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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 6, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening. i'm eric thomas. that breaking news is in the east bay, where police are searching for an uber driver's car after the man was abducted at gunpoint in san francisco. the driver was forced to drive to richmond. let's get straight to abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow, who's live in richmond. >> reporter: that uber driver is here at richmond police department after what was likely a terrifying two-hour or deal being forced to drive around at gunpoint. we have the video to show you of the uber driver. his face is blurred because he has asked us not to reveal his identity. he tells abc 7 news that he was off duty in san francisco, his doors were unlocked when two people-a i man and a woman, jumped into his vehicle and demanded that he drive around. he says the man
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the woman had a knife. he drove, as you said, all the way to richmond and at some point was forced to stop at an atm to take out money-x that is when he says he made his escape. he made his way then to the richmond police department. though suspects are still outstanding and so is his vehicle. we want to show you that license plate and also read it off to you. it is a 2015 white camry. the license plate is 7hqw692. right now richmond police are taking a courtesy report until san francisco police arrive. sxik tell you they've just pulled into the parking lot here, where they will take an interview, i'm sure, with this driver and take over as the lead agency, again, as police search for a man and a woman who forced this uber driver to drive around at gunpoint all the way from san francisco to richmond. live in richmond, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thanks, melanie. in other news tonight, a
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divisive race, a right-wing populist candidate, a hacking scandal all facing voters as they go fought polls in france right now. and here in the bay area, french citizens voting in that election see the parallels with our presidential election last fall. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is monitoring the vote and the effect the hack is having on the election. she's live in the newsroom. tiffany? >> reporter: eric, the hackers leaked about 9 gignights of e-mails, files, and documents online. some of those were real, some were fake and several had clear ties to russia. a cybersecurity expert says this was a last-ditch effort to sway the election. it's election day in france. the far right candidate marine le pen wants france to withdraw from the european union. the independent centrist candidate emmanuel macron would deepen ties to the eu. one hour before the official end of campaigning hackers leaked thousands of e-mails from macron campaign staffers. >> it looks a lot like the previous versions of this time of hack that were attributed to russia. >> reporter: france institutes a
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day of silence before election day. so the e-mails received relatively little investigation. the senior vice president of cyber security company proof point says even though the e-mails didn't reveal anything scandalous. >> macron is squeaky clean. there's nothing on this guy. >> reporter: just the headline of a hack creates distrust and disinformation. >> they can sow a lot of doubt and simply uncertainty ahead of a very important vote. >> reporter: people voting in berkeley and san francisco today were not overly worried. >> i think the good news is it didn't come out early, so it didn't really influence the election, i think, or very little. >> reporter: macron leads le pen by roughly 20 points with pollsters inaccurately predicting the outcome of brexit and the u.s. presidential election, sebastien gentry says he knows another upset is possible. >> i think there's a good chance. she's made it thus far. >> reporter: others feel confident macron will emerge as president tomorrow. >> we're going to lose part of the way we used to live if we fall into the extreme right
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party. >> reporter: and the first french exit poll results will start coming in about 11:00 in the morning here, tomorrow. in the newsroom tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thanks, tiffany. let's take one more live look from paris where polls opened at the top of the hour. it's just past 8:00 in the morning there. the voting will take place mostly when you're sleeping but we'll stay on top of the results. you can download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and we'll send out an alert when a winner is declared. back here animals that were found to be neglected at an oakland nature center have found new homes throughout the bay area. abc 7 news was at rabbit ears in el cerrito, one of the pet shops that took in pets rescued from the rotary nature center on lake merit in oakland. reptiles, guinea pigs, a mouse, three birds and a 60-year-old tortoise were taken from the city-run center, sent to shelters and pet shops 37 the animals found to be neglected and in poor health and word quickly spread they needed help. >> at some point they all came to me and said will you take -- if we can get these animals out,
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can you take some? we said yeah, of course. that's what we do. >> rabbit ears took in two guinea pigs and a mouse. they'll be up for agopgs soon. the rotary nature center has been shut down. in concord a police officer and his police dog are out of the hospital after a suspected dui crash. it happened around 2:00 this morning on meadow lane and leyland way. they sigh the officer was working another dui case when angelero lopez drove through cones and slammed into an officer patrol car. a vet checked out the canine. neither was seriously hurt. carrera went to jail. now to a case of pimping and prostitution on the peninsula. investigators say the four people you see here are accused of human trafficking in san bruno. investigators he up the ring yesterday arefth all four after searching a search warrant at jaime on herman street. the arrests come after a month-long investigation involving several law enforcement agencies. today the family of a woman killed by san jose police remembered her during an
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emotional dedication. san jose police shot and killed diana schulman in 2014. as of today her memory will be honored at a softball field where she used to play a sport she loved. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera has our story from san jose tonight. >> reporter: the ballpark shoelds so many memories for the sherman family. it is where their daughter diana marie first played little league baseball. the diehard a's fan also volunteered here. >> we are so lucky to have such good friends and family. diana would have loved every minute of this. she would have loved it. she just loved life. she loved baseball. she loved being around people. and kids. >> they unveiled this park bench honoring 19-year-old schulman along way plaque bearing her name and favorite phrase. >> play ball. >> the bench is nice. it's a nice thing to have. but what we really care about is having the crisis intervention training for the police. keeping other families from having to go through this kind
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of pain. >> reporter: this scene captures that painful memory minutes after police responded to a domestic dispute. police say she refused to drop a cordless power drill. you can see her holding it here in this video. a police officer thought it was an uzi submachine gun and shot her. >> she made a bad mistake that day, but i don't believe she should have paid for it with her life. >> reporter: the family filed a lawsuit which was settled. part of the settlement includes the parents working with san jose police with police with crisis intervention training. it brings some comfort knowing they can prevent a similar tragedy. >> we can be a presence and be where she loved to be. >> reporter: in san jose lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. california senator kamala harris says tonight she'll do everything she can to fight efforts to repeal the affordable care act. speaking to a live audience at the warfield theater in san francisco the senator says more must be doo to tackle out-of-control health care costs.
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>> i think one of the things that we've got to do is deal with prescription drug costs. and we've got to begin by saying that let's negotiate those costs like the va can do for vets, let the government negotiate those costs. [ cheers and applause ] >> harris made the comments tonight during a recording for the podcast podsaveamerica. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. we follow abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann as he navigates the nfl concussion settlement process. we're there as shu learns more about what he and his former nfl players may be facing in the future. also, withstanding a big push by the jazz. we have a report from ute after an emotional game 3 win. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma way breezy start to our weekend. but those winds are going to bring a significant warm-up to the area. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast, ahead. a rare sight in the sierra tonig tonight. ye
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from a massive court settlement with the nfl over concussion injuries, tonight abc 7 sports reporter and former san francisco 49er mike shumann takes us on a personal journey through what he and fellow players are facing. >> what game was this? >> reporter: my former teammate easom ransom has some fond memories of his years with the 49ers including a super bowl title. >> still got the ring. >> reporter: but these days conjuring up the years can be a challenge. same with the names of some of the students he's counseled over the years. >> i'll have to explain to them, i've been hit in the head, i've had four knockout concussions. >>reporter: like thousands of nfl veterans, eason and i have applied to be included in the
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nfl concussion settlement. it resolved a wave of lawsuits by former players who claim the nfl hid the true risk of concussions. many of us have experienced being sent back into a game after what was commonly called getting your bell rung. and despite the fact the nfl has changed their policies toward concussions dramatically, injured players suffer years of uncertainty. >> it's got cameras in here. >> reporter: dr. jam kajar runs the concussion and brain performance center at stanford. he developed in eye tracking device to test current players for evidence of concussion. but even with advances he says there are still no formal medical definitions for the injury. >> it's still undefined, and the physician makes a diagnosis based on their best judgment. >> these are all rotational injuries. >> reporter: there's also no way to test a living player for the physical brain damage associated with concussion known as cte. dr. jeff manley says advances are being made in brain imaging that may someday be able to offer an early diagnosis of cte
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without waiting for an autopsy. >> we're still trying to catch one our diagnostic tools. we still are trying to better formulate different kinds of treatments for this. >> reporter: qualifying for the nfl settlement hin njz part on a battery of cognitive tests which both eason and i have undergone. they're designed to document a former player's symptoms rather than concussion-related brain damage like cte. the agreement covers diagnosis of dementia, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's, and also a.l.s., which affects former 49er wide receiver dwight clark. >> what was arrived at was a structured careful neurological exam and neuropsychological assessment of these players to try to come one some objective evidence to determine who really needs long-term support and who doesn't. >> reporter: once the settlement is approved for a particular player, it can range from tens of thousands of dollars into the millions depending on the extent of the injuries. for some the toll goes beyond
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the price tag. >> you put it on the table and i'm confronted with it. no, i want to go back and play. >> reporter: mike shumann, abc 7 news. >> as part of the settlement with the former players the nfl admitted no wrongdoing. a popular east bay soccer league gives low-income games the chance to play the game they love kicked off its season today. abc 7 news was at the san lorenzo adult school for the start of the dsal youth soccer league. the program's operated by the alameda county deputy sheriff's activities league. it brings together young players, families, and law enforcement for weekly games free of charge. organizers say the league is a way to do outreach in the community. >> the kids are very preechive. the kids come up to us, law enforcement officers, and want to engage in soccer. >> volunteers and donations help organize the soccer matches. the young players get uniforms, equipment, and a place to play without having to worry about the financial costs associated with the sport. also in the east bay a chance to rebuild a naked out of
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legos. abc 7 news was at the fruitvale bart station in oakland as children used 40,000 of the toy bricks to design their own version of the city. the goal of the free event was to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, innovators, and inventors. and abc 7 news was in concord where comic fans lined up at flying colors comics for free comic book day. the annual event on the first saturday in may was founded on the belief that for every person out there there's a comic book they'll love. major publishers put out free comic books for the event. the owner of flying color comics actually helped create the event that now includes more than 2300 comic shops. take a look at this. the snow is not from earlier this year. this was our view from our heavenly camera in lake tahoe earlier today. a late spring snowstorm blanketing higher elevations there. still adding on to that healthy snowpack in the sierra. still have a winter weather advisory in effect around lake tahoe as more flakes fly this
11:18 pm
evening. live doppler 7 showing you overhead right now across the bay area. it's quiet. we have a couple of sprinkles to our east around stockton and modesto. those are sinking to the south. live doppler 7, just want to show you what's happening in the sierra for the past two hours or so, on and off light snow showers. yeah, they're going to add about an ch or two to the snowpack overnight tonight. so there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the region until tomorrow morning, 4:00 in the morning. so travel there even tomorrow afternoon going to be a little bit slick. so if you're headed that way the next 24 hours just take some time. live look from our exploratorium camera atop pier 15 showing you the beautiful city of san francisco. mainly clear skies from this vantage point. the winds, though, still right along the coast are rather active right now. gusting at 29 miles per hour. 20 at sfo. and the winds coming off the ocean water are clurning up our ocean water at this hour. we do have a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon, 2:00 along our shoreline. you can see current wave heights
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anywhere from 12 to 18 high. could see waves as high as 20 feet. this northwesterly swell will bring some strong rip currents and sneaker waves. best to stay out of the ocean the next 24 hours as you have that strong rip current along our coastline. out there right now 53 in san francisco, san jose currently 56. 58 that number in oakland and napa one of the cooler spots at this hour, checking in at 51 degrees. overnight tonight we'll see intervals of cloud cover, a bit of a breeze especially right along our coastline. otherwise, numbers fall into the upper 40s to mid 50s as your starting temperatures on your sunday. highs on our sunday a little bit warmer tomorrow than we were today and our microclimate starting in the south bay, 75 for san jose, 73 cupertino. 74 that number in santa clara. along the peninsula tomorrow, breezy along the coast. 63 half moon bay. 70 that number in redwood city. 61 in daly city with that breeze. into the north bay. 77 afternoon high.
11:20 pm
petaluma about 78. 78 vallejo. 69 in sausalito. into the east bay tomorrow 72 oakland the same in fremont. 69 hercules. 71245 afternoon high in berkeley. and pretty comfortable inland. 76 tomorrow in pittsburgh. 78 san ramon. and 76 the afternoon high in livermore. head to the a's game tomorrow, great baseball weather, mostly sunny skies, a first pitch temperature of 71 dropping to about 69 as the game wraps up. future tracker temperatures we'll show you those winds continue to bring you warmer temperatures on monday. 80s making a comeback away from the coast. and those numbers will continue to rise on tuesday as well. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. pretty seasonable for this time of the year but warmer afternoon monday and especially into tuesday. by wednesday our temps get knocked back down. thursday there's a chance of a sprinkle mainly in the north bay but friday and saturday those numbers below average for this time. ups and downs, the swings of
11:21 pm
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good evening. steve kerr was not in utah tonight. warriors owner joe lacob tells the bloomberg radio network that kerr had another operation on his back to fix a spinal cord leak and remains out indefinitely. dubs, they didn't have kerr. they had a whole lot of kevin durant in game 3 with the jazz on a night when the splash brothers really struggled.
11:29 pm
all k.d. he was the only warrior in double figures in the first half. just gliding to the basket. warriors by ten after one quarter. second quarter, ianurns it over, result a ruby gobert attack on the rim. he went for 21 and 15. draymond green in foul trouble. and after k.d. hits the three draymond gets t'd up while sitting on the bench. teammates try to calm him down. like trying to pour the nitro back into a bottle. utah by one at the break. their first lead of the series. then gordon hayward makes it a six-point edge. lob to gobert. the yaz rupp nine. 62-53. they went on a 22-9 after draymond's t. steph ice cold suddenly heats up. 3 of 10 from deep. late fourth quarter it was all durant. they just couldn't stop him. basically iced by himself. goes for 38 points, 13 boards, and then asking fans-s there any nightlife around here. warriors win 92-31 up 3-0 in the series heading to game 4 on monday. here's mike shumann. >> well, the warriors did what good teams do.
11:30 pm
they found a way to win tonight, with steph, dre' and klay all having a rough night. but kevin durant took over. >> they came out with a lost energy and intensity and the crowd was great. game 3, man. they wanted to get back into the series. it's going to be games like, that we don't have 30 assists. we fought through it. we scored down the stretch. >> kevin carried us. while the other 13 guys, 14 guys struggled, he carried us. and then steph was able to get it going, a couple other guys were able to get some things go. he definitely carried us until we could get going. >> good teams find a way to win. >> absolutely. they found a way to win. >> you're still und feat theed in the playoffs. >> i don't know about that but we won. >> warriors can wrap it up on monday. abc 7 sports, mike shumann. giants and reds. christian arroyo, a young kid. the reds fans want his autograph. former giant adam duval.
11:31 pm
giants traded him for mike leek. i'll let you sink in on that for a moment. eight earned runs. hernandez trying to keep the giants -- oh, man. that's a double to right. scores arroyo when patrick hybl crashed into the wall. that was a 2-2 game. we fast-forward to 10-2. suarez crushes a george kontos pitch and the poor fan lost the glove trying to get the souvenir. you get it back. 14-2 reds the final. giants giving up double digits every night now. a's and tigers on bob melvin bobblehead night in oakland. 3-0 tigers in the second. ryan healy cuts into that lead with a solo blast, going down in history as the first player to light the bill king holy toledo sign in center field. bases load p adam rosales sing tolls left. bruce maxwell scores. here comes matt joyce. drive home safely. the a's walk it off. it's pie time. win number 475 for bob melvin.
11:32 pm
6-5 athletics your final score. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. warriors, looks like they're going to finish off the jazz here. one more game. >> on the other hand, the giants are giving up
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and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines a memorial was unveiled today to honor a san jose woman who was shot and killed by police three years ago. the family of diana schulman was on hand during a dedication of a plaque and bark pech in her honor. she was shot by police when
11:36 pm
officers mistook a power drill she was holding for an uzi. more than a dozen animals have new homes around the bay area after being rescued from the oakland city-run nature center near lake merit. the guinea pigs, mouse, and tortoise were found neglected and p in poor shape. the city has since shut down the rotary center. voting is under way in france in what's arguably the most important presidential election in that country's recent history. that's a live look from france. french nationals here in the bay area were able to cast their ballots earlier today. voters are deciding whether to support a far right candidate who advocates leaving the european union or a centrist are w. plans to deepen eu ties. a 2004 seemingly cold case now solved. the sonoma county sheriff's office says there's evidence linking 36-year-old shawn gallen who was already in custody to a cold case double murder in 2004 in jenner. reporter melanie woodrow shows gallon made an impression on neighbors in gernville where he once lived.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: people are talking about shawn gal lonn in downtown gernville though many are saying they'd rather not talk with reporters on camera after allegation that's gallon, who once lived here, is responsible for the 2004 murder of 26-year-old jason allen and 22-year-old lindsay cutshall. the couple died from gunshots to their heads as they slept on a beach in sonoma county. >> he had information about the killings that no other person could have known, and we have located evidence that corroborates his statement. >> reporter: off camera one man inside trio restaurant and bar described gallon as being off, a caretaker where gallon once stayed said he was known to shoot animals with arrows. in 2009 he shot james mcneil in his convertible with an arrow as well. >> knocked the baseball cap off my head. and he hit me with quite the force. i was really lucky not to be injured at all. >> reporter: mcneil said he thought it was an accident until he saw someone running away.
11:38 pm
gallon served time for the crime. mcneil says he never understood why law enforcement reacted the way they did. >> cops were coming into town with tanks, sniper rifles, robots. >> reporter: he's always been a person of interest in the jenner murders. >> detectives never ruled him out as a possible suspect. >> reporter: gallon has been in county jail since march charged ith shooting and killing his younger brother. friday deputies searched gallon's home in forestville, possibly looking for evidence in the jenner case. >> terrible thing if he did it. >> reporter: in guerinville, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the boko haram islamist militant group has released 82 schoolgirls abducted from northeastern nigeria three years ago. the girls will be flown to safety tomorrow according to a military source. their release comes in exchange for the freedom of several boko har haram suspects in custody. the schoolgirls were taken in april 2014 by militants who stormed the girls' secondary school.
11:39 pm
the mass abduct triggered an international outcry. only on 7, a police car emergency. san francisco's police cars are getting older and breaking down more often. the police union says the aging fleet could jeopardize response times. abc 7 news reporter vic lee shows us, some of these cars should have been taken out of service years ago. >> reporter: three officers from ingleside police station bunch up in one car when it should have been only two officers. they tell us on some days it's four to a car. so where do you put the bad guy? on other days they wait for shifts to end so they can get a car. police union president marty halloran. >> if we don't have the vehicles out there so the vehicles can respond to these hot calls, these a pryori calls, response times are going to go up. >> reporter: many in the fleet of nearly 1,000 black-and-whites and unmarked cars are a disgrace to the force. faded oxidized paint on the exteriors of the cars. worn and torn seats. old two-way radios, some with frayed wiring, rusted
11:40 pm
floorboards, and cars with a lot of mileage that should have been retired years ago. deputy chief robert moser. >> about 32% of our fleet is over ten years old. we have about 30 -- another 30% of our fleet that has over 100,000 miles. >> our neighboring agencies, they retired their vehicles well before 100,000 miles, or within three, four, or five years. >> reporter: but at sfpd retiring aging vehicles is difficult. there's a shortage of new cars to replace them. halloran blames city officials. >> that request has gone on deaf ears, either at city hall or under the budget committee. >> reporter: in this current budget the department requested 142 new cars. they got only 48. as early as five years ago then police chief greg zur expressed serious concerns to the mayor that his fleet was getting old. abc 7 news revealed budget
11:41 pm
requests for each of those five years. the department asked for a total of 630 new cars but got only 250. >> the city spends about $4 million a year to maintain them, many of which should have been scrapped years ago. testimony to that, one day earlier this year 90 police vehicles were here, waiting for repair. halloran says muni and vehicles driven by traffic control officers are given priority over police cars. >> they generate revenue for the city. sfpd does not generate revenue, so we're no longer a top priority. >> reporter: in this upcoming budget a source tells abc 7 news the mayor's office will approve the purchase of 70 vehicles total. that money will most likely be spent on both black-and-whites and unmarked cars. perhaps not enough. to begin a replacement program soon for older vehicles. >> if we were getting 60 marked vehicles it would probably take us about five years to where we could rotate the older cars out.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: at this rate san francisco's fleet of aging police cars will most likely continue growing older. the question is when will it catch up to where it needs to be? vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the mayor's office declined to comment on camera, but in an e-mail said the mayor "recognizes the needs of the sfpd fleet and will make" what it calls "significant funding for the new cars in the next fiscal year as well as the following one." again, our source says that will be 70 new cars for the upcoming budget and another 70 in the following fiscal year, 2018-2019. in richmond 80 low-income families will get solar energy this year at no cost. nbc 7 news was in richmond as a group of military veterans from bay area brave installed new solar panels on mel jackson's home. he's also a vet who served in the marines during the vietnam war. the volunteers are getting on-the-job training for future careers as solar panel installers and jackson is grateful he qualified for help. >> definitely. as you can see, we get plenty of
11:43 pm
sunlight here. so i will say it's quite a bit. >> he is expected to save 40,000 nasdaq power bills over the life of the system and oakland non-profit called grid solar makes the panels. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a teacher going through difficult times gets a chance to smile again thanks to her students. the touching story when we come back. i'm meteorologist
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the teacher-student relationship is often one of love and hate. but there's clearly nothing but love for one teacher in philadelphia. her students giving her the surprise of her life. abc 7 news reporter ron claiborne has the touching story tonight. >> reporter: quietly the sudents at blessed trinity catholic school were ushered in for the big surprise. a hero's welcome for teacher mary polikow, returning for the first time since being treated for breast cancer.
11:47 pm
>> the school community here is amazing. you pull for one another. it's a shock to me. i didn't expect this. >> reporter: among those celebrating, philadelphia phillies player brock stassi. >> to be able to really see how much of a difference we can make, it's incredible. it really hits home. >> reporter: the phillies named polik wochlt one of their teacher all-stars recognizing her after a former student wrote to them about her teacher's courageous battle against cancer. >> she will always be my all-star teacher. >> i learned so much from her. everything that she taught me i still use today and it was just so inspiring to have her as my teacher. >> my students are everything, and they're the reason -- i've been in education 30 years. they're the reason i come back. >> reporter: that same night polikow was honored again on the field before the phillies game. along with nine other teacher all-stars. a night of fun and an emotional outpouring for this beloved teacher who's in the fight of her life and winning. ron claiborne, abc news, new
11:48 pm
york. >> they are very important people. let's check now the forecast. find out what's going on with drew. >> and you know what we're tracking. we're tracking a really active ocean current at it hour. we have a high surf advisory that will be into effect until tomorrow afternoon. best just to look at the water, not get in there. live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture. a couple of sprinkles around stockton and modesto. those are pushing off to the south and east. they will not be in our neighborhood anytime soon. high surf advisory isn't until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. wave heights already high. look at that. 12 to 18 feet are the current wave heights. waves up to 20 feet with those northwest swells, very energetic. strong rip currents and sneaker waves likely along our shore. overnight tonight little bit breezy on the coast, upper 40s to low 50s the name of the game under partly cloudy skies and tomorrow we're going to be warmer than we were today about 75 in san jose, about 68 in san francisco, 79 that number in santa rosa. 78 in concord. and 76 in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast the numbers will continue to rise ever so slightly monday and
11:49 pm
even into tuesday. bright and it's mild around here. they'll get knocked down mid-week. by friday and saturday cooler air settles in but so does sunny skies into next weekend. >> roller coaster goes up, roller coaster goes down. thank you very much, sir. hey, that guy kevin durant, he's pretty good. >> for sure. speaking of getting knocked back down, the utah jazz. and this is the reason the rest of the nba really hated kevin durant coming to the warriors, because he can score at will. which he did in game 3 of their series tonight. then he went one on one with our
11:50 pm
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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earlier we showed you the highlights of the warriors' 102-91 win over the jazz to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. kevin durant, star of the show, had 38 points and after the game went one on one with our mike shumann.
11:53 pm
>> hi, k.d. this is the kind of game they brought you in for. steph and klay got ice cold early on and you were lighting it up. why were you feeling it tonight? >> i've seen some opportunities there. i saw the post and pick and roll and i was trying to be aggressive. couple shots i wish i would have got back but for the most part i was shooting something. >> little sloppy by the whole team tonight. game 3 malaise or what was it? >> they came out with a lot of energy and a lot of intensity and the crowd was great. game 3, man. they wanted to get back into the series. you know, it's going to be games like that. it's going to be games you don't have 30 assists. we fought through it. we got stops on the defensive end. we scored down the stretch. >> what is it about this team that you can get behind like, that play as bad as you can and then come back and win this game? >> well, we got stops. it's not like we're just shooting anything up and hoping it goes in. we're getting stops, getting out running and we get to the free-throw line as well, man. so hopefully our shots fall next game, but we want to try to close this thing out in game 4. >> this has get to be tough for
11:54 pm
them to come back in a game 4. >> they're not going to give in. this team is -- they're a machine. they keep coming at you. we respect them so much. so we know on our home floor they don't want this tosh the last game and we need to give some resistance and go out and try to win this thing. >> you came back and kept fighting. ? we're a resilient group. we try to stay poised. we've a lot of veterans on this team to tha know how to do that. >> congratulations. an update on warriors head coach steve kerr, who's been on medical leave for the past five playoff games. according to warriors owner joe lacob kerr had a procedure done to fix the leakage of the spinal fluid that was caused by a previous surgery almost two years ago. he's been in absolute agony for a while now and we don't know the results of this surgery or how long the recovery will take but he is out indefinitely as far as we know to the moment. the kentucky derby kind of snuck up on us this year. no super horses in the field
11:55 pm
that had a lot of billing or were expected to dominate. but for the fifth year in a row the favorite won the run for the roses on a really rainy muddy day at churchill downs. irish war cry and always dream wrg co-favorites. always dreaming, the trainer todd pletcher 1 for 45, make it 2 for 46. down the stretch they come. always dreaming pulls away, never really challenged. jockey john velasquez with his second derby win paid 11.40 to win. let's hear from some excited derby winners. >> thought we had a big shot but i know it's a long quarter mile when you turn for home at churchill downs, so i depth want to get too excited too soon, but i had a really good feeling. >> he was running so good down the stretch. when i asked him to run, he was running. and i thought they're going to have to run really fast to get him. i was really happy the way he's going. this is awesome. obviously, he has to come back healthy and hopefully everything comes back and then we can go to the preakness and see how he is. >> the preakness is next.
11:56 pm
let's kick it. quakes and timbers, eighth minute, ping-ponging it around. chris wondolowski gets the assist when jameer heijka shoots and scores. wondo, pride of danville. 2-0 quakes. 55th minute, one more time, chris wondolowski. he's got four goals and five assists so far this season. on the 63rd anniversary of roger bannister breaking the four-minute mile barrier, kenya olympic champion tried to become the first person to run a marathon in under two hours and almost did it. kipchogi finished in two hours and 25 seconds at the italy marathon. he needed to average .2 of a second faster per mile. so close. and on this 6th of may we say happy birthday to the say hey kid. willie mays turned 86 years old today. one of the greatest catches in history right there. willie regarded as the greatest
11:57 pm
giant ever, still a presence with the team, and he is baseball royalty. and it's his birthday for about another three minutes. so enjoy it, willie. abc 7 sports brought to you by rock river ka seen powe. >> i've read where willie didn't think that was his best catch. >> his throws were amazing. kind of like durant. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. morning at 5:00. we'll see you later. food. water. internet. morning at 5:00. we'll see you later. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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