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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 4, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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a's lose, 1 and 7 on the road tip. expectation is curry will play tomorrow night. did not practice today. on the bike, hanging out. no wrap on his ankle. think tweaked it maybe in 30 quarter. mike brown says he could have practiced today if necessary but -- >> no, no concerns. he's a guy that constantly gets maintenance. he could have gone today. that's all. he's definitely good to go tomorrow. >> james harden and rockets trying to go. harden 3 of 17 shooting. ten assists. spurs on a big run. jonathon simmons with authority get it's back to ten. kwooi leonard, game high 34. spurs win but lose tony parker. suffered a knee injury that's
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apparently pretty bad. brought to you by river rock casino. baseball for
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan it's time for an all new show today "right this minute." a mom's about to be ambushed in her own driveway by two
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suspects. >> and the first one creeps up behind her. >> oh, no. >> the video of her brave struggle and why her son is being hailed a hero. that's a momma bear in the brush. but -- >> as the camera zooms back -- >> you can see some more good reasons to be careful. >> you're just like, give it some space. you ready, andy? >> a b.a.s.e. jumper psychs up for -- >> one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. >> see his high risk ride into the lost city of tetra. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and a wife gives her man a pricey toy. >> in the neighborhood of $250,000 to $300,000. but see why this gift comes with a major hitch. >> wait, what? >> oh! hello. i'm 10 years old. >> officials are calling this 10-year-old boy in
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westminster -- he' just gotten home from school and his mom was pulling into the back yard. she closes the door. when suddenly you notice she's got some company. >> i thought they were just going for the car. >> two of them too. >> and the first one creeps up behind her. >> oh, no. >> the second hooded guy creeps in behind the first. they step out of frame and then suddenly they drag her bag out near the car. >> oh, gosh. >> reports say that they're yanking at her ears. they're trying to snatch her earrings, her watch, and other jewelry. >> that's so scary. and there's two guys against her. >> out comes the dog. and the other guy just starts to wi kick at the dog while the first guy continues to push and pull on mom. she does her best to hold tight when suddenly a friend inside the house runs out and chases the guys off. all this was caught on cc tv footage. but there's her 10-year-old son. he witnessed it from the house. he was feet away from the incident. he sounded the alarm and was
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able to identify these men who had already been involved in a string of robberies. it happened in june. they were arrested in august and recently sentenced. >> it must be just awful for a kid that age watching your mother just being roughed up by these guys. good on him. >> in your own home. >> yeah. >> right there. >> yeah. reports say that he since had nightmares. but again, he was able to identify them and they'll be off fo oh, yeah. that sound reminds me of the beginning of jurassic park where someone scary is about to get shipped somewhere. but the good news is this tiger is being released into the wild. >> i thought you were showing me in the morning. >> she is a feisty tiger, they say. check her out. there she is in that giant crate. the door is open. >> my goodness. that is a beautiful beast. >> she really is a beautiful tiger. >> look at all those cameras.
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>> you don't want to miss it, do you? >> yeah. but you know what? they only have one time to get this shot. because she's gone. she was rescued back in late 2015. her mom was believed to be poached. so she was taken to the center for rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals. after passing some tests, she was now released. >> what part of the world is this? it looks strange for a tiger. >> far eastern russia. this was posted by the fund for animal welfare. >> now this tigress is on the hunt for her mom's poacher. >> the next video has a big momma you want to be afraid of. that is a bear in indian hills, colorado. a photographer captured this video. it's not big momma getting the attention. as the camera zooms back -- >> oh, so cute. >> i would be careful. you see a momma bear and a cub, you're just like, give it some space. >> and that's exactly what
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jennifer jewel was telling her neighbors to do. she said the bear is close by and she's got a cub. as a matter of fact, she's got three cubs in the area. so keep a wide berth. she also captured these still images. my favorite one here looking like it's taking a nap. take a fabulous trip to jordan. this area, the treasury, is one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. b.a.s.e. jumper miles dasher is already standing above the treasury at his exit point. his buddy holding the parachute because he's only standing roughly 210 feet from the ground. >> that's not enough space for me. >> keep in mind he has been jumping for many years. in fact, he's got 4,299 b.a.s.e. jumps under his belt which is also why thhe wanted to make th his 4,300 b.a.s.e. jump. >> did red bull help them out? to jump here.
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they probably don't let people just do this. >> he is part of the red bull air force team. i think they had it covered. generally you need a few hundred feet to deploy. but in this case, he trusts his skills. he hopes for the best and jumps. >> see ya. >> laook at how gnarly this looks. >> wow. >> wow. >> his canopy opens perfectly. he's able to guide himself away from the face of the rock. down this canyon. that is only about 100 feet wide. for 15 seconds, he falls at about 20 miles an hour. landing perfectly safe at the bottom. >> that's awesome. >> my goodness, it's tight in here. >> i'm not impressed. he should have flown right into the treasury. >> that would have been great. >> just kidding, miles.
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awesome jump. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need wednesday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old, and be a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the buzzword is com just a bit. >> stand by, everybody, fo "rtm" ipad mini give. i love animals because they're delicious. i'm a carnivore, unabashed. i love to eat all kinds of meat. but even bearing that in mind, this video had me kind of -- comes to us from australia. >> foodies could sink their teeth into this food 3d printed red meat. >> that looks like spam. >> right? this is the thing where i think 3d printing is jumping the shark. this report from australia basically covering these guys demonstrating their technology.
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they're just kind of printing it. >> people have been eating spam since world war ii. >> i'll tell you what. because it got to the point they're creating these things. they take 15 minutes to create. once they started cooking them right here, i'm not into that. i don't like it. it's weird. >> it is meat though. it is meat that they are just designing this thing with. >> yes. you see right here, okay, they sort of load it up with meat ink which is essentially emulsified, liquefied minced. there are certain benefits sort of to this that i didn't think about. for example, let's say for the elderly or people that don't have teeth. it's very easy, soft, chewable. and you can get fancy with it. you can create ridiculous designs. it looks pretty. but at the same time, yuck. >> i want my t-bone to look like a t-bone. >> i would try this.
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i would wrap it up in a tortilla. >> the second they could print out motorcycle meat i'm in. >> admittedly i'm not a meat lover, but that is delicious. >> table is split 50/50. this 11-month-old is giving a speech. >> maybe he's just saying i want cheerios and milk. >> now. >> find out what he's preaching. and he was hired to cut down a single tree. >> customers who hired him to cut down this tree said, please do it, but do not damage any of the other living trees around. >> see if he's able to meet their expectations.
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in all kinds of conditions. like the ocean, the sun... in the pool... and even 100-degree heat. stays on in 7 conditions banana boat. we've got you covered.
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closed captioning provided by. er in original prescription strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. and now the spoken word by shakespeare. he that outlives this day and comes safe home will stand at the -- you know what? let me let this kid do it. this is brian o'hara's 11-month-old son. he's doing the big speech where henry v is trying to get ready
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for battle. >> how do you know for sure? >> maybe he's saying i want cheerios and milk. >> now. >> parents understand what their kids are saying. and dad says he's doing the speech from that play. >> of course he is. i recognized it immediately. this is 2-year-old mazi. and look what she's making. something nick loves. >> yes. >> and daddy is helping her put it together. >> how many are there? >> one, two, three, four, five, six. >> there's 12. >> oh yeah. >> of course, obviously. >> yeah. >> she's adorable. >> so they start putting the recipe together. you also need to chill it for awhile. then you got to boil.
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then you add the condensed milk, you combine it all. >> all right. choose a straw. >> look at that. when you're giving very specific parameters to work within, sometimes your job could be even more challenging. that's what patrick brandt has been tasked with. customers who hired him to cut down this tree said please do it but do not damage any of the other living trees around. >> why do they want this one down? it seems like it fits right in. >> it's dead. and patrick is up there on his first solo cutting down mission. so you can see below he doesn't have a whole lot of room to work with. but piece by piece he dismantles this tree. >> that's all well and good taking off the branches. but now just taking it off six inches at a time and throw it down? >> not exactly six inches at a time. it looks to me more like 18
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inches. >> actually, he cut it. >> but if he's doing it like this, it's going to take forever. >> but that's what the clients asked. so little by little, knocks those chunks right off. >> going to have a lot of firewood for winter. >> that's what i was thinking. he did a double service. he could charge them even more now. >> dude, this guy is good. >> patrick has arranged those logs he cut earlier as almost like a roller. he's aiming to get the rest of the tree on top. and deal with the rest of the tree. >> considering his work up until now, i think he's got this. >> part of me is he's going to accidentally knock down every tree. >> oh, no. >> he missed it by inches. so close. >> patrick says that's fine. just a little room for improvement. >> get a golf clap. >> i call that winning. cinco de mayo is around the corner. >> and in honor, we're going to blend something a little bit
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video. it's about to get worse. troy is one of those people that can just about -- somebody get me a bible and holy water. we just need the power of christ to compel you, man. he's freaking me out -- i can't look at that. >> he has no bones. >> the crazy part is he used to freak his cousins out with this. >> in fact, he has found a way to use this skill. this terrifying skill. you may have actually seen him before before. because he can do things like this. >> and you put his scene right here. i hate scary movies. i don't wa ch any of that stuff. >> we see dancers that can do stuff like this. but this is next level. >> this is not a dance move. this is a freak move. >> it's inhuman. >> i want no parts of this. i wonder how he must have discovered this talent? >> he must kill it for halloween. >> if you want to find him on
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the internet, he's called twisty troy. i can't wait to scare my wife with this video. i'm with jessica on this sentiment. there are. >> there are so many things i appreciate about this country. the freedom of cheese. the right to bear chips. but freedom to blend things, my favorite. in honor of cinco de mayo we're going to mix something mexican and american. we're going to make street corn dip. we put it into a blender, a couple of blocks of cream cheese. then we're going to add more cheese. >> and flavoring and deliciousness. >> then we're just going to put in some lime juice. look, i can do it with one hand. because i'm strong. you put all that in the blender. >> and now you put the corn kernels in there, some jalapenos or peppers you want.
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>> we'll put in some feta. >> adding more pepper jack, a little onion. i'm going to scoop that into the baking dish. once it smooths out, top it with some more cheese. >> more cheese. >> any wonder why we call her cheese in the office? >> once you have your cheese on there, you're going to put it in the oven. once that's done, more hot sauce, more feta, and cilantro. >> she likes herself some cheese. let's find out just how delicious this thing is. jessica. >> oh, yeah. look at that. give me some of that. >> it's so pretty. >> i like my street corn so i'm eager to see how this tastes. >> holy macaronismacaronis. >> dude. this is really good. >> girl, that's a meal right there. i could eat that all night. i don't need anything else. >> this is super, super delicious. >> show up at a party with this in your little warm bag. >> if you're a single guy, show up to a party with this, you'll
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walk out with numbers. >> it's a little cheesy, but it'll work. get it? >> all right all you single fellas, you want to try this tip too. go to, click on tv show or use our mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old, and be a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> then head over to, click on win ipad button. >> enter on facebook, twitter, or both and use each every day. >> okay. wednesday's buzzword is comic. >> now get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter wednesday ease's buzzword comic. c-o-m-i-c. >> good luck, everybody! i have a surprise for you. >> she's making her man's dreams come true. >> open them. surprise. >> i got you a car, baby. the one you always wanted. >> but that's not the only surprise she has in store for him.
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>> wait, what?
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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>> that's nice and easy for the kids to do. actually, i'm going to give this a big thumb's up. can i show you something? i have a surprise for you. >> jerry's wife dee has a huge one for him. jerry, come on outside, i got something to show you. >> their surprises get tricky though. she was surprising him with kids and all that not too long ago. i don't know. >> close your eyes, baby. >> surprise. suspect it so cool? >> i got you a car, baby. the one you've always wanted. mcclaren. he's like, thanks. >> that's a joke. >> it's just a toy car, but the toy car matches the one that's right behind him. >> no. >> all right. >> beautiful brand new spanking mclaren 650-s. >> they must be making bank. >> but jerry doesn't buy it at first. he's like, no, no, no way.
2:07 am
it takes her awhile to say this is real. >> this is mine for real? >> yes. >> he's over the moon. >> it's a formula one racing team. this is a car you can buy built by a formula 1 racing team. >> in the neighborhood of $250,000 to $300,000. big jaw dropping. sounds like a beast. it's gorgeous. even gets up and down the street. everybody watching this video was waiting for that shoe to drop. saying ha-ha it's a prank. but it wasn't b. so people are like that's incredible. i cannot believe it. until a few days la ert. >> wait, what! >> oh! >> i feel really bad. >> honey, about that mclaren, i have something to tell you. >> i didn't really buy it. >> she drops the news on him she didn't buy the car. instead -- >> i rented it for a few days. >> so he totally bought into it. she had rented


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