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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 23, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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now at 11:00, san jose families forced from their homes return to see the devastation from floodwaters that came without warning. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley 37. >> parts of san jose remain under water tonight. the scene along coyote creek. all those cars are still flooded. at one point 36,000 people were under an evacuation order or evacuation advisory. >> the green area shows where the residents are allowed back home. we have live team coverage for you tonight. let's begin with katie marzullo in san jose. >> the scene here still so awful. deep floodwater remains as you can see -- it's possible some of these homes will be red tagged, meaning families will never be able to return.
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this is one of the areas still under an evacuation order. some people did return tonight hoping to salvage something. >> where the water has receded a thick layer of mud is left behind. people trudged through the destruction to check on their homes and retreef their most precious belongings. >> george is taking in his uncle's family. >> i have little cousins, they're pretty upset they're not going to be allowed to return home. >> there are areas where the floodwaters will not naturally recede and we're going to to have to do pumping operations. >> in the williams street area, brian rodrigez showed us the damage done to his home. >> i don't know what that belongs to, it ended up here in
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the restroom. >> the down stairs is slick with mud, furniture is broken. everything touched by floodwater is ruined. >> i would say there's water to the bottom of our window sills, maybe about 9:00, 10:00 at night, we had water up there to that part of our garage doors. >> that's more than six feet high. the water destroyed his backyard remodel, but brian is determined to be optimistic. >> we can move forward. that's the only way to go. >> the city of san jose is providing this checklist for residents who are returning to flooded homes. a lot of good safety information in here for the water which we know is contaminated. what to do with your furniture, your walls, your electronic. if you need this information, go to the abc 7 news app, and we have a link to the city's website. katie marzullo abc 7 news.
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>> katie joins us live with the san jose residents that are still out of their homes tonight. >> mandatory evacuations are still in place for several neighborhoods. that includes the old oakland road area and the rock springs area, there have been partial lifts of evacuations in the nagale park area. brooklyn terrace and around 150 people will be spending the night at red cross shelters tonight. for children, life at the red cross shelter can be fun. >> it's like everything you need. >> for adults, the situation is more serious. >> these are the people that were hit the hardest, probably. two days in, and the red cross is already searching for new places for flood evacuees to stay evergreen valley high schools are in session next week. >> i was surprised it didn't hit
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us. >> andrew brunt feels for his neighbors. >> it was kind of easy to decide to help out a little bit, what i could do anyway. >> people are dropping off food, water and clothes. local teams are donating money. the 49ers pledging $20,000, while the earthquakes are giving 10,000. free trips to saturday's match and their time. >> any type of distraction helps. we've been juggling the soccer ball a little bit, and sharing some stories. it's been good so far. >> it's actually pretty awesome. i even got to play with them a little. >> what did you think about that? >> amazing. >> san jose firefighters answered questions at the shelter. they don't know when everyone will get back to their homes. in san jose, katie yudis, san jose news. it will support nonprofit organizations providing immediate and long term recovery to flood victims in san jose. we've posted a link on our
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website, abc 7 sandia patel continues our team coverage. she's here with the flood warnings still in effect for tonight. right? >> that's correct. notice that the radar returns are skirting the coast in the south bay, we don't have any rain at all, which is exactly what they need right now. we do have that flood warning until 11:30 tonight. current stage is 8.8 feet. below the flood stage of 10 feet. it's forecast to drop to 7.9 feet. tomorrow evening at 6:00, that is encouraging news. it is chilly down there in the south bay right now, anywhere from the low to mid-40s. here in the bay area, we're tracking that chill as well. mostly 40s, but los gatos you've already dropped to 38 degrees. i'll show you when rain will appear in the forecast. coverage of the san jose flooding evacuatins continues online. for the latest information and updates, make sure to download our abc 7 news app and enable
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the push alerts. highway 37 will be reopened by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, after flooding closed for two weeks. a caltrans director tweeted photos of the last minute work by crews tonight. expect lane closures over the next few months for ongoing drainage work. governor brown made an unannounced visit to oroville today. the governor checked out the dam and spill way there. the governor surveyed some of the flooding in the area by helicopter. a viewer sent us this photo of a funnel cloud today in oroville. that area has seen more than an inch of rain so far this week. and we have breaking news tonight out of sacramento. >> a chp officer has died in a crash. louis cello was chasing a motorcycle when he crashed.
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he died at a nearby hospital a short time later. he was 31 years old, he leaves behind a wife and child. an alameda county sheriff's deputy is in critical condition tonight. deputy michael foley was arriving for work at the jail when another deputy drivin a prisoner transport bus hit him. he didn't see foley, it was still dark outside and the 60-year-old was wearing dark clothing. before that he was a concord police officer. >> union city police have arrested a teenager accused of robbing a girl scout earlier this month. a 17-year-old has confessed to the february 8 robbery at the safeway store. police bought numerous girl scout cookies and helped the girl raise more than $1,000. take a look at the sketch of the accused teen. he's also suspected of a separate robbery at james logan high school. new at 11:00, the city of
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san francisco is keeping its word tonight and vowing to defy president trump and his crackdown on immigration. >> hundreds turned out tonight to find out about legal help for people facing deportation. >> i think this is a battle for the soul of america. >> immigration attorneys, judges and civic leaders brainstormed ways san francisco could respond to what is expected to be a tsunami of immigration cases. danny glover was on the panel. >> how do we resist. how do we resist at this moment. >> one plan calls for san francisco to lawyer up. that is hire immigration attorneys to assist those who face deportation since they are not guaranteed the right to a lawyer. >> it's a disgrace to have a person whose future is being determined not have a lawyer standing beside them. >> this immigrant from mexico described his ordeal in a
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deportation center. >> hold me against the wall like i was a criminal. >> having an immigration lawyer increased his odds of staying five fold. >> if you believe in human rights, if you believe in civil rights, you must believe in due process rights. >> there are 44,000 undocumented immigrants in san francisco, 91% of them employed. 1500 are currently detained in deportation detention centers. what's next? the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to decide on march 2nd if they'll 13e7b spend the money to hire 10 new immigration attorneys here. frustration toward congress is boiling over. >> i'm an angry constituent. you were for us. >> the outrage on full display tonight at a contentious town hall meeting. until now, there's been no evidence of any place outside our solar system where life could possibly exist. after today, that all changed,
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and in a big way. that's coming up. getting red carpet ready, oscar sunday just days away, preparations are in full swing tonight. here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> i can't believe you have to go to the dmv. >> yes, it was my birthday, just before my birthday, i had to renew my driver's license. i went down there. >> what do they say when you walk int
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hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] i'm mary from fayetteville, i'm not a paid protester. >> lawmakers are on congressional break, they are not getting a break, as they hold town halls with their constituents. lawmakers are getting grilled about the president and his policy goals. an audience heckled tom cotton on subjects such as the affordable care act and building a border wall. it was a much calmer scene tonight in alameda county. a capacity crowd came out to ask the democratic representative questions. he will stand up for immigrant
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rights, saying it's morally and economically the right thing to do. >> it doesn't make any economic sense. we have people from around the world, not just for those who don't have -- >> he cheers of support every time he criticized trump. >> an astounding discovery by astronomers. they have found a star system relatively close by with planets that appear very similar to earth. wayne freedman talked with bay area experts tonight who are now scanning the 7 new planets. >> it's a single spaced document filled with the kinds of grass and tables that only a scientist could understand. especially one who's discovered six moons and three rings in our solar system. for him, riveting stuff. >> it's a feeble star. it's a dwarf star. >> that's dr. mark showalter talking about a solar system
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that has seven earth sized rocky planets at least three of them fall into the goldilocks zone, with temperatures potentially capable of supporting water, atmospheres and life. >> the trappist system is small, you can't see it from earth, but it's in the constellation aquarius, roughly 40 light-years away. >> if p the galaxy is the size of a dinner plate, and here we are. then this system is there, essentially within a pencil point's dn distance from where we are. >> close enough to find out what those atmospheres might be made of when the planets pass in front of the small red sun. intelligent life couldville time to develop. in fact, they've already pointed radio telescopes at trappist one scanning 10 billion channels.
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>> what did you hear? >> nothing. >> discouraged? >> not at all. >> now we have at least three. >> happy reading and exploring. >> at the institute in mountain view, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. now, your accuweather forecast with sandia patel. >> take a look at live doppler 7 right now, i want to show you where we're tracking isolated returns. really light showers right now between pacifica and el grenada, take you into street level radar, these showers have been mainly skirting the coastline, we have flooding concerns still. markwest creek continues to flood. flood warning for central sonoma county until 8:15 tomorrow morning. we have a flood warning for lake county where they've been seeing the flooding. now, today we had an isolated thunderstorm develop in napa county. many of you saw the clouds and lots of sunshine today. it was nice to see the sun. there was a little rain there
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too. it was a nice treat. if you didn't get a chance to get out and soak up some sun. i want to show you a stunning sunset. 5:57 the sun went down. look at those rays. this was just a beautiful sunset tonight. equally nice from our kgo roof camera. we have a good view looking out toward the bay. here's a look at the temperatures, 43 right now in oakland and gilroy. san jose, you're 46 degrees, definitely getting chilly out there. the view is spectacular from our east bay hills camera. temperatures are reflecting winter. low to mid-40s from santa rosa and livermore. we do have a good view. cold and frosty the next two mornings, bright and sunny in the afternoons. tomorrow morning, when you get going, you are going to notice there will be patchy frost around, especially in the wind sheltered valleys. you may be scraping the ice off your windshield if you park outside. make sure you have your heavy winter clothes. thursday morning, still going to
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be frosty cold in our inland valleys, down near freezing. friday we do that repetition again. we get rid of the rain and bring on the chill. we're going to notice that this weekend some changes are coming. we have cold light showers coming in for this weekend. snow down to 3,000 feet. which means the highest elevations may be seeing a little bit of snow. there's a possibility of seeing more hail. saturday and sunday afternoon, light to moderate showers, most areas a quarter to a half an inch. saturday, hour by hour forecast. some rain in the north bay, it becomes more widespread by 5:00 p.m., we're not expecting it to be intense, just a wet breezy saturday, the system's coming from the north. a second system comes down quickly, sunday afternoon evening, dragging cold air with it, it's limited in moisture, any moisture it does deposit could be in the form of snow over the highest peaks. just be aware of that, and hail down at the lower elevations with cold showers.
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temperatures will be in the 50s, plenty of sun for tomorrow. cold and frosty the next couple mornings. you know you need to bundle up. 50s and sunshine. on our storm impact scale, we have a one for saturday. that's your wet day right now. sunday afternoon, some cold showers, maybe some snowflakes as you're looking up there, and scattered showers for monday, they look like one on the storm impact scale. tuesday, wednesday we go sunny, milder, you can always download the abc 7 news app to keep track of the systems, and keep in mind as i look at the extended forecast, beyond next wednesday, it's looking dry for maybe a week or two. we needed this rain, i know
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it's a sure sign that the super bowl for hollywood is approaching, they rolled out the red carpet today outside the doll by theater. the biggest names in film will walk down this 16,500 square foot carpet this sunday. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. and at 5:30, jimmy kimmel is hosting the oscars for the first time.
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>> be sure to tune in. >> coming up, mike shoom an has a report from giants spring training
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after a disappointing loss to stanford, cal needed to beat oregon tonight to help its chances of getting into the ncaa tournament. steve kerr took in the contest. the first half all bears, jabari byrd from the corner, cal led by 14 at the break. cameron rook scores despite the foul. the bears up their lead of 15. gets it to byrd with the slam. byrd flying high with a team high of 20 points. the ducks take the lead with under a minute to play. cal answers, ivan rabb grabs his own rebound. with 2/10 of a second left, brooks hits a three-pointer to give oregon a stunning comeback victory. the bears fall to 18-9, 9-6 in the conference.
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over at maples, david shaw saw the cardinal tackle oregon state. reid travis jams it home for two of his 17. now it's travis again. the struggling beavers committed 21 turnovers. stanford wins 79-66. it's now 14-13, 6 of 9 in pac-12 play. syracuse took on duke. time running out, john gillen banks in a three-point buzzer beater, syracuse upsets duke 78-75. gillen finished with a career high 43 points. the giants opened cactus league play friday. over a long season, a team needs to have depth. as mike shoom an reports, it appears san francisco has it. >> in any team sport, you're only as good as your best. and they've won three world series titles this decade with
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just that. their bench would be just as good as it's ever been. >> absolutely. when you say that, i always think of conner gillespie, coming in big in the postseason, and the home run in the wild card game, so, yeah, i think everybody's here. everybody's ready to step up when their name's called. >> the bench can help every team. the better your bench, the better it will help you win games, i think we'll have a good pench this year. >> reporting in scottsdale with the giants, mike schuman, abc 7 sports. >> tomorrow mike will be in mesa to report on the oakland a's. this sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks, rick. abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobil devices with


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