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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> they're making signs and practicing slogans for mayday tomorrow when bay area activists plan to be out in huge numbers to demonstrate on behalf of workers and immigrants. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kate larsen. the mayday gatherings will take place across the bay area, and could impact your ability to get around. large gatherings expected in oakland, san jose and san francisco. organizers believe crowds could be bigger than ever before. >> abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live in san francisco with our story tonight. lillian? >> reporter: kate and eric, we're at the immigration and customs enforcement office. one of many demonstration sites tomorrow. city crews have dropped off barricades in anticipation of large crowds. organizers spent the day making signs for the annual mayday demonstration. this will be held by people
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leading a march through oakland. as president trump in office, it's taken on a bigger? >> it's most important that we understand not through a bill or any formal legislation or law will we be protected. >> so monday there will be bigger emphasis on the immigrant worker and organizers expect participation to be bigger. demonstrations begin at the alameda sheriff's office to remind law enforcement of oakland's status as a sanctuary city. and mayday kicks off with a rally schedule at the immigration and customs enforcement office on sampson street, which want to make sure that the immigrant community gets humanized. people come to the united states to work and to make a living as well. and they should have some rights as well. >> later in the day marchs will take over the streets in san francisco, oakland and san jose. organizers insist these will be family friendly events. >> we have really powerful community workers that are going
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to be doing some crowd control. and then also just the messaging. the messaging is very different. we are very positive. >> aiming for a positive message amid a polarizing political climate. lilian kim, abc 7 news. we have developing news in san diego where just minutes ago, the police chief announced that a woman has died in a mass shooting this evening. investigators say peter seles opened fire inside an apartment complex near the uc san diego campus in la jolla, hitting eight people at a birthday party. officers arrived moments later and found seles reloading his weapon around 6:00 this evening. that's when they shot and killed him near a swimming pool. several other victims are in critical condition. and right now investigators are trying to figure out a motive. less than an hour, 450 city workers in sunnyvale will go on strike as talks for a new contract have broken down. abc 7 news was in sunnyvale when union leaders assembled picket
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signs earlier this evening. the dispute hinges on money. the sunnyvale employees association wants a 17% raise. city hall is offering the workers a 10% pay boost. >> we would like to get a contract ratified. it's really about no raise to our take holme pay in five years. >> i don't think there is any sticking point where we can't get to a deal. but again, we need to have -- to meet at the table to have those discussions. >> many city workers like lineback librarians and park employees say they're unable to keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living in silicon valley. >> governments tend to be big and they just grow. when they grow out of control, then there is no money to make raises and to help people like the librarians. >> the strike will not affect police or fire services which are provided by sunnyvale's department of public safety. it was a beautiful day across the entire bay area. if anything, a little too hot for some. though eric, i am not one of those people. >> take a look outside.
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this was the view from atop hawk hill in marin county late this afternoon. if you head up there this week, it may just be that clear again. but it could be warmer too. >> drew tuma has a look at what we're looking at this week. a lot of sunshine, right? >> yeah. wrapping up a warm weekend. still holding on to some of that warmth, even at this hour. antioch still at 65 degrees. we're at 60 in oakland. the same in san jose. 63 the current numb in santa rosa. the sun gets up at 6:14 a.m. it will be a mild morning. by 8:00, sunny skies. already mid 50s to mid-60s. and future tracker temperature, look at this. by 11:00 in the morning, well into the 70s, nearing 80 degrees in some spots. so another warm afternoon on the way tomorrow. but even warmer air set to arrive after that a, warmth we haven't seen in quite some time. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. kate? >> thank you, drew. developing tonight across the
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weekend, at least 11 people have died in powerful weekend storms. check out the tornado capture bade storm chaser in east texas. all right. texas was one of the hardest hit areas. the storms killed at least four people and destroyed more than 5,000 buildings. in tennessee, a 2-year-old girl died after she was hit by a metal soccer post that blew over in the high winds. people's whose homes were destroyed spent the day trying to salvage what is left of their belongings. >> it gets a little emotional. but we're lucky. we're lucky. oh, i don't know if we'll ever get it cleaned up, we got to, though. >> flooding has been a major problem in missouri, mississippi, and arkansas there where there is a desperate search for two children trapped inside a trunk, swept away by the floodwaters. and in southern california, crews are fighting two wildfires in riverside county tonight. one of those firefighters is
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threatening about 40 homes. it's burned more than 1300 acres since breaking out this afternoon. cal fire reports at this point it is 25% contained. a nearby fire has charred another 15 acres. it's also about 25% contained. investigators right now looking for what started the fires. california salmon population is still struggling to rebound from years of drought. this evening 200,000 smolt salmon got released into the ocean just outside the san francisco bay. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live tonight with our story. sergio? >> and that boat has just returned from their evening mission to help get those salmon out just beyond the golden gate bridge. over the years with this load they have helped more than a million salmon get out to the pacific ocean. for 45 years mike was captain of the merva, a fishing boat.
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now he is semi retired and he is helping save the salmon population. >> we started this project five or six years ago. and it's really dear to my heart. i built this boat with salmon money. >> over the years, river dams, water traffic and even rising water temperatures from climate change have made it tough for chinook salmon in california. >> we're trying show that barging salmon, the smoltz down the river will increase their survival rate we think significantly. >> we were invited on board the merva to see how this all works. >> there are 100,000 salmon in that truck that are going to be joining 100,000 salmon already on this boat. and they're going to be going out for a short ride out just past the golden gate bridge. >> the merva began releasing them outside the golden gate just before sunset. the adolescent salmon called smolts will swim up and down the coast. the hope is in a few years they'll return to lay their eggs and begin another cycle. mchenry says this could be a
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strategy to save the salmon. >> if you put them in trucks or boats like, this we can solve the problem there is a way out of this dilemma that we're in. >> the project is cosponsored by california department of fish and wildlife and east bay municipal utility district. so far the project is showing some progress. researchers have found a few thousand have returned to the delta as adults. in sausalito, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. conservative commentator ann coulter spoke more today about the fallout over her canceled speech at uc berkeley. coulter appeared on abc news this week along with former secretary of labor robert reich. the two admit they'd disagree on just about everything, but they did agree that colleges must promote free speech in order to foster learning. >> the lefties are on the side of the thugs. they have taken over the universities. i don't think anyone learns anything at college anymore. it's a four-year vacation. >> i tell my students all the time the best way to learn something is to talk to people
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who disagree with you. because that forces you to sharpen your views and test your views. >> rallies both for and against coulter remains largely peaceful on thursday, the day she was scheduled to speak at cal. we have much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. a car fire turns into much, much worse as traffic cameras capture the entire thing. also, an offduty east bay firefighter on vacation jumps into action when a complete stranger needs help the most. and remembering one of dub nation's biggest. steve kerr showing his appreciation for brodie. after a long winter, spring is creeping b
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traffic cameras captured a tragedy unfolding in ohio. a person died after a car burst into flames in downtown dayton. state troopers believe that car was going the wrong way when they collided with a fuel tanker. the tanker's driver escaped the inferno. investigators plan to keep it closed through tomorrow. he may have been on vacation, but one east bay firefighter doesn't take time off from helping people in trouble. jj duffy sprang into action to assist a burn victim in arizona. leaders of the firefighters union shared these images. several cars crash and caught fear kingman. duffy and another driver stopped to help. one man was burned over nearly a third of his body. the golden state warriors are tonight are celebrating the life of one of the team's
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superfans. brodie died after a long fight with leukemia. the 8-year-old from leukemia was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia as a baby and went into remission after chemotherapy. in 2015, he developed another kind of leukemia, and in recent weeks was suffering a viral infection. late last year while the team was on the road, steph curry visited brodie at his hospital in indianapolis. just a few weeks ago the team flew brodie out to oracle and let him be a ball albania boy before one of the regular season final games. >> brodie, how much are the warrior goings win by tonight? >> you want to answer that? >> 20. >> yes! 20. >> well, unfortunately, the team lost to the jazz that night. but they'll have another crack tuesday night as round two of the play-offs get under way. steve kerr tweeted this weekend, we love you, brody. in a facebook post, his family said brody fought a very hard battle and taught us all about
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courage, tenacity, grace and hope. they plan to celebrate his life in a service in the coming days. dwight clark met face-to-face with fans for the first time since revealing he is suffering from als. the abc 7 news was at the cow palace. clark and other legends signed autographs during a card collector show and clark talked about how he is feeling. >> i love being here with the fans. >> it is fun? >> oh, absolutely. >> how have you been feeling lately? >> i felt better in my life. but i'm hanging in there. >> clark also described for fans his memories of being on the receiving end of the catch. that play propelled the 49ers into their first super bowl following the 1981 season. first it was the hit netflix show "orange is the new black." and now we're finding out about other shows that hack mayors have stolen. the group the dark overlord leaked the upcoming season orange is the new black after
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netflix refused to pay a ransom. the episodes were stolen from a production company along with episodes of "the catch" and shows from other major networks as well as movies. the hackers demand to keep the stolen episodes under wraps. now a big announcement is coming tomorrow for fans of "live with kelly." after an entire year of guest host, kelly ripka is ready to announce her new co-host. sandy kenyon has her story tonight. >> it's live with kelly. >> for millions of viewers who have made "live" the number one daytime entertainment talk show in america, for her fans who have watch and wondered who would earn the right to sit next to her every day, the wait will soon be over. >> we're really excited to welcome our new co-host. >> will that new co-host come from the ranks of those who have sat next to kelly ripka? maybe, or maybe not. for now we do now she is
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grateful to everyone who help herd out. which have such a great family here at "live" and all of our fill-in co-hosts were remarkable. they took time out of their jobs and their schedules. >> but a regular co-host provides something extra. >> to have a stable one-on-one partner every day is so reassuring. >> so who is that person? >> i think we have the best person out there. >> no names yet. for that you'll have to wait until the next "live" show. >> it's good timing for me because it's my 21st wedding anniversary the same day we are announcing. our new co-host. >> no wonder kelly calls it a very lucky day. >> because may 1st is a great day for me personally and i think for me professionally. it just feels like a very good karma. >> and now here are kelly ripka and -- >> for that second name, we'll
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all have to wait just a little bit longer. sandy kenyon, abc news. >> well, i'm excited. can't wait to find out who will be sitting next to kelly. you can watch the big unveil tomorrow on "live with kelly" at 9:00 a.m. on abc 7. this photograph was taken this weekend at 6700 feet. but today the park conservancy posted this video to twitter. >> melting snow. you can see is filling the waterfalls with rushing water. and as you can see here, a beautiful rainbow. so we've gone from snow to rainbows and waterfalls. and unbelievably warm weather here in the bay area. >> it's incredible. >> it is incredible. >> we're glad to see you. you're here. not with kelly ripka in new york. >> well, it's not may 1 yet. it's still april 30. i'm kidding. i'm not going anywhere. temperatures are going to be soaring over the next couple days to levels we have not seen since last year.
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that's how warm this air mass is that is moving in over the next couple of days. live doppler 7 right now. it's a quiet night. we enjoyed tons of sunshine, and it's going to be a quiet night overnight tonight. it's all about the numbers in the coming days. and tomorrow it's going to be one of those days we rapidly warm up in the early morning hours. freedom, 8:00, 62 degrees. so it's already a mild start. that's the launching pad to get us into the upper 70s. by the lunchtime, great day to be outside. and then in the afternoon, look at that. we're going into the low 80s and numbers will get higher tuesday into wednesday. seatbelt gte set to sweat. from the exploratorium camera, atop pier 15, a gorgeous night along the embarcadero. the buildings lit up to celebrate the warriors. tonight clear skies and mild conditions. numbers right now 50s and 60s. 60 in oakland. 58 in san francisco. the same in livermore and san jose right now checking in at 60 degrees. so the call overnight tonight.
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numbers not falling too far from where they are right now. plenty of stars settling in the mid and upper 50s. most places away from the coastline. highs on your monday. here we go once again you. like this weekend, you're going to love monday. tons of sunshine. highs in the microclimate in the south bay. 85 in san jose. 84 cupertino. 48 the number in morgan hill. along the peninsula, 81 redwood city. 70 the high in and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco tomorrow, it will be mild. 76 degrees. 77 in south san francisco. into the north bay, well above normal for this time of the year. 87 sonoma. 84, san rafael. 87, vallejo. east bay oakland tomorrow afternoon, 82. 80 castro valley. 77 in hercules. inland getting very close to 90 degrees. but upper 80s the name of the gym for monday. 88 the high in pittsburgh. 87 in livermore and 89 in san
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ramon. tuesday, even warmer than that inland. a lot of spots hitting that 90 degree mark. around the bay upper 70s to 80. 78 in san francisco. 81 in oakland. 88 san jose. and near record likely coming midweek. look at this. a lot of cities getting close to a degree or two of breaking the records. concord, napa, san jose, san francisco, we'll be on watch for the records to get very close to be broken. oakland and redwood city, i think your records are safe but you'll be warm, in the 80s. accuweather forecast, tomorrow sunny and warm. hot here tuesday and wednesday. and then we're going do a 180 cooling. thursday, refreshing on friday. and the weekend quite different this weekend. cloudy and cooler temperatures below normal. so get ready for hot temperatures the next three days. >> coming back
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half moon bay was a gearhead's paradise today from cars to planes to trains, and even a boat or two. >> about 2,000 cars were on display at the pacific coast dream machine show. some were very old. steam-powered machines in fact from around the turn of the century. >> i had one of those. >> really? >> the show is in its 27th year. it gets more popular every year. thanks to our mete media partners in the bay area news group for sharing this video with us. >> yes. very cool. i don't believe you, though. >> actually, i didn't own it. i borrowed it. >> my last sportscast. i'll be joining kelly ripka tomorrow. >> better start running now. it's a long trip to new york. >> warriors and utah jazz will square off tuesday. today draymond green was asked if charles barkley was a role
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> after a week off between series, the warriors host utah tuesday at oracle for game one of their second round. mike brown will sit in for steve kerr until further notice. now today draymond green was asked charles barkley was his role model growing up with his undersized game and oversized trash talking. >> i was raised by mary babers. in the babers family, that's what you do. you speak your mind. it ain't got nothing to do with -- i wasn't a charles barkley fan growing up. so, you know, no disrespect to charles. he is a great player. but, you know, as i got older, i watched his game because i knew
11:31 pm
he was undersized and the things he could do. i could try to add some of that stuff to my game. but nah, he didn't influence me at all. i grew up in saginaw, michigan where you play, that's what you do. you talk. you talk junk during basketball. that's how i was raised. i was raised in a family like that. so i didn't need a charles barkley to influence me. my mom didn't let us look up to people anyway. my mom didn't believe in, like, oh, you need to like look to this guy for this. my mom didn't believe that. >> all right. earlier today l.a. hosting utah in game seven. you think the clippers would have an advantage. gordon hayward led the jazz with 26 point, 8 boards. he put utah up late 20 in the third quarter. joe johnson had five assists. nice feed to rodney hood fw ho o
11:32 pm
with the lay-in. first appearance in round two for the jazz. >> they've been resting, had a lot of time. well come off game seven win, you feel good. you have some momentum. you can kind of keep it rolling a little bit. >> the way the ball was moving on the offensive end, the way we were defending, i think we can take that and try to carry it on to the next series. >> and it's abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll check them out a you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa!
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kate larsen. barricades are in place for crowds that could be larger at mayday marches. there is expected to be a larger emphasis on the immigrant work their year. the pro labor demonstrations will begin first thing in the morning followed by marches in the streets in all three cities. >> in just a few minutes, nearly 500 city workers will go on strike in sunnyvale. they want a 17% raise to keep up with the cost of living. but the city is only offering 10%. the strike starts at midnight. and police and firefighters are not part. in san diego one woman is dead and six are in critical condition after a mass shooting at a birthday party. the suspect was identified as 49-year-old peter seles. they shot and killed him after he fired at officers. right now officers are working
11:37 pm
to figure out a motive. millions of americans are dealing with the aftermath of heavy winds, high winds and tornadoes. >> at least 13 people are dead after storms pounded several states. and it's feared more victims may be found. abc news reporter richard cantu tells us more. >> from howling wind, to raging water, parts of five states under siege from the elements. in texas -- >> there is a tornado crossing the road right in front of us. >> this giant tornado roaring into the town of canton, tearing homes apart, crumpling this metal electric tower. tragedy was averted on prom night by this quick thinking dj. >> i ran in. we've got to get cover. it's going to be a direct hit. >> 20 people took shelter in a closet and two bathrooms and rode out the wild storm. grim evidence of what they escaped. this auto dealership and its entire inventory of new car news a junkyard. this couple helpless as they
11:38 pm
recorded the tornado that destroyed their new home. >> brutal and relentless. just glad to be alive. >> residents banding together to help one another pull through. >> it gets a little emotional. but we're lucky. i don't know if we'll ever get it cleaned up. well we got to, though. >> in arkansas, the desperate search for an 18-month-old girl and a 4-year-old boy trapped inside a truck that was swept away by floodwater. >> right now we're probably looking at a recovery everett. i hate to look at it that way, but we're hoping for the best. >> for some, water was their only escape route from the flooding. this pregnant woman and her husband taken to safety by boat. this man swam for his life from his sinking truck. these creeks and rivers will continue to rise as all that water makes its way downtown stream. richard cantu, abc news, new york. a new week and new questions tonight for the white house after extending an invitation to a brutal leader who may help stare down north korea. mr. trump is inviting
11:39 pm
philippines president rodrigo duterte to washington, accused of human rights abuses including ordering the killing of a drug suspect outside the legal system. bob woodruff is in seoul, south korea. >> tonight an invitation from the white house for a world leader accused of human rights abuses. president trump is inviting rodrigo duterte for a visit. duterte faces international outrage over his ultra violent and anti-drug campaign. but he is a potential ally in the region on north korea. >> this is somebody with an abysmal human rights record. has been accused of mass extrajudicial killings. did that not come up in the phone call? and why is it not mentioned? >> i didn't sit through the entire call, jonathan. but it is something this president in the philippines is claiming he is working towards. the issue on the table is north korea. and there is nothing right now facing this country and facing the region that is a bigger threat than what's happening in
11:40 pm
north korea. >> the kingdom continues to be a major international trouble spot. just today told a u.s. submarine nearby will meet an miserable end. abc news asked if he plans to respond to friday's missile launch. >> you'll soon find out, won't you? you're going to soon find out. >> until now, the white house has drawn a distinction between missile launches and nuclear tests. >> if he does a nuclear test, he will not be happy. >> today trump even expressed grudge admiration for kim jong un. >> at a very young age he assumed power. a lot of people tried to they can power away whether it was his uncle or anybody else. he was able to do it. obviously le she is a pretty smart cookie. >> how does the philippines controversial leader fit into all of this? we saw firsthand how he deals with suspected criminals in his country. his troops have killed more than
11:41 pm
7,000 people since duterte came to power. in the crowd a worried mother. soon she learns her son is gone. >> oh, no, that's your son. >> hourly it appears to be a deal with the devil. this is a person who has participated in extrajudicial killings of drug dealers and who thinks it's okay to kill journalists. a family in ohio just had a big surprise dinner guest. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg showed up for dinner at the moorhou moore household. this is part of an effort to meet with people in every state. one report says he instructed his staff to choose families of democrats who voted for president trump. the family had only, get this, 15 minutes' notice before he showed up at the door. >> staff people said i work for a very wealthy philanthropist from california. and 90% of americans use his products. >> dan moore says they talked about a wide range of topics,
11:42 pm
and that the visit inspired him. a picture he posted on facebook of zuckerberg in his living room already has more than 120,000 likes. a 7-year-old boy in woodland right outside sacramento got a second chance at a birthday party today. dozens of people from the community came out to wish him a happy birthday. this surprise party was a do-over of his first birthday when there were cupcakes, gift bags, but no guests. he waited for hours, but nobody showed up to that first party. it ruin addai he had been waiting for months. >> i got super excited. i was like in my birthday today or today or today or today. i was like why did i even have a birthday if nobody came. >> the day after that first party, addonai's aunt posted what happened on facebook, and the community soon enough came through with gift, cards, and that big new surprise party.
11:43 pm
just wonderful. >> yeah, it was good to see that. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- >> for one mom and her six son, donating to charity is a family affair. >> meet this very special group using their hair to help out others in a very big way. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. not even halfway through this warm spell. we'll let
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back now with a charitable act with a twist. giving in their own way is the long and short of it for one upstate new york family. >> abc news reporter gloria riviera introduces us to one very special mom and her six sons. >> these three are triplets. and the two, the two with similar haircuts are the twins. >> this is what the six brothers, yes, there are six of them, look like today. this is earlier in the week. six boys, six heads of long flowing locks, plus mom's, all donated to remember someone special.
11:47 pm
>> three years ago, a friend of ours had a son that passed away from cancer. on the first anniversary of his passing, my three oldest boys donated their hair in his memory. >> well, the little ones wanted in. and so since 2015, this hasn't happened. >> all right. shake your head. >> not a single haircut until now. mom's too. this week the family collectively donated 17 feet of hair to an organization that makes wigs for sick kids. >> it was so funny. the day after i said i don't recognize my own children. >> those new do's coming with some good feelings too. >> it makes me feel a bit better about myself knowing that i can do something to make somebody else happy. >> they plan to do it again. little sister maura wants in, so more children can let their hair down again and smile. gloria riviera, abc news,
11:48 pm
washington. >> a great lesson early on. >> i remember having hair too. time for a check on the forecast. here is drew tuma. >> and we're tracking a warmer day on the way tomorrow than we had today. and the numbers continue to climb through midweek. live doppler 7, you have one warmth, you need clear skies. we'll have tons of sunshine on the way for monday. overnight tonight, here is the call, mild. lots of 50s on the board. the only exception right along the immediate coastline. half moon bay is going to have a sea breeze. that's going to keep them at 48 degrees overnight. highs on your monday, 76 in san francisco. 85 in san jose. 80 in oakland. 88 napa and fairfield a warm 88 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you it is sunny and warm on your monday. then it's just downright hot tuesday and especially into wednesday. wednesday is when the heat is going to peak. we'll cool off thursday on the coast. everyone cools off rapidly by friday and the weekend. windy but cooler temperatures below normal this time of the year. >> a few more days of heat.
11:49 pm
>> turnaround from 92 to 68. >> that's going to be real refreshing for. so. >> that's the word i was looking for. >> positive for you. not for me. >> like a lizard in the sun. >> how about you? >> i'll be on the lake once of the days. how about a little baseball? >> rough day. the astros took care of the a's in houston. while the bullpen blew yet another game. sends it to
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> well, if you haven't noticed, the giants are a mess. today hosting the padres in a rubber game with the three-game set. their offense is lacking and the bullpen let them down again, blowing a two-run ninth inning lead. as drew mentioned, a beautiful day for a boat ride out in mccovey cove. the giants were only able to manage two runs. michael morris double off the
11:53 pm
wall. hunter pence scores. 2-0 giants. mark melancon came in to get the save. the bullpen could not hang on the a lead. hector sanchez two-run homers. nearly a slash hit. ties it at two. extra innings. see ya. scoreless in the 13th. former rocky, daniel descalo. into the pool, the second of the season. look at it from the pool cam. the diamondbacks went 2-0. half a game back for top spot in the west. you want the see that at the beginning of the season? a's and astros orbit the mascot. taking a t-shirt to the face. the slingshot didn't help. rough day for jesse hahn. six innings. allowed four runs on eight hits,
11:54 pm
struck out sixth. but this the fifth gave up a based loaded single to brian mccann. josh reddick, 4-0 astros. dallas keuchel continues to dominate. 7 2/3. allowed just one run. three hit, struck out 9. and gonzalez adds a little insurance in the eighth. three-run jack off the foul pole, his fifth of the season. astros take two out of three in the series, 7-2 your final. nats and mets. anthony rendon with a day he'll never forget. 10 rbi, becoming the 13th player in major league history to be response form ten or more runs in one game. the first since 2008. he finished with three home runs. even more impressive he began with no home runs and a solo shot, a single, a solo shot. a franchise record winning 23-5. all right. to the ice. game three between the ducks and the oilers. anaheim trailing 2-none in the
11:55 pm
series, opened with three straight goals in the first. ryan getzlaf sciences the edmonton crowd with his fifth of the play-offs. oilers come back to tie it in the second. conner mcdavid, he is good. astonish a dime. wrists it past gibson. what a game. just 48 seconds later, ducks answer. christopher wagner. slap shot from that angle. wagner's first was the game winner 6-3 ducks. oilers still lead the series, 2-1. blues and predators. titans running back demarco murray getting the crowd pump upped. cody mcleod deflects the saucer pass past jake allen for the first goal of the play-offs. 2-0. the blues down one. hoping to get back in. roman jossi, seals it. they take a 2-1 series lead. pga tour in new orleans.
11:56 pm
zurich open. two-man teams, alternate shots and best ball. the final round was delayed for over six hours due to rain. play finally resumed. but is the team of jonas blixt and cameron taking the shot. on 18, smith, great chip, shot an 8 under 64 and had a two-shot lead at 27 under and safely started thinking this tournament was theirs. but not so fast. kevin kisser in, scott brown could tie with an eagle. kisner, it goes. 12 under 60 on the day. ties it at 27 under. play suspended due to darkness with sudden death play-off set for tomorrow. denny hamlin's car reaching 146 degrees. joey logano made his 300 career start with the back of the pack. but 17 laps he passes kyle larson to take the lead. never letting go. logano takes the checkered flag
11:57 pm
for his first win of the season. an 18th of his career. this is abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and if have a game that utah could steal in this series, it might be tuesday night. they just played. they only have a day off. they're coming straight up. the warriors haven't played in a week. they could be a little rusty. >> they plan on shooting from the outside. >> keep an eye out. >> not that i ever got in a rhythm. thanks. >> that's it for
11:58 pm
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