has a new product. >> i'm sure he's like a multimillionaire at this point. this is something new called selfie sick it. this allows you to attach your phone or camera to any vertical surface and operate it via remote. the creator thinks it will be less annoying and much cheaper. by selling a $5 model, he hopes to beat the cheap knockoff artists to the punch and keep a larger chunk of the selfie market to himself. >> i have to admit. i want it. we're coming back with another
5:27 am
full 90 minutes of news. including the changes berkeley is making to settle a police brutality lawsuit. police brutality lawsuit.
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it is 5:30 and that breaking news is out of oakland. the commute is a mess right now following a jackknifed big rig. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live right near where the crash happened on 880. >> reporter: hi, natasha. yeah, we just got here. i want to show you not a good situation for the morning commute. there's already a significant backup and it's only 5:30 in the morning. so this is only going to continue to build. this is a big rig that crashed here, it jackknifed here on northbound 880 at 5th street in oakland. it happened about 45 minutes ago. but traffic is already very slow
5:30 am
through here. emergency crews are trying to help the people who were involved in the accident. that's the first priority. and then they will work on clearing this scene. so, they have only two lanes open right now. the other two lanes are shut down as emergency crews deal with this. so, you need to be aware that the traffic heading northbound in 880 is going to be very slow. and you can see it's very congested with big rigs. so many trucks. you really see how many trucks use this highway when you see them all clustered together like this. so, they're moving very slowly through here. the best advice is to just avoid this area. cancel this route if you can. if you haven't left the house yet, you have an advantage. plan around this. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. all right, thank you so much, amy. let's go straight to alexis smith with this. i'll show you where this is on our traffic map. northbound 880 right at the 5th
5:31 am
avenue off ramp. two right lanes are closed. two left lanes are getting by. they did have the off ramp closed as well. they were able to get that back open. this is a sig alert. this is likely going to be blocking for most of the morning and there we go as we zoom out just a bit, you're up to a three-mile backup. 580 wide open at this point in the morning. i don't think it's going to stay that way but that's your best bet for an alternate right now and chp says it's okay, big rigs can use that as well. in fact, we heard that one of the tow trucks on the way to the scene is coming all the way from stockton so this is going to be a long-term situation. live look outside it is soggy, likely contributing factor to that crash. you can take a look at that there. let's check in with mike nicco now with a look at the rest of the forecast. it's downpours that are really catching people off guard because they're very sporadic and very quick and causing ponding on the roadways. slow down even if you think the conditions are okay. at present time, when you get somewhere else, its may have rained heavier like through the
5:32 am
sunol grade. the steadiest of the heaviest rain or the heaviest of the steady rain has moved out of the north bay. breezy conditions across the golden gate bridge and that's why we need to watch out for the winds at least through the next couple of hours. the winds and the rain will taper by noon to scattered and then they're gone by 7:00. let's get some more news. this morning, crews are going to be remove aing a 30-to pump. it is so close to so many other buildings and that caused a huge problem yesterday. that platform forced evacuations of the high-rises. there was a problem because it's so close to the highway there. and statake a look at what went wrong here. a strut holding up a platform on the 35th floor failed and caused it to start leaning. on that platform is a large concrete pump and you see that circled on the screen. so, 12 nearby buildings had to be evacuated and you see where some of them are in red. only a business building at 44
5:33 am
tehama street remains closed. tehama between 1th and 2nd street is also closed indefinitely while crews are taking that pump away from the roof. the fremont street off ramp from the bay bridge also closed yesterday. that's not going to be a problem this morning. firefighters escorted people back to buildings and cars last night and for some six hours, spent outside after they were evacuated. many workers left their jobs without their keys or wallets. it was mostly businesses but some condos were affected too. >> it's one of these situations where, in essence, there's not much you can do about it. so, it's a situation where you just have to keep cool, trust the fact that the city has this under control, and the information will get to us when it can and try not to overreact. >> roadblocks on several streets left cars stranded and snarled the commute. all streets except tehama were reopened by 9:30 last night.% construction on 33 tehama began in 2015. the building will be 278,000 square feet and will have 403
5:34 am
apartment units as well as retail space on the ground floor. leasing is set to begin this year. a lot of people posting photos like this one, including debra, who sent this in. she tweeted it after being evacuated from nasdaq center next door. when you see news happening where you live, share it with us using #abc7now. we may show it on air or an storm is drawing concern about flooding due to the nearly full anderson reservoir. it's 99.3% full and at risk of overflowing. crews are releasing water ahead of this storm to bring the water level down. they're hoping to keep coyote creek from flooding and impacting homes along its banks. >> we have a number of very low-lying communities that are close to coyote creek that are still in the floodplain, so there is a risk that some of those areas could flood. >> the reservoir does not meet federal seismic standards that specify it not exceed 68% capacity. it could take up to nine weeks to drain it to that level.
5:35 am
thousands of evacuees are being told they're clear to go home to oroville and at the same time, the feds are beefing up their resources, preparing for the worst. fema staging an emergency response team at travis air force base in fairfield for the oroville dam emergency. 60 trucks, 30 personnel expected to be in place by today and they're going to be ready to help emergency efforts in case the backup spillway at the dam fails. state regulators say they are monitoring both spillways and the lake level as storms move in over the next few days. some evacuees are refusing to go home, even though those orders have been lifted. a few who did return found their homes burglarized. deputies made several arrests. this morning, crews are still working to shore up the area around a mud highway 17. caltrans contractors are working on an eight-foot high burm to prevent falling debris from crashing on to cars in the two active lanes. this is where a mudslide damage add news van with one of our own abc7 news kreegs inside and in a separate incident damaged another truck, both people
5:36 am
survived. right now, the southbound lanes are configured for two-way traffic. the northbound lanes are still closed. commuters are getting so fed up with the traffic delays it's causing. >> where are you going to go? you have to stay on 17, which means everyone's on there or go down 101. you can't go over to 156 because that's closed. you have to limp back in through watsonville and up. >> the daily drive is now as long as two hours. back roads are not an option because of similar storm damage. crews are working around the clock on highway 37 in novato to install a corps galted wall to keep flood water out. sky7 was over the scene on that stretch of road that's been closed since a week ago. caltrans has authorized $8 million to pay for the emergency repairs. so far, no official word on when it's going to reopen. i'm tracking breaking news coming into our live desk right now. four mountain climbers are dead
5:37 am
after a slab of ice actually detached from a mountainside in italy. actually happened on italy's northern border with switzerland. a fifth climber is said to have survived. no word yet on the nationalities of those climbers, but i am working to get some more information for you here at the live desk. that is the newest story into our live desk right now. back to you. happening today, the santa cruz county district attorney is going to announce his findings into a deadly shooting investigation involving an officer. santa cruz police say 32-year-old sean arlt was armed with a metal rake. they say he was pounding on the door of a house near chase and getchell streets saying that he was going to kill the people inside. officers tased him at first, but when that wasn't effective, an officer shot and killed him. arlt's family says he suffered from mental illness. the police department plans to hold a press conference this afternoon following dachlt's
5:38 am
announcement. berkeley police will keep better details. the move is part of a settlement of a lawsuit stemming from a black lives matter protest in december of 2014. 11 people claim they were victims of police brutality. as part of the city will pay $125,000, some to victim, some to cover attorneys fees. happening today a hearing on an $840,000 fine against an oakland restaurant. the big conservation and development commission says scott's seafood grill and bar has been limiting public access outside its location. the restaurant says no one was ever denied access to a walkway. the commission is going to hold a hearing on the proposed fine, which the restaurant says is excessive. they're vowing to fight the fine if the commission goes through with it. we knew it would be a busy day with the wind and the rain returning here this morning and it is already shaping up that way. we've got about 35 incidents total on the boards and this is
5:39 am
our most serious crash. northbound 880 at 5th avenue off ramp, jackknifed semi, amy hollyfield on the scene reporting for us. two right lanes are blocked. the off ramp is open for now. the two left lanes are open. that is a sig alert. 580 still looking good for an alternate and chp says it's okay for big rigs to use 580 also, westbound 580 at regatta boulevard in the richmond area, getting reports of standing water causing several crashes. six to seven vehicles involved here in a couple different incidents and they have temporarily shut down all lanes to clear those crashes. hopefully they'll be able to get shof that standing water out of there as well. metering lights are on. and maybe starting to get just a little break in the rain but it is still coming down and high wind advisory for you. a quick mention of mass transit here. ace running limited. only ace 3 this morning, ace 6 this afternoon. also limited service by san
5:40 am
francisco bay ferry. and b.a.r.t. looking good so far. 43 trains in service, no delays. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. nobody likes the combo platter for breakfast, wind and rain. we could do without either of those, especially at the same time but that's what we have right now. gusts of 31 at sfo. 20 in san carlos, 25 in mountain view, 16 in napa so it is coming a little bit behind the front. here's a look at what's going on as far as the wet weather. our best radar return from san jose through allen rock right up to mt. hamilton and that is moving off to the east. temperatures, drez for mild temperatures this morning. 54 in castro valley and orinda to 58 in oakland and also in richmond, novato, san carlos, 59, san francisco 57, 56 right now in san jose and concord. here's what's going to happen during the afternoon hours. notice the green. not nearly as widespread. this is a very heavily weighted morning event. low to mid 60s, about 60 to 63
5:41 am
degrees. the good news, later on, it will be easier to stay dry from the umbrella because the winds won't be as breezy and coming at you sideways. tonight, we'll have clouds and mild temperatures once again. mid 40s to low 50s but look what's coming up from the south. see the yellow lurking right there. tomorrow's morning commute probably even more impacted by even heavier, more widespread, but i've made the strongest storm on president's day. when a lot of us have the day off. i'll give you an update coming up next. mike, that is too much rain. >> yeah. >> i find this forecast unacceptable. how do you feel about moving last call to 4:00 a.m.? the local push hoping to make a change statewide on how late you can stay out drinking. a local company is tracking down hackers who are targeting their hospital medical records. one incident was so bad an operating room had to be shut down for hours. it is 5:41. you can keep track of our rainy you can keep track of our rainy forecast and the way it's
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
today's storm is level 1. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. live look now from our camera at the golden gate bridge. we are still seeing some winds so be careful on the roads out
5:45 am
there. and let's keep moving south. here's a nice shot from our exploratorium camera. you can see the sky starting to slowly clear over san francisco. >> further south in san jose, look at all the rain on the lens there. we want to see the weather where you live as you get out of bed, post it on social media, #abc7now so we can find it and share it on the air. a new report by a bay area cyber security company says hackers are using malware to steal medical records. the abc i-team got exclusive details of this report. investigators at san mateo-based trap x detected malware infecting medical devices at major health care providers across the world. the more sophisticated those devices become, the more vulnerable they are to hacking. trap x found that hackers planted malware on devices including an x-ray printer, mri scanner, and a blood gas analyzer like the one used during surgery. >> those devices are in the operating room. they could be in a hospital bed. lives could be dependent on them and if they're disrupted with
5:46 am
malware or ransom ware or other attacker tool kits, they may not be able to do what they're meant to do. >> and here's a worst case scenario. in one instance, trap x says an operating room had to get shut down for six hours to remove the malware. the company plans to make their report public at a cyber security conference today. there's a new effort to extend last call at bars and restaurants in california. a bill just introduced by state senator scott wiener would allow alcohol service until as late as 4:00 a.m. if the bill passes, businesses would still have to get the proper permits and approval. some bars say it would significantly help their business. the director of the nonprofit alcohol justice tells "the chronicle" that the bill prioritizes alcohol revenue over public safety. president trump is looking for a new nominee for secretary of labor now that andrew puzder has taking himself out of consideration. he had employed an undocumented worker for years. on tuesday, video emerged of
5:47 am
puzder's ex-wife accusing him of abuse on the oprah winfrey show in 19 t 0. puzder's confirmation hearing was supposed to happen today and there's word four republicans were ready to vote against him. they are set to vote on president trump's choice to run the budget office. the senate is also on track to confirm scott proout to head the environmental protection agency. his aide's alleged ties to russia continue to shake things up in the capital. high level advisors were in constant communication with russians before the campaign. now, both senate democrats and republicans are now expressing a growing concern. >> it's highly disturbing and it raises more and more questions that congress has a sworn obligation to get to the bottom of. >> we're looking for facts. >> mr. trump has previously denied any such contacts but yesterday he refused to answer questions concerning the subject. he's expected to meet with newly confirmed attorney general jeff
5:48 am
sessions later today. the pentagon is considering sending ground troops to syria. president trump has ordered defense secretary james mathis to come up with a proposal by the end of the month to defeat isis. sending american troops in for a short period of time is one idea on the table. defense leaders say the final decision would be up to president trump. if he gives the go-ahead, troops could be on the ground in syria within weeks. the french government is moving ahead with a plan to construct a wall around the base of the eiffel tower to protect it from a terror attack. the 8.2-foot high wall will be made of bullet proof glass. the mayor of paris says the terror threat remains high and the famous tower requires special security measures. some people in france say the wall is tasteless and is going to be an eyesore. the $20 million project is expected to begin in the fall. well, seems like millennials get blamed for everything. there is a new survey finding millennials are america's worst drivers. the study by aaa shows 88% of 19 to 24-year-olds admitted to
5:49 am
engaging in risky behavior while driving in the last month. that includes texting while driving, red light running, speeding, it's not just millennials, though. at least 60% of all age groups are guilty of one of those three no-nos. workers from a walnut creek business are going to come together to help children in need today and it's quite an unusual project. more than 200 workers at csaa insurance group have volunteered to sort and melt thousands of crayons on behalf of the crayon initiative. it donates newly recycled crayons to children in local hospitals, art therapy programs, and underfunded schools. the melted crayons are going to be turned into new ones, packed up, shipped out to children all across the country. >> looks like a messy job but certainly an amazing cause. >> i didn't know that was a thing. that's pretty amazing. let's go to alexis for a look at what our roads look like. they're looking messy too. we have two sig alerts at this point. going to take you back to the first one. this is definitely a major problem. northbound northbound 880 at 5th avenue, the off rarmp is blocked again s
5:50 am
well. that is a jackknifed big rig, at least minor injuries to that driver, and yeah, it is causing some pretty significant delays. you're jammed all the way back down to high street. 10-mile-per-hour average. 580 still looks okay for an alternate and big rigs are allowed to use that. chp gave the go ahead for that. we have a sig alert, westbound 580 at regatta boulevard in richmond. flooding has caused multiple spinouts and crashes, at least six to seven vehicles involved there. so you can stay on 80 and use cutting or use richmond parkway if you're coming from the north, which you probably use anyway but you're going to have to avoid westbound 580. all lanes are blocked right now. and northbound 17, want to chcko on you in the santa cruz mountains. 1 hour 16 minutes is not as bad as yesterday but this is due to that slide right around vine hill where we have run lane getting by in each direction. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco who is back today.
5:51 am
some good news if you're a procrastinator. the heaviest of the wet weather is over but you have to deal with the aftereffects like here on the san mateo bridge. 1/10 of an inch of rain fell there plus it's breezy. you can see the transition from the heavier rain turning over to scattered showers as the yellows are out. moving away from us. and you can see more scattered showers developing across the north bay and that's going to be the case through the morning hours. here's 280 it's wet with about .03 inch of rain. during the daylight hours, going to be pretty dry this weekend. it's when the sun's down that we'll be wet. monday's storm is going to be the strongest storm. today is on the light side of our storm impact scale. scattered showers this afternoon, fasters winds this morning and large surf staying around until 9:00 this evening. moderate rain to scattered lighter showers to isolated showers at noon through 5:00, hardly any showers there, and
5:52 am
then during the overnight hours, look at this rush of warm, moist air and look at that. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, looking at a wall of moderate to heavy rain that will last the entire morning commute and then waves of that will continue throughout the afternoon hours so tomorrow's storm is going to be a little heavier than today's storm and it will last through saturday morning. saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon dry and then the stormer storm, 2 on our storm impact scale comes in for president's day. new at 6:00, the commute is about to get greener for some people in the east bay. what you might notice during your morning bus ride. but first, apple is following the lead of amazon by creating original programming. not everyone is so excited about it. plus, what is this? plus, what is this? there's a lot of buzz about
5:53 am
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apple is following netflix and amazon's lead and is getting into original programming now. the concept for "planet of the apps" is something like shark tank meets the voice. they compete for $10 million in funding. "business insider" says a lot of apple fans and even employees who have seen the trailer hate it. "planet of the apps" premiers later this year on apple music. i think i'm more likely to watch it now. >> that's a strong aegs. a college student in georgia created this. this is a bee drone to pollinate plants. this is called plan bee. ha ha ha. the 40 24-year-old first developed the idea in her product design class. it's designed mimic exactly how bees pollinate flowers and crops. she says she designed the device as a teaching tool but the dean believes it could work and serve
5:56 am
a bigger purpose. it has that bee coloring. >> look, this is an actual episode in "black mirror." it doesn't go well. >> nothing in that show turns out. the commute, off to a really rough start. i have two sig alerts i want to talk about quickly. a little it of an update for northbound 880, we have the three left lanes open now. the far right lane and the avenue off ramp are closed. they're trying to upright this big rig and get it hooked up to the tow so that is a sig alert. and you are backed up now for about 3.5 miles. getting pretty close to 4 miles. 580 your main alternate there. other sig alert, westbound 580 at regatta. all lanes are blocked right now. high standing water has caused several crashes. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our wet, windy commute, but most of that is pushing out of the area. that is true. some scattered showers but what did push through left more
5:57 am
than 1/2 inch of rain so public transit is going to be steady rain this morning, and that will be the case if you're commuting or out and about. you can see the steadier rain moving into central valley so my biggest concern moving forward is going to be hydroplaning during the morning commute. new at 6:00, a cure for the common cold? new research shows a common vitamin could help but not everyone is so sure. we're going to stay on top of the breaking news in the east bay as well, that jackknifed big rig making for a very tough commute. the rain is not helping. amy hollyfield is live at the mess. and just into our live desk, comments from the defense secretary on our relationship secretary on our relationship with
5:58 am
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celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. now at 6:00, gusting winds, heavy rain, kicking off seven days of storms in the bay area. you heard that right. our golden gate bridge camera
6:00 am
showing you what you're already dealing with coming into san francisco. take a look at this. a major backup in the east bay right now. a jackknifed big rig blocking traffic on interstate 880 in oakland. let's get straight over to abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield. hi, amy. >> reporter: natasha, i just got an update from the chp. they're telling me this is going to be this way for a couple of hours. it's going to take them a while to get this cleared out of here. so you're going to want to avoid this area. the backup is bad. it is getting worse. it's very slow through here. you're looking at northbound 880 at 5th street in oakland. and the traffic is terrible. this is what happened. a big rig jackknifed here. it was about 4:45 this morning when this happened. and there were major injuries when this crash occurred. so emergency crews are dealing with the victims involved and then they'll deal with uprighting it and towing it out of here so they have a lot of work to do at this scene and


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