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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 1, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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start, there is a the training facility this morning. that firefighter shot is undergoing surgery right now. that is the latest, but there's no word yet on his condition. our abc sister station, dallas, reported a call of a suicide, and when firefighters got there they were shot at. stay with us for updates on the breaking story as information comes into the news room. >> updating you on the top local story, a massive protest in downtown zprsan francisco unfolg this morning as they used may
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day to protest the trump's administration policies blocking entrances and city streets. >> thank you for joining us. this year's may 1st demands are beyond workers' rights. many are spotlights everything including the environment. police conduct, and especially immigration. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live outside the customs office. a huge, noisy rally there. >> reporter: good morning. it's getting loud here. look at the large crowd here in san francisco, and this event is just getting started. set to start at 11:00, and this speaker just took the mmpb. organizers think the crowd will grow, you they are pleased with the turnout. first thing this morning, we saw early bird activists who made a statement blocks away from here. protesters took a stance in front of the immigrations and customs enforcement, or i.c.e.
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building, to denounce president trump's anti-immigration policies, sanctuary for all. protesters are upset to see people forced from their home countries because the violence to be treated unfairly here. >> when they come here, they are criminalized, and they are being put in situations that force people to have to hide to have to be clandestine here in the country, and that is not okay. >> protesters blocked a garage entrance of a building and jackson and washington in the morning commute. no arrests made. now everyone has moved here to justin herman plaza, gathering here for an hour to listen to speakers, and march down market street to civic center plaza where there's a stage set up, mr. speakers this afternoon. they have a full day planned. reporting live in san francisco, amy holly field, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much.
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may day marches are taking place around the bay area today. here's a look at what's happening outside in oakland this morning. abc 7 news reporter is there tweeting out this video saying it's a ceremony yal blockade at this point. those chained across the door do let people come and go. >> there's another demonstration in ogawa, and more are planned in san jose later today. a full list on the website, >> protests are not having a traffic impact on the area right know. in the meantime, we have issues, especially on 880 earlier today, two deadly crashes this morning. >> you are tracking this as it unfolded. really tough backup. where do we stand now? >> i want to start things off here, our first deadly crash this morning. we had four fatalities total with three separate issues. this happened near morina boulevard at 1:00 this morning. that heavily damaged vehicle you
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saw, that was rear ended and sent into a semi. the driver of the vehicle was killed and did die at the scene there. then after that, well after that, three hours later, around 5:00 a.m., this crash in oakland. this was northbound 880, and this was right around 5th avenue. we had about 7 miles of backup at the worst point, long delays that stretched down to 580 for folks using that as an alternate, and two people died in the collision. everything's back open now, to the traffic maps to show you. we have a couple miles of heavy traffic, sort of hard to tell at this point how much is left over, residual delays and how much it normal delay. northbound side. seeing heavy traffic southbound 880, but 580 looking much, much better. the huge backup hours ago has totally cleared out. that's improving. on top of the two crashes, there was incident in san francisco, and southbound 101, we confirmed that was a hit-and-run deadly
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collision involving a pedestrian. crews are investigating that, but the ramp is back open. all three scenes cleared rs but, certainly, take it easy on the roads today. back to you. >> thank you so much. we are tracking news from the south bay where emergency crews on the sane of a crash in san jose. take a look, involving a light rail and suv. abc 7 news viewer sent us pictures. you can see rescuers at work there on north capital avenue and mckee road. they don't know when they will clear the tracks. for now, bus service is provided. new this morning, a crisis in sunny vale averted by a hair. 450 city workers set to go on strike before an agreement was struck at the 11th hour. matt keller is live for us in sunnyvale. >> reporter: we're at the corporation yard where workers are coming and going all morning long like it's a usual monday, but it was anything but usual
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this morning. both sides are not commenting on this new agreement until the full union membership and full city counsel can take a closer look at both sides are very happy to have averted a strike. >> reporter: signs ready, not needed. union representatives for 450 workers with the sunnyvale employees association reached a deal with a new contract with the city at 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> going back to work to care for our families and citizens here, and we can go back and do our blue and white collar jobs taking care of every aspect of the city. >> reporter: they work in the library, community center, water pollution control plant, public safety, and the one-stop permit center. the city says this union covers half of all city workers who average more than $123,000 in wages and benefits before this deal. >> i think the city works within the budgets that we have, and we're able to go ahead and get a
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good, strong competitive offer on the table for the employees. >> friday night, i had a phone call from the city theying the inspectors had gone on strike and they had to cancel the inspection. i was a little bit worried. >> reporter: the city was preparing residents for a possible strike, warning about limited services, but rather than a walkout, it's business as usual. >> i called the inspector and spoke to him, and we're back on, back in business. we should be all right now. >> reporter: if theupon and city counsel approve it, this deal will last through june of 2019. abc 7 news. >> mat, thank you. new this morning, man accused of kidnapping his baby daughter last month is no longer on the run. michael turned himself into the police last night. he's charged with child endangerment, although his daughter was safely returned. the four month old reunited with his mother after a man hunt in april. estranged from the mother took her before eventually dropping
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her off with family. >> new details, police identified the victim of a shooting in oakland. they say robert was killed in a parking lot near the home depot. found last night. east bay times said the 22-year-old just got off work when confronted and stop. there's a reward up to $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest in that case. developing news in san police are trying to find a motive in a deadly pool party shooting. police shot and killed the suspect after he killed a woman and injured seven other people. the gunman has been identified as 49-year-old peter celas. living in the complex, and shot at the crowd that was largely compromised of african-american men and women. >> we literally saw people jumping out from the fences and running away like crazy. >> reporter: when asked if detectives were investigating the shooting as a hate crime,
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the police chief said they are exploring all possible motives. today, thousands in the midwest and south are cleaning up after a weekend of deadly weather. take a look at the church in texas. 45 people were trapped inside. somehow, none of them were hurt. abc 7 has more on the storms as they move east. >> deadly flooding and tornados. >> there is a tornado crossing the road in front of us. >> reporter: hitting the country, killing at least 14, injuring dozens more. fast rising water wiping out cars and roads in arkansas. >> we've got work ahead of us, no doubt. >> reporter: forcing residents in missouri to e evacuate. the governor there declaring a state of emergency. in illinois, an 8-year-old boy rescued and recovering after flood waters swept him into a drainpipe. in texas, today, cleanup after four tornados touched down this weekend east of dallas. in ef3 with 140 miles per hour
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winds tearing through the city of canton, killing four, injuring nearly 50 others. the twister ripping homes from foundations -- >> completely demolished. >> flipping this car, people rushing to help an infant and 2-year-old trapped inside. saving them as the vehicle filled with water. >> and slamming into this venue, just as teens arrived for their prom. >> i ran in, i said, we got to get covered. it's going to be a direct hit. >> reporter: 20 people inside survived by taking cover in a bathroom and storage closet, the only parts of the building left standing. >> not a single one of us were hurt, scratched or anything. god was with us, no doubt on that. >> reporter: a lot of gratitude that the dozens of other prom goer who would have been right here in this part of the building had not arrived yet. now the owners of this and the more than 5,000 other buildings damaged or destroyed by this weekend's tornados are spending the day starting to clean up. abc news, canton, texas.
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north bay drivers, your commute could be easier. the change that could come soon to a car pool lane near you. >> a health warning for expecting mothers. the new doctor's orders what to avoid so you don't put the baby at risk. new app changing oh you organize and pay kids for their chores. did you know this is a little warmer? yeah. that's going to continue. in fact, take a look at the beautiful picture where you can find some relief from the heat in santa cruz. water temperature at 53 degrees. yesterday, the beginning, today, 11-16 degrees warmer than average, and warmer days ahead. looking at the microclimates and possibility of records comin
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important health story for expecting moms, antibiotics taken in pregnancy could lead to a risk of miscarriage. researchers found certain classes of antibiotics should be avoided in pregnancy. many others are considered safe including pencillan, and antibiotic use is common in pregnancy and those safest are commonly prescribed. tesla is delaying the solar roof pams. the ceo says two of the four solar shingle options will be
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available for pree order in a few weeks. the other two not available until nux year. originally nay, they announced preorders in april, but they did not elaborate on the delay. parents and children do not always a agree, but this is an app that allows parents to assign chores and pay allowances electronically once completed. the app also encourages children to save since the allowance goes directly into an account removing the temptation to spend the cash. children can also use the homey app to remind parents about school events, recitals, and practices. the app is free unless you want to upgrade costing you $3.99. >> interesting. from hollywood to the big apple, everyone is buzzing about kelly's new cohost. the famous face pulling up a seat on "live." a live look now, beautiful look at the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco
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tracking the warm weather that's here and to come. he has a look at the full look ahead in the forecast. the final snow survey of the season happens today. we want to see your pictures of the snow. if you have visited recently, please, share photos and videos with the #abc7now and it could be on air or online at abc
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we now know more about one hollywood multitasker will juggle another job. >> a good way to describe him. in case you are just waking up, this is who we are talking about.
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>> kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> yeah, kelly and ryan. he's kelly's new cohost on live, and listen how hoe handled the big secret. >> it's funny, i texted my close, close friends and coworkers, i said, i got great news. responses were this from people who know me well, you're engaged! no! you're having a baby? no, it's not that. you're coming out of the closet? how long have you known me, six years, well, you know it's none of that. >> oh, well seacrest have a lot of time on his hands? ha-ha. executive producer and host for several shows already including the radio show in los angeles, so the plan is to build a studio for him in new york where "live" is shot, and this gig puts him in business with all four network big parent companies. catch kelly and ryan on live weekdays at 9:00 a.m. here on abc 7. >> i went to the oscars for the lives after oscar show, and it
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was ryan seacrest cohosting kelly. >> tahat was the sign! >> right? they had great energy and chemistry. i can see it. >> good luck with the weather. it's different than l.a. >> oh, well today feels like l.a. here. >> yeah, feels like l.a. there too. warm day for them. congratulations to both of them. let's talk about what's happening here. i want to tell you about walnut creek because as we look south on 680, one of the areas that could be near a record warm temperatures, concord over the record, 92 forecast on wednesday. napa and san jose close, san francisco tieing a record, but the records were four years ago. let's talk about the east bay hills, breezy in the hills and breezes pick up at the coast, but total sun and will build off that warmth from yesterday and reaching record highs wednesday, and temperatures tumble, beginning thursday, with a cold front rolling through friday, and dropping our temperatures even more, and slight chance of
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rain in the north bay, saturday. for now, high pressure, clockwise, look how far it pushed the marine layer clouds away from us. they make a return thursday morning, that's when you know things are going to change. let's look at the microclimates, down in the south bay, santa cruz, 82 degrees, 83-85 elsewhere in the south bay. up the peninsula, we start in the mid-80s, 79, and flirt with the upper 60s and near 70 at the coast, but the sea breeze prevents you from warming like the rest of us. 78 in san francisco. 85-88 across the north bay with 88 in napa. upper 70s in berkley. and oakland at 82. hottest temperatures, go to bed at 6:30 at night, house is hot then, don't get mad if i the air conditioner on. i have solar panels too, does that help? melting snow in tahoe, but palm springs, 100 degrees. san jose, 280/17.
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it's noon, 60s, 70s, 80s, everybody in the 80s at 3:00. bay back in the 70s at 6:00, and inland temperatures do by 8:00. looks like it's a comfortable day. the coast, breezy there, you can get sunburned easily, wear the sunscreen, a lot of pollen, and we added grass pollen. that's new. watch out. it's cool if you're on the bay. temperatures tonight, comfortable, 50s, 60s for us. the next few days, they are the hottest, 70s at the coast, 80s 0s elsewhere, and cooling trend thursday, inland, especially this weekend, 50s and 60s, 10 degrees cooler by then. >> mike, thank you. good news if the commute takes you through the north bay. the drive could be easier and soon. car pool lane hours on 101 could be extended to reduce congestion. our media partners reports that the transportation commission wants to start a pilot program with longer hours. the morning commute time would
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be extended from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 and in the afternoon from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. they are expected to consider the plan in coming weeks. >> the most talked about pregnant giraffe of all time. >> that's not an overstatement. >> absolutely not. >> april, the baby, has a name, find out what the arbreak through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills.
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it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist
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coming up at 4:00, a program at a california prison helps inmates and veterans. how teaching these pups how to care for veterans gives prisoners a new outlook on life. they call them the costco guy, a man with a smile and serious illness goes back on the fundraising trail, his surprise gift tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. well, april, the giraffe baby, has a name. we need a drum roll, please. >> his name is tajiri, meaning hope in swahili. the giraffe keeper named taj. >> carrying forward the message of hope for conservation and preservation of giraffes in the wild and captivity. taj, a star since before he was born, millions watched and waited for mom, april, to give birth. see, taj knows what it would be like beyonce's baby. >> absolutely.
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right? >> big draw for the zoo, which is fantastic. conservation and learning. from us here at abc 7 news, thank you so much for joining us today. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is next, wait until wednesday. >> the hottest day, records set, especially inland. >> we're excited. have a good one. flr
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>> it's teacher appreciation week, and anyone who's ever won big money on "millionaire" knows the importance of a good education. well, this week, we're giving back to some of the amazing people who had dedicated their lives to providing that education by giving them a chance to win $1 million. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show, everybody. it is teacher appreciation week here on "millionaire." [cheers and applause] this is a good week. today's very special teacher saved all 15 of her students during the tragedy at sandy hook back in 2012. after all the lives she's touched, i can't wait to give her a shot at winning $1 million. from greenwich, connecticut, please give it up for kaitlin roig-debellis. [cheers and applause] hey. how you doing?


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