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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i'm going to pass this to you, mike. it's nothing but t-shirt weather for the days to come. >> for you this is an extra large. unfortunately coach kerr won't be there, that's one of the things we'll miss. we feel bad for him. i'll have that forecast coming up. >> thank you. you can have it. >> you always feel left out over there. >> i know, thanks. hi, everybody. let's talk about the heat, how about it? that was nice of you -- you're giving it back? >> well, that was off camera. >> here's live doppler 7. you can see that unlimited visibility. we'll start to get fog the next couple days. look at this gorgeous sunrise from our exploratorium camera. 53 to 62. milder than yesterday. 69 at the coast. 84 inland. summer spread by 4:00. a breezy 68. 63 to 82.
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still a spread at 7:00 at least you'll get relief from the heat when the sun heads down. here's a look at the commute with alexis. >> if you're trying to get out of gilroy. we have two issues to get around. the first is a crash around the truck scales in the san martin area. northbound 101. we have the far right lane blocked along with part of the exit ramp. once you make it past that in morgan hill we have boxes scattered across the lanes. it's air filters but folks are swerving around that. five miles with the first back up. three more miles as you get through morgan hill. unfortunately that drive time is getting tough. we have a couple other slow spots and issues to talk about as well. we deal that in ten minutes. >> alexi, you'll like this story. some of you are about to get a faster commute if you're willing to pay up. >> not all residents super excited about this. more express lanes are about to debut between san ramon and walnut creek. amy hollyfield is live in the east bay, hey, amy.
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>> reporter: natasha, you will go faster if you want to pay. officials say anywhere from four to 23 miles per hour faster than anyone else if you hop into the new express lane. it's coming soon to interstate 680. they have the signs up. they are being tested. they're opening the lanes in august. these express lanes will charge a toll using your fast track pass just like when you're on bay age ya bridges but some tell us it doesn't feel like being charged for something taxpayers have already paid for. >> it's like you're being held hostage to do something that should be free. it's like a form of extortion. >> you may have seen the express lane at work on interstate 580. in the last year the lanes between livermore and dublin have carried an estimated six million trips so people are
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using them. it costs between $1.60 and $1.80 for a 15-mile trip. they decide the cost based on demand so they can't say for sure what it will cost you on 680. the lane stretches between walnut creek and san ramon. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. another student at san jose state university has been groped. it happened on the west side of the student services center. officials say a boy between the ages of 12 and 15 grabbed the woman while he road past her on a bicycle. he was with two other young men. the woman was not physically hurt. the suspect still on the loose. at least five women were groped on campus last month and at least five others in november. this morning we're hearing from the owner of a peninsula restaurant after one of his employees is accused of planting a phone to spy on people inside the restroom. 27-year-old pedro jeronimogonzalez is accused of putting that phone in jersey
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joe's in half moon bay. he was a part time busboy and dishwasher and worked at the restaurant for about six months. a woman found the phone saturday night recording women. investigators say two women and four children ended up on the video. >> everybody here is in shock but we can't believe this could happen to our customers. and that's the part that's -- that really hurts. >> it's absolutely horrendous, the idea that your privacy is so invaded. >> women who used the restroom saturday between 5:30 and 6:15 are asked to call the sheriff's office. >> new this morning, there's a go fund me campaign to raise reward money to find this missing german shepherd. his name is murphy. he was stolen sunday from the front yard. he helped socialize hundreds of rescued german shepherds. the goal is to raise $10,000. that total is inching closer to $8,000. if you would like that donate, we've set up a link on our web site,
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i'm watching international breaking news right now. the czech prime minister saying his entire government is resigning so it's essentially gone. let me explain the story to you right now. i've pulled up the government's web site. this is the prime minister, but the reason all of this is happening is because of this guy who is the country's new finance minister. to break it down, these guys are huge rivals. the finance minister, who is on your screen right now, is leading in the polls ahead of october elections. meanwhile, the prime minister is accusing the finance minister of not properly paying taxes. the finance minister has been trying to clean house, get rid of corruption. it may have worked. all of this a big mess, especially between these two. so what happens next to the government in that country? i'll be working on that. reggie, natasha, back to you. president trump expected to speak to russian president vladimir putin by phone.
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it will be their third phone conversation since the president took office but the first since putin denounced the u.s. military strike against sierra last month. meantime, questions continue to swirl over ties between the trump campaign and russian cyber intrusions during the presidential election. this week, congress is expected to vote on a $1 trillion budget. what's included? here are the details. first, the budget defies president trump, it does not fund the mexican border wall or eliminate money for sanctuary cities or. it doesn't cut funding to planned parenthood. it increases funding for the national institutes of health. the white house got a few wins. $15 billion extra for the military and $1.5 billion more for budget protection. it includes funding for wildfire protection and flood relief in california. look at this mess in santa rosa. a car crashed right into village pets and supply store on montgomery drive.
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santa rosa fire department shared these photos. investigators didn't say what caused the crash no animals or people got hurt. >> police have arrested two teenage suspects on the mob robbery on the abort bart a couple weeks ago. one was arrested on friday and police discovered he had a warrant out for the bart robbery. at least 40 juveniles jumped the fare gates on april 22 then proceeded the beat and rob several passengers on a train. bart police officials or officers are still working to identify several suspects. hosts for airbnb and its rival home away will have to register in san francisco. this is part of a settlement reached yesterday between the short-term rental companies and the city. property owners will be able to register online. they won't have to go in person at city hall. hosts who fail to register will be fined. why the california coastal commission is threatening to take action against santa rosa.
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about 60 degrees across the bridge. if you're going to be on the bay today, warm air, but that cool water will be near you. comfy if you're on the road but hot during the afternoon to evening commute. mass transit, find shade as you're waiting on the buses and other ways of getting around. 56 in saratoga. some cooler temperatures down south, 62 in san jose. los altos 67. 76 in brentwood, 59 in napa and san francisco. here's walnut creek on 680. high tree pollen, grass pollen, mold spores low. 73 to 93. look at the asterisks, possible record highs. just as hot tomorrow and then the cooling trend hits thursday then cool we are a slight chance of rain saturday. accuweather seven day forecast next. alexis. if you're coming in from the highway 4 area, we have one new crash to talk about on the
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appian way. a solo vehicle crash where one person possibly has some injuries. so i'll keep an eye on that. if you're coming up from the gilroy area northbound 101, we're looking at about a 30-minute drive time. monterey highway was looking good for an alternate though that's filling in. we still have that crash near the truck scales in san martin but the debris has cleared in the last five minutes. next traffic update at 6:20. >> thanks, alexis. 6:12. new details on the ongoing erosion problems in santa cruz, the city could face fines for not coming up with the plans. the santa cruz "sentinel" reports the city waited for emergencies to happen before making repairs to west cliff drive. emergencies included sinkholes, crumbling walls and falling piles of rock. the coastal commission is giving the city one month to come up with a long-term plan to manage
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call today. comcast business. built for business. take a look that the as the man enters this econolodge. police in macon, georgia, on the hunt for him.
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he jumped over the front counter at this motel and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. it happened in just a few split seconds and it was all caught on surveillance video. investigators say the clerk did exactly what she was supposed to. she gave him everything in her cash register. the clerk wasn't hurt. a mystery is deepening in belize after the bodies of a former marine from atlanta and his girlfriend were found. the couple have been missing for a week. they were last seen at a bar in the popular tourist town at the northern end of the central american nation. autopsies haven't been performed yet. police haven't released any information about what they believe may have happened to the couple. new details about the fallout from mayday and the protests that happened coast to coast. most were calm, but not here. this is portland, arkansas, where it was a much different story. police say anarchists destroyed a police car, smashed windows and started fires. officers ended up cancelling the
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event and they ended up arresting 25 people. nine face felony charges. officers say they were hit in the head by objects. they were wearing helmets. new video shows a stark contrast in san francisco. a very peaceful march and thousands took to the streets. >> abc 7 news was in san jose where mayday demonstrators broke down four symbolic walls during the march for working families. union workers marched side by side with tech workers. sky 7 over oakland where hundreds hit the streets in support of migrant worker justice. organizers say the march has grown year after year. we put together a photo gallery of photos from mayday events around the area. you can see it on our web site, nbc 7 let's move on to janet jackson, she broke her silence in a familiar way. >> she's going >> hey, you guy, it's me, jan,
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just in case you don't recognize me because i have put on quite a few since i had the baby. >> more than a few. >> can you please be quiet, randy? nobody's talking to you. i'm continuing my tour as i promised. i'm so excited, you guys, s excited. i decided to change the name of the tour "state of the world" tour. it's not about politics. >> see, that's what has me interested as a janet fan. state of the world is an old song from her "rhythm nation" album so very curious about that. she says it's not political, that it's all about love. that tour resumes september 7 according to ticketmaster, she's coming to concord october 5, also hitting fresno and sacramento. >> did you catch the back and forth between her and randy? that's the funniest part. >> randy jackson. >> he says something about how she's put on more than a few pounds. >> she says "nobody's talking to you, randy". >> have you had a baby, randy. >> it's all about love until you're throwing shade at your sister. >> speaking of shade, you'll need some. >> good transition.
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>> umbrella, possibly? >> absolutely to get yourself cooler today beautiful explosion of sun treasure island. it looks beautiful. then you read my first accuweather highlight and you're like wait a minute. 15 to 25 degrees cooler this weekend and breezy to boot and a slight chance of showers across the north bay. here's live doppler 7. i put on top of it the winds. there just about aren't any. it's going to be 83 in downtown san francisco today but only 71 in daley city. so let's look at the east bay, record highs possible. it will be 90 in castro valley. down south no record highs. they here in the middle to upper 90s. los gatos and gilroy 90. inland, east bay, the valleys, livermore 93.
6:20 am
your record is 95. 92 to tie a record in concord. let's head to the peninsula where this that's 90 in redwood stay. it would be a record high. look at half moon bay, only 73 degrees. up north a couple records possible. san rafael 90, 92 in santa rosa. our last stop will be our lows tonight. look at the marine layer coming back. that means the coast will be cooler tomorrow. the rest of us a dramatic drop thursday into friday and saturday will be the blustery day. it will feel like spring more than sumpter next two days alexis. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. average commute, it's congested through the maze and we have had those metering lights on since 5:26 so nothing blocking but you can expect the typical backups. i want to head back down to gilroy. things are improving. we do have a crash involving a tanker truck and another semi around the truck scales in the san martin area. northbound 101 heavy for four and a half, five miles.
6:21 am
back up lessening a little bit. once you get past that into morgan hill, boxes scattered across the roadway, they are gone at this point so you can see residual delays. things are improving. quick check of drive times, westbound 580 heavy out of tracy, it will take you about 56 minutes to get into dublin. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the yellow at 28 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco you look great. you're in the green at 16 minutes. >> thank you, alexis, "good morning america" coming up at abc 7. >> amy is live with a look at what's ahead. >> good morning to you, that and reggie. coming up next on gma, president trump in the headlines after saying he would "be honored" to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un under the right circumstances. trump working to get his ride health care bill through but what does it mean with pre-existing conditions? we're live with the latest on that. plus a dramatic night on
6:22 am
"dancing with the stars." nancy kerrigan and hillary clinton in viall are both out in a double elimination then the one and only kurt russell is here live next on gma. back to you natasha and reggie. >> see you then. getting rid of junk mail, no easy tasks. up next how you can stop it before it arrives. before it arrives. do you have an busibusinessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'ml craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van.
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apple watcher users, something is missing. google maps, amazon and ebay have been removed -- i should say have removed support from the watch from their apps. apple insider blog says not many people notice the change which could explain why the apps were taken down. google issued a statement confirming the move but saying they plan to relaunch their apple watch app later this year. jenny from daley city asked about mailing lists. >> seven on your side's michael finney has your answer. >> my question is how do i get off the mailing list? >> i feel your pain. >> i feel your pain. all of us get a ton of
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now at 6:30, the sun is up and so is the eat. our mt. tam cam showing the bright morning that will lead the another warm day. >> do you want to skip out on work and go to the beach? santa cruz already looking
6:30 am
inviting this morning and it's only 6:29. good morning to you, thanks for being here on a tuesday, 234. >> i appreciate that that wave was on cue. "i'm on camera. coming through". >> look at the sunrise behind us. >> making us look angelic. or someone. >> you, jessica. look at this halo over her head. >> there's usually a halo around my head. >> usually we can't see it but today we can see. >> it today it's not tarnished. >> oh, mike! >> cow can't reach me from over there. >> i'm buying breakfast for everyone except mike. >> thank you. >> fair enough, i deserve that. i did, i deserve that. everybody's star shines brightly up here. hi, everybody. all fun aside, it's going to be a hot one again. look how dry live doppler seven is, there's the bufl "sun" rise once again. look at these temperatures.
6:31 am
mid-50s to low 60s through 7:00. look at that, mid-70 eyes to upper 80s from noon to 4:00 around the bay. mid-80s to low 90s inland and 60s, 70s and 80s at up to 25 degrees this weekend. alechis? >> a gorgeous start if you are crossing golden gate bridge and the folks out walking and riding their bikes, they have the right idea. it will be toasty later today. morning but we have red areas as well. the appian way on westbound 80 as you travel between hercules and richmond, we have reports of a crash. we may have onlooker delay. still have delays if you're traveling out of gilroy. we'll talk about that next. alexis, happenng today, closing arguments in the sierra lamar murder trial five years
6:32 am
after the morgan hill teenager disappeared. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller live in san jose where the case will go to the jury. good morning, matt. >> good morning, reggie and natas natasha. this trial began at the end of january. here we are on may 2 with closing arguments, so many emotions and the prosecution and defense prepare for their big day in court. there's ear been one expert witness after another. the prosecution blames antolin garcia-or the garcia-torres. today closin arguments and the jury begins deliberation in the death penalty case. >> they get back in there, they have to put emotion aside and look at this in an intellectual and factual way when they make this decision regardless of the emotion, regardless of the sympathy for sierra lamar's family and mr. garcia-torres who's facing the rest of his life or death sentence.
6:33 am
sierra lamar was 15 when she was last seen in march of 2012. antolin garcia-torres never took the witness stand. the trial is scheduled to resume at 8:30. reporting live from san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. we have new details in several indecent exposure cases in los altos, police have arrested a suspect. investigators believe the 25-year-old man exposed himselves to two children in two separate incidents. they have identified seven victims ranging from 8 to 16. they're asking any other victims to come forward. san francisco police are looking for the gunman who shot into a car at sunset boulevard and kirkham street. the boy and his passenger were in this car. the 16-year-old passenger wasn't hurt. investigators are looking for any possible suspects and surveillance video. people who live in the area tell abc 7 news that where this happened is usually pretty
6:34 am
quiet. >> happening today, state assembly members are holding a hearing to discuss a recent audit of the university of california after the discovery of a large secret fund. the state auditor found uc's president's office failed to disclose $75 million in a special fund. lawmakers are calling for a reversal of a tuition hike and more oversight over the system's finances. >> uber is planning to sue san francisco in a move to protect its drivers. the "chronicle" reports cuber filed court papers yesterday hoping to block a request request to provide the names and addresses of its drivers. uber was saying the city would post the driver's home addresses on a public web site. the city says it wants to notify drivers they are required to get business licenses. the white house is down playing a comment by president trump that he is open to meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. the president says he would be honored to do it under the right circumstances. the comment marks a departure
6:35 am
from the hardline stance the president has taken against north korea in recent weeks. the administration has raised the possibility of a preemptive strike if north korea conducts another nuclear test. >> for the first time, we're getting a look at cell phone video of the shooter behind the deathly birthday party attack in san diego. [ bleep ] i have to explain what you're seeing. that's the shooter, the man in the lounge chair underneath the umbrella. peter seles. he was at a pool party. he appears to reload his gun and take aim. police say he was distraught over a recent breakup and was on the phone with his ex so she could listen to the shootings. listen to a woman who was attending the party. >> he did say "if you don't want to die, get out now." but he was still shooting people anyone who came back to help the wounded he shot at them. >> >> it's so awful. a mother was killed, six others were hurt before police shot and
6:36 am
killed selis. the victims were black and latino. selis, as you can probably tell, is white. police don't believe that race played a factor. investigators are trying to understand why a university of texas student stabbed four other students. you can see 21-year-old kendrics white after he surrendered to police yesterday. police say he walked up to four students and attacked them with a hunting knife about a block away from school. a 19-year-old freshman died. three other victims are expected to recover. an escaped inmate in the north bay is back in jail. deputies believe richard medina tied bed sheets together and climbed over a fence early yesterday. he was discovered missing from the north county detention facility in santa rosa. police tracked him to windsor, his hometown. he was serving time for battery and assault and was scheduled to be released in september. >> a vote that could make it safer to ride bikes in one of san francisco's most crash-prone areas. that's part of the upper market street safety project. the sfmta will vote on
6:37 am
improvements on market between octavia and castro. it would include protected bike lanes and up dated painted safety zone. benicia will vote on whether residents will keep mini pigs as pets. if the ordnance passes the rules would be similar to owning a dog. they must be leashed in public, owners have to pick up the waste. they'll need a license, wear a dog tag and be neutered or spayed. part of the ordnance causing a stink with local experts is the weight limit of 100 pounds. they say that's unrealistic because mini pigs, as you can tell from looking at your screen, the weigh up to 300 pounds. >> all morning long jessica has been trying to steal this t-shirt from me and there she goes again. it's an extra large, good luck with that. maybe it will shrink. the warriors host the jazz in the first game of round two of the playoffs. kooef sister may miss the rest of the post season. he's undergoing testing at stanford. doctors are trying to stop the
6:38 am
headaches he's faced for nearly two years. we don't have a time frame for his return. the jazz are coming off a win in l.a. the warriors have had a week to rest and they hope to start out hot dub nation, we hope you send us photos or video of how you are supporting the warriors, share your voes and video on social media and you may see them featured right here. it's going to be a nice night inside and out of oracle as you're heading in for that 7:30 tipoff. about 74 as you're heading out after the big win. about 67 under starrs. sunshine to stars. here's sfo. all the sunshine, no delays there. staying cool, thinking about cool to the pool? watch out for that burning sunshine. plenty of water if you're exercising, you and your dog. cool breezes at the beaches.
6:39 am
temperatures are up to 16 degrees warmer this morning so where does that put us? in san francisco, 66 in the financial district. most in the mid to upper 50s. san leandro about 58. i want to show you the next three days. look at the drop in san francisco. 20 degrees by thursday. the rest of us will feel that this weekend and a slight chance of rain. accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> looking at our traffic maps the main issue has been in the gilroy area into san martin at the struck scales we have a tanker truck and another semi that got tangled up so it should be 30 more minutes until we get the lane open. the backup not as bad as it was. we had five miles now i'd say we're around three and a half, four. then north of there around morgan hill that earlier debris that slowed you down again has cleared so that's looking
6:40 am
better. 101 and 880, you can see the bright sunshine so you want to have your sun glasses in san jose and everywhere else this morning. and just a quick reminder, bart looking great today but this weekend we have the rescheduled track work may 6 and 7 so no train service between fruitvale and lake merritt. a free bus bridge will be provided but that could add 20 to 40 minutes to your trip. marin county needs millions of dollars before they get the green light. the county needs $6 million to bring the lights online. that goal is to ease congestion. the metropolitan transportation commission gave them money but the funds didn't reach marin county. they continue to look for funding. happening right now. a live look at capitol hill where the united airlines ceo oscar munoz is in the hot seat.
6:41 am
you're looking at lawmakers who are posing questions and munoz is there before those lawmakers nearly one month after that now infamous incident caught on camera when a doctor was dragged off a flight. munoz will be answering questions about the incident, what can be done to improve customer service. this is just getting going now. the transportation committee just opening remarks at this point. several executives from other airlines, not just united, are there also facing questions from congress. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. this morning, a serious warning about your credit card. we're seeing a huge increase in fraud. what you need to do before your next swipe. a major safety warning for subaru toners. why the car maker says you shouldn't have people in the front passenger seat. >> mike and alexis are making this a better day keeping you up to the minute on weather and to the minute on weather and tr
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
here's a question -- do you want a faster commute? of course you do but, yi, there is a catch. you'll have to pay for it. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live on the eastway with more on express lanes set to debut later this year. >> interstate 680 the going to be getting faster this summer but not everyone likes the idea. they've put the signs up so you
6:45 am
know it's coming. they've been testing them and getting them ready. the fast lanes are located between walnut creek and san ramon. drivers will pay a toll if they want to hop into the lane and acrude traffic but some say even though they may use it, it doesn't sit right with them. >> i think it's a way for them to get more money, really. i don't like it. >> reporter: the cost depends on how congested the freeway is. since it's based on demand they can't predict how much it will cost but express lanes on 580 are costing drivers around $1.60 for a 15-mile drive. the hope is to make the express lane on 680 available in august. reporting live from danville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. the warm sunshine not just enticing to you and me and drawing the mikers out. also drawing rattlesnakes out.
6:46 am
one man was bitten while hiking on mission peak in fremont. paramedics were trying to find a hospital in the area that stocks rare anti-venn anymore. chp says the man had a swollen hand and was in severe pain. there have been six sightings in just the last week, including yesterday's victim and a dog that got bitten, you will find tips on our web site, on what to do if you get bitten. a new salary survey reveals three bay area leaders are among the highest paid in california. ged ready, the al mika county sheriff topped all sheriffs in 2016. you are not reading that incorrectly. $633,000 in pay and benefits. san jose's police chief and city manager each raked in nearly a half million bucks in salary and benefits 207ing their count parts and our media partner the "mercury news" obtained that data from the nonprofit transparent california.
6:47 am
good news for your favorite tv or netflix show. the writers' guild of america reached a deal with the major studios and networks averting a strike. they represent about 13,000 members and were set to strike admit night. they are pushing for higher wage, better residuals and contributions to the union health plans. the last writer's strike in '07 lasted 100 days. there's alarming new data about credit card fraud. an e-commerce fraud technology lab found a 200% increase in what's known as testing. >> it's a tactic used by fraudsters to detect stolen card numbers with small purchases before they make the big dollar by a. data shows fraud is up 30% over the last year. experts advise consumers to be ware of credit card skimmers. it's well known thieves will put fake samers at gas stations and atms to steal your card number. apple will report quarterly
6:48 am
earnings today. reports say the company will reveal it's topped a quarter of a trillion dollars. that's more than the cash reserves of canada and the uk combined? >> whoa. >> apple has been able to avoid taxes by keeping most of its $246 billion in cash, cash equivalents and securities offshore. >> i have friends working at apple and they are paying for dinner. if you have a subaru it might be a good idea to put passengers in the backseat the car maker is warning owners to avoid the front seat. they're included in massive takata air bag recall. it could take up for a year for the work to be complete because of a parts shortage so in the meantime subaru is mailing recall alerts to anyone with an impacted vehicle. >> that's a wide-ranging recall. >> it is. yeah. so it's the morning after the met gala and a lot of us are still wondering what happened. >> kind of puzzled. time to talk fashion, who
6:49 am
slayed, who was okay, who was no way, maybe the olsen twins fall into that latter category? i don't know. there were strangers outfits. katy perry channeling something out of "game of thrones" here, rememb remember red wedding? j-lo and, a-rod looking great. the vogue crown perhaps goes to rihanna, though. >> she always seems to steal the show. this time in a piece by, honestly, a designer that i don't know how to pronounce. comde garcon. it's from the ready to wear collection. i don't know if that's a man or woman. >> hold on. ready to wear? ready to wear where? i aspire to have a place to wear something like that. >> if you're not rihanna you have nowhere to go. >> you know who's a fashion plate everyday? meteorologist mike nicco. >> absolutely. hey, mike. >> that's because my wife
6:50 am
dresses me. >> thanks, barbara. >> she puts the me. katy perry looked like a cross between the flash and christmas. let me throw these up for you, these highlights because this is what i want you to know about. this seven-day forecast. record-setting heat the next two days. cooling breezes head east from the coast thursday and we could be up to 25 degrees cooler. high pressure. look from where the storm track is. well up to the north it's going to stay that way. down the south bay, your record highs are in the middle to upper 90s. 90 in redwood stay, record high. 83 in mull bury. low to mid-70s along the coast today. but look at downtown san francisco. 83. we'll have a 10 to 15 degree spread across san francisco from the bay to the coast.
6:51 am
90 san rafael, santa rosa, napa, 92 all near record high temperatures. 88 in oakland and richmond. near record high temperatures. 92 in concord sets a record. 93 in liver more a few degrees shy but close enough. tonight look at the temperatures. mid-50s to mid-60s once again. it spreads thursday but the dramatic drop is thursday to friday and saturday it's like is winter back? there's a slight chance of showers across the north bay. anybody hot under the collar this morning, alexis? >> maybe a the drivers. we have a couple new issues on the east bay but it sounds like this is wrapping up. southbound 880 before davis we had a disabled vehicle in the left lane, they just pushed that to the shoulder. no backup approaching south of there. as you get through the san mateo bridge you will be slow. westbound 80 for the toll plaza we have a crash reported.
6:52 am
v haven't gotten word on how many lanes are blocked but it looks like at least one. we have delays from 880. bright sunshine bay bridge toll plaza so grab your sunglasses, those folks not too blinded since they're going the other way. a quick check of drive times, westbound 580. tracy to dublin 51 minutes. antioch to concord in the red at 39 and southbound 101 san arafal to san francisco, 18 minutes. we'll be back in 90 seconds with the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> and our instagram picture, you can get more photos of spring sprunging type thing. share your food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. food. water. internet. we need it to live.
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, you need to hear your weather forecast first. >> it's going to be a nice one this morning with temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s but several chances of record high this is afternoon. if the kids have outdoor activities, keep them hydrated and shelter them from the sun. if you can't, you need the sunscreen for today. >> number 2, closing arguments are set to begin in the sierra lamar murder trial. the morgan hill teen last seen leaving her home in 2012. her body has never been found. the accused murderer did not take the stand. >> number three, ladies, police want to know if you went to jersey joe's in half moon bay this weekend and used the
6:55 am
restroom. this employee is accused of planting a phone in the bathroom and secretly recording women and children. police want to identify the victims. >> number four, traffic has been quiet. we have had this problem in gilroy the entire commute but we're immoving. northbound 101 around the truck scales in san martin, we're down to the off ramp that is blocked. >> number five from the live desk, president trump expected to speak to russian president vladimir putin by phone. this will be the first conversation since putin denounced the u.s. military strike againster is last month. university of california janet napolitano will face lawmakers in sacramento today after a state audit revealed her office had a secret fund of $175 million. law makers want more oversight over their finances. the warriors take on the utah jazz tonight in game one of the western conference semi-finals, the teem will honor the historic
6:56 am
team. these are the shirts on the seats right now. strength in numbers, right here. >> are these ours? >> these will be immediately km commandeered back. >> someone else in the newsroom will take these from us. they are nice. good luck to the warriors and we hope to see your pictures. just put the hashtag "dubs on 7." >> enjoy the beautiful weather. we're back in 25. gma is next.
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good morning, america. rising tensions with north korea. overnight the u.s. missile defense system up and running. president trump warns of war. >> nobody is safe. i mean, who is safe? the guy's got nuclear weapons. >> the president also says he'd be honored to meet with dictator kim jong-un as the north accuses the u.s. of pushing them to the brink of war. and here at home, the new battle brewing over health care as republicans close in on a vote. breaking overnight, may day rallies turning violent as thousands of demonstrators hit the streets here in the u.s. and around the world. riots breaking out. protesters throwing smoke bombs at police, injuring officers. terrifying close call. a second grader is lucky to be alive after falling out of a moving school bus dangling from the emer


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