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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 21, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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secondhand, have to do my job, and i felt like this is the best time to move forward. >> the kings create roster room, to create the trade with the pelicans. in the first year of a 12-year deal. he was averaging 7 1/2 points and 5 1/2 rebounds this year. he walks away with his entire $12 million contract. larry beals just arrived home from new orleans. maybe he'll show us some of those dance moves he learned in new orleans. >> i'm sure he will. >> abc 7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all your mobil
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...get the presidential (avo)treatment...y... ...with a special trade-in offer... ...february sixteenth through the twenty-eighth... and let enterprise car sales... flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. live doppler 7 still tracking pockets of moderate rain. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. we'll be tracking it all fr you. >> that is our report, we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thank you for joining us, jimmy kimmel live, robert downey jr. >> have a good night. it is an all new show with great viral videos "right this
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minute." a child is rescued in the nick of time after the mother tossed the baby over a bridge. >> what? >> how a sharp-eyed hero saved a little one's life. up and comers show they can be pitch perfect. >> for a chance to make a video with elizabeth banks. >> see some of the internet auditions capturing a world of talent. ♪ >> it's a gender reveal that doesn't reveal much. >> it's a -- caucasian baby? >> the story behind the mix-up that made everybody wait. [ laughter ] plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and matt driedle is here. >> thank you guys. >> we have the video. you've got to play along as we try to figure out real or fake. >> i want to burp so bad. i haven't even had these. >> let's head to china.
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a bunch of people are watching a water rescue right over the side of the bridge. can you tell what's going on here? >> it's a baby? >> it is a baby. a little boy is being pulled up to the top of the bridge after its mother tossed the baby over the bridge. >> what? somebody must have seen it and jumped in after the child. >> that's the person in the river. a cabby immediately leapt into the river, helped the baby up to the surface. you can see here the baby is lifeless. all kinds of people frantically patting the back of the baby boy trying to get the wet clothes off. the video ends before we see the child revived. i'm happy to tell you emergency workers showed up. the child was taken to the hospital, resuscitated and will be okay. >> what's the story? why? >> well, the mother is believed to have mental issues. she was also taken to the hospital for evaluation.
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>> from a bridge overpass to a train station where this little girl just wandered right out of the train and onto the platform. looks like a high speed train. >> it is. >> the video cuts and you see someone who works for the train come over and gather the child up. the crazy part is witnesses say this happened twice. the first time a conductor helped the child back on the train. this video is the second time where another worker gathered the child up as the train is leaving. >> where are the child's parents or guardians? >> mom was on the train, didn't notice that the kid was gone until she got to the next stop. she was busy worrying about her luggage. >> she didn't know until the next station. >> that next station will be hundreds of miles away. >> the child was reunited with the mother later in the day. landon made a very special
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video for a girl that's really, really cool. >> dear elizabeth, honorable executives, my name is landon. i'm about to go pitch myself. ♪ sticks and stones ♪ can't break my bones ♪ ♪ i broke it doing a cartwheel ♪ and i broke it again >> i like that style of demo reel. >> it is a demo reel for a contest that "pitch perfect 3" was putting on in combination with universal pictures. >> we want to fly you out here to participate in a digital content lab. >> elizabeth banks is the director. they decided, you know, let's do a contest where people can create content and maybe help promote our movie. >> if you can make me and the team laugh so hard we pee you will come to l.a. to make hollywood magic. >> the contest is over. they haven't announced the winners yet. some of the people who entered
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are super talented like landon. check out claire. ♪ i must dance and sing i transform into characters ♪ ♪ that have their own thing i even own a screen where i watch all my favorite shows ♪ >> for those who saw "la la land" she just changed the words to that tune a little bit. she is funny. ♪ i dance ♪ freelance ♪ sometimes not even with pants ♪ ♪ oh, my god you guys ♪ what if were to win the prize ♪ >> it ooh es to be in the movie? >> no, a chance to make a video with elizabeth banks to help promote "pitch perfect 3" and it will be on the dvd blu-ray release after the movie which comes out christmas of this year. this girl decided music wasn't the way to go. she just decided to be funny. >> i'm jenna and i'm pitching a tent while pitching myself to
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make a pitch perfect video in a high pitched voice. >> go to the hashtag # go pitch yourself. there was quite a bit of talent out there just waiting to be discovered. ♪ ♪ oh, i'm gonna pitch myself weeks of planning has gone into this very moment. you know exactly what's going on right here. family are gathered around. there's the happy couple. you can tell there is an expectant mom to be with the little pregnant belly. what's going on? they have gone to the baker, cut into the cake, lift it up and everyone goes wow! with whatever color they see. the end. not so much. dad starts cutting and the tension builds. lifting it up -- what's it going
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to be? it's a -- >> white cake. >> caucasian baby? >> mom looks frustrated. starts peeking into the cake thinking maybe there is a secret little -- no, no. there was a mix-up. the baker made a mistake. they just baked the cake, no reveal. the baker said, ha, ha surprise! >> i will tell you this much. the baker felt awful, gave them a refund. but dad, give him credit. he's prepared. he had a backup plan. just in case something went wrong he sent up some pink giving away it was a young lady and she's been board. here's a picture. >> what a cutie. >> yeah, she's white.
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>> time for another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be 21 and be a resident of canada or usa. >> stay tuned for the give away. allow this to serve as a psa when the weather clears up and you have to go up and clean the gutters. >> what a horrible idea. he's got a folding table stacked on top of a crusty old picnic table and his little boy helping him. this is only going to end one way. >> let's see what happens. he goes out of view and -- >> oh, no! >> man, that hurts. >> that hurts. be glad his son wasn't standing there. >> yeah. >> he puts his hands on his hips like -- >> hey, junior, get dad the cell phone and push 911. >> i'm sure the neighborhood
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partied, but he's all right. >> the good news is the gutters are clean. did you see the debris? >> this little one has a new baby sister. as he sings twinkle, twinkle little star he starts to back up -- >> ow. >> completely misses the chair. he's so cute though. >> the chair was there a second ago. he gets up like, all right. i got this. sits down in the chair. nothing to see here, folks. >> mom, if you put that on youtube. >> they had a clever idea. budgeted $3,000 to spend. >> see what they are crafting together. >> oh, hey. >> and she has found her happily ever after. >> she was rescued and sent to a sanctuary. you can see she's been getting lots and lots of love.
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ñrñóóóççñwwñçowñ?ññ ññ?? ef closed captioning provide by -- she was part of a group of sheep and lambs rescued from a
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farm where 120 were dead. there they are walking amongst those who didn't make it. she was sent to a sanctuary where she's getting lots of love. >> and where they will live happily ever after. >> oh, yeah. she has a happily ever after with this guy. he's giving her kisses. she likes it, but you pet them a little bit and then you stop and -- >> yeah, the head. >> again, again. >> the paw on you like, i didn't tell you to stop. >> it's easy to just write the animal off as livestock, just part of a herd. when you give them a chance you realize they have personalities. they're living beings individually. >> this bearded dragon has got millions of hits online because the owner waves at the bearded dragon. the bearded dragon is like, i see you, okay. >> oh, hey. it is not mimicking the hand
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movement movements. >> what's up? that's bizarre. >> i think it's coincidence. there are so many ways you can give back. in this video we've got dave and his buddies alfie and sean giving back. >> we are going to try to acquire a van, convert the van and figure out something useful, something good to do with it. >> they budgeted five days to build it and had about $3,000 in cash to spend. first stop, they need a van. that's dave's job. he searches out this old transit van and buys it for $970. they get it cleaned up. it is off to find as many recyclable materials as they can. they get wood, insulation. >> found some celetex. >> they are quite crafty. they use all the wood and a dead tree to build the desk legs.
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>> that wood panelling has a natural distressed look. that's pinteresting. >> brand new mattress and voila. >> hey, that's nice. >> this is pretty slick looking inside. looks very homey. >> looks like an airbnb picture. >> they make the deadline, come in slightly over budget. the cool part is the van even includes a do it yourself solar panel that you can set up on top. this is the whole give back part of this project. dave and his buddies put this on e bay and sold it for 4,000 bucks. every dollar goes to the national autistic society. that's how they chose to give back. >> that's really cool. now you can drive the van anywhere and you will always have a really comfortable place to take a nap instead of just a back seat. >> you have a good base to start your adventures with and make it your own after that.
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it appears. is that a dark spot? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. taking your all terrain vehicle off road. we have some examples of that. in the first video these guys are on the track. this guy is feeling confident. >> better if you are really
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confident. >> over confidence is where you make a mistake. >> oh, that hit you. >> oh, man. >> that's the trouble with the quads. they gobble you up. >> other people on the track respond. the guy does walk off. these guys also on the quads trying to go over a berm here. >> the key is speed. if you maintain speed and the momentum takes you around. >> maybe the second guy didn't know that. just when you think he's got it. >> he tried to make his own line. that didn't work for him. >> she's making his own line. >> he's able to get back on his feet. right out of the way. to the third video that comes from north carolina these kids seem to have gotten their quad stuck in the mud. they've got this. so he backs it up.
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full throttle ahead. he manages to get the mud all up around him. tries it again. still stuck. the video ends. they had to use a winch to get it out. >> the people at healthy junk food teamed up with the folks at this red banger to make a giant mac and cheetos donut. >> basically mac and cheese with a coating, fried like a donut. >> that's a lot to handle. >> they make the cheese sauce, boil pasta and put it in a mold and wrap it in plastic, put it in the freezer.
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that thing is big as a bunt cake. >> that's a perfect donut. >> they give it an egg bath and coat it with cheetos, fry it up. then after they fry it, why not another coating of cheetos? >> they wanted that orange color. >> like a dusting. >> that looks weirdly tasty. >> sounded gra eed gross at fir. now i'm into it. >> they put it in the oven and once it's done -- pretty much. >> okay. seriously, make one of those. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be 21 and a legal resident of the united states or canada.
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>> head to the website click on win ipad. monday's buzz word is platform. >> get on over to right this, click the win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word. platform. >> later this week we'll have bonus give aways. enter to win the ipad mini or amazon echo. good luck, everybody. keep watching. >> time to play with our boy. >> matt driedle with real or fake. >> starting with. >> this is supposed to be color changing mud imported from south africa. >> this is tricky. >> plus something is dancing in and out of the clouds. >> i think it was put in in e t editing. >> and she's going beast mode with the beers.
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go to school, learn things and fix the world. >> while everybody else is tweeting about their mcm we have
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ours, matt with real or fake. >> thank you, guys. real or fake. roll the beautiful clip. this is supposed to be color changing mud imported from south africa. >> well, you know it's a hot spring when they have certain chemicals with the heat it changes colors. >> this is tricky. >> there is some paint or residue on this, too. >> we have color changing stuff like coffee mugs and stuff. i don't think this is naturally occurri occurring. it's been painted, processed. fake. >> fake as well. >> i'm going with the chemistry as well. >> i'll go with the majority. >> i'm with you guys. i think they used a temperature sensitive paint. you can see the residue on his fingers. you're right. this is a fake. >> second video. >> some sort of ufo. >> helicopter. >> it was actually cool that one. it darted in and out of the clouds. >> it's almost too difficult to
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tell. like a low res video. at this point it could be a helicopter. it could be a bird. it could be a ufo. >> unidentified to us but i don't think it's fake. >> i think it is real. something is flying through the sky. >> i will go with it's a real thing. not a ufo. what do we call it? >> it's real. it is a ufo. >> i'm going fake. >> it was put in in editing. >> one fake for real. >> when i first saw this i thought fake for sure, no doubt. people in the office were like, i don't know, looked real. i'm going with it's a real unidentified flying object. >> all right. last video. >> be still my beating heart. >> how is she doing this? >> she's not a real thing. she's a robot. >>


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