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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. today's rain and wind are certainly creating more trouble for petaluma. that tree collapsed on wilson street in the middle of the stormy weather this weekend. melanie woodrow is there live with the story tonight. melanie. >> reporter: dan and ama, luckily, nobody secured. it's been a real mess here since saturday night. this sort of yellowish house. this is where the tree fell from are. this property here. this homeowner is not around today, but his neighbor tells me that he was actually in san francisco saturday night, so he wasn't home. he's okay, but you can see the tree fell into a truck and that blue home, the woman that lives there, she was around saturday night. luckily she wasn't injured and, boy, is she taking all of this in stride. these aren't the home improvements bridget mortimer had in mind when she moved in. >> everybody told me i had to downsize. what a way to do it. >> reporter: originally from ireland, most recently tau he,
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lily and emma had a hunch something was up saturday night. >> all night long, they palsed up and down the house barking, just barking all night long. >> reporter: sometime during the night there was a rumbling sound. >> it was like a heavy truck going down the treat. >> reporter: in the morning this is what mortimer saw out her window. >> i thank god i wasn't injured and it's only a house. >> reporter: she said her son's truck took the brunt of the tree's fall. >> i'm very calm. i suppose it's my age that has something to do with that. it's a very small crisis when you've faced other crises in life. >> reporter: today as crews cleaned, drivers around pet lum o' -- >> it's nuts. >> reporter: contended with the conditions. >> couple potholes, roads are flooded. nasty day out here. >> we left snow in boston, so this is very nice. >> reporter: mike and amy mcwilliams hope they catch their flight to sydney tonight, while a family from mountain view wondered if they'd get home. >> we hope that we had enough charge. >> reporter: downed trees, standing water and whipping
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winds, making petaluma precarious. in petaluma, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. crews around marin county are working to clean up mudslides. this one shut down paradise drive in tiburon for more than ten hours. let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel for the latest. >> let's check out live doppler 7. the entire bay area is lit up in green or yellow indicating that it is raining out there. it's a soggy start to your week. street level radar, pleasanton, 580 seeing moderate pockets of rain. san francisco down the peninsula, it is lighter. and around the north bay we're seeing pockets of moderate rain around novato, ignacio plv boulevard. as we head into the south bay into los altos to campbell, saratoga avenue, there are some downpours between san martin and gilroy. we do have a number of warnings. a flood warning continues for coyote creek and a flash flood warning for the other part of coyote creek.
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we've already seen flooding. when you get more rain, 1 to 5 inches already in the bay area on top of saturated ground, you'll see more potential for flooding. we also have a flash flood warning until 6:30 tonight for alameda creek. on our storm impact scale, this is a strong storm, continues as a category 3. scattered downpours, flash flood and flood warnings, winds will increase 40 to 60 miles per hour. as you take a look at the satellite, the moisture source is extending all the way back towards hawaii. what we call an atmospheric river or pineapple express. this is why we're not done with the drenching yet. hour-by-hour look at what's ahead and how long we'll remain in this category 3 coming up. dan. check out the water rushing across a roadway. this is no accounted a. water officials opened a spillway for the first time in 20 years. they wanted to alleviate pressure at the don pedro
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reservoir. the sheriff has called for voluntary evacuations. laura anthony is live in stanislaus county with the story. laura. >> reporter: hi, dan. we haven't seen this in two decades. i'm standing at the end of a closed roadway here. you can see the spray behind me from the spillway just opened at 3:00 this afternoon. now, this is a novelty for some, but with serious consequences for those living downstream. with a major spillway set to open, police went door to door in this low-lying rv park in modesto, urging people to get out before it's too late. >> so far i haven't met anyone that's actually going anywhere. it is concerning, especially when there's health issues, medical emergencies, and the trucks and ambulance can't get down to them. >> we want to give people an opportunity to collect their belongings and move to higher ground. >> reporter: for the first time in 20 years, officials opened the spillway at the don pedro reservoir, california's second largest dam. >> this decision was made in
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conjunction with the army corps of engineers. in order to minimize downstream flows that could potentially be damaging -- >> reporter: that means the already swollen tuolome river could go up another five feet. >> they're saying this could raise another five feet. so every foot it rises, it moves 18 feet up land. >> reporter: some are choosing to stay or at least leave their rigs, protect them as best they can, and hope for the best. >> so what are you guys doing? >> covering the roof so it doesn't leak that much. >> reporter: the river is coming up. they expect it may come up more. >> i know. i'm just going to put more sandbags. >> reporter: the stanislaus county sheriff has a message for anyone thinking about taking advantage of those who do leave their homes. >> if you decide that you want to exploit them, guarantee there will be a strong response from the sheriff's office. >> reporter: we're back live here. you can see the spray from the
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spillway. the plan at this point is to leave this open for at least four days. that is to hope to get the level down to a safe level so they can bring more water in or set more water into the reservoir, and they're expecting that this water will flow down to places like modesto tonight or tomorrow morning. so there will be a delayed effect. live at lake don pedro, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you, laura. dozens of people have opinion told to grab essentials and leave their homes in lake port, a city on clear lake. they issued evacuations for the aqua village mobile home park. the red cross has set up a shelter at the seventh day adventist church. water overflowing from anderson reservoir may force evacuations in san jose. this was taken by firefighters. it shows water rising above the mobile homes. the trailer park on oakland road is located right next to coyote creek. firefighters are pumping water out of that lot, but if the
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water keeps rising, as many as 40 homes on oakland road may have to be evacuated. flooding on another part of coyote creek led to two people having to be rescued. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there and joins us live with the story. jonathan. >> reporter: that's right, dan and ama. we're here in morgan hill for the start of this story. this is where it all originates. there is a water fall right here at the edge of this neighborhood, not something you see every day. but as beautiful and magnificent as it may be, that water fall can cause a lot of problems. that is the anderson lake spillway and it drains, yes, into coyote creek. so farther on downstream, coyote creek has turned into essentially a rushing river, and that has been where firefighters have been out all day pentagresg to calls for help. the 911 call came from an island in the middle of coyote creek. >> the water was rising on both sides of a piece of land that they used to be able to walk to. >> and so that became an island? >> it became an island.
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it wasn't an island a week ago. >> reporter: sky 7 shows how the creek has flooded its banks and into the woods which was a popular spot for transients to set up camp. >> how many of you are there? >> reporter: san jose has the county's only rescue team that's allowed to enter the water and this was their second rescue of the season. they work out of an inflatable boat wearing helmets, life vests and dry suits in water that's anything but inviting. >> it is contaminated water. and then there's the debris. all these years of drought have allowed garbage to collect along the waterways, plant material, rocks, that are all being displaced by the fast-moving walter and being carried downstream. >> reporter: using paddles instead of the boat's motor, they got the two stranded people onboard and paddled their way back to shore. both suffered hypothermia and one sustained minor injuries. >> i don't have any details on the injuries. they're both very cold and going to the hospital to get treated.
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>> reporter: first they had to take a very cold shower. the rescue was only complete once firefighters washed off the contaminated water, yet another reason they say for residents to stay far away. at coyote creek, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a road near oakland's airport continues to be impacted by the accident that happened this morning. authorities say a driver lost control, slammed his vehicle into a power pole on dolittle drive. the pole cracked near its base and was in danger of falling. crews closed the road to stabilize the power lines. it was very precarious. the road partially reopened this afternoon but repairs will continue until tomorrow. and you have to see this video. terry robinson shared it with us. you see people helping remove a tree that came down on highway 17 at summit road. look at them all there. that tree had blocked all lanes of 17. traffic in the area is a mess. you can see all the red on highway 17. you see it there on this map as well as the red along 280 through san jose.
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that's where there's a lot of flooding on the roadway. >> remember, traffic and weather where you live all day every day with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates sent right to your phone. all right, well, this is turning into a troubling trend. jewish community centers targeted by bomb threats. that's next. anti-trump activists seize a federal holiday to honor presidents. you'll hear from local support rz of president trump. a gray, rainy day today and meteorologist drew tuma looks at whether we will see any sun at all this february. >> abc 7 news continues in just a moment.
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today is presidents' day and many protesters are using it to demonstrate against president donald trump. these rallies behind me are in new york, atlanta and chicago. here at home, many turned out for the rally in san jose despite the rain. a rally just wrapped up at the san francisco federal building too, and that's where abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live with more. carolyn? >> reporter: well, dan, all of the demonstrations were dubbed not my president's day and despite this weather, about three dozen or so protesters showed up across the street to denounce president trump and everything from his immigration policies to his pick for education secretary. >> not my president. >> not my president. >> reporter: on this federal holiday, demonstrators rallied in the rain outside san francisco's federal building to protest the presidency of donald trump. the protest here and in cities all over the country come exactly one month after mr. trump took office.
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in san jose, protesters gathered outside city hall plaza to oppose what they called the president's regressive agenda. retired superior court judge ladoris kordell says it's impossible to honor the office on this president's day. >> as long as donald trump fails to recognize that he is our public servant. that he works for us. >> we have a president who is actually delivering on his campaign promises. >> reporter: jason clark is chair of the san francisco republican party. >> when you go out and say "not my president" i think it's more destructive and obstructive than going out and saying, okay, here's an issue, let's advocate for this issue. >> reporter: the president of the san francisco young democrats tells us they are urging demonstrators to back up their outrage with action. >> we're also asking folks to donate or volunteer hours at a
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number of community organizations, anything from, you know, the american civil liberties union to planned parenthood, et cetera. >> reporter: for his part donald trump tweeted happy presidents day, make america great again. no mention of the continuing opposition to his presidency. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. new at 5:00, the fbi's investigating more bomb threats at jewish community centers across the country. 11 locations were targeted today. this follows three days of bomb threats last month at dozens of jewish community centers. the one in san rafael was one of them. all of the incidents today and last month were determined to be hoaxes. the white house issued a statement on the threats saying, quote, hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom. the president has made it abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable. let's move on and back to the weather for a few minutes. today's rain has caused more flooding and that has a lot of people wondering about whether
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they should get insurance for that. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with na. >> the fine print is super complicated. the rules of thumb not so much. with the rain still falling, there are plenty of questions being asked about homeowners' insurance. the rules like i say are pretty simple for rules of thumb. if water is coming from the sky, damages your house, think rain, then you're probably covered with homeowners insurance. if water is rising, think in terms of a stream or a river, you're not covered by homeowners. that is where flood insurance kicks in. if you have it, most people don't. mudslides are generally not covered by homeowners and often not covered by flood insurance either. the exception is if the water is carrying the mud. then it does cover it. are you keeping up with this? there is an earth movement policy commonly called difference in conditions, but it is very expensive and rarely, rarely, if ever, purchased. a couple of weeks back i
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reported on things that come with trust funds. siblings who have been waiting for an option for months after our show have now been adopted by a sonoma woman who wants to keep her identical private. now, she had seen these cats before and seen the posters. then she watched them on tv. we highlighted the cats on our newscast and on facebook live. the two cats come with a $3500 trust fund that can be used only for their care. mill valley's kitty charm school put the whole thing together. want to save a quick 5% or 10% on nearly everything you buy? you can just by selecting which day you make your purchase. really! the shopping rebate app ibotta found you can save big bucks just by waiting a day or two. here's brian leetch, founder and ceo. >> we thought people would just want to know that if they bought their beer on a monday, they would on average pay 9% less than if they bought their beer
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on a saturday. if you are buying beauty products, those tend to be around 11% cheaper when you buy them monday versus if you buy them on a sunday. >> ibotta looked at 50 million receipts submitted over three years. the big takeaway, get this, shopping on weekends tends to be more expensive for many items, like snacks, beauty supplies and beer. >> really? >> yeah, about 8% to 10%. >> good to know. thanks, michael. well, after years of drought, much of the bay area is experiencing a deluge of rain. so much so we're all wondering is this ever going to end? meteorologist drew tuma is here with a long range forecast. >> yeah, at this point people aren't asking when it's going to rain, they want to know when the sun will come out and for good reason. only four days this month have we had completely dry weather. look at that, the map shaded in green showing you 16 days in february we had rain. so everybody wants to know what can we expect for the next several weeks? a good indicator is temperature.
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the reason why storms love to bring in colder air, so the temperature outlook, this is for the next three or four weeks, well below normal across much of the west coast. what that means, likely that storm track once again will set up shop right over california. so what can we expect not only to end february but also into march? more moderate storms ranking a 2 on the storm impact scale. i would expect at least one more atmospheric river event before the rainy season is over. below average temperatures and above average rainfall. certainly adding to those rain totals today. more on that. i'll send it over to sandhya patel. >> and the atmospheric river is what contributed to the rainfall that we've been seeing today. take a look at live doppler 7 and you'll see it is still coming down in parts of the bay area. liht to moderate in the east bay. as we take you to street level dublin across 580 into livermore, it's a good thing that many people are off today and it's not a high commute time. as you look from burlingame to
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bunker hill road seeing pockets of moderate rain. the santa cruz mountains getting slammed with moderate to heavy rain right now. and in the south bay, it has lightened up in places like san jose. but look at the totals. san jose over an inch and a half, ben lomond more than 5 inches of rain. this is all because of the pineapple express, the stream of moisture coming right at us. san francisco, oakland, mill valley well over an inch, livermore as well. notice st. helena 2.33. i do want to tell you many of these cities, these cities that are listed here, san francisco, oakland, sfo, santa rosa, livermore, have exceeded their yearly rainfall already and this is since october 1st. we're not even done with the rainy season so this is a good sign obviously from our perspective of not having enough water. remember, we need to replenish our groundwater supply. even though we're out of a drought. in the sierra it is turning to snow. chain controls on all roads leading to the tahoe area. if you're off this week, winter storm warning continues until
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10:00 tonight. they are going to be counting the snow in feet in places like donner. 40 inches expected. so some fresh powder for them. temperatures right now in the 50s, 60s. a look at our storm impact scale. we currently have a strong system, a 3 on our storm impact scale. tonight we'll continue to see scattered downpours, flash floods and flood warnings continue. the winds will increase. 40 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts later on tonight. we do have a flood watch until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. heavy rain continuing to cause rapid rise in streams, creeks. watch out for rock and mudslides. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. you see pockets of moderate rain between 6:00 and 7:00. at 10:00 p.m. if you're thinking about taking a little walk, still watch out for rainy conditions out there. midnight, scattered showers and we will continue that theme into tuesday, which leads us to our high wind warning. southerlily wind gusts could reach up to 60 miles per hour at the coast and higher terrain. downed trees and power lines not out of the question. lower elevations under a wind
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advisory until 3:00 a.m., gusts to 50 miles an hour. this is later tonight. so here's a look at those wind gusts. at 9:00 p.m., this is lower elevations could be approaching 40 miles an hour. around midnight still gufsty. but tomorrow morning winds ease up. it is going to be breezy. our storm impact scale tomorrow becomes a light system, a 1. morning showers, isolated chance in the afternoon and the winds do relax. hour-by-hour forecast, midnight those showers are going. around commute time back to work for many of you. 5:00 a.m., light to moderate showers. same at 6:00 and 7:00. about noon time they'll become less widespread and then really isolated at best for the evening commute. in terms of our rainfall totals, from 7:00 tonight all the way through 5:00 p.m. tomorrow we're looking at an additional over an inch of rain in some spots so just keep that in mind. tomorrow morning temperatures 40s, 50s. you'll need the rain gear tomorrow afternoon. you also need the shades. cooler day, mid-50s to the low
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60s. you can download the abc 7 news app and keep track of these storms with live doppler 7. if we do need to send you a push alert, we'll send it out to you. the accuweather seven-day is showing a 1 on our storm impact scale for tuesday, wednesday, light systems. a few showers. thursday you get that chance to dry out. friday night chance of some rain but it's really on saturday and oscar sunday we're looking at another system returning with rain coming into the picture. monday could see not just lingering clouds but rainfall by nighttime. >> that's something else. sandhya, thank you. well, today's rain didn't stop hundreds from lining up outside in san francisco. >> yeah, just ahead, the special screening of the ground breaking abc
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died by suicides in states where same-sex marriage is legal. that's the finding of new research out of johns hopkins university. the biggest impact was on gay and bisexual teenagers with the overall rate of suicide attempts dropping 4%. again, this is johns hopkins
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university information with a small decrease for teenagers. researchers say the marriage measures may create more tolerance and less bullying. the findings don't prove there's a connection between the laws and suicide attempts, but researchers say policy makers should be aware of the measure's potential health benefits. right now hundreds of people in san francisco are getting an early look at the upcoming abc docu series "when we rise." people waited in the rain before the special screening started this afternoon. i chronicles the personal and political struggles of lgbt men and women who fought for equality. some of it was filmed here in san francisco and it was partly inspired by the memoir of cleve jones who was mentored by gay rights pioneer harvey milk. >> it also weaves in the stories of some of my dearest friends, people i've worked with over the decades here in san francisco, and that makes it particularly wonderful because we're all still friends and still doing the work together.
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>> "when we rise" premieres next monday here on abc 7. well, we are now under one week away from the oscars. hours and hours of hard work must be put in first before the show can start obviously. that's next. first we want to thank abc 7 news viewer brandon for this picture from san francisco. it's gorgeous, a beautiful sunset before this latest storm system. you can share your pictures with us on social media using
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> i ran over and asked him for help. he basically said i'm the one who shot you. >> new at 6:00, a man grazed by a sniper's bullet challenges oakland police. he says friday's deadly stand-off could have been avoided. also the local river rising at an amazing clip putting residents at risk, plus the cities that have already received a year's worth of rain. and the change of tone from
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provocateur milo yiannopoulos following comments that cost him a big book deal. that's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, all the wow of the oscars, it takes a lot of work. >> it's a lot of work. in fact the setup has taken over parts of tinsel town completely. streets around the dolby theater are closed as they transform it into the world's red carpet. >> many people in the area don't seem to mind. >> i haven't seen it shut down before, but so far getting around hasn't been too much of a problem. >> i mean it's not ready yet, it's not set up yet, but it looks like it's going to be pretty big, know. >> one nominee has already gone down in oscar history. "la la land" ties with all-time record holders, all about eve and titanic for most nominations, that's 14. >> you can watch the oscars live only here on abc 7 this sunday. the live coverage begins at 2:00. jimmy kimmel is hosting for the first time starting at 5:30.
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world news tonight is next. >> for all of us here, thank you for jo tonight, several breaking stories. president trump's new pick after firing general flynn. tonight, his new choice for national security adviser. general h.r. mcmaster. what we know about him already. our team standing by. also breaking, several tornadoes. four confirmed. more than 100 homes hit. a train blown right off the tracks. we're there tonight. two officers suddenly facing fire. responding to an accident, when a man pulls out a gun. one officer dead tonight. the major new headline at this hour after two girls are discovered dead in the woods. their final snapchats, and tonight, the new development involving this man. and the airport security breach. tonight, the new surveillance right here. 11 people passing through the security checkpoint in new york city. why was there no tsa officer right there watching them walk through before they then boarded flight


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