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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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a great weekend. making news in america this friday morning, president trump preparing to take the center stage at cpac. it's a big change from a year ago after skipping the conservative conference as a candidate. plus, the president explaining why he wants to boost the country's nuclear arsenal. and those town halls across the country getting heated yet again overnight. breaking overnight, police officers gunned down in washington, d.c. new details on their condition and the suspect. and a break in the case, the disappearance of a beauty queen has baffled investigators for more than a decade until now, the new evidence leading to an arrest. and the new video of tigers on the hunt faster and faster through the snow, but what are they chasing?
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good morning to you. i'm adrienne bankert in for diane. >> and i'm kendis gibson and what a difference a year makes. last year then candidate donald trump didn't even attend the conservative conference known as cpac. >> yeah, he wasn't exactly warmly welcomed either. attendees were trying everything to stop his campaign dead in its tracks. this morning he goes to that meeting as president with the republican controlled congress. >> vice president mike pence warmed up the crowd telling them president trump is making good on campaign promises. >> america's obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> reporter: a forceful defense overnight of the administration's plans for a new health care system. vice president mike pence telling the conservative activists at cpac that obamacare has been a failure promising something better. >> we'll have an orderly transition to a better health care system that finally puts the american people first. >> pence also praised his boss calling president trump a modern day ronald reagan and noted their differences.
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>> you know, i'm a small town guy. he's big city. i'm midwest. he's manhattan island. he's known for his bigger than life personality, his charm and his charisma and i'm like not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: earlier the president's chief strategist steve bannon making rare public comments to that crowd. the former editor of right wing breitbart news portrayed as the grim reaper by "saturday night live," he may be the president's most powerful and controversial aide. he said the president won't back down from this battle with his opponents. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day, every day it is going to be a fight. >> reporter: appearing with chief of staff reince priebus bannon said the trump we saw in the campaign is the trump we'll see as president. every day in the oval office he tells reince and i, i committed this to the american people, i promised this when i
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ran, and i'm going to deliver on this. >> one more note about bannon, he said when it comes to the president's battle with the media, every day, he says, is going to be a fight. >> well, while his top aides were at that conference, the president was making headlines on other issues from nuclear immigration or rather from immigration to nuclear weapons. there's a laundry list. abc's kenneth moton with the details. kenneth. >> reporter: the president's push for the u.s. to become the world's dominant nuclear power. >> if countries are going to have nukes, we're going to be at the top of the pack. >> reporter: the position nothing new for president trump who tweeted in december, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. but now he has the nuclear codes. >> does it keep you up at night? >> no, but it's confidence that i'll do the right thing and the right job. >> reporter: currently russia has slightly more nuclear warheads than the u.s. and president vladimir putin recently deployed a new ground base cruise missile in apparent violation of a 1987 nuclear treaty and trump told reuters it's a big deal and will bring it up with putin.
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but trump's foreign policy was focused on relations with mexico yesterday. his secretaries for state and homeland security working to cool tensions over his new immigration policies. >> reporter: lucio camp pose told the ap 25 years in the u.s. illegally and arrested after paying a ticket at an oregon courthouse. trump's description of the deportation raising eyebrows. >> it's a military operation. >> reporter: the administration worked to clarify the use of the word military. >> the president was using that as an adjective. it's happening with precision. >> no, repeat no use of military force in immigration operations. none. >> reporter: homeland security secretary john kelly there and secretary of state rex tillerson met mexico's president who said his country's top priority the protection of mexicans in the u.s. and respect for their rights. kendis and adrienne. >> all right. thank you, kenneth moton, live in washington for us, we
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appreciate it. the rowdy crowds at congressional town halls across the country show no signs of letting up. outside tucson, arizona, people packed a church to ask representative martha mcsally questions. mcsally was asked about her thoughts on newly appointed education secretary betsy devos. she seemed to sidestep the question by discussing her own schooling. a retired teacher then demanded that mcsally answer their questions. >> i have students who have parents who ask me questions every day. i don't hide under the table. [ applause ] you are not answering our question. answer everybody who has asked a question to answer the question and not once -- just answer our question. >> and mcsally replied by saying
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she was answering the questions that some people may not like the answers, which drew loud boos from the crowd. former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords is slamming lawmakers who are not hosting town halls like those in their home districts. she took particular aim at texas congressman louis gomert who cited her assassination attempt in 2011 as a reason he would not meet constituents in person. giffords tweeting, to the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations, i say this, have some courage, face your constituents. hold town halls. we want to get to some breaking news overnight from washington, d.c. two police officers shot about a mile from capitol hill. the two uniformed officers were responding to a report of shots fired. both were taken to the hospital. we're told they're expected to recover from those wounds. the suspect was shot and killed. there were several other shootings earlier in the day in other parts of d.c. new developments overnight in the death investigation of
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north korea leader's half brother. police say swabs taken from kim jong-nam's body revealed the presence of what is called vx nerve agent. it's a banned chemical weapon which the u.n. classifies as a weapon of mass destruction. nearly two weeks ago kim was assaulted by two women seen wiping the toxic chemical on his face. authorities are now saying they plan to decontaminate the airport where kim was attacked. back in this country, it could be a miserable morning commute for 50 million people in 11 upper midwestern states. the snowstorm stretching from idaho across to wisconsin is strengthening into a blizzard with very strong winds and 6 to 12 inches of snow. now below that the air is much warmer and that may produce severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. still ahead, a popular toy recall. the new information just in. plus, new details about a deadly shooting inside a bar. why investigators say it might have been a hate crime. and the man who tackled the gunman talking from his hospital bed. and this woman in shock. thankfully it's happy shock.
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the life-changing news she received that got this reaction.
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breaking news in iraq. military officials say they have recaptured mosul's airport from isis forces. this is a live look where officials say they entered the first western neighborhood in the city. the u.s.-backed operation to take back mosul has been going on for months. back here in this country the fbi is investigating a possible hate crime this morning in the case of a man accused of opening fire in a crowded sports bar near kansas city. witnesses say adam purinton used racial slurs before shooting one man and injuring two others. one man was killed as a result and one of the men wounded in that shooting was a good
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samaritan who tried tackling the gunman saving one of the victims. speaking from his hospital bed, ian grillot is talking about that man that he now calls his new best friend and what they'll do after they heal. >> i was planning on going to do some fishing this weekend, but i don't think that's going to be happening right now and get together with the gentleman that i have now become best friends with. i don't think it's going to be at the bar though. maybe some grilling in the backyard with a beer or two. >> pretty good attitude. the accused gunman has been charged with murder and attempted murder so far. more small protests over an off-duty police officer firing his gun during a confrontation with teens. at least two dozen teens demonstrated in the anaheim, california, neighborhood and new video shows the explosive encounter between the lapd officer who he was off-duty and a 13-year-old boy. as that confrontation escalates and more teens get involved, the officer reaches for his gun which the police chief says was
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aimed at the ground. even by the sad violence standards set by chicago, this has been a horrible week. seven people killed from gunfire on wednesday alone including a pregnant woman. that's the deadliest day so far for shootings in that city. now, police say at least 92 people have been shot to death so far this year in the city. in the meanwhile, the president once again tweeting about this. saying seven people shot and killed in chicago. what is going on there? totally out of control. chicago, he says, needs help. also the trump administration may crack down on recreational marijuana use. white house spokesperson sean spicer saying the justice department will enforce the federal law. but eight states and the district of columbia have already legalized recreational use. washington state's attorney general is promising a legal battle if there is a federal crackdown. when we come back, the mysterious murder of a beauty queen. investigators describing how they found their suspect after more than a decade. and caught on camera, what it's like inside of a plane when
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a rare sight for february. a big wildfire but there are a number in the southern plains going on right now. this one near tulsa is now under control but because of the unusually warm weather and low humidity, the red flag warning remains in effect. no road closures reported there, but drivers in the northern plains will encounter blizzard conditions. flooding will be a problem to the east in the ohio valley and there will be snow on the roads in the western mountains and wet roads along the northwest coast. if you're flying airport, delays are most likely in minneapolis, chicago and detroit. meanwhile, in georgia police may have finally solved a nearly 12-year-old cold case. tara grinstead was a high school teacher and seasoned pageant contestant before she vanished in 2005. >> now, police charge a man with murder. police say a recent tip led them to new evidence and a suspect. abc's steve osunsami with the details.
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>> reporter: it was an unsolved mystery in the south that made headlines across the country. >> tara grinstead disappeared. >> reporter: the disappearance of 30-year-old tara grinstead. >> what happened to tara? >> reporter: she was a high school teacher and an experienced beauty pageant contestant. in 2005 she went missing after watching a pageant and having dinner with friends. more than a decade went by with no answers for her family. but this morning, this man seen here in his first court appearance is now charged with murdering her. authorities say that ryan alexander duke broke into her home in october of 2005, robbed and killed the teacher with his bare hands and then hid the body. he has not entered a plea. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> and steve will have the latest on that cold case a little bit later on today on "good morning america." in the meantime, police in massachusetts say a new dna profile may be the break they need in the murder of a google
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executive last summer. vanessa marcotte vanished while jogging near her mother's home. her body was later found in the woods about a half mile away. investigators now say they're looking for a specific person of interest, and it's all based on a profile built from dna at the scene and from witness accounts. listen up, moms and dads, more than half a million toddler swings are being recalled. the plastic seats on the little tykes 2-in-1 snug'n secure swing with break dumping the child. little tikes has received more than 100 reports of the seat breaking. dozens of injury reports. two children broke their arms. we've posted full details on our website, now to that very scary experience on board a british commuter plane as a flight from scotland landed in amsterdam. its landing gear collapsed. one of the propellers then hit the tarmac. look at it here. the view from inside. wheels collapse as you see the caption there from snapchat. none of the passengers or crew aboard the turboprop plane were injured. >> i thought a little turbulence
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was scary, but i would have to say i'd be holding on tight if i was on that one. >> yeah, and then some. a true sign of seasons changing, major league baseball spring training games begin today. >> yeah, highlights now from last night's nba action from espn. >> good morning. welcome to "sportscenter" from los angeles. i'm stan verrett. let's check out the nba action from thursday night. clippers, klay thompson to kevin durant. warriors down by three in the third, but they were just getting started in the quarter. steph curry to durant, 25 for durant in the game. it's 67 apiece. later in the quarter, it's curry's turn working on jamal crawford there. curry with 35 for the game. warriors scored 50 in the third and roll to a ten-point victory. rockets and pelicans. knocking that down. 3 for 3 to start the game. wound up with 27 and 14.
4:19 am
for the night, anthony davis' running mate had 29. pelicans lose big, 122-99 as the rockets roll and got a new addition to lou williams, he had 27 points for houston off the bench. that's it from here. send it back to you. >> sounds like that trade is working out for you, new orleans. up next in "the pulse," counting down the hours until the oscars. we all have our favorites but who does vegas like? and run. tigers on the prowl, but what were they after?
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the oscars sunday night on abc. >> and it's not just movie buffs paying close attention but gamblers. vegas, baby, vegas. "la la land" is by far the favorite to win best picture. >> okay, they're going out on a limb there. so, one of the movie stars, emma stone, is a favorite to win best actress. casey affleck is favored to win best actor for his performance in "manchester by the sea," which is gripping. >> and a lot of people have for the prop bets it's all about host jimmy kimmel. he likes a good donald trump commentary and joke now and then, right? >> you can bet on how many president trump references he will make, and you can wager on what kimmel's first joke will be about. the odds on favorite, of course, president trump. >> yeah. we don't know who bought the powerball ticket that won the $435 million jackpot yet. >> but we do know they're my next best friend. no, we know that this new jersey woman won $2 million in the same
4:23 am
drawing, and she didn't remain anonymous because cameras were actually there at the newsstand at the time that she came to check out her numbers. >> are you kidding me? >> you just won $2 million. >> you're kidding me. this is real? it was a really rough year. i lost my dad and my uncle, and my mom is having a hard time, so this is like much deserved. it's going to be -- thank you. >> quick turnaround for her year already. >> very happy for her. >> she is an attorney who works near that newsstand in new york and matched five numbers but not the powerball but still $2 million richer. >> that's a nice day, however, she did pay an extra dollar for that option that doubled her prize. i think that was probably the wisest investment she's made this year. >> yes, exactly. well, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, some of the siberian tigers at a zoo in china were getting a little, well, fat, so the keepers figured they'd send in a drone for those fat cats to chase to get a little exercise. >> good idea.
4:24 am
nice try. instead the tigers swatted it out of the air and, look, right there in the middle they made a chew toy out of that drone, i'd say, so right there, that thing they were nibbling on is the drone. >> we did get a nice shot of what it looks like to be chased by a tiger if you wanted to imagine that. >> you're like, no, thank you. a world cup penalty kick from a high school-age kid. check out this kid in the middle of the screen wearing red. that's gareth greene. >> watch him. not only does he score but nothing like distracting the goalie while scoring. let's see lionel messi do that. let's see lionel messi do that. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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good morning. we made it to friday, february 24. >> just barely. >> welcome. >> just barely made it. who is with me? please tell me. i know. so happy to be here today. we've got the whole team and mike nicco has a look at your friday forecast. >> yeah, a lot of sunshine again today. how about that. let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. hi, everybody. it is bone dry this morning. in fact, some frost forming. i know i had to scrape a little off this morning so let's take a look at those temperatures. we're in the low to mid 30s inland as we look from the east bay hills, barely around 40 for the bay and the coast as we head through your 12 hour day planner, low to mid 50s, so cooler than average. we have some 40s. take a look at some neighborhood temperatures and clear lake is still flooding. the latest on that next. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we just had a two-car crash right in the
4:28 am
center there. lane 7 and 8. we did swing our camera around and that has fully cleared there so no more blocking for that situation and it looks like just a little bit of a stack-up in those cash lanes. and another collision just cleared in the peninsula. we had three lanes down up until about 15 minutes ago but all lanes cleared and that backup cleared out very quickly. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. brace yourself, b.a.r.t. riders, b.a.r.t. is considering raising prices and cutting service. >> i know it may be hard to believe, but b.a.r.t. says raidership is falling and it needs to make up for that lost money. amy hollyfield leave for at the dublin pleasanton station. >> reporter: cutting service is not a popular idea out here among these early morning commuters, as you can imagine. one man told us the trains right now are so crowded, he thinks they should consider starting earlier, not later. the problem is, b.a.r.t. says
4:29 am
ridership is down, especially on the weekends. that means revenue is down. and b.a.r.t. needs to find some money. so one idea is to cut the 4:00 a.m. service and start at 5:00 a.m. that would create a hardship, though, for a lot of commuters. >> it would suck for a lot of people. the train is full. it's really packed at this time. so, a lot of people do use it at this time. so, yeah. that would be a huge hit. >> reporter: other ideas on the table include selling more ads, catching those who don't pay their fares, and to charge more in parking. this spring, b.a.r.t. will be p polling its riders to get thoughts. if they come here to this station at this time of day, i can promise they are going to get an earful. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is garbage day in flood affected san jose and when we say garbage day, we mean families having to throw out
4:30 am
much of what they own. >> brown everywhere. the same thick layer of mud that covers the streets is also covering homes inside and out. matt keller is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. look at all this stuff that is on the sidewalk next to the streets. so much of this stuff has to be thrown out and that is why the city of san jose is going to be providing dumpsters in the williams street and rock springs neighborhoods. here's some brutal truth. toxic flood water ruined almost everything it touched. piles of soggy, contaminated stuff line the street. skpu her friends did as much as they could by themselves but this is dangerous work. there are dozens of workers the flooded neighborhoods. they've even hired temps. the first priority, pump out the water. next, clear out the debris. >> it's highly contaminated. i'm seeing oil paint, toilets are flooded out so there's


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