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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 23, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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just that. their bench would be just as good as it's ever been. >> absolutely. when you say that, i always think of conner gillespie, coming in big in the postseason, and the home run in the wild card game, so, yeah, i think everybody's here. everybody's ready to step up when their name's called. >> the bench can help every team. the better your bench, the better it will help you win games, i think we'll have a good pench this year. >> reporting in scottsdale with the giants, mike schuman, abc 7 sports. >> tomorrow mike will be in mesa to report on the oakland a's. this sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks, rick. abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobil devices with
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that is our report, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us on it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." rescuers have a devil of a time catching a stray dog. >> milly, that's what they called her, is not alone. >> the moment they find six good reasons momma is protecting her turf. survival story, after a
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high-speed go-cart racer veers right up that em bank want and into the tree. >> why the helmet cam angle will make you believe in miracles. and a purse snatcher hits a brick wall. what hulk hogan is trying to teach us about safety. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and a little lady ready to fly. >> whoo! >> but what happens when the ride really kicks in? >> oh! you see this house, this is not fit for man or beast. you can see that man with a catch pole. you can hear a dog barking. they are looking for milly, they followed her into this house. >> you're not a map happy girl, you? >> she isn't happy. let's backtrack 40 minutes when this chase started. the world animal society was shooting a public service
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announcement in detroit when they spotted this dog running around. so they called in the detroit pit crew and they started filming this dog. and she kind of led them on a chase. >> if you have your babies stashed and knew somebody was just in their lair, you would want to drive away or act like, hey, that's not my foot, but she keeps coming back to it. >> eventually, she does go inside the house. they set up a large case and some church's chicken. >> they might get me in. >> she looks at it but she's not tempted. she runs inside the house, so they have to go in after her. that's where we pick up again, but they say this is a good thing for her. >> tonight she won't be living in the abandoned house. she'll be coming to my house. >> she does put up quite a bit of trouble for them. >> do you want me to go ahead and get her? >> they want to be very, very gentle because milly, that's what they called her, is not
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alone. she is defending her babies. she's protecting them. but he eventually is able to get the catch. that is one of six babies milly had. six puppies. so they finally get milly out of this mess. there's momma there, now she's smiling. like, hey, thank you. she's all warm and cleaned up. obviously, they need to be older and fixed and then they are available for adoption. >> do you still have that chicken? >> right. >> so if you want to know more about milly's story, go to their website, she's tuckered out, they are eating, all is well with puppy world here. a pair of videos where you all are going to go, no way that person survived. the first from a go-cart race in
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columbia. these are high-performance go-carts that go extraordinarily fast. and the corner of the camera is right here through the cane designed to slow the carts down a bit. but instead of slowing the cart of perez, it made him fly. he comes through, loses control right up the em bankment into the tree. the go-cart smashed and tangled resting on top of him. finally, a marshal was able to get over, pull the car off of perez. he's 34 years old. and you can see he is motionless on the ground. i have another angle from the helmet of per resz that shows how fast he's going around this track and how high his cart launches when he leaves the track. >> he barely slid down.
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how is he survived? >> he has a broken shoulder, broken toes. >> he's going to be in so much pain for weeks to come, though. >> talk about pain? check out the video of this next unfortunate pedestrian. two folks just walking down the sidewalk in brazil. they never, ever saw this one coming. >> no. >> oh! that just slapped him in the back of the head! >> that was a tire and wheel that broke off from a vehicle traveling on the other side of that green median. the tire at speed comes bouncing down the hill and just connects with that guy. wrong place, wrong time. these two have some pretty serious injuries. a very serious injury. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to recover fully. >> what are the odds that will be found in the exact moment he's in the path to hit him on
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the head? >> some bad luck. the beautiful beaches of the united states are a destination for foreigners. in this case, we have dutch tourists visiting the beach in florida. but look, it's a thief. >> hey! >> grabs the woman's purse and takes off. fortunately, there's an onlooker about to steal the show. >> yep. >> that is hulk hogan himself. >> please, no! >> the thief is no match for hulk's moves. even though the hulk is putting his best moves on the thief, none of them seem to be really affecting him. the punch is flapping against
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the the crowd celebrates because the thief is caught. the thief is free. while everybody celebrates, the thief gets up uninjured, the purse is still there, but he's covered by insurance, which is what this commercial is about. this is a commercial for the dutch insurance company central tier. anna watches on channel 7 in detroit and is the latest winner in the "rtm" mini ipad give away. >> you can win, all you need to be is 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming
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up in just a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. i'm about to try this for the very first time. >> exactly. he's legally blind. >> i was always reluctant to try it because i can't see very well. i have to be very close to see anything. >> when he does wear his powerful glasses, he can only see things very close to him. >> that actually may work perfectly for him. because these goggles you wear right here. >> they are not going to throw him on the roller coaster, they are going to ease him into this, right? >> they are not going to ease him into it. they are going to give him the greatest experience ever. >> i'm going to be playing in the "star wars" experience. all right, here we go. >> he's actually pumped and excited. then the crawl ster -- but i'm excited. this is really cool. >> and the excitement really
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grows and grows. >> so cool. >> once he's on the -- it gets real. >> i was standing -- >> wow. >> i love this so much. >> and it just keeps growing. then r2 shows up. >> that's r2! >> the fighters are going over the top. he's having to fix some stuff, press buttons here and there, but the goosebumpy moment happens when r2 gives him his gift. >> enjoy your gift. you're going to need it. >> what? >> it's a light sabre. >> no! no! >> so cool. >> the joy is just swooping out of him. as fun as it is to watch, it really hits home as he takes off
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the headset. >> playing this experience is the closest i have ever felt like i'm included, too. i'm a gamer, too. >> he was born with this sort of vision. this is the first time for him that he ever felt like a gamer. he was able to experience it the way nobody else does. this goes to show how life changing this can be for us. >> i can't -- superstar paulina rubio performs -- >> she starts to get the crowd pumped up. >> see what happens as she walks to the end of the stage. >> oh, gosh, you even heard it on the mike. thump. and she went on a journey to face her fears. >> she spent ten days riding her
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i never let dry skin what dry skin? exactly! closed captioning provided by -- man up. this is a facebook live video from the concert of mexican superstar paulina rubio.
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she's on stage with a cute outfit singing to the crowd. and one of her song ends and she starts talking to the crowd and getting them all pumped up. there's walking to be over the stage again. >> it's hard to see because the spotlights are in your eyes. all you really see is black. >> so bright that they blinded her as she's walking back. >> oh, no. >> toward the crowd. >> oh, no. >> she just disappears. >> oh! >> oh, gosh, you even heard it on the mike. thump. >> you hear the crowd screaming, but immediately you see a stage crew rushing to where she fell. after being there a few minutes, they make sure she's okay. she's eventually able to get back up on stage. she sits down -- lets everybody know, yep, i just hit myself really hard. >> the show must go on.
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but at least try to catch the person. >> no, it doesn't happen like that. they have to leave room to keep the -- ah fans away from supporters. because who knows, you could be right there. >> she didn't break any bones. she said, if you ever fell, you must always get up. >> break a leg. >> no! you may think i'm about to show you a travel video, but it's actually much more than that. it's a lot about fear. and it's about overcoming the things that you don't know. maybe the people that you think you should feel. my friend rosie gabriel took a trip to yemen. she spent ten days in
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shep we she went out there to explore and dumped her motorcycle in the middle of nowhere with no one around to help. >> she couldn't have picked a better place. i mean, i've been around the world, to over 40 countries and tied for first for me is amman. the country is incredible, but the people are just wondering. >> that's what this video is all about, ali. it's the people. she needed to help people out. >> i would be nervous. what if you don't know what to expect, with a to wear, what to say, what to do. >> you don't go in blind but you don't fear it, either. that's rosie's message here. these are the guys who stopped to make sure she was okay. and the entire experience was very emotional for her. >> that experience, like, come
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on, world. come on. it is so beautiful. and i get to their that with the world and which a gift. >> she's just beginning her travels and is beginning a five-month tour of south africa. >> all on the motorcycle. >> all by herself. >> think about what she said, she said, we're here. alexa is about to receive a huge surprise. >> but i don't think any of you will guess what the surprise is. >> see the special and unreal gifts. plus, today may be your lucky day. don't miss your shot for a chance to win the ipad mini.
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dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. alexis is about to get a big surprise. >> i have alex cyst here, everybody. she doesn't know what is going on, right? >> typical girl. >> you're playing a prank on me. >> i love the attitude. >> i don't want to have a good time until i want to have a good time. so i'm not going to react whatsoever. >> but dad starts to speak words of love to change her attitude. >> i have a surprise for you, a huge surprise. you've been going to school, you've been working really hard, you're reading well, you're becoming a better sister. >> it can't get better. you're not done yet. >> and the surprise is revealed.
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>> open your eyes. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> i'm from san diego opera. and we have a special perception for you. the san diego opera is delighted to donate this piano to you. >> what? >> and we decided to support your study of the piano. and we hope your musical pursuits bring you a life of joy and meaning in the arts. >> who is that that he has these kind of connections? >> well, his friend works with the san diego opera. and not only did they give her this piano, they also gave her some tickets to the show that night. >> whoo! oh, my god. >> if alexa looks familiar to some people, she became well-known for this video. ♪ home will you come home
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home is wherever i'm with you ♪ >> she sang "home" with her dad. now check this out, she's getting a new piano. i know you want to hear heretical the ivory. again, she's just starting out. ♪ you can follow this whole family on the reality changers youtube channel because that's where they put their music and their life story. it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or can. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's matrix. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter wednesday's buzz word matrix. m-a-t-r-i
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m-a-t-r-i-x. >> you can win an ipad mini or the amazon echo. good luck, everybody. keep watching. she's having a great time while skydiving. >> whoo! good for her, she's smiling. >> but see what happens when she can't contain her excitement. >> he's rebooting right here, all the computer systems in
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with shine and all that. she likes it. tandem skydiving, a man strapped to your back -- oh, that's fun. that's what happened to this lady here, gayle. >> good for her, she's smiling. >> it looks like she's having a good old time. >> towards the end. >> this is probably why i won't do that. here's another reason i won't do this in three, two, one. >> she goes night-night. >> you can tell why. she's super excited and screaming. as soon as they pull it, the force of the blood rushes from your head. >> well, up wouldn't say that, because i need to know, if i go, will this happen? >> probably.
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>> because some people say it's sensory overlead that happens. >> she's rebooting right here. a all the computer systems in her head are going -- >> oh my, oh my, oh my, what was i thinking? i can tell you when they pull the chute, it's a jolt to your body. >> she woke up in a bad dream. you know when you wake up and are falling, she's suddenly like -- whoa! she's working up an entire lip different dream and it's awesome. >> the look on her face is like, well, where am i? this little one is on the roller coaster in california. she's so cute, she's at disney's california adventure and is taking life by the horns. hold on because that ride takes off like a bullet. >> three, two, one! ah! >> this wasn't suc


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