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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> this shocked the community. it was traumatic for them in sonoma county. and of course for their families to finally have them get resolution is important to us. >> good evening, everyone. larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. the sheriff's office says it's done it, solved one of the longest bay area murder mysteries. they arrested this man, sean gallon, a self-described survivalist from forestville. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman live at the sheriff's office in santa rosa. wayne? >> reporter: well, we appear to have a solution to a case that made national news at the time and why not? a young couple very much in love sleeping on the beach seemingly alone. all of a sudden they're murdered. no one knew why or where or how. today deputy sheriff here at sonoma county thinks they did get their man. along the river road in forestville today, yellow tape as sheriff's investigators
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search for clues in a murder mystery. this is the booking vote oel of 38-year-old shawn gallon. today sonoma county steve freitas linked him to the murder of jason allen and 22-year-old lyndsay cut shaul on fish head beach. >> he had information about the killings that no other person could have known and we have located evidence that corroborates his statement. >> reporter: in quiet picturesque jenner where the russian refr meets the sea, the murders had been and remain disturbing. >> it was shocking, unusual, and then no one had any idea who it was. >> reporter: they had been christian counselors at a youth camp east of sacramento. they were on vacation sleeping on this beach. police found their bodies still in their sleeping bags, shot in the head at close range. no sign of a struggle, no apparent motive. for 13 years. >> we believe it is a random crime and we are confident there
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was no connection between them, yes. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies describe gallon as having a violent history. in 2010 a judge sentenced him to three years in prison after he shot an arrow into a car and hit a man. he's been in jail, charged for shooting and killing his brother. a search for a murder weapon in the jenner case. they say he's always been a person of interest. >> detectives never ruled him out as a possible suspect. >> reporter: the sheriff gave no explanation as to why. in sonoma county wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and lyndsay cut shaul and jason allen were spending the summer working at the rocking water christian adventure camp in the sierra foothills. today the kpekttive director of the camp tells abc7 news the murder of both camp counselors has been an agonizing issue for his entire staff for more than a decade. news of an arrest has finally brought some relief. >> there are a lot of people that cared about jason and lyndsay and the story, even
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people that didn't know them prior to their death, and that this is going to be important at some level to a lot of people, including my staff. >> a plaque for jason and lyndsay was installed at the camp after their deaths. it was dedicated in 2005. and you can watch the entire original report from the 2004 double murder in jenner on our website and on the abc7 news app. >> flaring continues at this hour at the valero refinery in benicia ten hours after it started. several viewers sent video into our abc7 news room showing their view of the problem. this video from victoria showing flares shooting way up into the sky. video you can see just how much thick black smoke filled the air. i want to show you a map of where all this is happening. the refinery is on east second street. abc7 news reporter laura anthony live in benicia with the very latest. laura? >> reporter: hi, larry. the flaring does continue at this hour.
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you can see over my left shoulder it has greatly improved over the last hour or so. this morning pg&e was doing maintenance switching power from one transmission line to another near the refinery when that second line failed without any power. valero had to begin burning off product immediately. the billowing black plumes could be seen for miles around the refinery. after a power outage caused the plant to shut down and begin emergency flaring. >> the flaring operation is designed to keep our neighbors and our employees and our community safe. and they're doing exactly what they need to do by burning the hydrocarbon that cannot be safely stored. >> reporter: the flames and smoke prompted city officials to order evacuations in the industrial area immediately next to the plant. >> why didn't we hear about this sooner? >> reporter: marilyn lives just a mile from the refinery. she asked officials why city wide warning sirens weren't activated until one hour after
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the incident started? >> you don't know anything is going on, but that could be when the acute release is happening. >> reporter: workers at the refinery were also evacuated. two elementary schools, turner and simple, did not evacuate, but had the students who showed up shelter in place. benicia police also diverted traffic away from the roads leading to the refinery. the prevailing wind carried the big black smoke up and to the east blanketing the east bay in a thick haze. epa local agencies sent teams out to monitor the pollutants in the air. >> in light of what is going on in the weather we expect those levels to diminish over time, but we have already discussed we will continue to monitor and confirm that is in fact happening. >> reporter: in benicia, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> a sonoma state university police officer shot and wounded a man after a fight off campus. it happened overnight in
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downtown katadi just west of the university. police say the suspect ran away and fought with an officer who tried to use a stun gun on him. the suspect was wanted for pointing a gun at a woman and was threatening to kill her just after the bars let out. police found four hand gun casings from that incident. >> a man who spent 7 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is about to get a settlement from the city of oakland. our media partners at the east bay times report that ronald ross will receive $300,000 to settle his lawsuit against the city. in 2006 ross was found guilty of attempted murder in a shooting of a man who once lived next door to his mother. four years ago after a long legal fight, he did walk free. ross originally sued the city for more than $30 million. oakland city council is expected to vote on the lawsuit on may 16th. >> a south bay school is hoping to reopen next week after a stunning act of vandalism. it was trashed, windows broken, furniture destroyed as abc7 news
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reporter matt keller shows us, the investigation into who vandalized tomorrow montessori is underway. >> reporter: may 4 was a special day underway. it is their annual "star wars" party. instead of a celebration, it was sadness. the school's owner arrived just after 6:00 a.m. on thursday. >> the amount of devastation and destruction that went down in this room is just -- senseless. >> reporter: the school was vandalized. rooms ran sacked, furniture destroyed, windows broken. >> looks like a hurricane hit. they have destroyed diapers andd strewn hot sauce across carpet. >> reporter: the party was canceled. the school closed down for clean up. >> i've done my best to keep it from the students, although they did show up. costumes were ready for the party. it hurt. >> reporter: she says security cameras were down that morning because they're being upgraded. she did get a gleimpse of a
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person leaving the building. >> as i was on the phone with 911 the bell went off. that's how i knew someone was in our building. >> reporter: she said it may have been a homeless woman from an encampment near the school. a community is responding. robin janice has a child at the school. she started a go fund me page. >> we've had tons of the participation and donations from families that had kids here 10, 12 years ago. amazing response, and that makes me look at the good in all of this sadness. >> reporter: the cool is hoping to reopen by tuesday. if you you'd like to help, we've set up a link to the go fund me page on our website, in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. >> so happy to report that after seeing matt's story earlier today, the san jose public library tweeted matt kindly offering to help replace the books that were damaged. a >> partial settlement reached in the balcony collapse that killed
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six students in berkeley nearly two years ago, according to the irish times, defendants involved in the design and construction of the balcony could pay as much as $20 million if the families of the six students who died and to the seven who were injured. a city investigation revealed that the wooden beams supporting the balcony had rotted through from water damage. >> a devastating ending today to a dog napping case we brought 3-year-old murphy, a german shepherd mentor dog, was found dead this morning outside his owner's home in castro valley. murphy was stolen three days ago. his owner believes he was killed somewhere else and returned to the home. murphy was known as a dog's dog who helped other dogs socialize and come out of their shells so they can be ready for adoption. >> sad. listen, breaking news out of oakland, three teenage girls now in custody suspected of a violent attack of a b.a.r.t. passenger back in february. b.a.r.t. says the teens punched the rider in the head multiple
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times. they credit the victim and witnesses for helping to identify those suspects. police have issued a warrant for a fourth suspect and she is expected to be taken into custody soon. >> a family in need no more. lots of activity in the san jose neighborhood today and one family has a lot to be thankful for. >> women in the work force, a top administration official describes the biggest stumbling block. >> don't buy me some peanuts and cracker jack. i'll just sing it. >> go for it. >> fans at the coliseum, i'm chickening out. >> don't, kristen. >> i'm ab7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. we are in a windy pattern. i'll tell you how this is going to play into your weekend plans coming up. >> i'm michael finney. live at south shore center in alameda where we are taking your consumer questions finding consumer questions finding unclaimed money,
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a new study tonight is proving why people readily admit in the bay area that affordable housing is very hard to find. the report looked at rents and incomes in alameda, contra costa, sonoma and san mateo counties. each of those counties is more than 10,000 rental spots short of what it would take for everyone of limited means to find an affordable place to live. the report also found that state and federal funding for affordable housing in those four counties has dropped 65% since 2008. so, on a related note, 60 women in professional or tech jobs traded their laptops today for construction tools. it was all part of the habitat for humanity project with a twist. not building homes, but helping the needy stay in their homes. abc7 news reporter david lee is
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live at the mobile home park in san jose. david? >> reporter: kristen, take a look at this very impressive redwood deck. it wasn't even here this morning. but there is an example of what 60 very dedicated professionals can do and help a family here in the south bay to stay in affordable housing, all because of help from habitat for humanity east bay silicon valley. you guys inside here, there is a cabinet we're going to have to demo. >> we're going to have to take it out. >> reporter: the to-do list is long and there are 60 pairs of hands to do pabtsiinting and framing. silicon valley mobilizes all-women teams. some have been here before while others are learning new skills. >> my specialty is to nail it down. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> one of the projects we have to do is demolish the windows out and rebuild them. >> reporter: she is a product management leader at cisco.
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bank of america and sigh links and others are represented here. the energy they bring amazes the homeowners. their mobile home park is getting extensive repairs. through habitat they qualified for a small grant from the city of san jose and a 20-year zero interest loan. both have health issues. >> peace of mind has always been a hard thing to attain for us because of her seizures and my pain. with this done, it really helps us a lot. >> reporter: the help they are receiving supports habitat's goal to keep low and limited income families in affordable housing. >> it is a chance for us to work together as a community and today we're here repairing homes. some years we're building new homes, this year we're preserving affordable housing by repairing homes. >> spending a day working on homes also develops teamwork and provides volunteers with skills they might find useful at their own homes. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> federal reserve chair janet yellen says women have made
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major strides in the workplace, but says outright discrimination may be holding them back today. yellen made the comments in a speech at her alma mater, brown university. she addressed the gap between the number of men and women in the labor force, saying the disparity is likely due to a lack of equal opportunity for women and the challenges of combining work and family. 75% of women work today compared to 88% of men. yellen is the first woman to lead the federal reserve. >> music streaming giant pandora hosted the cinco de mayo mayo my today. this event didn't have margaritas or mar iac hi music. it is the state of latinos since the election. increasing hostility toward latinos who they say have been criminalized by the trump administration. >> not just the onslaught on undocumented immigrants that were seen, but it's a complete attack on the narrative of who latinos are in this country.
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and i think people are angry about that, that they're being talked about in ways that are untrue. >> latino activists say the attacks have galvanized hispanics. in california, half of the 2 million new voters in the last election were latinos. >> now a story we brought you last night at 5:00. the valley transportation authority last night approved service changes and will vote in june on possible fare hikes. the agency is facing a $21 million budget shortfall. and this is the first look at a new park that will be built in san francisco, it's called crane cove park. it will be built on the port of san francisco's southern waterfront at pier 7. right near the ballpark. right now that side at illinois and 18th street is occupied by two buildings and they are already in the process of being demolished. the buildings should be completely down by tuesday. >> construction is set to begin next week to expand the embarcadero ferry terminal. abc7 news was there today at the site of the old restaurant. up to three new ferry gates will
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be installed over the next two years. new ferries to treasure island and richmond are expected to be added. >> starting tonight the a's are eliminating a popular but messy ballpark snack in one part of the stadium. from no you on no peanuts allowed in lower 66. that area will be cleared and checked before the game. the a's are the first major league team to have a permanent peanut free section. if you have kids with peanut allergies, you go to that spot, lower 66. sky 66 -- sky 7 was above the stadium today. the holy toledo will be unveiled in honor of late broadcaster king. that will light up with plays by the a's. >> route 66. >> all the way. >> it's been a beautiful week to be outside. at times too hot. drone view 7 giving us a look at the sprawling vineyards in the napa valley. will the sunshine stick around this weekend? let's get to abc7 meteorologist
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sandhya patel. >> here's a live look, kristen and larry. high clouds are passing through the bay area. this is what what's filtering our sun. wind gusting close to 40 miles an hour at sfo, it is gusty around the bay area. a wind advisory has been issued. it is up now until 9:00 tomorrow. it's for the coast, bay and hills. look out gusts could be over 45 miles an hour and that could result in downed trees or power lines. good idea to secure any loose patio furniture you might have. airport weather warning, 6:00 today until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow says this is possibly resulting in gusts up to 60 miles an hour. it is a beautiful day in santa cruz. cinco de mayo forecast. look out for those gusty winds. 50s, 60s tonight. if you're stepping out make sure you grab a jacket because it is going to be on the cool side. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s and the wind will stay up. from our mount tam cam, you can see the trees are swaying in that wind. we are seeing filtered sun shiep. 57 in oakland, 66 in oakland,
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highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s. cooler today especially in our inland communities where you are still hanging onto a little bit of the warmth yesterday. golden gate bridge camera showing dry conditions much 67 santa rosa, 67 liver livermore, nice view from the kgo roof camera, embarcadero, you can see the flags are going there. gusty winds will remain with us through early sunday. i say the sprinkles are possible tomorrow and we are expecting warmer days sunday through tuesday. i'll have the forecast 7:00 tonight. those high clouds passing through, nothing to worry about. tomorrow afternoon we're looking at the potential over the higher elevations of a few sprinkles. i wouldn't change up your plans because the model keeps going back and forth saying maybe a sprinkle, maybe not. once again 4:00 showing a few drops possibly there, but not enough to change up your plans entirely. now hears is a look at the wind forecast. 7:00 tonight, close to 37 mile an hour wind gusts continuing going into saturday afternoon and evening gusts over 40 miles an hour at point reyes.
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strongest winds along the coast and over the hills. sunday morning still a little gusty although inland areas will notice the winds begin to drop off and into sunday afternoon. we'll continue to see that change. windy tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s, 50s, i do want to throw this out there. if the wind stays up, these temperatures will have to be raised, it may not get as cold tomorrow afternoon. here's what it looks like. upper 50s to low 70s put in the potential for few afternoon sprinkles. download the accuweather app. it will come in handy for you. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you what is in store tomorrow. mid 50s to low 70s. chance of afternoon sprinkles. is it one of those things ufrm you have to change up your plans? no. to start off the new workweek, low 60s, low to mid 80 is the range for monday, tuesday, and back down again, cooler weather mid to latter part of the workweek as another system brushes the bay area. right now we're keeping the
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chances of showers out of the forecast. larry and kristen? >> a nice weekend. a couple drops here and there. all right. thanc thanks, sandhya. >> painting, wine, caviar, chocolate. you're
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>> it is time for finney's friday free stuff. i'd like to file an official protest. he has caviar and chocolate and wine to giveaway. he's not here, usually 3 feet away. >> he's in alameda. michael? >> it is epic. wouldn't you agree today? let's start with the wine. pino and palate, have you heard of this phrase? it's right here at south shore center here in alameda where i'm at right now. you go in and you have a glass of wine and professional artists teach you to paint. it's absolutely a phenomenal date night and as a matter of fact, mike and his wife, we've
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the way. drop by, say hello, we'll solve a consumer problem. >> michael, thank you for sharing those ghirardelli with us. they're good. >> some people got them. you'll meet a real life cowardly lion next. >> up to four officers are forced to ride in a single car, and now san francisco police say it's so bad it could impact response times. abc7 news reporter vic lee investigates if the cit
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i'm alma daetz. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a sudden reversal of napa high school football player for hazing can return to class. find out why he says he won't be going back to napa high. also. >> people who came are afraid of going through customs when they enter the country. >> facing the fear, see what san francisco is doing to perrer persuade foreign tourist s to keep coming to town.
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the winchester mystery house is going to be in a movie. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. larry, kristen? >> see you then. >> finally pictures by our viewers, you'll see a theme. we want to thank tug boat dicky for pictures of the seagulls. they do not mind the gray skies. >> dave sent us this amazing shot from milpitas, ball eagle. quite a shot. are you getting the theme yet? >> dog tired adventures shot of their dogs, pictures taken in danville. use the hashtag #abc7 #abc7 #ab >> a lion. >> the keepers posted him of being frightened by at soap bubble. not his finest moment, but part of his tenth birthday party celebration. >> you know what he needs? he just needs to see the wizard. >> very good. tie it all together. >> "world news tonight with david muir" coming up next. i'm kristen sze.
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>> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. thanks for tonight, breaking news. the sudden deluge. the severe storms hitting the east coast. drivers trapped in rising waters. others lifted to safety. tornadoes in several states. thousands of nights cancelled or delayed. also, 18 college students facing charges in the death of a young man who fell down the stairs of a fraternity. why did they allegedly wait more than 12 hours to call for help? the fierce backlash, the house voting to repeal and replace obamacare. tonight, many americans with pre-existing conditions asking, what about us? was it excessive force? new video emerging tonight. the student in a choke hold at school. e


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