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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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avenue. it started off as a disabled vehicle sitting in the middle lanes hit by another vehicle and now it's a fatality situation. kwhra clearly it's a sigalert. we are looking at over a four-mile backup and it continues to grow. we are launching sky 7 and we are going to see if we can get an estimate of how long all the lanes will be blocked. on top of 880 near whiple, another crash. you are heavy through the hayward area, heavier much earlier than normally. a tough start to the morning commute. >> hi, everybody. check out live doppler 7. no need to worry about wet weather. the sun is coming up over the hills and when it does get ready for the glaring sunshine that will push us into really warm temperatures. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner. a light jacket this morning, and by noon, 66 at the coast to 81
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inland and we will call it mild to warm. more warmth reaching us at and still 80s hanging on at 7:00 in the inland areas. i have near record warmth and temperatures on the 7-day forecast coming up. and then may day observance. >> there's momentum that seems to be higher than in previous years especially as immigration takes the spotlight. amy. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. riders, one of the rallies will be at 8:00 this morning at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station in san francisco, so be on the lookout for that. protesters were getting ready over the weekend, making signs and banner on both sides of the bay today, and these may day
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protests are an annual tradition and organizers think this year will be different, and they will have more meaning because of the immigration policies by president trump, and organizers promise they will be family friendly and have workers in the crowds to make sure. >> really powerful community workers that are going to be doing some crowd control and then also just the messaging, the messaging is very different, and we are very positive and want to make sure our voices are heard. >> here's a look at last year's may day events, and organizers think the crowds will be even bigger this year. several options from alameda to oakland to the i.c.e. office in san francisco, and that starts at 11:00. several events today going on all day from the morning throughout the late afternoon, reporting live from san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7
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news. >> all northbound 880 lanes open in san leandro are back open. a honda was hit and it hit a semi, and the driver of the honda died at the scene and another driver was hurt. authorities don't believe that alcohol was a factor here. the lanes were closed for several hours. >> sheriff deputies calling the discovery of a man's body suspicious. it was found saturday morning off the coast of alameda near broadway. the cause of death is not known at this time. officers are investigating the death as suspicious until the corner can determine how the man died and they are trying to determine whether the man was a missing person and an autopsy is scheduled for today. several victims remain in critical condition after a shooting at a san diego apartmentpl complex. when officers got there they found the suspect reloading his
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weapon and that's when they shot and killed him. >> there were two people that had already been shot and they were laying on the ground. one was trying to crawl towards the other one to help. we could see the shooter sitting there with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other. >> the suspect lived at the complex and it's not clear if he knew any of the victims and investigators are working to figure out a motive. these new images coming in of an international flight that hit severe turbulence overnight and look at the new villages into the live desk. a little hard to look at because you can see blood on the overhead bins after more than two dozen people were hurt. this was on a flight from moscow to bangkok and people were seen laying on the floor, in all 27 were injured including a 1-year-old child and several
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have spine injuries. and those injuries are much worse than originally thought. >> that looks awful. a southern california beach is reopening today after a shark attacked a woman. this happened in northern san diego county, the orange county register reports the victim was wading in the water when the shark bit her below the waist on saturday and we are waiting to hear about her condition this morning. stphaoeuf getting a boost from a semi-retired sausalito fisherman. his fishing boat was used to transport 2,000 adolescent salmon yesterday and they are hoping they will return as adults and lay eggs and begin another cycle. and then abc7 news was at the cal palace in daly city, and clark and other sports legends
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signed autographs during a car show. >> i love being here with the fans. >> how are you feeling lately? >> i felt better in my life, but i'm hanging in there. >> clark also described his memories of being on the receiving end of the famous catch, the play that propelled the 49ers into their first super bowl following the 1981 season. 6:06. a car fire turns into something much worse. why it could be days before the roadway there reopens. and pack reusable bags before leaving home this morning, expanding the plastic bag ban today. and we wanted to bring this to you right away. this is in oakland where a this is in oakland where a deadly crash closed down
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now a traffic alert. >> i want to take you live to sky 7. we are over the fatal crash in oakland, northbound 880 just before you get to fifth avenue. obviously there's the crash scene. we are seeing one lane getting by and we did just confirm with chp that the far left lane is open and it's no longer a full
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closure of 880, but we have significant delays as our sky 7 crew pans back here. i would still highly recommend avoiding northbound 880 if you can, and westbound 580 honestly looks good for an alternate, and they are permitting big rigs to use that and it looks like they are holding traffic at this point approaching the crash scene. not sure if they are planning on releasing them soon but the far left lane is open to some traffic, so we are going to have to figure out what is going on here, and almost looked like that truck was a second crash within that backup, but trust me when i say it's a significant backup and probably back to five or six miles at this point and so you get the idea. we will talk more about alternates coming up shortly. right now let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco. let's open up the weather window at the golden gate bridge, and the flag is not moving and that's a sign the
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warmth will make it to the coast today. a little breezy for you, and watch out for the water if you are on the bay, it's in the mid-50s. i will put good for everything. doesn't get much nicer than this. 60 right now in the sunny side area of san francisco, and cool spot, ocean beach at 50. 50 right now in petaluma, and santa clara, some of the cool spots. low to mid-60s around pittsburg. look at tracy at 68. check out your forecast today from 78 to san francisco to in napa. good news, it's not going to be quite as hot. temperatures are going to fall back in the 50s and 60s. we will look at your microclimates coming up next. make sure to bring your own bags, and starting today retail stores and restaurants will be required to charge 10 cents for
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each shopping bags and are only able to give customers reusable bags and no more plastic ones and the 10 cent charge already applies to drug and liquor and grocery stores. everybody talking about the festival fail. coming up next, how the luxury music fire festival turn spwaod a disaster. and kelly ripa announces her permanent co-host on "kelly live." we are helping you have a i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death
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good morning. want to take you back to sky 7. they are over 880 right now the northbound side. you can see a lot of flashing lights and we have a fatal crash before we get to fifth avenue. they are slowly releasing some traffic but as sky 7 pans back, we have miles of backup and this started just after 5:00 this morning, and we have a major sigalert and i will talk more about the backup and alternates coming up in a few minutes. we are going to talk about an ohio freeway. the huge explosion on the screen, this highway still closed after a deadly explosion was captured by the traffic cameras. one person died after their car bursts into flames in downtown dayton. state troopers believe that driver was going the wrong way when it collided with a fuel
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tanker, and the tanner's driver escaped from the inferno and the highway could be closed for a couple days. and then police had to shut down part of a public space during yesterday's investigation. police arrested a 58-year-old callihan, a transient that was sleeping nearby who got in a fight with a man at the beach and that man died later, and no stab or gunshot wounds found on him and an autopsy will determine how he died. and then an organization has been hit with a class action lawsuit now. an intrapreneur co-founded the event charging 1,500 to $12,000, and the expectation was a luxurious weekend of art, food and music. it looks like a disaster relief site camp. one of the producers said when she got there six weeks ago, no
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stage had been rented and transportation not arranged. one concert goer described the chaos. >> we found out they were not going to have enough tents to supply it for the festival, and it's kind of crazy, but it was like the hunger games. people were sprinting and trying to find a place to sleep. >> concert goers are seeking damages in excess of $100 million. here's the big morning announcement for morning televisi television. we sent you a push alert as this happened, and we know who kelly ripa's new co-host is. >> if you followed me on twitter, you would have found out minutes ago. >> here we go. let's do this! >> now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> good morning. >> nice to see you, partner. >> nice to see you, partner. >> "live with kelly and
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apparently, ryan is already one of the busiest people in hollywood as you know, and he has a million jobs including a radio show, and he's executive producing eight tv shows right now, and of course he hosts duck clark's new year's rockin' eve -- >> he had so much spare time. it's four days a week, right? congratulations. what a team. >> that is surprising. >> unexpected. >> yeah. >> let's go over to alexis. she has more on the really bad backup. >> yeah a nasty situation in the east bay this morning. want to take you back live to sky 7. northbound 880, it does look like they are working on releasing the traffic in the backup, and it's because of a fatal crash near fifth avenue, and they are slowly releasing some of the vehicles that have been sitting here for long time.
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i know we have an ambulance and another truck there, and not sure if they were involved in the original crash or if it's secondary, and here they go, they are catching up to the rest of the cars that are slowly getting by just in that far left lane. this is just to give you an idea that you don't want to be on northbound 880 in the oakland area. i will flip over to the traffic maps and show what it looks like there. this is a sigalert and we have long onlooker delays on the southbound side as well. trucks are permitted to use 580 for an alternate. and if you are closer to the oakland hills, 13 looks good as well. and those that have not filled in yet, do not get on northbound 880, and that's a fatal crash society investigation is ongoing. let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco, to look at the forecast temperatures. >> only getting warmer the next couple of days. waiting for the sun to crest over treasure island from our x
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exploratorium camera at pier 15. clear and comfortable the next few nights. that's good news. cold front coming friday. showers are possible, especially across the northbound. look at the winds. almost nonexistent right now, and they will blow just a little offshore and we are going to hit 78 today in downtown san francisco, and 70 in the sunset daly city, and 69, bright and beautiful over in oakland today, you will share that with fremont, some of the armour areas, and berkeley about 78. and down south, 85 in san jose. 84 in santa clara and east bay is where it's going to be the warmest, hottest neighborhoods,le and nice at the coast. mild temperatures there, 70 at
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half man bay. as you head into the south bay, 83. and santa rosa, almost hot today. 87 for you. and sonoma, and san rafael about 86. 70s at the coast tomorrow, and wednesday. look at the coolness hit the coast on thursday. it really drops our temperatures inland on friday and look at the 50s and 60s, we are going backwards this weekend. >> sounds interesting. we're ready for that roller coaster. new research revealing some antibiotics could raise your risk of miscarriage. and the best time to buy. michael finney breaking down why you may want to wait until the fall or winter to buy your new home. >> keep on top of weather and traffic with abc7 news food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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should be avoided in pregnancy. many others are consider the safe like penicillin. antibiotic use is common in pregnancy and the medications considered safest are the once most commonly prescribed. it's time to ask finney, and we have a question about buying a home. >> michael finney has the answer. >> ask finney about is it the right time to buy a house? >> liberty, it really depends on where you want to be a home in the bay area and how much you want to spend. realty tracks has january 26th for the best time to purchase a home in san francisco and oakland and hayward. in the south bay, believe it or not it's december 31st. you will notice the better prices are around the wintertime but you do get the best selection in the spring. buying the home in the spring
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and early summer can cost you as much as 10% more. everybody is shopping then, supply and demand. liberty, good luck and keep one other thing in mind, home prices in the bay have historically gone up so almost anytime is a good time to buy if you are going to hang around long enough. >> 7 on your side's michael finney will be at the south shore center this friday at four, and you may be able to ask a question live on abc7 and you can ask those questions on social, just post them with the #askfinney. the last-minute deal that will keep workers on the jobs. >> when carpool lanes could be extended. watching live images coming in from france where protests are turning violent for may day, and also protesting one of their presidential candidates. i am keeping track of it and i
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will have the latest coming up next. and sky 7, we are over a double fatal crash in oakland right now. only the far left lane getting by. this is northbound 880 before you get to fifth avenue. yes, we have significant delays. i will show you ♪ ♪ are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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a little thing here a little thing there starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. limiting showers to only five minutes. turning off lights in a room unless they're in it. air filter changing, solar installing unplugging, dial-turning, thermostat-lowering off-peak-time users all joining forces. to help get our power from renewable sources. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? the celebrated lead-by-example crew. turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. (and yeah, it's him too) don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. breaking news in the east
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bay this morning where there are major commute issues after a deadly crash. >> this is happening on 880 in oakland. alexis smith has been watching the progress. what are we seeing? >> this is the actual crash scene and we did confirm with chp in the last ten minutes ago, actually two people were killed in the collision. this happened a little after 5:00 this morning, and it started off with a disabled truck and not sure if those folks got out of the vehicle and were hit, but it turned into a secondary crash. as sky 7 pans back a little bit, you can see it's gridlocked and it looks like that between four and five miles, and there are folks of reversing down off-ramps and that's dangerous and not recommended. if you don't want to get stuck in there, 580, trucks are allowed to use that and chp says that's okay for today.
6:31 am
and obviously this is just a huge problem this morning. i will have another update coming up in less than ten. right now let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. did you notice the warmth yesterday and it's back today and it's going to be even more stout. we are starting off with sunshine. it's bone dry on live doppler 7. and doesn't the golden gate bridge look gorgeous from sutro tower this morning. want to give you the 12-hour day planner. starting off at 54 to 57 degrees. and 63 at 7:00. mid-70s and low '80s at noon. low to upper 80s at 4:00, and then 76 to 82 at 7:00. guess what? it's going to get warmer. i will show you near record highs. here's reggie and natasha with the news. and then a last-minute deal reaching an agreement just a few hours ago, and matt keller live
6:32 am
in sunnyvale to go over the details. >> reporter: that strike was scheduled to start in half an hour here in sunnyvale and now has been called off and we just spoke with the union president and he had this message for the 450 workers. >> we're going back to work today and taking care of not only our families but the citizens here in sunnyvale and we can go back and do all of our blue and white collar jobs taking care of every aspect of the city. >> reporter: the deal was reached at about 2:00 a.m., and the unit is crediting the counter supervisor chavez for brokering the meeting that came up with the agreement. union officials say they got more on the deal than they were getting before and being offered in their final offer and they are not going to release details until their members get a look at the deal and then it has to take about five days to ratify the deal and for the members to vote on it.
6:33 am
reporting live in sunnyvale, matt keller, abc7 news. police are investigating after a body was found in a home depot parking lot. the investigation was on alameda avenue. it's not clear how the person died. we have calls into oakland police for more information about what happened and they have not said about the victim's identity or a possible motive. and then investigating reports of an indecent exposur just before 2:00 yesterday morning. the man was standing outside a car when it happened and he is described as 30 to 50 years old, and heavy set with short, dark hair. police are trying to figure out what caused a man to open fire on a pool party at his apartment complex. officers say the man shot seven people, killing one woman and injuring six others near uc san diego. many were there for a birthday party. witnesses say the man never got
6:34 am
up from his pool side chair while shooting. police eventually shot and killed him and it's not clear whether the gunman knew any of the victims. need some help? >> take a look at this rescue in texas all caught on camera, and the truck hydroplaned off the road yesterday and it trapped a father and his 2-year-old daughter and baby son inside. several good samaritans jumped into action and pulled the baby out first and started performing cpr. they made it to the hospital and said to be doing much better this morning. parishioners dropped to the floor as a tornado ripped the church. 45 people were trapped inside and somehow, though, none of them were hurt. millions of people across the south and midwest are dealing with aftermath of high winds, rains and tornadoes. one couple said they felt
6:35 am
helpless as they watched a twitter destroyed their new home. >> relentless. >> it's a little emotional, but we are lucky. i don't know if we will ever get it cleaned up, but we have got to. >> a pregnant woman and her husband had to be taken to safety by boat and a man was forced to swim for his life from his sinking truck. and then crews are fighting fires in riverside county. the largest fire, burning ten miles east of the city of riverside and close to at least 40 homes. the cal fire homes have the opera fire contained this morning. there are three smaller firers in the area. one of the team's most committed sir fans, brodie stevens died saturday from a viral complication after a long-fight with leukemia. he was diagnosed as a baby and
6:36 am
went into remission after chemotherapy and in 2015 he developed a different type of leukemia and in the recent weeks was suffering from a viral infection. steph curry visited brodie while they were on the road in indianapolis. and they flew him out to let him be a ball boy. >> brodie, how much are the warriors going to win by tonight? >> 20. >> you saw him there sitting next to the coach. steph kerr did tweet this weekend, we love you brodie. in a facebook post his family said he fought a hard battle and has taught us all about tenacity, courage, grace and hope. they plan to celebrate brodie's life at a service this week. >> of course we are thinking about his family. a possible headache for travelers out of sfo. work on the airport's second
6:37 am
longest run way is expected to cause delays so check your flight status before heading that way. this is the third of nine scheduled weekend closers to pave the runway and add new l.e.d. lights. the entire project is expected to wrap up next month. your commute through the north bay could get easier as early as next month. carpool lane hours on 101 could be extended in marin to reduce congestion. currently the carpool hours are from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning and the transportation commission wants to extend them to 10:00 a.m. under a pilot program, and then in the afternoon, the hours would expand from 3:00 to 7:00 at night. happening today, the final snow pack survey. this is what it looked like on march 30th, when the snow pack was 183% of normal, and that's the highest level since 2011.
6:38 am
to put that in perspective, look at what the survey looked like two years ago, totally dry. no snow at all to measure. >> the heat wave expected to start melting the snow at a faster pace this week. the river will go about a foot over its banks by the middle of the week. some california rivers will run extra cold and fast as the record snow-melts. back near in the bay area, if you thought it was warm over the weekend, wednesday is expected to be the hottest day of the week. that does mean dangerous conditions if you are headed to the beach, though. lifeguards had to rescue a 13-year-old girl that was caught in a rip wave yesterday morning. during the spring the rip currents are active and defined. now a traffic alert. >> i want to take you back to the really tough situation in the east bay this morning. we have got sky 7 over 880, the northbound side, extremely backed up this morning. it's all due to a double fatal crash that happened just after
6:39 am
5:00 this morning. before you get to fifth avenue in that oakland area, here we go, we are crawling along and we have flares up and only the far left lane getting by that crash scene right now, and i have been watching the feed over the last ten minutes, and they have called for the corner and he is en route, but we have two folks who unfortunately did not survive this crash this morning. a couple tow trucks are in place, and there was a box truck and then a smaller vehicle, maybe a bwm and there's barely anything left. still no estimate on when we will get the rest of the lanes back open. for now, you want to avoid that. 580 looks good and trucks are permitted to use 580 morning. quickly, other commutes, everybody looking average. westbound 4s to maze, 34
6:40 am
minutes. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you are in the green with just ten minutes. coming to the east across san mateo bridge, call it the sunshine slowdown, the sun angle going west and at least you have the sun at your back. let's talk about your commuter planner. on the bay, not too breezy today. hope the ac works in your car, you will need it the next couple of days. temperatures are up to 14 degrees warmer this morning than we were yesterday. where does that put united states in the south bay? 51 in santa clara, and san jose, 57. already 62 in los altos hills. 48 at half moon bay to brentwood at 69. already microclimates showing up. one area you can stay cool and get away from some of the pollen. grass is going to be high so that may be a reason you are sneezing.
6:41 am
49, half moon bay to low to mid-60s. it will be comfortable during the overnight hours. check out the next three days. we have near record highs tomorrow and wednesday. more on that coming up next. >> thanks, mike. making signs, and prag slctg slogans, and how the protests could impact your day. and allowance going high-tech. the new app changing how you organize and pay your kids for their chores. we continue to track that major traffic alert in the east major traffic alert in the east bay, sky seven live over
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good morning and welcome back. want to take you back to sky 7. they are over the scene of a deadly crash on 880 in oakland just before you get to fifth avenue. once again we still have the far left lane getting by and that fatality investigation is ongoing and we have significant delays on 880, and just under five miles right now. we will talk about alternates and show you what those are looking like in a few minutes. here at the live desk, live images from paris coming in right now. take a look here. looks like several people are injured after protesters have been clashing with police for the last few minutes in the may day protests. i have been watching it for the last ten minutes or so. we have seen a lot of people
6:45 am
with injuries and cuts and bleeding. just watched somebody throw some sort of fireball into the street and now police are using tear-gas on these protesters. hundreds have taken to the steets. they were there overnight as well rallying at the famous joan of arc statue and many protesting the far-right french presidential candidate, marine lapenna. the riot gear doesn't seem to keep the crowd from coming and marching. we are expecting big crowds in the bay area here today and amy hollyfield is live in san francisco for us. >> reporter: hi, jessica. hopefully we don't see anything like that here. organizers say they want their event to be family friendly and safe and they are going to get started earlier here in the bay area, and expecting events to start at 8:00 a.m. at the b.a.r.t. station. another event, justin herman
6:46 am
plaza, and that will get started at -- >> sounds like we lost amy hollyfield, sorry about that. but in any case we expect it to be a big day in the bay area, and we will continue to watch that throughout the day. we will move on to this. and then discussing the future of where marijuana can be sold and grown. city staff will recommend moving dispensaries into industrial areas or medical offices. the proposal calls for home growing to be limited to a maximum of six plants. after the city council meets the staff will create a ordinance to go before the planning commission later this year and the city council meets tomorrow afternoon. and then a deal to keep the government funded through september. negotiators reached an agreement on a trillion-dollar spending bill and that is a $15 billion in defense, including border security.
6:47 am
the deal does not block funding for planned parenthood or sanctuary cities and there's no funding for trump's border wall. >> the next 100 days will be just like the first, a series of broken or unfulfilled promises. >> the spending bill also includes $68 million to reimburse law enforcement for protection of the president and his family in new york and florida. the bill is expected to get bipartisan votes this week to pass. if a stranger knocked on your door to join you for dinner with only a few minutes notice, would you do it? what if it was mark zuckerberg? that works. one report said he told a staff to choose a family that identified as democrats and voted for trump. they had 15 minutes before zuckerberg showed up at the door. >> he said i work for a very wealthy philanthropist from california and 90% of americans
6:48 am
use his product. >> he apparently served a napa valley chardonnay, and just reading off the label and going with that. they talked about a wide range of topics and the visit inspired him. a picture he with zuckerberg in his living room has over 100,000 likes. elon musk says will be available for practice order in the next few weeks for the roof options. tesla announced preorders would announce in april rul. facebook is apologizing for allowing advertisers to target vulnerable teens. according to an australia newspaper an al tkpwgorithm was to collect data on when teens
6:49 am
needed a confidence boost and were positioned to receive a advertiser's message. the company is now reviewing its research process. parents and kids certainly do not always agree on all things but perhaps they will give this new app a thumbs up. it's called the homey app. it let's parents assign chores and pay for them electronically. and it encourages the teens to save since the allowance goes into the account directly. the app is free and there's an upgraded version for $3.99. now a traffic alert. >> i want to take you back to the scene of this fatal crash in oakland this morning that really has traffic tied up on northbound 880 before you get to fifth avenue. we did get a few more details from chp about what happened. it started with this box truck that you see off on the shoulder
6:50 am
that broke down just after 5:00 this morning. there's a black bmw that we have seen throughout the morning that is extremely damaged. somehow that was traveling at a high rate of speed and went over and clipped the disabled truck on the shoulder and it was forced back into the main lanes and was hit again. this fatality investigation is ongoing. i know we have got several tow trucks on the scene right now and only the far left lane is getting by and it's not getting by very quickly as sky 7 pans back, and you can see the gridlock approaching. it looks like that for about five miles. want to flip over to the traffic maps and show you what it looks like there. we have a little onlooker delay on the southbound side as well and it's a sigalert. we are looking okay on 580 for an alternate right now and that has taken a while to fill in, i am surprised, and trucks can use that as well, and 13 you are doing okay if you are closer to the oakland hills. and everybody else looking good this morning and no major issues but bright sunshine and glare at the bay bridge toll plaza and that's congested as usual as you
6:51 am
head into the maze. we are going to have sunshine in the next few days. hi, everybody. down to santa cruz, the beach was packed. it was 53 degrees. let's see what is going on as far as the big story, near record high temperatures on wednesday will be within a degree in napa, and maybe spot on in san francisco. a couple degrees behind in oakland and redwood city. something to keep in mind and all of those were set just four years ago. look at the explore toream. look at the water, how calm it. there's your record high temperatures possible on wednesday, and temperatures will tumble beginning on thursday, and even more so on firefighter when a dry cold front comes through. our bug is back trying to eat our live bug. he's up early this morning. and the marine layer being pushed away from us and that's going to come back thursday and
6:52 am
signify the beginning of the cooling trend. 79 in millbrae. we will flirt with 70 along the coast but it will be breezy at times. downtown, 78 degrees today, and in sausalito, 79. 85 to 88 in the north bay valleys. berkeley, richmond, hercules, and then 87 to 89 degrees inland. don't be surprised if your car hits 90 if you are driving inland. 70s at the coast in the next few days. you can see the drop at the coast thursday and the more dramatic drop is friday, and even 50s and 60s this weekend with a stray shower in the north bay on saturday. >> thank you. we're back in 90 seconds with the things you need to know before you go. we will look at sky 7 live. a deadly crash blocking much food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. time is 6: and these are the seven things you need to know before you go. a traffic alert in the east bay this morning, sky 7 over miles of gridlock, northbound 880 approaching fifth avenue all due to a fatal double collision that happened just after 5:00 this morning, and that's just before you get to fifth. stick to 580. and then south of that on 880 overnight, three cars and one semi crashed in san leandro
6:55 am
and one person was killed there. strike averted. the sunnyvale employees and city reached a deal over wages and pensions and health benefits around 2:00 this morning, and the impact threatened to several city services. a 21-degree spread, that will get about the same this afternoon, 68 at the coast to 87 inland. thousands expected to hit the streets for may day rallies and protest in honor of international workers day. organizers say there will be a bigger emphasis this year on the immigrant worker. new car sharing startup is now up and running in oakland and berkeley. can you pay by the mile or day and the big deal is it let's you drop off your car at any public parking spot. and the biggest guy in
6:56 am
showbiz just got busier. and ryan seacrest was one of 67 different guest co-hosts to fill the seat over the past year. can you watch the first show at 9:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. everybody is talking about it this morning. >> i thought he was more of an l.a. guy. he will be based in new york. >> he doesn't have any vacation. >> i think he has people, alexis. >> his people have people. >> exactly. reggie loves his dog, woodstock. great name. >> he once sang a duet with dolly pardon. >> reggie always listens to your side and that's what makes him a great journalist for almost 20 years. >> hard to believe with
6:57 am
6:58 am
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting rampage. >> drop the gun. >> police investigating a possible hate crime after a gunman opens fire at a birthday pool party. >> the suspect is reloading his gun in the pool area. >> killing at least one person, seven others injured. witnesses say they saw the shooter with a beer in one hand, a gun in the other before police officers took him down. state of emergency. a deadly twister outbreak and flash flooding killing at least 14 people, good samaritans racing to save a toddler and baby from this flipped car. >> we got a baby, call 911. and tornadoes destroying hopes from texas to mississippi leveling this building right before prom reducing homes to rubble. now the threat is moving east this m


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