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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 28, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, oscars so twice. >> "la la land." >> it was the ultimate hollywood ending. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> a twist that shocked even the best. >> i looked up on the monitor. and i said, okay. something's really wrong. >> the stars and producers whose fortunes turned on a dime. >> it was tough. >> on a night of twitter and gold. >> we're more than two hours into the show and donald trump hasn't tweeted at us once. >> and jimmy isn't the only one waiting to hear from the president. we're on the road in the coal digging, horse racing, bluegrass state where there is now a battle over obamacare. >> it's a political war over health care. >> why some doctors and patients in red state kentucky are
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worried sick over repeal and replace rhetoric. >> if i didn't have health insurance, i wouldn't be alive today. seeing stars. this hollywood tour group got the surprise of a lifetime when they took a turn into the front row of the oscars. why the biggest winner of the academy awards might be gary from chicago. but first the "nightline 5." want longer lasting heartburn relief? duo fusion goes to work in seconds. and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to three. for longer-lasting relief in one chewable tablet, try duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. cough doesn't sound good. >> take mucinex dm. >> i'll text you in four hours when your cough returns. one pill lasted 12 hours. >> looks like i'm good all night. >> some cough medicines only last four hours. one mucinex
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good anning. tonight we're hearing from the people involved in what has to be the most surreal moment ever at an oscars ceremony. the folks who thought they had won best picture, then found out that it actually belonged to another movie. so what went wrong? and will jimmy kimmel try to put this one on matt damon? here's abc's nick watt. >> and the academy award -- >> reporter: warren beatty looks a little bewildered. more than 30 million americans are watching -- >> for best picture -- >> reporter: it's a live show, remember. >> come on. "la la land." >> reporter: faye dunaway announced "la la land" as best picture, hugs all around, thank you in full swing. >> repression is the enemy of civilization -- >> reporter: but wait. what's with the worries-looking guy in the headset? "moonlight's" mahershala ali had
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won best supporting actor. >> i looked on the monitor, okay, something's really wrong. something's about to stop. >> we lost, by the way, but you know. >> guys, i'm sorry, no. there's a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. "moonlight" won. this is not a joke. this is not a joke, i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke, "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture. >> reporter: what was it like in the room? >> in the room it was shocking. are they going to refuse to give up the oscar? is there going to be a riot in here? >> reporter: audible gasps as the "moonlight" gang stand up to accept their rightful prize. >> i'm going to be proud to hand this to my friend from "moonlight." >> even in my dreams this cannot be true. to medical with my dreams because this is true. >> reporter: a clue on the hot night. >> "la la land."
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>> reporter: a rash of bonnie and clyde memes online. a beatty/dunaway classic. that man in the middle of the acceptance speech, "la la land" producer jordan horowitz. >> eventually they found the best picture card that said "moonlight" on it. it was tough. certainly didn't show up tonight thinking that's what would happen. yeah. it -- it was -- it was a bit of a shock. >> reporter: thanks for the understatement, jordan. >> i think i needed to hear them say it multiple times and really pull us up. >> warren what did you do? >> i opened the envelope. and it said "emma stone, la la land." that's why i took such a long look at faye. and at you. i wasn't trying to be funny. >> reporter: the best actress winner gave a play by play later. >> i think we all would have loved to win best picture, but we are so excited for "moonlight." >> reporter: there was twitter
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love. "moonlight" director barry jenkins tweeting, jason horowitz, much respect to that dude. >> somebody screwed something up and it wasn't me for once. >> the entertainment media is treating it like a film or something. this is a massive scandal. >> reporter: who did screw up? warren beatty? >> why didn't you just ask for help? >> warren beatty has had so much sex, he can't think about things like that anymore. >> reporter: that's not scientific, jimmy. >> i'm sure if warren had to do it over again he would have said something like, i think i might have the wrong envelope. >> i don't mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was, i had that card. i'm not sure what happened. >> reporter: remember what he said on that stage? >> i opened the envelope. and it said "emma stone, la la land." >> reporter: here's the deal. there are actually two of every card and two price waterhouse cooper partners each carry a briefcase filleded by the whole
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stack. they stand either side of the stage and hand them out to the presenters. brandi hitt interviewed them last year. >> has there ever been a mistake? >> no. >> reporter: martha ruiz, brian cullen. it was cullenen who put the wrong envelope in beatty's hand. he gave beatty best actress, not best picture. it's plain to see on the envelope. >> if they have to have two sets of cards, the second you give that award out, you shred the other card. you don't leave it laying around for someone to pick up and give to warren beatty. >> reporter: late tonight, price waterhouse cooper, which has handled oscar ballots pretty well for 82 years, issued this statement taking full responsibility for the mistake. saying, once the error occurred, protocols for correcting it were not followed through quickly enough by mr. cullenen or his partner. pwc apologized to the cast and crew of "la la land" and "moonlight." way back in '64 something
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similar happened to sammy davis jr. >> john addison for tom jones. >> reporter: addison had actually won in a different category. >> they gave me the wrong envelope. wait till the naacp hears about this. >> reporter: and there was travolta's tongue-twisted flub. >> please welcome the wickedly talented, one and only, adele dazine. >> reporter: the one and only ade idyll la manziel. but on this scale -- >> miss universe 2015 is -- >> reporter: there's really only steve harvey. >> colombia! >> reporter: sash, crown, two minutes later, a sheepish steve. >> okay, folks, i have to apologize. >> reporter: uh -- he misread the card. >> miss universe 2015 is
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philippines! >> reporter: this morning harvey took to twitter, call me, warren beatty, i can help you get through this. for host jimmy kimmel, the finish line of a near-flawless performance was within spitting distance. >> some of you will get to come up on this stage tonight and give a speech that the president of the united states will tweet about in all caps during his 5:00 a.m. bowel movement tomorrow. >> kimmel did a great job. >> reporter: then the debacle. >> this is not a joke. this is not a joke, i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> reporter: listen, "la la land" had already won six others, "moonlight" had won two. it is a deserving winner, even miss stone agrees. >> i [ bleep ] loved "moonlight." i love "moonlight" so much. >> looking at me like that for? >> what, man? you just drove down here? >> reporter: the tale of a gay man growing up struggling in grimy '80s miami. >> the only problem is that we're not talking about what's
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really important about "moonlight." "moonlight" is the first movie about the lgbtq experience in america to win best picture. >> reporter: we met the cast and crew of "moonlight" a few weeks ago. >> i've got you, i'm not going to let you go. >> the quality of the story, the aesthetic of the subject matter that i didn't feel like had really had a light shined on it. >> reporter: now an oscar winner and a win that will live in oscar lore forever. >> very unfortunate, what happened. personally, i blame steve harvey for this. i would like to see you get an oscar anyway. give out a whole bunch of them. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in hollywood. up next, we're on the road in kentucky, trump country, where some red state voters are worried about the president's plans for obamacare. i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital,
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ending obamacare was a central promise for donald trump when he was candidate. as the political machinery grinds away in washington, we journey through kentucky to meet some red state voters who say obamacare saves lives and they want to know what happens next. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: it's the home of bluegrass, where the bourbon flows freely and the horses run fast. kentucky. known for its deep red politics and now, surprisingly, the success of obamacare. >> we wanted to come here because it has been held up as a state that's an example of how well, how big an impact, the affordable care act has made.
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>> reporter: people like leah breemer. >> our family picture. leah's might not be here next year picture. that was not a good christmas. >> reporter: in 2015 this widowed mother of two was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. >> i had about two, three weeks to live. >> reporter: leah was given a renewed chance at life thanks, she says, to her coverage under the affordable care act. >> here we are. >> reporter: that allowed her to receive an innovative but expensive treatment, nearly $40,000 a month. >> if i didn't have health insurance, i wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: now leah is worried her life hangs in the balance as she and 20 million other americans insured under the act await a plan from washington. >> obamacare has failed. >> reporter: where the drumbeat for repeal has grown louder. >> america's obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> reporter: but here in kentucky there's been a startling drop in the uninsured rate since the law was passed. some areas going from 20% to
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less than 10% uninsured. we or the wait to whitesburg, kentucky, a rural part of the state. and it is not uncommon to find people who struggle with diabetes, obesity, cancer. it's also not uncommon to find people who are getting their health care through obamacare and don't know what the future holds. nestled in the appalachian mountains, this is a town steeped in a proud tradition of hard work, perseverance, and cold mining. >> around here, you keep a job because you got to work to survive. >> reporter: mike taylor says his 12 years as a coal truck driver are also at the root of his health troubles. in 2015, mike was diagnosed with black lung, a deadly disease caused by breathing in coal dust. >> you're on three different inhalers -- >> reporter: now he's able to come to this community clinic where his old high school classmate dr. van breeding lives him life-saving treatments. mike is one of the nearly 500,000 kentuckiens who
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benefited from the expansion of medicaid under obamacare. >> is this the first time you've ever had regular inhalers to use every day? >> reporter: something dr. reading believes is crucial to the health of his community. >> these people need care. i'm from here, i grew up here, my father's a coal miner, i know the disease he suffered. i take care of classmates of mine every day who are disabled now, who can't work, who are wore out. these are the people that have been helped by the affordable care act. these people we can't turn our backs on. >> reporter: even though mike is one of the trump faithful, he says he knows what obamacare has done for him. >> saved my life. >> you're worried? yeah. what's worrying you? >> if they do away with this, the i think they just need to reform it. >> reporter: reform, not repeal.
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of course many supporters here, people like kathy. >> i thought he was looking to repeal it to make it better. i don't know what's going to happen now. >> do you ever have people that need health insurance? >> reporter: an unlikely evangelical for obamacare, she's signed up more than 1,000 people working for >> have any health insurance? i'm signing people up. i like helping people. seeing the joy on their faces when they get affordable insurance. >> reporter: in january we caught up with her on the last day of open enrollment. >> go back to >> reporter: she sits down to enroll denny lock, who says he hasn't had insurance for years, and credits simple luck for staying out of the hospital. >> do you have social security? >> full medical disability, which is i guess social security. >> reporter: at the end the application process -- >> are you ready? >> reporter: they're greeted by an unwelcome surprise. >> oh, dear. if you went the cheapest of the cheapest of health insurance, this is the price it would be.
12:57 am
>> i can't afford that. that's $400 a month. >> reporter: for danny, many like americans, obamacare's premiums are simply too expensive. >> i see your face all the time. because it is unaffordable. i'm sorry. his hole life, he's had insurance through employment. and he's not able to afford signing up on coverage. and that really hurts my heart. >> reporter: the high cost one of the reasons kentucky's current governor, matt beavan, has become one of obamacare's vocal creditables. >> i thought it was a disaster, no question. one size does not fit all. certainly not in something as critical as health care. >> reporter: his argument echos the voices of.republicans, that health care should be handled at the local level, without mandates from washington, like requiring everyone to have insurance. >> you're a single parent making
12:58 am
$30,000 a year. you're required to have health care coverage now under the affordable care act. do you really think that you can afford to pay $6,000 in after-tax dollars for your health care for you and your family? no. >> how do you reconcile the fact that nearly 500,000 more kentuckiens have health insurance under the aca? >> simply having health insurance does not make you healthier. if you have a medicaid card but you can't find a doctor that will see you, how does that card help you? you can't eat it. it's not vitamins. i'm being a little facetious but a piece of plastic doesn't make you healthier. >> reporter: he's hoping if obamacare is repealed he will be able to transition people off of medicaid. his controversial proposal includes co-pays and premiums and would require more people to work for their benefits. what do you say to people who have so many questions right now and who are truly afraid? >> there's a lot of fear that's ungrounded in reality. there's nobody in america that i'm aware of, certainly no governor, republican or
12:59 am
democrat, certainly nobody in the federal administration at the congressional level, that i know of, that is looking to make people less able to avail themselves of the health care system. >> we have to communicate that did to them -- >> reporter: dr. breeding is worries what the governor and others are proposing may put up more barriers for people that are already struggling. >> we're seeing that it's a political war over health care. and the collateral damage is the patient's health and life and the quality of life. >> this was the thanksgiving this past year -- >> reporter: while the fight rages on in washington, around the country people like leah breemer must wait for a full picture of what's to come next. >> of course i worry about if my cancer were to come back. what would happen? but now i have to ad to that, what would happen if i lose my health cents? i need to be here for my daughter, help her get through college, see my grandchildren being born. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm
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gloria riviera in kentucky. >> our thanks to gloria for that report. tomorrow night abc news is going to carry the president's address to congress and the nation live at 9:00 eastern. up next on "nightline," how gary from chicago and his fiancee are leaving the oscars with much more than jennifer aniston's sunglasses. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease.
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and finally tonight, they were total unknowns before last night's oscars. but no more. wasn't emma stone or viola davis who walked away from the oscars the biggest star. that coveted honor belongs to none other than gary from chicago, who stumbled into stardom -- >> you know we're on tv so you don't need to do that. >> when host jimmy kimmel invited a group of tourists right into the awards show. gary offering a kiss to nicole kidman, documented by her husband keith urban on twitter. his fiancee vicki an insta-meme when ryan gosling whispered in her ear. the two capping off their
1:06 am
surprise appearance when this they were married by denzel washington. >> kiss the bride. >> what really takes the cake, or the pizza, are the offers from chicago-area businesses, gino's pizza tweeting, if anyone knows who gary from chicago is, i want to give him pizza. the chicago bulls hoping to spread the love. here's to hoping gary's 15 minutes translates into a lifetime of happiness. thank you for watching abc news. as always we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page. thanks again for watching and go
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