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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 6, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, may 6th, thank you for waking up with us. a first look at the forecast, lisa argen is checking the conditions where you live. >> we are looking at close temperatures and wind, a wind advisory, out of the northwest, 35 miles per hour. gusts over 45 miles per hour along the coast, look at half moon bay, 33-mile-an-hour gusts. the airport 31 and san jose, gusty winds at 20 miles an hour, cooler from our east bay peninsula. this shaking camera, we have 50s in san jose and very windy conditions at the airport. so while we're 51 in livermore today, we will see the numbers in the 50s at the coast, breezy,
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windy, highs arrange from mainly the 60s around the bay. low 70s inland, 50 at the coast, gusty wind, we'll talk about a warmer second half of the weekend and a warm-up for the first half of the week. coming up, when we check out my accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. in castro valley, a suspect has been arrested months after a woman was killed and her home set on fire, we first told you about the fire used to cover up the death of 59-year-old andrea st. john in december. officials say the attack appears to be random. >> reporter: this dark under surveillance video and the charred walls of the castro valley home have haunted a neighborhood since december, firefighters found andrea st. john dead in her garage. it turns out, she had been killed before the fire was set. >> it could happen. the worst part is it could have happened to anyone here. stuff happens to any of us.
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>> the alameda county district attorney filed charges against 36-year-old luckie dacaney, they say he confessed while in the jail on other charges. then investigators found corroborating evidence. he faces burglary, robbery, murder with torture and other charges, which could make this a death penalty case. deputies say his physical description matches video from a neighbor's camera. it's unclear why he would have been in the neighborhood. his home address is listed at stockton. he will be extradited to face charges. st. john leaves behind two adult daughters. we have new developments about a double murder case in sonoma county, this morning, sean gallon the accused in the 2004 murders of a young couple
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on an isolated beach. lindsay cutshawl and her fiancee were found shot to death. they found evidence of the killing at his home. he knew things only the killer would know. they believe the murders were random. gallon was already in jail charged with killing his brother in march. quite the scene in venecia yesterday. you could see thick flames and black smoke shooting into the sky at the refinery. people in the area were told to shelter in place. >> i knew something was happening at the refinery, you know. it was not normal at all. >> reporter: residents from this community noticed black plumes of smoke billowing from the refinery. an outage forced the emergency blaring. >> didn't know how serious it was until we got the texts and the notices and we realized it
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was serious. >> reporter: serious enough for city officials to order an evacuation immediately in the industrial park and near the plant. about an hour later, nearby residents learned by text and seraceno about a shelter in place. police diverted traffic away from the plant. but by 5:30, city officials lifted the evacuation order. >> i am comfortable once they complete theiren specs inspecti should continue monitoring the situation. >> the levels again were, have been light throughout the day. we haven't seen an impact on hospitals. >> something we see smoke. >> you feel safe? >> we are safe. >> reporter: officials say residents will likely see more flaring as the refinery works to get things back up and running. lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. a mentor dog was found dead
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inside of its owner's car. the owner reported murphy the german sheppard stolen on sunday from her front yard in castro valley. there was a $10,000 reward to find him. his owner believes he was killed somewhere else and returned to the home. no one witnessed the dog being taken. murphy helped other dogs socialize to get them ready for adoption. in san francisco also, man that told a group of teenagers to stop recovering, it happened on felton street t. man asked him to stop because his young son that was playing in the area. police say at least 20 teenagers knocked him to the ground and kicked and punched him. one of them was arrested. people flying to and from san francisco international airport there weekend can breathe a sigh of relief. any delays will not be caused by runway construction work. here's a live look outside from our sfo camera. gusty winds have postponed this
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weekend's paving project along the four runways. the work caused extensive delays and cancellations in repeat weeks. the city of san francisco is asking pg & e to pay up for losses they incurred because of last month's massive power outage. according to chronicle the city is asking pg & e to reimburse it $187,000 for revenue and operating losses from the april 21st blackout. most of the losses were suffered by six trolley bus lines go out of service. happening today, one of san francisco's great traditions is returning to the mission. we are talking about the annual sync cinco de a new addition this year is a beer garden. 6,000 people are expected to attend. the san jose police
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department activated its special operations division for cinco de mayo celebrations yesterday. 60 extra officers patrolled the streets to make sure things didn't get out of hand. there were mexican flags to mark the victory over france in 1862. >> the whole area, having a good time. >> i look forward to seeing a different type of lo riders and decorated cars as well. >> for me it's a celebration of our heritage and of our nationality. >> so far, no word of any arrests or disorderly conduct from the night's celebration. 8:07 is the time a. record snow melt is causing problems in the yosemite national park. it led to flooding in some parts of the park. officials say there is no risk to the park or its visitors. caution tape ropes off a portion of the place because of flooding. dozens of homes couldn't be
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rented because of the snow melt to the area. >> we have been here before. we never have drove up through this area. it's a semi panorama. >> they have this slight vibration to it. taking long expose years on the camera the tripod wasn't steady enough. >> flo significant damage so far, park officials expect the flood waters to stick around for at least another month. meteorologist lisa argen joins us now here in the bay area, a little breezy, up in the sierra, a different story. >> they issued a flood watch for reno and south lake and truckie. heavy downpours, back home, that same system, bringing us windy conditions. 56 degrees in oakland. good morning to you. we will the rest of the day, low 50 for the most part. it is a cold start. we look for the winds to stay with us. i'll let you know how much we will warm up today and probably the sunday forecast, but we have more '80s in the seven-day outlook. that's just a few minutes away.
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lisa, thank you. also ahead, a high school honor student was expelled for hazing. he is now on his way back to class. what his parents have to say about it. plus the effort to save a school that the district want
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>> we're looking live over san francisco from our sutro tower camera this morning. this is a city that draws people from around the world, but the tourism industry is preparing for a possible dip in the number of international travelers, following president trump's talk of building walls and implementing travel bans. the city is being proactive, coming out with a new campaign called always welcome. reporter leann melendez explains what is being done to reassure travelers. it's a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> because it's san francisco, always welcome. >> reporter: the campaign to promote san francisco is called always welcome. san francisco travel hopes to convince visitors the political climate here is different than that of the trump administration. >> no one wants to be caught up at the border. nobody wants to be in a place that you don't feel like they're glad you are there. >> reporter: last year, sfra ens enjoyed having 25 million visitor, last december, san
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francisco travel projected that number would increase by nearly 2%. but that was before president trump began signing executive orders banning people from certain countries. san francisco travel now says, tlash n they're not sure they'll meet those projections. >> the forecast was great in december, now with all of this rhetoric out there, is it still going to be as strong as we had hoped it was financial to be. >> reporter: she is traveling from argentina, she says they were worried about coming to california. >> yeah, we were worried that we would have issues with pieg grags when we come to the country. >> reporter: visitors spend more than $24 million per day, 62% of that spending is done by international travelers. later this month, san francisco mayor ed lee is traveling to mexico city to meet with tourism officials on the quest to reassure them mexicans aren't welco welcome. >> the number two small visitors for san francisco, so i want to
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assure them personally we are there for them and we will take care of them in every way, including dealing with any visa issues that they might have. >> reporter: the new campaign video will be posted on the san francisco travel website and advertised on facebook. in san francisco, lee anne melendez, abc 7 news. in the east bay, parents are fighting back against a plan to close their children's elementary school because of unstable soil. tests have revealed the ground underneath lum elementary could rend ter building structurally unsafe. students told abc 7 news what they want. >> save our school! save our school! >> the alameda unified school district says it is fought cost effective to retrofit the school. they want to move the student body into four different schools in the fall. but parents believe the engineering tests are incomplete. >> we like to see more reports
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done, structural engineering reports done. i don't believe we have any at all. they are incomplete and accurate. >> school supporters plan to pack tuesday's board meeting to voice their concerns. a napa high school sophomore hopes to return to school next week, months after he was expelled for allegedly taking part in a football hazing ritual. thursday night, county officials voted to overrule that expulsion, that doesn't mean this whole incident is over and done with. abc news anchor eric thomas has this story. >> he's a kid, we knew what we were fighting for. >> reporter: high school sophomore johnny torres and his parents feel vindicated. >> i missed a lot of school, at the same time, it's my decision. >> the allegations and the law was not on the district's side and johnny torres should never have been removed from the school. jo. >> reporter: johnny and team captain of napa high of the jc football team was accused in taking part in hazing, according
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to napa unified district, some j.v. players held them down, others used fingers through their pants. johnny was expelled in march. his family took the unusual step of have been johnny speak publicly on matters usually addressed in closed session. >> we believe in him. he's a great kid. we believe in the fight. >> reporter: the county office of education voted to overturn the expulsion the torres family is considering filing a lawsuit. meantime, johnny missed almost half the school 82er. >> i am missing classes at byu, i'm making up pretty much the whole semester of my requirements. >> reporter: torres hopes to return to school next week the napa valley school board doesn't have to send him back to napa valley high. he still wants to play football. >> reporter: you plan on putting on the pads again? >> definitely. as soon as possible. >> reporter: the napa valley school district hadded this response, we disagree with the
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outcome, but we respect the process and decision. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> california voters may get a chance to decide if they want to repeal the new gas tax. republican law cinco de mayo travis allen of huntington beach launched a company to get an initiative on the november ballot calling for a repeal t. new tax hasn't taken effect yet. when it does, they will increase the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon. cal-trans is beginning to prioritize long overdo you work. >> deferred maintenance is piling up. if you have not been properly funding our transportation infrastructure. a lot of it is over 50-years-old and it's coming to the end of its useful life. >> the repeal initiative requires signatures from more than 365,000 voters to qualify on the november 2018 ballot. can you call a two games toen in lead boring? the golden state warriors are
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hoping their seven-game series against the utah jazz gets more boring than that. the team left the bay area for utah yesterday. this is video from the warriors. that's clay thompson. the warriors made headlines last week when they said salt lake city didn't have any night life t. warriors beat the jazz in game two thursday night in oakland. the jazz now have the home court advantage for the next two games. abc 7 news is your home for the warriors show down tonight against the jachltz . now youring a kye water forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it is saturday, we are waking up to high clouds and those winds that don't want to let up. i also want to show you, sprinkles in the sierra, nevada weather system. it's bringing us the wind and heavy downpours here.
8:19 am
they got the snow melt on top of it. so the national weather service issued a flood watch from 1:00 until 5:00. so it's the creeks and streams running high, but no river flooding is expected. but we are looking at anywhere from one to three inches of snow in the higher elevations. back home from santa cruz, yesterday in the 70s, today in the 60s. right now, 51, 52 in san jose, 50 in san francisco, 56 in oakland. from mount tam, where's the sun, right? we have high clouds, it is peeking through, 53 if santa rosa, 52 if napa, 51 in livermore, 55 in nevada. so the wind, my goodness, from the airport to half moon bay, some very gusty winds, san jose, just going to increase a little bit. then they will dial back and increase again into tomorrow morning so really it won't be until sunday afternoon when we get a warmer and sort of a flat wind out there. something you can enjoy, today
8:20 am
it will be quite gusty at times. in fact the wind advisory until 9:00. locking looking at warmer days tomorrow. notice 30-to-40-mile-an-hour winds here. breezy around the bay. by this evening, we still are looking at gusty winds here, breezy winds from the peninsula to the south bay. look at 5:00 tomorrow morning, we're windier around the delta, in the valleys here, around the napa valley. ten they'll dial back. we get a pretty nice day tomorrow, temperatures responding much, much warmer, your hour by hour forecast calls for the cloud cover to thin out, we call it partly cloudy, then isolated showers the higher elevations t. south bay not out of the question as that lower sierra nevada drifts parallel along the coast, that could bring a few sprinkles around, not enough to can sell plans, modems will bring in the wind
8:21 am
across the bay all day long today, 60s, 70s, a little below average. look at what happens tomorrow, we will warm up, widespread warming with 70s in oakland. upper 60s, san francisco the warmest day will be mon in the low '80s. so looking at a briefly cool day today, pleasant in mountain view, 67, 72 tomorrow and elsewhere, look for 70 in napa. 66 hasn't so say. the accuweather 7-day forecast, you will see the live camera, perhaps a little shaky today due to all that wind, numbers go up tomorrow. '80s monday and tuesday, mid-70s around the bay, cooler wednesday, partly cloudy thursday, still sunny and dry into next week. so, the wind can really dry things out. so if you are on a bike ride, it might slow you down. >> keep the jacket handy. >> yes, exactly. >> lisa, thanks. move over mud jeans, we will show you how much a beat up pair
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of sneakers is fetching these days. first in honor of asia-pacific heritage month, we are using our instagram feed to celebrate organizations where you live. today we recognize the pacific islander's cultural association and its board president joanna kaleolani de sa. you can learn more about her organization and the a
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>> these tools are called student fidgets spinners. some students at a middle school are playing with the tools in class disrupting teachers. >> some of them like are rally loud and like people up here are watching them doing it. you can sit there for hours and hours, you never get bored of them. they're fun to spin. >> many school districts are formulating policies on the spinners. most think it will likely go away as it came. a 24-year-old researcher at oxford university has an artificial research is the first successfully used
8:26 am
biological synthetic tissues. the material generates electrical signals that stimulate neurons at the back of our eyes. it could ref luiz ooisize the bionic industry. this is sunny florida where unstriped running bandit tried to make a run for it. an escaped zebra ran into neighborhoods and back yards deputies and employees of the zebra's owner managed to corral the animal and bring it back home. some sneakers promise to help you run faster, jump higher, but look good, these shoes do none of those things. they look like something a dog chewed up. they're actually brand-new. take a look. neiman marcus calls them the future destroyed high top sneaker. a designer designed them to have a destroyed look. can you have it for just over
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>> we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. you see sun here of the city. we have tool temperatures and windy-to-breezy readings all around the bay so with the wind advisory for almost everybody, we will have a blustery day today. some gusts will be right now upwards of 50 miles per hour in the higher elevations. you see the high clouds, it's breezy to windy. 50s and 60s by noon time.
8:31 am
>> happening today, french nationals living in the bay area will turn in their vote for the few president of france. the election is a face-off between a candidate rick meyers, donald trump, manner le pen and a moderate, emanuel macron, who was endorsed by president obama. those living in france vote tomorrow. five centers open in the area at 8:00 this morning and close at 7:00 tonight. this morning the backlash continues following the house vote to repeal and replace obamacare. across the country, american, some with pre-existing conditions are voicing concern. abc news reporter is in washington with more. >> reporter: >> backlash.
8:32 am
even before the senate has taken up the gop bill the house just passed, angry constituents are giving republican lawmakers an earful chance city, demonstrators lay outside the congressman's office, a mock cemetery. here in new jersey, the congressman quietly switched his vote from no to yes. constituents turned down in the rain to make themselves today president trump pushes back in his weekly address. >> it will be great health care and your premiums will come down and your deductibles will come down. so you will have better health care at a lower cost. and now, i'm calling on the senate to take action. >> reporter: trump finds himself defending not just the gop's health bill, but also his praise for australia's single payer
8:33 am
health system. >> as you know, better health care. >> thank you, mr. president. we'll quote you on the tour of the senate. >> reporter: trump tweeted, of course, the australians have better health care than we do -- everybody does, obamacare is dead, but our health care will soon be great. >> repealing and replacing obamacare will be a big, big win for the american people. >> reporter: dravid wright, abc news, walk. president trump is also talking about his plan for a massive tax cut to bring jobs back to the u.s. the president explains how he will provide tax relief and cutting it to 15% to bring companies thousands of new jobs. >> tax reform along with regulatory relief and fair trade deals and we're going to make them fair but even really good again for our country all of
8:34 am
th this will usher in a ne in prosperity in america and write wealth hope to those who need it the most. >> president trump says his administration will fight for food trade deals that will help workers. nearly two decades after the death of princess don't na, abc news will issue a special report called "the last 100 days of diana." it will explain what brought her to paris the night of her death. we have a preview. >> reporter: >> in a global audience of more than 750 million people watching prince charles and princess diana tie the knot, it was the wedding of the century from that moment on, she became one of the most famous women in the world. >> she had had a stratospheric rise to the center of cultural life on every continent. >> don't na was quickly
8:35 am
catapulted into the royal spotlight. shelves by her husband's side on official trips and events, during her royal duties. within a year of their marriage, bearing an heir to the british throne, prince william, a couple of years later, presence harry was born t. cracks in the relationship with charles began to show, taking its toll on the princess. in 1992, an official announcement declared their separation. >> it is announced from buckingham palace we are get the prince and princess of wales decided to celebrate. >> reporter: the princess finding love again the last 100 days hosted by martin beshear discusses her relationship with the peak sustain heart surgeon. >> he could not say the words the princess wanted to hear. he also couldn't let her go. >> i believe he was very much in love with diana but reached the end of his tether because diana pushed him and pushed him to go public and say we're a country him. and help wouldn't. >> princess diana was most
8:36 am
comfortable sharing awareness, on her favorite charity, capturing hearts, she was relentlessly pursued be i the paparazzi, so much so she called it to harassment leading to her and then lover dodi fayed's tragic death in 1997 in a paris tunnel, leaving behind two young boys, prince william at 15 and prince harry at 12. years later, her legacy embodies in her sons, >> you can watch it tomorrow night right here on abc 7. 8:36. new the morning, a new jersey-based company is recalling aunt jemima's and french toast. they may contain wisteria. wisteria can cause infections in
8:37 am
young children, frame or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems, so far, no sicknesses have been reported. for avoiding a dnb crackdown last month in san jose and eight other california cities led to 417 citations to drivers, caught or using a disabled parking permit. abc 7 news was there, officers cited eight drivers in san jose on april 19th. the state issues handicap permits to specific individuals and that person must be present in order for the permit to be used. bart has shut down oakland's lake merit station this weekend and will run buses instead of trains from fruit have a ill to west okayed and fruit have a ill to 19th street. bart says to expect 20 to 40-minute delays. this is all a part of yearly track repairs. everything will reopen for the start of service on monday morning. still ahead on abc 7 mornings the belly and the brain, a change when a woman gets pregnant and recent research proves popular belief how the brain changes, could it
8:38 am
be wrong all along? first, a look from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera at pier 15. we are off to a cool start throughout much of the bay
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8:41 am
thunderbirds at travis air force base. he lives in danville and is a graduate of u.s. air force academy. it's been eight years since he had his strut on the hudson river. lisa, as the afternoon picks up, more sun, hopefully? >> more sun and wind, it's encompassing the bay area and bringing precip to the sierra nevada and showers along the coast. outside from the east bay hills camera. it's 56. 55 in nevada. yes, another day of gusty winds. we will straighten things out, warm things up just a little bit. we have mother's day to talk about coming up. the kid christian arroyo makes history in cincinnati for the giants. larry biel has details o
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good morning, everyone, here's a live look outside, time now is 8:44. this is down in santa cruz, the clouds sticking around for the start of the weekend and we also have piled temperatures, too, lisa argen returns with the full accuweather forecast. >> in sports, the jazz versus utah, golden state will take to
8:45 am
take the lead. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.. this afternoon the giants will try to rebound from last night's by the reds. abc 7 sports director larry biel has the highlights in the sports report. >> good morning. the giants have a long rain delay. they kept raining. a great idea to go to the christian home actually went to the same high school t. pitch is 40. the kid is 21, actually friends, giants down 3-1 in the thrksd swurz singles in a pair. matt cain lasted only three and a third and tied the career worst start, nine runs. billy hamilton, keeps hernandez, comes up empty. he ends up with a triple.
8:46 am
go on to cruise by a score of 13-3. the as are back home, unveiling the holly toledo sign. top of the 6th, a cripple in the right field corner. tigers go up 5-0. as had two on, nobody out in the 6th. michael former struck out nine. as end 7-2 in the head coach steve kerr went to north carolina, going to get checked out at duke medical center we are curing headaches. you can see game three tonight on abc 7. doves had a light workout, afterwards, peppered with questions about what that i will do with their off time in the
8:47 am
evening. there is no night life in salt lake city, they made tee shirts. it's become a big deal. >> would you be interested indoors in your trampolean or trolley rides? >> all three of us. all three of us. >> can you sha tier address? >> i can't. >> they go be i the hotel. >> i'll find something to do. >> only boring people get bored. so. >> word to live by right there. we have game three, warriors and jazz right here tonight all the highlights, we're your saturday fight life. have a great weekend. >> hi there, saturday morning, a few high clouds around, windy
8:48 am
conditions. a few areas of precip in the sierra nevada. this will intensify with heavy downpours and high elevation snow. one to three inches possible. you are looking at a flash flood watch until 5:00 tomorrow. afternoon highs in the 60s, 50s i should say, 60s by the end of the week and the rivers and streams running high. no river flooding expected. but it is really saturated there. it will continue to cause problems throughout the workweek. in santa cruz, it is 52 degrees, you see blue skies here. it will be in the 60s. 51 in mountain view. half moon bay good morning to you, 52 degrees. emeryville we have the blue skies and cloud cover. concord, 52 in livermore, 55 in nevada. so you we heard the winds last night and they have been with us
8:49 am
all morning long. they continue to be a factor today. that's why at the top of the hour, we showed you the wind advisory until 9:00 tonight the san carlos airport, the peninsula, the coast the north bay looking at breezy winds in san jose up to 20 miles an hour all morning long. let's take you through the rest of the day the coast will see the strongest winds, 3:00 in the afterno afternoon. it remains breezy, then as we go through the overnight hours into your early morning sunday, it gets quite gusty up here from santa rosa, the higher elevations, even by the delta. but the good news is, the winds back off, your sunday will be pleasant. it will be warmer with less wind. with the high clouds along the ceoic this morning, we have gusty winds to contend with through early tomorrow, isolated sprinkles are possible. there will not be heavy downpours here. we can't rule out a few showers, the warming trend begins
8:50 am
tomorrow. here's your hour by hour forecast from the south bay the clouds, they will be in and out the high clouds, notice we can't rule out an isolated sprinkle. the best chance will be further south. then we look for those wednesday again tonight to keep the temperatures up. in terms of temperatures in san jose, we are looking cool today, with numbers below average, look what happens tomorrow. 76. upper 70s, low '80s by tuesday, a cooling trend for the second half of the workweek, 61 in the city today, it will be breezy, windy along the coast. 67 half moon bay, overnight tonight, we got more 50s and if are you headed over this evening, 65 degrees, still breezy conditions, that's the -day forecast. wednesday, thursday and i mentioned mother's day. it looks like the cool breezy
8:51 am
pattern says with us. >> it seems like a little bit of everything for the next seven days. lisa, thank you. there is a common thinking that when a woman gets grant vp pregnant, she develops something called mom brain. you may know the feeling as you get forgetful. as kate larsen found out, it's a complete myth. >> there's a popular misconception among moms, while your belly expands, your mind shrinks. >> you go to breast-feeding, you go into dementia. >>. >> reporter: the doctor acknowledges the myth. >> it's a trend to the psyche of the present ladies when they have lances in their memories, they immediately attribute to the fact that they are pregnant. >> reporter: the doctor says there is no evidence that women experience loss of icoupty during or after pregnancy. >> in fact, it's the other way
8:52 am
about. they have a high surge of progesterone that it sharpens their ability to think clearly. >> they are happy. that's great. >> a recent study compared the brain scans of women before, during and after pregnancy. in pregnant women they revealed physical changes in the brain resulting in sharper mental capacities, especially for parts of the brain linked to intern am bonding and memory. >> i think theres a definite change, your attention shifts on to you and the baby. >> reporter: there is a fact of life that can contribute to forgetfulness. >> i think it's related to tlooep sleep more than anything else. >> it's almost as if your body is declined to lose sleep with a newborn. >> reporter: there is good news, a study out of sweden shows being a parent, woman or man is linked to living longer.
8:53 am
in san francisco, kate larsen, abc 23450u7z. next, the annual event to bring comic
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>> here's the winning numbers from last night's $20 million mega-millions drawing. nobody picked all six, so the tuesday night jackpot goes up to $25 million.
8:56 am
all right, here's happening today three comic book day celebrating its 15th anniversary. comics are free all day long thanks to publishers and thousands of participating stores around the world. it's always on the first day in may. it's typically in line with the new super hero movie. "gal guardiants of the galaxy" is opening i was a fan of arch? ie. >> and jughead. a little breezy, a wind advisory until:00 tonight. 65 in oakland, 66 if fremont. we call it partly cloudy. maybe on ice slated shower out there as well. we are not looking at much in the way of rain. low 70s inland. it will be windy to breezy tomorrow. '80s arrive inland, monday and tuesday, we cool back off by the middle of the week. in fact the winds kick up again,
8:57 am
today it will be a little challenging out there if you are headed up or out on your bike as that wind will be tough. >> all right. ma ib sunglathe sunglasses will good to shield the wind. thank you. thanks for joining us on abc 7 morning. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen, don't forgive, you can see the warriors and jazz right here on abc 7 news coverage at:30 a.m. live in salt lake city. as always we appreciate your time, make it a great day, everybody.
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