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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 2, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's may 2nd. time for now viral videos "right this minute." release hidden ca footage that shows -- >> this dude's been creeping and it's not how one suspicious lad figured out that plant was a plant. >> that's messed up. it's gift she gets right away. >> he goes, what did i miss? >> the sweet story behind the family secret. exactly a genius idea at the gas pump. >> oh, my gosh. i can'belicoeul dnth't either. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a newni as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down then 500 miles for an american
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institution. >> some people travel to go to the liberty bell. huh-uh. we go for the first kf bc.n cre. this is a hidden camera. apparently this fella hiding it in a plant in a women's restroom at a gas station. here's how they found outthe a restroom. the employee inside told her to hold on just a second, went in there. she said it took quite some time for ceba tim hwhicoh raised red. she said something about the pot caught her eye and there you have it. >> wow. and he was camouflaging it like he thought no oneha a would jer. and the plant sitting there right in the stall. >> did she actually use the see she used the restroom. she did call police and they were able to find other women w
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restroom previously to her and this fella was arrested. so gro. so sad. nd so violating. w know on this show. dash cam from russia are going to be crazy. yncna going to be crazy. at least when it comes to the reactions of these family members that gethe this getting in the back of the car so the granddaughter hands over a gift. >> oh, my god! >> you're having a baby. you're having a baby. >> he goes, what did i miss? looks backdown. who's having a baby? >> mom meanwhile is freaking out. she got it instantly. she run of the car. out so does the daughter. then you see -- as everyone else
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comes to join in on the big o. p >> we never see what was in the box. >> no. rt doesn't matter. o join the burnett family. it looks like they're having dinnereieight kids. they're handed the ultrasound pictures. now, the daughter has been there a number of times. >> yeah, she's seen seven. >> you guys are getting a sister. >> really? >> i told you. i was scared. god. >> yea! >> the daughter is excited. se' to have another sibling. but the son is like, no. >> leave momma alone. >> don't even breathe on her. >> you said you were done with the last three babies.
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jump into the world of complete morons will start in kazakhstan whe pplre ato the ri, there's a guy sitting on top. he's filling up a fuelrydy know supposed to fill up a container when it's in the truck. it doesn't spark. put it on toe >> i wish this was the mistake he made, but no. this guy is assferoasl hnaioe's sure it's full, he needs light. how stupid do you think it would be to do this? >> i have a feeling i'm going to see a lighter. >> whips out hisoh, my gosh. >> flick. now we got this burst of flame from the w can he make it worse? i'll tell you. let's get everybody else involved as well. >> oh, my gosh. i can't believe this.heer i t >> tries to dust down his car. you see it burned out quickly. wattheaasbad. but some experts say the reason it wasn't terrible was it was
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deiesel diesel. we head over to russia where everything appears to be quiet and calm. until suddenly it's really not. wait for boom! slam. there it comes down. thisasve explodes, goes cart wheeling through the air and pancakes that toyota what do we think happens in this video? >> somebody left something on?ly what's going on there. some guy started pumping up that truck tire and then forgot. >> i got another video that shows the aftermath. fortunately nobody was inside that car. no oneas w>> ironic that a big d a flat car. time. time to give away another ipad mini. to enter you'll need tuesday tea least 21 years of age, and be a legal
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resident of u.s. or canada. stan the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. here's one of our cuties. >> this i going viral because of these cuties. >> oh, mythat? >> can you tell what that is? >> here's two baby armadillos. >> little armadillos. >> look at that. you can already see the little armor plates in the back. >> yeah, you can. they startedroh o though. he says he got home and discovered that their giant mother diedginiv he posted this u video of playing with the young armadillo and people have just been watchingthis. this video already has 2 million views. >> but what do you do now? so.'re not an ardimallra animal magic. it's wildlife conservation and science education. he has allhe hsee
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and at this rescue that he takes to schools to educate people. right person who knows how to get the right milk for these babies. but people are mesmerized. >> i didn't know what they looked like when they were babies. >> it's so babies who were orphaned have now captured the imagination of people. think your morning workout's tough? >> you he really rises to shine. >> that's amazing. >> --ly stupid. and his girlfriend has got a bunch of surprises in store. >> but they're not random. they're compleed.nnte plyla >> what's happening? >> see the priceless moments as he gives her the best day ever.
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closed captioning provided by -- g available over the countr in original prescription strength. is is. the more we watch the yes theory videos they put out, the more i love these guys. they're out putting smiles on people's faces pranking them. but they're nice pranks. like this one. >> oh, my god! >>b.c.s i ts going to pull on girlfriend with the help of the crew of yes theory. >> today we decided to help him create the most epic day for his girlfriend taylor. but if you watch our videos you already know there's a catch. we wanted her to have no idea we had anything to do with all of the amazing surprises she would encounter that day. >> basically taylor his girlfriend isoing to go around town with her girlfriends taking photosbl f so it's going to be a full day that's been planned out at
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ecthojprey're having a great da. but throughout the day, all of these nice random acts of ndness are going to happen to taylor. >> but they're not random. >> per usual, we're hungry and shooting. >> here's act of kindness number one. >> say i have an extra gift cards for $30. >> bonus points for you. >> so they get random strangers to pull off these things. first, this guy is going to hand a gift card for a free lunch to taylor. >> thank you so much. >> that's game on behalf of her boyfriend. >> the next prank is to give her flowers, these roses as she's walking out of the store. >> as a random act of kindness on, going to give you this rose. she's going to be like the sun is shining on me today. >> these little surprises not only get better, but they get bigger. the next is going to be a $500 gift card to this retail store at one point
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i'm good, but i'm not that good. >> don't forget their g on this. the next thing, they had to call a car service to pick them up and get them to the next location. this really fancy rolls-royce. >> you can pretty much guess that tomorrow's going to suck. >> i have a few p'm pies ba ibysitting. can you watch them for a minute? >> super cute. >> to see how is of everything. >> she's got a big reveal coming and her best friend is going to help with this. >> what the heck? s >> she answers the phone and it's her boyfriend. she tells him how much she's loved this day. and they get in the car and go on a little date. every morning, this guy walks in the makeup room talking about his morning workout and
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how bad it was. from here on out, shut it up. you've got nothing on cali. >> dang. g'she >> like many people with lots of muscles, he doesn't have many brains. >> thank you. >> as we know khalid is a parkour god. he does this kind of stuff often. but here he is way, way, way, way high in the sky off the side of a building. he's like, oh, just hanging out. that's amazing. >> --ly stupid. co yu yoou couulld get pullups. look. you're very strong. good for you. just -- >> no! >> oh, yes. >> dang bro. >> that's very different. edt's your weight being pu wrong. >> but it is like oli says mental. >> if the gym is not your thing, just join the table breaking club. >> oh, yeah. >> this man here is on top of the roof and his friends, pal,
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buddy there is on a table. >> all right,buddy. hope you like being paralyzed. >> oh! fudge. >> oh, my god! >> one of these guys has a broken back. >> so take your morningorkout and shove it. >> okay. an 11-year-olddi boo ploiawno you away. >> puts on a blindfold and now he's going to perform. >> what? >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, first they traveled for a mcd's pizza. this time they're road tripping to -- >> the birthplace of kentucky fried chicken. >> now meet the hungry dudes with an original recipe for youtube gold. >> people like watching people do dumb stuff, apparently. plus we've got the tuesday buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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promotional considerations and how you feel. promotional considerations provided by -- ascov actou feel. y mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. you get the power of 10. the power to take on skin itch and irritation. and get fast acting relief that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. w e favorite foods and some of us would do a lot to have that favorite food. a couple of bros from we had t story on the show not too long ago. three friends decided to drive from canada to west virginia for the mcdonald's pizza. >> i remember that. >> yeah. of course. eithr youtube channel called completely irrelevant, that had such great success, they decided to do something as irrelevant. this time two of the guys
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decided to drive from canada all the way to corbin, kentucky, the birthplace of kentuckyried chicken. >> oh, wow. >> better not be pizza. >> let's find out. let's go along for the ride trip. it was about 550 miles. they've been friends for more than a decade. >> is the chicken going to be any good? >> you canried chicken. >> in kentucky it better be better than any chicken you've had anywhere else. >> once they get to corbin, they realize we feel a little out of place and maybe underdressed. >> i don'thinke w fit i >> oh yeah. >> that makes them feel a little bit better. pretty cool about the corbin, kentucky, kfc. it's like a mini museum.
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all the fun and kidding aside, o i'm not going toys s sit here and lie to you. that was very, very good. >> looks like it was worth it. to tell us more about the road trip and experience, we've got mitch ani us "right this minute." what's up, fellas? so fill us in. how was the original recipe really? >> i thought it was pretty good. >> i would say compared to other kfc, it was ten out of ten. hat's what matters, t right? >> what was it like being at the original place? >> i felt like i was standing in a part of history. some people travel far to see the liberty bell. but huh-uh, we'll travel to the first kfc. >> why do you guys do this? >> i don't know. people like watching people do dumb stuff, apparently.
3:21 pm
>> do you guys still have the outfits and do you still wear them around canada? >> [ bleep ]. >> no. >> oh, sweet. >> oh, come on. >> you're open to suggestions then from the interwebs? >> absolutely. that's how we got that idea. someone made a comment. we're up for anything. cago is u know what chi famous for. >> chicago hot dogs, deep dish pizza. >> but i can tell you this, it's going to be pretty dull. gone fishing. ♪
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be 21 years of age, and a legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> then head over to and click on win ipad. >> you can enter on e ery acday. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzzword. it's series. >> click on the win button and enter the buzzword seri. s-e-r-i-e-s. >> good luck, everybody. a principal's addressing the class, but then someone new shows up. >> it's obvious there is a black dog. >> what's that? spee ochffless.s hs pulled >> that's so sweet
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it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch.
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>> i'm impressed. >> i'm in love. being sassy. >> that's rude. that's kind of rude, bud. are you being silly? are you being silly? i love you. when the principal comes to your class, you typically think this isn't good.
3:26 pm
itbust crossing. that man right there is principal brian st. lewis. he is the principal. we're sitting at the teacher's desk. interrupting the principal. >> what's that? >> did you see what came through on somebody's shoulder. >> so everybody pitched in and we bought you your dog. >> this beautiful creature here is the dog they bought him and they named h hugo. >> i haveim a hunch he's been talking about this dog for a long time. >> the story behind them getting this puppy is unbelievable. you see, principal brian st. lewis has had a pretty tough year. earlier in the year he lost a dog. but the principal is a special guy because he's the kind of principal that will go to the house and visit student ifs they haven't been coming to class, if their school work isbeuse he di student carson, carson had the
3:27 pm
idea you know what? let's get him a puppy as a small gift, a small token to cheer him up. staff members said these kids in two weeks were able to raise $470 to purchase this puppy. >> that's really sweet. a>>e'nd >> you guys are literally the best group of people that i've had the honor to even call students, friends. e out of nowhere and surprise him with this. i'm amazed he could speak. >> ithows what he's doing is s working. these kids are learning and learning the right things. thanks for joining us today, everybody. don't forgetohihein more fun content. we'll see you on the next episode of "right this min"
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tonight, breaking news. president trump and now his replace obamacare. will it go down to defeat again? after a key republican bails, the debate over covering americans with pre-existing conditions. also tonight, hillary clinton on stage, delivering her own stunning version of why she lost.adeen held on october 27th, she would be president tonight. the rage on a passenger jet, the violent confrontation, the flight attendant who tries to stop them, and it all coams me id ovneer the unfriendly skies. the stunning reversal. the white officer who fatally shot a black man. his about-face in court. both families weeping. we are just back from the frontlines, in the race to save che thendril 20 million people now at risk of starvation, four countries on th


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