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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  April 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. you remember the last time it was 80 degrees in san francisco? it is about it happen again when our wave of warm weather hits its peak. we will tell you when that will be in a couple minutes. >> we're going to begin tonight with our summer-like temperatures. >> today's heat is a sample of what's to come. temperatures today were 10 degrees above normal in some cities that heat is going to soar into the 90s. >> we will take a live look outside a balmy shot from our cr camera in the east bay hills. we could get record-breaking heat by the time this is over. drew tuma has a look at today's
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hot spots and is tracking even warmer air that's on the way. drew, could it be possible? >> yeah, kate. we are just getting started with this warm spell. we are zoeked in sunshine. warm finish at the week and temperatures 80s from the coast. 83 in concord. a sea breeze is kicking in so san francisco to 65 after a high of mid 7 o 0s. future tracker temperature shows you a mild night. by 9:00 tracking temperatures in the 60s away from the coast and it'll be a mild morning. in fact tomorrow afternoon, even warmer air is set to arrive. we have 80s and 90s in palm springs and this air is heading our way. we could in fact be tracking records and all this heat heading our way and in the fall accuweather. thanks, guy. >> thank one drew. with the water comes risk, lifeguards rescued a 15-year-old girl caught in a rip wave this
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morning at ocean beach. abc 7 reporter, melanie is with us and melanie, this the season. >> reporter: can you see over my shoulder, a sign warning about the rip currents. can you see it is very windy out here today. lifeguards say the 15-year-old girl they rescued got caught in a nasty rip. if ever there was a weekend to hit the beach in san francisco, this is it. >> we figured that you know when the sun is out, it's time go. >> reporter: family friends, the hoppers, and tran kicked up sand while their kids were in the water. >> have you to be careful. i'm aware of the rip currents. report rip currents are active and defiant. a 15-year-old girl was rescued. she was separated from her brd and caught in nasty rip this morning. the same lifeguards tells us there are two trucks with four li lifeguards working the beach
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today. temperatures are expected to rise especially midweek. >> there is a high chance i'll be sick on wednesday i think. >> reporter: there will be a moderate risk for those sensitive to heat on wednesday. today in los altos the sun was shining. a sunday fun day at lake merritt hosted by day breaker including dancing and ice cream. melanie woods, abc 7 >> the driver of a truck hit and killed a woman in san francisco. a 77-year-old woman was crossing merced boulevard near font boulevard when she was hit bay pickup truck. this was around 11:30 last night. the driver of the truck is cooperating and investigation says it does not appear drugs or alcohol were part of the accident. anyone witnessing the accident is asked to call police. >> man is suspected of killing another man near the city's famous board walk.
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detectives released this picture of the suspect, kevin callahan, about an hour ago. 58-year-old callahan had been in an altercation with another homeless man. the the victim was near the volley ball courts this morning. volley ball courts remained closed while investigators search for clues. gunfire forcing police to shut down a street in san francisco. guerrero street between 14th and 15th near rosa parks was closed around the okay last night. residents scrambled for safety as shots rang out. no one was injured. police tell us multiple shots were fired and up with couple of windows were broken. investigators are looking what led up to the fire. >> president trump is renewing focus on his to-do list, which includes passing a new health care plan. abc news reporter, maggie, has the story. >> we shouldn't be announcing all our moves. it is a chess game.
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i just don't want people know what my thinking is. >> reporter: president trump refusing to give a straight answer on military action in north korea. his appearance much more subdued than his tweets. over the weekend, blasting north korea. saturday the president tweeted north korea disrespected the wishes of china by launching a missile and the decision to do so was bad. out in president is come flg fire for inviting filipino president duterte to the white house. he is an authoritarian leader accused of human rights. >> we need cooperation at some level with as many partners in the area as we can get to make sure that we have our ducks in a row. >> meanwhile over the weekend, trump skipped the annual white house correspondents dinner where the president is normally the guest of honor. >> they are gather had together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. >> reporter: instead web staged a rally, 100 miles away in
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pennsylvania. touting his accomplishments. >> we are keeping one promise after another and frankly, the people are really happy about it. >> reporter: one of the big campaign promises from his first 100 days, still on his mind. the president tweeting sunday morning that health care plan is on its way. we'll have much lower premiums and deductibles while at the same time taking care of preexisting conditions. but democrats are not so sure. >> he tries to blame the democrats but he didn't need a single democratic vote to pass it in the house. he couldn't do it. couldn't could it twice. . abc news, new york. >> conservative commentator ann coulter spoke more today about the fallout of her cancelled speech at ac berkeley. the two admit they disagree on just about everything but they did agree that college campuses must behavens for free speech.
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>> lefties are on the side of the thuges. they have taken over universities. i don't think anyone learns anything at college any more. it is a four-year vacation. >> whether college campuses or someone burning a flag or the newspapers having a right to say whatever they want, we cannot toy around with the first amendment. >> rallies for and against coulter remained largely peaceful on thursday. the day she was scheduled to speak at cal. >> sunnyvale city employees say they will walk off their jobs in about seven hours. involving 750 of sunnyvales 900 workers including librarians and public works employees. primary issue, raise to keep up with the high cost of living. the city sofrg is offering 10% contracts have broken off. >> we reached a stalemate and there is no more on the table is what the city says and it is not acceptable. >> we are bound to by our city charter to have a ten-year
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balanced budget. if we go with those numbers with the proposal they have on the table, we would not have a balanced budget. >> pleading for union leaders to return to the bargaining table before the midnight deadline. >> look at this thing. >> severe weather, barrels through several states. ahead the areas hardest hit. >> there's a lot of dallas fans that think that play was a fluke. >> it was no fluke. 49ers legend despite battling lou gehrig's disease remembers the catch while connecting with fans. >> reggie dwru grew up in hawai. >> got married there. >> has a winning spirit at 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. >> woodstock. great name. >> he once sang a due wet dolly parton. >> biggest disney fan ever. >> reggie listens to your side.
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that's what makes him a great journalist for almost 20 years. >> hard to believe with
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. listen to the sound of that. >> developing news here, clean-up is under way east of dallas where a series of tornadoes, including this one, left a trail of overturned vehicle webs mangled tree answers damaged homes. least 1 deat 13 deaths are blam missouri and mississippi. >> the orange county register reports that the victim was waiting in the water when the
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shark bit her below the waist. fortunately two surfers pulled her out of the water an someone opt beach was able to use a surf leash on her upper thigh to stop the bleeding. >> former 49ers great dwight clark met face-to-face with fans since the first time he announced he was suffering from als. several other ledge ends of professional sports signed autographs during card collectors show. clark talked about how he's feeling. >> i love being here with the fans. >> is it fun? >> oh, absolutely. >> how are you feeling? >> i felt better in my life but i'm hanging in there. >> clark described being on the end of the receiving catch that propelled the 49ers into their first super bowl following the 1981 season. >> the best value college is right here in the bay area. we will have that story ahead. >> the wait is over for hungry
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orcas in northern california. making for a great time to go whale watching. >> accuweather all about warming temps over the next couple of days. heat will rise. we will talk about when it peaks and how hot it will get in the accuweather forecast ahead. >> now, a look at what's ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> kate and eric, great to be with you tonight. coming up, the deadly weather outbreak. victi victims swept away by flooding. what president trump may have called a controversial leader to the white house. and georgia couple that turned a corn dog craving into $5
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investment, including school quality, alumni earnings and median student debt. ucla was second, my allma mater. stanford also ranked seventh. >> biologists are amazed at the number of whales coming into the bay as well as the number lost by killer whales. great whale calves and their moms are migrating here from mexico. this is from monterey bay whale watch. experts say their arrival is a few weeks later than usual this year so a lot of hungry killer whales were waiting and that could be the reason for the increase on the attack of gray whales. four gray whale calves were killed in about eight days. marine biologists say that is an unprecedented killing spree. >> people who use the bay bridge bike path will be able to ride on seven days a week. beginning tuesday, the 2.2 mile path along the eastern span of the bay bridge will be open sunday through saturday. you can quick out a new vista point, complete with rest rooms,
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benches and water fountain. previously the path was only open on week ends while caltrans took down the rest of the old bay bridge. a big announcement is coming tomorrow for fans of live with kelly. kelly ripa will be announcing her new cohost during the show, which you can catch right here at 9:00 a.m. on abc 7. this is after near lay year of guest hosts after michael strahan's departure and according to "people" magazine, top contenders including jerry o'connell and fred savidge. >> all right, accuweather, a warm weekend but this is nothing compared to the heat that is headed our way for early parts of next week. live doppler 7, really warm weather, tons of sunshine, that means live doppler 7 is quiet and really live doppler 7 is going to be quiet for much of the forecast on the way. for instance, we will show you walnut creek, one of our typical hot spots, look how quickly, we
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will warm up once again, on your monday. 50s to low 60s by 8:00 in the morning then the numbers really go up. by noon at 81 degrees. today we topped out at 84 in walnut creek. tomorrow, 87 degrees by 4:00. and even warmer air moves in tuesday. and even into wednesday. so one place to beat the heat, a live look, santa cruz, a popular spot on the sand. of course, it is very cool along the coast. ocean water temperatures currently sitting at chilly 53 degrees. that's why i see only one or two folks even dipping their toes in that water. out there right now, something for everybody. in afternoon, get the sea breeze kicking in. we've got that typical heat. 83 in concord. san jose, 76. and napa, one degree high of 80 checking in at 79. overnight, plenty of stars. a mild night overnight. you can see a lot of spots will be holding in the mid 50s as we
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head into monday morning. once again tomorrow, nothing but sunshine and warming temperatures. micro climate, 85 in san jose. 84 in morgan hill. same in cupertino. 82 in menlo park. 80 in san matteo. half moon 70 degrees. south san francisco, 77. bay breeze warm at 87 calistoga. tomorrow, bright and beautiful in the east bay, 80 for the high in oakland. about 78 berkeley. and very close to 90 inland tomorrow upper 80s name of the game, 87 livermore. 87 in antioch. if you tour temperatures likely see spots hit that 90-degree mark if not over that 09-degree mark away from the coast. by wednesday, those numbers will continue to rise a few degrees more. in fact a lot of spots on
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wednesday, one or two degrees away from the record. concord, napa, san jose, san francisco will be very close if not breaking records. all setback in 2013. 2013 was a warm year. oakland and redwood city you are warm but records do look safe. that heat is going to peak midweek. say that five times fast. sunny and warm on your monday. just hot, tuesday into wednesday. watch what happens. cooling begins first on the coast thursday. then everybody gets a refreshing breeze on friday. it feels nice around here. then saturday and sunday below normal with clouds to start out the weekend. >> i'm loving that warm weather. >> i love it, too. >> great week to golf. >> i'm surprised he's not sick. >> except the warriors -- >> somebody has to work. >> i could play everyday, i'm with the warriors. >> finally second round after a long week of waiting as utah.
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only gaining seven in the first
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well, the warriors face the utah jazz in round two of game one set for tuesday at oracle. ws welcome the week off as everyone is a little nicked up. they will come out firing on tuesday. as of now, mike brown will coast the team tuesday until coach kerr is ready to get back on the floor. >> after not playing for a week,
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it takes you a few minutes to just gain that rhythm. but i'll take a week's rest. for a group who is a little banged up. and not have rhythm for a quarter. we'll push through it. >> would you think the clippers would have advantage, and the foul, utah goes up ten in the third. joe johnson, five assists, and rodney hood finishes with a sweet reverse layup. and facing the warriors in oakland on tuesday. >> they've been resting and add lot of time but like you said, we -- we come off game seven win. you feel good. have momentum. you can keep it rolling a little bit. >> the way the ball is moving on the offensive end and wait we are defending, we can take that ai a
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and carry it on to the next series. >> hosting the padres, after blowing a lead with an eight-run winning, a two-run lead going in today. could they hold on? beautiful day as drew at the cove. like last night, bullpen couldn't hang on to the two-run lead. two-run homers, first of the year. tied at two. we go into extra innings. last night's big hitter, wil myers. again, see ya. padres take two out of three. giants hit the road for a nine-game trip. taking a t-shirt to the face. sling shot today hurt. six innings allowing four runs on eight hits, struck out six but in the fifth, gave up a bases loaded single to brian mccann. astros go up 4-0.
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dallas continues to dominate in every start. 7 2/3 innings. proving 5-0 on the season and gonzalez would add insurance in the eighth. three-run blast off the foul pole. fifth of the season. coming off frankiey and astros take on the series 7-2 the final. we're about to get business. tuesday, thursday, oracle, saturday, sunday, and round 2 is an interesting series against the jazz. eric? back to you. >> thanks. a big week in sports. right now, introducing you to baby valentino. >> yeah, very big have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal.
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come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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abc 7 news at 6:00. a dream comes true for a boy who almost spent his birthday alone. >> a new plan tested that could help save california's salmon and the fishermen who depend on them. we are pretty confident that a boy from west sacramento has a future as a line backer. >> we are making this prediction quickly. he is only three days old. take a look. valentino, weighing 13 pounds 11 ounces. 22 inches long. valentino is one of the largest babies ever born in northern california. he is everything the family hoped for and more. >> yeah. >> round of applause for mom. >> that's right. >> and dad, you're sleeping on the couch for a while.
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>> that's it for abc 7 news tonight, breaking news. the deadly weather strike across several states. tornadoes on a tear. several fatalities, dozens injured. the promgoers trapped, as one twister hit. and the dangerous flood threat. drivers swept away. tonight, the search for two missing children. brutal ally. president trump's shocking white house invitation. a leader with a controversial human rights record. is he part of the president's coalition to stare down kim jong-un, and the north korea nuclear threat? deadly shooting spree. a man and a woman terrorizing neighborhoods, shooting people at random. tonight, the police manhunt to find these drive-by killers. and, cyber hostage. the hacker known as the dark overlord, reportedly


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