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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> san jose police say the man who shot at them this morning did wit a stolen gun. and tonight the city's police chief says it's lucky no officers lost their lives. good evening. i'm kate larsen. >> and i'm eric thomas. the man survived and is now being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs is live at police headquarters with new details about the suspected shooter. katie? >> reporter: police say they'll likely release the man's identity tomorrow after he has been booked tonight in jail. they do know him. he has a lengthy criminal history and he may have been trying to commit another crime when they arrived. officers responded to the big 5 on tully road for the report of a man with a gun.
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store surveillance video shows him looking inside. >> he may have been casing the store there, the big 5 sporting goods store. >> when officers arrived on scene, the suspect immediately opened fire on the officers. the officers returned fire. >> reporter: police say one of the three officers on scene returned fire. the man ran into an adjacent mobile home complex dropping a handgun as he jumped a fence. >> the 45 caliber handgun, which had been stolen in a 2013 burglary, was also located. >> it sucks, you know, because you have your family living here. you want to make sure they're safe, right. >> reporter: they recognized the man as a local transient. >> i'm just glad they caught him. >> reporter: police recognize his rap sheet. >> he has priors of robbery. he's got priors of assault. he's got priors of narcotics. and he does have mental illness history as well. >> reporter: this shooting follows two fatal officer-involved shootings earlier this week. on tuesday, officers shot and killed a man who they say
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charged at them with a pair of knives. on wednesday, officers fatally shot a man suspected of a double homicide. they say he too threatened officers. police have body camera footage in all three incidents.% in san jose, katie utehs, abc 7 news. at stanford, one student's long fight to make a popular shortcut safer is finally paying off. abc 7 news was on what is known as the scary path. it's an unpaved and unlit dirt trail between fraternities and near where a sexual assault took place leading to the conviction of swimmer brock turner. tomorrow the university will begin paving and installing lights on the path for two years alexis kallen made it her mission to make that path safer, going up against logistical and environmental issues and red tape from university officials. >> it feels great to finally have the path paved and lit and our ultimate goal is making more
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people safe. and i think that's what this is going to do. >> this stanford junior says her next project is to get more cameras installed around campus, and more free legal help for sexual assault victims. new at 11:00, two eveninger in -- engineers say an elementary school in alameda shot no be closed down. last week the alameda school district issued a report saying the ground under lum elementary could liquefy dur an earthquake and it would be cheaper to close the school than to modify it. they say more time is needed to study the issue. the committee is planning to present its own report at the next school board meeting this tuesday. a south bay congregation is in shock tonight after someone set their church on fire. cameras captured a man in a hoodie starting a fire at the syrian church of the east in san jose. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has our story. >> flames damaged a storage shed
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in an outdoor staircase. but members of the syrian east church can't help wonder what if. they say if firefighters hadn't come as quickly as they did, their beloved sanctuary may have burned to the ground. the prevailing question, who would want to damage their church? >> someone comes to the house of god and burn that church, either he is evil or he don't believe to anything else. >> there is no question it was arson. video from security cameras on the gated property shows a man in a hoodie scaling a fence, then setting the storage shed on fire. the video is now in the hands of investigators from both the atf and the san jose fire department. arson investigators are not revealing much, only saying this is an open and ongoing investigation. about 450 families attend this christian church near san jose's willow glen. they have read about assyrian churches being burned in syria and iraq over the past few years. the fact that someone is trying to do the same at their church has them feeling uneasy. >> we don't know who would want
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to do something like that. we haven't any sort of complaints or any sort of incident like this. and we've been here, you know, 30 plus years. >> the congregation is now putting their faith in the investigation. they're hopeful those working on the case will provide some answers. >> you know, whoever did this, he will pay for god. because our faith is very strong. >> in san jose, lilian kim, abc 7 news. tonight former president obama gave one of his highest profile speeches since he left the white house, and he used the time to fire back at president trump's efforts to repeal his health care program. in boston tonight, as he accepted the john f. kennedy courage in profile award he said the effort to repeal obamacare helps the rich at everyone else's sperns expense. >> it actually doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influent l
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influential. but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm. >> democrats say the house vote to repeal the affordable care act would reduce funding for health care for the poor while cutting taxes for the rich. and the future of health care took center stage today when congressman ro khanna hosted a town hall in santa clara. the democrat voted against the republican plan to replace obamacare on capitol hill last week. he believes that bill does not echo president trump's campaign promises. >> if you are not partisan, president trump campaigned on more benefits, more coverage as his hallmarks. and he said look, australia or canada have the right approach that would mean we have a public option or a single payer. >> along with health care, his constituents also asked him about russian hacking and north korea's nuclear program. an offduty uber driver --
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>> thanks a lot, kate. an offduty uber driver says he escaped at gunpoint before escaping with his life. a man and a woman got in his car. after they pulled a knife on them, he drove to a store in richmond. that's where he made the run for it. >> a 26-year-old offduty uber driver gave an unforgettable ride to some nonpaying customers. >> i'm all right. i got out alive. >> a man and a woman got in his unlocked car claiming they used the ride sharing app, even though he said he didn't accept any rides. >> i decided to drive down the block, thinking that in good faith that it was a mistake. >> as the couple's directions evolved, so did their demands. >> things got real serious real fast. >> he says the male passenger pulled out a gun. >> he pointed it at my head from the back, from the back seat. >> while the female passenger climbed into the front seat. >> she claimed that she had a
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knife, and she even like threatened to stab me in my leg. >> he drove the coupe toll richmond, where they wanted to stop here at cisco market on 13th street so he could take out money at an atm. >> i bolted into the street. >> when you found the opportunity to escape, he did. and it proved to be a right thing for him to do. >> last night richmond police and san francisco police interviewed him at the richmond police department. a cisco employee says his boss showed the surveillance video to police. the vehicle, which is still missing is a white 2015 toyota camry with license plate 7 hqw 692. >> definitely having the uber logo on my car kind of victimized me a bit. >> uber says the incident happened while the driver is off the app and is directing all questions to police. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in san francisco moments after a car hit a motorcycle near
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fisherman's wharf. it happened at bay and powell streets just before 7:00 this evening. several plainclothes sfpd officers happened to be nearby. they immediately provided first aid to the woman who had been riding the motorcycle. paramedics rush herd to a trauma center with serious injuries. another young woman who was driving that blue bmw remained at the scene and cooperated with police. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, princess diana's legacy having an impact tonight right near the bay area. hear from the mother committed to carrying on her work. plus -- >> celebration in france tonight and across the world. french expats here in the bay area shared their thoughts after a pivotal election. and this -- >> i just can't wait. i will be so happy when he is better. >> and he is more than just his boss. bob myers talks what his dear friend steve kerr is going through tonight. i'm meteorologist drew tuma.
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the tragic death of princess diana touched the hearts of people across the world. it prompted a bay area mother to carry on diana's work, raising awareness about the destructive power of land mines. that mother of four is now making 20 years of hard work by getting rid of land mines in war-torn countries. abc 7's cheryl jennings has our story tonight. >> 20 years ago, in the last months of her life, my mother campaigned to draw attention to the horrific and indiscriminate impact of land mines. >> britain's prince harry is paying tribute to his late
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mother, princess diana by urging people to rid the world of land mines by 2025. prince harry and his brother william were just young teens when their mother was tragically killed in a car accident in 1997. prince harry is now 32 and eager to carry on his mother's mission with the help of demining organizations including the halo trust and mag, the mines advisory group. >> my mother had been shocked and appalled by the impact that land mines were having on incredibly vulnerable people, and on children in particular. she didn't understand why more people were not willing to address the cause of so much suffering. >> a mother of four young children in san rafael was so profoundly moved by diana's life, that she was willing to address the suffering from land mines. heidi kuhen founded her charity roots of peace 20 years ago in san rafael with her husband gary. her dream turned mines to violence, replacing land mines
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with grape violence or other food crops. they told me recently they were innovate today kensington palace this year to hear the prince's call to action. >> it was really emotional for him you. could really see that in his eyes and demeanor. it was very heartfelt. >> heidi and gary were so inspired by princess diana that. >> travelled to the province pre is travel. they applied lessons they learn through their roots of peace model in afghanistan. first remove the land mines and then help the farmers improve their crop yields for food and export. 14 years later, it's having a stunning effect on the economy's gross domestic product. >> we have pushed up the gdp of the country. our projects impact the gdp 2% or 3%. at the farm level, it's people changing their lives because now they have enough money for education and health. they don't need handouts. >> roots of peace has worked in half a dozen countries removing
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mines and they are ready for prince harry's challenge in his mother's memory. >> i think she would be proud of her son. this was one of her top causes. >> we can take the words of her son. and in the next eight years, follow up on that call to action and eradicate all land mines by 2025. it would be a miracle. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. french voters selected a president today. their decision to elect emmanuel macron makes them far beyond their nation's borders. macron is new to politics and not even 40. he'll be france's youngest president ever. emmanuel macron supporters erupted into cheers when election results flashed on tvs set up for a watch party in paris. the 39-year-old political newcomer describes himself as a centrist. macron beat out right wing populist marine le pen. le pen campaigned on exiting the
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european union and a policy of france first after last year's brexit vote in england. >> popularism has been beaten in france. it's so good. it's so great. today i am proud to be french. >> in san francisco's financial district, french citizens living in the bay area watched election results come in at cafe bastille run by another french ex-patriot. >> to prove to the world, to prove to world that we still want to be a part of europe. and france, it's all about equality, fraternity. >> well, macron will take office some time in the coming week, but no official date has yet been set. all right. and we've got warriors coach steve kerr referring tonight after spinal cord treatment for his back issues on friday. but doctors can't say how long his recovery will take, and if he will ever return to the sidelines. general manager bob myers told our mike shumann today it's tough to see his friend suffer.
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>> mike, it doesn't even make it -- it's one of those things that it's a little surreal. this is somebody, one of the best people i've ever met. and i picture him -- we talked last night before the game. and i don't know. you know, we all have things in our life that don't make sense. and i just can't wait. i will be so happy when he is better. >> the warriors could win the semifinals tomorrow night against the jazz. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather this evening coming off of a warmer finish to the weekend. and that warming trend will continue into your monday as well. live doppler 7. let's show you what's happened out there. today enjoy tons of sunshine. tonight we have clear moon lit skies. and really, it's going to be all about the temperatures, and
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really the big swings we're going to experience the first three days in the accuweather forecast. we're taking concord, tomorrow very comfortable, above the 73 average this time of year built. tuesday we're in the upper 80s. blue is going to be a sharp drop in temperatures by wednesday. almost a 20-degree drop. and that drop in temperatures could be accompanied by a few sprinkles. we'll talk timing, location. outside the beautiful picture from sutro tower showing no weather worries tonight. we have beautiful clear skies and comfortable temperatures. one issue, though, you know this time of the year, we start to get those warm spells. everyone starts to bloom. your tree pollen is running at high level as well as your grass pollen. so it's a one-two punch. the main offenders with the trees right now, cedar, olive, pine and juniper. out there right now 40s, 50s and 60s. 40s along the coast. a lot of 50s around the immediate bay, and a couple of 60s popping up in our warmest
11:21 pm
spots inland. here is the call. overnight tonight, we'll keep the clear skies. you can think of these as your wake-up temperatures. upper 40s to lower 50s will be the name of the game as we get you out the door for work and school on monday. monday is about total sunshine from start to finish. and a warmer afternoon on the way tomorrow than we had today. 80 in san jose in our microclimate in the south bay. 79 cupertino. about 7878 for mountain view. downtown san francisco 67 degrees. 61 that number in daly city with total sunshine. into the north bay, 50s right along the coast. away from the coast you have warmth in the 80s like sonoma, na napa, vallejo. into the east bay, 72 at like and. 75 fremont. inland, we're going into the 80s on your monday. 82 pleasanton. 82 antioch. 83 concord. you like the warmth. the numbers continue to rise away from the coast on tuesday. future tracker temperatures will show you we're nearing 90
11:22 pm
inland. so we'll have a lot of 80s in the north bay and inland, but it will be cool. that time of the year, you like that chill? head to the coast for temperatures in the 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast. warm and sunny on your monday. numbers climb a bit tuesday. and then they drop on wednesday a weak front that will try and bring the sprinkle in the morning in the north bay on thursday. otherwise it's about below average temperature, and we're looking just dandy for mom on mother's day sunday. >> thanks. >> sure. >> we'll be right back. >> t
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. back now with an incredible look at saturn up close like we've never seen before. nasa's cassini spacecraft shot these amazing photographs in its second dive in between that planet's rings. no spacecraft have ever been this close to saturn before. nasa says cassini shot through the gap and came out on the
11:26 pm
other side in excellent shape, and cassini will dive again in two days. really cool photos to see there. >> let's hope it comes out in good shape again, better than the giants. giants not so hoot right now. >> not so hot hoth right now. don't dive for the ring. >> coming up in sports, the giants' bats remain missing in action. but it was a different story for the oakland a's as they walk o
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11:30 pm
of seagulls came looking for a snack and got to see a pretty good inning. in the fourth, yonder alonso connects off detroit's daniel norris. his third home run in two days gives oakland the 4-1 lead. the tigers pull even in the fifth but oakland reg trevor plouffe drives home khris davis from second. connecting for a two-run bomb off ryan. it was 6-5 tigers. we go to the ninth after a lead-off walk. jed lowry rips a double into the gap while davis scores all the way from first to tie the game at 6-6. with one out, healey sends everyone home happy with a shot deep to left. the final 8-6. the a's walk off a winner for the second straight day. for his heroics, healey got the traditional gatorade bath. not much drama in cincinnati where the giants were trying to avoid a three-game sweep.
11:31 pm
just like the first few games, the reds jumped on top in the first. a single off johnny cueto. billy hamilton scores. down 2-0 in the third. a ninth home run of the season. then in the fifth, zack cos goes yard. cueto went seven innings allowing four runs on six hits. he did strike out ten. scott feldman would go the distance. he goes conner gillespie to end the contest. the reds win 4-0. they outscore the giants in this series, 31-5. next up for san francisco, the new york mets who are also struggling. giancarlo stanton put the marlins on top in the first with this three-run blast. then in the third, stanton goes deep again. a solo shot, which travels some 447 feet. florida wins 7-0. the mets manage just one hit. tomorrow the angels are in oakland. today they wrapped up three-game
11:32 pm
set with houston. in the third, jose altuve put the astros on top with a three-run homer after matt shoemaker. they got insurance in the seventh as evan gattis clubs his third of the season. houston wins 5-3. the astros lead the west by 5 1/2 games. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show we'll have nba play-off highlights and mike shumann will be talking to steph curry's dad del. >> he ended his career as the
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer.
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abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kate larsen. in tonight's headline, san jose police say a man accused of shooting at officers this morning did it with a stolen gun. it happened at the big 5 store on tully road. one officer was shot in the back. fortunately no one else was hurt. the man is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. it is the third police shooting in san jose in a week's time. tomorrow, stanford will break ground on safety improvements to a shortcut students call the scary path. the dirt trail runs between two fraternities and is close to where a sexual assault took place. it took two years to get the school to agree to pave the dark walkway and install lighting. police are still searching for a car stolen at gunpoint from a san francisco uber driver. the 26-year-old victim told abc 7 news he was off-duty when a man and a woman got into his unlocked car, pulled a gun and a knife on him and forced him to drive to richmond. he ran away when they asked him
11:37 pm
to stop at an atm. the suspects drove off in the uber car, a white toyota camry. tonight former president barack obama asked republican lawmakers to show political courage and save the affordable care act. constituents were less diplomatic, with their opinions on the plan to repeal obamacare. richard cantu has details. >> you're a fraud. you're a phony, and your days are limited. >> it was a tough sell back home for some republican lawmakers pushing the house gop version of health care reform. >> you're victimizing even more those who are ill. >> the main concern, what about preexisting conditions? >> the bill protects the preexisting condition. >> no! >> health insurers would still have to cover them, but the house bill could allow ensurers to raise rates on those patients. >> you cannot be denied coverage if they have a preexisting condition. under this bill -- >> but you can charge people more. >> let me -- let me finish my
11:38 pm
point. you can't charge people more if they keep continuous coverage. >> but some republicans are breaking ranks. >> i'm worried about the future, and i'm worried about these people who are really vulnerable. >> it's true that under the house bill this a state that gets a waiver would still have to provide coverage to people with preexisting conditions. but that coverage might well be unaffordable. >> a stage 4 breast cancer survivor told abc's david wright she has coverage now thanks to her job. >> god forbid you should lose your job. >> something happened and i lost my job, or let's say some amazing job opportunity appeared, i can't take it. i am absolutely locked in. i like my job, but i am absolutely locked in to my job. >> the senate takes up the bill next. >> the senate is starting from scratch. we're going to draft our own bill. >> richard cantu, abc news, new york. a small airplane burst into flames while trying the take off
11:39 pm
in the san joaquin valley. >> small airplane biplane fully involved. >> you're looking at what happened in madera today. the pilot nearly escaped from his burning crop duster. he told our sister station in fresno that something went wrong with the laneplane's only engin it went down the runway. >> it started sliding sideways and it took the landing gear out. things went downhill from there. the wreck looks a lot more exciting than it really was. >> the pilot you just heard from has flown for 40 years, and he says he plans to get back in the air and fly again as soon as possible. world war ii ended more than 70 years ago, and people in germany faced a deadly hazard today after undesignated bombs were recovered. today's fine at a construction site triggered the evacuation of 50,000 people. that's 10% of hanover's population. explosives experts rendered the three bombs harmless.
11:40 pm
hanover came under heavy bombing during the war, and finding unexploded bombs is not uncommon in many german cities. the meaning of family. we have evidence the word is as big as your imagination and your heart. linsey davis has our story. >> christopher and christina sanders came to court in their sunday best, tissues in hand, overjoyed to be there in front of friends and family, the sanders family, five biological children and now a total of 11 children all together. >> it's the first time i've had six children being adopted by one family. >> six newly adopted kids, all siblings, all fostered by the sanders. >> we made agreement whoever we get, we will keep them. >> they kept their word. >> i officially have signed the entry. so it's official. >> and officially giving the newest sanders kids their forever family. >> we was having a rough life before. >> you feel like you're in a safe place now.
11:41 pm
>> new sisters chloe and katelyn dressed as twins. >> the best thing about caleb's sister is i have two sisters now. >> she is the sweetest sister ever, and i love her so much. >> for the sander, now 13 strong, family is much more than blood. >> we're all the same in god's eyes. so the color of anyone's skin has never had a bearing on any of this. >> say standers. >> standers. >> a picture-perfect family whose lucky number is now 13. linsey davis, abc news, new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, the amazing story of san jose's winchester mystery house is being made into a movie with an academy award winner playing the lead. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. yes in for a bit of a warming trend before
11:42 pm
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. it's been called one of the most haunted houses in america,
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and it's also one of the most unusual. >> now the winchester mystery house in san jose is the setting for a movie about sarah winchester, the woman who spent 38 years building the mansion. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom got a tour from the producers, and sat down with the cast. >> there is only one photo of sarah win chester in her sprawling san jose mansion. >> mrs. winchester never spoke to the press during her lifetime. all the secrets within the home stayed secret. >> for actress helen mirren, playing her was a myth. >> it's like playing the queen. the queen in the same way is incredibly public, but we don't actually kind of really know who she circumstances she was blessed with a fortune by perhaps cursed by where it came from. >> she was told that she was haunted by the ghosts and the spirits that died at the hands of the winchester rifle. >> some believe she built the house full of winding halls and stairways to confuse the spirits. >> this is where it's believed that sarah winchester would
11:46 pm
conduct her seances. >> the board of the firearms sent a psychiatrist played by jason clark. >> what is he come hearing to do? >> to do a hatchet job on sarah. >> the city has grown up around the house. >> it really invokes so many memories for me. it's such a part of every kid's life. >> but construction designers had to recreate it in australia. >> and in 1906, there wasn't trucks and buses. >> but there was an earthquake that trap herd in her home. >> when they do find her, they have to get a crowbar to get her out. the crowbar marks are still here on the door. >> though most of the movie is shot in australia, a few scenes are shot here in the real house in san jose. and the actor says they can feel the difference. >> it's so much more to be in the real house. it's so much more. it's really extraordinary. >> they say they haven't seen spirits yet. then again, they still have to film in the basement, home to an operation named clyde. >> usually at the very end of
11:47 pm
that corridor way down there, that's where he is usually spotted. >> more than a trip around the world, the actors say it's been a trip down the twisted halls of history. >> it's been an amazing journey, it really has. >> in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. crews in norway tonight are facing a very similar challenge as caltrans in yosemite. take a look at this drone video shot in a mountain range in norway. you can see the plows have to physically carve out the road under feet of snow. the man who shot the video says he just loves to capture beautiful scenes from nature. crews in yosemite are averaging about a half mile of snow clear addai on tioga road. and it's may. >> it's may. but the good news is we're not going to deal with that here. >> no, not at all. >> we've got a mixed being of weather, but, drew, no snow in our forecast. >> no snow. they got a couple inches in tahoe for the past 24 hours. for us locally it's about the stars tonight. temperatures overnight in the upper 40s to lower 50s. 53 san jose. about 50, san francisco.
11:48 pm
51 that overnight low in oakland. and then tomorrow, it's all about the warmth building away from the coast. 80s start to reappear around fairfield, antioch, concord, santa rosa, 72 the number in oakland. 67 in san francisco. future weather, what we're watching as we get into late wednesday, early thursday, kit be a weak front. may try and touch off a sprinkle in the north bay. but the bigger story, it's going to usher in cooler temperatures to round out the week ahead. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are tracking warming temperatures through tuesday. and then a quick drop-off midweek that could bring that chance morning sprinkle thursday. otherwise it's below average and increasing sunshine into weekend. >> but we start because of a lot of warmth and sunshine. which is helpful on a monday. >> it's nice. >> i've seen this forecast before. >> you have. >> yeah, all right. thanks a lot, drew. rick is here sports. >> we're going have an interview with steph curry's dad del. steph's first name is actually
11:49 pm
wardell. >> a little bit better. coming up in sports, nba and hockey play-offs, plus mike shumann talks with a
11:50 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> in salt lake city for tomorrows' night's game four is steph curry's father dell. a great player himself, he was a first round draft pick and retired as charlotte's all-time points leader. our mike shumann went one-on-one with the elder curry. >> he turned into a phenomenal player. did you ever expect all of this and what hazy accomplished out of steph? > oh, sure. no, just kidding. he can be an nba player, but to reach the level he is at takes a lot of work, health, a lot of things factor into it. as a parent and a guy that played in the league, you never know how good a player can be.
11:53 pm
so i'm just overwhelmed knowing how hard it takes to get there, to stay there, to stay at this level. so no way you ever could imagine whoa be this good. >> i was watching you in game two, sitting on the floor. and while everybody else is going crazy as what he pulls off, you kind of don't react that way. it's almost like you expect it now. >> i wouldn't say expect it. i kind of analyze the game more than watch it. because that's what i do now. so i'm thinking all right, he made that shot, what is going to happen next. but inside, he still wows me with some of the things that he does, just like the crowd. so i'm not an emotional guy. i don't show it a lot, but inside i'm having a good time. >> you got to be proud of him too, the way he -- i don't want to say backed off to welcome k.d. into the offense. but he gave up lot to bring this guy on. >> that's just his nature. he's a guy that wants to win. he knew k.d. could help them do that and get to the level he wants to ply at every year and win championships.
11:54 pm
so it's the kind of character he is. two-time mvp, to welcome a guy that is a scorer and a guy like k.d. to fbi figure out not only for him how to play but the rest of the guys. it shows the character, the kind of coaches, the organization they have. it's a team game, and they play it the right way. >> you got to admit, this isn't fair, k.d., steph, and clyde, three of the best shooters on the same team. >> yeah, the opponent vacation it isn't fair. not all three of those guys are going to have off nights you wouldn't think on the same night. they're explosive. and the way draymond is making shots right now, you know, they're underestimated on the defense end as well. they played very good defense, the way they switch, very versatile. so they're explosive in the offensive end, and their defense is obviously tops in the league as well. is there a point in your life when you realize this guy might be better than me? >> that point is long ago. i think about after his second year in the league i thought he
11:55 pm
would be better than me. i can still shoot it a little bit. but the way he handles and dribbles and runs the team, way better than i could have dream of being. >> the rockets have evened their series with the spurs at two games apiece. houston never trailed. trevor ariza with the steal and reverse slam-dunk. the rockets got a big lift from their bench. lou williams climbs the ladder. he had 13 points. while eric gordon made six of nine three-point attempts. he finished with 22 points as the rockets win 125-104. game five is tuesday in san antonio. in toronto, cleveland completed a four-game sweep of the raptors. down by one with six minutes left, kyrie irving took over, scoring 11 straight points. irving finished with 27. and then it's lebron james with the dagger. he scored a game high 35 as cleveland wins 109-102. the cavs, like the war you, have yet to lose in the play-offs. celtics are the top seed in the east, but they're being tested by the wizards. after being tied at the half,
11:56 pm
washington took control with the 26-0 run. otto porter jr. with the steal and slam. bradley beal finished with game high 29 points while john wall added 27. washington outscored boston 42-20 in the third. 121-102 the final. this series is now tied at two games apiece. nashville looking to close out st. louis. trailing 1-0 in the second, roman josi ties it up as he scores with that one-timer. in the third, the predators take the lead. ryan johansen beats jake allen. nashville wins and takes the series 4-2. so the predators advance to their first ever western conference final. after blowing a late three-goal lead in game five, the oilers made sure that was not going to happen tonight. edmonton scored five times in the first period against anaheim. two of those coming from the oilers cruise 7-1, forcing a
11:57 pm
game seven wednesday in anaheim. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. again, the warriors going for the sweep tomorrow. i'll have my broom ready. > sounds good, rick. thank you very much. >> and that's it for tonight. i'm kate larsen. >> i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for rick quan, mike shumann, drew tuma, kate larsen, thanks for joining us.
11:58 pm
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